Thief 3: Deadly Shadows

Thief 3 - Deadly Shadows

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Thief: Deadly Shadows is the third installment of the critically acclaimed
Thief series. Thief: The Dark Project was the first game that might have been
considered a
"first-person sneaker" and one of the few intelligent action games available

at the time. Thief 2 built on the mythology of the first game, pitting
Garrett, the master thief, against a technological menace, after having
defeated an ancient, chaotic forest god in the first game. The first two
games were brilliant and revolutionary in their own right, and the development
studio, Looking Glass, put a lot of effort into each. Today, unfortunately,
Looking Glass is no more, and Deadly Shadows was made by the folks at Ion
Storm. After much worry and apprehension, I am proud to report that the third
game sticks to, and improves on the first two in style, story, and game play.


This is the first guide I have ever written for a game. I am sure it is not
formatted or otherwise put together as professionally as some of the other
guides available here are. This is a learning process for me, and as I expand
this guide, I hope to mature to look and feel of it also.

The aim of this guide, specifically, is to show you how to get through the
game on the Expert difficulty level, collecting 100% of the loot in each
mission, and knocking out or killing as few people as possible. In the Thief
fan community, this is known as "ghosting". There are, however, some points
in the game where, due to a bug or difficult guard, you are forced to disable
or kill someone. I make sure to point out all these parts in my guide, and
alternate methods of getting by a particular area like that are welcome.

On the subject of City Zones, I cover each one in depth, and then only mention
them again if there is something special about them later on. Realize that all
elemental crystals will regenerate every day. Some houses or taverns will also
have loot that regenerates over night also, in which case I will point them out.


I welcome e-mails about my guide, in the form of (good) questions, comments,
criticisms, and of course, praise. Questions that are answered already in the
guide, or about parts of the game that I have not yet covered will be
ignored. If you have any information you think would be useful for this
guide, please don't hesitate to contact me, I will give all the proper


My guide is free to use for the public. However, if you want to post this
besides gamefaqs, please e-mail me to let me know. Also, please make sure I
am given proper credit.


Thief is a stealth action game. As Garrett the thief, your strength lies in
stealth and surprise, not force of arms. In fact, it is very difficult to
survive a face-to-face, hand-to-hand encounter in this game, especially on
Expert difficulty, where guards do extra damage to you. Generally, you should
never have to use your dagger, as your blackjack can take out people more
quietly than the dagger. If you do end up face to face with a guard, you
have other tools at your disposal anyway.

As a thief, you must be patient, and willing to wait while you figure out guard
patrol routes, and then to plan the best course of attack. The game is, in my
opinion, more fun if you don't go around knocking out or sniping every guard
you come across. And to deal with this AI, especially on Expert, you have got
to be patient.



This is used to silently knock out people without leaving a bloodstain or
attracting too much attention. You will primarily be using this in the city
free play sections, when you are mugging somebody. Later on in the game, this
becomes the weapon of choice against the stone warriors.


Certainly thieflier than the broadsword you carried around in the first games,
but a lot less useful. No longer can you have swashbuckling and fast-paced
sword fights with multiple guards as in the first games, where you could
parry, block, slice, and chop as the bumbling guards tried to surround you.
Generally speaking, you won't be using this weapon much, if at all. It is only
if a guard happens to trap you in a tight spot and you have to fight your way
out, since your last save was too far back.


Gas arrows are the most expensive, yet most useful of all the arrows. A
single gas arrow can take out many guards or bystanders that are caught in its
cloud. If you are ghosting the game, they are of limited usefulness.
Nonetheless, they are good in a pinch, especially considering that Garrett
is no longer affected by the gas himself anymore.


Fire arrows are the most powerful, in terms or raw damage, weapon in your
arsenal. These babies pack quite a punch. They are useful for putting down
the undead, creating a distraction, or creating a chain reaction when fired at
an explosive barrel. Again, while of limited usefulness to the ghosting thief,
these are definitely something worth carrying around during the undead
missions. Also of note is the fact that pulling one back in your bow will
light you up quite nicely for all to see.


The moss arrow is at once more and less useful than the moss arrows or
previous games. More useful in the sense that if fired at an opponents face,
they effectively mute and root that fellow for a good while. Good for
quieting down noisy servants who found your hiding place and go looking for
help. Additionally, if fired on the ground, and then hit with a water arrow,
they will help to break your fall from a high plece. They are less useful in
the sense that their classic purpose, making noisy surfaces less noisy, is
almost irrelevant. There are fewer noisy surfaces (like metal or tile) to walk
on in this game than the previous two. I have yet to use a moss arrow to quiet
my footsteps.


Now here is an arrow that got a nice overhaul. When fired, they go off like
firecrackers, attracting attention for in a large radius. They are great to
use as distractions when ghosting a mission, as they allow you pass a heavily
guarded and well-lit area without ever being detected yourself.


These are largely unchanged from the previous games. Shoot them at a torch or
campfire, and the light goes out. Very useful, make sure you are well stocked
at all times, as these things make the difference between an impossible room,
and a merely challenging room.


Broadheads are the simplest arrow out there. These are also of limited
usefulness to a ghosting thief. They can make some noise, but noisemaker
arrows are better suited for that purpose anyway. If you don't mind killing
people, one shot at an unsuspecting victim's head, neck, or torso is usually
enough to take them for good.



While flashbombs are no longer the doomsday weapon they were in the previous
games, they are still very useful. When faced with an angry guard (or
guards), a quick flashbomb will leave them blinded and stunned long enough for
you to get away to safety. Always keep plenty on you for emergencies. It
should be noted that attacking a blinded guard will instantly cure him of his
blindness, so don't try it unless you're sure it will be a one-hit kill.


What needs to be said? Have plenty on you at all times, and I guarantee you
will live a longer, happier life.


Like the gas arrows, gas bombs serve the same purpose at a shorter range.
These are handy to keep around if you don't have time or room to mess around
with a flashbomb.


I haven't experimented much with these, as they strike me as a less useful and
less precise flashbomb. Nonetheless, they can be fun to play around with,
especially when guards are chasing you up or down the stairs...


Very powerful, these things can take down anything that doesn't see it coming.
Very situational, however, so no reason to buy extras.


For use exclusively when fighting the undead, a single vial of this is enough
to take down most types of undead, assuming you can hit them in the head with
it. If
thrown on the floor, they create a puddle that the undead will try to avoid.
But don't count on a mere puddle being enough to protect you from an agitated
and hungry zombie, as I've seen plenty run across the puddles to get me.



Human guards include City Watchmen, private house guards, Pagans, pirates,
Keepers, and Hammerites. Despite looking different, they all share common
features. Humans are the most common enemy you will face. While not possesing
particularly acute senses, don't underestimate ones ability to see you in the
dark if he is close enough. A single broadhead arrow can take these guys


A type of creature you will only face in the Pagan Sanctuary, the tree beasts
are frightening, large, and have excellent hearing. I suggest going all out
and using a mine to take one out if you have to, because you sure aren't gonna
take it on hand-to-hand, or even outrun it, for that matter.


Magic users include Hammer priests, Pagan Shamans, and Keeper Elders. They
are similar to a regular guard, except that they cast spells at you at range,
and can buff their allies to better fight you. Generally they are the leaders
of the various groups, so if you find one, search around for important items
or information.


