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Silent Hill 2

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Silent Hill 2
Version 1.1 - Updated

1. Intro
2. About/Story
3. Prologue
4. Characters
5. Walkthrough
6. Credits

Wuts up people. This walkthrough is pretty much helpful to a
lot of people who do not want a lot of things spoiled. I tried to make
it workable and try to play some on your own too. Some people told me
its a bit confusing and this is because I tried not to make it as
detailed. Some parts you guys need to find on your own or the game is
no fun. But if you dont feel that way then just email me and I will try
to do my best with you questions. I also decided not to add the
enemies info and items and all that because most people skip that and go
right on to the walkthrough.

Silent Hill 2 returns players back to the eerie town of Silent Hill in a
new story with all new characters. Players assume the role of James,
who receives a cryptic letter from his wife beckoning him to meet her in
Silent Hill, a place that holds great meaning for the couple. What
would normally be a comforting, even romantic letter, scares and
confuses James - his wife has been dead for threee years. The mystery
of the letter compels him to return to the surreal horror and all-too-
real danger in Silent Hill.
Set amonst the dense fog and haunting darkness of the eerie town,
accompanied by dramatic music presented in Dolby Surround, Silent Hill 2
pushes the boundaries of macabre horror. Benefiting from the advanced
technological power of the Playstation 2, the visual expressions of the
character, weather conditions and the charnel-house fore of the game are
intensely frightening.

In my restless dreams, I see that town.
Silent Hill.
You promised you'd take me there again some day.
But you never did.
Well I'm alone there now...
In out "special place"...
Waiting for you..."
I got a letter today.
The name on the envelope said "Mary"

Since his Wife Mary died of an illness three years ago, James has lived
a life filled with depression and sadness. However, his spirits rose
when he received an unexpected letter from Mary. In the letter Mary
urges James to return to Silent Hill- where they shared many great
memories. Although it is not logical for Mary to have written the
letter, his devotion to his wife draws him to the small mid-western
town. Now he must find out if there is any truth to the letter. He
enters the town alone...
Maria Mysterious, flirtatious, and always curious, Maria is a dead
ringer for James' late wife Mary- Although clothing and Hairstyles are
different, James is shocked at the similarity. During one encounter,
Maria quickly assures James that she's "real". James explains to Maria
that he is searching for his "special place", afterwards she is drawn to
him and then follows him about.
Angela Stumbles into the small town of Silent Hill unexpectedly. Luckily
for her she meets up with James in the grave yard and the two help each
other out. James and Angela find out that Silent Hill isn't any normal
town, and that there is something strange going on.
Laura is a small child that James meets in Silent Hill. Although she may
look innocent, she may be in fact a more terrible threat than the
monsters of Silent Hill themselves, she is often rude and bratty towards
all that meet her. In many of the CG movies, she is seen singing "ring
around the Rosy" atop a large wall. She seems to give James a lot of
grief, everytime the two meet. She explains to James that she is a
friend of Mary, and that she meet Mary at the hospital a year earlier.
however, that is impossible...
Mary Sheperd-Sunderland is the dead wife of James Sunderland. One day, a
letter that was supposedly written by mary is sent to James. That letter
urges James to come back to their "special place", the town of Silent
Hill. The letter concludes with Mary "waiting for James". On a whim,
James departs for the small mid-western town.
Eddie is one of the few remaining inhabitants of Silent Hill. James
comes in contact with Eddie several times through out the game. It seems
as if Eddie has a bit of a mental problem. On one occasion, he said to
James that "killing a person ain't no big deal", in which he proceed to
put a gun to his own head. It is still unknown if he is a threat to
James or not.


PART 1: Getting To Silent Hill

We kick things off with a cool CG in a crummy old bathroom on the
outskirts of town at the Observation Deck. After the cut scenes, get the
map from his car. There's only one direction to go after this, and
that's down the steps to the dirt path leading us into Silent Hill.
After a while of running, you'll find a well on your right with a save
point inside. Use it if you want, but it's not really needed yet.
Afterward, follow through the gates into a cemetery where you'll meet
Angela. After the peculiar conversation with her, continue across and
through some more gates. Follow the road until you reach a gate door. Go
through and follow the road the rest of the way into Silent Hill. We
come out on Sanders St. To the east is a dead end, across the street is
a flower shop. To the east of the flower shop is a table with a first
aid kit on it. Snatch that up and continue west. When you make it to the
intersection of Sanders St. and Lindsey St., you'll see blood streaks
heading north up Lindsey St. and catch a glimpse of something. Before
following it, head south and pick up the health drink on the steps of
the building on the west side of the road. You can't continue west down
Sanders yet so go north up Lindsey. The west side of the road is nothing
but houses and it dead-ends at the northern tip too. The east side has a
health drink right in front of a garage door before Vachss Rd. Before
going down that road, go straight across the street and read that weird
monument in the yard of the house. It reads as follows:

