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-------------------SILENT HILL 2------------------

last update: 10/13/01
Copyright 2001

INTRO: this is a guide to help you beat the game in under 2 hours. It
also tells where to find secret items you need for special endings, as
well as how to get those endings. Since this is a speed walkthrough, it
is recomended that you play on beginner - easy mode to make things move
a little quicker since it does not affect what ending you get. Also when
you encounter monsters, in most cases just run past them to save time
and ammo.
Very helpful tip: to find items easily watch James' head. If his head is
turned he is looking at an item. Another thing to remember, RUN! if you
walk everywhere you will be wasting time... So far I've beaten the game
5 times through and seen all endings and my best time for the game is
now 1 hour and 43 minutes. If you have any questions about anything
email me and I'll be glad to help :) soo... on with the game!

DISCLAIMER: This guide was made entirely by me, so that means you cannot
claim it as yours or change anything at all from its original form. If
you would like to use this walkthrough you can, just be sure to give
credit where credit is due. Also I do not guarentee you will beat this
game in under 2 hours, but you should come pretty darn close!


PART ONE (the beginning)

PART TWO (Apartments)

PART THREE (Finding Maria and Bowling Alley)

PART FOUR (Hospital)

PART FIVE (Getting to the Historical Society)

PART SIX (Museum, Prison, and Labyrinth)

PART SEVEN (Row boat and Hotel)

PART EIGHT (the endings)


*** denotes a secret that you can only get your second time through the

PART ONE: well, the game starts off in the bathroom, so run out, grab
the map from the blue car, and go down the stairs where the white van
--Once down, run the lloonngg way down the dirt trail till you get to a
gate. Open it to meet Angela at the graveyard.
--Once you're done with her, run straight to the gate (near the house)
enter and run some more! It will take a while so just keep running
straight down the dirt road. ***grab the CHAIN SAW here if you've passed
the game at least once***
--Once the dirt road ends it will turn into pavement, keep running
--At the end of the road when it splits up left or right, take a right.
walk a ways till you notice blood on the ground. Keep going straight
towards the "thing" you saw down Lindsay st.
--Pick up a health drink on the right side of the street, and you'll
take a right on Vachss Rd.
--Go a little ways and pick up the health drinks on the right inside the
gate. Keep going straight until you reach the end.
--Go inside the boards to see where that noise is coming from. Uh oh,
looks like it's time to fight.. hit him with your board and go back the
way you came.
--Take a left on Lindsay, a right on Katz, and a right on Martin.
Run all the way to the end, picking up health along the way, and grab
APARTMENT GATE KEY from dead corpse.
--Head back and take a right on Katz. Run past Neely st, past Harris,
and go in apartment gate on the right side.

