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Final Fantasy III FAQ

I. Final Fantasy as a multiplayer game

To use multiplayer mode, you go to the config screen and change it from
single to multi, then hit A and assign to the controllers. It only works
for the battles though, not the regular gameplay.

World of Balance

Since in the game you need lots of power and MP to get your Espers
stronger, go into the beginning of the Phantom Forest (11). The monster(s)
there give you 3 points almost constantly.

V. Narshe

Here is where the game starts with Terra being controlled by The
Empire. You will meet Mog here. He will join the party later, if
you make the right decision.

Mog: Whenever you get back to Narshe, people will tell you of a pick-pocketer
in town. Remember that treasure chest you could not open in Narshe?
Head for that. You'll see a dude named Lone Wolf (he used to be a prisoner
in Figaro castle) and he takes off with the treasre in Narshe. Chase him
around the town (you'll end up at the frozen Esper...). When you reach the
Esper, Lone Wolf will have Mog hostage. I'll leave the rest up to you guys.

VI. Returner's Hideout

You meet Sabin on the way here. And you meet Banon here.

Genji Glove - It's available in the Returner's Hideout, pretty
early on. When you get to the Returner's Hideout and control
Terra, with everyone trying to convince you to join up, tell Banon 'NO', you
don't want to join, then go back inside. One guy will give you the Genji
Glove, trying to persuade you to join.

VII. Jidoor

Auction - Before the devastation, you can only buy Angel's Wings (too
expensive and not very useful), Angel's Rings (not very useful) and
the Magic Stones Golem and Zone Seeker (very useful). Save
money for the magic stones. Sell useless equipment ...

VIII. Zozo

Terra is here after she morphs at Narshe.

Setting the clock in Zozo - The clock needs to be set to 6:10:50...
this will open the passage to the room with the treasure chest.

IX. The Veldt

Here is were Gau is. When you meet him give him dried meet; don't
attack him or he will run. But you can get him again if you do.

Mog's Water Dance - If you do not have Mog before the world is
shattered, there is NO way (to the best of my knowledge) to get Mog's
Water Dance!

This would mean that you need to get Mog to join your party before
the world is shattered.

Remember where Gau gave you the "shiny shiny" object? That's the cave.
By the way, make sure Mog is in your active party first.
Jump into the water and this is where Mog will learn his Water Dance.
When you surface from the water, DO NOT board the ship. If you do,
you will have to reset the game! I find this very strange indeed that you
could get stuck on an area with no way out.
Now, you have to make a long trek back to Veldt. There is a way
back there as long as you don't board the ship when you surface from the
water. Get back to your airship and proceed as normal.

X. Vector

You will find to espers here. There are Ifrit and Shiva.

Emperor Gestahl - Hint to get the chest in the locked room in
Warehouse before Sealed Gate:

1. You need Emperor Gestahl's permission to have access to the room.
2. The way to get permission is during the banquet.
3. You need to accumulate enough "points" to get the permission.
4. You can get points from talking to guards and answering correctly.
5. Here are the scoring scheme:
(a) Each guard you talked to 24 x 1pt each = 24 pts
(b) Each guard you fought 5 x 4pt each = 20 pts
(c) Toast question
To the kingdom 2pt
To Returners 1pt
To our hometowns 5pt 5 pts
(d) Kefka question
Leave him in jail 5pt
Let him go 1pt
Execute him 3pt 5 pts
(e) Doma question
What's done is done 1pt
That was inexcusable 5pt
Apologize Again!! 3pt
(f) Celes question
Was she a spy? 1pt
She's one of us 5pt
We trust Celes 3pt 5 pts
(g) Asking each question 3 x 2pt each = 6 pts
If you asked one of the
question twice - 10pt
Remember which question you asked first!
(h) Espers question
Gone too far 5pt
Unleashed the power 2pt 5 pts
(i) Which question asked first 5pt 5 pts
(j) Care for a break
Break 5pt 5 pts
(k) Say question
Peace 3pt
War's over 5pt
Sorry 1pt 5 pts
(l) Favor
If you say Yes when Gestahl
asked you the first time 3 pts
Total Max 93 pts

6. What you get for the points:
0 - 49 pts South Figaro is safe
50 - 66 pts Troops withdrawn from Doma
67 - 76 pts Permission to the locked room
77 - 89 pts Tintinabar
90 - 93 pts Charm Bangle

XI. Floating Island

Get to this by airship. This is the last place before "World of Ruin"

You can go from the second save point to where it says "You can see the
airship below. Jump back or stay?" and from there to the west, then north
through some rocks (they'll break for you). You must beat the atma beast
(I had Terra and Celes with Earrings, Golden Hairpin, and the Hero Ring cast
a lot of Bio spells, and Terra Morphed) and Locke just attack with his best
sword, or cast Bolt 2 maybe.

