Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2

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Silent Hill 2
General FAQ
Version 2.1

I .- Version History
II .- Introduction
III .- Riddles
IV .- Item Locations
V .- Quick Walkthrough
VI .- Ranking&Hidden Options
VII .- Document Locations
VIII.- Monster information
IX .- Q&A
X .- Gameshark Codes
XI .- Credits
XII .- Dog Ending(Major Spoiler)

If you didnt like the FAQ, can you send me an e-mail why?
It will really help me to make the FAQ better......
This document was made to share and gather the info I found
while playing the game and surfing the web mainly to get some
recognition within the gaming community.

Feel free to post this document in your homepage as long
as it is not edited in any way without my permission,
and if you mail me about its usefulness it will make me feel
a lot whole better about this work ^_^.

My e-mail:

Version History [ D/ M/ Y]
Well, I just finished the game for the 4th time and thought, what the
hell, I'll make a FAQ just to pass time around, so I started this,
I will post this on since Gamefaqs has like 7 different
incomplete FAQs already and I dont think they'd want anymore. Besides,
I like cheatcodes' site better.

I sent the FAQ to, this FAQ isn't finished yet but
im going to give it priority.

I finished Brookhaven clinic.

Finished the game for the 3rd time with Rebirth Ending, finished
the walktrough, sent the update to cheatcodes and gamefaqs.
Started a game in HARD/HARD.

MLewis1050 told me I missed PH's cleaver, so I added it, thanks
MLewis1050! I wrote down some more items in the item section.

I found a save point in Jack's Inn! I had never seen it before,
it helped a lot because I thought the next save was over at the
Hospital and I didnt want to go there yet, phew. Its on the truck
of a car, if you were wondering where...added more items..more to

I returned home and finished the game with the Maria ending on
HARD/HARD, the bosses were very,very hard to kill..but I did it,
sadly my past endings on easy and begginer were lost...I think
they didnt save =(...oh well, I will have to finish it again
two more times. Im missing about 18 items, so any help will be
appreciated. Im gonna play on NORMAL riddle level so I can finish
the riddle section.

Well, I will have to finish the game three more times because I
was not playing on the same action mode, so the endings didnt save.. shucks.. *sigh*, I finished the NORMAL riddle level. with the
'Leave' ending.

I finished adding the Gameshark section after a guy from the gamefaqs
board posted a link to a board thread about it, so I
added the link and the codes, this are not tested yet, at least I dont
think so, so do some more research on their website first. I also
finished the 'Maria' ending, and finally it was recorded. I discovered
2 more items. Rebirth to go, then Dog, hopefully.

I just finished the DOG ending! HILARIOUS! HAHAHAHAHA! =D
I recomend that once you finish all 3 normal endings, you see this one!
It has sexy pics of James and Maria! LOL! =)

Finished the Rebirth Ending, and I saved it, I now have all saves
recored on my save file.

I lost some mails, im sorry...I added some suggestions sent to me
by mail to the monster section.

I unlocked the EXTRA Riddle mode and recorded the extra riddles on
the FAQ. Also, I added some info I got from mails and updated some
sections. I also decided to stop playing SH2 for a while...and
further versions will be avaible only if people mail me new info.

I got some mails and fixed some thing, and added another section
called 'Dog ending' because people were mailing me asking about it.
There, I describe what happens in the Dog Ending, but I highly recomend
you see it, because its great!..oh well...Im waiting for some more
info to upload version 1.9 soon.

I changed my e-mail address because IS having problems sending
mails out. I added some cool contributions to the FAQ as well.

[Vejiita SSJ4/Orca782] sent me the Hyper Spray Color information I
was missing! THANKS man!, I added it to the rankings section. I tried
to attach the FAQ to my NEW e-mail provider who can send out mails..
but the stoopid thing cant ATTACH files! grrr..I hate hotmail.
I'll try to find a way to upload this version later.

The world has ended! Im on February 2nd on 2002 at 2pm on the 2nd minute
on the 2nd second!! WHOA!!! 02/02/02 02:02:02!! HAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!
Oh well, Im updating the FAQ because Sean Dawson pointed out I messed
up the FAQ on a room number, so I fixed it, and there. Thanks Sean Dawson!
^_^ Happy end of the world, everyone!
You have recieved a letter from your dead wife telling you she's waiting
for you at a town called Silent Hill, in a special place you two shared
while you were on vacation in that quiet town, you reflect upon this in
the mirror and start your journey to find your wife..the question is..
Can she really be there? Is this letter a hoax? Did she really die?
All these questions shall be answered as you explore the misty town of
Silent Hill...

This FAQ will cover a variety of topics which include mainly gameplay,
I recomend you read President Evil's FAQ about the plot(which will get
very complicated as you continue to play the adventure), the first time
I finished the game, I was really confused about the outcome but once I
read his FAQ, it all became pretty clear, I strongly suggest you check it
out after you finish the game.

I tried to make this FAQ spoiler-free, but its next to impossible, this
FAQ contains little spoilers but I think they get the job done.If you are
only consulting this FAQ because you aren stuck in a "riddle", then you
can only check out Section III and get it over with, I'll try to make
that section spoiler free too.

If you have trouble with a boss, you can refer to Section VIII, the monster
section, I put it nearly at the end so you can scroll down to it without
reading the other sections which have spoilers, once again I'll try to
make that section spoiler free.

The Q&A section has cheats and personal questions about the plot or the

Well, let's get started.
Here is a list of the hard riddles that involve thinking..(in normal
and hard mode anyway), I included easy mode'll never know.
I wont include where to find the necesary items to do certain quests,
if you have trouble finding them, refer to the Item Location section
that is below of this section.

****If you dont want to learn how to figure out the riddle and are
only looking for the answer, skip the next part, the answers are at
the end of this section.[However, most of the riddles are randomly
generated, so you'll have to figure the riddle/puzzle out anyway]