Remains of ___Swamp. The ___ers of land surround__ __is monument was
originally swamp, but was later fil__ Fr___ng ago t___s nicknamed Blood
Swamp because the ___ers poured the wat__ __sed to wash the ex___ols in
here. Perhaps it's fo____ that many pe___m to have s___ ___n the area.

Not sure what it means quite yet, but should keep it mind nonetheless.
Now, down Vachss Rd. stop at the little area on the right. It has a
save, and two health drinks. One is by the table, the other in the
grass. You might want to save this time. Up the trail some more you'll
start hearing the all too familiar radio. Watch the cut scene, then beat
the crap out of that creature. Basically, a tactic I use is wait until
it hurls, then run up quickly and continuously pummel it with the board.
After another cut scene, exit from where you came. One more cut scene
will initiate before you can go on. Head back to Lindsey St. and go all
the way back down to Sanders and go west. On the right side of the road
is a health drink on some steps.
Cross back over to Happy Burger and get a first aid kit beside the trash
bin. Go south on Neely St. and turn west onto Saul St. Go into the
camper and check out the map. It tells you to go to Neely's Bar, so
let's hit it! Save if you want to here also. Take note, Neely blocks off
to south, Saul blocks off to west (for now) and Harris is completely
blocked off. North on Neely's stay on the left side and get the first
aid kit under the Chiropractic and Sports Injury Center. Now, go to
Neely's Bar on the right side and go inside. There's a map that you will
copy from, circling the Wood Side Apartment Building and putting a "?"
on Martin St. Notice on the windows before leaving that there is a
message that says: "There was a HOLE here. It's gone now."
...Interesting, check back with this later. Start up Martin St. and grab
health drink on the right before Katz St. Then cross over Katz and
continue north up Martin. After the car on the
left is another health drink. Get the apartment gate key from the dead
body against the fence. Head back and go west. Now, you see Lucky Jade
Restaurant on your map? Go there and pick up the first aid kit and
health drink before going all the way to the apartments. North on Neely
is blocked, west on Katz is blocked too, but there's a message on the
wall that says: "The door that wakes the darkness, opening into
nightmares." And a locked door beside it. So many things without answers
already! Don't you love it?

Part 2: Wood Side Apartment Building

Unlock the gates and head into the apartment area. Just head straight
through the two blue double doors into the building. On the left wall is
the map for building, on the right is a save, and right in front of you
is a health drink. The door down here can't be opened yet so go up to
the second floor. Before heading in, check out the map and find room
205. See it? When you go through the door into the hallway, run straight
to it, don't attempt to fight any of the creatures, they'll gang up on
you. Inside 205 is the flashlight. Grab it and run back out because a
mannequin type monster will start after you. Go back to the stairs and
go to the third floor. There's a key on the other side of the bars but
when you reach for it a girl runs up and kicks it away. Go to room 301
and get your handgun. Now we're talking. Go back to the second floor.
Oddly enough, all of the enemies are gone. Go into the room to your
immediate right and notice that the garbage
chute is clogged. Now, head down the hall and you'll hear a yell. Go
north to room 208. As you get there your radio will start up and you'll
see an odd looking person standing on the other side of the bars. It
won't do anything so go into 208. Surprise! Looks like someone had fun
with the owner of this apartment. Anyway, grab the room 202 key off of
the bookshelf and head to room 202. The monsters are back, but just do
more dodging. It might be hard doing this for a while but you get pretty
good later on. In 202 there is a health drink in the kitchen. Red
butterflies are loose in this room, along with a lot of other dead ones.
In the room to the right there is a hole in the wall. Go ahead, reach
inside. Out comes a clock key! Go back to 208. On the table to the right
is a notepad with this riddle:

Three needles stand of
Three different heights.
The fat, the tall and the thin.
From slow to fast they
Move to the right.
Scott rests not on three,
But fifteen.

Now go into the room to the left and you'll see a grandfather clock with
this written on the side: "The scars from the past shall remove the nail
that stops time." Right, now on the opposite wall are the names Henry,
Mildred, and Scott, each with a line beside each name. Figured out the
puzzle yet?CLOCK PUZZLE: Now, here's how it works. Scott is actually the
seconds hand on the clock, stuck at 15 seconds. Makes sense right? Well,
if that's the case then Henry must resemble the hours hand Henry=Hours,
Mildred=Minutes! Still following me? Good. Now, the lines on the wall
tell you where those hands are supposed to be pointing, and if you get
creative and hold a clock up to it, you'll see that the time comes out
to...9:10. Go unlock the clock with the key, push the hands around to
9:10, hear the click, then push the clock to the side. Voila!
Now we're in 209. Save if you want, grab the health drink from the
kitchen, then head out and go through the blue door leading to the
staircase. Go to the third floor and grab the bullets at the top. Go
through the door and go to room 307. Cut scene! Now this is flat-out
freaky stuff! Afterwards, grab the courthouse key in the closet. Leave
and go to room 303, it has a first aid kit and a health drink, but be
fast, there's monsters in there. Leave the room and turn left to find
the fire escape key lying on the ground. Then get the handgun bullets in
the laundry room. Take the stairs at the east end down to the first
floor and grab the caned juice at the end of the hall. Unlock the double
doors and run all the way back to the first two sets up double doors.
Now you can go through that door that was locked earlier. Outside in the
courthouse is the pool. Lure the monsters inside away from the carriage
in the middle, hop down, grab the snake coin from inside the carriage,
climb back out of the pool, and head through the door on the east side
of the courthouse. Go to room 104 to get some handgun bullets. When you
exit, unlock the blue door beside you. Then go to room 101. Inside
you'll find handgun bullets and the sound of someone
the door on the left side of the room and meet our new friend...Eddie!

Part 3: 3 Coins
I dont really want to spoil anything so the 2nd Coin which is the
Prisoner Coin (Woman)
is in a room where you meet Angela again. She is lying in front of a
big Mirror and
has a knife in her hand. She leaves the knife on the table when she
leaves and the coin
is on the table too. Take it and head for the next part.
You can now also use the Canned Juice that you have picked up a while
ago and use it on the
garbage bag stuck in the chute on the 2nd floor. After the garbage goes
the chute you have to check to see whats in the bag so go back through
the room
with the clock and go downstairs to the main floor and go out the main
From there go into the little ally where all the garbage is piled up and
check the
garbage bag that fell down. You finally get the OLD MAN COIN which you
need to
finish the puzzle. Now you should have the SERPENT COIN, PRISONER COIN
(woman), and
OLD MAN COIN. Now go back inside and go to the room where the desk was
put the coins in (door opposite to the 1st floor entrance).

NOTE: For some reason...i read in a magazine with Silent Hill 2
Strategy Guide that
the order for the coin is Blank, Old Man, Lady, Blank, Serpent.
But when i tried
this it didnt work, therefore i think that it is different on
every difficulty

My Answer: Old Man, Blank, Serpent, Blank, Lady

After this you get the KEY to the house that had the memo on the door
(House is on the
2nd floor). After you go into the house, you notice that the door to
the porch is open.
Try to find any items in the room before going out on the porch. Go out
on the porch and
keep going until you come into another room which is the room next door.
Grab the
STAIRCASE KEY from the bed. It would be better to SAVE because you are
about to fight
a BOSS. Go back to the other room and out into the hallway. Go to the
left all the way down
the hall and use the APARTMENT STAIRCASE KEY on the door that leads to
the staircase.

******BOSS #1 ---- BUTCHER*********

Dont use a wont work because it will reflect off of him. Hit
him with the stick
and get ready to move out of the way often cause one slice and your
dead. Keep hitting
him until he starts walking towards the water. When he reaches
there...stay away cause
you dont have time to hit him and run away, he'll kill you. Let him go
in the water.
Nightmare #1 over for now!

The water will go away after he escapes from the door below. Go down
the stairs and go
out the door. Now you are outside and you dont have a detailed map for
this place so
calm down for now. Keep going (CUTSCENE) until you see a the girl that
stepped on your foot earlier
when you were trying to reach for the key. She says something about
Mary and James
becomes more curious how she knows about Mary. Keep walking and check
around to see if you
can find any health or bullets (different for every difficulty mode).
Keep going until you see a sign for
Rosewater Park. There arent really any monsters around but still be
alert. Keep walking and check out the place for health or bullets.
When you get to the further part of the Park which is where you see the
Fishing signs, there is someone there standing looking into the ocean.

Its Maria and she says "didn't you say you are looking for Mary"
***He never tells her that so there is something wrong with her knowing
about this***
She talks about if he knows other special places about them...and he
says the hotel.
Maria directs him that the hotel is the other way. SHE FOLLOWS YOU NOW.

Begin going the way she told you to go. Keep going and pick up any
health or bullets on
the way. After you are out of the park, check you map and check out
where JACK's INN is and
Pete's Bowling. Instead of looking around to get into the INN because
there is no way, go
straight to the Pete's Bowling but on the way there should be STEELPIPE
on a car right above TEXXON GAS. Now go to Pete's Bowl-O-Rama and go
through the Double Doors.Maria will say that shes
not there to bowl so she will wait out side. Go inside and into the
next door. CUTSCENE
WATCH FIRST. You hear Eddie and he's eating pizza and talkin to the
same girl as earlier. She
talks about how eddie is a slob. You continue on and go though the next
door and you see
eddie. CUTSCENE. The girl leaves and James tell her to wait, but she
runs away. Eddie tells
James that her name is Laura. Eddie stays behind and now Go out the
same door Laura went
out of. You end up outside and Maria comes running saying that she
couldnt catch up to her
because Laura was too fast (YEAH RIGHT!!) So now keep running the
direction Maria came from
and take a right...and then go through the gate into the narrow alley.
Go all the way to the
end of it and Maria says that Laura went in through the little space
between the walls.
So you now try to go in the door and James says that its locked but
surprisingly Maria
has all THREE!! keys to the door (hmmm). One in her pocket, shoe and her
bra (hint hint).
When you go in, go up the stair then into the green door. Now you are
in a mini bar, strip joint.
Judging on the clothes Maria wears and how she had all three of the keys
to get in, you can say that she
might have worked there, stripped there (lol). So now you continue out
through the other
door and you are outside again. Now check your map and there should be
building underneath Heaven's
Night and thats where you need to keep going. When you come near the
hospital, you see Laura run into the hospital entrance door. You enter
the Hospital.

As soon as you enter there is a map to the right on the wall. Take it.
Now go into the Reception room which is the first door in front of you.
SAVE here if you like. There should also be a health drink here. Go
into the next room which is the Document Room. Read the memo on the
desk. You get the "PURPLE BULL" KEY.
None of the doors open up on the first floor yet so go the second floor
by going to the door next to the visiting room. Once you get to the
second floor watch out for any Psycho Nurses and get rid of them. Go
into the Men's Locker Room and check the White coat on the locker to get
the Examination Room Key.
Now go into the Women's Locker now get the BENT
NEEDLE. There is a SHOTGUN in the locker. Take it. Now go to Examining
Room 3 and on the way there should an Aid Kit. In the Examining Room 3
check the typewrite to see the number. My number was 9796. Some others
may had 9897 (depends on the difficulty level). Remember that number,
write it down. Now go into room M2 and pick up the "LAPIS EYE" KEY
along with the Shotgun Shells. Now back out and there should be an
enemy unless you got rid of it already. Go into room M3 if you need
health or shotgun bullets. Proceed into room M6 if you want health and
bullets again. Now go back to the the 1st Floor. Now go the
Examination Room that was locked earlier. Use the key here to open it
and proceed. Go into the next door. Check the sink for some shotgun
bullets. Now go to far end near the door and check the memo on the
wall. It will say 3rd Floor patient wing hall - 7335. Remember this
number. Write it down. Unlock the door. You are back in the hallway.
Now go to the 3rd Floor and there should be an aid kit to the far corner
neat the enemy. Now go to the double doors to enter the code. 7335.
Now go into Room S3...CUTSCENE. After Maria talks take the ROOF KEY
from the table. SAVE if you want in Room S11. Last room which is S14
has the Box which is locked up 4 ways. You can use the "LAPIS EYE" Key
on the chain thats covering it. You can unlock the Black lock with the
combination 9897 or 9796 (different for difficulty level - there can be
more iam not sure so what ever number you got from checking the
typewriter, thats what you use the number for). The third lock
can be opened by using the "PURPLE BULL" Key. The last lock which is the
Cylinder Lock you dont know the combination to yet so leave 3rd Floor
and go to the Roof. Use the Roof Key to open the door. Once you are on
the roof so try to go into the other door...its locked. Check the metal
cage next to it...CUTSCENE. After you fall and get up the vibration on
the controller is really heavy meaning that your energy is really low.
Use MediKit. Go into the middle door where the marks on the floor are
leading to and inside the little cell there should be blood on the wall.
Examine it and remember the number written in blood. Mine said 1212
(others said that they had 7475, 7324). Now go out of the room and you
should be on the 3rd floor. Go to Room S14 which is where the Box is
with the last Combination Lock. Combination lock is 1212 (or whatever
your number was). You get PIECE OF HAIR. Now go to the Shower Room and
check the drain and there is something inside but you cant reach it.
Combine the PIECE OF HAIR and BENT NEEDLE and use it to get the ELEVATOR
KEY (who thought a piece of hair can be thick enough to hold a key).
Use the ELEVATOR KEY on the elevator and go to the 1st Floor. You are
now on the other side of the 1st Floor that you couldn't get to before.
Now go to Room C3 and there should be bullets inside. Go to Room C2
now...CUTSCENE. GET READY FOR SOME ACTION. You find out more about
Mary from Laura. She tricks you and locks you in the room with the F-ed
up monsterz. Use the SHOTGUN and get rid of the freaks. You can tell
that they are dead when you see them fold up their legs and stop moving
around. CUTSCENE. After they are dead, you hear similar music from the
first Silent Hill. Its raining and now go through the double doors.
Pick up bullets here and SAVE. Go through the Double Doors.

Evil Side Hospital
Go inside C2 for some AidKit. Go inside C1 for Health and Bullets. Now
go to the Elevator and go to the 2nd Floor and get rid of the enemies
first. Go all the way down to Room M6 and there should be bullets and
on the wall there should be DRY BATTERY CELL and BASEMENT STOREROOM KEY.
Room M4 has health and bullets. Go down to the Day Room all the way
down the hall and there should be a Refigrator inside. Try to open it
but it wont. So go back outside, down the hall to the elevator and go
to 3rd Floor. Get rid of the enemies fast. Go down to Room S11 and
there should be a letter on the bed, bullets and
an Ampoule. S3 was where Maria was and now shes not there anymore. Go
out the double door into the next section and in the Store Room should
be AidKit and Bullets. Get out of this room and go in the door which
leads to the steps. SAVE here Now. Go all the way downstair to the
Basement and open the door with the BASEMENT KEY you have. Push the
shelf that has blood hand prints on it. Try to go inside and CUTSCENE.
Maria is talking all weird. Go down the ladder and get the COPPER RING
that is on the floor.
On the 3rd Floor next to the elevator is a door with a womans painting
and a 3-d had is sticking out. You can put the COPPER RING on the hand
if you want now. Go back to the 3rd Floor and take the Elevator down to
2nd Floor. CUTSCENE. You hear the radio go off and an announcer from a
game show starts talking and he asks you 3 questions.

1. What is the name of the Amusement Park in Silent Hill?
Answer: Lakeside Amusement Park(3)
2. Who were the kids killed by?
Answer: Walter Sullivan(1)
3. What street can you take in order to get to another street?
Answer: Nathan(3)
The problem is that when i never really answered these questions and i
dont know what really happens.

On the 2nd Floor go down to the Day Room where the Rifrigirator is and
try to open it again and now Maria helps you open it up and it finally
opens. You get the LEAD RING here. Go back to 3rd Floor and use
COPPER RING(if u havent done so) and LEAD RING on the hand of the women
on the door. The door will open and now go down the stairs. **Here the
Butcher trys to kill you and Maria. DONT try to fight back because you
will hurt Maria. RUN AS FAST as you can and keep going down the hall.
When you reach the Elevator a CUTSCENE will appear** After you come
out of the elevator go into the Director's Room and check the map thats
on the desk and it will show you where you have to go next. It will
automatically mark where you need to go next. Also get the ENTRACE
HALLWAY KEY. You see Laura walking outside going somewhere. SAVE and
Exit out of the Hospital.

You should really explore everywhere, kill the enemies because there are
a lot of AidKit, Bullets and Health Drink everywhere. It is better to
get all that you find and Explore for the hell of it. If you don't
want to then.

TO BE CONTINUED.............
Parts 1 & 2 were from Email me at or for any questions.

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