Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2

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Written by endeviguel (

Copyrighted 2001

1. Introduction
2. Version History
3. Walkthrough
4. Secrets
5. Codes
6. Q&A
7. Author's Note
8. Credits


You all know the drill here. This is my property, my work, my
devoted time put into this walkthrough for YOU, the gamers, so don't
steal any of it, duplicate any of it, or manipulate any of it. If you
want to print it for personal use, be my guest. If there's something
you'd like to add to yours or would like to put this up on your web
site, ask me. Anything else is unacceptable. For everyone that's
written an FAQ before, you know how much effort is placed into these,
so please show a little respect towards it, okay? It's the least you
could do in return for getting you through the tight spots.
SECTION TO GET THE ENDING YOU WANT. Don't worry, I don't give the
endings away. There are no huge spoilers given away until AFTER they
occur in the game.
Basically, the walkthrough was originally set on hard difficulty,
but now I've gone all out and given you all of the puzzle solutions in
every difficulty! Please, no need to praise me. I'm pretty sure the
item locations and whatnot are the same throughout so that shouldn't be
a problem. If something is not there that I have stated, then it must
not be there in certain difficulties and I'm sorry. Also, take note
that is walkthrough does not waste time telling you about the blocked
doors, it is a direct path straight through the game. This eliminates
any confusion and makes it easier to follow. Enough senseless cantor,
lets move on to the walkthrough!


Ver. 0.1
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Ver. 0.2
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We kick things off with a cool CG in a crummy old bathroom on the
outskirts of town at the Observation Deck. After the cut scenes, get
the MAP from his car. There's only one direction to go after this, and
that's down the steps to the dirt path leading us into Silent Hill.
After a while of running, you'll find a well on your right with a SAVE
point inside. Use it if you want, but it's not really needed yet.
Afterward, follow through the gates into a cemetery where you'll meet
Angela. After the peculiar conversation with her, continue across and
through some more gates. Follow the road (if this is your second time
through the game you'll find a CHAINSAW in a stack of wood to your
right) until you reach a gate door. Go through and follow the road the
rest of the way into Silent Hill.
We come out on Sanders St. To the east is a dead end, across the
street is a flower shop. To the east of the flower shop is a table with
a FIRST AID KIT on it. Snatch that up and continue west. When you make
it to the intersection of Sanders St. and Lindsey St., you'll see blood
streaks heading north up Lindsey St. and catch a glimpse of something.
Before following it, head south and pick up the HEALTH DRINK on the
steps of the building on the west side of the road. You can't continue
west down Sanders yet so go north up Lindsey. The west side of the road
is nothing but houses and it dead-ends at the northern tip too. The
east side has a HEALTH DRINK right in front of a garage door before
Vachss Rd. Before going down that road, go straight across the street
and read that weird monument in the yard of the house. It reads as

Remains of ___Swamp. The ___ers of land surround__
__is monument was originally swamp, but was later fil__
Fr___ng ago t___s nicknamed Blood Swamp because the ___ers
poured the wat__ __sed to wash the ex___ols in here.
Perhaps it's fo____ that many pe___m to have s___ ___n the

Not sure what it means quite yet, but should keep it mind
nonetheless. Now, down Vachss Rd. stop at the little area on the right.
It has a SAVE, and TWO HEALTH DRINKS. One is by the table, the other in
the grass. You might want to save this time. Up the trail some more
you'll start hearing the all too familiar radio. Watch the cut scene,
then beat the crap out of that creature. Basically, a tactic I use is
wait until it hurls, then run up quickly and continuously pummel it
with the board. After another cut scene, exit from where you came. One
more cut scene will initiate before you can go on.
Head back to Lindsey St. and go all the way back down to Sanders
and go west. On the right side of the road is a HEALTH DRINK on some
steps. Cross back over to Happy Burger and get a FIRST AID KIT beside
the trash bin. Go south on Neely St. and turn west onto Saul St. Go
into the camper and check out the map. It tells you to go to Neely's
Bar, so let's hit it! Save if you want to here also. Take note, Neely
blocks off to south, Saul blocks off to west (for now) and Harris is
completely blocked off. North on Neely's stay on the left side and get
the FIRST AID KIT under the Chiropractic and Sports Injury Center. Now,
go to Neely's Bar on the right side and go inside. There's a map that
you will copy from, circling the Wood Side Apartment Building and
putting a "?" on Martin St. Notice on the windows before leaving that
there is a message that says: "There was a HOLE here. It's gone now."
...Odd, huh?
Start up Martin St. and grab HEALTH DRINK on the right before
Katz St. Then cross over Katz and continue north up Martin. After the
car on the left is another HEALTH DRINK. Get the APARTMENT GATE KEY
from the dead body against the fence. Head back and go west. Now, you
see Lucky Jade Restaurant on your map? Go there and pick up the FIRST
AID KIT and HANDGUN BULLETS before going all the way to the apartments.
North on Neely is blocked, west on Katz is blocked too, but there's a
message on the wall that says: "The door that wakes the darkness,
opening into nightmares." And a locked door beside it. So many things
without answers already! Don't you love it?

Part 2: Wood Side Apartment Building

Unlock the gates and head into the apartment area. Just head
straight through the two blue double doors into the building. On the
left wall is the MAP FOR APARTMENT BUILDING, on the right is a SAVE,
and right in front of you is a HEALTH DRINK. The door down here can't
be opened yet so go up to the second floor. Before heading in, check
out the map and find room 205. See it? When you go through the door
into the hallway, run straight to it, don't attempt to fight any of the
creatures, they'll gang up on you. Inside 205 is the FLASHLIGHT. Grab
it and run back out because a mannequin type monster will start after
you. Go back to the stairs and go to the third floor. There's a key on
the other side of the bars but when you reach for it a girl runs up and
kicks it away. Go to room 301 and get your HANDGUN. Now we're talking.
Go back to the second floor. Oddly enough, all of the enemies are
gone. Go into the room to your immediate right and notice that the
garbage chute is clogged. Now, head down the hall and you'll hear a
yell. Go north to room 208. As you get there your radio will start up
and you'll see an odd looking person standing on the other side of the
bars. It won't do anything so go into 208. Surprise! Looks like someone
had fun with the owner of this apartment. Anyway, grab the ROOM 202 KEY
off of the bookshelf and head to room 202. The monsters are back, but
just do more dodging. It might be hard doing this for a while but you
get pretty good later on.
In 202 there is a HEALTH DRINK in the kitchen. Red butterflies
are loose in this room, along with a lot of other dead ones. In the
room to the right there is a hole in the wall. Go ahead, reach inside.
Out comes a CLOCK KEY! Go back to 208. On the table to the right is a
notepad with this riddle:

Three needles stand of
Three different heights.
The fat, the tall and the thin.
From slow to fast they
Move to the right.
Scott rests not on three,
But fifteen.

