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Final Fantasy III FAQ version 0.1b
Author's Note:
Much of this material is combed from the experience of beating the
game and playing it quite often, while other info is from Nintendo
Power's reviews of the game. These questions and game walk-through
should help anyone struggling with the game, or who just wants to
make sure they didn't miss anything. If you find anything incorrect,
lacking, or have any new information to add to this faq, simply email
me at, and I will add it. I am also working on
a FAQ for Final Fantasy II. With that, let the Q & A begin. :)

Q. What do I do on Triangle Island?

A. If you go there before the world is destroyed, you'll find Intangir,
a sleeping Behemoth. Afterwards, the island is inhabited by Zone Eaters.
Allow your party to be swallowed by the Zone Eater. Inside you will find
Gogo, the Mimic, who will join your party.

Q. How do I get the esper named Raiden?

A. When you are through with the Odin Esper from the Ancient Castle,
touch the Queen's statue in the Ancient Castle and Odin will transform
into the magicite "Raiden", which teaches you the spell Quick.

Q. How do I keep Shadow from dying when Kefka unbalances the Statues?

A. Flee as quickly as possible to the airship. Before jumping on,
wait for Shadow to appear. It may look like you don't have enough time,
but keep waiting. He'll appear just as time runs out.

Q. How do I get 99 Genji Gloves?

A. The Ragnarok esper, when used as an item in battle, changes enemies
into items. An enemy in the Ancient Castle will usually turn into a
Genji Glove.(Use the Ragnarok esper on the Samurai)

Q. Where is the Moogle Charm?

A. The Moogle Charm is an item from Mog's family that causes wandering
monsters to treat Mog as if he were one of them. In other words, when
you have Mog wear it, your party will not run into random enemies. The
con to this is that you don't gain experience or gold while doing this.
Search in the spot where Mog is standing when you find him in Narshe
after the world's destruction.

Q. How do I learn the Bum Rush technique?

A. The Bum Rush is Sabin's most powerful technique. Duncan
is living in a hut north/north-east of Narshe after the end of the world.
Talk to him to learn the bum rush.

Q. Which 8 dragons do I need to kill to get the magicite "Crusader"?

A. 1. Ice Dragon (Roaming in the ice north of Narshe--where you
defended Banon from Kefka earlier)
2. Fire Dragon (Deep inside the Phoenix Cave)
3. Storm Dragon (In the cavern where Cyan is living after the end
of the world)
4. White Dragon (Midway up the Fanatic's Tower)
5. Dirt Dragon (At the Opera House after the end of the world)
6. Blue Dragon (In the Ancient Castle)
7. Gold Dragon (In Kefka's Tower)
8. Skull Dragon (In Kefka's Tower)

Q. How do I defeat Phunbaba the Tormentor in Mobliz?

A. Phunbaba is particularly weak against Poison attacks, and
very much Bio, if you have it. You won't actually kill him
yet--he'll flee to fight again later.

Q. How do I defeat the Undead Behemoth in the Cave on the Veldt?

A. After the end of the world, you find that one of your comrades
is held captive by a Behemoth in the Cave on the Veldt. If you
waited for Shadow at the airship, it will be him; otherwise it will
be Relm, and Shadow will be gone forever. The Behemoth will revive
and attack again as the Undead Behemoth. Simply use a Fenix Down
on the non-living creature and it dies instantly.

Q. What is it with this stupid octopus??

A. Heheh.. Every game has it's cameo character, and in FFIII, Ultros
is it. You'll fight him three times before he finally takes a hint
and tries to get a real job. First when the party is fleeing down the
river towards Narshe, Second in the opera house during Celes' production,
and lastly when the party finds the 3 goddess statues. Later after the
end of the world you'll find Ultros hard at work at the Coliseum in
the far northwest. Also, in the art gallery at Owzer's house in
Jidoor, there's a portrait of him, although you don't fight.

Q. Mog or the Golden Hairpin?

A. When you return to Narshe with Locke in your party, you'll finally
be able to open that locked chest on the east side of town. Upon
entering the house, however, you find a thief stealing it's contents.
He attempts to escape up the mountain. Follow him carefully to the
summit. There you'll find him holding Mog hostage, threatening to
take him out. If you have 3 or less people in your party, Mog will
successfuly break the thief's hold, but in the scuffle, Mog slides
off one cliff, and the thief off another. The thief lures you
into saving him first, saying he's got a Golden Hairpin from the
box. Mog simply dangles. Go for Mog! The thief slips and falls,
but you get the opportunity to get several more hairpins later.