Giant fish-men. The Kurshok are big, mean, and ugly. They carry large swords
on their back that can take you down very quickly. Their years living
underground have given them senses every bit as good as a human, though they
seem to be a little slower. They are very hardy, and actually require TWO
sniping shots with a broadhead arrow to the head to take down.


Much scarier than the zombies of the previous games. And unlike the old
zombies, these zombies can run just as fast, if not faster, than you can.
Easy to hear from a distance due to their labored breathing, zombies are
usually not difficult to avoid as their sight and hearing seem to be much worse
than a
human's. A single flashbomb to an unsuspecting zombie will turn it to dust.


No information yet. Very scary.


Animated statues, the warriors are nearly indestructible, even if you do know
their weakness (a special glyph you receive late in the game). Avoid
altogether if possible. They make heavy footsteps, so you can hear them
coming a mile away. Hope they aren't coming after you.


You will only face the rat men once in the game. Nonetheless, they are one of
the more difficult opponents. While not as tough physically as other enemies,
they have excellent hearing and sight. They are also very suspicious, and
draw swords at the slightest provocation. Stay far away from them at all


A good example of a bizarre yet frightening and powerul enemy. The Enforcers
will, at a
certain part of the game, hunt you relentlessly in the steets of the city. They
carry strange weapons that dire bolts of energy at you, so beware. They also
only communicate through telepathy, which Garrett happens to be able to hear.
This can lead to some tense moments when and enforcers SOUNDS like it just
the corner, when in fact it is much farther away. They are always alert, and
anything they find, guards, civilians, Hammers, anything. I recommend taking
down from afar, as they will seriously impede your business in whatever quarter
fo the
city you happen to be in.


This game is all about avoiding confrontation when possible. When it isn't
possible, then you disable your opponent from a safe position without them
getting to bear their strengths against you.

Avoiding confrontation means not even letting the guards know you are there.
The AI is smart in this game, and becomes suspicious not only at the sounds of
your footsteps, but also at opened doors or chests, missing or moved items,
missing or fallen comrades, and bloodstains. The AI is also intelligent in
the sense that it knows when it can't win a fight. If you climb out of reach
of a guard with a sword or hammer, they know enough to go find a priest or
archer to shoot up at you. The non-combatants; technicians and servants, for
example, will find armed help if they find you.

So, always close doors and chests behind you. Don't take loot until you know
you will be long gone before the guard will notice. Crouch walk when on a
noisy service, and crouch sneak when you are practically breathing down
someone's neck and they haven't noticed you yet. Finally, remember that a
wall is better to hide in than an open space, and that a corner is always
better than a flat wall. Hug the walls with the 'R' key when enemies are
nearby to further ensure your invisibility.


This is pretty straightforward; just follow the directions you are given.
There are only a few pieces of loot to take in the first place.

The first is the
one you have to take to complete that phase of your training. The second is a
candlestick in a chest in the room where you shoot your first noisemaker arrow
into. Don't worry; as long as you complete that phase of training, the guard
is completely oblivious to you. In Lord Julian's room, there is a copper
plate on the dining table, and a candlestick next to note you have to read.
In the hallway towards the Lancaster room, there is a small table with a
goblet on it. The final piece of loot is down near where Julian and cook are
talking, on the bar. After that, just do what the training tells you, and get
ready for some real fun.


Lord Julian certainly didn't seem like the smartest cookie, talking about
storming a castle with only five men. Doesn't he know you only need one?
Players of the previous two Thief games should know, of course, that the
nobility is almost always stupid. This always seems to work to Garrett's
advantage, though, so let's not complain.

The plan was to signal the cook by taking out the lions head torch across the
courtyard with a water arrow, so he would open a door for you. This is
unnecessary, so go ahead and listen to those guards while they have a
conversation, to
give you a bit of background on the city. When you're done, head north,
towards the crates, and mantle up the first ledge. Turn immediately to the
east, and, hey! An open window! Sheesh, someone ought to thief-proof this
place. Head inside.

Grab the health potion, read the note, and take the two stacks of copper coins
on the desk (2% loot). Head through the doorway, and creep over to that
chest. The guard won't turn around, so as long as you're quiet, you'll be all
right. Pick the lock and grab the goblet (3% loot). Sneak back, and read the
note on the table. They were right about this being one, big, scheming
family. Turn towards the bookcase and take the two candlesticks there (8%
loot). Now pick the lock on the door to the north, head through, and be sure
to shut it behind you. You should shut every door or chest you open, as
guards become suspicious when they see one open that wasn't before. I'll
assume that shutting these things goes without saying throughout the rest of
the guide.

Now go through the eastern doorway, and then immediately into the small room
to the south. You'll be heading east again, and there is a guard here. Sneak
by him, using the small statue alcoves as cover if you need to. You will see
another opening to the north, with a stationary guard standing there. When
his back is turned, slowly creep up and take the emerald being held by the
statue next to him. The patrolling guard you just snuck by might catch you if
he sees you, so time it carefully. Get back into the hallway you were just
in, and go through the door.

These are the barracks. Before going through them, enter the passageway to
the south with the torch in it. Grab the potion, and flip the lever opposite
of the shelf. Head up the corridor, and you'll be outside again. Take the
lying on the barrel, and go back in to the barracks. There is a chest near
the eastern wall, open it and take the copper plate (15%). Head north into
the second half of the barracks. There is a sleeping guard here, so no
running or making a lot of noise. Pick the lock on the nearby chest, and grab
the goblet (16% loot). Go through the door to the west, and then turn north.
This leads to the armory.

There is a guard patrolling here with a torch, so stay away from him. When
his back is turned, head over to the east wall and walk along it. Pick up the
broadhead arrows along the way. When it seems safe, make a break for the
passageway to the west. Douse the torch next to the painting in the next
room. When the servant is done investigating, edge your way across the wall
to the south passageway. Ignore the room to the west, and then turn east as
soon as you can. There is a guard here with a bow, patrolling up and down the
stairs. When he is heading back up them, quietly follow him to the first
landing. Grab the gem on the table (22%) and then go behind those crates to
hide. When the guard heads back down the stairs, mantle up the crate, and
then over the railing. Go west past the door to where you see the little
alcove. Watch for the servant who sometimes stops just outside the doorway.
Go ahead and douse the torch in the room the servant is walking around in, and
when he is out of sight, enter. Read the note on the table to get a hint
about a valuable gilded helm. Interesting. Go through the room and take the
unlit candle on the stand (23% loot). Now go in the room, open the chest, and
take that goblet (25% loot). A pretty tough lock on the door for such a cheap
goblet, huh? Well, if you are observant, you might have noticed that that
crate on the east wall is hiding a small crawlspace. Push the south (if you
push it north it blocks the door), and go through. Go along the balcony and
take the painting of Mortimer the Mad (35%), your first special loot item!
Head back the way you came, through and room, and go through the door you
passed by, as it leads to the next area


This is where all the real action is, not to mention the way to open up the
portcullis so you can get your hands on that nice big opal you've been putting
yourself through all this trouble for.

