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Final Fantasy III

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List of Secrets for Final Fantasy III
Version 2.0 3/23/96

I did not think I would make another version of this file, because I haven't had
the time for it. But, I have seen an overwhelming demand for an update -- so
here it is. Thank you all for helping me make this such a huge and resourceful
I do not plan to take any more suggestions for this FAQ, but if there is a
mistake in it, please let me know.
Warning! This text contains "spoilers" for the game! Don't read it unless
you have already gone through the whole game.
Note: This is not a complete guide to Final Fantasy III. You won't find a
walkthrough, a complete monsters list, or anything like that here. This is just
an enormous collection of secrets that I hope will help you enjoy the game. If
you are looking for more info on FF3, I suggest the FF3 FAQ by King Kung. You
should be able to find it on AOL in the Video Games Forum, or probably the same
place you found this file if you didn't get this from AOL.
If you want to find other neat Square stuff, check out the UnOfficial
SquareSoft Home Page: The URL is:
-- RabiteMan (

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Simple Secrets:
Short and to the point. The newer secrets are towards the end of the list, if
you have seen a previous version of this file.

- On the top floor of Strago's house, in Thamasa, you can get another Memento
Ring by going to the left corner of the room, by the table and chairs. Face
down and press A. (Note that only Relm and Shadow can equip the Memento Ring.
Could this one be Shadow's Memento Ring?)

- There is a monster called Intangir on Triangle Island in the World of Balance.
He will sleep until disturbed by magic, then counter with Meteo and fall back
asleep. He is invisible while asleep and cannot be harmed with weapons. Use
Doom or X-Zone on him while he sleeps, or have Mog dance the Dusk Requiem or
Desert Aria. The Snare and Antlion dances will get him when he's invisible. If
you defeat him, you will earn 10 magic points! Hang around there if you want to
learn spells fast.

- You can steal an AtmaWeapon from Goddess, the third statue in Kefka's Tower.

- You can steal a Ragnarok Sword from Doom, the second statue in Kefka's Tower.

- You can get unlimited Muscle Belts by stealing from Borras in Mt. Zozo.

- You can steal Dragoonboots from Wyverns in the World of Balance. Sell them
for lots of money.

- When you cast "Vanish" on a creature, the creature becomes very vulnerable to
magic, so spells almost never miss. Try using "Vanish" on an enemy, then cast
"Doom", "Break", "X-Zone", "Demi", or "Quartr". This even works on some of the
strongest bosses (including all 8 Dragons). Note: Do not use Vanish/X-Zone on
Doom Gaze. You will not get the Bahamut Magicite. Vanish/Doom is fine.

- The Retainer enemy, found in Kefka's Tower, has an interesting Rage. Leap a
Retainer on the Veldt and use the Rage -- it's old Leo's "Shock".

- If you got the Sword Ragnarok, change it into Illumina by wagering it at the
collosseum. (Take Locke to Narshe and go into the building north of the weapon
shop to get Ragnarok.)

- You can get an Air Anchor in the Fanatic's Tower, instead of betting Genji
Armor at the Collosseum. Go to the second treasure room, go to the space
directly to the right of the treasure chest, face up, and press A. Now go out
of the room. Down one flight of stairs is a new room.

- You can bet the Sky Render at the Collosseum to get an Aura Lance, and Vice

- Set the clock in Zozo to 6:10:50 to get Edgar's chainsaw.

- Have Mog learn the Water Rondo in the World of Balance by jumping into Baren
Falls with Mog in your party. Go to Crescent Mountain in the Veldt and jump in
the current, and you will arrive at Nikeah. Take a Chocobo ride all the way
back to Baren Falls where you left your airship.

- You can steal Megalixirs from the Earthguards on the Solitary Island. (You
can also steal Elixirs from Peepers.)

- At the Auction house in Jidoor, you can get the Magicite for the Epsers
"Golem" and "Zoneseek".