|----------------------How to figure them out.-----------------------|
|////////////////////////The Clock Riddle:\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|
|It isn't a hard riddle, the answer is always the |
|same in any mode, you have to move the clock needles until it |
|'clicks', the scratches on the wall tell you to which number point |
|the needles at, the question is: which scracth is which needle? |
|Read the document besides the telephone to figure it out. |
| |
|////////////////////////The Safe Riddle:\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|
|You know how these safes work right? You have to turn the dial right|
|or left until you reach a certain number, then turn it back until |
|you reach another and so on, of course, you will need to know from |
|which number to start spinning first. |
| |
|//////////////////////////Coin Riddle:\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|
|The object of this riddle is to figure out which coin goes into |
|which slot, to figure this out you will have to use the poem that |
|they provide you, This riddle is really difficult in Hard mode, |
|because the poem is very hard to understand, it uses too much |
|methaphores..Remember that the poem describes the empty slots too...|
| |
|//////////////////////Gameshow Questions:\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|
|01.-Name of the Amusement Park on Silent Hill. |
|1)Fantasy land |
|2)Silent Hill Amusement Park. |
|3)LakeSide Amusement Park. |
| |
|02.-Name of the Murderer who chopped two children. |
|1)Walter Sullivan |
|2)Scott Fairbanks |
|3)Eric Gein |
| |
|03.-Whats the name of the road that leads to Paleville. |
|1)Bachman Road |
|2)Rendell Street |
|3)Nathan Avenue |
| |
|The Box where you put down the answers at is in the StoreRoom on the|
|3rd floor, The colors represent the different choices, not the |
|different questions, if you think the answer to question#1 is option|
|#2, press the 2nd button on the first row. |
| |
|/////////////////////////Bug Room Lock:\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|
|It isnt much of a riddle, but people have trouble with this one... |
|Well, notice how some numbers look more used than the others? and |
|that the combination is made of 3 numbers? Well, there are no clues |
|to this combination lock, so you'll need to guess. There are only |
|six possibilites, so dont sweat it. |
| |
|/////////////////////////Face Cube: Room\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|
|There is another room next to the one the face cube is at, but most |
|of the time the door is hidden, move the cube until you get the door|
|to open, when you enter the room, think of the room as the cube. |
| |
|///////////////////////The Hanged Men Puzzle\\\\\\\\\\\\|
|Well, you have two rooms, one with corpses, and one with knots, the |
|object of this is to pull down the knot of the corpse you think was |
|innocent when he was hanged. Pull down only the rope of the man who |
|was innocent. You will get a poem in the "rope" room that will clue |
|you in on the innocent man, to see which rope you must pull, you |
|will need to go to the "corpse" room and check out which body is |
|the one from the innocent person, remember the corpse position and |
|then head back to the "rope" room, pull the rope of where the corpse|
|of the innocent man was. A simple process of elimination. |
| |
|/////////////////////////Music Box Puzzle\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|
|Once you get all 3 music boxes, you can do this riddle, there will |
|be three messages, one in each side of the big music box:front,left |
|right. The message will tell you which character must be inserted |
|into that slot. Once you do all three, play the music box. If you |
|are playing on EASY riddle mode, dont bother with who is where..oi..|
|--------------------------Hints to Riddles--------------------------|
|////////////////////////The Clock Riddle:\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|
|Okay, you'll need to figure out the (H)ours, (M)inutes and (S)econds|
|(M)ildred is tall...(H)arry is fat and small, (S)cott is thin... |
| |
|////////////////////////The Safe Riddle:\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|
|You need numbers and directions for this riddle..numbers come in |
|different shapes and sizes, ask the romans. Arrows are a very |
|effective way of telling directions you know. |
| |
|//////////////////////////Coin Riddle:\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|
|Try to identify the coins with the description of the poem, |
|everything from the color of the coin, to where the face is looking |
|at, the 'personality' of a snake, an old man, a prisioner, a woman..|
|If you are playing in EXTRA HARD, you can examine the coins to see |
|the other side of has a different drawing. |
| |
|Three bright coins in five holes be.[3coins for 5 slots] |
|At one end sits the Seducer of She. |
|[Remember Eve? ->Snake at end] |
|The wind from behind doth the woman doth play. |
|[Wind = Empty, behind woman->right] |
|The formless One, Null, lies furthest from they. |
|[Empty to the other end of snake] |
|The old one besides the Serpent is not. |
|[Old man not besides serpent] |
|This to the prisioner's left that he doth rot. |
|[Old man, always to the left of prisioner.] |
| |
|HARD: |
|-First lies the seat of He who is Peerless, Silent and Empty. |
|-Besides him sits the one who knows the place of the servant is |
|the throne. |
|-Dozens of feet, yet not a single toe[not next to Old man]. |
|-The seducer of dreams[seducer = snake], creature of Hades[snake] |
|Lying further from man and closer to Lady. |
|[next to lady ,away from man] |
|-Man and Woman seeing all. |
|[Between the faces they must "see" all 5 slots] |
|-Silent and Hidden the two may be, they be not there for you to see.|
|[Silent(The first one), Hidden(after the old man) = empty] |
|-Return them to whence they would be and blessing shall descend on |
|thee.[Put the coins in the slot to get the key] |
|-I speak thus with the North Star behind me, the bird of the sun is |
|the start of the story.[No idea...] |
| |
|To 'right' the sins that they hath laid. |
|[From left to right, the sinners will be displayed,from small siner |
|to biggest sinner.] |
|When thrice in falling they intone. Then happiness shall be thy own.|
|The first note be not by the Horned One rung. |
|[The snake is not the biggest sinner] |
|Through it be there that all sins be sprung. |
|[Although he is the creator of sins] |
|The bringer of Life and the bringer of Shame. |
|[The woman and the snake] |
|The sins of the latter be ever more tame. |
|[The snake is a smaller sinner than the woman.] |
|Though coming in the Aged One's wake. The Formless One's soul |
|[The old man and the snake] |
|in fear doth quake. |
|[The snake is afraid of the old man, thus they cannot be together.] |
|The Needless One, silent with hungers all sated is least in sin with|
|his lusts all abated. |
|[The old man, already had all his lusts fulfilled, |
|thus he the least sin.] |
| |
|//////////////////////Gameshow Questions:\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|
|The answer to question #1, can be found on the Silent Hill map, look|
|for the amusement park that is located at the other side of the lake|
|in Paleville. The answer to question #2, is on the newspaper you |
|must have read when you got the old man coin back in the apartment |
|buildings. The answer to question #3 can also be found on the map, |
|Its the street that crosses Silent Hill and goes into Paleville. |
| |
|/////////////////////////Bug Room Lock:\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|
|Hmm, well lets suppose you have the numbers..1,3 and 5 highligthed |
|We know that none of those numbers goes twice in the combination. |
|So, start with the first: 1,3,5...if it didnt work: 1,5,3... 3,1,5..|
|3,5,1...5,1,3...5,3,1..viola! You get outta there and you are happy.|
| |
|/////////////////////////Face Cube: Room\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|
|Once you get the room open, enter it...look for a set of doors that |
|are located exactly across the room from each other..are you getting|
|the idea? |
| |
|///////////////////////The Hanged Men Puzzle\\\\\\\\\\\\|
|5 men are guilty, and one is innocent, as each phrase comes through |
|remember the possible crime that man did, and discard him as the |
|innocent man if you think what he did was a crime, continue until |
|only one is left. |
| |
|/////////////////////////Music Box Puzzle\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|
|She fled at midnight. |
|Come on!, you must know this one!...she left a shoe too.. |
|She awoke from death. |
|[Afte eating the apple, she died and her prince ressurected her.] |
|She spoke no words. |
|[She was mute, and with human legs now.] |
| |
|HARD: |
|It was shameful greed did stain her shoe with blood. |
|[Her mother was greedy] |
|Even so, I still want to believe she was happy. |
|[She sacrificed her voice for love, even mute she was happy.] |
|Beauty, both a blessing and a curse thou be. |
|[The villian of the story wanted to kill her because she was the |
|most beautiful person in the land.] |
|----------------------------The Answers-----------------------------|
|////////////////////////The Clock Riddle:\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|
| |
|Set the clock to 9:10...the small fat needle to 9, the small thin |
|needle to 2. |
| |
|////////////////////////The Safe Riddle:\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|
| |
|The numbers are randomly generated, so I cant give you an exact |
|answer, however I shall try my best to explain it, take for example |
|the next set of numbers: |
|[16>>01<<02>>11] |
|Start at 16,press right until you reach 01, press left until you |
|reach 02,press right until you reach 11. |
|HARD: |
|[VV3>>X8<>X6] |
|First of all, know that V and X are roman numerals, V = 5, X = 10 |
|So, VV3 = 13, X8 = 18. |
|Start at 13,press right until you reach 18, press left until 19, |
|press right until 16, and that's it. |
| |
|//////////////////////////Coin Riddle:\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|
| |
|EASY: [Old man,Empty,Snake,Empty,Prisioner] |
|NORMAL: [Empty,Old Man,Prisioner,Empty,Snake] |
|HARD: [Empty,Old man,Empty,Snake,Prisioner] |
|EXTRA HARD:[Old Man,Empty,Snake,Prisioner,Empty] |
| |
|/////////////////////Hospital's 3rd Floor Lock\\\\\\\\\\\|
| |
|If you are playing on HARD, you might have a hard time figuring out |
|that T = 1328 --->NORMAL = 7335 |
| |
|//////////////////////Gameshow Questions:\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|
| |
|The answers are always the same in any mode: |
|Q#1: 3: Lakeside Amusement Park |
|Q#2: 1: Walter Sullivan |
|Q#3: 3: Nathan Avenue |
| |
|/////////////////////////Bug Room Lock:\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|
| |
|The combination is randomly generated, so why bother..(see how to |
|figure it out above. |
| |
|/////////////////////////Face Cube: Room\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|
| |
|Spin the room with the face cube until you put the set of doors that|
|are across each other on the floor..hold down the L2 button and use |
|the right analog stick to move the camera and see the doors on ALL |
|"walls" of the room, once you find the "wall" that has a door on it |
|and exactly across the room, there is another door on the other |
|"wall", return to the Face Cube and spin the room accordingly.. |
| |
|The starting position of the room is randomly generated, so there |
|is no exact answer, although Im not sure about that 100%... |
| |
|My solution was: 2 down,1 right. |
|///////////////////////The Hanged Men Puzzle\\\\\\\\\\\\|
|*The position of the bodies may vary from game to game* |
|Co->Counterfeiting |
|Ar->Arson |
|Th->Thievery |
|Bo->Bodily Injury |
|Sw->Swindling |
|Ki->Kidnapping |
|Em->Embezzlement |
|Here are the poems and the meaning: |
| |
|EASY:[Kidnapper] |
|[From the entrance, clockwise]Co,Ar,Th,Bo,Sw,Ki |
|He turned a happy home into a pile of ash..[Arson] |
|They(Two),tried to fraud and trick people[Counterfeiting&Swindling] |
|My friend without his left hand..[Bodily Injury] |
|And what of him? He is also not sinless..[You cant tell from this..]|
|The missing child was nowhere to be found, so there was no proof of |
|his guilt..[So, the kidnapper is the innocent one..] |
| |
|NORMAL:[Arson] |
|[From the entrance, clockwise]Ar,Ki,Co,Sw,Th,Mu |
|The first one killed the butcher man.[Murderer is guilty] |
|The second one stole poor children.[Kidnapper is guilty] |
|Breaking into a home at night, the thief had a fright.[Thief guilty]|
|The artist tried his hand at paint bills.[Counterfeiter is guilty] |
|With promises of great return, taking gold he did not ear.[Swindler]|
|3 houses into ashes burned, the sherrif with no place to turn. Did |
|spy a stranger to his town, locked him up.[Arson is innocent] |
| |
|HARD:[Counterfeiter] |
|[From the entrance, clockwise]Ki,Sw,Mu,Bo,Co,Em |
|The man imprisioned besides me said: 'Now you know why I struck |
|at them'[Bodily Injury is guilty] |
|The man who executed yesterday, the one who sold dreams. |
|[The swindler is guilty.] |
|The man who will be executed tomorrow for stealing children. |
|[Kidnapper is guilty] |
|The man who was cought embezzling public money. |
|[The Embezzler(sp?) is guilty] |
|The man who said: 'I am happy because soon I will be with her' |
|[The murderer is guilty] |
|Since the Counterfeiter is the only one left, he is the innocent one|
| |
|EXTRA HARD:[Thief] |
|The bloodstains remaining are proof of their guilt. |
|[If the crime dealt with blood, they were guilty.] |
|The white bandages stained with crimson.[Murder&Bodily Injury] |
|The remains upon the scorched black earth.[Arson] |
|The whispered cries of the maiden.[Kidnapping] |
|They are but a meaningless contract.[Swindling] |
|One of them was done without reason, it was out of fear and ripe |
|imagination.[Thievery] |
|/////////////////////////Music Box Puzzle\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|
|EASY: |
|Dont waste your time thinking about it, just put all boxes anywhere |
|you like...real lame IMHO..why are you looking here anyway?! |
| |
|NORMAL:From left to right[Cinderella,Show White,Mermaid] |
| |
|HARD:From left to right[Cinderella,Mermaid,Snow White] |
|/////////////////////////Locked Suitcase\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|
|I think this is randomly generated, but what the hell, here are my |
|answers...refer to the walktrough if you dont know how to get the |
|combination by yourself..(it involves no thinking, so it aint here.)|
|help/time/damn/dose/hell/kill/mist/love/lust |
Item Locations
Each road has two walkways because items can be found in either
one of them and James cant look at the two sides at the same time
I will refer to it as cardinal directions..(check your map)..for
example, Nathan Avenue is horizontal(-), so it has two sides, a
north side(up), and a south side(down), you can find a energy bottle
at the eastern end of the street in the north side. I will refer to
vertical road's walkways as west side and east side.Oh!, and remeber
this, because its terribly IMPORTANT when trying to find inventory
items, James will ALWAYS stare at a item if he is 3 feet away of it
or closer, so when running around check his head, if he locks on
a place with his head just move his body so it aligns with his neck
and walk forward, its common sense how to do this, but just a
reminder..Oh, and if you didnt get the items on the streets in daytime,
they will still be there at night, except the stuff on Martin St.

