Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy III

04.10.2013 16:22:45

This walkthru is long. There are literally hundreds of ways to play the game.
I will tell you how I made it through best, and tell you some other possibility
opportunities as well. The overall process is the same, no matter who you use
in your party. Another thing. I will mention Save Points periodically, but
you should know that whenever you find one, USE IT. Even if not included in
the walkthru, SAVE YOUR GAME at these points. Also save whenever you return to
the field after completing a major objective.

1. Narshe, the beginning of the game:
You arrive at Narshe. Walk through the town. You can only go one way,
anyway! Fight the sentries and doggies with them. Your goal is the mines at
the top of town. Once inside, seek out the first Save Point on the left. Now
continue straigh up. One of the Imperial Soldiers will open the gate which
blocks access to the frozen Esper. Then you must defeat Whelk.
BOSS: Whelk
STRATEGY: Aim only for the head. When he goes into his shell, do not attack.
Terra should launch Tekmissiles and the others should use Ice or Bolt beams.
This should be an easy battle. If you get hurt badly, use a Heal Force.
NOTES: Don't hit the shell. It absorbs attacks and then it counter-attacks.
So now you reach the Esper. So long, Vicks and Wedge! You're off on a
one-way trip to limbo... Now Terra is alone.

2. Returner base in Narshe
You wake up in the single Returner's house. He will show you the Slave
Crown. Make sure you check the clock in the house. It contains an Elixir. Go
out the back door and head into the mines. Make sure you save at the first
opportunity, a small platform of land near the Moogle Village. When you go up,
you will be attacked by the guards. You will fall down a pit and go unconscious
on the ground. Then Locke and three parties of moogles come to your rescue.
BOSS: Several soldiers
STRATEGY: Take your parties in order from weakest to strongest. This means that
you should use up the four-moogle parties first, and save the one with Locke for
a last resort. You want Locke to live and gain some instead of dying. If you
wish, position the three parties about half a screen away from Terra, blocking
the pathways to her. I advise going ahead, though, since if one of these is
defeated and near Terra, the soldiers will get her. Don't worry about curing
the Moogles. Just keep fighting till they all die.
NOTES: That's pretty much it. The final soldier is the commander. Use your
party with Locke for him. You will want the extra power he gives you. Have
Mog do the Dusk Requiem Dance, which you automatically learn after one battle
in the caves. Also, try not to kill all the soldiers; just nail the commander!

3. Locke, Edgar, and Figaro Castle
Locke picks up Terra and brings her out a secret exit/entrance to Narshe
after the battle is over. You cannot re-enter Narshe for quite a while. Head
south to Figaro Castle. You have no alternative. Once inside, You will meet
up with King Edgar. Give him his name and then he will tell you that he must go
do something. Just wander around and take a rest in the beds. This is a good
place to gain some levels for Terra and Locke. Go to the desert and use Terra's
Fire spell on the monsters there, targeting all. Pretty good tactic. When you
are ready, return to the throne room (talk with Matron first) and talk to
Edgar. You may wish to buy his tools at the store. Get all of them. They are
all useful. His AutoCrossbow will prove VERY effective at this point in the
game. Now you are ready for the scene with Kefka. The slimebucket approaches
and makes demands. He'll leave soon enough. Get all chests and do your
shopping, and save the game. Now sleep in the room in the right-hand tower.
During the night the Empire will attack.

4. Emergency! To South Figaro!
Locke, Edgar, and Terra escape Figaro by Chocobo. Then Figaro sinks
into the desert to protect itself. Some MagiTek Armors will follow you. This
will be when Edgar and Locke find out about Terra's magical abilities. Next,
head to South Figaro through the cave to the Southeast.
BOSS: Some MagiTek Armor
STRATEGY: Easy battle. Use magic and weapons to kill them quickly.
NOTES: If you use magic, Locke and Edgar "swoon" in a cute little scene . If
you don't, the first time you use magic with them around will make this happen.
Just a little odd fact.

5. South Figaro
This is your first town beyond Narshe (I don't call Figaro Castle a town
because it has no houses). Check all the crates, pots and boxes here. Many of
them contain valuable Items like Tonic and Tincture. Here you will find out
about Duncan, Vargas, and Sabin. To get Sabin, you must first go to his house.
To get there, head directly North of town until you find the small house next to
a tree. Go in. Here you can sleep and restore HP, MP, and Status. When you
leave, an old man is near the well. He tells you that Sabin is at Mt. Kolts.

6. Mt. Kolts
Go back to South Figaro. You will want several Antdots and Eyedrops,
as these are things you will need to use frequently after battles on Mt. Kolts,
where many monsters use blinding and poisoning attacks. Rent a Chocobo and go
Northeast. You will find the entrance to Mt. Kolts. Go through the caves as
quickly as possible. Look for an area where there is a large wall to your right.
Try to go into it at the very top, and you will find a hidden path. Follow this
to a seemingly dead end. Now enter the rock on your left. Hidden treasure!
This is the only place you may find an Atlas Armlet until the World of Ruin.
Now continue on your way. Save at the Save Point. Walk all through the spiral
mountain path, until you reach the center. Prepare for an easy battle. First,
Vargas will attack you. Then Sabin will come. Vargas will use the mortal Blitz
called Blizzard Fist, which you, unfortunately, can never get, and kills all but
Sabin. Use the Blitz Pummel on Vargas to defeat him instantly! In fact, that
is the only way you can kill him!
BOSS: Vargas
STRATEGY: Use Sabin's Blitz movement.
NOTES: None. This is easy. Also; you may wish to, at South Figaro, buy some
Relics like the Star Pendant and Goggles to prevent Poison/Blindness.

7. The Returners' Base
After you kill Vargas, make your way out of the mountain through the
open doorway Vargas no longe blocks. Now save your game. Go North to find an
opening in the mountain. It is on the right, and is a cave the Returners use as
their headquarters. Once inside, follow the Returner, checking pots and crates
as you go. The room on top contains several treasures. Above the pots and
stuff in that room you can enter the wall on the right, I believe, to get some
other pots you couldn't reach before. After this, go talk to Banon. Once that
is done, take a nap to restore HP, MP, and Status. Find Banon outside the cave,
and tell him no. Then go back in and talk to the soldiers. You will get the
RELIC Genji Glove. Now say yes. When the Empire attacks, get ready to high-
tail it outta there. Go through the new opening near Banon's original position
when you met him the first time. Jump onto the raft and away you go.