Continue north down the walkway, and turn east into the turret when you see
it. Turn north again. See the guard standing there, with the candle on the
crate next to his dinner? Crouch and sneak up to him, and put out that candle
as soon as you can, as he doesn't seem to notice. Now edge along quietly behind
him to the door over to the east. You may see Lord Julian walking through
this next room towards you to give the guard you just passed a pep talk. Hug
the wall if he is, and see if you can't grab the key off his belt as he goes
by. It's alright if you can't, you won't need it, but it is good practice.
Head over to where the guard and chamber maid are talking about Lady
Elizabeth. While they are talking, head towards the candle, underneath the
stairs. There is another small crawlspace back here with a goblet in it (36%
loot). Head back to where the people were talking. When they finish, the
maid will walk around the area you just got the goblet from, while the guard
will go up and down the stairs. As he goes up, follow him careful, hugging
the wall, and trying to get to the shadows as fast as possible. I've noticed
he sometimes goes up to the top and then refuses to go back down. This might
be a bug, as it seems random. If this happens, you have no choice but to
blackjack him. One way or another you have to head over the door, and pick
the lock into Elizabeth's room. It's empty, so make all the noise you want.
Run up to the bookcase and grab the three stacks of coins (41% loot). Read
the note and diary on the shelf. Well, maybe Lady Elizabeth isn't the "proper
Lady" her maid seemed so proud of after all. No matter, just means you won't
feel as bad stealing from her. Mantle up the bookcase, and turn the bed. Try
and jump on top of the cloth canopy above the bed and grab the necklace there
(43% loot). Thanks to Garrett's new low-carb diet, he has no problem making
sure a flimsy cloth surface supports his weight, but I digress. Pick the lock
on the chest a the foot of the bed, and what do you know, if it isn't the
supposedly stolen Gilded Helm, which also happens to be the second piece of
special loot! Grab it (53% loot) and leave the room. Head back down the
stairs the same way you went up (carefully).

Facing south in to the room at the bottom of the stairs, you should see a
guard with a torch walking along. Hug the east wall, and use the other wall
as cover as you move across. When it is safe, leave the cover and go through
the south doorway. The stationary guard with the bow is guarding Lord
Julian's room, so a frontal assault is probably unwise. Instead, go through
the window along the west wall. Near the northwest corner of the wooden
catwalk here is a ring to grab (60% loot). Turn around, and mantle up the
well-lit window to the south. Pick the lock on the chest, and take the gem
(64% loot). Julian may or may not be in his room while you are here. If he
isn't, move fast, so he won't catch you by surprise. If he is, then move
carefully, or wait for him to leave again. Take the goblet on his table (65%
loot) and read the diary. He sounds pretty paranoid, but considering what you
found in his wife's room, well, it seems justified. In his bedroom, grab the
candlestick on the bookcase, the medallion (the third and final piece of
special loot) above the fireplace, and the coins on the desk (78% loot). The
secret switch to the vault is the unlit torch near his desk (how cliche), turn
it, and leave the room the same way you came in, through the window.

Now that you are back on the catwalk, drop off the western end of it onto the
ground. Turn around and unlock the door. Once inside, listen to the maid's
converse. Poor Jenny. Go south and take the candlestick inside the alcove
(80% loot). Don't go through the metal door yet, instead go to the kitchen

doorway to the east. On the table, next to the hunk of meat, is another
goblet (82% loot). Head back though and open the metal door into the cook's
room. Open the chest and take the silver plate (84% loot), then go read the
cook's journal on the table. It's just conspiracy upon conspiracy in this

Leave the room, and go into the hallway where the maids were talking. The one
looking out the window won't turn around, so just don't alert her. Go through
the second doorway to your left into the dining room. The maid her circles
around the room, and there are several pieces of loot in here: 2 candlesticks
above the fireplace, 2 goblets on the table itself, and another on the small
table with the candle. Take them all whenever the maid has her back turned
(90% loot). Well, that does it for the Inner Quarters, now to get that opal
and get out of here! Head through the doorway opposite of the fireplace,
taking care that the drunken guard doesn't notice you, and go though the
doorway to the north of the guard. Taking care to avoid the patrolling guard,
head west to a long wooden passage with the zone fog at the end of it. Go on
through, back to the Castle Front.

See? You're back near that room with the paintings and the servant in it.
Sneak through it again, and remember that room I told you to ignore before?
Well no longer. There is a fat guard patrolling back and forth, and a
stationary guard watching the whole room. Hug the north wall, and edge west,
ducking into the alcoves whenever the fat guard walks by. When it is clear,
dash over to the stairs and descend down into the vault.

Well, it isn't a very impressive vault, but it does have the opal, along with
some other gems that will bring you up to 100% loot. Now just leave the place
the same way you came in, though the window. If you alert the guards, no
biggie, you don't have to worry about them anymore. When you make it to the
courtyard, run up to the main gate, and the mission is over.


Home sweet home. This is your home base when you aren't off robbing some poor
nobleman blind. It is also from here you can access the city itself, and thus
sell all of your ill-gotten loot. Right now, you have a very large opal you
want your fence to take care of, but there is no reason not to make a few
bucks on the way. Grab the broadhead arrows in the chest and on the table,
and the 2 flashbombs, and leave the apartment.

The guard here is kind of a jerk, and obviously not aware of your imminence in
to the underground community. You can blackjack him if you like, as he seems
to have eyes in the back of his head when it comes to you breaking into the
other tenant's apartments. Whatever you do, be sure to at least get into the
landlord's office, and read the journal. Sure, it sounds like Mr. Wickett is
pretty down on his luck, but if you aren't getting rich off the blackmail
money, then someone else will be. See my logic? When you are done here,
leave the building and enter:


Outside at last. Listen to the two men talk about the quarantine, and be sure
to lift the key off the belt of the guy to the left. Also grab yourself the
two water crystals in the empty fountain in front of you. Go through the SW
passage, and turn left. See the building right in front of you? The key you
just took opens that door. Head on in, and jump up on the table. In the
middle of the chandelier above you is a gold nugget, take it, and the
silverware on the table. In the fireplace itself is your first fire arrow, so
get that too. Now go up the stairs. Take the potion on the fireplace mantle,
and the necklace in the chest, and go back down. Enter the small office
adjacent to the room with the fire, open the chest, and take the potion and
flashbomb. Leave through the window.

Head on down the street, take a right at the entrance past the docks.
Carefully avoid the city watchman; he is guarding a few broadhead arrows in
his outpost if you really want them. Otherwise sneak up to the bread seller,
when you are out of sight, take the stacks of coins on the counter.

Enter the Black Alley, in it's the same direction as the guard, and you can tell
it apart because of the red handprint on the wall. Immediately take a right
once you enter, and open the sewer grating where your landlord is hiding his
blackmail money. Take it. There are two shops here, one sells all the
thiefly equipment you will need, and the other is your fence, Heartless Perry.
Stock up on anything you might be low on in the shop, and then visit Perry.

Oh Perry, you card, giving my name Lady Elizabeth and her thugs! Well,
nothing you can't handle. Take the moss crystal across from Perry's shop, and
head back to your building.

There they are, bragging about how they beat up your fat fence. Elizabeth is
apparently paying her men so they will continue to search for you. They are
using a currently abandoned City Watch outpost to conduct this business. You
could go in through the front door like they are, but why ignore a perfectly
good secret entrance? In this case, a crawlspace underneath the wooden porch,
near the fountain. Enter it quickly, and grab the money on the table before
Elizabeth arrives, then go hide again.