Total items listed:[269](+7) (Without maps)

<-|-> Found by Alan B. Poltronieri.
| Special Items[30]: |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>On the streets in daytime<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|8.-Lost Memories Book |
|//Texxon gas station, in a newspaper machine,west from where you get |
|//the steel pipe. *Only available after you finish the game at |
|least once. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>In the Wood Side Apartment Bdg.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|1.-Flashlight |
|//Room 205 of the Wood Side Apartment Building. |
|2.-Six-pack of Canned Juice |
|//Oustide Room 107 of the Wood Side Apartment Building. |
|3.-Old man Coin |
|//Inside the garbage bin, outside the Wood Side Apartment Building. |
|//after you use the six-pack to push it down from the 2nd floor. |
|4.-Snake Coin |
|//Inside a carriage,in the pool, in the courtyard of the W.S.Ap.Bldg.|
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>In the Blue Creek Apartment Bdg.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|5.-Prisoner Coin |
|//Room 109 of the Blue Creek Apartment Building, in a table, in the |
|//mirror room. |
|6.-White Chrism |
|//Room 105, in the kitchen. |
|*Only available after you finish the game at least once. |
|7.-The Knife |
|//Room 109, in the mirror room. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BrookHaven Hospital<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|9.-Bent needle |
|//2F:Women's Locker Room |
|10.-Hairs |
|//The box from Room S14 |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BrookHaven Hell<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|11.-Dry Cell Battery |
|//2F: Room M6. |
|12.-Copper Ring |
|//Basement's Basement. |
|12.-Lead Ring |
|//2F: Day Room, inside the refrigerator. |
|13.-Wrench |
|//Lindsey St. 3rd house from south to north from Sanders St. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Silent Hill Historical Society<<>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|14.-Obsidian Goblet |
|//On a broken case, before the hole that leads into the long hallway.|
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Toluca Prision<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|15.-Tablet of "Gluttonous Pig" |
|//In the back of the Cafeteria. |
|16.-Tablet of "The Seductress" |
|//Inside a shower in the shower rooms. |
|17.-Wax Doll |
|//Inside the 2nd cell from east to west on the southern cell block. |
|18.-Tablet of "The Opressor" |
|//Inside a cell in the northern cell block. |
|19.- Horse shoe |
|//On the door, in the BIG room(probably the courtyard), after using |
|//the 3 tablets on the scaffold. |
|20.- The Lighter |
|//On a talking booth(west side) on the west side of the map. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Labyrinth<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|21.-Wire Cutters |
|//Stuck on the electrical panel in the room where the Face Cube is |
|//after talking to her. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LakeSide Hotel<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|22.-Little Mermaid Music Box |
|//Outside the Hotel, on a fountain in the garden. |
|23.-Videotape |
|//Office: 1st floor(employee area) |
|24.-Can opener |
|//Office: 1st floor(employee area) |
|25.-Snow White Music Box |
|//Pantry: 1st floor(employee area) |
|26.-Light Bulb |
|//Inside a can, in the kitchen of the Bar. |
|27.-Can of Thinner |
|//On the elevator near the bar after using the employee elevator. |
|28.-Cinderella Music Box |
|//Room 202, inside the locked suitcase. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Nightmare Hotel<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|28.-Crimson Ceremony Book |
|//Reeading Room, behind the audio tape. |
|29.-Rusted Egg |
|//Pyramid Head Statue #1 |
|30.-Scarlet Egg |
|//Pyramid Head Statue #2 |
| Keys[21]: |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>On the streets in daytime<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|1.-Apartment Building key |
|//On a corpse at the Northern end of Martin St, in the west side. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>In the Wood Side Apartment Bdg.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|2.-Room 202 key |
|//Room 208, after getting the handgun, in a shelf. |
|3.-Courtyard key |
|//Room 307 |
|4.-Fire Escape key |
|//3rd floor, right north of the laundry room, on the floor. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>In the Blue Creek Apartment Bdg.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|5.-Lyne House Key(Room 209) |
|//Room 105, after solving the coin riddle. |
|6.-Apartment Stairway Key |
|//Room 208, on the bed, accesible through room 209. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BrookHaven Hospital<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|7.-"Purple Bull" Key |
|//Document room after reading the Doctor's Journal. |
|8.-Examination Room Key |
|//2F:Men's Locker Room, in the bloody lab coat. |
|9.-Lapis Eye Key |
|//2F:Room M2, on a table. |
|10.-Roof Key |
|//3F: Room S3, on the table. |
|11.-Elevator Key |
|//Shower Room, inside the drain. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BrookHaven Hell<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|12.-Basement Key |
|//2F: Room M6. |
|13.-Hospital Lobby Key. |
|//Director's Office. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>On the streets at night.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|14.-Old Bronze Key(SH Historical Society key) |
|//Behind the praying woman statue in Rosewater Park. |
|21.-Dog Key(Nightmare Hotel 3F:Observation Room key) |
|//Inside a dog house to the west of Jack's Inn. |
|*Only apears after saving all 4 endings to a single save file* |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Labyrinth<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|15.-The key of the Persecuter |
|//Solve the Hanged Men Puzzle. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LakeSide Hotel<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|16.-Fish Key |
|//Lakeside Restaurant |
|17.-Room 312 Key |
|//Reception.(Through Lobby) |
|18.-Room 204 Key |
|//Cloak Room using the Fish key on the bag. |
|19.- Employee Elevator Key |
|//Room 204, on a table. |
|20.- Bar Key |
|//Boiler Room, Basement, hanging around. |
| Maps: |
|1.- Silent Hill Map |
|//Inside your car(the one with the door open) |
|2.-Wood Side Apartment Building Map |
|//In the First Lobby, to your left(west), on a message board. |
|3.-Blue Creek Apartment Building Map |
|//In the stairs, right outside the 2nd Floor, its lying on the floor.|
|4.-BrookHaven Hospital Map |
|//Its right to the left of the main doors, on a board. |
|5.-Toluca Prision Map |
|//West Hallway, (the hallway where the cafeteria is at), on a table |
|//near a open gate door.(Go up after you exit the cafeteria and on |
|//the second table. |
|6.-LakeSide Hotel map(visitors) |
|//Right near the Hotel Entrance. |
|7.-LakeSide Hotel map(personel) |
|//After you use the Employee elevator, to your left. |
| Health Drinks[48]: |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>On the streets in daytime<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//Lindsey St, West side, south of Sanders St, on some stairs. |
|//Lindsey St, East side, right before Vachss Rd going north. |
|//Lindsey St, East side, north of Vachss Rd, outside a metal curtain.|
|//On Vachss Rd, South side,in the Backyard,near some plants. |
|//On Vachss Rd, South side,in the Backyard,near the table. |
|//On Martin St,North of Katz St.,West side,near a fence after the |
|green car. |
|//On Martin St,South of Katz St, East side. |
|//On the western side of the East side of the park. |
|//On the eastern part of the park's pier.Near a telescope. |
|//Directly West of the parking lot, guarded by a mannequin. |
|//In the Texxon gas station, Infront of the white truck. |
|//In the Texxon gas station, Infront of the white truck. |
|//In the Texxon gas station, west from the truck,infront of a gate. |
|//Near some bushes infront of the Bowling Alley. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>In the Wood Side Apartment Bdg.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//First Lobby,(West Lobby). |
|//Room 202, in the Kitchen. |
|//Room 209, in the Kitchen. |
|//Room 303 |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BrookHaven Hospital<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//Reception Office |
|//2F: Room M3, lying on the floor. |
|//2F: Room M6, on a nightstand. |
|//3F: Room S11, on a table. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BrookHaven Hell<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//1F: Room C1 |
|//2F: Room M4 |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>On the streets at night<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//At the western end of Rendell St, near a car. |
|//On the north side of Rendell St, west of the corner with Munson. |
|//Saul St, south side, east of the corner with Munson. |
|//Saul St, south side, east of the corner with Munson. |
|//North side of Sanders St, west of Martin St. |
|//On Neely St, east side, near Big Jay's. |
|//On Neely St, west side, south of Katz St. |
|//On Neely St, west side, south of Katz St. |
|//On the corner of Munson St. and Katz St., up some stairs. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Toluca Prision<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//In the prision's cafeteria. |
|//In the prision's cafeteria. |
|//Inside the director's office(west of the men's bathroom) |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LakeSide Hotel<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//2F: Reading Room |
|//2F: In a table, in the hallway west of the elevator. |
|//2F: Inside the Employees room where the Elevator is. |
|//2F: Inside the Employees room where the Elevator is. |
|//B1: Bar's Kitchen. |
|//B1: Bar's Kitchen. |
|//B1: Bar's Kitchen. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Nightmare Hotel<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//B1: Inside the bar, on a counter. |
|//B1: Inside the bar, on a counter. |
|//B1: Inside the bar, on a counter. |
|//B1: Inside the bar, on a counter. |
|//B1: Inside the bar, on a counter. |
| First aid kits[29]: |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>On the streets in daytime<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//East of the Flower Shop, on a tool table. |
|//Outside the Lucky Jade Restaurant. |
|//Outside the Blue Creek Apartment Building,(after Pyramid Head) |
|//Inside Heaven's Night Bar, on a chair. |
|//Outside Happy Burger |
|//On Neely St, East Side, between Saul St and Sanders St. |
|//On the westernmost side of Katz St,north side, West of Munson St. |
|//On the westernmost side of Katz St,south side, West of Munson St. |
|//Near the Silent Hill Historical Society. |
|//Inside Heaven's Night, on a chair. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>In the Wood Side Apartment Bdg.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//Room 303 |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>In the Blue Creek Apartment Bdg.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//1st floor laundry room, on a washing machine. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BrookHaven Hospital<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//Reception office |
|//Examination Room #3 |
|//3F: Near the Eastern Elevator |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BrookHaven Hell<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//1F: Room C2 |
|//2F: Room M6. |
|//3F: Store Room, in the shelf. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>On the streets at night<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//At the western end of Rendell St, near a car. |
|//Near the motorhome on Saul St. |
|//On Neely St, north of the corner with Saul St,west side. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Toluca Prision's Entrance<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//On the same desk as the document. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Toluca Prision<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//In the visitor's booth where the Lighter is.(On the other side) |
|//Inside the director's office(west of the men's bathroom) |