(Note: this riddle may be different according to difficulty, but the
answer to this one is always the same, no matter what)

Now go into the room to the left and you'll see a grandfather
clock with this written on the side: "The scars from the past shall
remove the nail that stops time." Right, now on the opposite wall are
the names Henry, Mildred, and Scott, each with a line beside each name.
Figured out the puzzle yet?
CLOCK PUZZLE: Now, here's how it works. Scott is actually the
seconds hand on the clock, stuck at 15 seconds. Makes sense right?
Well, if that's the case then Henry must resemble the hours hand
Henry=Hours, Mildred=Minutes! Still following me? Good. Now, the lines
on the wall tell you where those hands are supposed to be pointing, and
if you get creative and hold a clock up to it, you'll see that the time
comes out to...9:10. Go unlock the clock with the key, push the hands
around to 9:10, hear the click, and then push the clock to the side.
Now we're in 209. SAVE if you want, grab the HEALTH DRINK from
the kitchen, then head out and go through the blue door leading to the
staircase. Go to the third floor and grab the BULLETS at the top. Go
through the door and go to room 307. Cut scene! Now this is flat-out
freaky stuff! Afterwards, grab the COURTHOUSE KEY in the closet. Leave
and go to room 303, it has a FIRST AID KIT and a HEALTH DRINK, but be
fast, there's monsters in there. Leave the room and turn left to find
the FIRE ESCAPE KEY lying on the ground. Then get the HANDGUN BULLETS
in the laundry room. Take the stairs at the east end down to the first
floor and grab the CANNED JUICE at the end of the hall. Unlock the
double doors and run all the way back to the first two sets up double
Go back to the second floor and toss that canned juice down the
garbage chute from earlier. Back outside go to the dumpster and pick up
the OLD MAN COIN and read the article. Afterward, head back into the
double doors once again.
Now you can go through that door that was locked earlier. Outside
in the courthouse is the pool. Lure the monsters inside away from the
carriage in the middle, hop down, grab the SNAKE COIN from inside the
carriage, climb back out of the pool, and head through the door on the
east side of the courthouse. Go to room 104 to get some HANDGUN
BULLETS. When you exit, unlock the blue door beside you. Then go to
room 101. Inside you'll find HANDGUN BULLETS and the sound of someone the door on the left side of the room and meet our new


After the cut scene with Eddie, head back to the second floor. At
the left end of the floor use the fire escape key on the blue door. It
will open up to another building, the fire escape gone from this one.
You end up climbing over into Blue Creek Apartments. You'll end up in a
new apartment room. First get the WALLET that is clogging up the toilet
and get the slip of paper from inside with the code on it. What do you
have to do with this? Go into the next part of the room and you'll see
a safe. Here's what you need to do:
SAFE PUZZLE: If you have it on easy or hard mode, the digits
should be all numbers. If you are playing hard, then you'll probably
find these roman numerals: "X" and "V." The "X" equals 10 and the "V"
equals 5. Now, here's an example: X4. Just add the two together.
10+4=14. Another example is VV. That's two 5's, making 10. Understand?
Okay, now to put the combination in simply put the lock on the first
number, it doesn't matter which direction for the first one that you
turn it to. Okay, now if you have arrows pointing right to the next
number, push right. The next says left, push left on the d-pad. It's
simpler than it tries to look.
Solution by renholder:
The numbers only go 1-9. After 9, letters take their place. A=1, b=2,
c-3 and so on. Take the number of the letter and add 9 onto it to get
the number you need. For instance you have 8>>f<<4>>g, it will equal
8>>15<<4>>16. F=6+9. G=7+9. Good job renholder.
Before leaving this room pick up the health drink in the kitchen
section, then head out of this room.
Now, let's find a map, shall we? Exit the room and dodge the
monsters until you find the stairway door across the hall (the white
door). In the stairway you'll find the MAP OF BLUE CREEK APARTMENT
BUILDING to your immediate left on the floor. Okay, now you know where
you're going. Unfortunately, every door on the second floor is locked,
but there is a note on room 209, so check that out and then head back
to the stairs.
We're gonna take a trip to the first floor now. In the laundry
room to your left is a FIRST AID KIT. Head straight across the hall to
room 105 and check out the desk against the wall with the incredibly
long riddle, which varies by difficulty. You have two coins at the
moment, but there's still one more we need to get in order to figure
this one out. Luckily, it's easy to get. (If this is your second time
through the game, you'll find the WHITE CHRISM on the table in the
kitchen.) All of the other rooms on the first floor are locked besides
room 109, so head there. Inside pick up the HANDGUN BULLETS and head
through the next door. Here we'll run across Angela again. Cut scene!
Afterward pick up the KNIFE and the final coin, the PRISONER COIN, from
the table. Now head back to room 105 to get this puzzle figured out.
THE COINS PUZZLE: Basically, the solution is different for every
difficulty. Here's how you do it for easy: old man, empty, snake,
empty, prisoner. For normal it's empty, old man, prisoner, empty,
snake. And for hard it's empty, old man, empty, snake, prisoner. Inside
you'll find the Lyne House Key the note on the door was talking about
on the second floor. You know where to go!
EXTRA HARD MODE: This one was pretty complicated but if you read
it carefully enough, you can figure it out. It took me about 20 minutes
to really understand it and find the answer.

Like the coins in the hazy
aether tossed
Ours souls must by
their sinful weight
Descend to earth
with lightness lost
To "right" the sins
that they hath laid.
When thrice in falling they intone
The Happiness shall be thy own
The first note be not
the Horned One rung
Though it be there that
all sins be sprung
The Bringer of Life and
The Bringer of Shame
The sins of the latter be
even more tame.
Though coming
in the Aged One's wake
The Formless One's soul
in fear doth quake.
The Needless One, silent,
with hungers all sated.
Is least then in sin
With his lusts all abated.
For the gravest of sinners
His place be appointed
And if he be lucky
May his soul be anointed.

The Aged one is the Old Man, who is in the first slot. He is
a bringer of life and shame. It says the Horned One, the Formless One
trails behind him on the third falling. Thus the snake coin is in the
third slot. Finally, the Needless One is silent and is kept away from
sinning, all hungers sated in his prison. Obviously, he pays for his
sins by being close to the Horned One (who I assume is the devil), so
place the prisoner right after the snake.


Old Man, space, Snake, Prisoner, space

Inside of 209 you need to cross over into 208 by the open balcony
point. You seriously might want to save now. *hint hint*Now use the key
you just got on the stairway across the hall from you in the northern
tip. Cut scene!
Thanks to "mysticalosx" for the new strategy:
This turns out being easier than assumed. Simply keep a distance
away from him, dodging his swings. You don't have to waste one bullet
on him. You see, the battle is timed, meaning it'll only last for a
certain amount of time. After a bit, an alarm will sound and the
pyramid head will retreat down the water filled stairway, which then
drains soon after he leaves. Don't follow him or you'll be left "two"
die. In other words, he'll cut you in half!
After he disappears from sight, take the stairs down and exit out
the door. The apartment buildings are done!


To the west you'll find a FIRST AID KIT, but the road is blocked
from there, so go north. Cut scene! It's that Laura girl who was such a
nuisance back in the apartment building. After the confusing
conversation, continue north. Don't pass up the stairs on the left that
lead up to TWO BOXES OF HANDGUN BULLETS! Okay, now cross Nathan Ave.
and go to Rosewater Park. Take the first left to get TWO BOXES OF
HANDGUN BULLETS and a HEALTH DRINK. Head back and continue north. To
the right is another box of HANDGUN BULLETS. Further north to the right
is a HEALTH DRINK beside a viewer. Now, you're at the water now, right?
Okay, go west and...cut scene! This is Maria, and she is now going to
accompany you. She's weaponless, so you pretty much have to guide and
protect her. To make things easy, just run, she'll follow and usually
doesn't get hit. She CAN die! Don't hit her for fun, you might just
kill her.
Now exit the park and pick up a HEALTH DRINK being guarded by a
mannequin on the right on your way out (it's after you leave the actual
park). Across the street is Jack's Inn. You can SAVE with the save
point on the trunk of the blue car in the parking area, then get the
HANDGUN BULLETS across Monson St. at the corner. Go south on Monson and
pick up a HEALTH DRINK at the alley to the left. On Katz go west to
altogether, just along that road). Head back norther and follow Nathan
up to Texxon Gas. (If you've seen the Rebirth ending or the three other
endings, you'll now find a doghouse with a DOG KEY in the small alcove
just west of Jack's Inn) Here you'll find a car with a STEEL PIPE
shoved through the hood. Equip this baby, finally something decent
enough to use without using ammo! Also spread about the station is
THREE HEALTH DRINKS and TWO BOXES OF AMMO.(If this is your second time
through you'll find the BOOK OF LOST MEMORIES in the news stand holder
by the main station)
Go all the way up Nathan to find a decapitated corpse and some
HANDGUN BULLETS and a map telling you that there's something at Pete's
bowling alley. On your way back pick up the FIRST AID KIT at the Silent
Hill Historical Society (which is locked as of now), then go to Pete's