You can stick around if you like, as she and her thugs will kill each other
over the stolen money, or you can go back outside, and carefully sneak past
the guard "barricading" the entrance to Stonemarket. Either way, once you are
past them, that will probably be the last you hear of "Lady" Elizabeth.


This part of the city is much bigger, and better policed than South Quarter.
It is also richer than South Quarter, so it all evens out.

From the starting point, you want to stick to the alleyways and side streets
and avoid the patrols altogether. Head to the right, and go through the
alleyway until you come to the back door of the tavern. Enter. There are a
few guards here, and plenty of loot, albeit well-protected loot. Just stick
to the shadows, and get the wine behind the bar, and the coins on the table
downstairs, and the wine and coins upstairs as well. Leave the same way you
came in. Continue down the alley, and don't miss the moss arrow in the shrubs
as you leave. This is also the entrance to Stonemarket Proper, so remember
it, but don't go in yet. Continue down the street, past the streetlamp, and
through the doorway. Go through the small passageway and take the moss
crystal in the shrubs as you emerge. Go up the stairs to your left. The
guard at the top is drunk, but still be careful. Listen to the man hire
"Garrett" in the nearby apartment, and wait for him to leave. When the man
who owns this apartment goes outside to his balcony, enter though the window,
open the chest, and take everything valuable. We'll be dealing with this
imposter Garrett soon.

Go back down the stairs, and through the passageway directly across from it.
See the vent to the far left? A gas crystal is up there, and you can grab it
with a running start and a jump. With
that, head through the door to the west. This small courtyard with the
gargoyle is Terces Courtyard; remember it, as it becomes important later. Go
south, avoiding the guard, and get the moss crystal near the tree. At this
point, you will have done everything there is to do here for now. Head back to
entrance to Stonemarket Proper, and go in.


This is where Black Market Bertha has her place. Directly in front of you is
the Hammerite Cathedral of St. Edgar. The two would-be thieves talking about
breaking in have a map of the place you are going to want. Take it from the
man's belt, and then go through the SW alley with the torch on the wall.
Douse the torch, and run to the back. Listen to that weird... thing in the
cage, and open it for him. He'll cause some chaos outside, but don't worry
about it. Enter his cage and take the map on the floor. While the guard is
otherwise occupied, enter his room and get the silver coins on the table. Now
leave the jail and enter the new alley with the handprint.

The first store here is run by a real Garrett-fan. Apparently Garrett isn't
too experienced with the ladies, as he ignores all the come on lines. Oh
well, the life of a thief, and all that. At the end of the alley is Bertha's
place. Sell your Opal to her, and get the mysterious letter left for you.
Meet at Terces Courtyard, eh? Sure thing. After we finish robbing this
district, that is. Go up the stairs, taking the water crystal near the pipes
as you do, and continue north. Take the ring sitting on the garden wall, and
moss crystal in the tree too. When you turn towards the west, there is a
small shop to the north. This is armory "Garrett" was supposed to rob, and he
still is, apparently.

You can save yourself the trouble and knock him out, leaving a scapegoat for
the Watch to blame the coming robbery on, or if you are a real masochist, you
can try to rob the store front while he is walking around in it. Highlights
include the coins in the safe, and the coins and necklace in the chest. Once
you have that, go upstairs. Creep quietly so the proprietor sitting at his
desk doesn't notice you. Take the coins on the shelf near him, and pick the
lock and take the golden dagger in the chest by his bed. Jump off the balcony
to get out of there. Go down the alley right next to the armory until you
come to some closed shutters. Open them, enter the apothecary, and take the
potions and coins inside.

Finally, across the street is the stone cutters shop. Pick the door and
enter. Take the loot on the table, and pick the lock on the other door that
leads outside. But before you leave, go upstairs, take all the valuables, and
read the journal. Interesting. Go back downstairs, and it seems the stone
cutter is being confronted about the very thing he feared most. You can
intervene if you want, it doesn't seem to matter one way or another. When you
are finished, go back to the church, drop the dagger in the donations box, and
back to Stonemarket Plaza.


Get yourself over to Terces Courtyard, and the cut scene begins. Let me take
a moment to say these cut scenes are terrible, especially compared to the
beautiful hand-drawn and silhouette style cut scenes of the previous games.
There are a few such good scenes in the game, however, but I wonder why they
aren't all like that.

Anyway, you have your mission. Rob the Pagans and rob the Hammers. You can
do it in any order you want, but I suggest the church first, as Elizabeth's
thugs are still waiting for you in South Quarter. Before you leave the
courtyard, however, be sure to get the gems the stone cutter hid behind the


After one of the aforementioned "good" cut scenes, you are deposited in the
main courtyard of the cathedral. Head west, and get the moss crystal near the
tree. When the Hammer is walking the other way, sneak up and take the coins
from the collection bowl (1% loot). Now go up to the north wall, push the
crate up against the wall, mantle up the pipe, and then again over the
railing. Once inside, grab the candlestick (2% loot), and read the book.
Nice, forgiving, loving, and benevolent religion these Hammerites follow, isn't
it? Better
not get caught.

Go up the first flight of stairs and turn left. There is a guard who patrols
around here with a candle and a sack of silver. It isn't easy, but pickpocket
the guard for the silver (4% loot). That done, head into the eastern entryway
and turn left. Continue north until you come to an entryway to the left with
a statue near a torch. Enter, and take the codex nearby, your first piece of
special loot here (7% loot). Go back the way you came until you can make
another left-hand turn. Avoiding the guard that patrols this hallway, make
your way north to the end of it. Before entering the next small chapel, take
the candlestick on top of the crate (10% loot). Now go enter that chapel, and
read the book on the altar. Another shining example of the benevolence of the
Master Builder. No matter, take the coins in the collection bowl on the pew
(11% loot), and head back to the room near the balcony where you entered.

Now go down the stairs, into the lobby of the cathedral. The double doors are
the main entrance, and we already know they are guarded, so avoid them.
Instead, go north, into the main area of the church. There will be a group of
people talking here, and when they are finished a single guard with a candle
will patrol the room. When he is walking the other way, go up in front of the
pews, and take the two goblets on the table (21% loot). Then move up the
altar, take the bowl in the back (26% loot). Now go east to get to the eastern

Run up the stairs to your left when it is clear, and get the goblet on the
barrel (29% loot). Douse the torch near the door and open it. I have never
been able to get the "ring the bell" method to work to get the priest out of
this room. Unfortunately, unless you have better luck, this makes it a good
opportunity to use that gas arrow you pick up earlier. Make sure you get both
of them. Take everything valuable in the room, including the special loot in
the chest, and the Holy Symbol (shaped like a small hammer) on the table with
the goblet. Don't forget the candlesticks on top of the bookcase, also (49%
loot). Read all the notes in the room for clues on how to obtain the Chalice.
When you are finished, go back down the stairs, approach the guarded door to
the barracks from the shadows to the west, unlock it, and enter.