|//Inside the elevator. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Labyrinth<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//Right before the catacombs. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LakeSide Hotel<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//2F: Cloak Room |
|//B1: Boiler Room |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Nightmare Hotel<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//B1: Bar's Kitchen. |
| Ampoules[12]: |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BrookHaven Hell<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//3F: Room S11 |
|//3F: Store Room, in the prize box. |
|//3F: Store Room, in the prize box. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>On the streets at night<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//At the western end of Rendell St, south side. |
|//At the western end of Katz St, south side, west of Munson St. |
|//At the park, on the west side.[Not in gardens] |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Toluca Prision<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//Inside the director's office(west of the men's bathroom) |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Labyrinth<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//In the graveyard, near a your grave. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Nightmare Hotel<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//2F: On a table, across the elevator. |
|//2F: On a table, across the elevator. |
|//1F: In the employee area, outside the bathrooms. |
|//1F: In the employee area, outside the bathrooms. |
| Handgun bullets[64]: |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>On the streets in daytime<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//Outside the Lucky Jade Restaurant. |
|//On the Blue Creek Apt. Bldg. Alley, after Laura's wall, up some |
|//stairs in the west side of the alley. |
|//Up the same stairs in the west side of the alley. |
|//In the southwestern part of the east side of the park. |
|//In the southwestern part of the east side of the park. |
|//In the southeastern part of the east sude of the park. |
|//On the easternmost part of Nathan Avenue(destroyed), southside. |
|//Near a blue truck, inside the alley leading into the apartments on |
|the east side of Munson St, between Katz St and Nathan Ave. |
|//Westernmost part of Nathan Ave. , near the dead corpse. |
|//In the Texxon gas station, Infront of the white truck. |
|//In the Texxon gas station, west from the truck,infront of a gate. |
|//In Bowl-o-rama, on the deepest side of the bowling lanes.<-|-> |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>In the Wood Side Apartment Bdg.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//Room 210 |
|//Room 210 |
|//Room 303 |
|//In the Northern Staircase, Before going into the 3rd floor. |
|//3rd Floor Laundry Room, infront of the garbage chute. |
|//Room 101 |
|//Room 104 |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>In the Blue Creek Apartment Bdg.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//Inside the safe in room 203. |
|//Inside the safe in room 203. |
|//Inside the safe in room 203. |
|//Inside the safe in room 203. |
|//On the sofa in room 109. |
|//On a chair in room 208. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BrookHaven Hospital<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//2nd Floor South Hallway,East side, on a stool. |
|//2F: Room M3, lying on the floor. |
|//1F: Room C3 |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BrookHaven Hell<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//1F: Room C1 |
|//2F: Room M6 |
|//3F: Room S11 |
|//3F: Store Room, in the shelf. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>On the streets at night<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//At the western end of Rendell St, south side. |
|//On Munson St, south of Saul St, on the east side. |
|//On Munson St, south of Saul St, on the east side. |
|//On the north side of Rendell St, between Caroll and Munson, east of|
|what appears to be a construction area. |
|//South side of Saul St, near a newspaper machine. |
|//South side of Saul St, near a newspaper machine. |
|//In the parking lot of the Flower Shop, by a car. |
|//In the parking lot of the Flower Shop, by a car. |
|//On Lindsey St, south of Vachss Rd, east side. |
|//In the corner between Katz St. and Lindsey St., south side. |
|//In the corner between Sanders St. and Neely St., north side. |
|//In the corner between Katz St. and Neely St., south side. |
|//In the corner of Munson St. and Katz St., up some stairs. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Toluca Prision's Entrance<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//Picture Room, on the table. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Toluca Prision<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//On the first table from south to north on the west hallway. |
|//Inside a cell, Southern cell block. |
|//On the first table from south to north on the east hallway. |
|//Inside the weapons storage(west of woman's bathroom) |
|//Inside the elevator. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Labyrinth<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//Labyrinth area,past the wired doorway. |
|//Labyrinth area,past the wired doorway and up PH's hunting ground. |
|//Labyrinth area,past the wired doorway and up PH's hunting ground. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LakeSide Hotel<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//1F:Storage Rooms,West of Cafe Toluca. |
|//1F:Storage Rooms,West of Cafe Toluca. |
|//1F:Storage Rooms,West of Cafe Toluca. |
|//2F: Cloak Room |
|//2F: Cloak Room |
|//2F: Outside the Reading Room,south part of hallway, on a table. |
|//2F: Outside the Reading Room,south part of hallway, on a table. |
|//2F: On the north side of the east hallway, on a table.[after 202] |
|//2F: On the north side of the east hallway, on a table.[after 202] |
| Shotgun shells[38]: |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BrookHaven Hospital<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//Doctor's Lounge, in the sink. |
|//2F: Room M2, on a table. |
|//2F: Room M6, on a nightstand. |
|//1F: Room C3 |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BrookHaven Hell<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//1F: Near the save after you exit the garden. |
|//2F: Room M4 |
|//Basement, on the floor. |
|//3F: Store Room, in the shelf. |
|//3F: Store Room, in the prize box. |
|//3F: Store Room, in the prize box. |
|//3F: Store Room, in the prize box. |
|//3F: Store Room, in the prize box. |
|//3F: Store Room, in the prize box. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>On the streets at night<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//Infront of the big truck on Caroll St,east side. |
|//On the north side of Rendell St, west of the corner with Munson. |
|//On the north side of Rendell St, between Caroll and Munson, near |
|what appears to be a construction area. |
|//Same place like above. |
|//South side of Saul St, east of the motorhome near a car. |
|//South side of Saul St, east of the motorhome near a car. |
|//South side of Sanders St, on some stairs, west of the corner with |
|Lindsey St. |
|//South side of Sanders St, on some stairs, west of the corner with |
|Lindsey St. |
|//In the parking lot of the Flower Shop, by a car. |
|//West of the parking lot, in the park. |
|//West of the parking lot, in the park. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Toluca Prision<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//Inside the weapons storage(west of woman's bathroom) |
|//Inside the elevator. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Labyrinth<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//Pyramid Head's Lair |
|//Pyramid Head's Lair |
|//In the graveyard, near a headstone. |
|//In the graveyard, near a corner. |
|//In the graveyard, near a headstone. |
|//In the freezer. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LakeSide Hotel<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//2F: Cloak Room |
|//2F: Cloak Room |
|//2F: Reading Room |
|//2F: Reading Room |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Nightmare Hotel<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//B1: Bar's Kitchen. |
|//B1: Bar's Kitchen. |
| Rifle shells[19]: |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>On the streets at night<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//On the north side of Rendell St, between Caroll and Munson, near |
|what appears to be a contruction area. |
|//East of the place mentioned above. |
|//Outside Happy Burger. |
|//Outside Happy Burger. |
|//On Neely St, east side, near Big Jay's. |
|//On the western part of Nathan Ave, near the destroyed bridge. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Toluca Prision<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//Inside the room west the courtyard, the door on the wast hallway. |
|//Inside the weapons storage(west of woman's bathroom) |
|//Inside the weapons storage(west of woman's bathroom) |
|//Inside the elevator. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Labyrinth<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//In the freezer. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LakeSide Hotel<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//1F: Storage Rooms,West of Cafe Toluca. |
|//2F: In a table, in the hallway west of the elevator. |
|//1F: Employee Lounge. |
|//1F: Employee Lounge. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Nightmare Hotel<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|//B1: Bar's Kitchen. |
|//B1: Bar's Kitchen. |
|//1F: Outside the Manager's Office. |
|//1F: Outside the Manager's Office. |
| Weapons[8]: |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>On the streets in daytime<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|1.- Chainsaw |
|//Wiltse Rd. [1st part,North side] (The part before the tunnel and |
|//after the cementary.) In some logs, you'll hear the sound of it |
|//as you go into Silent Hill. |
|*Available only after finishing the game once. |
| |
|2.-Wooden Plank with a nail. |
|//At the end of Vachss Rd, in a tunnel. |
| |
|3.-Hyper Spray |
|//Inside the MotorHome on the south side on Saul St, Southwest of |
|//Harris St. *Available only after finishing the game twice. |
|*Refer to the ranking section for more information. |
| |
|5.-Steel Pipe |
|//Texxon gas station, stuck in a car's hood. You can hear the sound |
|//of a car running nearby. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>In the Wood Side Apartment Bdg.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|4.-Handgun. |
|//Wood Side Apartment Building,3rd floor,Room 301, in the shoping |
|//cart. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BrookHaven Hospital<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|6.-Shotgun |
|//2F:Women's Locker Room, inside a locker. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Toluca Prision<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|7.-The Hunting Rifle |
|//Its in the weapon room, on the west side of the prision, in the |
|//room across the men's bathroom. |
|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Labyrinth<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|8.-Cleaver |
|//Its inside a room near where Pyramid head walks around with his |
|//spear a bunch of those hangers are around, its a circular hallway |
|//that you can acces via two ladders going down southwest of the |
|//ladder leading down to the passage to the cube room. |
Quick Walkthrough
This is a quick walkthrough, so I will omit most, but not all, of
the items you can pick up and only direct you to the next location
you have to go in order to advance through the game, keep in mind
that you will miss certain items because they are not necesary
to get to the end of the game, during the game, you will
have to make certain things in order to get a specific ending, I will
write the things you "can" do, if you want to do that ending when I
get to the point where you can choose to or not to do that. There are
a lot of other FAQs out there, so if you cant get through the game
with this FAQ, you can read it elsewhere, but I would be happy
to fix the FAQ so it can answer your query, if you tell me of course..