Q. How do I learn the Ultima spell?

A. With Locke in tow, return to Narshe, and pick the lock on the weapon
shop. Get the Ragnarok magicite, which teaches you Ultima. The man
offers to fashion a sword, but opt for the magicite instead.

Q. What's that white thing that I can spot up in the Narshe mountains

A. It's Umaro, the Sasquatch. After the end of the world, take Mog
up to the point where the Tritoch Esper was. Fall in the little hole
at the cliff's edge, and you'll land inside Umaro's section of the
mountain. When you enter the sasquatch's room, take the magicite.
Umaro will fight you, but will join you afterwards if Mog is with you.

Q. Is there anything worth getting in the Coliseum?

A. Yes!! Bet the "Striker" sword to go up against Shadow. If you win,
he'll join you again. Several other items can only be found here.
Save your game outside, and experiment by betting rare items.
Some things you'll want to get your hands on include the Tintanibar,
which heals you with every step, the Blizzard Orb, a weapon for Umaro,
and the Enconomizer, which causes all spells to only cost 1 MP.

Q. What do I need to do in the Ancient Castle?

A. 1. Fight Blue Dragon.
2. Defeat the Katanasoul in the west room to get the Offering.
3. Get Odin Magicite.
4. Change Odin magicite to Raiden.

You won't find the Ancient Castle looking at the overworld map. It's
hidden underground--you can find it only by traveling in Figaro Castle.
When the castle stops moving, go through the jail cell on the far
right to explore.

You should fight with the Odin magicite equipped so some of your
party can learn Meteor. If you turn Odin into the esper Raiden it
can teach you the spell Quick which gives the target attacker
two turns to fight. If you get Crusader (an esper you get after beating
the eight dragons) he can teach you Meteor also.

If you walk down several steps from the queen's throne you should open
a door to the east room where a Blue Dragon will be and a statue of the
queen. In the queen's room you should see a sparkling object. The
object should be the queen's tears. Take the tears to the statue of
the queen and if you have the odin shard then the shard will turn
into the esper Raiden.

Outside of the castle you can go through the debris to the left and
walk into a secret passage by the upper left-hand side of the
castle. You will see a chest that contains the Offering which lets you
attack four times, but you have to fight the Katanasoul to get it. If
you eguip the relic Offering and the Genji glove you will be able to
attack eight times!

Basic Game Walk-through (If you don't want hints, stop reading!!)