8. Rafting Ride
On the rafting ride, simply wander around the river. It's not long.
Don't worry about wrong turns; as penalty, you may have to fight a battle, but
that shouldn't really make any difference. When you reach the caves, save at
the Save Points. When you reach Ultros, the boss, the party will be split.
BOSS: Ultros
STRATEGY: Use Terra's Fire spell for high damage. Use your best Tool and try
to do the Aura Bolt Blitz as much as possible. Make Bannon do Health at every
opportunity. DO NOT STOP DOING HEALTH! Many times it will save his life. If
Ultros hits him with an individual attack, he will die no matter what. This
happens about half the time, so you may have to repeat the battle once or twice.
NOTES: After this battle, Sabin will be lost. Don't worry, you'll get him back.
Also, put all characters IN THE BACK ROW. Ultros' focused Tentacle attack on
one person will cause massive damage and will INSTANTLY KILL BANON! If he's in
back, he won't die from one hit! Make sure he ALWAYS does Health.

Important Note: Now you have 3 options! Play them in whichever order you like,
they all must be completed!

-==- Terra, Banon, and Edgar Scenario:

9. To Narshe!
Once you exit the river, you will be South and West of Narshe. Return
to Narshe to converse with the Elder. Here the party will split up. Take
whoever you want to go with you. If you take Edgar and Sabin, you can see the
scene where Sabin left home. It's pretty interesting. You find out later in
the game that the coin that Edgar tosses was really one-sided, and that he let
Sabin win. Head to Figaro Castle, in case you didn't just figure that out.
NOTE: If you take only 3 peple, you may join up with Shadow again!
*NOTE*: If you don't get the chance to chose party, you will after the other two
groups reach Narshe as well.

-==- Locke's Scenario:

10. South Figaro again
Locke is alone is South Figaro. This is a pretty easy scenario, and
quite profitable. First, find the save point in the basement of the house you
start off right next to. Then go to the Item Shop. Fight the merchant and
Steal his clothes (and sometimes a Guardian Knife as well). Now you are dressed
as a merchant. Go to the rich man's house and down his stairs. The boy will
allow you to pass. Now, either dress as a soldier (no real purpose) or just
go and buy crap, then go to the basement of the Cafe. Inside, fight the
merchant to steal his Cider from the table. Go back to the Rich Man's house,
and give the man his cider. Then, go back downstairs and tell the boy the
password "Courage" if I remember right (it's the middle one in the list). He
will open a passage for you. Take it to the Ultra-Rich-Man's house. When you
arrive, go into the house (get the stuff in the barrels outside first). Go to
the top floor, the Ultra-Rich-Man's bedroom. Walk across the beds and behind
the bookshelf. Take the stairs down. When offered to change clothes, it
doesn't matter if you do or don't. Here's a secret. Instead of going to the
doors nearby, go straight down from the place where the game asks if you want
to change clothes. Then go down the hidden steps inside the wall you are in.
Grab the obvious chest in the little prison room. Then get the one even
Nintendo Power didn't notice, it's sitting behind the bars in the cell on the
right. Helpful little item; RunningShoes. Your first pair. Casts Haste on
the wearer. A good Relic! Now, go back up the steps and then go to the first
door on the right. Watch the scene then go into the room. Release Celes then
steal the Clock Key from the sleeping soldier. Go out and one door to the
right. It contains a Save Point. Use it then head into the last door on the
right. This is a small maze of winding walls and hidden passages. Explore it
carefully, and try not to get hurt too much. Head in the general direction
of down and right to get out. When you do, exit the town and save your game.
Good work!

11. The Cave to Figaro
Go back to Sabin's house to heal HP, MP, and Status. Then go to the
cave to Figaro. Walk through it. Make sure to use the recovery spring near
the end of it (heading back it's near the end, heading to South Figaro it's at
the beginning). Then go down. Prepare to fight an EASY battle.
BOSS: TunnelArmr
STRATEGIES: Use Runic for Celes, and have Locke steal the nifty Item (it's
usually a Guardian or Air Lancet). Then have Locke attack continuosly while
Celes continues Runic Blade. It should be pretty easy. You're in the clear!
Hooray! If the other two scenarios are complete, you will instantly be warped
to Narshe! Otherwise, you'll be warped back to the Scenario Select for another

-==- Sabin's Scenario:

12. North of the Veldt
You arrive at the base of a river. First go east to the lone house of
Gau's father. Talk to Shadow and have him join(you'll need the extra man
power in the battles, boss, etc.). Then buy 99 Shurikens for him from the
merchant. They're cheap, but cause high damage. Then go into the house, if
you want. The bed inside is a free place to restore HP, MP, and Status. After
this, head East and then South to reach the Imperial Base

13. Imperial Base vs. Doma Castle
Save before entering the patch of desert near the bridge; it's the
Imperial Base. Once in, listen to the stupid soldiers. Then go into the tents
on the left and right. On the right, choose the option "Punch it" to avoid
battling the sentry dog. Otherwise you can choose "Kick it" (this refers to the
locked chest in the corner of the tent). Now go out of the tent and head down
the path. Watch Kefka. Then watch the Doma scenario. When you are Cyan,
simply attack the commander. Use the SwordTch "Retort" (#2) to get an EASY
victory. Then the scene goes back to the Imperial Base. Keep hitting Kefka
in each battle. He runs after one hit. Fight the solider, but it's too late.
Kefka has poisoned Doma! The scene switches back there. As Cyan, you will see
the king die. Then, don't go into the upper right door just yet. First go
to the basement and get the Remedy from the pot near the dead soldier. Then go
to that upper right door on the floor above. Watch the little scenario there,
then the scene goes back to the Imperial Base, this time with Cyan. Walk up
to Cyan and talk to him (if you go inbetween him and the soldiers, you can see
a slightly amusing thing happen when you talk to Cyan). Help him fight the
loser soldiers each time. Then yuo'll hop into MagiTek armor, and the key to
that is just fight your way out of the base the way you came in. Injured? Use
Heal Force for some free healing power. Unfortunately the MagiTek armor is left
behind at the base.