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>On the streets in daytime<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

You'll start at a bathroom, so get out of there through the back,
run westwards (left) and get the map out of your car, it will
become really hand to get your cardinal senses adjusted in this town.
Run to the left(west) until you see some stairs leading down to
Toluca Lake..go down there and run along the trail, into the mist..
you'll eventually arrive to a locked gate, use the X button to operate..

Inside the cementery run forward until a cut-scene appears, after it
you will be left facing southwest, run forwards until you see a house
the turn right(to the north), run forward until you get to the fence,
you must be able to see a gate to your left, if not run along the wall
to the left until you do, go towards it.

Continue your way through the path westwards.
/*If you already finished the game at least once, you will hear a
very odd sound, its the chainsaw, follow the sound to it, its in the
north side of the trail..*/Its a long way, but there is no other way
than to head forward, do so until you find a tunnel, it will take
you about 2 minutes or so to reach there, enter the tunnel and
continue, you'll reach a chain-link door, open it and go through.

The way to Silent Hill is long..and full of wierd sounds.. =),
Continue running forward until you arrive at Sanders St., go west
in that road towards Lindsey St where a cut-scene will be made
avaiable to you.You will have no choice but to follow it, do so by
heading towards Vachss Rd, which lies to the north, you will be left
facing that way after the scene, so just run forward, and turn right
at the second intersection you see..(or see the map, easier...)
Walk eastward on Vachss road until you hear a wierd sound, and see
a tunnel, get near it and use the X button to look inside..

Kill your first "boss", and get the hell out of there, check out
your map because we are heading towards the north end of Martin St,
go back to Lindsey St, and run along the west side of the street
until you see another road going west, take it and run along the
north side of it, when you see another road going north, take it
until you get to the end of it...get ready to fight to get there..
or just run away.

Once you find the key at the end of the road(on the corpse), head
back to Katz street and run westward until you get to the Wood Side
Apartment building, you will have to run in the northside of the
road along a chain fence until you reach a door, use the key to
open it.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Wood Side Apartment Bdg.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Right infront of you there are some blue doors that lead inside,
go in. The map to the place is posted in a message board to the
left(west), get it, you can also save in the red paper thing to
the right(east). Some people forgot to let the sunshine in and its
dark as a night without moonlight here, so we need to find the
flashlight, head to room 205, its up the stairs and 3 rooms east,
go in and take it from the mannequin.

Okay, now we need a weapon upgrade, go back to the "lobby" and to
the 3rd floor, try to get the key that James is looking at through
the fence, afterwards go to the other end of the hallway and get
the handgun in room 301.

Return to the 2nd floor and go towards to room 208...OoOoo who's
that handsome guy at the other side of the fence?,dont be
afraid of getting close to him, he wont bite...much >=), after
meeting your executioner, go into room 208 and get the key off the

Go to room 202 and into the bedroom, there is a hole on the wall
there, and a strange sound coming from it, because James is so brave
and he will risk even his body parts, make him stick his arm inside
and get the clock key.

Return to room 208, and go to the clock room, towards a little
hall left of the shelf, use the key you got from room 202 on the
clock and set the clock to 9:10, you'll hear a clicking sound when
you get it, this isnt a hard riddle because the answer is ALWAYS the
same, thats the reason I didnt put this in the Riddle section.

Move to the right side of the clock and push it, go through the hole
in the wall into room 209. Head to the stairs outside the room and
run up to the 3rd floor, exactly into room 307. Get the key from
the shelf in the closet, head to where you saw the other key when
you were in the other side of the bars.

Get the key to the fire escape and head to the easternmost stairs,
its time to find the COINS. Head down to the east lobby and go into
the first floor, right outside room 107 you will find a pack of
canned juice, just enough weight for the job. Head back to the west
lobby by going outside the apartments and go to the courtyard. Go to
the pool and get the snake coin off the baby's crib, go to room 101
that is located east of the pool, (I tried to skip this step but when
I tried to open a door later on, some "power" was holding it shut. So
the game MAKES you go to room 101 even if you dont want to.)
return to the west lobby and go to the laundry room on the second floor,
use the canned juice on the garbage shute to push the garbage down, go
down to the first floor of the west lobby and go outside, right east of
there(you are still outside), you can find the garbage bin if you walk
north, get the old man coin from there. Go back to the 2nd floor and
exit through the fire escape door that is located at the western end of
the hallway.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Blue Creek Apartment Bdg.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Inside the Blue Creek Apartment Building, go down to room 109 and
get the knife and prisioner coin. Go to room 105 and use the coins
to unlock the drawer and get the key to room 209. *If you want the
'In Water' Ending examine the knife, otherwise, DONT.*

Go to Room 209, go outside the balcony and go to room 208. Get the
key off the bed and go to that floor's stairway. Go down the
stairway and exit the place.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>On the streets in daytime<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Head towards the park. Explore it until you decide to go to the
Lakeside hotel next.

Be sure to get the steel pipe stuck on a car in Texxon Gas Station.

Stop by the Bowl-O-Rama to find some interesting cut-scenes.
Open up your map and head towards Heaven's Night, go towards the
southern wall for a cut-scene. Enter Heaven's Night.

Go through Heaven's Night to exit on Carroll St. Head south towards
the building right below Heaven's Night and enter it.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BrookHaven Hospital<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
As you enter the hospital, get the map of it right to the left of you.
Its posted on a board. Check your map to get familiar with the rooms.
Go to the Document room through the Reception office to get a key
that is besides a typing machine.

Go to room M2 and get the Lapis Eye key from the table.

Go to the Examining Room #3, on that same hallway and read the
carbon paper on the typewriter,remember those numbers.

Head towards the Women's Locker Room on the 2nd floor, get the shotgun
from there and the bent needle, cross the hallway to the Men's locker
room and get the examination room key from a lab coat there, head down
towards the examination room and enter the Doctor's Lounge from there.

Find a memo writen on a board, it will tell you the combination to
get open a part of the 3rd floor, remember this and head up there.
*If you are playing hard mode, refer to the Riddle Section.

Go to the room marked S3, and get the key to the roof, go up there.
*If you want the 'In Water' Ending read the diary, otherwise, DONT.*
Go to the Elevator Control room to fix the elevator.

Enter Joseph's cell,(the one with the grey door), and read the bloody
marks on the wall.(Its kinda of a riddle), remember those numbers.

We now have all the combinations and keys to open the box on the 3rd
floor, head to room S14 there.Use the combination you got from the
carbon paper to open the lock with the buttons, Use the combination
from the bloody wall to open the rotating lock.Use the lapis Eye key
and the purple bull key, and then open the box, get the stuff from
there and head to the Shower Room.

Combine the stuff you got from the box with the bent needle to
get the key that is down the drain. Use the key on the elevator
near the shower room, go down to the 1st floor using the elevator.

Go to Room C2 and get ready to fight, I suggest to prepare the
shotgun. After some scary s**t, you'll find yourself in......

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BrookHaven Hell<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Go up to the second floor using the elevator, exactly into Room M6.
Get the key and the dry battery cell from there and go to the 3F.

Make your way to the stairs on the other side of the hospital and
head down to the basement, use the key and get to the storeroom.

Push the bookshelf(stand infront of the blood marks)
and go into the basement's basement, pick up the Copper Ring,
go to the 2nd floor's Day Room.

Open the refrigerator in the middle of the room, and get the Lead Ring.
Head back to the 3rd Floor, and use the rings on the door with the
painting of a woman right next to the elevator, enter it and go
down to the basement..*save first*

When you get to the basement...RUN! RUN! RUN! RUN! RUN! RUN!..ahh..

Snap out of it, and head to the director's office. Get the key of
the lobby and head outside...

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>On the streets at night.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Now you'll need a wrench, and its all the way on the other side of
town, so get ready for a big run around the streets, at night...

Go to Saul St, its southeast from Rendell St, you will see a tunnel
that leads to the other side of town, go through it.

Good, now we are on the east side of town. Head to the place James
wrote down in his map in black(its on Lindsey St.), thankfully when
you pass by the house, the camera will take a different angle
indicating that that's the house. After getting the wrench proceed
to the westernmost section of Katz St.(Near the entrance to the Wood
Side apartments). Run west until you get to a wall that says:

"The door that wakes in darkness, opening into Nightmares."
To the right, there is a door. Open it and go to the West Side.

Now we go to the Park, the general place you are heading to, should
be circled on the map. Search for the statue of what appears a monk,
actually a praying woman, behind it there must be grassless ground.
Examine it to dig the box up. Use the wrench on the box, head to
Silent Hill Historical Society located on the northwest side of Nathan

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Silent Hill Historical Society<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
If you thought the game was wierd, you haven't seen nothing yet!
Make your way into the small museum and reach a room with a broken
wall, go into the hole and run doooooooown the corridor. Enter the
door. Welcome to...

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Toluca Prision's Entrance<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
You will find yourself on the "1st level", they aren't actually
floor, but I cant find a way to describe them. You'll see what I mean
later on, this is a straight forward area with no map, so dont worry
about finding one, make your way to "The Hole" and jump in.

Now it seems you're stuck inside a well..turn left and examine the
wall infront of you, it looks weak...break it with your pipe.
If you cant find the side of the well thats weak, just examine the
well's wall inch by inch until you find it. Enter the door to get into
the 2nd Level, once again there is not much choice of where to go, so
go into the only door you can open.

Once inside you will find a wierd room, with a door on the floor..
you'll need a can find it on the other "normal" door that
is located near there. Go into it and get the key.

Do you see a control panel near the door? Get near it and use the
Dry cell battery, then quickly examine the panel, once you get the
combination down(see riddle section), go outside and open the door
on the floor to reach Toluca Prision's Main Floor.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Toluca Prision<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Get the tablet on the back of the cafeteria and then go out, we need
the map for this, so head north on that hallway, the map should be
on the 2nd table since you started running north. Now we have the map,
but it doesnt show any names for the rooms!..hell..this makes my job
more difficult..well, we need to find all three tablets.

From where you are, return south and enter the first door to the
east..they look like showers and are located in the center square of
the prision, find the 2nd tablet in the northeastern shower, in the

From there head to the southern cell block,(its the one place with
a lot of little rooms in the south side of the map, just go into
the first door east that you find after exiting the cafeteria...)
Running east, in the cell before the last cell, you must get the wax
doll from there, exit through the door east and into the east hallway.

Now go to the Northern cell block, enter from the west hallway and
ready your rifle, and explore the cells until you find the 3rd tablet.

After you get things done over with, go to the BIG room on the
east side of the map, this is is BIG..big trouble that is!
Your view of the place is limited so be careful! Seek the scaffold
and combine all 3 tablets to aquire the horse shoe, where is this
item? Its on the door on your way out, be sure to get it.

Head to the west side of the prision and find the lighter, its located
in one of the booths there, but you have to enter from the west side.

Next, get the rifle. Its on the only room you can enter that is
on the far west side, its across the men's bathroom. The rifle is
on the back of that room, through yet another room. Be sure to get
everything James is looking at on that room.

Afterward, exit to the hallway, then go south through a gate.
There is a trapdoor on the hallway, you'll need to combine the
wax doll, the ligther and the horseshoe to get it open, fall down
and get ready for your descent to hell.(as if you werent there already)

This part is really straight forward, just go ahead and jump again,
then again..get on the elevator and push the button to go down into
the unknown..I guess you are officially at the center of the earth
now. Save and enter...

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Labyrinth<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Because this place has no names either, I will let you explore the you can see, there are wires all around the entrance of the
room that leads to the exit, so we need to find some sort of device
to cut around the place until you find a room with some
sort of a cube that's made of faces.

Check out the riddle section to get through this part.

When you align the room and get to the other side, reach the jail
cell and after a quick conversation, head back to the room where
the face cube was, you'll see an electrical panel, examine it
and get the wire cutters.

Now get back to that wired entrance and cut the wires, go down the
ladder, this is supposed to be a labyrinth..just keep going
up and down the ladders until you get it right, if you keep getting
back to the same room, just find another ladder down there.

You'll eventually reach a save room, exit through that door and
after a wierd scene continue going down the hallway, around those
rooms you will find "The Hanged Men" puzzle, you'll need to solve
this to get the key of the persecuter to open the handcuffs.

Go down the ladder and straight forward until you see a white door,
go in and weep. Then get outta there and go through the *now* unlocked
bar door, explore the new area until you get to a cementery, use the
save there, and go down into your grave...(literally).

After that, well, there is really nothing to tell you here except to
move forward until you get to the boat. Row..towards..the..light!

If you are playing on HARD action mode, to use the boat you need to
rotate the analog sticks in a circle motion, rotate both to move the
boat forward or only a single one to steer it in a particular
direction, for example, if you rotate one going up, and right, you'll
steer to the left, if you steer down and right, you'll steer right.
Rotate both to up and right for a faster steering to the left.
(I found it very difficult to do, and took me a long time to reach
the docks...)
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LakeSide Hotel<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Before going inside, get the 'Little Mermaid' music box that is
on the fountain in the garden, then go in.

Get the map right after you enter, its on a board, you can see it
perfectly there. Thank God it has room names! The object of the game
is to get to Room 312, How? Getting all the music here
we go...

Go to LakeShore Restaurant and get the "Fish" key, head to the lobby,
exactly to the reception room and get the Room 312 key. Go up the
stairs to the cloak room. Use the "Fish" key to open the bag there.

Once you get the Room 204, go there and get the Elevator Key and go
to the Gray Room behind the E(Elevator) of that floor(2nd).

Step into the elevator and try to use the console then put
EVERYTHING you have on the shelf. You need to try to go down in order
for James to figure out he has too much weight on him.
Go into the elevator again and go to the 1st floor.

Weaponless, get the map off the board as you step out of the elevator.
Find the Pantry and get the 'Snow White' Music Box from there, then
head towards Office and get the videotape and can opener from the
safe.Go to the basement through the stairs that are infront of the
Office, head to the boiler room and get the key.

Go to the kitchen and use the can opener on the can, get the light bulb.
Inside the bar, find a lamp on the counter and use the bulb on it.
Use the key from the boiler room to open the front door of the bar.
Get the can of thinner from the elevator nearby.
Head up to the second floor and get your stuff from the shelf.

Use the thinner in a photo in room 202, and then open the lock of
the bag nearby, get the 'Cinderella' Music Box.
Solve the Music box riddle with all 3 music boxes.
Get the key to the 3rd floor from there and head to room 312.

Use the videotape on the VCR besides the T.V. and enjoy the
wicked home movie. Get outta there and experience the...

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Nightmare Hotel<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Go down the stairs, and run towards Room 202.
*If you want the 'In Water' ending, go to the Reading Room and listen
to the audio tape.* After entering room 202, go towards the Elevator
nearby.(The one for visitors).Use the panel and go to the basement.

Go into the bar and towards the stairs near the boiler room.
After you enter to the flaming stairs, get out of there the same
way you came in, then go up the stairs. Head to the door southeast
of the Security Office, go ahead and continue your path until you
find two Pyramid Head statues, each one has an egg. Get them both
and place them on the door..(it doesnt matter which one where),
go through one of them and exit the hotel, walk (or run) down the
corridor and enter the door,go upstairs and enjoy the ending!
Congratulations! You finished Silent Hill!

To get the 'In Water' Ending:
-Examine the knife, at the beggining of each 'stage'.
-Read the diary on the hospital's roof.
-Hear the tape inside the Reading Room in the Nightmare Hotel.

To get the 'Leave' Ending:
-Hurt Maria a couple of times, either by running into
her or with the plank.
-Try to be with her the least time possible, after she joins
you, head directly to room S3 at the hospital.
-Never make her talk to you if you can avoid her.(By going the wrong
way while traveling with her)
-Read the letter Mary gave you and see her photo occasionally.
-Listen to the full audio conversation while in the
corridor before you get to the last battle.

To get the 'Maria' Ending:
-Be with Maria a lot.
-Make her talk to you, even if not necessary.
-Dont read the letter Mary sent you or see her picture.
-Dont hurt her, or let others hurt her.
-Dont listen to the full audio conversation while in the
corridor before you get to the last battle.

To get the 'Rebirth' Ending:
*Just get all 4 items to do the ceremony after you finish
the game at least once, there are:
-White Chrism
-Lost Memories Book
-Obsidian Goblet
-Crimson Ceremony Book
(See the item section for locations)

To get the 'Dog' Ending:
Watch at least the 3 normal endings(not the rebirth one),
then get the Dog key(Item section), and unlock the observaroty
room in the Nightmare Hotel.

Ranking&Hidden Options
After you finish the game, a hidden option screen within the options
screen will be enabled for your use.
To unlock this screen press L1 or R1 on the option screen.

I shall explain the new Option Screen:
Weapon Control:
It controls how you engane in combat, the default setting will have
you holding down your weapon button[usually R2] if you want to use
your weapon,if you set this to switch, it will act as a switch and
you wont have to hold L2 all the time to use your weapon, just press
it down once to initiate your combat stance and press it once again
to end it.

You know how the Map is always Zoomed In when you use it, and you
have to press start to Zoom Out?, well this makes the map appear
Zommed Outed when you press the map button instead of Zoomed In.

Blood Color:
This one is obvious.

Walk/Run Control:
It switched the controls, instead of holding down the square button
to run, when you reverse it,you hold it down to walk.

View Control:
If you switch it, James will NOT look at items on the floor.

Bullet Adjust:
You will normally recieve a round of bullets when you find a package,
this let you find instead of a round, 2 rounds or 3 in the same

Noise Effect:
If you turn it off, the Image will be clearer without the grainy effect.

The ranking System is based on STARS, you sometimes get yellow if
you do real well, here is a copy of the variables:
The things you have to do to get yellow are listed inside []

Action Level: [HARD]
Riddle Level: [HARD]
Ending: [Rebirth or Dog]
Ending Clear: [4/4]
Saves: [Less than 3]
Total Time: [Less than 3hrs]
Walking Distance: [Still Unknown To Me]
Running Dustance: [Still Unknown To Me]
Items: [More than 150]
Enemies Shot: [More than 50]
Enemies Hit(Melee)[More than 50]
Boat Stage Time: [Less than 1m 30s]
Boat Max Speed: [Still Unknown To Me]
Total Damage: [Less than 300]

I think I figured out what the +6 means in Items, in that game
I got all 4 rebirth items, the chainsaw and the hyper spray = 6.
I finished other game with 265 items and it got me +4, because I
only got 3 rebirth items and the chainsaw = 4. So there!

Kicking enemies to finish them off even if you shot them down counts
as melee deaths.

| Hyper Spray Color information: |
|If you get a really bad rating (I have not) you get a purple spray, |
|that will stun any weak enemies, and P head. If you get an average rating, |
|you get the white spray, which I have gotten all to many times, |
|and this only stuns weak enemies. Guess they figured losers need a |
|break and gave them a better spray. Then, if you do really good, |
|you get a neon green spray (I got it) that stuns weak and mid enemies, such as |
|doormen (not the boss, I've tried and it doesn't work). |
|And rumor has it there is a perfect spray that's yellow that will kill anything |
|in the game. Of course that's a rumor, and I have yet to find it, as |
|I only got 9.9 last game. I was pissed. So, in summary: |
| |
|0-3 stars (large)=bad. You get purple spray. |
| |
|3-7.9 stars (large)=Average. You get white spray. |
| |
|8-9.9 stars (large)=good. you get neon green spray. |
| |
|10 stars=Master of the Universe Ultra Mega Hyper Super spray (yellow). |

The following are the best rankings I have aquired over the course of
all the times I've played the game. I did NOT accomplish this in a
single game, but in several ones.

My best rankings:
Action Level: [HARD]*
Riddle Level: [EXTRA]*
Ending: [DOG]*
Ending Clear: [3/4(+1)]
Saves: [0]<-I pulled my guts together in NORMAL/DOG ^_^
Total Time: [1h 30m 44s]*
Walking Distance: [0.69km]<-Assuming less is better.
Running Dustance: [8.09km]<-Assuming less is better.
Items: [265]*
Enemies Shot: [79]*
Enemies Hit(Melee)[187]*
Boat Stage Time: [1m 03s 74]*
Boat Max Speed: [3.50m/s]
Total Damage: [32]*
Document/Clues Locations
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>In the Wood Side Apartment Bdg.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
1.-'Searching for Another conclusion'
//In room 205 of the Wood Side Apartment Bdgs(where you found the
//flashlight), besides the sewing machine.
*Only available after you finish the game once.
This document talks about how to get a different ending.
2.- Clock Riddle clue #1.
//In room 208, besides the telephone.
This document clues you in about the people being the clock needles.
3.- Clock Riddle clue #2.
//On the wall, in the clock room.
This clue tells you to what time set the clock at.
4.- Tourist Brochure
//Room 104
It tells you about the beautiful things about Silent Hill.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>In the Blue Creek Apartment Bdg.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
4.- Safe Clue
//Inside a wallet stuck in the toilet in room 203
The combination of the safe.
5.- Tim's Note
//On the door of Room 209.
Tells you to go to Room 105 to get the key.
6.- Angela's Photo.
//Right in the middle of the Mirror room, in Room 109.
Nice photo of Angela's Mom and Dad.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BrookHaven Hospital<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
7.-Patient's Roster.
//Besides the save point in the Reception office.
It talks about 3 insane patients of the hospital.
8.-Doctor's Journal.
//In the document room, on the typewriter.
It talks about the other reality..Interesting material to speculate
the town's past victims.
9.-Whiteboard Memo.
//Doctor's Lounge.
It has the electronic combination to open the patient's wing on the
3rd floor.
10.-Carbon Paper Note.
//Examining Room #3, 2nd Floor.
Its one of the combination numbers you need to open the box.
11.-Joseph's Diary.
The mental ramblings of an insane coward.
12.-Joseph's Combination.
//Joseph's Holding Cell, Special Treatment Room: 3F.
You need this combination to open up a box.
Monster Information

Monster Name: [Spitter]
The first monster that you encounter, they look like a humanoid
without arms, sometimes you will see them crawling at light speed
on the floor..and they act like roaches...scary...
They have two types of attacks, if you get close to it will spit at
you. You can avoid this by running around him until he spits and then
close in to attack. The 2nd form of their attack happen when they are
on the floor acting like roaches, it will bite your ankle.
They are very stupid, you can actually push them around in a small
hallway and continue running, if you have time and want to smash
things up, run besides it and hit it with the pipe or the plank.

Monster Name: [Mannequins]
Think of mannequin's legs..twice..they are a type of wierd mannequin
with legs below the belt..and another pair above it..they are scary
when you see them motionless and then suddenly they move.
They kick? you with the upper pair of legs.
Smash 'em, if you want to run past them do not stop or walk..RUN!,
else they'll hit you.

Monster Name: [Mechanical Bugs]
Description: If you hear a squeaking sound like a rusted wheel and
I think I hear barking when these things are around, they are very
small, almost the size of your feet, they look like roaches.
They bite your toes!
You can get past them real easy, but if you really want to kill em
smash the ground with the pipe or the plank where they are.

Monster Name: [Pyramid Head: 1st Encounter]
A very wierd looking monster with a red pyramid thing all over his head
and face, he carries a big knife and staggers around.
He either makes a quick horizontal chop or a slow devastating smash to
the floor with his cleaver.
Shoot and run , shoot and run. If you are on begginer or easy mode
you will only need to wait, he will eventually go away, when you hear
sirens in the background just get out of his way.

If you are on hard mode, you probably need to empty like 50 bullets on
him, this can be quite hard if you dont know how to run around him, so
what I did is move down to the little piece of stairs and wait for him
to be real close to me, then I run like hell to the corner where the
dead body of the thing PH was eating is, if you did it right, PH will
become stuck in the little bit of the stairs as he attempts to follow you.
Unload your gun on him until you hear the sirens.

Monster Name: [Hellish Nurses]
Nurses..from hell..They carry these big pipes with them.
They swing their pipes at you and hit you for major damage, easy
to kill alone,dangerous in groups.
Smash them with the pipe when they get close, when they are on the floor
run towards them and kick em to finish em, if you find more than one, and
they are attacking you, use the shotgun or empty a handgun round on either
of them.

Monster Name: [Hellish Patients]
You meet them in Nightmare Hospital, they hang on the ceiling and
try to choke you with their feet, they look like patients that are tied
to their beds..really creepy.
They try to choke you with their feet if you get close to them.
Shoot and run, Shoot and run. I like using the shotgun on them.
I guess you can use the handgun to move faster around the room.

Monster Name: [Pyramid Head: 2nd Encounter]
Just the one like before, this time he is faster and will
chase you down along the hallway.
He stabs you with a spear.
Run! Run! Run!
Now, in HARD mode, that's another story..its hard as hell to get
away without Maria to get killed..I searched around the boards
for an answer and Chris Blood came with this answer:

Equip your chainsaw, run to the first corner of the hallway, make sure maria is
right next to you then just as you begin to run down the next hall pyramid head
will show up right behind both of you so what you do is turn around and begin to
hack him up with the chainsaw BUT MAKE SURE you only stab him! This can be
acomplished by not walking towards him as you attack, do nothing but hold R1 and
push your attack button. As pyramid head walks towards you he is actually pushing
you down the hallway so not only is he slowing down but your getting down the
hallway slowly but surely, but make sure your are only attacking and not walking
towards him as you attack so you wont swipe the chainsaw instead of stabbing it,
because if you do, you would hit Maria. Now then, as you do this to him down the
first two hallways, it will be safe to take off running to the elevator even if
you dont cut the corners perfectly.

Another option is to stab him until he drastically slows down, then run a bit away
from him, then return and stab him again until he slows down, then run a bit, then
return and stab him again, repeat until you reach the last corrdior and run for it!
This last one worked for me.

Monster Name: [Hangers]
You'll find these around linked chain floors, they are beneath the floor
and have mouths on their feet(which they also use to hang on the floor?)..
They bite you from underneath.
Run like hell, they cant block your way.

Monster Name: [Pyramid Head: 3rd Encounter]
Your old pal is patroling the labyrinth, right outside his lair.
He has a spear now, because he left the cleaver at home.
Attacks:Stabs you with spear.
Run the other way, the hallway is circular(sort of), you know.

Monster Name: [Table Monsters]
You'll meet the first one in the labyrinth, they look like walking
tables...they are really wierd.
They grab you and bite you.
Shoot them with the Shotgun, else they'll corner you and its very
hard to escape unless you shake your left analog stick very quickly,
very difficult to run past them.

Monster Name: [Pyramid Heads: Final Encounter]
Two Pyramid Heads attack you, they have spears this time.
They stab you if you get too close or swing their spears if you
run around them.
Begginer and Easy:
Just run around the room and wait, run and wait..they will eventually
kill themselves..the times vary according to the Level of Action.
It took me about 100 handgun bullets and 5-6 minutes.
I also tried with rifle shells, it took me about 24 or less.

I dont know about this, but it took me 300 handgun bullets and 10 mins
to finish these guys.

Garrett told me this for NORMAL level:
A faster way to get rid of the pyramid heads in the final encounter is to use
the Big Knife on them, it's kinda tricky but you gotta like plan ahead of time
and press the attack button and then wait for him to swing, so press the attack
button when they are a few steps away from you and let them walk into the
attack, but if you miss they pause and stare at you for a couple of seconds. you
get hit alot more than usual, but it's alot faster.

Additonally M.dew mailed me this:
If you can get the first hit in with the Great Knife and slow them down.
You can then sidestep their stabs, hit again, sidestep, hit again, and repeat until
they are dead. I killed them in like 1 maybe 2 minutes, so long as you can time
your swings right after you sidestep there stabs, youre good to go.

Seth Paul added this great way to win in HARD mode:
It is possible to fight the two final Pyramid Heads and get hit either
once or not at all. To put it in the most simple way, I'll number it in
1.) Save the game first (The technique may not work the first time and PH
might beat the crap out of you. If you're going for fewest saves, this
is definitely one of the two to use).
2.) As soon as you begin the battle, run for a corner and put your back
to it. It should be a corner where the other wall is to James' left.
3.) Equip the Great Knife (Don't equip until this point, or else you'll
move too slow and PH will destroy you).
4.) Begin rapidly hitting attack as soon as they get close.
If you did it right, one Pyramid Head will be in front of you and one
will be right next to him on the right, and you'll swing the Great Knife
from right to left (one PH will probably hit you once, don't worry about
that). The beauty of being in the corner is that as soon as the Knife
goes through the second PH, it will rebound off the wall and slice them
again, meaning that if you keep swinging, they will never get a chance
to recover enough to hit you again!

Monster Name: [Final Boss]
I dont want to spoil this for you..but its WICKED!
It will grab your neck with a tentacle if you get to close and try to
choke you, or send a swarm of flesh-eating butterflies at you.
Use the rifle on it, of course, first get away from it.
I recommend running away from the butterflies and once you see them
return to it, shoot it with the rifle..repeat the process until it
dies. On HARD mode, I had to empty 40 rifle shells on it..

!!Posible Spoilers!!
Have you noticed that the lake 'at night' is made of concrete?
Go to the park's pier and find out.

Q1.-Why arent my endings saving?
A.-You have to load your finished game data before starting a new game.

Q2.-You will find 3 paintings at the Northern cells block in Toluca Prision.
What are they for?

Q3.-In the graveyard after Toluca Prision...Miriam K. - 'Traitor' meaning?

Q4.-I finished the game 3 times, each one with a different RIDDLE level,
its supposed to unlock a new RIDDLE mode this time,How do I unlock it?
A.-You need to finish the game on all RIDDLE levels and have it saved on
the same gamefile..see the save bug in Question 1....

Q5.-Why was Maria so worried about Laura? I dont get it...
A.-Marc-Julien Objois told me this, and I think its a great explanation:
Maria was Silent Hill's version of Mary, and she seemed to have some of
Mary's memories. Apparently, Laura became a friend of Mary's in the

Q6.-I cant figure out the code on Joseph's bloody cell...Tern Tern the
numbers? What numbers?
A.-The numbers are on the background, the message has NOTHING to do with'll need a lot of imagination to figure which numbers are written
on the bloody padded-wall, because Joseph had terrible writing skills.
There is no exact answer for the numbers because they are randomly
generated. I've also noticed that in my games, the combination is
repetitive, for example 5454,7979 or 3131..hmm...If you think he writes
badly in your mode, wait until you see his numbers on EXTRA HARD.

Q7.-There is a rumor going on about unlocking the memos in the game
and being able to see ALL the deleted parts in documents(i.e, the
blood swamp gravestone and the paper right before you fight Angela's
dad)..How do you unlock it?

Q8.-What happens in the dog ending?
A.-Lol, the ending is hilarious! I loved it!
If you really want to know..I recomend finishing the game, because
if I tell you I will spoil everything for you..but If you dont plan
to finish the section at the end of the FAQ.

Q9.-How can I beat Pyramid Head when he attacks Maria in the Hallway
on HARD mode?
A.-Read the Monster Section->Pyramid Head:2nd Encounter.

Q10.-After I finished the game...I still dont quite understand what
happened? Can you explain?
A.-If you are looking for answers, look no further. The best SH2
explanation Ive read is here:
That's President Evil FAQ, he will help you with ALL your SH2 plot
related questions. Ive loved his FAQ.

Q11.-Can you tell me more infor about the Hyper Spray and its different
A.- [Vejiita SSJ4/Orca782] sent us the information we were looking for
look at the Rankings Section to aquire it.
Gameshark Codes
**!Please use these codes at your own risk!**
-->Consult the homepage below for more information<--
These codes were discovered mainly by Nick and FNG at

I got this from this homepage:

-(M) Must Be On
EC8DBEDO 14431F04

-Infinate Health
4CA9F29A 145625DD 4CA9F2A2 145625DD

-Low Total Time
4DB5CF2A 1456E7A6

-1 Save Total
3DB5CC1E 1456E7A5

-Inf. Health Drink
4D887092 1456E79F

-Inf. 1st Aid Kit
4D887098 1456E79F

-Inf. Ampoules
4D887096 1456E79F

-Inf. H.Gun Ammo
4D88709C 1456E79F

-Inf. H.Gun Bullets
4D88709A 1456E70C

-Inf. S.Gun Ammo
4D8870A0 1456E79F

-Inf. S.Gun Shells
4D88709E 1456E70C

-Inf. H.Rifle Ammo
4D8870A4 1456E79F

-Inf. H.Rifle Shells
4D8870A2 1456E70C
I credit Konami for making this great game.
My girlfriend for giving me time to write this FAQ and getting the
game from Laredo. for posting this.
The guys at gamefaqs SH2 board for some ideas and info.
The guys at the Gameshark boards. Specially to <-FNG->&<-Nick->

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<--Special Thanks to:-->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
***********************[Alan B. Poltronier]**********************
**************************[MLewis1050 ]**************************
**************************[Sean Dawson]**************************
****************************[Andy L.]****************************
*********************[Vejiita SSJ4/Orca782]**********************
************************[Thomas Brister]*************************
**************************[Chris Blood]**************************
***************************[Seth Paul]***************************

<------Riddle Section Credits-------->
[Marc-Julien] for an alternate hint for clock riddle.
<------Item Section------>
[MLewis1050] for reminding me to add the cleaver to the weapon
[Alan B. Poltronier] for finding one of the missing items!
To [Andy L.] for pointing out my mess-up in the Endings part.
To [Sean Dawson] for telling me about the error in the NightMare
Hotel that the room number was 202 instead of 205. THANKS!!!
<------Ranking Section------>
To [SSVegeta858] for the info about the saves.
To [Vejiita SSJ4/Orca782] for pointing out my Best Rankings were insane!
So I added the 'I didnt got this ranking in a single game' note.
To [Vejiita SSJ4/Orca782] for giving us the missing HYPER SPRAY information.
To [Thomas Brister] for telling me it was under 3 hours, and not under 2hrs.
<------Boss/Monster Section----->
[Chris Blood] how to pass the hallway chase in HARD mode.
[AcCloud] reminding me shaking your controller releases the grasp
of table monsters.
[Garrett] for an alternate way of killing the Pyramid Heads.
[M.Dew] for an alternate way of killing the Pyramid Heads.
[Seth Paul] for an alternate way of killing the Pyramid Heads.
<------Q&A Section Credits------>
[Marc-Julien] for the answer to a question #5.
<----Dog Ending section---->
To [OOZIJK] for being the 5th person asking me about it and
making me decide to make the section.

and to me. =)

My e-mail again is:

//////////////////////--->[MAJOR SPOILER BELOW]<---\\\\\\\\\\\\
Because many people mailed me about wanting to know what happens in this
ending, I decided to make a section about it.
Well, after you use the dog key in the Nightmare Hotel's Observartory
James finds himself inside a wacky control room, very anime like. A dog
is moving a pair of levers and watching a screen where you can see the
positions of James and Maria. James says to the dog: 'So, it was you all
along..' then falls to his knees. The dog approaches James and starts to
lick his face. The credits start to roll, but instead of James face
you see the dog's face, and a very funny music can be heard. You can see
images next to the face...for example James shirtless and flexing his
muscles and his heart-shaped tatoo. You see funny events that could have
happened in the game and the dog growls at Eddie's stomach, and at his
hairy legs..LOL, The images and with a picture of Maria in a pink bikini.
//////////////////////--->[MAJOR SPOILER ABOVE]<---\\\\\\\\\\\\
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