1. Begin in Narshe where you learn the basics.
2. Meet Locke in a house in the northeast corner of Narshe.
3. Team up with the Moogles in the cave, then set out for Figaro
Castle, in the desert to the southwest.
4. Meet Edgar, the King of Figaro.
5. Hear Kefka's challenge. The Empire is advancing, and war has begun.
6. Go through Figaro Cave, remember the location of the turtle you see
in the water as you pass through.
7. Make a pit-stop in South Figaro and pick up a Chocobo.
8. In the mountains, meet Edgar's long lost brother, Sabin.
9. Climb Mt. Kolts and defeat Vargus.
10. Go to the Returner's Cave and meet with Banon, their leader.
11. Ride a raft down the river.
12. Fight Ultros for the first time.
13. Here the story splits into 3 branches. Choose one branch, and begin.
* Branch 1: Locke heads for south figaro.
1. Beat up the Merchant in the shop and steal his clothes.
2. Get the potion and deliver it to the old man.
3. On the west wall of South Figaro, attack the green trooper
and steal his uniform.
4. Save Celes from the basement of the house.
* Branch 2: Terra, Edgar and newcomer Banon continue north to
the mountains and Narshe.
1. Steer the raft through the rapids, keeping Banon alive.
2. Arrive in Narshe.
* Branch 3: Sabin leaves his brother again and sets out on his own.
He won't be alone for long, though. He'll meet a
valiant knight, Cyan, before they board a mystery train.
1. Visit the old man in the house on the Veldt.
2. Hire Shadow.
3. Go south to the Imperial Base.
4. Listen to Kefka's plans to raid Doma Castle.
5. Go to Doma Castle, get Cyan.
6. Enter the Phantom Forest, and make your way to the Ghost
7. Defeat the Ghost Train, and jump into Baron Falls.
8. Land in the Veldt, make your way east to the town of Mobliz.
9. Buy some dried meat in Mobliz, hear about a wild boy roaming
the Veldt.
10. Fight around on the veldt until a Gau approaches you,
then use the dried meat on him.
11. Fight for a while with Gau, leaping monsters to learn new
abilities. Make sure to learn Templar (Fire2), and
Pteradon (Fireball), and Brawler (Stone attack) if
12. Find the helmet in the Cave on crescent mountain.
13. Leap into the river, and float back to Narshe.
14. Fight off Kefka in Narshe.
15. Find Figaro Castle.
16. Travel under the sand to Kohlingen using the castle.
17. Travel to the far south to visit the prosperous city of Jidoor.
18. Explore Zozo, set the broken clock to 6:10:40 to open a
secret passage and get the chainsaw. (would a veteran player
check that time, it might be wrong.. hey, this is a beta ;P)
19. Battle at the Opera House.
20. Fly the airship to Albrook on the southern continent.
21. Search for Vector.
22. Investigate the Magitech Factory.
23. Collect the espers from the factory, and flee through the
mine carts.
24. Go back to Zozo.
25. Rescue Mog in Narshe.
26. Go through the Esper Cave in the southeast.
27. Plead with the Espers at the Sealed gate.
28. Fight Kefka.
29. Return to Vector.
30. Answer the Emporer's Questions, the more people you've talked to,
the more things you will get. Talk to everyone and you'll get
the Tintanibar.
31. Visit Thamasa in the east, and stay at the inn. If Shadow is
with you when you stay at the inn you will get tidbits of his
past in dreams.
32. Rescue Relm from the burning house in Thamasa.
33. Fly to the floating continent.
34. Meet up with Shadow.
35. Make your way to Kefka, make sure to grab the Murasame from the
treasure box.
36. Fight Atmaweapon. Use Osmose on it to restore your MP, and cast
float on your party to avoid the Quake spell.
37. Escape from the island, but wait for Shadow.
(Cataclysm/End of World Occurs)
38. After a massive explosion, a year passes before Celes awakens on a
tiny island. All she remembers is falling from the Airship as it is
torn apart. Cid has cared for her all year. Now it's her turn to
take care of him. Feed Cid yummy fish so he'll recover, then use
his raft to sail to Albrook. He won't recover if you give him bad
fish, or fail to feed him, but you can still use the raft.
39. Go to Albrook. There is much to be learned on the streets of
Albrook. Here you'll find that Celes is not the only survivor of
the airship's crash--it sounds like another of the Returners was
here recently. Talk to the people in Albrook to find out what's
been happening in the past year. A man tells an ancient legend
about 8 dragons who seal away the power of Crusader, an awesome
beast. The one who defeats the dragons can release Crusader's
40. Go to Tzen. As soon as Celes enters Tzen, an explosion rocks the
village. When the Innkeeper asks her to save a child from a
crumbling building, she rushes to the scene only to find Sabin
supporting the remains of the house. Sabin will hold the house up
for you while you rush in and save the child, but he can't support
the building for very long. Equip yourself with a relic that
prevents stone spells, and use Smoke Bombs or Warp stones to avoid
time-consuming attacks. After you rescue the child, Sabin will join
you. New information about Mobliz, a village to the east, prompts
you to go there.
41. All of the adults in Mobliz perished while protecting their
children during the explosion. The orphans are now cared for by
Terra, who tells you that she has given up the fight. Her purpose
now is protecting the children from Phunbaba's attacks.
42. When Phunbaba attacks, Celes and Sabin must defend with weapons.
Most magic isn't effective, but Bio is. Poison him early in the
battle. When you put and end to Phunbaba's reign of terror,
you'll earn the "Fenrir" esper.
43. Go to South Figaro. You'll meet someone who looks like Edgar in
the cafe. He claims to be a fortune hunter named Gerad. Tail
him when he leaves town--don't let him out of your sight. As
the little girl in South Figaro suggested, you can jump onto
the turtle and ride over to the door in Figaro cave.
44. When you follow the band of thieves into the basement of Figaro
castle, Gerad will admit that he's really Edgar. He assumed a
false identity to trick the thieves and have them break into the
treasure room for him. Before you fight the Tentacles, equip
peace rings so you can avoid berserk spells. Return to the
treasure room after the battle.
45. The tentacle, the basement bad guy, is a terror. Protect against
berzerk spells so you don't destroy your own people and use powerful
weapons, such as the Drill.
46. Use Figaro Castle to travel to Kohlingen, to the west. Talk to the
villagers to get information about other rebels, and go to the
cafe to find Setzer. He's desponded about losing his airship,
but he's glad to find survivors of the crash. Rachel's caretaker
tells you that Locke is searching for a fabled treasure. You'll
also hear clues as to the whereabouts of both Cyan and Shadow.
48. Setzer's former flying friend, Darill, also had an airship. Now
head for her tomb to find out where her airship, the Falcon, is
now. Setzer is sure that it's air-worthy, and it would make travel
easier. As you approach Darill's casket, Dullahan will attack.
He uses lots of magic, so use Celes' runic power. Blitz with
Sabin and use Edgar's autocrossbow while Setzer heals the party.
49. Fly to Maranda. The girl in Maranda who wrote to her boyfriend, a
wounded soldier, has reveived flowers and letters from him. He
told her that he had recovered and would return once the town he
was staying in was rebuilt. The girl thinks that the flowers are
from her boyfriend, but you'll soon learn that Cyan has actually
been sending them. When the carrier pigeon leaves Maranda, follow
it in the Falcon.
50. The bird takes you to Zozo. Buy Rust-Rid, open the rusted door
above the cafe, and enter Mt. Zozo. There you'll find Cyan and
find out about his flower-making.
51. The Storm Dragon makes its home in Mt. Zozo. Remember it's location
and come back when you're stronger. It frequently uses wind
attacks. Counter with either Bolt or Thunder 2.
52. After Cyan joins you, fly to the Veldt. When you talk to the men
inside the cave on the veldt, you'll hear that Gau has been seen
on the Veldt, but he won't approach a party of more than 3. Take
a party of 3 and go find him. Before you return to the cave,
spend some time fighting with Gau to learn new techniques.
53. A Behemoth reigns with terror deep in the Cave on the Veldt.
You must beat both the live beast and its undead spirit to destroy
it. It uses strong magic, such as Meteor, in battle.
54. After you defeat the Sr. Behemoth, you'll find a fallen comrade.
If you waited for Shadow before jumping from the floating island,
it will be him. If you didn't, you'll find Relm and Shadow will be
gone for good. Leave the wounded person in Thamasa to recover,
and continue to Jidoor.
55. Once back in Jidoor, go to Owzer's House and tour his famous art
gallery. Inspect the paintings and search for Owzer. Fight the
painting of the lovely lady to find a door that leads deeper into
the gallery.
56. Fight the big painting. There are 2 images--one a demon, and one
a lady--in Chadarnook. You must fight them both. Use fire attacks
on the demon and defeat them both. He's easier to destroy than
the lady is, so concentrate on him.
57. Now go back to Mobliz. Last time you only chased Phunbaba off.
With a stronger party, you can destroy him this time. When he's
no longer a threat to the children, Terra will join the cause.
58. Fighters from all over try their luck at the Colosseum. In order
to fight, you must bet something. If you put the Striker on the
line, your opponent will be Shadow. When you defeat him, he'll
join your party. There are valuable items to be won in the
Colosseum, but you have to bet valuables of your own and win
the battles to get them. Some of the items can be found only
here. Chupon is likely to sneeze at insignificant wagers.
59. Land in the center of the diamond-shaped mountain range to enter the
Phoenix Cave. It takes teamwork to make it through the cave. One
team will open doors and make paths for the other, and the 2 will
take turns. You'll meet Locke in the cave. He'll take the Phoenix
magicite that you find back to revive Rachel.
60. The Red dragon lives near the end of the Phoenix cave. To defeat it,
cast spells that will put out its fire. Use ice and water spells
to attack, and protect your party from its spells by using Shell or
ZoneSeek. After the fight, you'll get the Dragon Horn.
61. Return to Narshe. Explore the caves behind Narshe again to find Mog
and enlist him in your group. Before you leave the moogle cave,
search the place where mog was standing to find the Moogle Charm.
It's an amazing Relic that prevents all enemy attacks. Mog is the
only character who can equip the charm.
62. Near the summit of the mountain behind Narshe, you'll find the