14. The Phantom Forest
Don't worry about Doma castle. It is held by the Empire now, and you
cannot enter. So just go south and then west across the next bridge, then south
to the entrance of a large forest. SAVE! Then go into the forest. Run or
fight the Ghosts, and other such creatures. Then follow all the signs to the
Train. There is a recovery spring in this area, you can't go through without
finding it. You may want to stay around there and grab a couple Levels. Then
go to the train, like I was saying. Get on, and go to the caboose to save the
game. Talk to the ghost there to get him to join the party. Then go left.
For time saving, I'll just say this: keep going left until you have jumped the
cars with Sabin. Now I'll explain more. Go into the car on the left to
detach the other cars. Hit the same switch again to lower the walls when you
are free to move again. Save. Then go to the left some more. The next car
contains a diner which restores HP, MP, and Status as many times as you desire.
When done, go around the dining room car (you can't walk through it). Go in to
it from the other side to grab an Earring RELIC from the chest. Go left some
more. Fight Ziegfried if you want, one hit and he'll die anyways. Then keep
heading left all the way to the room before the engine. Save there, then go
to the engine room and hit the first and third switches (it's written on the
controls if you press A while facing them). Then leave the room, go up the
engine, and press on the smokestack. The train will fight you.
BOSS: Phantom Train
STRATEGIES: Have Cyan use "Retort", have Shadow (if he's still with you) throw
Shurikens, and have Sabin do the AuraBolt Blitz. Decently easy battle.
NOTES: None. Just fight it like I said.

15. Cyan's family
Cyan's family departs on the Phantom Train. Talk to Cyan to make the
scene go forward. You will now leave the Phantom Forest. Head south and then
east, then north into the mountains to reach Baren Falls. If Shadow is still
with you, empty all his screens. He'll be leaving when you reach the falls.
Now, make sure your guys are fully healed then jump into the raging falls.
The enemies are simple. Use Pummel and Dispatch to send them packing. When you
reach the boss, take him out in the same way, and do it fast. You might want
Cyan to use his Retort SwordTch again.
BOSS: Rizopas (A giant Pirrhana)
STRATEGIES: He casts El Nino, a strong water attack. Kick his butt fast. All
I can say is fight hard and fight fast.
NOTES: Pretty easy boss. Has around 1000 HP, I think. That shouldn't be a
major problem. One Retort will do over 750 damage, anyways!

16. The Veldt
Boy this scenario is long! When you reach the Veldt, you will see Gau.
Name him, then head west, then south around the mountains and northeast up the
Veldt to the town. Inside, here's what you want to do:
A. Buy Weapons and Armor for your guys at the Shops
B. Buy one or two Dried Meats to feed Gau (If you're looking for more
curative power than 99 Tonics and 99 Potions, these restore 150HP each).
C. Get the RELIC Tintinabar by doing this process. First, talk to the
injured soldier. Then go into the delivery house. Send the item. Then go to
the shop at the top of town. Choose buy then exit the menu. Go back to the
soldier's house and read the new letter. Do this about 6 times and he will
give you the Tintinabar when you talk to him (there won't be a letter).
Now go onto the Veldt. Save, of course. Get Gau by killing the enemy.
When Gau appears and says "I'm Hungry" use Dried Meat on him. Now he is your
pal. Head southwest to the Crescent Mountain. You may wish to do a little
Leaping with Gau to learn some skills. Check the Skills menu to see what Rages
he has learned. Templar will be invaluable, and he comes with it I believe.
The Rage of Templar is usually a strong Fire2 spell, excellent for roasting the
underwater enemies you are about to fight! Go into Crescent Mountain. Once
inside, walk over all pieces of ground to find a Tonic, and to lose 500 GP, and
to see amusing scenes. Then go across the bridge and down. Walk around near
the bottom and Gau will find his "shiny shiny! shiny shiny shiny!" treasure.
It is the underwater helmet stolen from Mobliz. Go south and jump into the
"raging" waters of the Serpent Trench. While underwater, use Gau's Templar
Rage to finish off the fish fast. Then save at each cave you enter. It
doesn't matter which course you take. Go left or right at each turn, whichever
way you want. When you finally leave the Trench, You'll end up in Nikeah.
First, leave the town and save. Then re-enter and buy weapons and armor for
all people, not just the one's in the current party. You will soon meet them
again, and you might as well give them good stuff, right? When done, go into
the Ship and sail for South Figaro (really Narshe, but it doesn't matter).
If you have the other scenarios done, you will go to Narshe. Otherwise you're
once again back at the Scenario Selcetion screen.


17. Narshe and a decisive battle
Once all have reached Narshe safely, it's time for a decisive battle.
Save at the save point at the top of the mountains. Then prepare for either a
short fight, with my secret, or a VERY long one. Long=more experience and
gold from mildly difficult battles that wear you down. Short=saving 1/2 hour
of annoying battles and a quick defeat of the enemy with strong guys.
First, change places with members (face them and press A). Go to the
menu and equip them with Optimum, or whatever. Give them Relics, etc. Then go
to the Save Pont again. Terra will be your character again. I guess she's the
only one you can control to save. Save the game, then talk to Banon. Get ready
for a fight! Split up into three groups. I recommend putting the ABSOLUTE
strongest characters into one oarty. Keep the others as emergency backups. You
want power for these battles. I suggest: Edgar, Sabin, Celes (for Runic), and
Terra (for healing power and Fire magic). The long way: Fight every battle
and make your way to Kefka. The short way: Go along the leftmost path and hide
at the very bottom (near where you can get up onto the cliff on a little snow
path) until the last soldier passes by. Go around and kill the guard in front
of Kefka (or if you're quick, just avoid him). Kill Kefka!
BOSS: Kefka
STRATEGIES: Kefka casts powerful magic attacks. Use Runic blade to stop them.
If you are hurt seriously, have Celes either attack, defend, or use Cure magic
and have Terra use Cure magic (note that while Celes is using Runic, Terra's
magic will not work either). Other than that, use the AutoCrossbow and the
Blitz Pummel to make Kefka run away. Congrats, you've won the battle!