Go into the main hall and turn left. Move through this small hallway, and go
through the eastern doorway. Ascend the stairs, and enter the western doorway.
When the guard isn't around, grab the two gas bombs, and the pitcher on the
barrel (55% loot). Enter through the western doorway, and in the first alcove
with a statue to your left, is a gem. Grab it and go back to the top of the
stairs (59% loot). See the small grate to the north on the landing? Open it,
and go through. You will emerge in the rather, um, communal and open bathroom
of the barracks. When the guard is away, douse the torch in the sleeping area
on the pillar. Enter, and be careful so you don't wake the sleeping priest.
Sneak up to his desk, and take the coins there (63% loot). Carefully go up to
the chest, and unlock it. Inside is the third and final piece of special loot
(64% loot). Now, head back to the area where the guard is patrolling back and
forth in this room. You see the painting of the man in the red hat at the far
end of the hall? That is loot, so run up and grab it when the guard isn't
(70% loot). You are finished here. Leave the barracks, go back to the main
prayer area, and enter the door to the western courtyard.

The two Hammerites here talk about Inspector Drept. Wait for them to finish,
and then follow the shadows west, around the crates, and up to the door to the
factory. Before entering, make sure to pickpocket the robed Hammerite (71%


We're almost finished. Douse the torch in this room, and open the chest to get
the broadhead arrows. Go through the western door, turn right, and enter the
Reliquary, taking care not to stop on the metal grating in the middle of the
hall. Go ahead and put the Holy Symbol in the left-most machine, then go up
the stairs.

Open the door at the top. Sneaking by the priest when his back is turned,
continue south. You can use the small alcoves in the stairway past the statue
to hide in if you need to. Go down the stairs, and keep an eye on the guard
monitoring the machines. When he isn't looking, run south into the small
storage room. Immediately hit the light switch when you enter. Take the
unstamped gear on the shelf, all the loot in the room, and the arrows in
the chest (78% loot). That finished, go back into the machine room, taking
care to avoid the guard and the priest who sometimes stops at the top of the
stairs to overlook the room, and head south.

Hit the light switch in this small room also, can get the candlestick on the
table (80% loot). Now pick the lock on Inspector Drept's room and take all
the loot inside (89% loot) and read the notes in the room and under the desk
for some interesting information. Now leave the office, and go north into the
well-lit room. As you enter, take a right, and watch the priest incinerate
the zombie. Wait until that is finished before you enter the incinerator
through the grate
and get the ring near the skull (91% loot). Leave through the door of the
furnace, and when the priest is away, go through the northern door. For
added fun, you can flip the switches for the cell doors holding the zombies
and watch the priest fight them.

This is the room with the stamping machine. So put your unstamped gear into
it, and
hide in a corner, as the stamping process tends to light up the room. Take
your gear, and leave through the east. Again, hit the light switch, and douse
the torch. When the guard who patrols this hallway is away, go north and re-
enter the reliquary. Put your gear in the machine, go up the stairs, and
enter the suspension cage. Take the Chalice and rest of the loot (100% loot),
and you will have
almost finished this mission. The easiest way to leave is through the
room where the guard and technician were talking, go up the stairs, and leave
the factory through there. From there, flip the switch to open the gate, and
leave via the balcony to the first courtyard!


Home again. Not much to do here though. If you break into the landlord's
room, he has a cat statue above the fireplace you can steal, otherwise, leave
into the South Quarter.


Again, not a lot to do here. The house where you stole the nugget from has a
guard in it now, and the owner of the house has a rather depressing journal
entry about your break-in last night. Next to the house is the well to the
Pagan Tunnels that you need to go into to do the next mission. Don't forget
to pick up the daily blackmail money either. The bread seller also has some
more spare change on his counter. There is a group of people in the back of
Black Alley talking about the Shalbridge Cradle, which is worth listening to.
Finally, next to the Watch office where Lady Elizabeth went into last night,
you have the first of the quite funny "dumb guard, smart guard" conversations.
They are a continuing saga, and I'll point out them out as you progress
through the game.


The tavern has been restocked, but the guards have new patrol routes, so be
careful. Also the house where the man hired the fake Garrett last night has
more gold in the chest.


Don't forget to pick up your payment for delivering the Golden Dagger in the
donation's box. Also, the stonecutter's house, guard house, and the armory
all have had their loot replaced.


The Pagan Tunnels can be reached through the well to the left of the house
that had the gold nugget in it in the South Quarter.

Ah, the Pagans. Certainly an interesting bunch. They worship an ancient
forest god called the Trickster. As you no doubt remember, you killed the
Trickster in the first game as he was about to carry out a plot to forever
blot out the sun, a plot you unknowingly helped him to carry forward. Even
though he is dead, he is still worshipped, and his followers are every bit as
fanatical as the Hammers. What’s more, where the Hammers praise order above
all else,
the Pagans are true anarchists, causing and preaching chaos wherever they
tread. No surprise then, that while the Cathedral was pretty straightforward,
the Pagan's base is quite confusing to navigate.

As you begin the mission, there is already a group of thieves in the tunnels,
searching for silver and gold nuggets. Listening to them, you find out that
the Pagans are nearby. Indeed, if you wait long enough, they will get into a
fight with the Pagans. And while a thief must be patient, there is no reason
to safely hurry things along if you are able to. In this case, a noisemaker
arrow at that glowing blue crystal to the southeast would do just the trick.

The effects of this can be very unpredictable. Once, the thieves went ahead and
literally cleaned up the entire level for me. Other times they died quite
quickly. The more pagans they kill, however, the better. While they are away,
go up to their campfire and take the gold nugget (5%
loot) there, and the fire crystal in the fire itself.

Take the health potion from the stack of crates to the east, and then go down
the NE passageway. Take the silverware and the ruby on the crate next to the
toolbox (11% loot). Now, see the wooden ledge above the entrance to the south
passageway? Mantle up it, and then up the one right after it. Go to the end
of the catwalk and take the goblet there (15% loot), and go back to where you
had mantled up. To the east of the rock with the glowing crystal on it is a
silver nugget (19% loot). Now go through the south passage I had mentioned
earlier, and turn left at the end of it. Go all the way to the end, avoiding
the Pagan guard walking back and forth, and take the silver nugget on the
ground next to the big rock (23% loot). Head north, taking the arrows on the
crate to your left. Depending on how much damage the thieves did, there might
be a guard in this hallway too. It is very narrow, so you may have to
distract her by throwing something in order to get by. You should end up in a
room with a big rock in the center. Again, it depends how much damage the
thieves did, so there may or may not be guards here. If there are, douse the

On the north side of the central rock is a chest with a gemstone, and in front
of the chest, next to the fish, is a piece of silverware (28% loot). There is
a note stuck on the wood pylon near the fish and on the rock itself in the
center. Yep, they talk and write like that. Better get used to it, because
there will be plenty of it. Go down the east passageway, and grab the moss
on the ground, and turn left into the sewers. Take a right, and when you
emerge, mantle up the side of the sewer to the left of the stone support
pillar, taking care that the patrolling guard isn't nearby. To your left is a
chest, open it and get the ring inside (31% loot). Drop back down to sewer,
and then back to the entrance itself. When the guard is away, again mantle up
western side of the southwestern corner, near the stack of crates. Take the
two explosive mines, and the goblet (33% loot). Drop back down and go through
the western sewer passageway.