After you beat the beast, go back and save it again! When you
climb past where you beat the atma beast, you'll see why....
I would keep a save of it here So if you choose you could just start
over from this point.
Shadow - Some players who have gotten to the shattered world might
wonder where Shadow is. Guess what?! If you do not wait for Shadow when
you are escaping from the floating island, he is GONE...Yep, dead.

1. When you get to the edge of the floating island. Choose Wait twice.
2. Shadow will appear at 5 secs to zero.
3. In the shattered world, Shadow can be found inside the cave in Veldt.
4. Once you saved him, he will start to recuperate. But then, as usual, he
disappears again.
5. Shadow can then be found in the Colosseum. You must bet "Striker".
6. Once you defeated him, Shadow will join your party, permanently this time.

World of Ruin

XII. Location of Dragons

1 in Narshe (Ice)
1 in cave reached from Zozo (Thunder)
1 in Opera House (Dirt)
1 in Phoenix Cave (Red)
1 in Fanatics' Tower (White)
1 in Ancient Castle (Blue) (reached by stopping Figaro castle mid-journey)
2 in Kefka's Tower

total: 8 Dragons

To get lots of Magic point and exp points, go fight in little forest above
the Veldt next to a mountain.(NW from Doma Castle).

Another good place is in the Desert South of Maranda(You can get 5 or 10
Magic points per battle) But be sure to equip the Sniper sight or Edgars
Drill to kill the Cactrot..

You can see Gau's dad (goofy) if you put him in your party and talk to
the old man (not on map, about NNE from Doma Castle). Laughs only.

Note: At any time you wish you can enter Kefka's Tower (26). You might
want all of the characters though... Just press the land button 'B' when
you are over it. I'd advise getting all the charactors back before entering.

XIII. The Solitary Island

This is were Celes is after the "destory" of the world of balance.
Cid is also here. He is ill from not eating, so feed him a fish
until you feed him a rotten fish and he will die, leaving a letter
telling you where to find a raft. Or get Cid fully healed.
There IS a way to nurse him back to health. The result is that you get a
worse, IMHO, cut-scene.

If you let Cid die: This is what will happen..
The scene where Celes jumps off the cliff and finding the bandana on the
pigeon seems to have more impact on the gravity of the situation.

Here is how to nurse Cid back to health:

1. You need to feed him 10 healthy fish.
2. The healthy fish swims real fast.
3. If you do not see any healthy fist, talk to Cid again. This will reset
the fishes.

Me, I let Cid pass away. It seemed to fit in the story line better.

XIV. Darill's Tomb

This is were you get the experince egg and the Falconer Airship.

Exp. Egg - Read the tombstones with the letter clumps on them. And
then enter the letter clumps in that order on the tombstone where
it ask if you wish to inscribe something, and it will spell out
erauqS sI dlroW ehT. Then it will give you a hint as to where the Exp Egg is.

When have an Airship, and you have Sabin in your party, head to location 22
on your included map (Duncan's house). Sabin will get the all-powerful
'Bum Rush'. 'Nuff said.

XV. Narshe

Here is were the Ice Dragon is. Also you will find Mog the second
time here.

Mog - Mog is in the cave near narshe where you first met him.
Remember that secret entrance in Narshe to the left of the town?
Go in there, then you'll have no problem finding him.

Moggle Charm - Right where Mog is standing in the caves in the World of
Ruin. Right behind him is a umm... "wall with an invisible treasure",
meaning that the treasure is the moogle charm. So basically, you just
push "A" right behind where Mog was standing, and Voila, you have the
Moogle charm.

Umaro - To get Umaro you have to first go north of Narshe where you
defeated Kefka - you know - snow place. Defeat the dragon there,
then go further north to where the esper was initally found at
the beginning of the game. Free the esper. Jump off the cliff.
Walk around in there until you see a skull-on-a-stick.
Take the magicite from it and Umaro will come to kick your
ass. Kick *his* ass. Then Mog will force him to join you.
Equip the Rage Ring on him.
Oh, You must have Mog with you..

The rage ring enables Umaro to pick up the other
characters and throw them at the enemies for
tremendous damage.

Once you get Locke the thief (I know... Treasure hunter...), put him in
your party, and head to location 18 (Narshe). Locke can unlock the doors
in the town. Go inside the weapons shop to either get the all-powerful
Ragnarok (sword), or the Esper Ragnarok. Personally, I took the sword.
The raganrok Esper teaches you Ultima.
But the Paladin Shield also teaches you Ultima when you equip it.
Get the Cursed Shield in the armor shop..
Equip the Cursed shield and after you win 255 battles it will become the
Paladin Shield!

XVI. Mobliz

Terra is here. She has given up hope and has decide to take care
of the child here. She will, however, join the party again after
the village is attacked for the second time.

Go into one of the houses in the village you found her and Katarin at
originally (when Terra said she wouldn't come with you) and then talk to the
kids. Go into one of the other houses, and you'll see Katarin's
boyfriend, and, if you look closely, a dog that runs to the left wall of the
house. He's showing you the secret stairway to where Terra and Katarin are.
The demon will attack again, so make sure you save it before you talk to
them. You'll then get Terra back.

XVII. Doma Castle

To do anything in location 21 (Doma castle), you need to take someone's
advice: Don't sleep in the castle! Well, it doesn't do anything important
unless you have the person who used to live there (remember Cyan?)...
If you want a better storyline, Go in there with Cyan in your party and
sleep! Be sure to go in with a full party(all 4, I went in with Celes,Terra,
Locke and Cyan)

Hints about beating the boss that resides in Doma Castle: By demand,
here is a quick hint for defeating the 3 (stooges??). Fight and kill
the middle guy (the one who flies). He can cast Life and Reflect, so
once he goes, the rest of them will follow (since he casts Life on his
dead party members).

Wreksoul - He only appears when your characters become wounded. I found it
helpful to use the LIFE 3 spell on my characters and then allow them to
die(I even attacked my own characters to make it go quicker). When Wreksoul
appears, I revive my characters and cast ICE spells on him(ignoring the other
enemies). He disappeared/reappeared a couple times, but I was patient
(like CYAN said) and was able to beat him.

Another way is to use Vanish on the 2 creatures with WrekSoul,
Then use X-Zone on the 2 creatures! This stratagy works on a lot of other
monsters as well!!!

I also heard you can just use X-Zone itself on the 2 creatures and that will
also get rid of them..

XIX. Triangle Island

You find Gogo in the ruined world (I don't think you can get him
earlier). Anyway, the the NE of the map there is a small island.
Land there and get attacked. If the enemy is a ZoneEater or somesuch,
you're in the right place. DON'T KILL IT! Let it "engulf" your party
members one by one. You will be sucked underground to a cave where you
will find Gogo and a few treasure chests. Among them is the Fake Mustache.

Some more things about Gogo, His ability is to mimic ANY move that
any character is doing just before he uses his mimic power. And that
includes: Casting spells, doing blitzes, copying rages, using items (!!),
And one last note about Gogo. When you get him/her/it, go to the status
screen of him. You notice you have an arrow next to his Mimic power. You
can move that cursor and select what powers you want him to do! Examples
are: Magic, Items, Tools, Blitz, Runic, Fight, etc... You only have three
slots to use though. And you can't replace the Mimic function. Note:
Gogo's spells are those that your entire party (the one you are currently
using) has availiable. Same thing with the Blitzes, and the Swordtech.

XX. Jidoor

Relm Will be here after you save her in the cave on the veldt
To find where she is at, go in the house with all the paintings and look at
each one of them.. To beat the Boss, Time all your attacks so they hit the
Demon.. Fire Magic and Edgars Drill are good against him..

Note: You can find some Espers in the auction house (as well as some
Relics, and some other useless stuff) at Jidoor (16, World of Balance only).

XXI. Fanatics Tower

This is the the tower that Strago was standing in front of. You have
to find Relm to make Strago snap out of it.

As for the Fanatics tower you can whip through it by doing this:

Cast float on all of your characters before you enter the tower.
Cast quake on the dancers, yellow guys.
Cast fire 3 on the blue acrobats.
Cast bolt 2 on small purple guys, and umbrella guys.
Cast flare on the urns.
Cast reflect on your self and then bounce Ice 3 of that to kill flaming guys.
Bounce bolt 3 of off the reflected character to kill the contorted people.
Cast fire 3 on the girls on level 4 of the tower.

To kill the leader just cast life 3 on one of your characters, and hit him
with flare as much as possible.

And one important thing about Fanatics Tower. Don't even
think about entering unless you have two important spells, and one Esper.
You NEED Osmose (drains MP), and Life 3 (brings you back from the dead).
And the Esper Siren (casts an almost 100% success Mute spell on all
opponents). The Esper is used on all battles, and then you can take your
time with the opponents (since they can only cast spells too...). Drain
MP as needed. Note: You can't run away from any battles (except from the
barrels). And about that boss in the tower: If you want to keep that Gem
Box (and I really do), put it on ASAP on your person with the most
offensive spells, and go fight the boss afterwards. Have someone cast
Life 3 on everyone (yes, it does take a while, but it is required), and
have the person with the Gem Box cast any spell you want. Note: The boss
has a shield that protects him from all attacks except for one, and that
one weakness changes every time he glows. If you cast Berserk on him he will
quit changing and just attack, Scan him to find his weakness and blast him!
Cast Osmose whenever you need
MP (he only has 50,000 of it...), and keep casting. This boss does take
a very long time, But the Gem Box is worth it!

XXII. Ancient Castle (Underground Castle)

Dragon - If you talk to the dude in the Figaro castle library, he
will tell you what to do...but it's annoying to find
him especially when you are already in the castle, so place yourself in
the queen's chair (right one) and take five steps forward (down) and
press the 'A' button. I'll let you find out what happens yourself...but
here's a hint... look where you first found info on the queen

Also, about The Ancient Castle. You just need to use Figaro Castle's
underground transportation a second time to find the castle. You should hit
something midway while moving..

At location 23 (The Ancient Castle), you can also find another Esper and
a Dragon. At the 'Ancient Castle' (where you see a little clip of flashback),
, go to the thrones. From the Queens throne, walk five steps down, and press
'A'. This opens a secret passage in a bookcase somewhere, where you can fight
that Dragon and get the Raiden Esper.

Esper Odin is here..

Esper Raiden - go to the ancient (underground) castle. stand in the queen's
throne, and take 5 steps forward. press "a". this opens a new
passage in the queen's chamber leading to a place where you can
"upgrade" Odin into Raiden.

XXIII. Opera House

About the Opera House (location 25), buy some relics that give you the
power to float. Or keep casting group float spells, since the Dragon that
resides there uses Quake and Dispel on your party.

Here is the trick that allows you to go back to the world
of Balance from the World of Ruin.........
This trick in no way helps you to end the game. In fact, it mess up your
game since you can't get back to the World of Ruin....

But for those of you who want to try, here it is.........

1. Go to the opera house
2. Go to the "roof" part of the opera house(the screen where little mouse
like creatures walk on beams of's the screen where
that purple octopus thing try to push that weight off and hit Celes'
head with it when you are playing the opera senario when
you where still in the world of's the screen where
you can see the stage from above....)
3. Go fight one of those mouse like creatures(I hope you haven't killed
them all)
4. Let those mouse-like creature kill your party.(I would put only 1
character in the party since it takes forever for those mouse-creature
to kill you)
5. When your party die, they shall wake up in the opera house in the
world of balance......

PS: if you don't want to mess up your saved data, don't save once you're
back in the world of balance....since there's no know way to go back
to the world of ruin.....

XXIV. Eboshi Rock

You learn the most powerful blue magic there, from the boss using Strago.
And you can go in with more than just Strago..

To get into Eboshi Rock, you need to do a few things. First
is to get Relm. In the Cave of the Velt (13), if you follow the dungeon
around, you find Relm, injured on the floor. Push 'A' button and it will
automatically take her or him to Thamasa (14), where she spends some time
in bed.
If you waited for Shadow before jumping off the floating island then it will
be him insted of her.
You'll find Relm in Jidoor painting a picture for someone.. Talk to everyone
in the town (including Relm or shadow), and then use the 1 GP inn. When you
wake up, go to Relm(or Shadow). You'll see that she/he is missing. Talk to
the townspeople to get information on where she is. She I beleave is in
Jidoor, Go in the house(Owzers house) where all the paintings are
Read the diary(book), Turn on the light and look at each one of the

P.S. Shadow went to the colosseum and you'd need to bet the
striker to get him to join for good!

If you didn't wait for Shadow before Jumped off the floating island, Shadow
is dead..

Once you have Relm back, put her in your party and go to Fanatics Tower.
Go talk to Strago. Now you have him to select as a partymember also! Now
head back to Thamasa (14). Storyline again, and then you have access to
Eboshi Rock. Note: Strago doesn't have to be the only member there (like
the game suggests). In fact, you need backup...

XXV. Phoenix cave

Well, Locke is at the end of the Phoenix Cave getting the Phoenix esper to
try to save the girl that is put to sleep.
Also, one of the dragons is here.

XXVI. Kefka's tower

There are two dragons here. I would Teach as many of your characters Ultima
as posible, You'll be glad you did! You can equip Esper Ragnarok and the
Paladin Shield to learn Ultima..
And try to get all of your characters before entering...
Why? Because you will split into 3 parties untill you get to Kefka.

XXVII. Miscellaneous

Questions and other stuff..

What can I win in the Colosseum?
Well, there is a list of the things you can win, and what you need to wager
to get them In a file called 'FF3Items.txt'

Later in the game, Espers will be available for equiping. You
can use an Esper once per battle per party member. You call the
Esper by selecting "magic" from the battle options and pressing "UP"
on the control pad.

Subject: Re: Dreaming in the inn

Well, I figures out what's going on with the inn in Nikeah. If you have
the ninja in your party, you can watch a dream sequence in certain
towns. It's a flashback on how the ninja went from Clyde the train
robber to Shadow the ninja. You can only get certain pieces of the
story at a time. The order of towns to sleep in is: Nikeah, South
Figaro, the Colosseum, Jidoor. I haven't been able to find anymore
places where the ninja has dreams. Hopefully they'll better explain
what happened to his wife and what made him dump Relm on Strago.

Espers Crusader - defeat all 8 dragons

Bahamut - defeat Doom Gaze. to find him, fly in the airship for a long time.
Just remember: If you lose DON'T reset it!!
He can't regenerate HP between battles!
And you only find him when you are on the Airship in the World
of Ruin.

Ragnarok - take Locke to Narshe and have him unlock the door to the weapon
shop. Talk to the man in the back room.

Sraphim. Talk to a guy hiding behind some trees at the north part of one
of the captured towns on the imperial continent (I'm pretty sure
it's Tzen.) This is a really nice esper to have since it teaches
cure and cure2 spells quickly.

ZoneSeek. Buy him at the auction in Jidoor. You must have completed
certain events for the auction to be running. Keep going back
till it puts the Espers up for bid.. Just exit the town and
return to bid again..

How do I find Shadow in the World of Ruin?
Well, if you are in the World of Ruin already, its too late. When you are on
the floating continent, you must wait until the last few seconds of the
timer before Shadow will rejoin your party.
On the World of Ruin, in the Cave of the Velt (13), the dog will lead you
to Shadow instead of Relm.
Go to the Colosseum and wager the Striker (knife). You will fight Shadow.
When you win, Shadow will join your party for the rest of the game.

How do I win at the Colosseum? The enemy keeps sneezing on me!
Well, wager a different item. Most items are too cheap for the game to
take, so it brings on old sneezer. At least you don't lose the item...

Why can you only take the sword or the esper in Narshe (18)?
Well, I guess that the game doesn't want you to have two very powerful
items/spells. Allthough When you get a paladin Shield it will teach you
the same thing the Ragnarok esper will when equiped.
To get the Paladin shield equip the cursed shield and win 255 battles and
the cursed shield will change into the Paladin Shield!
The cursed shield can be found in Narshe in the World of Ruin in the Armor
shop I believe, you'll also need Locke to open the door..

What are the powers of the sword Ragnarok?
Well, it is a powerful sword that takes 10 MP from you each time you hit
to do a critical hit on your opponent. A powerful weapon in the right hands.
The illumina sword is as powerfull as the Ragnarok, But you can do the same
Damage from the back row as well as the front!!!

How do I get Mog in the World of Balance?
Easy. Sometime during the game, before you head to the World of Ruin (I
don't remember), you can go back to Narshe (1) and some townspeople
say something about a thief getting loose. Go all the way to the right
side of the screen (going up stairs) and head downword. There is a
building there that has lots of treasure in it. The thief is there. Go
follow him through the mines and such, until you get to the spot where
the Esper is/was. The thief has Mog. Wait like he says so, and when you
get a chance to save one of them, go to Mog. The thief has a Gold Hairpin
if you are interested, but you can only save one of them.
P.S. You'll find a gold hairpin later on, so save Mog!

Where is the Coin Toss Relic?
That Relic is located near the beginning of the Sealed Gate (25 on the World
of Balance). In the room where the platforms move around (fire in the

The end of file... enjoy..

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