18. Regroup!
You have won the battle and will now regroup at Narshe. De-equip all
the guys you won't take with you. Then form a party (take only 3 to get Shadow
at Kohlingen). I recommend taking Locke, Edgar and Sabin to see their scenarios
play out. Once done, buy new weapons and armor, and relics of course. Go to
the house in the lower right hand corner and get the treasures. The ThiefKnife
should be equipped. A good weapon that randomly Steals as well as attacks. I
wouldn't bother equipping the Sneak Ring now. Leave Narshe.

19. Figaro, Submerge!!!
Once you reach Figaro Castle, first buy any tools you don't have. Then
stock up on any itmes you don't have. Then go to the engine room and ask to go
to Kohlingen. The castle will "submerge" and reappear on the other side of
the mountains.
Secret: If you have Edgar and Sabin in the party, see the secrets file!

20. Kohlingen and Shadow
Walk northwest to Kohlingen. If you want, you can walk far north to
reach the future site of the Colosseum. In the Wold of Balance, there is just a
weird old guy there. Later he will become the owner of the Colosseum. Anyway,
if you are in Kohlingen with three people, go to the Inn. Shadow is there
regardless, but he won't join you if your party is full with four people. For a
cost of 3000 GP, you may buy Shadow's services. Get ready for a long walk now.
Buy some Shurikens for Shadow if you don't have any. They offer a cheap, fast,
and powerful weapon for Shadow to use.
Secret: If you have Locke in your party, see the secrets file!

21. Jidoor
Once you walk far south, you will reach Jidoor, the Opera-loving place.
When you go in, buy tons of Potions and Tonics. You will be needing them. You
will also want the best armor you can buy, along with the best weapons. For
now, the auction house is closed, but come back later...

22. Zozo
Northeast and then North along the mountains is Zozo, in a little niche
in the mountainside. Inside, new powerful enemies will attack you. You will
need your Tonics and Potions after almost every battle. Here you can acquire
the Chainsaw TOOL. Go West until you hit the Inn. Go inside the building to
be in the clock room. Touch the clock on the wall. It will ask you to set the
time. The correct combination is 6:10:50. You may find this out by knowing
that everyone in town lies about the time, and thus by process of elimination
you are supposed to be able to discover the real time. I just tried every time
until I got it. It is possible to walk in back of the large building to get to
the weapon and armor shops, but this is pointless since there is nobody inside
except for one guy who tells you a false times, and a single pot with a weak
HP recovering thing in it (I think it's a Tonic, or if it's not, it is
definately a Potion). Instead, go south to the entrance to the big building.
Go inside, and begin climbing the steps. When you reach the dead end, simply
go back down one flight. You will discover you can get to the window from this
level. Go up to the window to jump across. Then jump to the next building.
Climb more steps, and then re-cross the buildings. Go all the way up.
Somewhere along the way, Dadaluma is waiting for you. Contrary to popular
belief, Dadaluma is really very weak.
BOSS: Dadaluma
STRATEGY: Nail him with the TOOLs Chainsaw or Drill, plus the BLITZ Pummel,
plus the SWRDTCHs Dispatch or Quadra Slam. Other than that, any RAGE. All
this boss can really do is use Tonic and Potion on himself. Just hit him hard
and fast, and he will die quickly.

23. Esper?
At the top of the building, up a long, loong, looooong time of climbing,
you will reach Terra. Approach and Ramuh will appear. You'll hear more story,
and you get to receive the first shards of Magicite, Ramuh and friends. Now,
your next target will be the Empire!

24. Don't warp!
DO NOT WARP! Save time! Walk back one screen, and you will see the
other party members waiting for you. If you warp out, you will have to climb
all the way up the building again to reach them. The party, reunited, leaves
Zozo. Locke, Celes, and two others of your choosing will go on the mission to
beat the Empire. Go to Narshe if you wish to change your party around.

25. Back to Jidoor
Head back to Jidoor on foot. When you reach Jidoor, grab some rest and
refill your Potion and Tonic supplies. You may want to spend a few minutes
outside the town learning some basic spells such as Cure, Fire, Bolt, and Ice.
When you're ready, go into the house in the Northern part of town. Talk to
Owzer. Then read the letter that is dropped. Then, grab yourself a Chocobo and
head South to the Opera House.

26. (Fat Lady Sings:) The Oooopera Hooooouse
The Opera House. Go inside and talk to Owzer. You will hear some
meaningless garbage, and see Ulros' plan unfold. Then have Celes memorize her
lines in the room. This really means that you should write the beginning of
each line dow, just the first few words. Actually, the beginning of each
section after a comma. Then go out on stage and recite the lines in the proper
order. If you screw up, you will get three more chances. If you screw those
up, you die. Anyway, once you finish by bringing the flowers to the balcony,
get ready! Actually, before you do all this you may want to equip Celes and
a person in the party with Sprint Shoes. Celes can move faster and that way has
more time to get to the balcony, and the party can stop Ultros faster. Now
Ultros gets ready to push the 6 ton weight onto Celes' head. Locke reads the
letter and shows it to Owzer. The party must stop Ultros! Go first to the room
in the upper-right hand corner. Flip the switch. Then go to the left-hand
corner room. The door is unlocked now. Enter the rafters. Fight the rats, as
they are hard to avoid, but do it quickly as you are timed. When you reach
Ultros, it's a pretty easy battle. Slaughter him quickly. You'll both fall
onto the stage below. Thump! Locke will get up to save Celes in the play, but

27. Airship time!
New music! Alright! Setzer drops in from his airship and whisks
Maria-Celes away! Inside the airship, he leaves her for a moment, and Celes
goes to the engine and helps her companions in. Setzer returns and tells you
he will help if Celes marries him. The party finds a way out, though, through
Setzer's gambling weakness. They flip a coin. It is a cheating coin, both
sides are the same. If Sabin and Edgar are in your party, you find out that
this is the same coin Edgar used during the flip for Figaro Castle to set Sabin
free. So now you own the Airship. No time for flying lessons! You're off on
an all-expenses paid, multi-hour vacation in...the Empire!

28. The Empire Approach
A cool approach. The Airship flies low over the sea until you reach the
Empire. Once you're there, you're there for quite a while. The Airship will
not fly, but you CAN restore HP/MP inside by talking to the guy right above the
entrance. This is a free service, and should be used whenever you're nearby.
Why pay for an Inn, right?

29. Visit many towns
Go to all the towns and purchase the best Armor and Weapons you can.
Once finished, enter Vector, the city in the center of the continent. Once
inside, buy any weapons/armor you need. Steer clear of the soldiers, and don't
try to enter the actual palace. If you do, the machine called Guardian WILL
stop you. It takes no damage from any weapon or spell you can aquire at this
time and is 100% invincible. If the empire is so powerful, how come all their
bosses aren't invincible, as that would achieve the Empire's goal of killing the
Returners? Probably just plot-realted garbage. Oh well. So then go into the
small house that looks like a triangle. Inside, say no when the woman asks you
if you pledge your allegiance to the Empire. Soldiers will jump you, but mere
child's play. You've slaughtered them many times before, in Narshe and on the
Veldt. After you're done, the woman will become a curer. Talk to her and she
will, for free, restore all HP/MP. Good deal. Save your game if you haven't
already. Buy LOTS of potions and Tonics, and several Tinctures. You will
definately want them along.
Oh yeah, you should get Headbands for those who may wear them. Although
they are weak in defensive power, they are amongst the rare items that increase
Stamina! Keep 'em eqipped while you gain levels!

30. The MagiTek Research Facility
When ready, talk to the man in Vector near the crates. He will tell you
that he is a Returner sympathizer. When ready, say yes. He will create a
diversion and you will gain entrance to the MagiTek Research Facility. All I can
tell you is that it is a maze, but a treasure-filled one! Grab the Sabers,
Tinctures, Shields, and other Items as you search for Kefka. The enemies are
real wimps in most cases, and can be taken out with a spell or two. Once you
reach Kefka, you'll see him abuse some Espers and leave. Now, either go up the
lift near whee Kefka was standing (this will take you back to near the beginning
but is treasure-filled. You may want to get this stuff!), or go onto the
conveyor belt he put the Espers on.

31. Shiva and Ifrit
It's safe to talk to Shiva, but don't talk to Ifrit (the red one). Go
into the room you can enter and save your game. Use a tent if you need to.
Dig in for a long battle and talk to Ifrit. Hit Ifrit with Ice spells as much
as possible. When he changes into Shive, immediately switch to Fire spells,
as Fire heals Ifrit and Ice heals Shiva. They switch back and forth a couple
times, Shive, Ifrit, Shiva, Ifrit, then finally Shiva AND Ifrit. Fight! Don't
lose! Soon they will turn themselves into Magicite for you. Save again and
get ready for a long ascension and a longer escape.
BOSS: Shiva/Ifrit
STRATEGIES: Cast Ice on Ifrit, Fire on Shiva. Stay cured!
NOTES: Easy battle, just don't let your HP get low or you may die. Keep curing!

32. Climb the Steps...
Go up. It's long and you will fight some battles. But keep going up.
Then, at the top, head to the big switch in the large panel. Flip it. Then
the Espers will give you their power. Cid will repent, and then you will have
to escape. Cid will take you down a lift. Save at the Save Point at the bottom
of the lift. Use Tent again if you need to. Then go talk to Cid. You'll be
pushed into the cart to save yourselves.
BOSS: Machine 024
STRATEGIES: Yes, there is a boss. I don't remember where, but he's easy. You
will need to attack with Weapons, Tools, and Blitzes. Magic will prove mostly
ineffective as his weakness is constantly changing. This battle is NOT hard.
NOTES: Stick to your non-magic attacks. This one should be a cinch!

33. Escape!
Now you will go through a long tunnel in your cart. You will fight many
Mag Roaders, both big and small. At the end is another boss.
BOSS: Machine 124
STRATEGIES: A simple boss. Use magic on all! Try to use Fire2 and Ice2 if you
have learned them yet. Use the TOOL Flash while all his parts are together.
Oh, his parts are LeftBlade, RightBlade, and Machine 124. The Blades never seem
to attack, but they will if you leave them too long. So target everything. Use
the BLITZ Fire Dance if you have it. Once the Blades are gone, concentrate your
attack on the body. If the Blades come back, leave them and continue on the
body. When the Machine dies, so will the Blades. You are now home-free. You
are gone!

34. Escape from Vector
Save at the new Save Point. Then follow the track out of Vector. You
will still fight a couple battles. Your friends will join you, and you will all
leave Vector.

35. Back to Zozo...!
Once onboard the airship, you head to Zozo. But then, the sky darkens
and shadows creep over the Airship...two giant cranes attack you on the bridge
of the Airship!
BOSS: Empire Cranes on left and right
STRATEGIES: This battle is dangerous, especially since it is always a Pincer
Attack. The bosses can absorb certain spells like Fire and Lit. You should
attack them with your best weapons instead. Setzer's Slot Machine can come in
very handy. See if you can get the triple Airship combo for a great Crane-
killing bomb attack. Aside from that, the cranes aren't hard. They aren't too
strong, I suggest using the Drill, Pummel, etc.

36. Terra
Once the Airship arrives at Zozo, you will automatically wake up Terra
with your new-found Magicite. Terra rejoins the party, but first...

37. The Esper World
Terra remembers all about her past. You will play as her father, the
Esper Maduin. Go through this little scenario without worry. No enemies, no
treasures, etc. Talk to everyone. You will see one of the cruelest things
ever shown on Final Fantasy when Emperor Geshtahl kills Terra's defenseless
and wounded mother.

38. The Airship is yours!
For the first time, you will now have control of the Airship! Use it to
travel anywhere in the world. Grab the secrets mentioned in the other files.
You should get Mog now, as well, and learn Magic in the Phantom Forest. For
this part of the walkthru, simply read the other files. When you have finished
exploring and gaining vast treasures and wealth, continue with the walkthru.

39. Cave to the Sealed Gate
This place is reasonably long. It has one or two save points. All the
enemies down here are resistant to or simply absorb Fire attacks. Ice, Water
and Wind type attacks will help you here. An excellent treasure is right near
the entrance, the Tempest blade for Cyan. It randomly casts Wind Slash, which
does serious damage to the enemies. I strongly recommend you bring Cyan to use
this mighty weapon. Anyways, head through the cave. Here are some pointers:
Bridge puzzle room:
A. Go on the main path of bridges. Wait until they disappear once or twice,
memorize positions of stable blocks, and stand on them. Grab the treasure chest
in the upper right hand corner and lower left hand corner. To get out, go to
the upper right hand corner area. Instead of crossing the bridge back the way
you came, go on the little bridge sticking down that isn't disappearing or
appearing. Hit the A button, then wait a moment. That section of the screen
will begin to do the same as the other sections. Walk on the stable blocks,
again, to get through here.
B. When you find the little island with a chest on it that you cannot
get to, here's what you do. Go to the right and find the bridge with a switch
above it. When you hit it, the bridge breaks. Now there is a walkway to that
treasure chest to your northwest. Go get it!
C. Don't make the huge mistake many people seem to blunder in this area.
Make sure you get to the save point where there are two switches side by side.
One opens the door to the save point, the other drops a Ninja. If you want to
get experience, go in the save point room, then out and hit the Ninja switch.
Keep repeating this. Make sure to save your game. The Ninja won't give you
any good stuff, so I would say save and move on. You are about 1/2 way through
the cave now.
D. The ground holds items. Whenever you see a suspicious looking spot
of ground or (hint) a chunk of ground that serves no purpose, try walking over
it. Some crusty items like Remedy can be found here. Not great, but you might
as well get them.
some odd reason, completely miss the Atma Weapon. It's not hard to find. After
you go through the little obscured-from-sight tunnel (It's not hidden, you can't
go through the cave without going into it), go down the steps on the far right
and then go left back near the little passage. There is a raised part of the
ground with a switch on it. For god's sake, it practically says "Step on me,
you idiots!!!" Step on it to reveal the room with the Atma Weapon.
F. Last part. When you reach the sealed gate, Kefka arrives. Just hit
him once to make the scene go on, like before at the Imperial Base when you
were going to the Phantom Forest. The Espers are unleashed. ///WARNING///: Do
not do the part with the sealed gate before you are ready to give up the Airship
for a long time!!! Once you board it, you're stuck in the empire again, so
make sure you've done everything you want to do. Next chance won't be for a
couple hours! Anyway, you do the Sealed Gate scene. Walk down from the Gate
cave entrance after you're done. A new dorr is open on the bottom. It leads
out. You may re-enter only until you get into the Airship, so get everything
you want from the cave first.

40. The Empire Again
The Ariship is out of control, thanks to the incompitant pilot! The
Airship crashes on the Empire, and once again you are stuck there. Buy any
items/weapons/armors/relics you want and then go to Vector. Go to the Imperial
Palace. Here's how you get to talk to all the soldiers!
A. Here's a "flight-plan" for your high-speed talk spree with every
soldier. First, talk to the two soldiers outside the throne room. Then go down
and talk the others. Then go right and into the door that leads to the long
stairwell. Ignore the first prison door, only Kefka is in there and he will
waste 30 or 40 seconds of time rattling on. Go up the first set of steps and in
the door. Talk to the people there, then go in the door on the bottom towards
the left. Talk to the soldier there. Leave that area, and climb the steps. Go
out the door. Talk to the soldier near you, go up the top of the Vector and
talk to the two MagiTek Armored soldiers. Go through the center door where
Kefka made the cranes attack the Airship. Talk to the soldier in there; he will
fight you, but you shouldn't lose too much time. Just kill him fast. Go back
out, down and to the left. Before entering the left stairwell, go up and talk
to the soldier if he didn't wander down near the door. Go in the door to the
stairwell. Talk to the soldier there, then go down the first and second
flights to the first door. Go in it. You should be in a room full of soldiers.
Talk to them all (it's tricky to keep an eye on the one's you've already
spoken to). Make sure not to miss the guy lying in bed (talk to him from the
side). Then go through the upper-left door. Another fighting soldier, again,
easy. Then leave that area. Go down the last flight and skip the door at the
bottom, there's nothing in it except chests. Leave the inside of the palace.
First take the steps left and talk to the man guarding the steps out of the
palace. Then talk to the MagiTek Armored soldier that is furthest right. Then
talk to the MagiTek Armored soldier on the left. This one fights and can take
a few minutes, that's why I leave him for last. Kill him. Then the banquet
begins. Unfortuanately, there's no save point.
B. All I can tell you to do at the banquet is answer stuff however you
want. I haven't pinned it down yet, but there is a perfect way to respond.
Anyway, all you get is some crappy relics. Don't be too insulting, and you
do better. Don't fight the soldiers if they offer. When dinner is over, Locke
and Terra team up to do the Crescent Island part of the game. Walk around
and grab the chests you missed, and make sure the guy that told you your reward
included "We hereby grant you permission to take any weapons you want from the
Imperial Base." See the other files fro why this is a treasure-trove not to be
missed. If you didn't get that message, you probably missed some soldiers.

"Flight Plan" Ansi Representation (crappy, but good enough)
These are in general locations. Should be pretty accurate, though.
-/|\ = Walls S =Stairs
* = Soldier spots G =Geshtahl
¦ = Doors
/ * \
/--\------ * ¦¦ * ------/--\
| *| / SSSS \ | |
Vector (Top) | |-¦--/ SSSS \--¦-| |
| *|

/-----------\ /-----------\
|* | | |
\¦/----SSS--/ \¦/----SSS--/
---/SSS/ | Vector (Middle) ---/SSS/ |
|-SSS/-----\ |-SSS/-----\
\______SSS_/ \______SSS_/
| /SSS/ | | /SSS/ |
|--SSS/--¦-\ <-- These Doors have *'s inside --> |--SSS/--¦-\
\______SSS_/ \______SSS_/
| /SSS/ | | /SSS/ |
|--SSS/--¦-\ <--Only Chests, no *'s. Kefka--> |¦-SSS/----\
\_¦________/ <--Door Out Door Out--> \_¦________/

Vector (Bottom)

| |
| Banquet Hall and Table |
| |
| |
Throne Room (Geshtahl) | * /-\ * |
Throne--> | |G| | G=Emperor Geshtahl
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| * * |
| |
Right Stairs /-¦-----------| * * |-----------¦-\ Left Stairs
| |
Door Out

Vector (Outside)

Door In
| | | |
/ /SSS-----SSS\ |
/--/ SSS/ * * \SSS |
| * ___________________/
| |/
| |
To Vector City

41. The Journey to Crescent Island
When finished at Vector, go to the town southeast of there to board the
ship out. Celes and Shadow rejoin the party at this time. The ship has a
mildly funny skit and a cheesy-drama skit for Locke and Terra, respectively.
When you arrive on the Crescent Island, I recommend you fight some of the huge
magical beasts roaming this land. They have valuable stuff to steal, and bring
large numbers of experience and gold with victory! Head Northeast to get to
Strago and Relm's home town, Thamasa.

42. Thamasa
In Thamasa, you will meet Strago and Relm. De-equip Shadow, as he will
be leaving the party. Walk all around to see the various displays of magic.
Then confront Strago. Stay at the Inn, but first buy weapons and armor. Make
certain you have some icey spells to do battle with firey enemies. Water spells
work great, too. THEN stay at the Inn.

43. Burning Building
A house is on fire! Shadow stays in bed while you go off to kick butt.
Once inside, try (usually it's pointless) to avoid the flames. When you do
fight them, use ice spells along with water spells for big damage. The Blizzard
Sword works well here, along with Strago's Aqua Rake Lore, which requires 22 or
so MP to use. For the boss, keep up those ice spells!!!
BOSS: A really big flaming wheel (I can't rememeber it's name)
STRATEGIES: Ice spells and water spells, along with cold weapons. NO FIRE!!!
NOTES: Fire weapons/spells will heal him.

44. Shadow to the Rescue!
Shadow saves the party from an untimely demise. He will soon leave,
and you don't get to actually keep him in your party anymore in the World of
Balance. Once you are done with the stupid scene, and free to move again, go
to the Weapon and Armor shops. Buy stuff for Strago, then head out to the

45. The Mystical Mountain
Legend says this is where the three Godesses were created. Walk through
this place all the way to the top. Save at the save point. Two holes contain
one treasure each. They are reasonably worthless treasures, too. Not really
worth the trouble of going up the whole mountain again (that's what you have to
do if you get one). Just reset the game if you fall down the wrong one. The
only incentive to get the two suits (I think they're like the Moogle Suit and
one other) is that they both raise your stats a little bit, making your Level
Ups more efficient. I would say leave 'em! Steal better ones from the enemies
later. Anyways, go all the way up the mountain.
BOSS: Ultros ("My god, not A G A I N?!?!?!" you say)
STRATEGIES: As always, pound him with fire weapons. In this case, a single
Sketch by Relm (when she arrives) will do the job VERY nicely.
NOTES: This is the last time (thank goodness) you have to fight the purple idiot

46. Betrayed
Back at Thamasa, the Espers shake with General Leo. He is a kind, good
man (yay). Then Kefka comes in and blows away all resistance. He grabs the
Espers and turns them into Magicite. As General Leo, you may fight this evil
man. Unfortunately, you can't win, and you can't de-equip Leo's Genji Glove and
Offering, or anything else for that matter. His skill, Shock, is incredibly
powerful. Too bad you can't use him throughout the game...he would be an
AWESOME character. So that's it for the World of Balance!

47. The Airship Returns
A little late and quite redundantly, the rest of the party arrives,
warning you of danger (idiots). Oh well, you already were beaten by Kefka, so
it doesn't help you. Now you have the Airship again. Your options when you
touch the wheel will now include "Find the Floating Continent", at least after
the little Esper scene. When you're ready, choose this option. First, get all
the stuff you want from the first world (you can go back, but you'll want the
stuff anyways because you probably won't want to travel through the whole
Floating Island again). Then choose that option.
BOSS: There are really 3 of them!
BOSS1: Ultros (He's not the main boss, but yes, I was wrong, you fight him one
more time). The usual applies, kick his butt.
BOSS2: Simultaneously with Ultros, face off with Chupon. Nail him with your
most powerful stuff. When he goes, he'll sneeze all of you off the Airship.
BOSS3: Air Force and his two little attachments
STARTEGIES: Nail Air Force's two attachments first to destroy their destructive
capabilities, which are particularly lethal. Steal from them, as well. Then
Steal from and kill Air Force with your strongest attacks. In this battle, you
want pure muscle & magic.

48. The Floating Continent
Oh boy, this is long. First, get Shadow and save. I cannot explain
this whole area, it would double this files' size. Here's a run-down on how to
beat this place:
¦ Get all the metal-like blobs in the wall. They are treasures (some w/ bosses)
¦ Kill all the bosses here.
¦ Make use of the last save point (near a metal blob).
¦ Explore EVERYWHERE and touch EVERYTHING.
¦ To kill Atma (it's not as bad as it looks or sounds), use your strongest
attacks. Heal yourself alot. Steal for an Elixir. If you have the spell Shell
then use it on everyone.
¦ Watch the nifty scenario with Kefka where he deposes the Emperor.
¦ Run like (you know what).
¦ At the end, to keep Shadow alive, read SECRT-R1.TXT

49. Celes
Alone in the World of Ruin, (well, Cid's there too actually) Celes
awakes on Solitary Island. Here, once again refer to SECRT-R1.TXT for tips.
When you leave, you'll float to the mainland. Go to the nearby town. From
there, go north and west to the town just above the desert (it used to be in
the Empire, even though it doesn't look it). Since you have no friends, fight
VERY carefully, and save often!

50. Regain Sabin
Sabin is in this town. Make sure you're wearing one (or two) Relics
that have the effect (or combined effect) of prtection from Petrification and
Poison. Then talk to Sabin and enter the house (if you didn't get Sraphim in
the World of Balance, get him now for 10 GP.). If you want, before you do that,
you can get free healing at the Inn while the house is on fire. Inside the
house, get all the chests (there's two with monsters). The first time you go
through, just memorize everything and don't bother trying to get out unless you
really have enough time. The second time, go through it efficiently. This is
actually a pretty difficult timed section. After you escape, Sabin will join
again. Re-equip him with armor, weapons, and Relics. Give hima good Esper and
head out of town.

51. Chocobo shortcut
You may do one of two things now (either way, follow the next instruction).
To get a Chocobo shortcut, go north and west of the town. Enter the
round forest to get a Chocobo.
Choice 1: If you're strong, and you're positive about it (like over
1000 HP is good), then go across the bridge in the east and follow the land
east. In sunken Mobliz, go into the house the child goes into. Go downstairs,
then talk with Terra. Leave and Phunbaba comes. Terra gets her butt kicked.
Then you have to make him run away. If you succeed, you'll get the Esper Fenrir
along with the chance to beat Phunbaba permanantly. Leave the town and enter
again. Go to the far left house, and enter. Katarin is having a baby (Duwayne,
you naughty boy you). Talk to her, then kill Phunbaba.
BOSS: Phunbaba
STRATEGIES: Everything you've got goes into this battle. Spells are almost
totally useless.
NOTES: Fight fast and furiously, and keep your health up or you'll wind up dead.
After the battle, go south of the village in the forest to get another Chocobo.
Follow choice 2.
Choice 2: The direct route. If you're not too powerful, simply cross
the bridge east of the Chocobo forest and trace the land north to reach Nikeah.

52. Nikeah and Edgar (I mean, the boss!)
Talk to Edgar when you find him...or is it Edgar? Well, it really is.
Anyways, follow him around. Don't waste your money here. Get on the ship by
hiding behind some crates. You'll go to South Figaro. Once there, buy yourself
weapons, armor, etc. Go west to the cave.

53. To Figaro!
Go through this cave. Follow the lead of the thieves and use the turtle
to go across the Recovery Spring. Siegfried (or really Gogo) is here. Don't
bother with him. Just go through. Once inside Figaro, follow the thieves into
the Engine Room. Get all chests. Don't miss the Regal Crown, either. Before
you go into the actual Engine Room to help Edgar, equip Espers like Golem (for
his defenses), the one that casts Haste on the Party, and any others you think
will help you.
BOSS: 4 Tentacles
STRATEGIES: EAch has a different weakness. Fire away with the Flash, or use the
Debilitator. Avoid the Seize moves if possible. Concentrate on one tentacle
at a time, eliminating them one by one. Cast Regen on your guys (or use the
correct Esper) to help counteract the Tentacles' HP-draining qualities. When
finished, you'll get a well deserved rest.
NOTES: Each tentacle is weak against something.

54. Figaro Resurfaces
Figaro castle resurfaces. Go into the room the thieves come out of and
search the middle statue for a MP-draining weapon. Make sure you got the Regal
Crown. Leave the Engine Room and stay at the bedroom for free. Save!

55. Setzer
From the resurfaced castle, go northwest. Setzer is in this town, where
Shadow was a long time ago. Get him in the party. If you want to, you may
journey north to the Dragon's Neck Colosseum to do some item trading. When
ready, go south to Daryl's Tomb. Equip Relics that protect against Zombie, or
you'll regret it. And I do mean that.

56. Daryl's Tomb
Walk around. The blank tombstone is an annoying trivial matter. Read
SECRT-R1.TXT for more details on getting the Exp. Egg here. Anyways, make your
way through (by now you should be good at solving these pathetic puzzles).
When you reach the Save point, SAVE. Kill the treasure-chest thing with one hit
from a lethal Chainsaw (easier than usual). This yields the Tiger Fangs. Give
them to Sabin right away. A new, extremely powerful, stat-raising weapon is
yours! But the price is high...the next boss, Didalos, is extremely difficult.
BOSS: Didalos
STRATEGIES: If possible, equip Wall Rings or cast Rflect. Didalos uses the
Pearl spell a ALOT. You will be feeling the pain fast if you don't use Cure2
almost every round. Hit him with your most powerful attacks possible to send
off. Don't spare items here. If you have to use Elixirs, do it. This battle
is probably the most testing you have fought so far.
NOTES: Extremely difficult for less than average level characters, and pretty
hard for averag level ones. It's not easy even for guys at level 30 or 40.

57-???. New Airship
You now have a new Airship. This is where I skip most of the rest of
the game, which is ALL optional stuff until Kefka's Tower. For any information
on this part of the game, refer to SECRT-R1.TXT.
¦ Visit all the twons and buy the most poweful stuff you can.
¦ Get all the characters.
¦ Find secrets and get Espers!

Final Stage: Kefka's Tower
This is a tough one. Equip your weakest party with Mog and the Moogle
Charm. Give the other parties one Charm Bangle each, if you can (you can trade
an extra Moogle Charm (yes, one exists that is extra) for a Charm Bangle). To
get through this final, difficult area, takes about an hour. Patiently search
every corner. Steal from all the bosses for some seriously good stuff. Kill
all the bosses, and keep healed. The enemies here are the hardest you have ever
fought. Be careful. Hit the various switches to progress. When all 3 parties
reach the large metal structure, step on the two top switches (they are also
save points, strangely enough). All three should go through, fight their
respective Goddess, then save at the save points. Congratulations, you made it
to the final battle.

Final Battle: Kefka's "Tower of Enemies" is what I call them.
Slaughter all these guys. Make sure you have Float on everyone. Aside
from that, Ultima comes in handy as well as Life, Life2 and Life3. Line up your
guys like this:
First 5 or so, medium-high power.
Next 3 or 4, most powerful.
Last others-strongest to weakest.
You'll understand why. As they die, the next in line are added in. You want
to end up with the strongest guys at the end of the bosses to do battle with
Kefka himself.

Last Boss, Kefka:
Steal right away for a Megalixir. It just might save your life! Use
the first one right away after he does the Fallen-One-Like spell. Then, all I
can tell you is blast him with everything you have. Throw any items you don't
need, use the Ice, Flame, and Thunder Shields as items, cast Ultima and Flare,
and use Cure3 alot. Give guys Life3. Bash Kefka as much as you possibly can.
He has something like 50,000 HP. One level 99 character with Genji Glove and
Offering can slaughter him easily. Otherwise, he's not as hard as Final Fantasy
II's Zeromus.

The Ending:
A well deserved, well worth it ending plays out. Lasting over 30
minutes, this is one of the awesomest endings ever on a video game. Watch the
whole thing and then, when "THE END" comes up, wait a few minutes to see the
same thing you may have seen in Final Fnatasy II (the meteor-like background).
Congratulations on a job well done.

Final Objective:
Go through the whole game again. Find more. Do better. Get a higher
level. Get all the Espers. Learn all the Magics. Find all the things in
SECRT-R1.TXT. Wait for Revision II .

Well, that's it for Final Fantasy III. I hope you enjoyed the game, and I hope
you'll contact me on The Stop Light BBS, under my pseudonym, Shadow Fighter.
I welcome any criticism/praise you have.

FAQ provided by Dominic Lenz -

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