Whoa, scary tree monster patrolling back and forth here. Make sure you keep
your distance from it, and douse as many torches as you can reach from back
here. When it's dark and the tree beast is far away, run down and climb up
the ladder to the north side of the sewer. Find a corner to hide in to the
right, and listen to Leafer talk to himself in the third person. When it's
safe, creep out from the corner and douse the torch near Leafer. When they
finish investigating it, creep up behind Leafer, open his chest, and take the
map and ruby. Now just walk back along to where you doused the torch from,
and take a left into a passageway with a ladder at the end. Climb up the


Finally, out of the cave, and into a long forgotten and partially destroyed
church. This place is tricky to navigate, even if it weren’t crawling with

From where you start, you should see a green will o' wisp floating near a
posted note. Read it to get you new objective. Now this first room is
probably the trickiest of the entire map, so make it easier by dousing all the
torches and the campfire, and hiding until the two Pagans finish
investigating. Go to the south wall of the room, and pick up the gemstone on
the floor (43% loot). Now head back to where you started and look up to the
east. See that candlestick up there? Go mantle up the broken wall parallel
to you, and carefully jump onto the boards that slope up to the candlestick
and the crates, and get the stick (45% loot). Now you have to move these
crates and barrels in order to continue, and you will no doubt alert the
Pagans below as you do this. No big deal, they'll get over it eventually.
For added fun, see if you can't hit any of them on the head. With those out
of the way, edge along the wall south until you come to a doorway to your
left. Before going through, turn west and open the chest for a few arrows,
and read the journal nearby. These Pagans don't seem much nicer to the common
people than the Hammerites did. Now go back to the doorway, and make the
tough jump across the space to the other side.

A Pagan will sometimes patrol up here. You can easily hear her clanking up
the metal steps, so she won't surprise you. Sneak over to the gear to the
east the Garrett talks about, and give it only the slightest nudge to make it
fall on top of
the practicing swordsmen below. Now carefully balance across the beams to the
doorway on the east wall. This place is empty of Pagans, so don't worry.
Continue past the pipes, and get the statuette, and the first special loot
item of the mission, from the shelf. Now crouch along the pipes, and follow
them all the way west until you have to jump down to the wooden catwalk to
your right.

These metal steps lead down to a small stream patrolled by a tree beast. It's
a long route, so the beast is easy to avoid. You will want to follow it all
the way
back east, and grab the plate (52% loot). Go all the way back west,
picking up the two water crystals on the way. To the right of the westernmost
grate is a ladder leading up, so take it up.

Now we've found a secret entrance to the Shaman's room. Read her journal, and
take the Golden Comb, the second piece of special loot, hidden in the rafter
right above her bed (57% loot). Take out as many torches as you can from up
here also, heading to the opposite side of the room via the narrow beam if you
have to. Before you go back down, near the NE corner of the upper floor here
is a goblet without any loot glint that you should pick up (63% loot). Drop
down quietly and read the book on the bed to learn how to perform the Ritual
of the Root, then go to the chest in the NW corner and get the potion and
tiara (66% loot). You're finished here, so exit through the hole in the wall
to the east. When the two guards aren't looking, jump down, and run all the
way over to the stairs leading down to the north. Right before the stairs, to
the right of the tree, however, is a Pagan, dead from causes unknown. Grab
the body and take it with you down the steps.

There is a Pagan that walks up and down the stream here. When he is far away
and turned around, drop the body, run up to the first bookcase to the right,
and take the goblets there (72% loot). Go back for the body, and enter the
stream. Turn right and follow the passage to bypass the guard. When he is
away, reenter the stream, and go through the passageway to the north.

There is a Pagan Shaman, and a tree-beast patrolling this room. Douse all the
torches near you so you remain unseen. Directly in front of you there should
be a slanted stone with a crude drawing of water, moss, and blood on it. Fire
the appropriate arrow at the water and moss part from the edge of the blue
light. The final one, blood, is trickier, and what you brought the body for.
When the Shaman is turned away, and the beast on the far side of the room,
take the body and lay it on the blood marker, which can be tricky to do. You
may have to reload a few times, but eventually you will get it, at which point
you should take the 2 crystals to either side of you, and the Jacknall's Paw
from inside the tree in front of you. Leave this room, and go back up the

When the guard who walks along the ground floor here isn't around, emerge from
the staircase and take the first left you can, dousing the torch that lights you
up. This is another tricky room, so douse the torch near the door to the NE
Don't bother trying to pick the lock and enter through the door. Instead,
when the patrolling Pagan isn't on them, climb up the stairs to the west.
From the top, turn west and you should see a statue sitting on the ledge where
another Pagan sometimes patrols. When it is safe, grab it (77% loot). Go
back to the staircase, but don't go back down. Instead, balance on the beam
that crosses the entire room from above, and enter the locked sleeping area
through the window. The Pagan down there is dead, for whatever reason, so
don't worry about him. Rather, open the chest in the room and take the Golden
Beetle, the final piece of special loot, from inside (91% loot). Now mantle
up the table, up the broken wall, and up to the wooden catwalk to the window
again. Drop down back into the room where you recently doused the torches,
and sneak over to the hole in the wall to the south, to the room with the
campfire. When the guard that stops at the campfire is gone, run across the
light and hug the wall to the south. Wait for the Pagan to complete another
round, and move into the room where he just came from and take the dagger from
off the floor (93% loot). Quickly move to the east room before he comes back.
There is a Pagan guarding the bridge here that is tough to get by, but it is
possible. You can either try to sneak by him, or use a noisemaker arrow as a
distraction to get by him. From the room across the bridge, edge past the
pipes to the doorway on the west wall. On the shelf, near the torch, is an
urn (99% loot).

That’s it for this mission. From the large gear leaning against the wall to
the west, turn left, and then right. This will lead you back to the room
where you started in. Run over to the ladder you came from, and the mission
will be complete.



Not much to do here. The landlord has a sack of silver in his room you should
pick up, though.


Same as last time, avoid the guards, collect the blackmail money, and pick a
few pockets.


Again, the tavern is restocked if you want to rob it again. Otherwise, head on
over to Terces Courtyard
to move the story along.


Ah the Keepers. The enigmatic group that was always in the background during
the first two games finally begins to come to light. This Keeper Orland
fellow doesn't seem too nice, but that's his problem. All we're really
interested in is this so-called "Dark Age".

This place is pretty straightforward, no enemies or anything, in this part of
the library at least. Listen to the conversations about the Compendium of
Reproach, the Glyph Key, and how the Pagans and Hammers are out for blood
after you stole their holy relics. The book you need to read is in the
same room as the Glyph you have to touch to be able to use Keeper doors
throughout the city.

This is all well and good, but what about this Forbidden Library the guard
won't let you enter? What kind of thief is going to let some stinking guard
get between him and his secrets? And what kind of secret, forbidden library
doesn't have a hidden way inside? To bypass the guard completely, make you
sure you have the door glyph upgrade, and enter the room directly east of
Keeper Artemus (the one who tells you about the Hammers and Pagans). In front
of the bookcase to your right is a pressure plate. Stand on it, and go on in.

Once inside, there is an interesting conversation to listen to. When they are
finished, just go upstairs, stealing and learning all sorts of useful tidbits
along the way. When you reach the very top, you will see Translator Caduca
standing near the railing overlooking the library, talking to herself. She
has some interesting things to say, so listen to her as you ever so carefully
sneak by her into the room beyond.

Pretty boring room, huh? Well, maybe, if you didn't notice the hidden button
under one of the bookcase shelves that opens up a secret room. Once you've
done your thiefly business there, sneak back out, and head back to the South



The only new thing here is a small Keeper hidey-hole located in the first
alleyway to your left from the South Quarter entrance.


