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Silent Hill 2

17.10.2013 23:18:45
Silent Hill 2 Walkthrough
Copyright 2001 By Spiderjeru (Rob Brown)

This FAQ could not have been written without the folks on the message boards;
otherwise I never would have figured out where to steer that damn boat. Thanks
to everybody.

Fog surrounds you on every side. You grip the trigger of your 9-millimeter
tightly and peer futilely ahead of you into the murk. Every step echoes like
the beating of your heart. You freeze with terror as the radio in your pocket
starts to emit a steady stream of white noise: it grows louder with every step
you take. Suddenly out of the fog a hideous skinned creature skitters toward
you, and you jump off of your couch with a yell…
…it's time to clean out your trousers again. Thanks, Silent Hill 2. And thanks
to Konami for creating a game so claustrophobically frightening I soiled myself
three times in my first play through.
So you're here, reading this FAQ, assumptively because you have the game and
something has got you stuck in a bad place. That's cool: but be aware, this
game is MUCH more fun if you work through everything on your own. That said, on
with the FAQ.

My first time through I played with combat set to normal and puzzle set to hard.
The puzzle solutions for this FAQ will be in hard, with normal to follow at a
later date.

1. Intro, or How I Got My First Weapon
2. The Mean Streets of Silent Hill Part 1
3. Apartment Shopping in A Bad Part of Town, Part 1
4. Apartment Shopping in A Bad Part of Town, Part 2
(Up Blue Creek Without a Paddle)
5. How Not to Shoot Your Friends in the Neck, Bars, And Bowling
6. Hospital: Where the Fan and the Fecal Material Collide
7. Hospital: There's Something About Maria
8. Mean Streets of Silent Hill Part 2
9. History! How we love thee!
10.Silent Hill Prison Blues
11.Labyrinth, sans David Bowie
12.Row, Row, Row Your Boat
13.Hotel: Can I Get a Shout Out to The Shining?
Endings: How to Get Them
The Silent Hill Story: My Take
How to Get the Rocket Launcher


--Ammo is more common than in any other survival horror game I've played; that
said, don't be afraid to use it. You may run low on health items several times,
but ammo shouldn't be problem. Use ammo rather than taking the chance of
getting hit.
--Watch James' head. It is the key to solving your ammo and health problems,
and exploring Silent Hill's streets in particular can lead to a massive hoard of
health and ammo. When James looks somewhere other than where his feet are
pointed, there's either an enemy around or an item to be found-or both.
--Explore the streets often; dead ends, places it doesn't make sense to go;
places you've already been. Items like to hide in spots like this.
--In combat, your goal is to knock the enemy down. James has a surefire ability
to kill a monster once it is on the ground; walk up to it without the R2 button
depressed, and hit x. He'll kick the bad guy, saving you TONS of ammo. Get
good at this; it is definitely key to conserving bullets.
--Enemy strategies:
The first guys you encounter are "sprayers." They did more damage to me than any
other enemy. They attack in two forms; standing up, they spray brown mist at
you, which has a pretty good distance. On the ground, they skitter around
rapidly and bite your ankles. The best strategy for melee is to wait til they
spray, and then run in and whale on them until they hit the dirt. Then quickly
dispatch them with a kick to the head. With ammo weapons, hit them three times
in a row quickly, then kick em.
The second enemy you'll encounter is "four legs." These guys also have a spray
attack, and they use the top set of legs to kick you. They're super easy: whale
on them with something hard or shoot them three times with the handgun and
they'll hit the dirt. Apply a swift kick, and they're toast.
Bugs. I hate bugs. They are nigh impossible to hit with a melee weapon, and
wasting ammo on them is pointless. You can kick them, but this isn't Tekken and
James isn't much at swinging his feet. Fortunately they're not too common and
they won't attack with the light off.
Nurses. They're armed and ugly; they have more reach than most of the monsters
and do some serious damage. Best bet is to follow the usual model, but avoid
using melee weapons entirely. Three fast shots one right after the other will
put them down and have them ready for a kicking.
Finally, there's the "gurneys." They attack by standing up and grabbing your
head. Use whatever big gun you prefer, and use it a lot: three shots from your
trusty boomstick should knock 'em down, and the kick works on them just like
everyone else.

1. Intro, or How I Got My First Weapon
5 Health Drinks: Up stairs on Southwest side of Lindsey

Loading dock door East side of Lindsey near Vachss

Loading dock door just north of Vachss

Fenced area w/save point (2)

1 First Aid Kits: Table near flowershop

Other Stuff: Memorial Plaque near corner of Lindsey and Katz
Plank with Nails

Once you're done washing your hands, grab the map off of the front seat of the
blue car there at the start. Nothing else to see here: begin the long walk to
the graveyard by going down the path to the west of the starting point. Trudge
your way on down until you get to the cemetery. When the movie ends, continue
west going past the church. Follow the path, you're being herded. Eventually,
you will emerge near the flower shop in everyone's favorite creepy town, Silent
First things first. Snag the first aid kit off of the table near the
flower shop, and head toward the blood trail at the corner of Lindsey Street.
Follow the 'shadow' and grab the health drinks on the right side of the street.
In my experience, health items are going to be a lot more important to you than
ammo; when the need arises, bust out the weaponry rather than taking the risk of
getting damaged.
Of course, you're going to need some weaponry first; take the alley (Vachss) to
the right and keep on trucking. A little ways down on the right is a fenced in
area with a save point and two health drinks. Save points are red squares in
SH2, use them as necessary. Once you've saved if you feel the need, continue
down the alley to the dirt road. Keep going until you hear the radio; if you
played the first one, you know what to expect here. Hit action to climb through
the gate at the end of the road, and after the movie grab your first weapon, the
plank with nails. Apply some loving strokes to the enemy here, and then head
back out of the alley.