(look at map to find room names & numbers)
--Go inside the door in front of you. Grab the Woodside Apts Map on the
left after you enter, also fetch health drink on the ledge by the
--Head up the stairs and enter first door you come to.
--Go right down the hall and enter room 205. Grab the light and exit.
--Go left down hall and exit back to staircase.
--Run up to 3rd floor and enter door. Try to get the key on the other
side of the bars.
--Run to room 301, grab HANDGUN from the shopping cart, exit and go back
to 2nd floor.
--Take a right.. you will hear a scream. Head up the middle hallway to
room 208 and enter.
--Grab the KEY TO ROOM 202 from the shelf behind the dead guy.
--Go to room 202.
--Grab health from kitchen, and go into room with red light. Reach into
hole and pull out CLOCK KEY.
--Leave and go back to room 208.
--Go past dead guy to the room with the clock.
--Use the clock key to open, and set the time to 9:10.
--Now go to the right side of the clock and push it. Enter the hole.
--Exit this room and go right to the staircase.
--Go up to 3rd floor, grabbing the handgun bullets before entering.
--Go straight to room 307 and enter.
--After pyramid head is gone, get COURTYARD KEY from closet. Exit and go
left taking a right at the split.
--Grab FIRE ESCAPE KEY near the bars and get ammo from laundry room.
--Now head straight for the right-most staircase (look at map), enter
and go down to 1st floor.
--At the bottom take a left down the hallway to the end to get the
--Go back and exit through the double doors to go outside.
--Go right (James' right) and enter the door by the gate.
--This time go straight past the staircase and enter the courtyard.
--Take a left and up 3 steps to the empty swimming pool.
--Jump in and grab the SNAKE COIN from the baby carriage.
--Get out and head left to enter the other part of the building.
--Once in, go right to room 101.
--Enter the door on the left to meet Eddie. Get bullets from corner of
room and exit.
--Leave back to courtyard, go left, and enter back to staircase.
--Run up and enter 2nd floor.
--To your immediate right, go in the laundry room and use CANNED JUICE
to push down the trash.
--Leave back to staircase and exit apartments.
--Make a U-turn to the left (James' left) and get the OLD MAN COIN from
the trash.
--Go back the way you came, back up to 2nd floor, go left down hallway
to the end and enter fire escape door.
((for the next area there is no map))
--Go straight into bathroom and retrieve wallet from toilet.
--Copy down the combination, exit bathroom to the left and find safe.
--Enter the combo in the safe to get bullets.
--Grab health drink from kitchen and exit room to hallway.
--Go right and go in the "exit" door.
--Go down to first floor and enter door.
--Go left and enter room 109.
--Get bullets from couch, then enter white door to see Angela.
--After the scene, get PRISONER COIN from table and exit to hallway.
--Go right and enter room 105. ***grab WHITE CHRISM from kitchen
--Go up to puzzle box with five slots. Read the poem and put in the 3
coins to get LYNN HOUSE KEY.
--Exit room to the staircase and go back to 2nd floor.
--Head left in the hallway to the door with a note on it and enter.
--Go out balcony and enter room next door.
--Get bullets from the chair and APARTMENT STAIRWAY KEY from the bed.
(now would be a good time to save)
--Exit Lynn room and go left down the hall to the blue door on the
right. Enter and prepare for fight with Pyramid Head!
--Shoot him 10-20 times and he'll go down the stairs. Go down and exit

--Down the stairs, go straight to pick up health by the orange cones,
then turn around and follow the path till you come across Laura.
--Keep going straight. By the arc run up the stairs on the left to get
--Follow the path till you get to Rosewater Park.
--Keep going straight, picking up bullets from bench by the gazeebo, and
health down the steps.
--Keep going to meet with Maria.
--***near Jacks Inn get DOG KEY from dog house***, ***at Texxon gas
station get BOOK: LOST MEMORIES from newspaper stand***
--Go directly to Pete's Bowl-o-Rama and enter door.
--Go in first door on the left.
--Run around to the other side and enter door.
--After Laura leaves, go after her and exit bowling alley.
--Run 2-3 steps. After Maria tells you which way Laura went, run that
way, behind the bowling alley.
--Once you get to the gate go in and to the left all the way down.
--Try to open door Maria told you to, then she will open it.
--Go inside, up the stairs, and enter the last door on the right.
--Get health from chair and exit club.
--Down the stairs, take a right (James' right)
--Keep going till you see Laura go in the hospital.. Follow her.

(look at map to find room names & numbers)
--Take hospital map from bulliten board upon entering.
--Go in Reception Office.
--Take health drink on table then enter door to Document Room.
--Examine papers near typewriter and take PURPLE BULL KEY.
--Exit rooms, take a left around hallway to staircase door and enter.
--Go up to 2nd floor.
--Enter Womans Locker Room.
--Examine teddy bear on table to get BENT NEEDLE. Also grab SHOTGUN from
locker and exit back to hallway.
--Enter door across from the staircase to other hallway.
--Get bullets from stool, and enter Examining Room 3.
--Take health from mattress, then examine typewriter to find 4 numbers.
Write them down.
--Exit to hallway and enter room M2.
--Take LAPIS EYE KEY and bullets from drawer, and exit.
--Go right and exit back to other hallway.
--Enter staircase door and go to 3rd floor.
--Enter the door across to other hallway. There will be a code needed to
open this door. The code is 7335. (normally you would get the key from
the Mens Locker Room to the Examination Room to find this code, but it
is always the same code)
--Once in, go to room S3 to let Maria rest a while. Take the ROOF KEY
from the table and exit hallway back to staircase.
--Go up to the roof.
--Run around and go to the fence by the other door. Pyramid Head will
show up and smash you into the fence.
--Heal yourself then enter the 3rd of the 4 doors behind you.
--There will be some writing in blood behind the door. Look at the 4
numbers and write them down. (sometimes they will be hard to see)
--Exit door to hallway, and enter door to other hallway (across from
--Go to room S14.
--Use the lapis eye key, purple bull key, and the 2 codes to open lock
box and get PIECE OF HAIR.
--Exit to hallway and enter Shower Room.
--Combine bent needle and piece of hair and use it on the drain to get
--Exit to hall and go right to elevator.
--Push 1st floor.
--Once on first floor, go to room C2 and walk towards teddy bear to talk
with Laura.
--When she locks you in the room, you'll have to fight some weird lookin
"things" hanging from the ceiling. Bust a cap in them. When that's over
you'll be in the "alternate" hospital in the Garden.
--Go through the door, save if you want, go through the next door and in
the elevator.
--Push 2nd floor.
--Go to room M6, grab bullets, and take DRY CELL BATTERY and BASEMENT
STOREROOM KEY from the hands on the wall.
--Exit back to elevator and push 3rd floor.
--Exit the hallway to the staircase.
--Run down the stairs all the way to the basement and enter.
--Pick up shotgun shells from floor then push bookshelf where bloody
handprints are. Go down the hole and Maria will come in.
--After the conversation is over continnue down the hole and take COPPER
RING from blood spot on the ground.
--Go up ladder and exit to staircase.
--Run back up to 3rd floor, in the next hallway, and go back to
--Push 2nd floor.
--Your radio will ask you 3 questions, dont worry about it for now.
--Once on the 2nd floor go left and enter Day Room.
--Go up to the thing that looks like a refrigerator and open it with
Maria's help. Inside is the LEAD RING.
--Exit back to elevator and push 3rd floor.
--Exit to other hallway and enter Store Room.
--Take bullets and health from shelf then examine puzzle box.
--Enter the numbers that correspond to the correct answer from the radio
questions (which is 3, 1, 3)
--Take the shotgun ammo and ampoules.
--Exit back to other hallway.
--Right next to the elevator you will see a door with a lady on it. Use
the lead and copper rings on the door and enter.
--Run all the way down the stairs and enter the door.
--Start running down the long curvy hallway. Pyramid Head will harass
Maria. Just keep running. Once you get to the elevator Maria will not
make it (no there is no way to save her).
--Once out of the elevator go to Directors Room and enter.
--Examine the map on the table and get HOSPITAL LOBBY KEY.
--Exit, then exit hospital using lobby key.

--From the hospital take a right (James' right) down Carroll St.
--Take a left on Rendell, a right on Munson, and a left on Saul St.
--At the end of Saul open the gate fence, run all the way down and open
the door.
--Pick up health and ammo by camper.
--Head towards where it says "letter wrench" on your map.
--Pick up the WRENCH from the stairs, then head straight up Lindsay St,
take a left on Katz and go all the way.
--Open the blue/red door and take a right on Munson St.
--Head to the statue (the dot inside the circle at Rosewater Park).
--Once you find it, go behind it to see a patch of dirt. Dig to find a
bolted small box.
--Use your wrench to open it and get OLD BRONZE KEY.
--Now leave the park, head right on Nathan Ave. till you get to the
Silent Hill Historical Society (AKA museum) enter and save.

(look at map for refrence in the prison)
--Go into next room and open door. ***get OBSIDIAN GOBLET from smashed
display case***
--Proceed down the big hole in the wall and go down the lloonngg ways
till you get to a door and open it.
--Take health from the table and go through next door.
--Take a left, then a right and go through the door at the end.
--Jump in the hole.
--Equip your wooden plank and start hitting the wall. Hit it 3 times
until it breaks and reveals a door.
--Open the door, go right and follow the hall to where it steps up from
the water and enter the door on the right.
--Enter the next door on the right and pick up SPIRAL-WRITING KEY.
--Once you do your light will go out. Use the dry cell battery.
--When your light comes back on lots o bugs will be there to say hello.
--Go up to the keypad near the door and use the highlighted numbers to
enter a 3-digit code.
--When you find the right code exit, go right, and use the spiral-
writing key on the gate on the ground.
--Jump down.
--After Eddie leaves take a health drink from the table, and get the
TABLET OF GLUTTONOUS PIG from the back of the room.
--Exit the door Eddie went out and go left.
--On the second table get the Prison Map.
--Once you have the map, turn around the way you came and enter first
door on the left.
--Turn left and go all the way to the end to get TABLET OF THE
--Go back and exit.
--Turn left and go through the next door on the left.
--Check the prison cells that are open and make sure to get the WAX
--Exit the other end, go left, and enter the other prison cell hallway.
--Open the 7th prison cell to get TABLET OF THE OPRESSOR.
--The door will seem to be locked but just keep trying and it will
eventually open.
--Head back the way you came.
--Take a right down the hall and enter the door to the biggest room on
your map.
--Go forward till you get to a booth with 3 slots. Use the 3 tablets.
--Head back to the door and take the HORSESHOE.
--Exit the door, go to the right, and take the first left back into the
prison cell hallway.
--Go all the way to the end, exit, go right, and enter door closest to
the gate.
--Go through next door to hallway.
--Enter room next-door to the left.
--Get LIGHTER and exit.
--Go left to last door on right before the gate and enter.
--Go through door to next room and get RIFLE.
--Exit rooms to hall.
--Go right to the gate and open it.
--Stand on top of the white manhole, and combine the lighter, wax doll,
and horseshoe to make a handle.
--Jump in.
--Turn around and go through the door.
--Go through next door and jump down the hole.
--Walk forward and jump down ANother hole.
--Go forward onto the elevator.
--It will start to go down. Pick up all items.
--When you're at the bottom, save and enter door.
--Go left and take the second right. Go down the ladder at the end.
--Follow the path to another ladder and go up.
--Move the head until the yellow eyes are upside-down facing you.
--Go in the room behind you, and down the walkway to see..... Maria?
--Go back the way you came, taking the WIRE CUTTERS from the circut box.
--Find the door that is blocked by all wires.
--Use the wire cutters and go down the ladder.
((here comes the labyrinth this parts a bit tricky))
--Head straight and take the first right up the ladder.
--Turn right at the split and go down ladder.
--Go left following it around, and left again up the ladder.
--Turn right at the split, go around the other side of the fence, and
down the ladder.
--Take the first left and go up ladder.
--Pick up ammo from ground. Straight on and down the next ladder.
--Take first left and up ladder.
--Save and enter door (phew!!)
--Walk a ways until you hear someone.
--Enter the door for a fight with somethin really freaky.
--After scene with Angela exit room and head right through door.
--Enter the first door on the right.
--Examine all the hangmen and read what their crimes are.
--Exit, walk around and enter door on the left.
--Read the poem on the sign to figure out who's innocent. (if you're
playing beginner - easy, it will be the kidnapper)
--Pull the noose that corresponds to the one who is innocent, then go
back to the hangmen and pick up KEY OF THE PERSECUTED.
--Exit, turn right and head through next door.
--Use the key of the persecuted on the handcuffs to open the gate.
--Go down the ladder.
--Go straight to the door and enter to find Maria.
--After the scene go left through the opened gate door and up the
--Take health, and get other items from the graveyard.
--Save, then jump down your grave.
--Run all the way to the end and open the door.
--After shooting Eddie, get health/ammo and follow him.
--Once he's done telling you about his killing spree, it's party time!
--Shoot to kill Eddie until he's dead.
--When he's dead exit through the big doors.
--Take a right and save.
--Walk down the boat ramp to the boat and get in.

(look at map for room names & numbers)
--Once in the boat, row right 3-4 strokes til you see the light, then
just push up to row towards it. Pushing square makes you go slightly
--Go up the dock, and turn left to find the dry fountain.
--Take the LITTLE MERMAID MUSIC BOX from the ledge.
--Go in the hotel.
--Take the map from the wall.
--Now go in the Restaurant "Lake Shore".
--Take the FISH KEY from the dinner plate, then walk over to the piano.
--When Laura leaves exit and kill the monsters.
--Go down the stairs and go right to the elevator.
--Take the THINNER and go back up the stairs.
--Go right, and up the stairs to the 2nd floor.
--Go in Cloak Room.
--Take health and ammo then use the fish key on the breifcase to get KEY
TO ROOM 204.
--Enter room 204.
--Take EMPLOYEE ELEVATOR KEY from table then go through hole to room
next door.
--Use the thinner on the picture lying on the bed for the code to the
--Take the CINDERELLA MUSIC BOX and exit room.
--Exit hallway, through the next door, and through the next door.
--Go in the room that is grey on your map, next to the elevator.
--Take health drinks and go in the elevator to read the sign that says,
"weight allowance: one person".
--Go out and put all of your items on the shelf, then go back in the
--Push 1st floor.
--On the left wall, take the map and go to the Pantry.
--Take the SNOW WHITE MUSIC BOX from the shelf and exit.
--Now go in the Office.
--Take the VIDEOTAPE and CAN OPENER from the safe and exit to staircase
directly across the hall. (blue door)
--Go down stairs and enter door.
--Turn left down the hall and enter Boiler Room.
--Take health and BAR KEY.
--Exit, turn left and enter Kitchen.
--Take health drinks and use the can opener on the can by the
refregerator and get LIGHTBULB.
--Exit to Bar "Venus Tears" and use the lightbulb on the flashlight next
to the jukebox.
--Open the door the light is shining on and go up the stairs.
--Head back to the elevator store room to get your items from the shelf.
--Exit and go down the stairs to the Lobby.
--Go in the Reception office to get KEY TO ROOM 312 from the key box.
--Exit and go over to the big music box machine.
--Place the music boxes in the slots from left to right: Cinderella,
Snow White, Little Mermaid.
--Go up stairs, to the right, and up the stairs to the 3rd floor.
--Enter Room 312.
--Use the videotape on the VCR and watch.
--Exit room and down the stairs to 2nd floor (I love the music here).
--***in the Reading Room you can find BOOK: CRIMSON CEREMONY on the
shelf up high***
--Enter the door to room 202.
--You will come out of room 219.
--Take health from window on the left. Down the hall, open the doors and
get on the elevator.
--Push B
--Enter the bar, take all the health drinks from the bar table and go in
the Kitchen.
--Take all items here and exit to hall.
--Curve to the left and enter staircase.
--Watch the scene with Angela.
--When that's over go back out the door and head up the stairs, enter
--Head to the end of the hallway and open door.
--Run past the monsters and through the next door.
--Save and enter rusty door.
--When you have to fight pyramid heads just shoot and run till they
impale themselves.
--Take the SCARLET & RUST-COLORED EGGS from them.
--Put them in the door (doest matter which one where) and open.
--Go through the next door and hear Mary from her hospital bed.
--Enter door at end of hallway.
--Go left (James' left) up the flight of stairs.
--Depending on the actions you took in the game you will get a diffrent
--When you fight the final boss just shoot and run until she falls down.
Then shoot her one last time and watch your ending.

Here is a description (no spoilers) of the endings and how to get them:

"Maria" ending (the game assumes you want to be with Maria) - For this
ending it's all about treating Maria good. When you meet up with her in
the park, instaed of running, walk with her. And don't go directly to
Pete's Bowl-o-Rama, instead try going to the hotel down Nathan Ave.
--Don't let her get hit by monsters and don't hit her with your board.
--DO NOT examine Angela's knife
--DO NOT examine Mary's picture
--In the final hallway when Mary speaks from the hospital bed, run to
the end and open the door without letting it finish.

"Leave" ending (the game assumes you want to be with Mary) - For this
ending once again it's about Maria, except this time beat her up! Hit
her upside the head a few times with the wooden plank, but don't kill
--Try to get rid of her by going as fast as you can to Room S3 after
meeting with her in the park.
--DO examine Mary's picture, look at it every now and then.
--DO NOT examine Angela's kinfe.
--Be sure to heal yourself as soon as you get hit, but try not to get
hit in the first place.
--In the final hallway when Mary speaks from the hospital bed, listen to
the entire thing before entering the door.

"In Water" ending (the game assumes you want to kill yourself) - Ok for
this one, make sure to examine Angela's knife a few times, and when you
get hit, do not heal right away.
--Read the diary that is on top of the roof in the hospital.
--When you get to "nightmare hotel" be sure to listen to the headphones
in the Reading Room.
--Listen to entire conversation of Mary in the final hallway.

"Rebirth" ending - Here's where the 4 hidden items come into play. After
you've beaten the game at least once, you will need to get these 4
items: White Chrism, Book: Lost Memories, Obsidian Goblet, Book:
Crimson Ceremony. Locations for these items are in the walkthrough.

"Dog" ending - This is a "gag" ending like the UFO ending from the first
SH. To get this ending you must have either seen the Rebirth ending, or
all of the other 3 endings. When you've done this, you need to get the
Dog Key, and use it on the Observation Room on the 3rd floor of the
hotel AFTER you've viewed the videotape.

--Outlaw Laen for telling ME how to get all of the endings
--Stephen J for info on getting the rifle
--Konami for making the game
--Everyone on the Silent Hill 2 message board!
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