You are only here to get to the docks. The secret entrance is to the left of
the locked gate, so enter through there.


While Garrett warns us that this is the poor and dangerous part of town, it
seems to also be the well-policed. So, in a way, I suppose it is the most
dangerous part of town. For a wanted thief, that is.

There are several things you can do here in the Docks to make a few bucks and
a few friends. The first thing you should do, though, is to listen to the
Pagan’s offer. From where you start, head directly east into the wooden
doorway. To the right is a fence who will buy art items, the first such fence
you will have run into thus far. Time to get rid of that painting of Mortimer
the Mad you've hanging onto for the past few days. Farther down the street is
the Pagan territory. Two of them can be seen facing the wall. Creep along
the wall, and listen to their conversation. When they finish, they will guard
the entrance to their territory. Sneak by them to read the note, and get your
bow enchanted. You could continue on to the Pagan territory, but you would be
better off making friends with them first, for safety's sake.

Heading back to where you came from, you should see a wooden balcony on the
building directly in front of the gate to South Quarter. When you get the
climbing gloves, you can get up there and take some loot from the apartment.
There is also a note on the table there that players of Thief 2 should be able
to appreciate.

Just to the south of the crate near the gate to South Quarter, is a very short
alleyway with a ladder going down at the end of it. This leads to the sewers
and the Sunken Citadel that you will have to go to.

At the end of the street running north and south is a store where you can buy
the aforementioned climbing gloves. Get a pair, as you will be needing them
later on.

Turning left at the end of the street will lead to small square where two
guards are talking about a strange tree they have to protect. When they are
both turned away, take the tree. You have the option of either burning it in
the furnace in the tavern to please the Hammerites, or planting it in the
ground in the Pagan territory here in the docks, to improve your standing with
them. Either way you will hurt your faction status with the group whom you do
not do the favor to. It isn't hard to get your status back up though, so it
doesn't really matter who you do the favor for. Along the south side of this
open square are two wooden passageways you can enter. They both lead to the
same place, the ship the scribe talked about earlier in the Library, and a
tavern you can rob and burn the plant in. The best way to enter the tavern,
however, is to climb the ladder to the west, and crouch along the pipes until
you come to a shudder you can open.

Finally, the last noteworthy thing here is the second of the "smart guard,
dumb guard" conversations, where they discuss what to do in case of a
zombie bite. This is one of my favorites, so listen to them. They are
guarding the ship in the docks.


Like the last missions, you can do the ship or the Citadel in any order. The
order does not matter, so I am arbitrarily doing the Citadel first.

The room you start in is safe, so move forward and take the gemstone on the
ground next to the red glyph (3% loot). The next room is harder, but
interesting. See those things walking back and forth inside? Look familiar?
Right, those are the same kind of monster that you freed back in Stonemarket
Proper, where you also happened to get the map to this place. These
'monsters' are called the Kurshok, and you will be learning a great deal about
them as you progress.

First, carefully follow the Kurshok that walks around the broken wall and
through the puddle. There is a water crystal in that puddle. When he turns
around to walk on the other side of the wall, creep up to the altar, grab the
statue (6% loot) and read the book. The book gives you a good summary of what
the Kurshok are and what happened to them. Apparently they also worshipped
the Trickster long ago, but then displeased him and had their entire
civilization thrown underground. Interesting. Continue west along the south
wall, watching for the other patrolling Kurshok, and get the gem lying near
the pile of rubble (9% loot).

Continuing down this passageway, you'll come to another small room patrolled
by a giant rat. These guys have good hearing, so be careful. When it is out
of sight, run up to the altar and take the candlestick (10% loot). Run
southwest, past the pillar, into the opposite passageway. Behind the fallen
pillar near the torch is a gold nugget (14% loot). You will come out to a
large room lit by a blue light that cannot be doused. A ratman is patrolling
the room, and two Pagans are up on the stone wall to the east. When the
ratman is away, run up to the wall on the left and mantle up. Quickly grab the
crystal on the bare rock, your first piece of special loot (26% loot), and
drop back down before the Pagans see you. There are two chests near each
other to the southwest of the blue flame. They are difficult to get to with
the blue light and the ratman, so you might need to use a noisemaker arrow to
yourself time some time. Only the chest farthest from the blue flame has loot
however. The other chest has a health potion and some broadhead arrows.
Putting out the regular torch on the pillar can help, though. Take the loot
from the far chest (32% loot), and go through the passageway to the south.

This next room also has a ratman that passes through occasionally. When he is
out of sight, run across the hall to the door with the glyph on it. Make sure
the ratman has already left this room before you enter! Before the large
pillar to the left side is a hole in the wall that leads to a large room with
a staircase. Drop down when it is safe, and take the bracelet in the water,
and the urn on the altar (37% loot). Now go up the stairs, and when the
ratman has reentered the first room you ran through, run up to the open
sarcophagus and take the tiara inside (40% loot). Leave the room through the
doorway to the east, and run north up the hall, jumping behind the fallen
pillar and rubble. There is a gemstone in the corner (42% loot). The ratman
doesn't patrol this hall, but he might see you through the doorway,
so be careful crossing it. At the south end of the hall are two candlesticks
(45% loot). From that table, go through the doorway to the east. Near the
blue flame is a silver nugget (47% loot). The next room is the Kurshok

There is a stationary Kurshok in front of you with his back turned.
Douse the first torch in front of you so you can sneak down the hall in front
of him. Halfway down the hall there are open windows to either side. In the
right-side window is an urn you should grab (51% loot). Now sneak back down
the hall. Drop down through the broken railing on the left side of the
Kurshok’s back and the blue flame below. There is another Kurshok that patrols
room in a semicircle here, so make sure he is gone before you do anything. Now
run into the doorway to the east, but be quiet, because another Kurshok
patrols up and down here. When no one is around, douse the torch in the room
and open the chest, taking the loot inside (53% loot). Now turn around and
douse the torch in the narrow hallway behind you. The Kurshok here will
sometimes come up that hall, otherwise the circles the room the hall leads to.
When it is safe, quickly dash through the hall, and grab the Battle Horn in
the middle of the room, your second piece of special loot (54% loot), before
going back to the shadows of the hatchery.

You now have all the loot for this part of the map. Return to the area where
the ratman guards the area with the large stairs, and go into the...


The two hallways here both lead to the same room. The hall to your left has a
health potion in an open sarcophagus, but you want to enter the room through
the hallway in front of you. Douse both torches in the room when you enter.
When the two Kurshok finish talking about your fishy friend that you freed in
Stonemarket Proper, one will patrol the room in a circle, and the other will
walk around the puddle in the middle. There is a cat statue in the NE corner
of the room you can grab (56% loot). Also, in the middle of the room, in the
puddle, there is an interesting book under the water, and a goblet on top of
the chair in the south side of the pool. They can be tricky to reach, but the
goblet at least can be reached without going into the pool, from behind the
urns and pillar to the SW. When you are finished, head through the window to
the south. In front of you is a human skeleton with a bag of silver nearby
(60% loot). Go through the window near the body and crouch inside of it. The
Pagans and Kurshok fought here, and the number of Kurshok guards here will
depend on
how well the Pagans did.