Cut scene! Maria's going to wait outside for you when you go in.
Take the door to your left and another cut scene will start up with
Eddie and Laura. The conversation continues as you gain control. Just
make your way to the other side of the room and go through the door.
Laura runs off before you can say anything and you talk to Eddie a
little bit before gaining control again. Head out and Maria will meet
up saying that she tried to catch Laura. Run around back and go through
the gate door into an alley. Run to the end of it and Maria will tell
you that Laura slid through a crack between two walls. The only way to
get there is through the locked door. Maria has the keys which she
gladly opens.
Inside make your way to the front of the bar and grab the FIRST
AID KIT. Now head out the front and run down the stretch of the alley
back onto the main road. After heading south a bit you'll run into
another cut scene showing Laura retreat into the Brookhaven Hospital.
Of course, this isn't the same hospital in the first Silent Hill, it's
not half as pretty either.


Okay, when you enter snatch the MAP OF BROOKHAVEN HOSPITAL from
the wall, then head into the reception room straight across from you.
Inside you can find a save point, a memo right beside it talking of
three patients that were held here, and a HEALTH DRINK near Maria. In
the next room you'll find a letter that a doctor had typed up. Take the
PURPLE BULL KEY and head back out to the main hall. Now go up the
stairs to the second floor.
Look out for the nurses, they've got some quick, hefty blows
here, and there's usually more than one. This is where the steel pipe
will come in handy. Get to the women's locker room to find a SHOTGUN
and a BENT NEEDLE inside of a teddy bear. In the men's locker room you
can find an EXAMINATION ROOM KEY in a bloody lab coat. Now go through
the doors across from the stairway. Make your way to the examining room
3 and grab the FIRST AID KIT from the mattress. Before heading out,
check out the typewriter with the carbon paper left in it. Take note of
whatever number you receive from it, you'll need it later.
To sum things up on the rest of this floor for now, make a stop
at M2 for SHOTGUN SHELLS and the LAPIS EYE KEY, stop at M3 for HANDGUN
BULLETS, a HEALTH DRINK, and a nurse, then drop by at M6 to grab some
more SHOTGUN SHELLS and another HEALTH DRINK. Now head back to the
first floor. Use the examination room key on the examination door, then
go inside. The first part of the room has nothing really, so go into
the next part of the room and get some SHOTGUN SHELLS off of a filing
cabinet, then read the white board on the wall. If you're playing the
game on easy/normal, you'll find a 4 digit number, 7335. If you're
playing hard, you'll find a note that says the pin number is "T" this
month. Last month it was "X" and the month before that it was "Z." What
does this mean? Head to the third floor now and we'll figure it out
Nurses galore! Take them out the best you can and grab the FIRST
AID KIT in the far east corner of the hall. Go back to the double doors
and input your code.
DOOR DIGIT PUZZLE: This one is pretty simply for anyone playing
easy and normal, it's simply 7335. If you're playing hard, you have to
figure the digit out yourself. Basically, "T" needs to be inputted as
it looks, only in a certain order: 1328, each a point of "T." The doors
will unlock, and you can now go to the patient wing.
EXTRA HARD MODE: The same goes here as it would in hard mode. The
answer is still 1328 for the "T" riddle on the board in the examination
room. We got lucky on this one.
Unfortunately, this effort is short-lived, for you come across
another corridor full of nurses. Blast, hack, stab your way through
them and then head to room S3. Cut scene! Maria is feeling ill, she's
gonna stay in there from here on.
After the scene, grab the ROOF KEY from the table and then head
out. Head down to S11 and pick up a HEALTH DRINK and a SAVE point. Now
head to the roof. Walk over to the diary and read it if you want.
Besides that, there's nothing up here, so head back towards the door.
It won't open now? Go to the other one and try it. Cut scene! Looks
like the pyramid guy is wreaking havoc once more. You'll hate this, if
you're playing normal or hard, you're life will be struck down to the
last point before death. Heal yourself if you need to, then check your
map to find out where you are. The Special Treatment Room! In one of
these rooms you'll find a blood-covered wall. On the wall there will be
a four-digit number. Depending on your difficulty will depend on how
easily it can be read. Try your best to read it and write it down for
later. If there's a number that you can't figure out, just guess with
it when you use it later. Now head to room S14 on the third floor to
find another puzzle.
LOUISE PUZZLE: This box has many locks on it, don't you think?
It's quite simple really. Use the code you got from that bloody wall on
the turning combination lock, use the number from the carbon paper on
the button lock, then use both the lapis eye and purple bull keys.
Inside you'll find a few STRANDS OF HAIR.
EXTRA HARD MODE: There are no changes here. Everything is still
set up the same as it would be on hard. Once again, we got lucky. I was
looking forward to squinting at the bloody numbers for a couple hours
figuring out awkward slashes that don't resemble numbers at all.
Go to the shower room now and you'll see something down in the
green ooze-coated drain. Use both the bent needle and the hair to get
it out. You now have the ELEVATOR KEY. Now would be a good time to
save. Yeah, you know what that means, boss fight coming up.
Now go to the elevator and use the key. We're going back to the
first floor now to check out what's there. First, stop at C3 to get
SHOTGUN SHELLS and HANDGUN BULLETS, then go to C2. Cut scene! Laura
will end up locking you inside Examining Room 2?! This can't be good.
Get out your shotgun and unload on these two hangers with all
you've got. The strategy to use here is to run to a corner, turn, fire
until one gets close, then run to the other side and fire some more.
It's not too hard, but can be if you let yourself get stuck underneath
these things. If one does so happen to get you, then pound the buttons
like crazy. After killing the first two, one last one will come down.
Save your shotgun ammo, pull out the handgun and take this one out.
After the fight, things change, an all too familiar noise ricocheting
about the room.