- To find the Break Blade: in the MagiTek Factory, there is a corridor of
empty, intact glass tubes (just before the room where you meet Cid and get a lot
of Magicite). There is an invisible walkspace by the bottom-left tube; check
for a treasure chest down there.

- There is a Gold Helm and Gold Armor in the MagiTek Factory. Look for doors
and walls below some areas.

- You can steal unlimited Ribbons from Brachosaurs. Brachosaurs are found in
the forest north of the Veldt. This is an excellent place to build up
experience levels in the World of Ruin.

- To uncurse a cursed item, have a character in your party wear it for 255
battles. To counter the terrible effects of the curse, equip a Ribbon on the
character. When uncursed, the Cursed Shield becomes the Paladin Shield, and the
Cursed Ring becomes the Paladin Ring. *See Mysteries section, item #5.

- You can get unlimited Cursed Rings (and thus, Paladin Rings) by defeating
Veterans and Didalos in Kefka's Tower. They are in the Gold Dragon's room.
Also try using the Ragnarok Esper on them.

- A good combination of weapons for a fighter wearing a Genji Glove is the
AtmaWeapon and ValiantKnife. The Atma is stronger when you have higher HP, the
ValiantKnife is stronger when you have lower HP, so you'll always do a sound
amount of damage.

- To cast five spells per turn -- equip a character with the Gem Box relic, and
on his/her turn, cast the first spell, then Quick. Then you can cast four more
spells. You can use this as an opportunity to Regen your whole party, casts
Haste and Slow spells, Life3 your entire party, or devastate to the attacking
party. It would be wise to equip this character with an Economizer so that MP
won't be drained.

- To attack eight times per turn -- equip a character with a Genji Glove and the
Offering. You can find a Genji Glove in the Returners' Hideout (when Banon asks
you to join the Returners, refuse, then talk to to people inside the cave), the
Cave to the Sealed Gate and also in Cyan's Dream (on the train).

- You can change the Esper Odin into Raiden by doing as follows: Get Odin in
the Ancient Castle, then go to the Queen's throne (the one on the right from
your view). Walk five steps down from there, and you'll step on an invisible
switch, which creates a stairway to the right. Go down the stairs and talk to
the Queen. You might want to wait before you get Raiden, because Odin is the
only Esper which gives a speed bonus at level up.

- The best place to learn magic spells in the World of Ruin is the desert south
of Maranda. Every Cactrot you fight will earn you 10 Magic Points, and every
Hoover you fight will earn you 5. Equip as many characters as possible with
Thunder Shields, to make "Sand Storm" ineffective.

- To beat the MagiMaster with no problems, simply cast Bserk on him. He won't
be able to WallChange and he'll lose a lot of spellcasting abilities. Be sure
to cast Life3 on party members, because he'll cast Ultima at the end of the

- Each character has a desperation attack. Occasionally, when someone is near-
fatal and you tell him or her to fight, he or she will strike with a special
TERRA: Riot Blade - Green, rotating half-moons strike enemy.
LOCKE: Mirager - He jumps toward enemy and makes the sound of the blitz
EDGAR: Royal Shock - Light rays leap from enemy.
SABIN: Tiger Break - Leaps toward enemy in a tiger or dragon head.
CYAN: BackBlade - Jumps toward enemy, screen turns black and you see a
circular sword slice.
MOG: Moogle Rush - Exactly like the blitz Pummel.
SETZER: Red Card - Throws three sets of three cards.
RELM: Star Prism - 3 orange stars rotate around the enemy and kills it
STRAGO: SabreSoul - Jumps toward enemy and there is a funny noise like Quartr
and a sword slash; kills instantly.
CELES: Spin Edge - She spins with her sword out.
SHADOW: ShadowFang - Jumps at enemy and makes claw marks.
GOGO: X-Meteor - Causes a large meteor to hit all enemies.
Gau and Umaro have no desperation attack, because you cannot command them to

- Most monsters have more than one thing to steal from them. Keep Locke
equipped with the Sneak Ring and Thief Glove to get some good weapons, armor,
and relics, especially fom bosses. Remember, the higher the level for Locke,
the better your chances of getting an item.

- Gogo can do more than just Mimic! Check his status and you can add three
special abilities to his list. If you choose Magic, then the magic he knows
will depend on what everyone in your party knows.

- You can get unlimited Economizers from Brachosaurs. You have to defeat them
to get the Relics, though. *See mysteries section, item #6.

- In the World of Balance, there is a forest to the west of the Veldt, full of
Bombs. Occasionally you might meet an elusive enemy of FF3, the Grenade.

- Remember Kappa, the Imp who told you about Gau? If you want him in your
party, do the following. First, get a Rename Card from the Colosseum (wager an
Elixir). Then, collect all the Imp Equipment (Imp Halberd, Imp's Armor,
Titanium, Tortoise Shield). You can find most of these in the World of Ruin
around Narshe -- steal from the enemies. Now equip a character with all the Imp
Equipment, and rename him/her "Kappa". Finally, cast Imp on him/her. Now you
have Kappa, the Imp in your party! He won't be able to use any special
abilities or magic other than Imp, but he will be a very strong fighter with
great defensive capabilities. If you want your old character back, just use a
Green Cherry or cast Imp again. (This isn't TRULY getting Kappa, but it is a
neat trick anyway.)

- When you travel from Figaro Castle to South Figaro through the cave early in
the game, leave all the treasure chests alone! When you return there in the
World of Ruin, the treasures there will be more valuable.

- To beat Wrexsoul and the Soul Savers (in Cyan's dream) easily, just cast X-

- Give Umaro a Green Cherry to make him stronger during battle, just like when
you fought him.

- Tonic, Potion, X-Potion, and Cure spells will cause damage to undead monsters;
use Revifify, Fenix Down, and Life Spells to destroy them. Do not use the Doom
spell or Dispatch weapons, because they will heal the undead.

- Find the second basement floor in South Figaro (in Locke's Scenario) and walk
straight down from the treasure chest and press A. There is a hidden chest with
a Ribbon in it.

- Equip Locke with the Thief Glove and Offering (Relics) and he'll have four
chances to Capture per turn.

- Almost every grandfather clock in the game has an Elixir in it.

- To get to the top of the Fanatics' Tower easily, just bring Mog and have him
wear the Moogle Charm. The Moogle Charm is in the World of Ruin where Mog was
standing in his cave in Narshe. Stand there and press A to get it.

- If you want characters to learn spells without gaining levels, go to the Veldt
or the Fanatics' Tower and fight monsters. You will not gain any exp. points in
either of these locations. The Veldt is also a good place to uncurse cursed
items, steal and Metamorph enemies to get items, and learn Lore spells. Many
Lore spells can be learned from Gau's Rages and Relm's Sketch/Control.

- A cut scene in the game that most people miss: After the airship crashes in
the World of Balance, go back to it and go into the engine room. You'll learn
more about Daryl.

- To gain levels faster, try taking only three or two party members. You'll get
much more experience per battle. If you want to build up levels for one
fighter, bring only him/her. But make sure he or she can survive!

- If you want to break the rules and fight in the Fanatics' Tower, bring a
strong fighter (such as Umaro) and cast Bserk on him.

- Ever wonder what the Relic Ring does? It makes your character undead, but not
zombified. Cure spells and potions will harm him, but Doom will heal him.
There are other properties of being undead -- Drain, Osmose, and other attacks
which steal HP will do the reverse. Also, if you equip the party leader (the
person shown in overworld walkabout) with the Relic Ring and cast Doom on
him/her, the entire party will be healed. The description, "Makes body cold",
means that it takes the life out of the bearer, so he becomes cold, like the

- To easily defeat the Dirt Drgn, Equip all characters in the party with Gaia
Gear. All earth attacks from the Dragon will heal your party. (All members who
cannot equip Gaia Gear should be Floating.)

- When you travel to Kohlingen from Narshe in the World of Balance to find
Terra, bring only three in your party. You'll meet Shadow at the Inn, and he'll
join you ... for a price.

- According to SquareSoft, Shadow has seven dreams. Many people have written to
me telling me they can only see five, and I myself have not seen all seven. Try
sleeping in Thamasa, Doma Castle, and the Colosseum in the World of Ruin. A few
dreams can be seen in the World of Balance, also. If you see all seven dreams
(you have to sleep over and over and over), Shadow's portion of the ending will
be different, and he'll stay alive!

- In the World of Balance when you have to be concerned about money, be careful
about using Tents and Sleeping Bags. If you have one or two people in your
party, use Sleeping Bags. If you have three or four people in your party, use
tents. Sleeping Bags cost 400 GP, and Tents cost 1200 GP.

- You can get unlimited Genji Gloves by stealing them from Dragons (found on the
Floating Continent).

- A good experience building tactic for the World of Ruin: Take one party
member who knows Vanish to the island Doma Castle is on. Cast Vanish, and walk
around on the green (grass), fighting monsters (don't forget the Exp. Egg!).
Fights can give you character up to 20,000 experience points per battle, and
there is very little risk. The only attack that can cause damage is LifeShaver,
which is cast by TumbleWeeds.

- If you want to see a slight change in the game's ending, try beating the game
without Locke, Sabin, or Strago. Edgar's, Celes', and Relm's endings change.
It is possible, but extremely challenging to beat the game with just Celes,
Edgar, and Setzer.

- The Blizzard Orb, an often-missed Relic for Umaro, is found in a treasure room
in the Ancient Castle. It causes Umaro to randomly attack with an ice spell
that hits all enemies.

- After you defeat Wrexsoul in Cyan's Dream, go back to the throne room and get
the Alexandr Magicite.

- To gain levels early on, use this cheat. Note: this trick requires a "turbo"
game controller. Go to Baron Falls and put the config setting to "memory" for
the controller. The hop on the raft and make all characters fight and one
character heal (Banon works well for this). Keep going down the river until you
reach the point where you can go to the right, which takes you back around to
making the decision again. Tape down the turbo button so that it will choose to
go "right" at every decision, and you'll keep on attacking monsters and gaining
experience! Do this before you go on a vacation or something, because in a few
days you'll have some strong fighters! Also, if possible, equip espers for
status bonuses at level up.

- If you are in a multi-party situation (like the Phoenix Cave or Kefka's
Tower), you can save and use tents for all party members when only one of them
is at a save point. Leave one party on a save point, then venture forward until
another party reaches a save point, then trade.

- In Mobliz in the World of Ruin, visit the wounded soldier. He will ask you to
send a letter for him. Send it by going to the post office, then take a rest at
the Inn. Go back to the soldier, and he will have another letter to send.
Repeat these steps several times, and eventually you will get a Tintinabar.

- In south Figaro, when you play Locke's scenario, go strait staight down after
it asks you if you want to change clothes (right before you go and save Celes).
There are some nifty items in that secret basement.

- In the Returners Hideout, go to the northmost room (there are three chests and
a bunch of boxes in it). Walk around to the right of the boxes, then go down
and to the right to get a White Cape.

8: In Cyan's Dream, when you drop into Doma, go into Cyan's room before you
fight Wrexsoul. There will be a cinema of Cyan there. Also, look around other
places in Doma during Cyan's dream. There are several cinema scenes.

Colosseum Secrets:
You can get some great items by spending time at the Colosseum! Try these

- Imp Halberd -> Cat Hood -> Merit Award -> Rename Card -> Marvel Shoes ->
Tintinabar -> Exp. Egg

- BehemothSuit -> Snow Muffler -> Charm Bangle -> Dragon Horn

- Red Cap -> Coronet -> Regal Crown -> Genji Glove -> Thunder Shld -> Genji Shld

- Hardened -> Murasame -> Aura -> Strato -> Pearl Lance

- Blizzard/FlameSabre/ThunderBlade -> Ogre Nix -> Soul Sabre

- Ninja Star -> Tack Star -> Rising Sun -> Bone Club -> Red Jacket

- Tabby Suit -> ChocoboSuit -> MoogleSuit -> Nutkin Suit -> Genji Armor -> Air

Metamorph Secrets:
Call Ragnarok in battle to turn an enemy into an item. Most Metamorphs will
give you common items or Dried Meat, but some can give you great items! The
success rate for Metamorph is close to that of Doom, so it may take a few tries
on the tougher monsters.

Tap Dancer Marvel Shoes
Dahling Ribbon
Woolly Safety Bit
Borras Ogre Nix
Mag Roader(big,yellow) Gold Lance, Gold Shld
Covert Trump
ProtoArmor Crystal Shld, Crystal Mail
Balloon Flame Shld
SrBehemoth Thornlet, Cursed Ring, Relic Ring
M-TekArmor Mithril Helm, Mithril Mail, MithrilBlade, Heavy
Rider Gold Helmet, Gold Lance
HadesGigas Ogre Nix
Chaser Mithril Mail
Bomb Flame Shld
Spit Fire Gold Helmet
Ninja Assassin, Striker
Intangir Megalixir
Cruller Elixir
Mag Roader(small,brown) Mithril Mail
Pipsqueak Mithril Helm, Mithril Blade
Rhyos Ice Shield
HeavyArmor Heavy Shld, MithrilBlade
Barb-e Ribbon
Harpy Exp. Egg
Spek-Tor Tintinabar
L.80 Magic Ribbon
L.90 Magic Ribbon

Glitch Secrets:
There are many ways to glitch your game. The most common way is to have Relm
sketch various monsters. When your game glitches, many things can happen. You
may end up with lots of items, new characters, special powers, or an erased
game. So it's risky.

- To glitch your game, try doing these things:
Call Palidor, then Sketch a monster
Sketch a vanished Gobbldegak or Dark Wind (these guys work -- other monsters
may cause damage to your saved games)
Have Gogo sketch the Storm Drgn
Have Relm sketch while she is muddled
Sketch a Chaos Drgn in the Phoenix Cave

- The best way, I have found, to glitch the game is the following method: Bring
a party of four, including Relm and Gau, to the Veldt and properly equip them.
Have Gau Leap a monster, and wait for him to return. Right after the last
monster is destroyed, he will spin around, then say something. Be ready with
Relm to Sketch Gau while he spins around, before he can say anything. When the
message box disappears, you must tell Relm to Sketch him again. When she
Sketches, the game will glitch. This glitch will add these items to your
inventory (you have to "Arrange" to see them all):
256 Anitdotes, 2773 Dirks (No joke! I counted!), 256 Swordbreakers, 256
Imperials, 112 Scimitars, 256 Flame Sabres, 256 Magus Rods, 256 Poison Rods, 111
Rainbow Brushes, 256 Iron Helmets, 256 Tao Robes, 178 Power Sashes, 240
AutoCrossbows, 256 Gem Boxes, 256 Zephyr Capes, 28 Tintinabars, 24 Sprint Shoes,
and 143 Economizers. Not bad! Also with this glitch, Gau will end up equipped
with a Fenix Down as his weapon. I have noticed no side effects to this glitch.

- Another sure way to glitch: Take a party (including Relm) to the Triangle
Island in the World of Balance. Walk around and you will eventually meet the
Intangir. Use the X or Y button to switch members so that nobody does anything
until Relm Sketches. After she Sketches, the game usually freezes up. I have,
by some luck, managed to escape the battle. The effects were astounding -- I
received no extra items in my inventory, but all four of my party members
permanently have MagiTek Armor (some can still Fight!). My top member always
looks different -- like some character left out of the game. My bottom member
(who was Strago) gained the power of Interceptor. There was always a clock
stuck on 16:03 in the corner. Some of the enemies looked like M-Tek Armor.
However, the game became highly unstable. My game would freeze up at any time
during battle, and I couldn't go into any towns without being trapped there

- Have Relm, Gau, and two others in your party. Walk around the outside of
Jidoor until you encounter 3 Crawlies. Have Gau use the Behemoth rage (Behemoth
found on the Floating Continent), and he should cast Meteor. This has to be
before you raise a ton of levels, found any characters after strago, and
recieved any magicite that teaches you the high level spells. (So you are
basically very weak.) Have Relm sketch the far back crawly, and the screen
should go weird. Among the spells you have listed are Fire, many times,
Hyperdrive, and Quasar. You should also see General Leo in your party.

- Try sketching monsters in the Phoenix Cave, such as the Chaos Dragon. Also
try sketching the Brainpan, found on the Floating Continent.

- If none of these things work, maybe your game is "unglitched", meaning you
cannot glitch FF3 with your game pak.

- If you glitch successfully, any of the following might happen:
Character status is slightly changed -- some party members have 9999 HP, some
have 0 but are still alive, etc.)
Inventory gets screwed up (you might have hundreds of certain items, or no
items at all)
You get a secret item (there are rumors about "Leaves" and "Flags")
Screen flips out (sprites turn into error garbage, blank screen)
People shapeshift (Edgar might turn into Leo, Celes into a Moogle, Locke into
a merchant)
You get wierd spells (multiple spells, Lore spells, and enemy spells)
Loss of control (buttons stop working)
Plus, other effects

- Usually a glitch will only last one battle. After that, the game might freeze
up, or your party might die unexplainably. If the glitch lasts, and you got
something cool out of it, you're very lucky. Just hope it doesn't erase your
games (it's not that common).

- In your inventory, there may be items which it appears you have 0 of.
Actually, you have 256 of them. And various two-digit numbers usually mean over
100 of an item. It may say "36", but you may really have 136 or 236. Try
selling items at the store to see how many you have. You can never have more
than 256 of an item in one slot.

- Another glitch in the game: When you get Terra back from Zozo, bring her to
Narshe. Instead of speaking with the guard, go to the secret door in the rock
to the left. The game will freeze up.

- Go to Narshe in the World of Ruin and fight some Test Riders. On every
attack, have someone cast Vanish, then have Relm Sketch. Once in a while, after
several tries, you can get the game to glitch. Run away when you notice glitch
effects and you might have some kewl items!

- When you equip Relm or Strago with the MoogleSuit, he or she will look like a
Moogle in combat. This seems like a glitch, but it is normal. The suit just
changes the wearer's appearance.

Disproven Rumors:
Remember not to believe everything you hear about FF3!
(The following are all TRUE statements. Therefore, it is true that you CANNOT
get General Leo, etc. Just clearing this up.)

- You cannot get General Leo, Siegfried or Cid to join your party.
Proof: In the end of the game, each character is viewed as they escape Kefka's
Tower, and his/her theme music is played during the cut scene. If you fail to
find Umaro and Gogo, their cut scene (and thus, their music) is not played
during the end of the game. In the CD soundtrack for Final Fantasy III,
"Kefka's Domain", the Ending Theme track includes themes for the twelve
characters and no others. If any other characters could join your party, their
music would be found at the end of the game. Note also that every character
that can join your party has theme music, yet there is no music for Siegfried,
Cid, or Leo.

- The only Espers in the game are the ones listed in the instruction manual.
There are no such things as Magicite for Efleet, Magma, Leviatan, Artemis, or
any other.
Proof: There are two blank spaces when you have all the espers in the game.
One blank space is where Odin was (when you turned him into Raiden), and the
other is for de-selecting espers. Therefore, these spaces cannot hold espers at

- WITH A FEW EXCEPTIONS, boss creatures do not appear on the Veldt. A boss
creature is any enemy or group of enemies you fight when the cool "Decisive
Battle" music is playing. The only known boss enemies to appear on the Veldt
are the White Dragon, the Master Pug, Number 024, and the SrBehemoth.
Proof: When all Rages are found, there are no blank spaces left for boss

- The Gamma Sword, supposedly found outside of Kefka's Tower in the Airship,
does not exist.
Proof: Try for yourself; spend hours circling around Kefka's Tower. Try taping
the buttons down on the controller and turning the TV off -- come back weeks
later, and you still won't have anything.

- A man in the Auction House in Jidoor speaks of an item to "bring back wayward
spirits, but only in Vector can such an item be found." This is not a
ressurector potion!
Proof: The man was referring to the Phoenix Magicite, which was owned by
Gestahl in the World of Balance. A man in the Colosseum says to "talk to the
Emperor twice". In Owzer's House, look at Emperor Gestahl's portrait twice to
learn where he hid his treasure.

- Someone out there made a really cool image of Gogo turning into Golbez, with
doctored pictures from FF2 and FF3. It is a clever idea, but it's not really
true. For those of you who haven't seen this masterpiece, you can find it on
America Online in NP Source (keyword: NOA). Go into the download area, under
"artwork", I believe.

- There is no special significance to Cyan's books. In the Japanese version of
this game, I believe Cyan learns to use Tools with the books. However, this
does not work in the American version of the game.

- Shadow is not a female! When you rescue him from the Cave in the Veldt, it
seems like it from the dialogue. The explanation for this is that Shadow was
not meant to survive the End of the World. He was later programmed in to do so,
but they left the dialogue to accommodate both Relm and Shadow.

This section contains secrets which may or may not be true, and may never be
proven either way. Once they are proven or disproven, they go to the
appropriate section.

1: Is Gogo Daryl? Gogo's past is unknown, but what makes this more likely is
the fact that Daryl's Falcon crashed into Triangle Island. Maybe she was
swallowed by the Zone Eater? I have also heard of a cut scene when you have
Gogo and Setzer in the same party. What happens to Gogo after he/she mimics
Celes in the ending sequence? It looks like he/she falls into a pit...

2: Are there more items in the game than people know about? There are 252
different types of items, leaving three blank spaces in the inventory. What
could they be? Could there be anything, or were they just items left out of the
American version of the game?

3: All of Shadow's dreams take place in an area that you can go in the game.
Maybe there are secrets in these areas? What about the million gold pieces
Clyde and Baram stole from the train?

4: The hill where Celes tries to commit suicide (if you fail to bring Cid back
to health) is the same hill where Setzer waited for Daryl. Any connection?

5: Hero Ring or Paladin Ring? Which do you get when you uncurse the Cursed
Shield? I have heard from people who have gotten both! Does it depend on how
you play the game?

6: Can't find any Economizers? Sometimes when you go through the game, it won't
let you get any Economizers from Brachosaurs or anywhere else in the game. Why?

7: What happened to the Moogles after the End of the World? They are all gone
when you go to meet Mog in the World of Ruin.

List composed by RabiteMan.

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Siegfrid for help with v1.1
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Dwozn50459, WYVERN999, KyleFF, Zoygn, and RIN1027 for help with v1.5
Tower22, William G. Treacy, Mog326,,, (write to him for help or tips on
FF2, FF3, and Chrono Trigger), Mogman3000, Psyco F, GOMEROME, and EvilHogie1 for
help with v2.0

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FAQ für/for Final Fantasy III

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FAQ für/for Final Fantasy III

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Esper List für/for Final Fantasy III
Esper List

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FAQ für/for Final Fantasy III

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FAQ für/for Final Fantasy III

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engl. FAQ für/for Final Fantasy III
engl. FAQ

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engl. FAQ für/for Final Fantasy III
engl. FAQ

13.Октябрь 2013
engl. FAQ für/for Final Fantasy III
engl. FAQ

17.Октябрь 2013
engl. FAQ für/for Final Fantasy III
engl. FAQ

17.Октябрь 2013
Cheats für Final Fantasy III

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