Usually, however, there is one, if not two, very alert guards patrolling the
front of this room. So make sure you stay invisible by taking out the large
fire being held by the statue in the middle of the room. Slowly creep up to
the altar in front of the statue, and take the candlestick and bowl (64%
loot). This may alert the guards, and make them look for you, so be ready to
quietly back
up and hide behind the altar while they finish looking. When that is taken
care of, go up the stairs, pausing to take the urn on the window sill
overlooking the room (67% loot), and enter the library.

There are two Kurshok guards here, but there are plenty of places to hide.
When you enter the room, douse the far torch, and take a left into the unlit
section of the library, between the two bookcases, and grab the golden book
(70% loot). Continue up, taking care not to alert the guards and get the
stack of coins on the center bookcase (71% loot). Before going into the room
to the west, take the second golden book on the shelf to the right of the
doorway (73% loot). This room
is unguarded, and is also where you will find the remains of Keeper Rafe.
Take the golden dagger (75% loot), the Glyph Key, and read his journal to find
out what happened.

Exit the library, and the room with the altar. In this hallway sneak up the
stairs that lead to the hall to the throne room. There is a guard to the
left, to the right, and the one behind you that will come through the doorway
you are standing in, so you have to move quickly. The guard to the right will
go back into his room during his patrol. Sneak in when he does so. There is
a second guard in here that walks back and forth, he is guarding a gemstone in
the water in the east end of the room. When both guards are looking away, get
the gemstone, and then climb back up to the upper part of the room (77% loot).

Go up the stairs, hugging the wall if the guard is around. There is another
guard that patrols a small dirt-floored hallway and the main stairway here.
When his back is turned, enter the doorway to your right, and turn to your
right. Grab the tapestry on the wall here, the final piece of special loot,
and continue down the dirt-floored hallway. At the end of it, before you and
turn back into the main stairway, is a silver nugget (81% loot).

At the top of the stairway you will find yourself on a balcony overlooking the
throne room. Follow the balcony carefully (don't fall through the holes in
the floor) around to the opposite side of the room. See the fallen pillar
right above the torch here? Use your climbing gloves to climb up the wall and
drop onto the pillar. Walk down the pillar a bit, and take the gemstone from
the top of the second fallen pillar leaning against this one (84% loot). Now
return to the balcony until you are directly behind the throne and the floating
crown. There are two Kurshok here, one stationary, the other walking around.
The Crown is well lit, and you likely won't get it without being seen. So
fire a noisemaker arrow down the hall, and when the Kurshok leave, quickly
jump on the chandelier, grab the crown, and drop to the floor.

There are two chests here, one against the pillar to the immediate east, and
the second in the shadows to the NW of the throne. Quickly pick their locks
and steal their contents (95% loot) before the Kurshok come back. Use a
second arrow if you need more time with the locks.

Now that you have everything you came here for and then some, you can leave.
On your way out through the Outer Citadel, however, go through the hatchery
again, but this time go all the way through to the room to the north of the
hatchery. Take the goblet on the floor behind the pillar here, and the gold
nugget at the top of the stairs in the corner (100% loot). Now you can leave
the same way you came in.



Not much new here. The Forbidden Library is restocked with loot, and there is
a new conversation to hear at the top of the first flight of stairs. Also, at
the very top, instead of Translator Caduca, is Gamall, the small child who
serves as, well, the Translator's translator, I guess. Also, if Gamall
becomes even a little suspicious, like if you were to take the goblet on the
table in the room with the button to the secret room, watch her carefully.
She does something a bit... unsettling. I knew something was weird about that


Not much new here, even with climbing gloves. There is a gas crystal you can
reach now high up on the Clock tower with your new gloves.


Just do your usual thing here. Also, because you have the climbing gloves,
you can reach places you weren't able to before. On the street you take to
get to Stonemarket, you can climb up the stone face of the arch the stretches
over the street. It looks like a metal pipe blocks your way, but you can
climb through it like it wasn't even there. At the top is a gas crystal, and
a grate that lets you drop down to the middle of the street. Finally, there
is a goblet above the fireplace in your landlord's room. Guess this
blackmailing isn't draining him TOO much, huh?


Time to get that long lost Compendium of Reproach, or else that Glyph key will
be useless. You'll have to go onto the Abysmal Gale, the ship near the
tavern, to find it though. Along the way you'll run into the third "smart
guard, dumb guard" conversation. You'll have to listen to it from the corner
opposite of the shop, however, or they will see you.


This, as you may have noticed upon entering, isn't really a formal mission.
It is your first run in with zombies since St. Edgar's, however. You have to
make it to the cargo hold at the bottom of the ship to read the manifest and
get the clue on where to go next.

A few pieces of advice: take all the holy water you find, but don't use it on
these zombies, as you can easily avoid most of them. You WILL want to save
this holy water for a later mission, so hold on to it. And for God's sake,
and the sake of whoever washes your underwear, DO NOT approach a zombie lying
on the floor.

When you have read the manifest, exit the ship via a conveniently placed
ladder directly across from the cargo hold with the note you just read.


The information from the ships manifest leads you to the late captain's
seaside estate. You can reach this estate via a stolen rowboat in the same
part of the docks that you stole the tree from. This is one of my favorite
missions. The background music and the story behind this mission really mesh
well to make it an immersive experience. The whole mission seems sad and
lonely, which is no doubt what the designers were going for.

You start off in a hidden pirate's cove, from which you must take the elevator
to leave. The small cave this leads to is patrolled by a single guard, so
sneak by him when the opportunity arises. This leads you to the basement of
the boathouse. Wait for the guards to finish talking, and for one of the
guards to leave. When he does, go open the chest behind the sitting guard and
take the flashbomb. The coins on the table can be tricky to steal, as the
guard is likely to notice right away. I suggest creating a distraction,
either with a noisemaker arrow, or simply with something else that isn't
valuable on the
table itself, and stealing the coins while he investigates (3% loot).

The main courtyard has three guards, and three possible methods of entry. The
first is the front door; not the best option. The second is to climb up to
the balcony on the south part of the house. The third, and best, is to use
the secret entrance! The secret way in directly above the front door, so you
will have to climb up there. The entrance itself is well hidden right below
the window at the top. Enter, take the nugget from the chest, the key near the
corner of the rug, and go up the ladder (7% loot).

You are now in one of the guest rooms, and it is empty (for now). Open the
chest next to the fireplace and get the necklace (8% loot). Now open the door
to the south and go through. There is a stationary, drunk guard here. While
he does not move around, he does tend to turn around, so time your move
carefully. In this case, take a right down the hall. Go down the stairs
around the corner, and open the door. Two of the widow's guests are
apparently trying to rip the poor woman off! Not that that is a bad thing,
after all that is what you're here for. That they have the gall to compete
with you is what shocks me. Wait for them to finish talking, and for the
woman to leave. Hug the wall as she walks by so you aren't seen. When she is
gone, reenter the room, and when the man has his back turned, take the sack of
silver on the table (10% loot). Leave this room, and enter the bathroom
across the hall. Take the ring on the table behind the dressing barrier (11%
loot). Re-enter the hallway, and sneak past the drunken guard again to get
back into the guest room.

The woman that left the other bedroom with the man is in this room now, so
watch out for
her as you enter the door in the northeast corner. There is another woman
here, sleeping, so don't wake her up. Take the plates on the shelves, the
goblet above the fireplace, and the ring on the table near the bed before
proceeding through the door to the north (23% loot). Take a right, and go
through the next door to the servant's quarters. