Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2

16.10.2013 20:31:05
Silent Hill 2 Walkthrough
By Kevin Rice
Version 1.9

Last Update: 10/05/01 @ 08:14PM CST

NOTE: This is an incomplete guide. It is currently a work in progress.

As a professional game reviewer and a player that loves the Silent Hill series,
I felt obligated to write a thorough walkthrough of Silent Hill 2. This
walkthrough will read slightly differently from the other guides available in
that I'll add a sense of flair to it. In other words, it won't be a dry read
that simply explains how to go from point A to point B. I hope you enjoy it.
I'll continue to update it until it's done.



I. Introduction
1.1: About the Guide
1.1.1: Conventions Used
1.1.2: Legal Information
1.1.3: Contact Me
1.2: About the Game
1.2.1: Manual Introduction Text
1.2.2: The Characters
1.2.3: Weapons
1.2.4: Items

II. The Walkthrough
2.1: Starting Out
2.1.1: Path to the Cemetery
2.1.2: The Cemetery
2.1.3: Path to Silent Hill
2.2 Entering Silent Hill
2.3 Your First Kill
2.4: Getting to Neely's Bar
2.4.1: Getting In Neely's Bar
2.5: The North End of Martin Street
2.6 Entering the Wood Side Apartments
2.6.1: The Wood Side Apartments, 2nd Floor
2.6.2 The Wood Side Apartments, 3rd Floor
2.6.3: The Wood Side Apartments, 2nd Floor, Part 2
2.6.4: The Wood Side Apartments, 3rd Floor, Part 2
2.6.5: The Wood Side Apartments, 1st Floor
2.6.6: The Wood Side Apartments, Courtyard
2.6.7: The Wood Side Apartments, 1st Floor, Part 2
2.7: Entering The Blue Creek Apartments
2.7.1: The Blue Creek Apartments, 1st Floor
2.7.2: The Blue Creek Apartments, 2nd Floor
2.7.3: The Blue Creek Apartments, 1st Floor, Part 2
3.1: Path to Rosewater Park
3.1.1: Entering Rosewater Park
3.1.2: Hello, Maria
3.1.3: Continuing through Rosewater Park
3.2: Path to Pete's Bowl-A-Rama
3.2.1: Pete's Bowl-A-Rama
3.3: Path to Brookhaven Hospital
3.3.1: Brookhaven Hospital, 1st Floor
3.3.2: Brookhaven Hospital, 2nd Floor
3.3.3: Brookhaven Hospital, 3rd Floor
3.3.4: Brookhaven Hospital, 1st Floor, Part 2
3.3.5: Brookhaven Hospital, 3rd Floor, Part 2
3.3.6: Brookhaven Hospital, Rooftop
3.3.7: Brookhaven Hospital, 3rd Floor, Part 3
3.3.8: Brookhaven Hospital, 1st Floor, Part 3
4.1: Brookhaven Hospital (Altered), 1st Floor
4.1.1: Brookhaven Hospital (Altered), 2nd Floor
4.1.2: Brookhaven Hospital (Altered), 3rd Floor
4.1.3: Brookhaven Hospital (Altered), Basement
4.1.4: Brookhaven Hospital (Altered), 3rd Floor, Part 2
4.1.5: Brookhaven Hospital (Altered), 2nd Floor, Part 2
4.1.6: Brookhaven Hospital (Altered), 3rd Floor, Part 3
4.1.7: Brookhaven Hospital (Altered), Basement, Part 2
5.1: Path to Historical Society
5.1.1: Path to Historical Society, Part 2
5.1.2: Path to Historical Society, Part 3
5.2: Silent Hill Historical Society
5.3: Toluca Prison
5.3.1: Toluca Prison, Sewers

III. Secrets and Cool Features
6.1: The Theme Music

IV. History, Credits, and Thanks
7.1: Walkthrough History
7.2: Credits
7.3: Thanks


I. Introduction

1.1: About the Guide

This walkthrough is designed to get you through Silent Hill 2 once. Be warned
that, like any walkthrough, there are spoilers here. I've designed the
walkthrough so that, hopefully, you can go exactly to the section you need and
get the information; that way, other sections of the game are not spoiled for

Silent Hill 2 is a game that's best played, but like any good puzzle/horror
game, there may be a few times were you're stumped. I'll do my best to explain
the answers I get, and you'll find that most of them are answered by clues
provided near the puzzle. Keep that in mind. If you're stuck, look around the
area for anything such as writing on a wall, a note on a desk, etc. You can
answer most of your own questions this way.

Finally, this walkthrough is based on the American release of the game with
both Action and Riddle set to Normal difficulty.. I didn't get the import
version, but typically, there are a few differences between versions. If
you're not playing the American version of Silent Hill 2, then this walkthrough
may not have all the answers you want.

1.1.1: Conventions Used

I've tried to be as clear as possible in writing this guide. For consistency,
I've used the following conventions:

I: Roman numerals are used as section headers.

-=*=-: This is a section separator. It's best used as a navigation tool. In
other words, search this document for that symbol, and it will jump you from
sequentially to the beginning of each section header.

x.x: The number dot number method is used for chapter headings. In the
Walkthrough itself, the first number is incremented after a boss battle. For
example, from 2.1 to 2.7.3 is all the apartment complex. 3.1 starts with
Rosewater Park, meaning there was a boss battle in 2.7.3.

x.x.x: The number dot number dot number method is used to separate sections of
each chapter into logical segments.

********** TIP **********: This is, well, a tip. Tips usually pertain to the
area you're in, but sometimes they can provide some help about the whole game
in general.

********** HINT **********: These denote information that I received from other
players of Silent Hill 2. They are given credit both at the location of the
hint in the text and in the credits.

While some walkthrough writers tend to list every character, item , weapon and
item they find in a separate section, I've left that in the context of the
Walkthrough itself. If you're looking for something (say, the Old Man Coin or
where Eddie is found), simply search the text for "Old Man" or "Eddie",
respectively, and you'll find it. That way, it's provided in the context of
the game and not just given to you.

Finally, there's no section here that explains the controls. You bought the
game and it's all in the manual. There's no need to reiterate it here. I will
state, though, that melee weapons react differently to how hard you press the
attack button. For example, with the wooden plank, a light to medium press is
a side-to-side swing while a hard press is an over-the-head swing. Weapons are
the only time analog buttons are used.

1.1.2: Legal Information

No part of this walkthrough may be reproduced or published for profit without
my express consent. I spent a lot of time to write this walkthrough and it is
provided for free on an AS IS basis. This walkthrough may be downloaded and
used, both in print and on-screen form, for help during the game. The
information contained herein in copyrighted by me unless I specifically state
that the Information comes from the manual. Anyone that provides me with
additional information will be credited in the Credits section at the end of
this walkthrough.

1.1.3: Contact Me

If you would like to make a correction or addition to this walkthrough, or if
you have another form of feedback concerning this walkthrough, please contact
me at Please do NOT contact me for things not concerning
this walkthrough. Information you provide becomes the property of this
walkthrough and I cannot guarantee that you will get a response from me.
However, if I use information sent to me, you will be credited in the Credits
section at the end of this walkthrough.

1.2: About the Game

First, a little background. The original Silent Hill was the only game in
recent memory to give me a nightmare. (Sense I'm also a professional game
reviewer, you can bet that I've played hundreds of games since the original was
released.) When the developers stated that they were "held back" on the
original game because it was a new franchise and because the PlayStation
hardware couldn't aptly convey the sense of horror they were after, I could
only imagine what Silent Hill 2 was going to have in store.

Needless to say, Silent Hill 2 is a scary, creepy, psychological thriller that
has you on the edge of your seat the entire time. There's a strong sense of
claustrophobia, thanks in part to the ever-present fog and the darkness that
shrouds the majority of the game.

While some will inevitably compare the Silent Hill series to others like
Resident Evil or perhaps Alone in the Dark, they are essentially different and
in my opinion, the Silent Hill games are the best of the breed. Where others
throw hundreds of mindless enemies at you along with a few "boo!" style scares,
the Silent Hill series conveys a true sense of fear, often pitting you in
situations where the best option is to run. Weapons and health kits are not
always available and even with weapons, your character is not a sharpshooter.

Enough with the praise though. Just know that you're about to begin one of the
scariest games of your life.

1.2.1: Manual Introduction Text

This is taken directly from the manual:

Three years ago, James Sunderland's wife became seriously ill and passed away.
James tried to pull himself together and resume his life after the loss but
struggled to get back on his feet. The emotional pain and emptiness left James
in a constant state of mourning.

Then one day, a cryptic letter arrives signed by Mary, the same name as his
late wife. In the letter, Mary writes, "Silent Hill, our sanctuary of
memories... I will be waiting for you there."

James is confused and disturbed by the letter. He questions if Mary is somehow
really alive or if someone is playing a hoax on him.

"I still don't believe it. The dead can't send letters, yet I came here to see
my Mary..."

"Our special place -- What does that mean? This place is too full of

Shrouded in mystery and driven by the desire to uncover the truth, James sets
off into the world of Silent Hill...

As the fog grows thicker, James realizes that the town is nearby.

"The only way to get to the center of town is through this tunnel, but there
must have been an accident or something because the entrance is blocked."

"But Wait..."

"The map shows a single road through the forest that leads to the town. Looks
like the only way to get to the town is to take this road on foot."

"I can't see anyone in this thick fog, or should I say I don't feel anyone."

"I see a run-down building nearby."

"There's no one inside. I am alone in the mirror's reflection."

"I look at the man in the mirror and mutter a question..."

"Mary... Could you really be in this town?"

1.2.2: The Characters

(NOTE: Please see section 1.1.1 for why there isn't a list of every character

In the course of the game, you'll meet many interesting people. Here's a brief
description of the major characters, taken directly from the manual:

James Sunderland
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Protagonist

Three years ago, his beloved wife, Mary, became seriously ill and passed away.
James was wasting away in empty, lifeless days of mourning, when a strange
letter arrived. The name of the sender was Mary Shepherd-Sunderland, his late
wife. The cryptic letter beckoned him to meet her in Silent Hill, a town that
once held a great meaning for the couple. Although he firmly believes his wife
is not alive, James questions the origins of the letter and is determined to
find the truth by returning to Silent Hill.

Angela Orosco
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown

James first meets her in a cemetery and from the beginning, there is something
shadowy about her. Ever since childhood, she was convinced that she would
never be happy. She ran away from home shortly after graduating from high
school, but her father found her and dragged her back home. She ran away from
home again, this time to Silent Hill, but now she is lost.

Age: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown

On the surface, Maria looks like James' late wife, however Maria's hairstyle
and taste in clothing are completely different. Her personality, cheerful and
energetic, is also the exact opposite of Mary's. When James first meets Maria,
he is shocked by the resemblances as well as the intimacy of their
conversation, as if they had known each other for years. After learning of his
purpose in Silent Hill, Maria is interested in his search for Mary and decides
to accompany him.

Age: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown

A stubborn, bratty, little girl who does whatever she wants and suddenly goes
on her way. She crosses James' path throughout his search and seems to know
more about Mary than what she reveals. Coincidentally, she was a patient in
the same hospital as Mary and they became very close. Mary loved her as her
own daughter. Perhaps she holds the truth that James is seeking.

Eddie Dombrowski
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown

Eddie is a simple-minded, clumsy and useless man who is deeply terrified of
getting hurt. He has a gentle, quiet personality, but also possesses another
side that he cannot control when angered. What is his purpose in Silent Hill?

1.2.3: Weapons

(NOTE: Please see section 1.1.1 for why there isn't a list of every weapon

This is taken directly from the manual:

Wooden Plank - A large wooden stick with a few nails on the tip. The length is
between 32-40 inches. The wood is thick enough to hold in one hand and swing
it easily. The style of this wooden plank is very similar to wood used on
construction sites.

Handgun - Ordinary handgun that loads ammunition from magazines. Use the
handgun for long distance attacks, but be resourceful with the ammunition. Let
the monsters get closer to maximize the damage of each shot.

1.2.4: Items

(NOTE: Please see section 1.1.1 for why there isn't a list of every item here.)

This is taken directly from the manual:

Handgun bullets - Boxes of ammunition.

First aid kit - Replenishes a lot of stamina. Try to use these only when you
are seriously injured or out of health drinks.

Health drink - Replenishes a little stamina.

Mary's letter - The letter from Mary inside a plain white envelope. The back of
the envelope says "Mary."

Radio - It may be broken or just not receiving any broadcasts. All you hear is
white noise. However, for some reason, it becomes louder when there are
monsters nearby. A very important item.

Flashlight - Can be used to light up dark areas. Can be turned on and off. An
essential item for fighting and searching; however it will alert monsters to
your position.


II. Walkthrough

2.1: Starting Out

The game starts out with a short cut scene. All the cut scenes use the game
engine, and it may be confusing to figure out when the cut scene ends and the
game begins; it looks that good. Thankfully, the cut scenes are letterboxed
(black space at the top and bottom of the screen) so that it's obvious enough
when you can move.

2.1.1: Path to the Cemetery

After the cut scene ends, the game starts with James in a run-down restroom.
Step back, turn right, and take the exit to the left.

Another cut scene will kick in, giving a little bit of background on why you're
in Silent Hill. After it's done, go to driver's side of the car and grab the
map of Silent Hill sitting on the seat.

********** TIP **********
In most places, the L2 button will swing the camera behind you to an
over-the-shoulder view. This makes navigation of the city, hallways, and paths
much easier.

There's only one path to the north to take here, and this area is basically a
warm-up for things to come. Use this time to figure out the controls, menus,
etc. Once you're ready, head down the stairs to the path. The sound here is
particularly eerie, with scowls and cries from unknown monsters surrounding you
(especially if you're playing in 5.1 surround sound). However, there's nothing
that's going to attack you in this area, so just keep following the path.

Close to the cemetery entrance, you'll see a well on your right. Go examine
this well. Inside it, there's a red square. This is a save point. Save your
game and finish taking the path to the cemetery.

2.1.2: The Cemetery

In the cemetery, you will meet Angela Orosco. She'll tell you that there's
something "wrong" with the town and warns you that it could be dangerous. Watch
the cut scene as their conversation unfolds, and then head east to the cemetery
exit. You may come across a house in the cemetery -- presumably the cemetery
caretaker's house -- but it's completely boarded up. Continue east/northeast
until you find the exit.

2.1.3: Path to Silent Hill

This is just like the path to the cemetery -- more moody than anything else.
You'll come across some abandoned vehicles as well as the Silent Hill Ranch.
(The Ranch is after the blue pickup and before the white van, to the south.)
You can't enter the ranch, so for now it's all eye candy.

Eventually, you'll get to a large, fenced-in area. There's no way to enter
this area, so continue forward until you see an entrance to the town proper.
You suddenly switch to a behind-the-shoulder camera. Continue forward and open
the gate. Welcome to Hell.

2.2: Entering Silent Hill

There's still only one way to go here, so just follow Wiltse Road along the
river. The first left you can take has been blocked off for construction, so
you'll have to continue along the bend. Starting to notice those splatterings
of blood on the ground? You're not in Kansas anymore (unless you physically
live in Kansas, in which case you are in fact still in Kansas).

The first intersection you'll come to is Wiltse and Sanders. Take a left and
go across the street. Just east of the Flower Shop, you'll see a table with
all sorts of things on it. One of them is a first aid kit, so grab it.

********** TIP **********
Anytime there's something you can interact with, pick up, etc., your player's
head will turn and focus on it. This makes it easier to find things that may
otherwise be buried in the fog and darkness.

Turn around and head west. When you get to the corner of Sanders and Lindsey,
a short cut scene will play, showing you blood on the street and your first
monster off in the distance. You don't have the radio or even a weapon yet, so
be careful -- you're defenseless. At the southwest corner of Lindsey and
Sanders, there's a health drink at the top of some stairs. Grab it and then
head north on Lindsey Street.

You'll pass all sorts of storefronts and other buildings while going north, but
you can't get into any of them. At the corner of Lindsey and Katz, you'll see
more blood scrapes in the street. This can't be good. Continue north on
Lindsey and be sure to grab the health drink on the east side of the street.
(It's up against a closed delivery door.)

On the west side of Lindsey between Katz and Vachss, there's a small monument
0in front of a house. Go examine this to see what it says. Unfortunately,
it's been slightly defaced and some of the words are rubbed off. Here's what
you can make out though: "Remains of ___ Swamp. The ___ers of land surroun___
___is monument was originally swamp, but it was later fil___. Fr___ng ago,
t___s nicknamed Blood Swamp because the ___ers poured the wat__sed to wash the
ex___ ols in here. Perhaps it's fo___hat many pe___m to have s___n the area."
(NOTE: The blank spaces in the game are all of different sizes -- I used three
underscores to signify where they are, not necessarily their length.)

Once you get to Vachss Road, take a right. Just a little way up this street,
there's an open gate with a save point in it. Grab the two health drinks
sitting on the ground near the save point (one right under the table the save
point is on and the other in the northwest corner of the enclosed area) and
then save the game. We have to go get you a weapon.

2.3: Your First Kill

Continue east on Vachss Road. Eventually, it will become a dirt path and veer
to the north. Pass through the gate and continue along the path. You'll start
to hear static towards the end of this path. Finally! The radio! Go to the
dead-end, press the action key, and then watch the cut scene.

During the cut scene, James will notice a monster of some sort feeding off a
dead body. He'll pull a wooden plank off a nearby scaffolding to arm himself.
The game switches back to real-time and it's up to you to dispatch the baddie.
Congratulations! You've got the radio, a weapon, and your first kill, all in
one fell swoop.

Head back down Vachss Street toward the save point. The shit's about to hit
the fan here, so it may be a good idea to save again.