Ice dragon. Use fire spells to thaw the chilling Ice Dragon. That
makes three dragons down, five to go.
63. Go to the windy bluff to find the Tritoch esper. Use fire to melt
the ice that imprisons it. When you thaw Tritoch, it will be
amazed that you were able to free it. Equip it to learn Fire 3,
Ice 3, and Bolt 3.
64. Add Mog to your party, then return to the caves to find Umaro, a
yeti-like beast that answers only to the Moogle. After your battle
with him, Mog will command him to join your cause. He's an awesome
addition. He can't equip with weapons, armor, or magic, but he's
and extremely strong fighter anyway.
65. Fly to Triangle Island in the far northeast. After you land, allow
your party to be inhaled by the giant Zone Eater. Inside you'll
meet the master of mimicry, Gogo. He'll be very helpful in the
future. It's not as gross as you might expect inside. Let yourself
be shoved off the platforms once. You'll land in the room below
where you'll find a Red Jacket. Continue exploring until you
meet Gogo, the mimic. His special skill is imitating the attacks
of your other party members. Team him up with your most powerful
fighters or mages.
66. Take Relm to the Fanatic's Tower so she can wake Strago from his
trance. Take your strongest magic-users into the tower. Physical
attacks are useless inside. Equip your party with wall rings and
use magic spells. The enemies wear wall rings, so cast the spells
on your own party members. They'll be deflected onto the enemies.
67. In the 3rd treasure room, you'll meet the White Dragon. It will try
to use magic, but the spells will be reflected by your wall rings.
(except the pearl spell) Counter its attacks by casting strong
spells on your own party.
68. The Mage Master waits at the tower's top. He uses Ultima, so cast
Life 3 early in the fight. He constantly changes his weak point,
but you can make him stop by casting Berzerk on him. The Box is
a relic which allows you the X-Magic option (cast twice per round).
69. When you return with Cyan to Doma Castle and sleep in the room
upstairs, he'll have a nightmare that will involve the whole party.
The dream begins with a single party member waking in the bedroom,
where Cyan's wife begs you to save him. You must find the other
party members first. After you find everyone but Cyan, you'll fight
3 demons. Curly can cast Life 3, so take him out first. Otherwise,
he'll keep reviving the others when you defeat them. Use magic on
Larry and Curly and weapons on Moe.
70. Fight Wrexsoul and the Soul Savers. If you have X-Zone, use it to
wipe out all the soul savers. If not, attack only wrexsoul--the
Soul Savers are invincible to normal attacks. When Wrexsoul enters
the bodies of your teammates, you must attack them. When they die,
Wrexsoul will show up on the screen again.
71. If you take Sabin to Duncan's house, north of Narshe, Duncan will
teach him a powerful new Blitz called the Bum Rush. It's an
outstanding technique that will prove to be very valuable in future
72. When you return to the Opera House and talk to the Impresario, who
is still seated in the balcony, you'll hear about a new show-
stopper: the Dirt Dragon has taken center stage. The show does not
go on. The Dirt Dragon uses frequent and strong earth attacks,
such as Quake, so either equip your fighters with Cherub Down, or
cast float when the fight starts.
73. Explore the Ancient Castle from Figaro, pick up the Odin/Raiden
magicite, and finish off the blue dragon. Step onto the invisible
switch several paces down from the queen's throne to make stairs
appear in the east room. Go downstairs to turn the Odin esper into
Raiden. Before you leave the Ancient Castle, fight the Katanasoul
in the west room to get the Offering.
74. If you take Gau to the House on the Veldt, an odd scenario will
play itself out. Your party will tell Gau that his father lives
there, then they'll teach him manners and dress him up in fancy
clothes before they meet.
75. The cumulative damage you deliver to Doom Gaze will eventually
doom him. (He doesn't recover HP between fights) You'll get
Bahamut magicite when you win. Bahamut was king of the dragons.
His magic is strong.
76. When you return with Strago and Relm to Thamasa, Strago will find
that a friend has been injured by Hidon, his long-time nemesis.
Take him to Ebot's Rock, which now appears to the north, to find
and destroy Hidon once and for all. Feed the hungry chest that
blocks your way, then continue into the cave to find Hidon.
Strago learns "Grand Train" from him.
77. Finally, Kefka's Tower. When you enter Kefka's Tower, you'll field
3 teams. Make sure that each team has both a strong physical
fighter and a powerful magic user, remembering that Mog's group
won't have to fight if he has the charm. Search out the 2 final
dragons (Gold & Skull) to get the Crusader magicite. Don't expect
to take the whole place in one go. In the end, you'll pit your
very best warriors against Kefka himself. He'll put all your skills
to the test.

..And so the amazing epic draws to a close, with Kefka getting a well-
deserved trouncing by rebel forces. You won't be disappointed by the
ending either. The incredible scope of the game demanded a grand ending,
and that's just what Square Soft gave it. It runs for nearly a half an
hour! Play it soon on a SuperNES near you.

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