2. The Mean Streets of Silent Hill, Part 1
3 Health Drinks: East side of southern section of Martin

Up steps on North side of Sanders

West side of the Martin St. Dead End

3 First Aid Kits: In happy burger parking lot behind dumpster

At Sports Injury Clinic west side of Neely

Lucky Jade Restaurant on Neely

1 Hgun bullets: Lucky Jade Restaurant on Neely

Other Stuff: Notes on Combat

Huzzah! Silent Hill is now awash in enemies. Most can be avoided. This would
be a good time to explore where you can and grab some first aid kits and health
drinks. There are only a few areas of note; there's a guy surrounded by notes
in the northern area of Neely Street; reading the six notes will give you some
combat pointers and add them to your memo list. There's a camper in the
southwest corner of the map; inside is a save point and a note directing you to
Neely's bar. Head there, and there's a cryptic message for you on the inside
wall. Read it, and it's added to your memos. Also here is a save point and a
map to the apartments and the key. Creepy.
There is a historical marker on Lindsey street; it is somewhat deteriorated, but
gives you the first hint at why Silent Hill is the creepy spot you know and
love. It also is added to your memos.
The big item you need here is on Martin Street. A corpse there has the key to
the Woodside Apartments; grab it and head there when you're done exploring. The
gate is on the north side of the street near the locked door.

3. Apartment Shopping in a Bad Part of Town, Part 1

4 Health Drinks: Planter in first lobby

Room 202 Kitchen

Room 209 Kitchen

Room 303 Kitchen

1 First Aid Kits: Room 303 Living Room

7 Hgun Bullets: Room 210 x2

North Staircase 3rd floor landing

3rd Floor Laundry Room

303 Bedroom

Room 101

Room 104

Other Stuff: Flash Light
Key to Room 202
Note on Clock Puzzle
Clock Key
Courtyard Key
Fire Escape Key
Juice Cans
Old Man Coin
Serpent Coin
Sightseeing Brochure

Grab the apartment map on the left of the door you enter and the Health Drink on
the planter in front of the entryway. There is a save point off to the right:
if you suck at combat, this would be a good time to use it.
Up the steps to the second floor. Immediately to the right is a laundry room
and garbage chute; something is stuck in the chute, but we can't do anything
about it yet. Head down the hall to room 205. In this room is a dress with a
flashlight in the front; grabbing the flashlight will trigger a fight with a
four-legged creature, but do it anyway. The light will let you inspect items
and the map in the dark.
Head down to room 210 and grab the two sets of Hgun bullets; they'll come in
handy. Nothing more to see here for the moment; head up to the third floor.
See that key? We need it. Make a grab for it…oh well. Head over to room 301
for the handgun. Aaah-much better. Back down the steps.
On the second floor again, head to room 208 and grab the key to room 202. There
is also a note on the upcoming puzzle on the desk. Where next? 202, of course.
In this room, grab the health drink from the kitchen and the clock key from the
hole in the wall. Time to solve a puzzle. Head back to 208.
See those scratches on the wall? Harry, Mildred, Scott. Hours, minutes,
seconds. You got it…use the clock key and then change the time on the clock to
9:10, as indicated by the scratches. NOTE: I've done this three times with the
same number, so it seems to be nonrandom. If it is random somehow, examine the
scratches and set the clock accordingly.
When the clock clicks, you got it. Hit triangle to back out, and push the clock
to reveal a secret passage.
Through the passage is room 209. There's a health drink in the kitchen and a
save point in the living room. Head out the front door and toward the
staircase: on the third floor landing there are some HG bullets off camera.
Sneaky, sneaky. Head through the third floor door.
Your destination is room 307. Go there, and enjoy the weirdness. Grab the
Courtyard key when you get a chance, and get out of there. Down the hall and
round the corner is the Fire Escape key from earlier. Snag it, and grab the
Hgun bullets from the laundry room while you're down there.
Room 303 holds a nice little set of pick-me-ups. There's a health drink in the
kitchen, a first aid kit in the living room, and Hgun bullets in the bedroom.
You'll have to fight to pick up the goodies, but it's worth it.
Having grabbed the stuff, head down the rightmost stairs to the first floor.
Grab the juice cans at the end of the hall near room 107, and head out the front
door. Head toward the door you entered at the beginning of the apartments and
go back up to the 2nd floor laundry room. Use the juice cans to dislodge the
garbage stuck there and head back outside. To the right of the door is a foggy
alley: head down there to pick up your prize, the Old Man Coin. There is also a
magazine here that will figure into a little something later…it gets copied to
your memo screen.
Head into the first room you entered and down the hall. Use the courtyard key
there. Not much to do in the courtyard: head up the steps to the pool. There
are three sprayers around a carriage in the pool: in the carriage is something
you need. The best thing to do is drop into the pool, run around the sprayers,
and grab the serpent coin out of the carriage. Then run up the steps out of the
pool and carefully make you way back to the steps down to the courtyard.
The other door in the courtyard leads you to a couple of rooms. There isn't
much space in the hall, and several sprayers are lurking about. Pop them with
the handgun and then give them a swift kick. Head south to room 101 and grab
the handgun bullets out of the corner. Murder victim in the refrigerator…mmm
mmm good. Open the door to meet a new buddy, then head out of the room and down
the hall to room 104. Dispatch the bad guy and then grab the Handgun bullets.
Make sure to check out the sightseeing brochure on the desk; it gets added to
your memo collection. Unlock the door to the stairs to the north, and head up
to the second floor. Weave your way back through the clock passage and around
to the locked door near room 201: use the fire escape key, and make the jump
over to Blue Creek Apartments.

4. Apartment Shopping in a Bad Part of Town, Part 2

1 Health Drinks: Kitchen in room with safe

1 First Aid Kits: 1st Floor Laundry room

6 Hgun Bullets: In safe x4

Room 109 on couch

Room 208 on chair

Other Stuff: Wallet with Note
Prisoner Coin
Knife with blood
Lyne House Key
White Chrism *2nd run-through Room 105
Apartment Stairway Key

Here in the first room you enter it's time for a quick bathroom break. Grab the
wallet from the toilet. On it is a random number (normal) or set of symbols
(hard). The symbols are roman numerals; V is five, X is ten. To get the
combination, add the roman numerals and any other numbers in each set. So,

VV5 >> 6 << X5 >> XX would translate to
5+5+5 (15) >> 6 << 10+5 (15) >> 20

Turn the dial left to the first number, right to the second, left to the third,
and right to the fourth. Inside are four boxes of Handgun bullets. There is a
health drink in the kitchen. Leave the room and head down the hall to the
stairwell. Grab the map on the floor and head back the way you came to room
209; nobody is home, but they left you a note-the key to their apartment is
Down the stairs, truck it to room 109. The hall is full of roach enemies:
turning off the light will prevent them from attacking, but it can make the
doors hard to see. Do whatever works for you.
In room 109 take the handgun bullets from the couch and head through the white
door near the teddy bear to make yet another friend. After the scene, grab the
prisoner coin from the desk and make your way to room 105.
There is a save point down the hall in this room, and one of the best puzzles
I've ever seen in a video game. The riddle is a real doozy-but I won't go into
the rationale for why coins go where they do. The hard solution is empty space,
man, empty space, snake, woman. The normal solution will be here as soon as I
play the game on normal again…sorry.
Your reward for the puzzle is the Lyne House key; take it back up to the room
with note (209) and use it. Head out the balcony in this room to 208. There's
a box of handgun bullets on the chair here, and a save point on the wall. The
Apartment Staircase Key is on the bed; grab it and save. Bad things are about
to happen.
Head back through the Lyne's house and to the staircase across from room 208.
Use the key, and let the fun begin.

This guy has three attacks, one of which sometimes varies. His first attack
happens when you get too close: he'll choke you and lift you off the floor. His
second attack happens when you are running past him: he'll swipe at you with
the big sword, causing a bit of damage. His big attack is a one-shot kill; he
raises his sword over his head and whacks it back down. Get hit with that and
it's curtains.
The best strategy here is to run around the room. Whenever Pyramid Head winds
up for the big slam shot, run to another corner where you can keep an eye on
him. Don't bother shooting at him; it's a waste of ammo. Run, run, run.
Eventually a horn will sound-for those of you who played Silent Hill it will be
familiar-and he'll start to leave. Here's where he gets really dangerous. If
he's taking a swipe at you around the time the horn sounds, he will rotate to
make the sword hit you. Be prepared, and stay out of range.
Once the horn goes off, back away and let him get out. If you chase him, he'll
attack you until you back off. Don't pick a fight, let him go.
Once Pyramid Head leaves, go down the no-longer flooded stairwell and out to the

5. How Not to Shoot Your Friends in the Neck, Bars and Bowling

3 Health Drinks: Rosewater Park (East Side)

Rosewater Park (Near riverside)

Pete's Bowl-O-Rama Parking Lot

3 First Aid Kits: By cones in Alley

Near Historical Society Boat Ramp

Heaven's Night Strip Club in Chair

Hgun Bullets: Up steps left of arch in alley x2

Rosewater park (East Side) x2

Rosewater park on bench (East Side)

Nathan Lane dead end

Lane 4 from left at Pete's Bowl-O-Rama

Other Stuff: Memorial Plaque (Center of riverside walkway)
Patrick Chester Statue (East Rosewater Park)
Steel Pipe
Map to Pete's

So you've whacked Pyramid Head, your last obstacle on the way to Rosewater Park.
As you head down this alley, there are a couple of things to pick up. Near the
cones at the end of the alley is a first aid kit. After grabbing that, head on
down the alley and say hello to one of your friends. Just past the big arch,
head up the stairs to the left for a couple of Hgun bullets, and then make your
way straight to Rosewater Park.
Meander around on you way to the next checkpoint, which is the part of the park
closest to the river. There are three HG bullets and two health drinks in the
area before the cutscene; they don't have much in the way of landmarks, but
watch James' head and you should find them. Time to pick up your partner. A
couple of notes on the lady following you around; she seems to have chronic
Magnetic Neck disease, an ailment usually only found in Counterstrike players.
Basically, firing a bullet in her general direction will cause said bullet to
pop directly through her neck, resulting in the disappointing and unpopular Game
Over ending. Monsters will attack her, and she will take damage from Melee
weapons as well, but you main danger is shooting her in the neck. Don't, it's
Now that you have Maria in tow its time to head through the other side of the
park and out to West Silent Hill. Your next stop is the Texxon Parking lot.
See that smoking car? Looks just like mine…cept for the steel pipe stuck in the
hood. Pull that out. It's a pretty decent melee weapon with hella reach, and
it'll come in handy soon.
Get trucking along the road out of town. You'll be attacked a couple of times
along the way by four legs that catapult over the railing beside the road-see
the caution on whacking Maria above. As you pass the Historical Society snag
the first aid kit near the boat ramp. Head along the road west and north until
you find out why this isn't a one-way trip to the Hotel. There's a
down-on-his-luck gentleman here who has kindly seen fit to leave behind some
Hgun bullets and a map along with his mortal remains; grab the stuff and head
where the map tells you-Pete's Bowl-O-Rama.
Head into Pete's and watch a couple of scenes; before you head back out grab the
Hgun bullets at the end of lane 4 (from the left). Back outside, there's a
health drink in Pete's lot. Head toward the back along the east side of the
building and through the fence in back of Pete's. The rear entrance to Heaven's
Night is back here; with a little help from Maria's utility belt you'll be
inside in no time.
Nothing much to see in Heaven's Night; looks like that scene from the intro
didn't make the cut (sigh). In the club upstairs, there's a first aid kit in
the chair. Head out and down the street.
Next Stop: The hospital. Yep; just wouldn't be Silent Hill without a seriously
messed up house of healing.

6. Hospital: Where the Fan and the Fecal Material Collide

4 Health Drinks: Reception Office

Room M3

Room M6

Room S11

First Aid Kits: Examining Room 3

Top Right of Map on Floor 3

Hgun Bullets: Second Floor on Stool through double doors

Room M3

Shot Shells: Room M2

Room M6

Doctor's Lounge

Other Stuff: Purple Bull Key
Examination Room Key
Bent Needle
Lapis Eye Key
Roof Key
Suicide Diary
Elevator Key

Don't wanna be here Don't wanna be here Don't wanna be here…too bad. Since
you're going to be here for quite a while, grab the map beside the door. Head
for the reception office, where you can find a note on some patients, a save
point, and a health drink. This room also links to the document room; go there
for the purple bull key and a note that explains a lot more than you might think
about the weirdness that is Silent Hill…
Head up the steps to the second floor. In the Men's Locker room grab the key to
the examination room downstairs from some bloody clothes in one of the lockers.
Then head over to the women's locker room for the Shotgun-gotta love the big
boomstick-and touch the teddy bear there to get the bent needle.
Before going through the double doors, head back down to the area on the first
floor near the reception room and use the key on the examination room. In the
doctor's lounge you can grab some shotgun shells and get a hint about the
combination for the door: It has to do with making letters on a keypad: the
letters don't stand for numerals, they stand for the letter you make with your
hand while hitting the numbers. So on a pad, which looks like this:

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

To make a 'T' you hit 1, 3, 2, 8. Got it? Good. Back to the second floor, and
through the big double doors.
On the stool as you enter are some Hgun bullets. In Examining room three, check
the typewriter to get a code-write it down, you'll need it in a sec. There's a
first aid kit in here as well. In room M2, grab the boomstick shells and the
Lapis Eye Key. There are some more items in the 'M' rooms-check above for the
list. When you're done here, roll off to the third floor.
In the top right corner of the map you can snag a first aid kit. Grab it, and
head through the doors toward the S rooms. In S14, you'll see a box that
someone REALLY wants to keep closed. You gonna let them do that to you? Heck
Use the Lapis Eye key, the Purple Bull key, and punch the number from the
typewriter that you found earlier…still one lock. Not to worry; we'll get that
number in a sec. There's some writing on the wall here; if you can figure out
its significance, by all means let me know.
In S11, you can snag a health drink and use the save point if you wish. Head
down to room S3 to let Maria have a siesta (would you sleep here? Are you
nuts?) and grab the roof key off the table.
Head to the stairs and run up on the roof; there's a diary up here, but
depending on the ending you want it may be best not to read it...more on that
later. At any rate, when you're done here try to leave by the stairs; no dice.
Walk over near the fence between the buildings where your ride to the Special
Treament Room awaits.
After you brush yourself off-and clean out your shorts if necessary-Check the
rooms behind you that you previously could not reach. One of them will have a
bloodstain on the wall; check it for the number of the final lock on that box
back in S14. Head there and put in the number to receive your not-so-handsome
reward. Then head to the shower room and combine the hook and hair and hit use
near the drain to fish out the elevator key-no more up and down those damn
Run to the elevator and send it to the first floor. In room C2 you'll find the
little girl you were looking for-but she's got something up her sleeve.


There are three leg guys in this room, all waiting to wrap their tootsies around
you neck. Your best bet is to unload on them with the handgun. It doesn't do
as much damage as the shotgun, but you can walk around while you fire it,
allowing you more movement away from the stinky feet. They take quite a few
shots; if you run out of Handgun bullets go with the shotgun. After you kill
the first two a third will appear. Fill him full of lead and you're done here.

7. Hospital Part Deux: There's Something About Maria

2 Health Drinks: Room C1

Room M4

3 First Aid Kits: Room C2

Room M6

3rd Floor Storeroom

3 Ampoules: Room S11

3rd Floor Storeroom Quiz Box x2

4 Hgun Bullets: Room C1

Room M6

Room S11

3rd Floor Storeroom

Shotgun Shells: Hall after feet guys

Room M4

3rd Floor Storeroom

Basement Storeroom

3rd Floor Storeroom Quiz Box x5

Other Stuff: Dry Cell Battery
Basement Storeroom Key
Copper Ring
Lead Ring
Map w/Notes
Lobby Key

Welcome to Bad Silent Hill: If you played the first one you'll remember the
switch between bad and worse. In SH2 it's not so played up, but this hospital
is definitely not the one you entered earlier. Things have changed.
Walk out into the hall and grab the shells; there's a save point here should you
feel the need. There's a First aid kit in room C2 and a health drink and Hgun
bullets in C1, so if you need a minor resupply you should head there first.
Head up to the 2nd floor. Room M4 had a health drink and some more shells; M6
has bullets and a first aid kit. There's a note on the bed; check it out and
then take the dry cell battery and the basement storeroom key from the recess in
the wall.
The third floor comes next, naturally. Hit room S11 for Hgun bullets, an
Ampoule, and a note about the door with the lady painted on it. The storeroom
has some more bullets, some shells and a first aid kit.
After you've looted the joint head to the steps. There's a save point here if
you feel so inclined; otherwise head straight down to the basement. There are
some shells here as well as a shelf to move; move it and after the cut scene
head down the ladder you've uncovered for the copper ring. Head all the way
back up to the third floor, and take the elevator to the second floor-surprise!
Time for a quick quiz of your Silent Hill 2 knowledge. You're probably carrying
all the documents needed to research the questions on you, but if you must

The answers seem to be the same no matter what: Lakeside Amusement Park, the
first guy who committed the murders, and Nathan Road. The number I've gotten in
three straight playthroughs is 313.

Head back up to the third floor storeroom to claim you prize. Enter the number
on the pad and you'll get five shotgun shell boxes and two ampoules…a sweet
stash indeed. Answer wrong…err, I dunno what happens. Sorry.

Anyway you need Maria's help down on the 2nd floor. Take her into the dayroom
there, and she'll help you open the box; inside is the lead ring. Put the two
rings on the hand of the third floor stairwell 3d painting and the door will
open…head down the steps.

Start walking down this hall. What's that behind Maria? Start RUNNING down
this hall. Make it to the elevator…

Ah well. Just wasn't destined to work out. Before leaving the hospital, you'll
need to head to the director's room for the notes on the map there and the key
to the lobby. Use the lobby save point if you want; it might be a while before
you see another one.

8. The Mean Streets of Silent Hill, Part 2

12 Health Drinks: End of Rendell St. north side

Northwest corner of Rendell and Munson

Southeast corner of Munson and Saul x2

Near Grand Market on Neely St.

Another Near Grand Market on Neely St.

Big Jay's on Neely St.

Up Stairs on SW Corner of Munson and Katz

Blue Creek alley dead end

Texxon Lot in front of truck x2

Texxon Lot loading door

5 First Aid Kits: End of Rendell St. North Side

Outside Camper Saul St.

Across from Happy Burger on Neely

Behind Fence near Katz dead end

Katz dead end north side

3 Ampoules: End of Rendell St. south side

Behind fence Katz dead end

Rosewater park west side

15 Hgun Bullets: End of Rendell St. south side

Behind fence north side Rendell St.

South dead end of Munson x2

Near paper dispensers Saul St. x2

Grand Marker corner of Neely and Katz

Near Bar Neely NE corner of Sanders/Neely

Flower Shop parking lot x2

Dock door east Lindsey

Up stairs SW corner of Munson and Katz

Corner of Munson and Nathan

Texxon Lot in front of truck
Texxon Lot loading door

13 Shot Shells: Carroll St. In front of semi

NW corner of Rendell and Munson

Behind fence north side of Rendell St. x2

Near Camper Saul St. x2

Up stairs on SWcorner of Sanders and Lindsey x2

Flower shop lot

Rosewater park entry x2

Rosewater Park (east side) x2

6 Rifle Shells: Behind Fence N. Rendell St.

Another Behind Fence N. Rendell St.

Big Jay's, Neely St.

Happy Burger lot

Another in Happy Burger Lot

Dead guy at Nathan Lane dead end

Other Stuff: Note in Bar Neely
Letter and Wrench
Statue with dirt behind it
Bronze Key


Yee Haw…let the item hunt begin. This next section after the hospital is the
most profitable for item hunters; grabbing most or all of the items here will
let you run through the rest of the game with no problems at all. Your main
objective here is to head through the Saul Street tunnel and toward the area
where the game began. You need the letter and wrench three houses north of the
corner of Sanders and Lindsey on the West Side. After that, head toward the
Woodside apartments…there's a door there that you can now go through to get to
the northern end of West Silent Hill. Back to the park-you're looking for the
statue of what looks like a nun. Behind that statue is a patch of dirt; examine
it and dig there. Use the wrench on the box you uncover and you'll have a
bronze key; take that key to the historical society and you're in.
It's a lot of walking, and you might as well have some fun on the way…grab lots
of items. There are also a couple of things to see; In Bar Neely there's
another message on the wall to read.

9. History! How we Love thee!

1 First Aid Kits: Prison entry desk
1 Hgun Bullets: Side room in first prison hall

Other Stuff: Black chalice *2nd time through
Spiral Writing Key

Stocked up, visited everything you want to? We won't be back. From here on out
it's a one way trip.
There's a save point in the first room here; make use of it in case you want to
go back to town. The next room has a couple of noteworthy paintings. The
pyramid head painting (Misty Day: Remains of Judgment) is pretty cool, and you
can read the card for the missing painting.
See that big hole in the wall? It's a long way down from here..keep on goin'.
The prison starts here, as you can tell from the document on the table. There's
a first aid kit on the back side of the desk; grab it and make your way through
the halls here. There's no map, so you just have to tough it out; the only
noteworthy item here is a side room with a couple more portraits to check out
and some Hgun bullets. Keep going until you see a big hole. You're kidding,
right? Nope. Take the Nestea plunge.
When you get up on the bottom, you find that jumping wasn't such a good idea
after all. There's nothing here, and you cant get back up…bugger. Not to
worry; there's a door here. Whip out a melee weapon and start plugging away at
the wall. One of the walls here will sound different; hit it again to reveal a
Head down this hall and you will find a locked grate and a door with a key
behind it. You need that key: grab it-and your flashlight goes out…doh. Use
the battery and realize that turning on the light may not have been such a good
idea after all!
The trick is to move over to the keypad next to the locked door before turning
on the light; hit the examine button the second the light comes back on. You'll
notice three numbers have a shine to them from use; those three make up the
combination. You'll have to figure out what order they go in: keep trying until
the door opens, spending as little time as possible in the room with the light
on…stupid roaches.
Use the key on the grate, then follow the holes and halls until you wind up in
the Prison cafeteria.

10. Silent Hill Prison Blues

3 Health Drinks: Cafeteria x2

Large room before grate

2 First Aid Kits: Third room from top of first hall

Large room before grate

1 Ampoules: Large room before grate

3 Hgun Bullets: Desk in first prison hall

Desk in far right prison hall

Rifle room

1 Shot Shells: Rifle room

3 Rifle Shells: Rifle room x2

Rear of right central block

Other Stuff: Tablet of 'Gluttonous Pig'
Tablet of 'Seductress'
Wax Doll
Tablet of 'Oppressor'
Hunting Rifle


After saying hello to one of your friends, grab the two health drinks and the
Tablet of 'Gluttonous Pig' out of the cafeteria and head for the hall. The
first desk you pass has some Hgun Bullets; the second has the map of this area.
Grab that map and head for the central cellblock of the prison. In the shower
on the top right of this area, take the Tablet of 'Seductress' and head back to
the hallway.
Make your way to the lower cellblock. Down here in the fifth cell from the door
you can grab some Hgun bullets; in the second door from the end is an item
you'll need, the wax doll. This guy has some freaky reading material as well…
Out the other side of the lower cellblock is another hallway. In the central
block here there are some rifle shells; dispatch the bad guy and grab them.
Your next stop is the Upper Cell block. Head through the door here. The first
cell has three paintings for you to look at; it's kind of tricky to see the
second one, keep trying. In the fourth cell from the end is the Tablet of
'Oppressor', the last piece of a semi-puzzle we need to solve. Head back out
the way you came in and head toward the large open space at the far right of the
In the center of this area is a gallows. Three slots, three tablets…you do the
math. No particular order here; just use them all and you'll hear a scream.
Nothing happened? But as you try to leave, you'll notice there's a horseshoe on
the door…you'll need it in a second.
Head back through the hall and out through the upper prison block to the first
hall you entered. There is a first aid kit in the third room from the top; grab
it and head for the pass through to the left hall in the second room from the
On this side of the room where you found the first aid kit you'll find a
lighter. Grab it. There's a save point in one of the restrooms here, and
something fun in the other; visit both. Before heading through the grate and
out of the prison area, go into the big room on the far left of the map.
In here, there's a magazine to read and some health items; a health drink, a
first aid kit, and an ampoule. Cool…but what you really want is in the small
room connected to this room. In there you'll pick up some Hgun bullets, some
Shotgun shells, two sets of rifle shells, and the Hunting Rifle itself…sweet.
Head out to the grate and open it up. There's a crawlspace in the floor that
needs a handle; you've got the pieces, time to combine them. Combine the
lighter, the wax doll, and the horseshoe and then hit use to construct a
makeshift handle. Open that trapdoor and jump on through.
Follow the halls and holes to get to the elevator; take the stuff you find there
and enjoy the long, long ride.

11. Labyrinth, sans David Bowie

1 First Aid Kits: Hall after hanged man puzzle

1 Ampoules: Graveyard

3 Hgun Bullets: In labyrinth upper level

Dodge to ladder behind Pyramid Head x2

5 Shot Shells: Room with Great Knife

Graveyard x3

First Eddie Room

2 Rifle Shells: Room with Great Knife

First Eddie Room

Other Stuff: Great Knife
Wire Cutters
Handcuff Key

There's a Save point in the first room here; feel free to use it if you'd like.
The hall ahead contains three notable areas; the door sealed off by wire, a
single ladder down, and a hallway connecting two ladders down.
You don't have to head down the paired ladders, but you should anyway. It'll be
good for you. Pick one and go down it; there's lots of bad noise down here, and
one of your old pals from the apartment. There's a recessed room in between the
two ladders; dodge Pyramid Head and duck in there. Pyramid head thinks he's so
tough…time to steal his crap. Grab the Shotgun shells, the rifle shells, and
the useless-but-cool-looking Great Knife and head back out and up the
Maneuver your way through the halls and down the single ladder. On the other
side you'll find a strange rotating head-cube thingy. Turn the cube so that the
yellow eyes are facing you, and turn around…ah ha! The cube controls the room
behind you! Turn the yellow eyes upside down, and you'll find a passage down.
Head down their to find out what we're going for here; don't know about you, but
that's motivation enough for me. Grab the wire cutters from the sparking
electrical box and head to the doorway blocked by wires near where you entered
the labyrinth. Use the cutters there and head into the maze.
This area is pretty simple and straightforward: move along the upper level til
you find a ladder, go down; move along the lower level til you find a ladder; go
up. Lather, rinse, repeat. Keep moving through here. On your way you'll find
a set of Hgun Bullets. After a couple of ups and downs you'll run into an area
with Pyramid Head packing a spear and headed toward you. You can dodge through
the circular hall and around him for two Hgun bullets up the ladder, or bypass
him entirely-the ladder closest to the one you came in on leads you to where
you're going. It's up to you.
You'll emerge into an area with a newspaper clipping and a save point; you might
want to use it, there's a tricky fight coming up.
BOSS FIGHT: Super Gurney Boy

This guy is an enemy you'll encounter a couple of times later on; however, he
has significantly more health than the regular version. He attacks by closing
in and lifting up on his legs so he can chew on your head through the slit in
the gurney; besides being fricking disgusting in does some decent damage. 7
shotgun shells will drop him; try to stay out of his range and for god's sake
don't let him get you trapped in a corner; you can get stuck and not have time
to fire or run…bad stuff.

Further down this hall you'll find another nice puzzle; almost as good as the
coin one. There are two rooms significant to this puzzle; one contains several
hanging criminals, the other their nooses. On the wall of the room with the
nooses is a letter from the innocent man as well as a warning about pulling the
nooses. On the face of each hanged man in the other room is his crime. You can
probably solve this one, but if not…

…the innocent man is the counterfeiter. Find him in the room with the hanged
men, and pull the noose that corresponds to the one he was hanged with in the
other room. Head back to the room with the hanged men to find that you have
freed him, and released the handcuff key in the process. Use the handcuff key
on the cuffs holding the valve to the bars and head on through. There's a first
aid kit in this hall, and in the graveyard beyond you can find an ampoule and
three sets of shells. Head for the grave in the corner of the room; jump in
again and it's time for fun with Eddie.

BOSS FIGHT: Crazy Eddie

Eddie has two attacks; his revolver and his fists. If you use a gun, so will
Eddie; melee weapons will make him use his fists. Give yourself a hand by
equipping a melee weapon. His fist is strong, but not nearly as strong as the
revolver. The great knife can be useful here, but it will take a good sense of
timing to prevent the shot being cancelled by taking damage. Break out whatever
melee weapon you're most comfortable with and beat Eddie's ass with it.
Eventually he'll run from the room; take this time alone to heal and grab the
shotgun and rifle shells from the floor. When you enter the next room you'll
fight Eddie again; same rules apply, but his time he'll occasionally go and hide
behind one of the hanging meat thingies. Beat him up good, and you're done

Can't grab Eddie's gun…oh well. Head out the doors to find yourself at the boat
dock. Time for a three-hour tour. There's a save point on the dock should you
feel so inclined.

12. Row, Row, Row your Boat

Jump in the row boat tied at the end of the pier. Now this is confusing, and
bugged me for a long time. I rowed about for around an hour with no clear
destination…arg. There is a better way. Turn the boat until you see a bright
light: that's where we're headed. Line it up and row like a madman. Eventually
the game will take over and you'll find yourself on the dock of the Lake Side

13. Hotel: Can I get a Shout Out for the Shining?

12 Health Drinks: Reading room (nice hotel)

Right side of floor 2 hall (nice hotel)

Employee Elevator Room x2

Kitchen (nice hotel) x3

Bar Venus (nasty hotel) x5

3 First Aid Kits: Cloak Room

Boiler Room

Kitchen (nasty hotel)

2 Ampoules: Near 2nd Floor Elevator (nasty hotel) x2

7 Hgun bullets: 1st Floor open room in grey area x3

Cloak Room x2

Desk outside Cloak Room x2

6 Shot Shells: Cloak room x2

Reading Room (nice hotel) x2

Kitchen (nasty hotel) x2

8 Rifle Shells: 1st Floor open room in grey area

Right side of floor 2 hall (nice hotel)

Employee Lounge x2

Kitchen (nasty hotel) x2

Hall across from ladies room (nasty hotel)x2

Other Stuff: Little Mermaid Music Box
Fish Key
Key to 204
Elevator Key
Snow White Music box
Can Opener
Bar Key
Light Bulb
Cinderella Music box
Key to Room 312
*Crimson Book 2nd time through
Rust Colored Egg
Blood Colored Egg


Fresh off the boat, grab the little mermaid box off of the fountain out here and
head inside. There's a map to your left; it's a bit vague, but we'll find a
replacement later. For now head to the lakeshore restaurant. Take the fish key
from the plate here, and head over to the piano for a cutscene…very interesting.
Now get out of the restaurant and move toward the employee area that's greyed
out on your map.
A couple of bad guys live here; dispatch them and head for the open door. In
here there are three boxes of Hgun bullets and some rifle shells. Our next stop
is the lobby.
Doesn't look like anyone's home in reception, but they left a note about a
certain videotape it would be nice to find. Inside the reception are, help
yourself to the Key to Room 312. Get up those steps and head to the 2nd floor
Cloak Room.
In here you'll find a first aid kit, two boxes each of shotgun and Hgun rounds,
and the briefcase that the fish key goes to. Hrm…inside the briefcase is the
key to 204.
Before heading there, grab the Hgun bullets off of the desk in the hall, and
hightail it to the Reading Room. In here are a couple more Shotgun shells and a
health drink. Now head to Room 204.
Grab the elevator key off of the desk and take the passage to room 202. In
here, check out the photo on the bed…dammit. If someone hadn't marked through
it, you'd have the combination to the briefcase in this room…ah well. Head
through the door here to unlock it.
On the other side of the lobby from this area snag the health drink and the
rifle shells from the hall tables and head for the employee elevator room. In
here there are two health drinks and a save point. Get on the elevator for some
bad news; checking out the buttons will let you know that the elevator has a
maximum load of one person-and no stuff. Not a bit. Dump everything you have
in the cabinet next to the elevator, and once you feel completely defenseless
use the button to head down to the first floor.
There's a hotel map upgrade here that fills in the grey areas. Head for the
pantry first; since you have no light you'll have to check the map near the
office door. In the pantry take the Snow White Box and make your way to the
employee lounge, where some disgruntled fellow has left two boxes of rifle
rounds for you. Now for the big moment; head for the office and grab the
videotape and can opener out of the safe.
Head through the blue door and down the steps. There are enemies around here;
and you can't do anything but dodge them, so do that. In the boiler room you'll
find a first aid kit and a Bar Key; take both and head for the kitchen.
There are three health drinks in here; there's also a can that needs opening;
get to it for a light bulb. Use the door in the kitchen to get into the Bar
Venus. Using the light bulb here will allow you to use the bar key on the door;
in the hallway outside the bar grab the thinner from the elevator and head up
the steps.
Time to pick up your stuff; no fun being all naked. Near the elevator room
where your stuff is a couple of baddies have stage an ambush; pick and roll to
dodge them. Grab your stuff and burst back into the hall-and they're gone.
Wussies. Make your way all the way around to room 202 and use the thinner on
the photo for the briefcase combo. Dial it in to get the Cinderella box. With
all three boxes in tow, head to the lobby and the music box there.
The three boxes need to go in slots corresponding to the hints from the Grimm
(not Disney) versions of their fairytales (Bravo to the designers for that nice
piece of work).

The answers:

'Twas shameful that greed did stain her shoe with blood.' Cinderella, refers to
her sister that destroyed the first glass slipper

'Even so, I still want to believe she was happy.'
Little Mermaid-in the real version, she gets turned into sea foam at the end

'Beauty, both a blessing and a curse thou be.'
Snow White…duh.

Stick the boxes in the slots they belong to and some tunes will start playing;
you'll also get the key to the third floor. Run up the steps to the second
floor, and take the steps to the grate on the third floor. Unlock it, and get
yourself to Room 312. Time to find out what this is all about. Pop the video in
the player…

…well now you know. And guess what? The hotel just got a little bit
nastier…and a whole lot weirder. Head down the stairs first. There are two
things to do in the Reading room here: listen to the message, or don't. It's on
the radio: check the endings section (assuming I ever get it up) for info on why
you might not want to listen. The Crimson Ceremony book is in here after your
first time through as well.

In the 2nd floor hall, something weird is going on. Room send you to other
rooms when you go through the doors, and it can get confusing. Here's the

207 to 204
204 to 207
202 to 219

Near room 219 you can find two boxes of Hgun bullets.

220 to 207
212 to 202

That's all the warp rooms; that said the only one you need to go to is room 202
to warp to room 219: after that head to the elevator on this floor. There are
two ampoules by the elevator: grab 'em and head to the basement.
Head to the Bar Venus and take the five health drinks. The kitchen lets you
rearm with two boxes each of rifle and shotgun shells and a first aid kit. Out
the door and to the staircase; watch the scene here and then head out the door
you came in and up the stairs--hooray for paradoxes!!
Across from the ladies' room in the first floor hall you can snag the last two
sets of rifle shells. In the big room with all the save points, save the game
and get ready for the final lap.

Okay, without utterly spoiling the coolness of this scene all I can tell you is
this; they're just like all the other Pyramids you've met so far, which is to
say bullets slow them but don't stop them. Run. A lot. This section is long,
but just run and make sure that when you notice they're not chasing you turn
around to get a good view…cool.

See those things that aren't moving in the middle of the room? Get the eggs
that they're holding and stick them in the door notches. Head through here and
you'll bind yourself in the hotel area where you first entered. Head outside,
and you'll realize you're not in Kansas anymore. There's only one path here;
follow it and get ready.

The boss will go unnamed for now; no reason to spoil it for the folks at home.


This boss has two attacks (one of which I've never seen, but my little bro
swears to it and thus I'm putting it in.) The attack I know about for sure is a
swarm of butterfly shapes that slow you down and do some damage. The other
attack (I haven't seen this one) is the tentacle attack, where she whacks you
with her tentacles…or something. Whatever. No need to see that one, and you
probably won't get hit at all: stay back, run like hell from the butterfly
thingies, turn around, fire the hunting rifle once or twice. Reload on the item
screen, not in the game. This boss is easy on normal level-as for hard combat
mode I'll let you know when I get through again.

One last thing to do (think Sniper Wolf in MGS) and congratulations! You've
finished Silent Hill 2. There are five endings; Leave, In Water, Maria,
Rebirth, and Dog. In the next couple of days I'll try to get an update out with
the skinny on how to get all those.

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