2.4: Getting to Neely's Bar

The next thing you have to do is get into Neely's Bar. (It's at the corner of
Neely and Lindsey. However, the streets are now crawling with monsters. While
it was nice of them to wait until you had a weapon, that wooden plank can only
do so much. Additionally, they will spit/projectile vomit a yellow colored gas
at you when you get close, and you have to get close to use the plank.

Therefore, it's best if you kill only those monsters directly in your path and
just run by the rest. Otherwise, you'll go through your health drinks pretty

********** TIP **********
Different enemies will cause different-sounding static to emit from the radio.
Make note of the variations in the static so that you know what you're going up
against before you see it.

You can just walk into the bar, but there's a hint as well on a note you have
to find. Head back to Lindsey Street and go south. Get to Sanders street and
head west. At Martin Street, take a short detour and head north. About halfway
between Sanders and Katz, on the east side of the street, there's a health
drink to grab.

Turn around and head back to Sanders Street. Head west on Sanders. On the north
side of the road before you get to Neely, there's a small staircase leading up
to a building. You can't enter the building, but at the top of the stairs,
there's a health drink for the taking. Additionally, on the southeast corner
of Sanders and Neely, there's a Happy Burger restaurant. In the parking of
this restaurant, there's a first aid kit. Be sure to grab it.

Once at Neely Street, head south until it dead-ends and then head west on Ward
Street. At the end of Ward Street, you'll find an open mobile home. Go in it
to find both the note and a save point.

2.4.1: Getting In Neely's Bar

Inside the mobile home, there's a note on the sofa that reads, "I'll wait at
BAR Neely's." Save your game and head back to the bar.

The entrance to the bar is on the east side of Neely Street, just north of
Sanders Street. The door at the end of Ward Street is locked and you can't go
north on Harris Street from here, so simply backtrack your way to the bar,
killing baddies as necessary.

********** TIP **********
James will mark up the map with various notes during the course of the game.
He'll use zigzag red lines for areas that are simply off-limits -- you can't
get in them -- and he'll use straight red lines for doors that are locked,
perhaps meaning that a key exists for that door.

Once you get inside the bar, there are two important items. First, there's a
map on the counter. (NOTE: If you skipped getting the note, it shows the
location of the mobile home where the note is.) This map will be copied to
your own map. Additionally, there's a question mark at the north end of Martin
Street. What's there?

Second, there's graffiti on the wall that reads, "There was a HOLE here. It's
gone now." What's with all these all capital letters? This is speculation
right now, but remember the defaced monument with parts of the words on it
missing? I'm thinking these capitalized words will perhaps fill that in.

Regardless, you've got a new task to do now. It's time to find out what's at
the end of Martin Street.

2.5: The North End of Martin Street

Head north on Neely Street, then East on Katz and finally north again on Martin
Street. You'll notice a chain link fence on the west side of Martin Street.
Just after the fence ends, there's a health drink on the ground, waiting for
you to pocket it. Toward the end of this dead-end street, there's a white van.
Watch out, as there's a monsters hiding under it that will jump out and attack
you. (It'll literally make you jump too.) Dispatch him and then continue
north a few feet, following the blood trail.

You'll come to a bloody stump of a body. Press the action key here and you'll
get the gate key for the Wood Side Apartments. These apartments are located on
Katz Street, west of Neely. (They're circled in red on your map as well.)
Make your way toward the apartments, killing monsters as necessary.

Detour onto Neely Street and go north. It dead-ends but at the end of the
road, there are pieces torn from a memo pad scattered around. Read them to
hear what has happened to others and to perhaps get a few clues on successful
playing of the game.

Head back to Katz Street. In the outside portion of Lucky Jade Restaurant,
there's a small atrium-type area you can explore. In here, you'll find another
first aid kit and some handgun bullets. Unfortunately, you don't have the
handgun yet and throwing the bullets at enemies just isn't as satisfying. Hang
on to them though -- you'll have the gun soon enough.

Finally, head over to the Wood Side Apartments. You'll know you're at the
right gate because the camera angle will change, giving you a full view of the
fence door you're about to open. Everything is about to get really dark, so
kiss the sunlit fog goodbye, head through the gate and directly into the
apartment entrance just beyond the gate.

2.6: Entering the Wood Side Apartments

The first thing you'll notice upon entering the apartment complex is just how
dark it is. You're going to find a flashlight soon, but for now, adjust your
eyes. On the west wall of the entrance is a map of the complex. Take it. On
the countertop at the north side of the entrance is yet another health drink.
And finally, on the east wall is a save point. (It's dark, but it's there.
Save your progress and then head up to the second floor. (The other door in
the entrance area is currently locked. It leads to the courtyard and -- you
guessed it -- you need the courtyard key.)

2.6.1: The Wood Side Apartments, 2nd Floor

On entering the second floor, to the left is room 201 and 202. There's also a
doorway at the end of the hall. The door at the end is locked, room 201 is
cemented closed, and room 202 is locked. In other words, take a right. In the
laundry room before room 203, there's a trash chute that has "some kind of
strange garbage stuck in the hole." There's nothing else of interest in there.

Room 203 has a broken lock, meaning no key will get you in there. (Remember the
difference between straight lines and zigzag lines on the map?) Room 204 is
cemented shut. Finally, you can enter room 205. You know there's something
special here because the camera angle shifts. What's that? Hey, it's a
flashlight! Of course, as soon as you wear it (it's a breast pocket light),
this alerts a monster in the room. Take him out, leave the room, and continue
east down the hall.

The door at the end of the hall cannot be opened. Continue around the corner
and enter room 210. In here, there's two monsters, one in the main room and
one in the south room. There's also one box of ammo in the main room and
another box in the north room. Grab everything and move on. Rooms 211 and 212
both have broken locks, so it's time to head down the center hallway (where
room 206 is).

********** TIP **********
Some monsters are more sensitive to light than others. Those things that look
like they have arms where their heads should be (first seen in the room where
the flashlight was found), for example, are very sensitive to light. Turning
the flashlight off and approaching them makes them easier to kill.

Rooms 206 and 207 both have broken locks, so head to room 208. Here, you'll
encounter the game's first puzzle. First, there's a note on the table next to
the phone. It reads, "Three needles stand at three different heights. The
fat, the tall and the thin. From slow to fast they move to the right. Scott
rests not on three, but fifteen." This note pertains to the grandfather clock
you're about to find in the next room to the north.

On the side of the clock, there's writing that reads: "The scars from the past
shall remove the nail that stops time." Hmm. There's something to this clock.
You have the option to push it, but it won't budge. Looking at the face of
the clock reveals that the faceplate is locked behind glass. You need to
adjust the time to "remove the nail", but first, you'll need the clock key.
It's time to go to the third floor. Use the same stairs you used to get to the
second floor at go up one more flight.

2.6.2: The Wood Side Apartments, 3rd Floor

Immediately upon entering the third floor, you'll notice a key on the ground
behind some bars. It looks like you can reach it, so give it a try. Just about
when you've got it, Laura will come by and kick it far out of your grasp. Who
was that little girl and why did she do that?

Not, you're stuck being able to only move to the east. Room 302 is stuck shut,
but room 301 is not. In here, you'll find the handgun. Unfortunately, every
room in here has a broken lock. Back in the hallway, the door at the end of
the hall is broken as well, so the only thing left to do is go back downstairs.

********** TIP **********
Use the handgun sparingly. The plank will work fine for one-on-one battles.
Only use the handgun in situations where you're outnumbered or where the plank
won't reach the enemy. The reason for this is there are times when you'll need
a whole lot of bullets at once.

2.6.3: The Wood Side Apartments, 2nd Floor, Part 2

At the intersection between rooms 203 and 206, you'll hear what sounds like a
baby crying coming from the north. Head back down to room 208 (where the clock
is). Things have changed. Now, there's a dead body on the chair and the TV is
on, emitting static. Additionally (and for our purposes, more importantly),
there's a key to room 202 on the shelf behind the dead body. Grab the key and
head to room 202.

In the main room of room 202, there's a whole bunch of empty aquariums. In the
kitchen area, there's yet another health drink waiting to be found. Finally,
in the bedroom, there's a hole in the wall that deserves to be investigated.
Put your hand in the hole, and you'll come out with the clock key. Now head
back to room 208 again.

On the wall opposite of the clock, there's scrawling that reads, "Henry,
Mildred , Scott", each with a line next to the name. "H"enry is the hour hand,
"M"ildred the minute hand, and "S"cott the second hand. The lines show you
where to align the hands of the clock. Henry's line is horizontal, pointing
left, meaning set the hour hand to nine. Mildred's line point slightly upward,
where the two is positioned on a clock, or ten minutes. There's the answer.
(You can't adjust the second hand, so don't worry about Scott's line.)

Open the faceplate and set the clock to 9:10:15. (Unlike most areas that have
keys, you have to manually use the clock key here to open the faceplate.)
You'll hear a click. Close the faceplate and go back to the side of the clock.
When you try to shove it now, it will move easily, opening a passage to room

In here, all the doors are locked, except the one leading back to the hall (and
the other side of the barrier). However, there's a save point in the main room
and there's a health drink in the kitchen. Grab the drink, save your progress,
and head into the hall. Kill the enemy out here and take the newly found
stairs back to the third floor.

2.6.4: The Wood Side Apartments, 3rd Floor, Part 2

At the top of the north stairwell, there's a box of handgun ammo. Grab it and
precede into the third floor hallway. Rooms 309 and 308 cannot be opened, but
upon entering room 307, you'll see a short cut scene showing a gruesome battle
between monsters. From the vantage point of a closet, you watch as one monster
defeats another. You'll even take some potshots at it with your gun -- you
cannot control this as it's in the movie. After that's over, grab the key on
the shelf in the closet you were in. This is the courtyard key used on the
first floor, but don't head down there quite yet.

Go back out to the hall and head south. Go west at the dead-end and grab the
key that Laura kicked away from you earlier. This is the fire escape key.
Turn around and go into room 303. There's a monster in here, so take care of
him. Now look around and you'll find a health drink, a first aid kit, and a
box of handgun bullets. Collect them all and go back to the hall, heading
east. Rooms 304 and 305 are jammed shut, so go to the end of the hall and take
the east stairwell down to the first level.

2.6.5: The Wood Side Apartments, 1st Floor

You're now in the eastern most part of the apartment complex on the first
floor. Head north. All the doors here are broken, but at the end of the hall,
there's a six pack of canned juice. Grab it and retreat back to where the
stairs are. Unlock and open the door here. Once through it, you're back
outside in front of the apartment complex at the eastern entrance. Head west to
the entrance you first took and go back in the building. Save your progress
here and then head north to the courtyard. It's time to get some more clues
and meet another character.

2.6.6: The Wood Side Apartments, Courtyard

There's not much to do out here, but there's an item to grab and three monsters
between you and the item. Head to the swimming pool area that's fenced in near
the center of the courtyard. In the pool is where everything is going to take

There are three monsters down there as well as a stroller. Try to kill the
monsters before going in the pool. (It's been drained, so there's no water in
it.) Note that you can fall into the pool, so be careful. Once they're
handled, walk over to the perambulator in the middle of the deep end and grab
the Coin(Snake) sitting in it. You'll need this later on.

********** TIP **********
When the monsters are grouped together like they are in the pool, it's better
to use a ranged weapon like the pistol to pick them off. Going in the pool
while there's more than one monster still alive is a sure-fire way to use a
health drink or two.

There's nothing else of note out in the courtyard, so let's finish our dealings
with the Wood Side Apartments and move on. Head to the door on the east side
of the courtyard and go in.

2.6.7: The Wood Side Apartments, 1st Floor, Part 2

Upon entering, there will be a pair of monsters to the south. Dispatch them.
The doorway at the end of the hallway that leads east cannot be opened, so head
north. Rooms 102 and 103 are both broken, so enter room 104. Kill the bad guy
in here and have a look around.

The main thing of interest in here is a sight-seeing brochure for the town of
Silent Hill. While the text is somewhat drab and of little use, the game tells
you that the editor of the brochure is Roger Widmark. Is this someone you'll
come across in the future?

********** TIP **********
Every piece of text you come across, be it a hint, a note, etc. is recorded in
the Memo section of the inventory screen. There's no need to write everything
down; if you forget something, it's already been written to the memo book for
you, so simply refer to it for future use.

Exit room 104 and head north. Unlock the door in front of you. This is the
stairwell that connects to the other floors so there's no need to go in there;
you just unlocked it for convenience's sake.

Turn around and head west to room 101. Upon entering, you'll hear the always
disturbing sound of someone throwing up in the bathroom. Let's go meet Eddie

In what has to be the most awkward conversation ever, you proceed to talk to
Eddie while he's still losing his lunch. Between hurls, he tells you that he
didn't do it (referring to the dead guy in the kitchen), he ran in here because
he was scared of the monsters, etc. The last piece of information is
intriguing though. When leaving, Eddie says, "James I... I... umm... You be
careful too." What is he holding back?

Now that you're done talking to him, the "puking in the bathroom" background
noise will end. In the main room, there's a box of bullets in the corner to
grab. Other than that, it's almost time to use the fire escape.

Go back through the courtyard to the main apartment entrance and save your
progress. Head up to the second floor. Just to the east, there's a laundry
room with a trash chute. Go examine the trash chute and you'll discover that
there's something stuck in it. Here's where the canned juice comes into play.
Drop it in the chute and it frees the trash that's stuck there.

Go back downstairs and outdoors. Just to the east of the entrance is where the
trash chute empties. Walk up to it and examine the recently liberated trash.
Here, you'll find the Old Man coin. That's hardly trash as you'll need to use
that soon.

Go back inside and upstairs. Once back in the hallway, go west. The door at
the end of the hall is the fire escape. Unlock the door. When you open the
door, you'll discover that the fire escape is non-existent. Instead, there's an
open window in the building across the way that you can jump to from here. In a
cut scene, James makes the jump. You're now in the Blue Creek Apartments.

2.7: The Blue Creek Apartments

After climbing in through the window, you find yourself in a room with a old
broken bed in it. Go through the only door you can the enter the restroom.
Look at the toilet and press the action button.

There's something stuck in the toilet here. In one of the more disgusting cut
scenes, you fish a wallet out of the toilet that's got a memo in it. (Keep in
mind that this toilet, graphically, makes the one in Trainspotting seem clean.)
On the memo is a combination that you'll use on the safe in the next room.

This combination seems to be random -- I've received two different
combinations. It will look like this: A >> B << C >> D. The letters will be
numbers and the directional markers tell you what direction to turn the tumbler
on the safe.

In the hall between the bathroom and the bedroom, there's a short, dark hall
that leads north to the main room. In here is the safe where you need to use
the combination. After opening the safe, you'll find 40 rounds of ammunition
for the pistol. Anytime a game starts loading you up with ammo and health, you
know something bad isn't far ahead. Grab the health drink from the kitchen
counter and exit the door on the east wall.

To the north is a monster and a broken door at the end of the hall. Kill the
monster and then head south. The first two doors you come across (one on each
side of the hall) are also broken. You'll then come to a clearly marked exit
door, but don't take it yet.

Instead, continue down the hall until you find a door with a note on it. The
door is locked, but the note tells you the house key is with Uncle David, near
the first floor staircase. Continuing south down the hall, you'll find another
locked, blue colored door at the end of the hallway as well as a monster to
kill. All the other doors are broken, so now go back to the staircase.

Once in the stairwell and while still on the second floor, search the wall that
the stairwell door is on. It's a little difficult to see it, but you'll find a
map of the Blue Creek Apartments here. Very handy indeed. Now head

2.7.1: The Blue Creek Apartments, 1st Floor

Once you get down the stairs, there's an exit door to the west. Unfortunately,
it's jammed, so you're going to have to explore the first floor.

Enter the hallway and go north (take a right). On the east wall there's an
open laundry room with a first aid kit waiting for you. The door across the
hall from the laundry room leads to the next puzzle.

In the main room, there's an antique-looking desk with writing on it that reads
as such: "Three bright coins in five holes be. At one end sits the seducer of
she. The wind from behind the woman doth play. The formless one, Null, lies
furthest from they. The Old One beside the Serpent sits not. Tis to the
Prisoner's left that he doth rot."

Remember the coins you found in the Wood Side Apartments? Ah ha!
Unfortunately, you're currently one coin short, so simply remember where this
room is. To make that easier, there's a short hallway in the room that leads
to a save point. Go save your progress and then leave the room for now.

Continue north until you come to room 109. (This is the only other door you
can open on this floor.) In here, you'll find a box of bullets. More
importantly, though, there's a white door here that you can open. Behind the
white door, you find Angela Orsoco (the woman from the cemetery) in what looks
to be a near suicide attempt.

Suffice it to say, Angela is a disturbed woman. Through the stirring cut
scene, you don't learn too much more about her. It's produced so well though
that you begin to feel for her. Anyway, she gives you the knife she was
holding and runs off.

In addition to the knife, there's a coin on the table (the Prisoner coin) and a
photograph that's torn in half is on the floor. By looking at it, it appears
to be Angela's parents, but that's speculation.

Head back to room 105 and let's put those coins in the right order. Using the
clues in the poem, we discover that the first hole should be empty. ("At one
end sits the seducer of She.") Continue analyzing, and you'll deduce that the
correct order, from left to right, is:

1 - blank
2 - Old Man
3 - Prisoner
4 - Blank
5 - Snake

Once the coins are in, you'll hear a click sound. Leave the coin screen and
now the old desk is open, revealing the Lyne house key. Grab it and let's head
back to the second floor.

2.7.2: The Blue Creek Apartments, 2nd Floor

Go back to room 209 and use the Lyne house key to open the door. While there's
nothing terribly interesting inside the apartment, the fire escape is open. Go
through this window and into the adjoining apartment, room 208. In here,
you'll find a box of ammunition and the apartment stairway key.

Take both items and use the save point in room 208 as well. We're about to
head to the third floor. Oh, and this is the Red Pyramid Head boss as well.
The entrance to your first test of grotesque battles is about to ensue. Use
the stairwell at the north end of the second floor of this building and prepare

2.7.3: The Blue Creek Apartments, 1st Floor, Part 2

Equip your pistol. As soon as you unlock and enter the stairwell, you'll see a
short cut scene of the friendly boss enemy disemboweling someone/thing. From
there, you're in control. Stay as far away as you can from this, umm, thing,
and shoot at it constantly. You'll have to use around 30-40 bullets to get it
the hell out of there, so hopefully you've been sticking with the plank until

Once it's had enough fun eating your ammo, it will go down the stairs. Do not
immediately follow it down there. It's filled with some sort of liquid. About
10 seconds after he leaves, a short cut scene will play, showing the liquid
draining. Now go down there and take the only exit out of the area.

3.1: Path to Rosewater Park

Wow! The foggy town of Silent Hill seems so bright after those apartment
complexes. You've made it outside again.

Remember that "special place" referred to in the beginning of the game? It's
Rosewater Park, so open your map and start heading for it. (Notice that the
map is new.)

First, head west on the first street you're on. (It's not a named street.)
You're blocked in by a fence, but there's a first aid kit here. You may need
that after that last battle.

Turn around and then head east and then north. About halfway to Nathan Ave.,
there's a cut scene with Laura (the little kid that kicked the key away in Wood
Side Apartments). After a short conversation, she reveals that, "You didn't
love Mary anyway!" and runs off. Confused yet?

Continue North for a bit and look for a staircase on the west side of the
street. Go up and around the turn. The top and blocked off, but there's two
boxes of ammunition sitting here -- good for replenishing the 40 or so rounds
you just fired off.

None of the doors on this street will open, so don't worry about checking them.
Continue north until you get to the entrance of the park. It's just on the
other side of the tunnel that makes San Francisco fog seems like morning dew.

3.1.1: Entering Rosewater Park

Head west up the first set of stairs (in the southeast corner) and continue
until it dead-ends. In the northwest corner here, there are two boxes of

Head back east to the "Caution" sign and then head north. In the atrium area,
there's a health drink on one of the north lying benches. Grab the drink and
go east until you see a statue slightly to the south.

The placard on the statue reads, "Patrick Chester, son of Edward. He fought and
died for the people, for liberty and for all our tomorrows. His memory lives

Turn around and head back north until you it dead-ends, and then head east. At
the top of the stairs, there's a bench with more handgun bullets, so grab them.
Continue north on the main path until you come to a fenced in area with an
observation telescope (you can't use the telescope) and then head west.

3.1.2: Hello, Maria

About halfway to the other side of the park, a lengthy cut scene will kick in
and introduce Maria. (See 1.2.2 for a description of her.) This scene almost
plays out like a tease. Even the music is bordering on soft-core porn.
Regardless, Maria becomes interested in your quest for your dead wife (and what
good girl wouldn't), so from this point on, she's with you.

You mention a hotel that she says is still standing. It's on the lake and she
knows the way (supposedly), so perhaps it won't be so bad to have her with you
after all. After a little more innuendo and entendre, it's time to be on your

Of note is the butterfly tattoo on Maria's torso. What's with all the
butterfly imagery in this game? Why is this woman here, in what was your
"special place"? (Find out on the next Sally...)

3.1.3: Continuing through Rosewater Park

Now that Mary's with you, continue west to the other side of the park. Before
the next walkway, there's a monument on the south side of the walkway that
reads, "In memory of the sixty seven who died of illness and now sleep beneath
the lake." Umm, okay then.

Continue west until you come to a stairway to your south, and then take it.
Take the first stairway down to the east and follow the path going east to
south to west until you come to another statue. It reads, "Victim of
persecution by t___ans. Jenni___ Carroll lived with pride and honor. What
happened here shall never be forgotten."

Interesting. Now move south and then west until you're on the path out of the
park. The parking lot will be fenced in on the east and you can't enter it.
Instead, cross the street to Jack's Inn. On the trunk of a car parked in the
back, there's a save point. Save your progress and then let's head down Nathan

3.2: Path to Pete's Bowl-A-Rama

Head west on Nathan Avenue and take out the baddies along the way. Remember,
you've got a partner now, so be sure to not let them get at Maria. At the
southeast corner of Nathan and Carroll, examine the Texxon station. There's a
running car here with a steel pipe sticking out of the hood. Grab the pipe and
the car will stop. It's a new weapon that's longer than the wooden plank, so
it may help you keep the monsters away from your team.

From here, head a little bit south on Carroll Street until you see tire tracks
on the east side of the road. Follow the tracks to a pair of health drinks and
a box of ammunition. Go back to Carroll Street and just a little further
south, again on the east side of the road, there's another health drink and
another box of bullets.

From there, the road dead-ends, so head north on Carroll, this time on the west
side of the street. When you get to Nathan Avenue, go west and locate the
entrance to Pete's Bowl-A-Rama on the south side of the street. It's time to
see what Eddie and Laura are up to.

3.2.1: Pete's Bowl-A-Rama

When you first enter here, take a look at the map. You entered by moving
south, but it says you're facing north. Weird. The directions are all messed
up in here, so I'm going by descriptions. The double-door at the other end of
the hall you start in is locked. However, there's a smaller door right next to
where you entered. Go on in, the cut scene's fine.

Here's you'll see Eddie eating a pizza and explaining to Laura that he didn't
do anything. She's sort of taunting him and calling him names, but he's too
busy with the food to care too much. (Of course, if I'd just thrown up 40
pounds of waste, I'd probably be hungry too.)

After a minute or so, you regain control. Follow the walls to the other side
of the room and take the only other door you come across.

Once through the door, go the only direction that you can and another short cut
scene will play out. This time, Laura sees you and runs off. Let the movie run
it's course and then exit through the door Laura used. This leads back to the
exit of the bowling alley, where you'll meet up with Maria again.

3.3: Path to Brookhaven Hospital

********** TIP **********
If you follow Nathan Avenue up until it dead-ends, you'll find a first aid kit
near the Silent Hill Historical Society and a dead guy where it dead-ends.
Near the dead guy, there's a map telling you to go back to the Bowl- A-Rama as
well as a box of bullets. Coincidentally, continuing northeast on Nathan
Avenue leads to where the first game took place. (Remember the "Amusement
Park", anyone?)

Maria will come running back toward you, saying that Laura was too fast for
her. Now you both get to chase her. Head east along the wall of Pete's
Bowl-A-Rama until you can enter the parking lot to your south. From there, go
west and find the gate. Open it, and go south.

From here, there's a dead-end. Maria explains that Laura went between a fence
and a wall that neither of you can fit through. Instead, Maria will point out
a door to you. The door's locked, but in another strangely teasing cut scene,
Maria will unlock the door for you.

All the doors in here are locked except for one. Head up the only stairway in
here and look for the green door with the glass panes. Open it and go on in.

You'll find yourself, oddly, in a bar. Immediately to your right, there's a
health drink. A little further ahead of you on a chair, there's a first aid
kit. Head toward the door on the east wall with the neon "Heaven's Night" sign
near and go out.

Head down the stairs to meet up with Maria and then head south on Carroll
Street. After a short while, you'll see a short cut scene of Laura running
into a building. Follow her into the building. You've just enter Brookhaven
Hospital and if you played the original Silent Hill, you know hospitals here
cater to the sick in an entirely different manner.

3.3.1: Brookhaven Hospital, 1st Floor

On the east wall immediately inside the hospital, there's a map of the place.
Those are handy so take it.

Head south into the Reception area (check the map -- it's not all room numbers)
and then east into the Document Room. Here, examine the typewriter.

Apparently, either something can go terribly wrong with any human, or something
has been brought back here that can cause that. Regardless, read the whole
thing and you'll end up with the Purple Bull Key. Go back to the Reception
area and save your progress.

Every door except two on the rest of the first floor is impassable. One is
locked (the hallway near the staircase) and the only open one is in fact the
staircase. Take it up to the second level and prepare for some monsters.

3.3.2: Brookhaven Hospital, 2nd Floor

Upon entering, there's a pair of monsters to the east. Kill them both and then
head to the door of the unnamed hallway to the south west of the staircase.

********** TIP **********
The enemies are now armed with melee weapons. Using the steel pipe's longer
range instead of the plank is recommended. You're not quite as accurate with
the pipe, but it does more damage with each blow.

When entering, there's a health drink on the bench right in front of you.
Additionally, there's a pair of monsters coming at you, so grab the drink and
kill the baddies.

Enter Examining Room 3 on the north side of the hall and grab the first aid kit
on the operating table. On the north wall, there's a typewriter with a note in
it. Remember the number in the note in the typewriter -- you'll need it
shortly and it's a random, four-digit number. Careful when you leave this room
as a monster is waiting for you in the hall.

Across the hall, the door to room M1 is jammed as is the door to Bath 2. Head
over to room M2 and grab the Lapis Eye Key as well as the shotgun shells. What
gun? Yes, shotgun.

Now head over to room M3, kill the monster and grab the health drink and the
handgun bullets in there. Remember, when a game starts loading you up with
supplies, it's also preparing to try to kill you.

Rooms M4 and M5 are blocked from entry and the elevator is locked, so head west
to room M6. There's yet another monster in here, so take care of him, get the
health drink and also grab the shotgun shells near where Maria is standing.
Now head back east to the door you came in this hallway through; it's time to
explore the rest of floor two.

The Day Room, Linen Room, and Nurse's Station are not able to be entered, so
head for the Men's Locker Room. In here, the last locker on the south side of
the wall has a bloody lab coat hanging on it. Examine it and you'll find the
Examination Room Key. That could be handy.

Head out and go across the hall to the north to the Women's Locker Room. First,
on the table, there's a stuffed animal. Examine it and you'll prick your
finger, thereby finding the Bent Needle. Walk a little deeper into the locker
room. In a locker on the south wall, you'll find the shotgun. Heavy armaments
call for meaner monsters.

Let's head up back to the first floor to see what fun awaits in the Examination
Room. Go back to the stairs and head back down.

3.3.3: Brookhaven Hospital, 3rd Floor

The door immediately southwest of the stairwell has a key code lock in it
--ignore it for now. Handle the two monsters to the east.

The Special Treatment Room to the north is locked, so head east. The Store
Room, like the elevator, is also impassable, so go to the northwest corner of
this floor and grab the first aid kit. Everything else here is impassable or
locked, so you know we have to come back. The Roof is also locked, so it's
time to head back to the first floor. Let's put the Examination Room Key to

3.3.4: Brookhaven Hospital, 1st Floor, Part 2

Back on the first floor, go to the Examination Room (just south of the
Reception area). From there, enter the Doctor's Lounge and grab the shotgun

To the left of the door that Maria is standing near, there's a memo board with
an important note on it. It turns out that key code to the room on the third
floor is 7335. (NOTE: The locker Maria is standing in front of will
give you a message reading, "The locker's lock is broken." This doesn't mean
that if she'd move, you could open it. Rather, it's another broken lock in
Silent Hill.)

Didn't we just come from there? Maybe with all this running around, you won't
be tired after 20 feet of running.

3.3.5: Brookhaven Hospital, 3rd Floor, Part 2

Using the same staircase, we're back on the third floor at the key code door.
Enter 7335 and proceed in. There's a monster waiting for you a little ways
down the hall. Dispatch him. Every door until you reach room S3 is jammed
shut, so head right for that room.

When your enter room S3, Maria tells you she's tired and blames a hangover.
James tell her to rest, she takes some medication and falls asleep. Grab the
Roof Key off the nightstand and be on your way.

Rooms S4 and S5 are jammed, so head across the hall to the Shower Room.
There's a weird green slime near the drain. You're hand is too thick and the
bent needle isn't quite long enough. Perhaps if there was something to dangle
that needle in the drain. (It's coming...) It's time to go to the roof.

3.3.6: Brookhaven Hospital, Rooftop

Open the rooftop door and head south and then east. On the ground, there's a
diary that's worth a quick read. Who's diary is this? What does it mean?

Other than that, there's not much up here, so it's time to head back down to
wake up Maria. Or is it?

When you head back to the roof door, there's something holding it closed on the
other side. Oh hell. There's another door to the northeast. Maybe you can
get there...

As soon as you're in reach of the other door, whatever was holding the door
closed comes barreling out. Remember the Red Pyramid Head? It's him, it's a
cut scene, and you're about to take a big hit. You're tossed off the roof with
the slightest of ease, but somehow you live. You're now in the Special
Treatment Room on the third floor.

3.3.7: Brookhaven Hospital, 3rd Floor, Part 3

Immediately use a first aid kit. You just fell a long way if you're probably
very close to dead. Only the second door from the west is unlocked. Go in
there and look at the blood splattered on the wall. Make out another four
digit code and write it down along with the code you found in section 3.3.2.
This is NOT the key code used to open the door on the third level.

Head back over to the hallway where Maria is (the one with the key code,
southwest of the third floor stairwell), and get a weapon out. There's at
least three monsters in the hall, although they're far enough apart to handle
with the steel pipe. Make your way down to room S11 (rooms S4 through S10 are
all broken), grab the health drink, and use the save point.

Rooms S12 and S13 are jammed, so S14 is the last room, and it's got a little
puzzle for you. On the west wall, there's some scribbling that reads, "Louise,
I will take care of you four ever. It's my destiny!" (It's spelled like

At the south end of the room, there's a locked box with four locks on it. The
left numeric lock takes the code you wrote down from the Special Treatment
Room. The right numeric lock takes the code from the typewriter in section
3.3.2. (You wrote it down, right?) Now, use the Lapis Eye Key to remove the
chains and the Purple Bull Eye key to finally open the box.

Inside you find... hair! Before you start scratching your own hair, remember
that drain with green slime near it in the Shower Room on this floor? Remember
you couldn't quite reach it? Using the hair and the bent needle, you can.

Head back to the Shower room (across the hall from S5), combine the hair and
the bent needle, and go to town. After a short cut scene, out comes the
Elevator Key. No more playing stairmaster in this building.

Head over to the elevator (across from room S8), get in (really, it's safe),
and go down to the first floor. (There's nothing new on the second floor.)
Note that you may want to save your game first in room S11 as you're headed for
another boss battle.

3.3.8: Brookhaven Hospital, 1st Floor, Part 3

You're close to meeting the next boss, so equip the shotgun. The stairs,
hallway, and room C4 are all broken, so head to C3. In there, you'll find a
box of shotgun shells and a box of ammo. Grab both and head out.

Rooms C1 and Bath 1 are broken, the Restroom is blocked off, and Examining Room
2 is locked, so it looks as if C2 is your other choice. In here, you'll find
Laura playing with some stuffed animals.

She explains that she knows Mary because they were in the same hospital last
year. I didn't know hospitals kept corpses two years after they died, but
James is as tactful as possible. He tried to help Laura get out of the
building, but then Laura remembers she forgot something important. It's a note
from Mary in Examining Room 2. Excited, James enters the room after Laura
unlocks it, and as usual, the little brat locks James in. Only, this time,
there's a boss character waiting.

There's two of these things I'll call Soccer Players because they are hanging
from the ceiling and they attack with their feet. Regardless of their names,
they're fairly easy. Use your strafe and run buttons a lot, and keep pounding
them with shotgun blasts. If you run out of shotgun ammo, the handgun isn't
half bad here. It's easiest if you run to and from opposite corners; i.e.,
northeast to southwest.

After the first two are dead, one more will drop out. He's got the same
attacks. They'll all choke you with what is presumably their feet or, if
you're in kicking distance, they'll give you a whack that way as well.
Dispatch this guy the same way.

Once they're done, you get another cut scene. This is a bizarre cut scene that
doesn't make too much sense, but it's a tad disturbing nonetheless. Finally,
in what seems like a flashback to the original Silent Hill, you're back in the
hospital, only now it's been altered and made "more evil". (Yes, blood and
gore and the walking dead were apparently the "normal" hospital.)

4.1: Brookhaven Hospital (Altered), 1st Floor

You start off in the Garden (not available in the normal hospital), but it's
completely walled in, so go through the only door you can. Grab the shotgun
shells on the south wall and use the save point on the west wall. Oh, and note
that everything is rusted (or rusting) and even gorier. Neat.

The door to the Shower Room is broken, so head east back to the hallway you
were just in with Laura. The elevator still works, but don't hop in yet. If
you haven't noticed, your map is missing all the red markings from the normal
hospital, so we've got a little exploring to do.

The stairs and rooms C4 and C3 are locked, but C2 isn't. Head in there and wax
the monster waiting for you. After he's dead, grab the first aid kit. You'll
hear glass shattering from the east, presumably to creep you out even more.

Head over to room C1, kill the monster and grab the health drink and the
handgun bullets. Where was that shattering glass coming from?

********** TIP **********
If you haven't noticed yet, the monsters are much more difficult now. Some
will take upwards of 20 bullets to kill. If it's just you versus a single
monster, it's best to use the steel pipe for now. You can always pause and
switch weapons should you happen across a big group of enemies.

The rest of the doors on the first floor are broken, so it's time to use the
elevator to head up one floor.

4.1.1: Brookhaven Hospital (Altered), 2st Floor

There's three monsters in the hall, but they're separated enough to take out
one at a time. Be warned though that one is to the west and two to the east.
In other words, don't let one sneak up behind you and get a hit on you.

After they're dead, start looking around. The staircase door is still broken,
so head south to room M4. There's two monsters just waiting for you here, so
be careful; switch to the shotgun if needed. After they're dead grab the
health drink and shotgun shells and head back to the hall.

Room M5 is locked, so continue west to M6. In here, there's a lot of
information. First, grab the shotgun shells and first aid kit. Head to the
south side of the room and read the note. On the east wall, you'll find the
dry cell battery as well as the Basement Storeroom Key. (Basements are never
good news in horror games.) Finally, look at the wall from where you just took
the battery and key. What are those hands?

Going back out to the hallway, head east. Rooms M1 through M3 are broken as
are the rest of the rooms, except for the Day Room at the end of the hall. The
shadows play tricks on your eyes here, so be weary.

This room is large and there are doors on the map, but you sure can't find
them. Of note is a refrigerator in the middle of the room, lying on its back.
You can try to open it, but it takes more than one person. (This explains why
James huffs and puffs after 20 feet of running.) Wait! Where's Maria? It's
time to leave this room and head for the elevator. The third floor awaits.

4.1.2: Brookhaven Hospital (Altered), 3rd Floor

Head immediately to room S3 (south and then east of the elevator). This is
where you left Maria. Upon opening the door, she's not there, but the
nightstand is littered with empty medicine bottles.

All the other doors to the east are jammed except for the door leading to the
hallway, but don't go that way yet. Instead head west to check out all the
other doors.

Heading west, all the doors are broken until you get to room S11. Curiously,
the staircase door near the elevator isn't broken -- it's locked.
Additionally, there's a picture of a woman on the door that sort of looks like
Maria, but not quite.

Regardless, enter room S11 to find an Ampoule, some shotgun shells, and a
rather disturbing note. (Remember, all notes are in the Memo area of the
Options screen.)

The rest of the doors here are broken, so head back east to the end of the hall
and take the doorway to the north. Take out the two monsters roaming the hall.

********** TIP **********
The shotgun, like all guns, does more damage at close range. To quickly kill a
monster, shoot at close range once to knock it to the ground and then stand
almost right over and shoot again. Otherwise, monsters may take three or more
shots to kill, and shotgun ammo isn't as plentiful as it once was.

The Special Treatment Room at the end of the north hall has a busted door, so
go east to the Store Room. Inside, you'll find handgun bullets, shotgun
bullets, and a first aid kit.

Kill the baddie that appears once you leave the Store Room and then head for
the stairwell as the rest of the doors are impassable. Before changing floors,
go ahead and save your game; there's a save point staring at you once you enter
the stairwell door.

The roof door as well as the second and first floor doors are all broken, so it
looks as if we have to go to the basement.

4.1.3: Brookhaven Hospital (Altered), Basement

Upon entering the Basement, you'll be in the Store Room. Pick up the shotgun
shells and then examine the shelf with bloody handprints on it. Move it to the
side and go through the passage is reveals.

When you try to go through, Maria bursts through the passageway and nearly
yells at you for leaving her in the normal hospital. She then goes on to
explain that, although she just met Laura, she feels like she should protect
her. I suppose stranger things could happen. (Why the bloody handprints on
the shelf? Who's were those?)

Now, take the ladder downstairs and grab the one item down there: a Copper
Ring, Remember the note about the ring in section 4.1.1? (It's called "The
Basement's Basement" in the Memo section of the Options screen.) You found the
precious ring.

It's time to head back up to the third floor.

4.1.4: Brookhaven Hospital (Altered), 3rd Floor, Part 2

Head back to the stairwell door near the elevator. (Use the map if you're
lost.) Examine the door and you'll be told that the painting of the woman on
the door's hand actually sticks out. Put the copper ring on her hand.

But wait! The door is still locked! It takes two rings as it turns out, but
where's the other ring? Remember that refrigerator in the Day Room on the
second floor that takes two people to open? It's time to head back there.

4.1.5: Brookhaven Hospital (Altered), 2nd Floor, Part 2

In the elevator on the way down, the radio you've relied on for so long to warn
you about nearby monsters suddenly has reception. In what is perhaps a
misplaced, light-hearted game show called Trick or Treat, James is the main

The three questions are all about events that took place in the original Silent
Hill. Answering the questions (done in a little bit) is optional, so those
that didn't play the first game aren't left to guess. Don't worry about
remembering the questions and the three choices for each -- you'll come across
them again in a minute

After the rather lengthy game show broadcast, the door slides open. Head over
to the second floor Day Room -- go south and then east to the end of the hall
-- and locate the refrigerator in the middle of the room. Let's see what's
been kept chilled for us.

The refrigerator reveals the lead ring. It's the other ring needed to open the
staircase on the third floor. However, the show Trick or Treat told us to go
to the Store Room on the third floor if we wanted to play the game. Let's head
there first, as the reward is good.

4.1.6: Brookhaven Hospital (Altered), 3rd Floor, Part 3

Head to the Store Room (just east of the unlocked stairwell door) and in there,
you'll find a big, jeweled box. Examine it and you'll see three rows of three
buttons each. The rows are named "Q1", "Q2", and "Q3". The headers across the
top are "1", "2", and "3".

To open the box, go to row Q1 and press the 3 button. It's the Lakeside
Amusement Park. On row Q2, press the 1 button. Mr. Sullivan killed those
kids. And finally, on row Q3, press the 3 button. The road to South Vale is
Nathan Avenue. It looks like this (with an "X" marking the button to press:

1 2 3
Q1 . . X
Q2 X . .
Q3 . . X

Inside, you'll find five boxes of shotgun ammunition as well as two ampoules.
This is a nice treat indeed. Note that if you mess up the buttons, you get
sprayed with poison and you cannot try the combination again. That's the trick
part of Trick or Treat.

********** TIP **********
What is an ampoule? It's a carried-over item from the original Silent Hill.
It replenishes your health to 100% and actually makes you invincible for a
short amount of time. In other words, use them sparingly. Note that if you
tried to look it up in a dictionary and didn't find it, it's probably there as

Head back to the stairwell near the elevator and let's put those rings on her
fingers to see what we get. Applying both rings only gets you access to the
stairwell, but were moments away from a weird cutscene so push onward.

Head down the stairs. Halfway between the thirs and second floors, there's a
note with an important clue on it. We need to go to the Director's Room on the
first floor to make sense of it.

4.1.7: Brookhaven Hospital (Altered), Basement, Part 2

The door to the first floor won't open, so continue to what would normally be
the basement. Instead of a basement, you're greeted with a rather long hall
and an unpleasant surprise.

A short way into the hallway, you'll hear something dragging along behind you.
It's the Red Pyramid Head thing and it won't leave you alone. Start to run
and don't stop running. (If Maria gets caught and dies, you have to start
again from your last save point.)

Note that this isn't a straight hallway. There's a lot of 90 degree turns and
it can be disorienting. If you get confused, stop at a corner and turn
sideways. Your head will turn in the direction Maria is coming from, so go the
other way.

After a bit, you'll come to an elevator and the game switches to a cut scene.
In this scene, James is trying to keep the elevator door open. Unfortunately,
he can't and well, it appears that Maria may be no more. James is somehow on
the first floor of the hospital agin. Everything's locked except the
Director's Room, so go there, grab the Hospital Key, read the note, and head
out the front door. Save before heading if you want -- there's a save point
right in front of the exit door.

********** HINT **********
From Freddy Perez: Red Pyramid Head is only interested in Maria. Since you
have to restart if she dies, it may be helpful to slow down Red Pyramid Head.
To do this, aim for his legs and then continue to run. He'll slow down enough
to where Maria shouldn't take any damage from him at all.

5.1: Path to Historical Society

Ah, the great, foggy outdoors. Only it's not foggy anymore. It's pitch black
and everything is gory and rusty like it was in the altered hospital. Neat.

Head south on Carroll Street and then west on Rendell. (Note: We can't go
straight to the Historical Society because we need the wrench and the note
explained by the note in the Director's Room in the altered hospital.)

Rendell is a dead-end to the west, but there's a first aid kit and a health
drink in front of the trunk of the car here as well as an ampoule and a box of
handgun bullets in the southeast corner of the dead-end. Not bad for a short

Turn back around and head east on Rendell. About halfway to Munson street on
the north side of the road (across from the first unnamed building), you'll
find two boxes of shotgun shells and one box of rifle -- yes, rifle --
ammunition. Grab them and continue east on Rendell.

At Munson St., head south (there's nothing to the north) and go past Saul
Street. At the south east part of the dead-end, there's a few boxes of handgun
ammunition. Head back north and then go east on Saul.

At the southeast corner of Saul and Munson, just a little east on Saul, there's
a pair of health drinks to grab. Continue east into the draped over area and
head through the gate.

From here, you're walking on metal grating for the next hundred or so feet,
continuing east. Note that there are holes in the grating. Don't worry -- you
can't fall through. You'll hear weird noises, and it turns out there are
monsters crawling around on the underside of the grating. Don't let them get
near your feet or you'll take fairly significant damage. Hurry through here to
the other side and open the gate.

Now, you're back on Saul Street, right near the mobile home from section 2.4.
Head in there and save your progress. We're going back to Neely's Bar to
investigate again.

5.1.1: Path to Historical Society, Part 2

Leave the trailer and continue east on Saul Street. In front of the first car
you'll pass on the south side of the road, there's a pair of shotgun shell
boxes. Continue east to Neely Street. At the northwest corner of Neely and
Saul, there's a first aid kit for the taking.

Head north on Neely. Just inside the parking lot of the Happy Burger, right
under the drive-thru window sign, there's a box of rifle shells. In the
southeast part of the Happy Burger parking lot, there's another box of shells.
Grab both and then head over to Neely's Bar.

At the main entrance to the bar (not the one you can enter through), there's a
box of handgun bullets to take. Enter the bar and look on the south wall.
There's a lovely message for you that reads, "If you really want to see Mary,
you should just die. But you might be heading to a different place than Mary,

Okay. Someone we've met already has to have written this, but it's written in
blood. How did they know your name? Why taunt you?

Leave the bar and head east on Sanders street. On the south side of the street
just before you get to Lindsey Street, there's a short staircase that leads to
a blue door. At the top of the stairs are two boxes of shotgun shells. Grab
them and head north on Lindsey.

Just past the Mexican food place, there's a house with the wrench and the
letter on it. You'll know you're in the right place because the camera will
shift to an overhead view and allow you to see the porch with the items on it.
Grab the wrench and read the note.

5.1.2: Path to Historical Society, Part 3

It looks as if we have to stop by Rosewater Park again. You remember how to
get there, right? Here we go.

Head north on Lindsey to Katz Street. At the corner of Katz and Lindsey in the
main entrance to Cafe Texan, there's a box of handgun bullets. Continue west
on Katz Street, past both apartment complexes we went through earlier.

If you look on the map, Katz Street used to be blocked off further to the west,
but it's not anymore. Instead, there's a note that reads, "The door that wakes
in darkness, opening into nightmares." Apparently, the fog locks it and the
darkness opens it. Head on through.

Continue west on Katz to Munson Street, and then head north. (There's nothing
to the south.) Take a short detour and head east on the dead-end street that
leads to the Blue Creek Apartments. At the dead-end, there's a health drink to

Turn around and continue north on Munson. Stop at Jack's Inn to save if you
like. (The save point is on the trunk of a car in the back parking lot in case
you forgot.)

Finally, continue north by northeast and reenter Rosewater Park on the parking
lot side. The space you need to go to is circled in red on your map. (If
you've been using this guide, this area is familiar territory.)

Find the statue of the woman and look behind it. There's a small brown patch
to be examined. Dig on the patch of raised ground and you'll reveal a small
box that's closed with bolts. Put the wrench to use to open the box. It
contains the Old Bronze Key.

Head south out of Rosewater Park and the west/northwest all the way up Nathan
Ave. until you're at the Silent Hill Historical Society Building. Go to the
front door (in the northwestern part of the parking lot) and use the bronze
key. Finally! The Historical Society awaits!

5.2: Silent Hill Historical Society

Before you even move, look at the map. You were headed almost due north when
you entered this door. Now, without moving, you're facing due south, according
to the map. Let's do the time warp again...

Save your game using the save point on the desk and then head into the open
doorway as the only other door (besides the exit) is broken.

In here, there's some paintings with placards underneath them. Check out the
paintings, and then move into the next room -- it's the only way you can

There's more paintings and placards, so again, look at everything and note it.
It's time to head down the path through the hole in the wall.

This is an extremely long pathway, but eventually, you'll come to a door. Go
through it and grab the first aid kit off the table to your right. There is
also a document here, but all you can make out is the date of a prisoner record
from 1820. What sort of Historical Society has prisoners? Where have we ended

There's only one way out (besides the way you came in), so go through that
door. Iron bars? Dank hallways? You're in Toluca Prison.

5.3: Toluca Prison

Without dropping the soap, head into the prison and take a right as there's
nothing to the left. The first door on the right wall reveals a room with
handgun bullets in it. Grab them and continue head to the right as best you

You'll come to a room with a big hole in the floor. While I personally don't
recommned falling down holes, it's what you have to do here.

You end up in a well (without taking damage somehow). Since there's no
directional info, search the circular wall you're surrounded by until it reads
something besides, "It's just a wall." Eventually, the description will read,
"Huh, this is different..."

Once you find that spot on the wall (I wish I could give a better indicator as
to its location), equip the steel pipe if it's not already equipped and hit the
wall there twice. It will crumble and reveal a door.

5.3.1: Toluca Prison, Sewers

There's only one direction to go here, so take it, killing the monsters along
the way. Around the first turn, you'll see a door down a hallway. It's
locked. A little bit obscured is a doorway to the right in that hallway. Take

Open the first door on your right. On the ground is the Spiral-Writing Key.
Pick it up. Suddenly, your flashlight will turn off and the door you entered
in is locked.

Go to the inventory screen and use the Dry Cell Battery you found long ago. It
will get the flashlight back on. However, once it's lit again, you'll find a
room full of cockroach-like things.

To the right of the door, there's a small key code panel that has lit buttons
on it. This seems to be a random puzzle, so try every combination you can to
get the damn door open again. (For me, the combination was 653, but that
doesn't seem to be consistent.)

Exit the room and take a right. You'll come to another hole in the floor, but
it's locked by a steel gate. Use the Spiral-Writing Key you just found and
drop down. Let's see what Eddie's up to.

5.3.2: Toluca Prison, Part 2

Upon dropping in here, you mysteriously take no damage again. More
importantly, there's a cut scene with Eddie. He's got a pistol and he explains
that killing people is easy. Judging by the corpse in here, perhaps it is for
him. After a bit, he denies killing anyone and then leaves. What the hell is
wrong with that boy?

Search around the room you're in and pay attention to James' headtracking.
You'll find a health drink, some handgun bullets, the Tablet of Gluttonous Pig,
and a save point.

The door right next to the save point is locked, so head through the door that
Eddie went through. To your right, there are some jail bars, so hang a left.

Through the opening in the barrier on the desk, there are some useless
documents as well as a box of handgun bullets. Continue and you'll pass two
doors (one on the left and one on the right) until you come to the next desk.
There's a prison map on it and a map is exactly what you need.


III. Secrets and Cool Features

6.1: The Theme Music

To hear the theme music (a slightly grungy alternative rock piece), simply load
the game as normal and then wait for a few minutes at the opening screen.
Eventually, the game will start the music and show you clips of many of the cut
scenes used throughout the game. Note that some of these clips may act as
spoilers, but the tune is pretty cool.

IV. History, Credits, and Thanks

7.1: Walkthrough History

v1.9: Inside Toluca Prison now. Just got the map. Added a new tip. Changed
the numbering to accomodate new areas.

v1.8: Finished the amazingly long and relatively uneventful path to the Silent
Hill Historical Society. Documented every item I could find as there were a
lot of things to pick up. Minor grammatical and spelling corrections as usual.

v1.7: Finished the altered Brookhaven Hospital. Added a "Secrets and Cool
Features" section, although it's only got one entry. Once again, found silly
grammatical and spelling errors and fixed them. About to start the long path
to the Historical Society.

v1.6: The altered Brookhaven Hospital is just about done. Very little left
here, but I'm tired. Grammar and spelling checked again. Changed a few tips
and added some new ones. Considering adding a "secrets" section.

v1.5 - Finished the normal Brookhaven Hospital. Made major
revisions/corrections to spelling and grammar. Gave permission to to use this walkthrough.

v1.4 - Most of Brookhaven Hospital is done. It's left with the roof and a few
other puzzles. Changes were made to the order of information in the
walkthrough and a few more tips were added.

v1.3 -Face off with Red Pyramid Head is complete. New part of the map opens
up. Rosewater Park is completed. Heading down Nathan Ave. Added notes
throughout the text, corrected some referential notes, and changed the
numbering a little.

v1.2 - The Wood Side Apartments walkthrough is now complete. The Blue Creek
Apartments is nearly complete. The first two floors are completed and the
first boss is about to be discovered. Corrected the spelling and grammar in
some areas.

v1.1 - The Wood Side Apartments description is about halfway completed.
Changed some previous information and added a few new pieces of information.

v1.0 - This is the first version of the walkthrough. It's very incomplete as I
started the game over to replay it and note where things are. It leads up to
entering The Wood Side Apartments.

7.2: Credits

Freddy Perez - Gave me the hint about slowing down Red Pyramid Head in section

Other than that, it's just me. As I get more information from various people,
they will be given full credit here.

7.3: Thanks

Thanks to Konami for continuing with this superlative series. Without them,
there's no game. Thanks also to David Chen and Chris Kramer at Konami of
America for sending me the game early. I worked with them at
for over a year and lucky me, now they're in PR at Konami.

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