You're now in the garden, but the area is smaller than the map
shows. Speaking of the map, all of your marks from the normal hospital
have been completely erased. The hospital has gone through a drastic
change, so it'd only make sense to start fresh, just in case other
things were now open, right?
Leave the garden and pick up the SHOTGUN SHELLS and use the SAVE
if you want, then head into the main hallway. I'm gonna tell you this
before you head inside room C1 first, so you know to do this before
hand. Equip your handgun, then when you open the door, start shooting
before the room even becomes visible. You'll know why after it loads. A
nurse was about to pounce on you! After taking her out, get the HANDGUN
BULLETS and the HEALTH DRINK. There's a FIRST AID KIT in C2 also.
Now take the elevator to the second floor. M4 has two nurses, a
HEALTH DRINK, and some SHOTGUN SHELLS. Be extremely careful in fighting
the two nurses and make sure you kill them with the gun. Stomping them
will only give the other an advantage at getting a hit in on you. Exit
then go to M6 where you'll find a BATTERY, a BASEMENT STOREROOM KEY,
HANDGUN BULLETS, and a FIRST AID KIT. There's a memo on the table that
tells you there's a ring in the basement. On the wall is a painting of
hands reaching up, searching for something....interesting.
Well, that's about it of importance for now, so go up to the
third floor by elevator. Take out the new ensemble of nurses, then
check out S3 to find that Maria is now missing. There's a good load of
pills on the desk, where they ALL hers? Well, either way, you need to
leave and go check out S11. It has some HANDGUN BULLETS and an AMPOULE
(save any ampoules that you get, they are extremely powerful healing
medications and will be needed much later on). On the bed is a poem
about an angel. The door beside the elevator is what it's talking
about. Check it out when you leave S11 and notice that there's a hand
sticking out from the door. Before going to the basement, stop in the
stock room to pick up some HANDGUN BULLETS, a FIRST AID KIT, and some
Leave and head to the stairs. In the stairway is a SAVE point.
Save if you want, then go to the basement by using the basement
storeroom key. In the back of this room is some SHOTGUN SHELLS. After
this, push the shelf to the side and head down the ladder. Cut scene!
Maria's back and very ticked off. Either way, she's sticking to you
like glue this time around. Take the ladder down and get the COPPER
RING from the blood, then head back up and take the stairs to the third
floor. Head back to the elevator. Put the copper ring on the hand, then
head down to the second floor by elevator.
Before progressing you'll suddenly hear a strange message talking
about a game show called "Trick or Treat," and the freaky part about it
is, James is the contestant! Listen to the three questions and see if
you know the answers. If not, don't worry about it, I'll give them to
you (of course).
On the second floor run to the day room and go to the
refrigerator. Maria will help you open it and you'll get the second
ring, the LEAD RING. Go back to the third floor. Before putting the
second ring on, go to the store room and answer the questions to the
game show. The answer to number 1 is 3, number 2 is 1, and number 3 is
3. Your prize? Oh nothing really, just FIVE BOXES OF SHOTGUN SHELLS
and TWO AMPOULES! Head back to the door and put the lead ring on the
hand now. It will unlock and you can now enter. Take the stairway all
the way down, stopping to read the blue book on the first bend on the
way. It talks about a director's key, whoever writing it being somewhat
illiterate due to misspellings and whatnot.
Here's the tricky part. Listen carefully, there is only one thing
to do in this hallway, and it's very important to do so the second you
go around the first corner. RUN! The pyramid head guy is after both of
you and if you don't RUN, Maria will be killed and the game is over.
Take the corners quickly and don't stop until you reach the elevator.
To make things a little easier, know the turns before you get to them,
how? Well, I'm gonna tell you. After the first turn, you'll turn left,
then left again, then you'll take a U-turn to the right, then another
left, then one last right. You're home free. Cut scene! You're home
free! You got away from the pyramid head guy! But Maria..... Maria didn't
make it... Could she really be dead?
You find yourself on the first floor, and the only door that
opens now is the director's room. Inside you'll find a MAP with some
things that you copy onto yours of places you'll want to stop at.
Snatch the HOSPITAL LOBBY KEY on the desk. Laura will run past the
window afterward. Chase after her! Save at the front doors, then leave
the hospital.


Things have changed for the worse not only in the hospital, but
all over town. Before you do anything, let's take a quick run around
South Vale and get all of the new items tossed about. Just bear with it
and you'll be fine. You'll need all of this stuff later on to be safe.
Across from the hospital is a box of SHOTGUN SHELLS. Go south on
Carroll and turn west on Rendell. There will be a FIRST AID KIT, a
HEALTH DRINK, an AMPOULE, and HANDGUN BULLETS along this end. To the
east along Rendell you'll find TWO BOXES OF SHOTGUN SHELLS, RIFLE AMMO,
DRINK. South on Monson pick up the TWO BOXES OF HANDGUN BULLETS and TWO
HEALTH DRINKS, then go east on Saul. There'll be a gate floor to go
across with hangers along it. Just run from one end to the other and go
through the door to get back to other side of town.
Along Saul you'll find a SAVE point, TWO SHOTGUN SHELLS, a FIRST
AID KIT to the west, RIFLE AMMO to the right. More RIFLE AMMO and a
FIRST AID KIT is at Happy Burger. Pass Sanders and stop in Neely's Bar
to read some more personal graffiti on the walls. Back outside get the
HANDGUN BULLETS, then head north on Neely some more to get THREE HEALTH
DRINKS, HANDGUN BULLETS, and RIFLE AMMO. Go back south to Sanders and
go east. Get SHOTGUN SHELLS on this road, cross Lindsey, then get more
SHOTGUN SHELLS and TWO HANDGUN BULLETS. Back to Lindsey, go north and
pick up the LETTER and the WRENCH at the house on the west side of the
road. You'll know which house it is when the camera angle changes on
you. Afterward continue north and get more HANDGUN BULLETS. One final
box of HANDGUN BULLETSare on the east side of Lyndsey right before
Vachss Rd.
Now go west on Katz. And go through the door that is now open at
the end of the street. Head north on Monson and go west on Nathan to
get to the Rosewater Park again. TWO SHOTGUN SHELLS are west of the
parking lot. Then there's an AMPOULE to the left after you come into
the large opening with the statue. Go behind the statue and dig there
to uncover a box. Use the wrench on the box and get the OLD BRONZE KEY
from inside. Continue around to the other side of the park and go
south. The first turn to the west, you need to take. There will be TWO
BOES OF SHOTGUN SHELLS there. Now head back the way you came and go
west on Nathan. Grab the RIFLE AMMO at the very end of the road, turn
back around and then go to the historical society building. Use the key
on the door and enter. (That wasn't too bad, right? Hope you found
everything okay).


Inside use the SAVE point. There isn't a whole lot in this
building at all, just a room full of odd, interesting pictures,
including one of our pyramid head friend. (If it's your second time
through the game you'll find the OBSIDIAN GOBLET in a broken display
case here) Go through the hole in the wall and follow the extremely
long hallway down through another door. From here on out, there is no
map, but I'll be able to direct you through this, it's pretty direct
anyway. Grab the FIRST AID KIT and check out the papers on the desk.
This paper isn't yellowed and old for nothing; it's dated back to the
1820's! Go into the next hallway and take out the patient demons and
roaches in here. The door to your right is blocked. Turn left and
follow the rest of this short hallway to a fork. The dead end is to the
left, so go right. A room to your immediate right has some HANDGUN
BULLETSD inside, along with three gruesome pictures of Toluca Prison
and the way things worked back then.
Leave the room and turn right to find a room with a large hole in
it. Jump down inside and you'll be in a well. To get out check the
walls every few inches until James notices an odd spot. Hit it with the
steel pipe twice to bring it tumbling down, revealing a door. Go
through and into a sewage hallway. There are two or three patient
demons in this hallway. Use your pipe and give them a good flogging.
The only door that'll open is the one in the alcove to the right. In
the short hallway go into the door to the right and pick up the SPIRAL-
WRITING KEY. Suddenly the flashlight will go out. Run over to the door
and go to the keypad beside it. Now bring up your menu and use the
battery to turn the flashlight back on. The room will be filled with
roaches now. Quickly use the keypad.
A multitude of things can occur with this puzzle, each time
through the game, it will be different. Basically, look at the keypad.
There should be at least 2 numbers lit up. If so, try as many different
combinations with the two as you can until it unlocks. One of the two
numbers will be used twice. If there's three numbers lit up, keep
trying different combinations until it opens.
EXTRA HARD MODE: Nothing's changed here. It's basically set up
the exact same. Don't worry. The producers make up for it later.
Back outside, turn right and go the rest of the hallway to a room
with a door on the ground. Use the spiral-writing key here and jump
down the hole.


James will now find himself in a desolate cafeteria. No wait, cut
scene! Eddie seems to be having some problems now too. After he
SAVE if you want with this save point. Exit out the same way that Eddie
did and you'll find yourself in along hallway with our good friend, the
patient demons. Take them out as travel up the hallway. On the second
table you come across, make sure you pick up the much needed MAP OF
TOLUCA PRISON. There are also HANDGUIN BULLETS in this hallway. Now go
east into the room in the middle of the hallway. It is a showering
room. Take out the two demons inside, then grab the TABLET OF "THE
SEDUCTRESS" from the open shower in the northeastern part of the room.
Now head back out.
Head south in the hallway and go into the only door left. It will
take you to the south set of jail cells. There'll be patient demons in
some of them, so be careful not to get too close. The fifth cell has
HANDGUN BULLETS, the ninth has a WAX DOLL inside. In the eastern
hallway fight your way north again, picking up a box of HANDGUN BULLETS
on the table. The middle room to the west here has some RIFLE AMMO.
This is another one of those rooms where you want to start firing
before you can see. Otherwise you'll get attacked out of nowhere like
the nurse at the hospital did.
Back out in the hallway, go north and then west through the only
other door into the northern set of jail cells. The first cell has some
strange paintings and whatnot inside. The seventh cell has the TABLET
OF "THE DEPRESSOR." Head back to the eastern hallway and go out into
the large area to the east. In the middle of the vast yard is a
scaffold with three nooses. On the front are three slots. Use the three
tablets here. When placed you'll hear a yell of a man being executed.
Go back to the doors and you'll find a HORSESHOE. Take it and go
through the doors. Cross the north set of jail cells back to the west
Don't go through the door at the far north yet, go through the
one right below it to find a FIRST AID KIT. Now go north and got
through the northwestern door. It crosses over to another hallway.
There'll be two demons waiting for you. Go into the room below it to
get the LIGHTER from the other half of the room with the FIRST AID KIT.
Go into the women's restroom and knock on the last stall. As you leave,
something tells you that there was something/someone in there. The
men's room has a SAVE point. Across the hall is the office where you
can get a FIRST AID KIT, an AMPOULE, and a HEALTH DRINK. Also read the
diary on the bookshelf and the magazine on the desk if you want.
In the back room there is the HUNTING RIFLE, SHOTGUN SHELLS, TWO
BOES OF SHOTGUN SHELLS, and a box of HANDGUN BULLETS. Back out in the
main hall go south through the gates and you'll find a door on the
ground without a handle. Melt the wax doll with the lighter and stick
the horseshoe in it to make a handle. (Combine and use all three at
once) Lift the door and jump on down once more.
You'll come out in what appears to be the morgue of the place
where all of the dead prisoners are sent. There are tons of bodies
stuffed in these holes and it's not exactly emitting a pine-fresh scent
either. Quickly make your way to the end of the area and jump ONCE
AGAIN down another hole.
Now James has come across what appears to be a mine shaft of some
sort. Open the door and jump down yet another hole. This time get on
the elevator here and pick up the FIRST AID KIT, RIFLE AMMO, HANDGUN
BULLETS, and SHOTGUN SHELLS as the elevator starts descending. Good
thing we didn't have to jump down this hole, huh? When it stops, head
off and use the SAVE point right next to the door, then make your way
through it.


(There is no map for this area in the game. You must keep your
flashlight on so that James can draw it out for you as you go. The
second you turn the light of, he stops drawing.)
Through the door you'll find yourself in a hallway. It will
branch off to the right, ahead of you will be a door with wires
blocking your way through it. Go back to the branch off in the hallway
and follow it. Scope out this meandering hallway, taking out the three
patient demons lurking about it. After you have covered all ground,
look at the map and head to the east side with the hall going from
north to south. Pick a ladder and head down. The second you the gated
floor, you know there's trouble. Hangers are below you and the pyramid
head guy is patrolling the circle. Run around, hoping that you don't
run into the pyramid head, until you find a door. Go inside. In this
room you'll find the GREAT KNIFE, that massive, heavy weapon pyramid
head had wielded earlier. Also snatch up TWO BOXES OF SHOTGUN SHELLS
and race back up the closest ladder.
Head back to the middle area of the hallway and go down the south
ladder there. There'll be some patient demons. Dispose of them, then
follow the hall to another ladder and go up. Here comes the tricky
There is a rotating cube in the middle of the room. Behind it is
a little indent in the wall. That wall corresponds with the cube. What
you need to do is rotate the cube to make a door appear AND a second
door that will lead out the other side.
For easy and normal difficulties, rotate the box so that the red
eyed face is right side up, looking at you. From here you'll either
need to rotate the cube left or right, presenting an upside down face.
Just look at the wall to see if the doors are there. If not, go the
other direction and the doors will be open.
For hard mode, the solution is different every single time
through. Basically, you'll need to sit and try out each cube face until
you figure out the solution. Every time you turn the cube, check the
wall to see if there's an opening. Once you get one, check to see what
direction you'll need to turn it to open the other one in order to
progress on. It's nothing too incredibly hard, just more time-consuming
than the easy/normal difficulties.
EXTRA HARD MODE: You really have to watch how the room works this
time. There is no solid answer here, you just have to mess around a
whole lot and hope you get a lucky turn. Just take note of where most
of the doors are, then go to the cube and place those doors on the
faces of the cube, then turn it to make it look like it would in the
room. It's like taking both things and putting them together and seeing
what will work. It's not too bad, just takes some time.
Once you're able to make it through, you'll find a room with... cut
scene! Maria is alive again? Didn't she... but how did she.... Why is she
talking like... what's going on? Yes, I know, things are getting very
confusing, but interesting. After the conversation, head back into the
cube room and grab the WIRE CUTTERS now stuck in the power box by the
ladder. Obviously, head back to the door with the wires tied across it
and cut your way through, then take the ladder down. This water-filled
hallway might confuse you, but I won't let it. There are two ladders.
After taking out the patient demons go up the first ladder you come
across, the other one will be a dead end. No need to be disoriented,
(From here on, patient demons will be scattered across the halls,
just take them out as you go along) In this hallway, turn right at the
split to another ladder. Take it back down into another water-filled
tunnel. Turn right at the split and follow it around to the other
ladder. Back upon dry land, follow the hall to the split and turn
right. This leads to another split, turn left and follow it to yet
another descending ladder. Follow the hall until it branches off to the
left. Take this hall to another ladder going back up. In this hallway
there will be HANDGUN BULLETS so make sure you snatch those up, then
take the ladder at the other end back down once more.
This water-filled tunnel might cause a problem if you want to get
TWO BOXES OF HANDGUN BULLETS. Why? Because pyramid head is down here.
If you want the handgun bullets, ignore the branch off to the left and
continue on. There will be two paths. Take the one pyramid head isn't
walking down and get to the ladder in the open room. Down the short
corridor, pick up the ammo, go back down, and use whichever path
pyramid head isn't in again back to the first branch off. Climb this
ladder up to a newspaper. Read it if you want, then use the save point
and head through the door. In the hallway you'll hear a scream.
Entering the door nearby you'll see....cut scene! Angela appears to be
having problems with our next boss.
This boss is pretty rough, being stuck in a small room with
little time to shoot or evade its attacks makes it even worse. Take out
that trusty shotgun of yours and retreat to a corner where you can
blast it once or twice before attempting a run. Hope you have a good
load of health drinks and whatnot to heal if you're attacked. Overall,
it isn't too hard, just very annoying. If it gets you, wiggle the
controls like you did with the hangers. After a good 8 or 10 shots, a
cut scene will take over. Looks like Angela didn't appreciate your
help much. She snaps at James before running out once more, leaving you
alone again. Race after her and into the next corridor.
In this hall are two rooms that correspond with each other. In
the first room you'll find six dead men with a piece of paper tacked to
their foreheads describing their crimes. There is a Kidnapper, an
Arsonist, a Counterfeiter, an Embezzler, a Murderer, and one who
inflicts bodily injuries. Take note of each of them, then exit and go
to the next room. There will be six nooses hanging from the ceiling and
a riddle on the wall.
SIX HANGMEN PUZZLE: Each difficulty has a different riddle,
meaning each has a different solution. Basically, you need to find out
which person of the six was wrongfully accused of their crime and pull
that person's noose. If you can't figure it out, here's the answers:
Easy mode is the Kidnapper, normal mode is the Arsonist, and hard mode
is the Counterfeiter. Pull the innocent man's noose then go back to the
other room to find the KEY OF THE PERSECUTED where the innocent one
once stood. Take note, if you pull the wrong noose, up to four demons
will appear in the hallway (differing by difficulty).
The riddle:
We may visit death upon the head
Of the sinner but to what avail?
In the name of retribution,
We took part in a bitter
Comedy this day.
Yes, hanging as you do,
By the neck,
Unforgiven and cursed by all.
Five of them committed crimes,
Sex went out for a drink and
Were captured there.
Only one of them was innocent,
But they knew not that.
The bloodstains remaining
Are proof of their guilt.
Trodden upon and thus created,
They are the paths to
Hell or the Void
The white bandages stained
With crimson,
The remains upon the scorched
Black earth,
The whispered cries of
The maiden.
They are but a meaningless
They are also signs of guilt.
But one of them was
Done without reason.
It was done out of fear
And a ripe imagination.
Spinning alone at the
End of a rope
It is nothing less then
A disgrace to us all.

Okay, how do you figure this one out? Simple really. It can't be
the murderer or the man who gave bodily injury for there are
bloodstained bandages. It's not the kidnapper, for there was a maiden
crying in a whispering voice. Makes sense, right? Scorched earth, the
arsonist is out. That leaves the thief and the swindler. Now, which one
would make more sense when it comes down to doing it out of fear? That
brings it down to two more and the only one that fits is the thief. So,
knock the swindler off the list and pull the thief's rope.
Use the key you have just obtained on the cuffs at the end of the
hallway. Use the valve to raise the cell gate and go down the ladder.
Run past the first locked gate on your right and enter the door
straight ahead of you. Cut scene! Maria is dead again?! This time it
looks fatal, her face obscured. She is definitely dead this time. Head
back out and go through the now unlocked door leading to the last
Here you'll find a FIRST AID KIT. Continue on to come across a
graveyard. There are THREE BOXES OF SHOTGUN SHELLS spread about the
room and a SAVE point. You might want to use it. In between two of the
graves is an AMPOULE.(Take note, each of the graves that have been made
have a grave stone with the Eddie's, Angela's, and James' names on
them...freaky) After picking it up, jump down the far left hole. When you
land, equip your shotgun and load it full. At the end of this corridor,
we'll be running across someone for the final time...
After the cut scene instantly start blasting him with all you're
worth. There is absolutely nothing you can do but fire back. Once you
feel our health getting low, use R3 to heal by pushing it in. If you go
into the menu screen, you'll be more vulnerable to a shot from Eddie.
His gun has 6 bullets, so when he runs out, blast him some more. He
might attempt to hit you in his desperation, but they aren't half as
bad as taking a shot. After he's about to die, he'll race into the next
room. Here's your chance to reload, heal, and snatch up TWO BOXES OF
Now we have a better chance at protecting ourselves. In the meat
freezer, after the cut scene, hide behind a big piece of meat. After
some time, Eddie will come and check out what you're up to. Simply
strafe around the meat, keeping out of sight and Eddie will eventually
lose sight of you. This is the perfect time to give him a good shot.
Afterward, just do the same thing. Eventually, he'll resort to beating
the crap out of you, which is much easier to take. Just trade him a
blast for a punch. 8 or 9 shots will lay him flat. Watch the cut scene,
then exit out to the docks. Use the save point on the barrel, then hop
into the row boat. We're going our final destination.

***Alternate technique sent in by Kerry hood***

If you go into the room equipped with the pipe holding down the
R2 button and skip the intro, immediately pressing X you should be able
to knock him down with an overhead swing, trapping him in a loop where
he will be knocked away with a subsequent swing when he gets up. He's
dumb like that. This routine will continue until he leaves the room.
The second part is up to your own personal techniques.

This is very easy for those playing easy/normal difficulty.
Simply turn the boat left and right and push forward to go, down to
come back. When you leave the pier turn right until you see the light
in the distance, then just push forward and you'll sail across the
water to the pier in front of the hotel.
For those playing hard, you actually get to row the boat yourself
with the analog sticks. You have to swing the left one clockwise, the
right one the opposite direction, and you must do this both at the same
time to go straight. To start off, spin the right one to aim yourself
at the light., then start whirling both of them to make your way
across. Hope you did your thumb exercises before this.


The weapon that I recommend you use from here on out is the
shotgun. Equip the double-barreled beauty and head up to the fountain
off of the docks. Grab the LITTLE MERMAID BOX there. Afterward, enter
the double doors up the steps and snatch the MAP FOR GUESTS off of the
directory to your left. There's a message left for James on it. Getting
chills yet?...Yeah, me neither.
First things first, head to the restaurant, "Lake Shores," to
your right. Cut scene! Finally, we find out exactly what sort of
connection Laura had with Mary. Things are slowly starting to be tied
together. She gives you a letter, but then runs off to find another one
that she's missing. Also in the room on one of the dining tables is a
FISH KEY. Pick that up and head on back out.
Knock knock. Who's there? Doormen of course! There'll be two of
our gooey wooden friends. Bust two caps in each and stomp the doors
down. After taking them out, run west over to the end of the hallway
and open the last down on the left. Enter the southwestern door and
fight off two mannequins. Pick up the THREE BOXES OF HANDGUN BULLETS
and some RIFLE AMMO, then make your way back yet again to the hallway.
Take a quick trip down the large set of stairs to the basement
and wipe out some more mannequins. All of the doors are locked except
for the elevator. It is open with some PAINT THINNER inside. Pick it up
and head back to the first floor. Now go into the lobby area, either
two of the double doors will take you there. At the front desk there
will be a note for James about a video tape. Behind the counter there
are mail slots. Inside one you'll find the KET TO ROOM 312. One step
closer to James and Mary's room....
In the lobby you'll find a very large music box at the foot of
the stairs. Hold out on this, we'll be back to use it later. There's a
SAVE point over on a chair, so use it if you want, the ascend the
stairs to the second floor. Go into the Cloak Room, where you'll find
tons of stuff to fill your pockets with, including a FIRST AID KIT, TWO
Use the fish key on the briefcase to get the KEY TO ROOM 204. Back in
the hallway go south to the reading room. Pick up the HANDGUN BULLETS
before entering. Inside you'll find TWO BOXES OF SHOTGUN SHELLS and a
Now go to room 204. In the hallway on your way there will be two
more doormen. Use the key and enter the room to find an EMPLOYEE
ELEVATOR KEY. The hole in the wall leads over into room 202. There's a
briefcase on the ground covered in stickers. On the bed are tons of
photos, but one has been marked out with a black marker. Use that handy
dandy paint thinner on it and you'll find a combination for the lock on
the briefcase. It is a random answer, but could be one of these: damn,
over, love, dose, down, hate, hell, or kill. Inside is the CINDERELLA
Leave back out into the hallway and cross over to the east side
of the floor. Head to the elevator to find a HEALTH DRINK and some
RIFLE AMMO. No go down the rest of the hallway to the last door on the
north part. Use the employee elevator key here and enter. You'll find a
SAVE point, TWO HEALTHR DRINKS, and a working elevator! One problem, it
only allows one person on, and when you step inside, the alarm goes
off. Is there someone else in there with you?... No silly, you're stuff
is making you weigh too much. Put every single object you have inside
of the cabinet on the right side of the room and then descend to the
first floor. (Take note, you HAVE to go into the elevator and try the
buttons before you can use the cabinet)
There will be another message board here with a new MAP FOR
EMPLOYEES, giving you a better idea of how the whole building is laid
out. First, go to the pantry and get the final music box from the
shelf, SNOW WHITE MUSIC BOX. Then drop by the office to pick up a CAN
OPENER and your VIDEOTAPE from the safe. Finally, go to the employee
lounge and get the TWO BOXES OF RIFLE AMMO on the fridge. Finally, go
through the blue door in front of the office and make your way to the
When you come out there'll be two mannequins. Dodge the first one
and take a left to the boiler room where you'll find the BAR KEY and a
FIRST AID KIT. Head down the hallway to its end past the other
mannequin and through the door into the kitchen. Use the can opener on
the can inside to find a LIGHT BULB. There is also THREE HEALTH DRINKS
in here. Now go into the bar and use the light bulb on the flashlight
on the bar to see the door. Use the key to get through and you'll now
be back in the hallway with the open elevator. Race up the steps to the
second floor and re-claim your things. Obviously, after you get your
pet shotgun back, all of the mannequins don't want to play anymore and
run off.
Go back to the first floor lobby and put the music boxes on the
big one in this order from left to right (for easy/normal difficulty):
Cinderella, Snow White, the Little Mermaid. For hard difficulty, it's
Cinderella, Little Mermaid, then Snow White. After they're placed,
play the music box and a key will be revealed. It's the key to the
third floor stairway, the hotel stairway key.
EXTRA HARD MODE: No changes here either. This is the last puzzle
in the game, so congratulations, you have made it through the extra
hard riddle mode.
Race up the steps to the third floor and use the key on the gate,
then zip over to 312 and open the door. Inside the room is empty, but
there's a television and VCR. Use the videotape on the VCR and watch
the truth of it all be revealed. At long last, what really happened....
But is it really a good thing? Laura races in and talks to James
afterward. After the conversation, Laura leaves, then a message
abruptly sparks to life on your radio. It's Mary's voice.....


Outside of the room things have changed again. At the east end a
SAVE point has now been tacked to a door, use it if you like. (If you
have the DOG KEY, and want the dog ending, just walk through those
double blue doors on the third floor. Hope you have your subtitles on!)
Now jump down to the second floor and head to the reading room again.
There'll now be headphones sitting at the table. Listen in on yet
another conversation long forgotten by James. This is getting downright
strange now. (If this is your second time through the game you'll find
THE BOOK OF CRIMSON CEREMONY on the bookshelf across from the
Go back to the west hallway. There's a bit of teleportation going
on with the rooms now. You see, room 204 will pop you out of 207. 202
will throw you over to 219. 219 jumps to 220, then 220 throws you back
over to 207. 212 will throw you over to 202. That's a lot of throwing
James around, so let's skip all of the disorientation and head through
202 and out of 219. In this hallway pick up the TWO BOXES OF HANDGUN
BULLETS. Run down the hall and you'll find TWO AMPOULES near the
elevator. Speaking of elevators, this one now works. Jump in and take a
ride to the basement.
The basement has been flooded with water and you've got some
demons down here learning to swim. Take them out as soon as you run
across them underwater. Afterward, go into the Venus Tears bar. Inside
you'll find a hefty handful of HEALTH DRINKS, FIVE to be exact, on the
bar behind the counter. Go into the kitchen and stock up with TWO BOXES
into the next hallway and make your way to the stairs. Inside things
get really weird again.
Cut scene! Angela is here. The stairs are on fire and when the
video's over, you can't reach her, so turn back around and exit. You'll
be presented with another flight of stairs...whoa. Go up to the first
floor and you'll notice that everything looks charred, as if the whole
fire was enveloped in a huge fire just minutes before. Turn left and go
down the hall behind you to get TWO AMPOULES. Go back around and you'll
find TWO BOXES OF RIFLE AMMO. Finally, head out the last door in the
upper east side. There will be hangers in this hallway, so just run the
full length of the corridor to the door and jump inside. On the wall
across from you are NINE SAVE points. I think this might be a sign to
James that it's probably a good idea to save before going through those
two double doors.
Now head inside. Cut scene! Maria is killed AGAIN!?! How is that
possible to be killed three times? It puzzle pieces simply aren't
fitting to make the picture clear, are they? Either way, you still have
to take out the two, yes, and TWO pyramid head guys.
Now, this fight will flat out suck for anyone playing on hard.
The only way you even have a chance at this fight is if you've got
about 80 or 90 rifle shots. If you have less then that, then save them
and use your shotgun. You have to have about 130-140 shotgun shells
though. Hopefully you have AT LEAST the shotgun shells. If not, resort
to the handgun and clean it out before switching to the shotgun. If you
clean out the shotgun on them, resort to the rifle and hope that you
have at least 40 shots left after the fight.
The strategy on killing these two is tricky for all difficulties,
but hard is by far the worst. Start off by retreating to a corner. Hold
down the L2 at all times, it's very crucial to remember to do this.
Now, when you get close to the corner, turn and hold up your gun as
fast as possible. Take note of the amount of time it takes to get shots
off and to lower the gun you're using. If they're too close, run.
You're better off not shooting at them then taking a hit. Also, when
you run, run as far from them as you can. There are four corners to the
room, so use every other corner to run to. Take the corners two at a
So basically, hold down L2, run around two corners, turn and aim,
fire off one shot (in hard mode) or two before running again, unless
they're too close to even get one off. Keep count on your ammo to
reload in the menu screen, watch your health too. This fight will take
a good half hour to do, so be patient, be careful, and good luck.
After the fight you won't actually kill them. They walk to the
center of the room and impale themselves through the head.... What the
heck happened? On the other hand, who cares? They're dead, that's all
that really matters. Take the RUSTED EGG and SCARLET EGG from their
hands and place them into the double doors. It doesn't matter which one
goes in which door. Also, run back and SAVE if you have at least 35-40
rifle shots. If not, you might want to try and fight these two again.
Anyway, once both are placed, go through the door.

***Alternate technique by Matt Anderson***

As for the last two, this may sound ludicrous, but I swear it
works =) All I did was stand in front of them with the GREAT KNIFE and
swing it back and forth with the light attack, using ampoules every
time I felt the heart beat go up. The GREAT KNIFE does gigantic damage
to them and they actually get hurt when they get hit. By doing this, I
only used about 3 amps and they were dead in less than 3 minutes.

You'll now be in a long corridor. Run along it to the door at the
end. As you make your way, you may hear another conversation strike up.
Stick around and listen if you want, then head through the door and
race up the gate steps to the final confrontation.
Now, I'm not going to go into detail about the cut scene because
depending on what decisions you made throughout the game will be what
type of ending you get. I'm not giving the endings away either, that's
just spoiling the game a little too much, I'm going to make you earn
Anyway, after your cut scene, the final boss arises.
This fight won't be half as bad as the two pyramid head guys if
you know what to do. This boss has two attacks. It will lash out at you
with a tongue like whip that chokes you. Wiggle the controls to get
loose. The other is a huge flock of butterflies that chase you around.
If you get a head start you can outrun them. If they catch you, wiggle
the control before they give damage.
Use your rifle on it to kill it. Simply fire away whenever you
get a good shot. If it chokes you, don't worry too much. It'll take at
least three chokes to kill you. Hope you managed to keep a good load of
healing items. After unleashing about 30 rifle shots into it, the boss
will fall to the ground and you can take one last executioner shot to
finish it off.
Sit back and watch your ending, be it depressing, be it
confusing, be it downright strange. Whichever it may be, this is the
end of the game. Now quick, restart the game and start playing again.
You have four more endings to watch!


Here you can figure out how rankings are calculated, how to
obtain each of the five, yes FIVE endings, and other things such as
secret items and how to get them.


The best ranking can be obtained by completing these tasks:
1. Play it on Hard mode
2. Play the Extra Riddle mode (obtained after playing through the
game on easy, normal, and hard riddle modes)
3. Save two times or less.
4. Collect 100 items in the game.
5. Clear all five endings
6. Finish in three hours or less
7. Do the boat sequence in less than a minute and 30 seconds.
8. When it comes to killing the enemies, there really isn't any
difference on whether you can get a yellow number or not. I
didn't and still got the perfect ranking but if someone knows
the number for a yellow rank, let me know.
9. Get the chainsaw, dog key, and hyper spray
10. Your health shouldn't have gone over 500. Anything below
will be yellow.

This is going to be a rough ride for those after this rank, so
good luck obtaining the perfect ranking.


1. "Maria"
Follow these guidelines to get this ending: You need to make
sure you go exactly where Maria tells you. Make sure she isn't
hurt much at all. When you make it to West South Vale, make
sure you spend a good amount of time with her, before the
hospital especially. Once you leave her in the room in the
hospital, make sure you check up on her often. After you leave
her cell in the Labyrinth, attempt to go back in. Before the
final boss in the long corridor, don't stick around to listen
to the conversation. Follow these and you should get it.

2. "Rebirth"
The only way to get this ending is if you get all four of the
new items available the second time through the game, which include
the two books: Lost Memories & Crimson Ceremony, the white chrism,
and the obsidian goblet.

3. "In Water"

Things to do to get this ending is as follows: Examine
Angela's knife. Read the diary on the roof of the hospital.
Make sure to listen to the whole conversation over the
headphones in the hotel. Make sure to listen to the entire
conversation with Marie in the long hallway before the final
boss(if you don't even hear a conversation, then you're pretty
much guaranteed this ending). Throughout the game if you're
ever seriously injured, don't heal immediately, wait a few
minutes if it's safe to do so, then heal.

4. "Leave"

Follow this basic guidelines: Keep yourself healthy, don't
fight very many enemies with melee weapons all while
attempting not to get hit. When you first meet Maria, don't
make her remind you of the way to the hotel. Don't go east
after leaving the park either. Hit Maria with the wooden plank
two or three times. In your menu, examine both the picture and
letter from Marie. After meeting Maria at the park, try to get
her to the room where she feels ill in the hospital (S3 room)
as soon as possible; the less time spent with her the better.
Listen to the whole conversation in the long hallway at the
end of the game before the final boss.

5. "DOG"
To get this silly ending, follow these basic guidelines: Get
either all three of these endings "In Water," "Leave," and
"Maria," or get the "Rebirth" ending to unlock the dog key.
Get the dog key from the doghouse near Jack's Inn and use it
in the Alternate Hotel after you have watched the video tape
to enter the Observation Room on the third floor. If you want
to see another ending instead of losing all of your game to
get here, just save before going in, that way you can pick
back up where you left off and see a different ending.


The Chainsaw:
The second time through the game you can find this on the
trail leading to Silent Hill. It's across from the ranch where a pile
of chopped wood now sits. The chainsaw is there for the taking, so
snatch it up and get ready for some fun.

Hyper Spray:
This is only obtained after seeing one ending twice. It is
in the camper on Saul St. and will come in a variety of colors
depending on your ranking. Perfect ranking will give you a green spray
that kills ANY enemy, ANY! If you almost had perfect, you'll get
yellow, which will stop doormen, the door boss, and Eddie. Doing a good
job will get you white, which stops mannequins, patient demons, and
nurses. A poor job will give you purple, which stops all above enemies
and the pyramid head.

Book of Crimson Ceremony:
The book written by the Voice of One from a long long time
ago, now forgotten. It explains how to use the Obsidian Goblet and the
White Chrism. You can find it in the Reading Room of the Alternate
Hotel on the second floor. (Thanks to Arthur Orlov for this location)

White Chrism:
A vial of white oil that you can get in the Blue Creek
Apartments in room 105, it's on the kitchen counter.

Obsidian Goblet:
This goblet is in the Silent Hill Historical Society
building in one of the broken display cases.

Dog Key:
This key only shows up after seeing the "Rebirth" ending or
after seeing all of the other three endings. It's inside of a doghouse
on Nathan Ave. right beside Jack's Inn.

Book of Lost Memories:
This book is found at the newspaper stand on the corner of
Nathan Ave. and Carroll St. right there beside the Texxon Gas Station.


1. Extra options- go into Options and hit l1 or R1 and you can
mess with customizing things on your screen and in the game
such as map zooming and color of blood. Nothing fancy, but it
still earns a spot here.

2. Even more options- beat the game and check out the extra
options to find two
new settings. One will let you increase the amount of bullets you
find at each location by 2 or 3 times! The second will let you
play the game through high-resolution instead of the grainy


(M) Must Be On EC8DBED014431F04
Infinite health 4CA9F29A145625DD 4CA9F2A2145625 DD

Q*Q*Q & A*A*A

All questions that have been asked are answered in here. So
PLEASE look here and double check before e-mailing me with a question
concerning something in the game. The repetitive e-mails received
dealing with the puzzles are here; there's no need for the e-mails
concerning them and others.


Okay, this looks to be my final update. I've pretty much covered
everything that I feel needed to be covered. The walkthrough is
complete, the secrets are revealed, mistakes have been corrected and
adjustments have been made. I went through the walkthrough and put the
items in all caps to make them easier to find in case you can't find a
specific item. I tampered with the ranking system too, and this one
should give you that perfect ranking. Most of these things were sent in
by multiple people, (you all know who you are) and I thank you for
taking the time to send in your findings, compliments, and questions.
I've had some requests to do other games as well and I do intend
on taking some of them on. As we speak, I am setting up a walkthrough
in particular for Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and plan to have
it up and ready to roll when the game hits shelves Nov. 14th, so look
out for me. This game is gonna be huge so if you want to help take part
in writing it up, I'd greatly appreciate it. You can start sending any
info you've found today if you want. The sooner the better. Expect this
walkthrough to be the best from me yet.
There's really only one other project that I have in mind that
I'm unsure of doing. I've never done an RPG and a WHOLE lot of work
goes into writing strategies for those. Know what I'm talking about
yet? Final Fantasy X. This game will, no doubt, be huge. So basically,
I leave this up to you, the gamers, to decide. Give me your input and
help me decide on whether or not to do it.
In closing, scouring the town of Silent Hill once again has
definitely left a mark. I really enjoyed writing up this strategy and
hearing what you all had to say. If there's going to be a Silent Hill 3
(which I have heard rumored to be true), then you'll definitely see me
again under its name. Keep your eyes peeled for the movie next year!
Later gamers.


1. Konami, for bringing us back to Silent Hill.
2. For all of you, the readers; for asking questions, reading the
walkthrough, motivating us writers to continue on doing this all for
3. Mysticalosx for strategy against the Pyramid Head.
4. for the gameshark codes.
5. Arthur Orlov for the location of the book of Crimson Ceremony.
6. Kerry Hood for the alternate fighting technique against Eddie.
7. Matt Anderson for the alternate technique with the two pyramid
8. Renholder for extra hard riddle solution on combination safe.

Send questions & comments to Thanks!

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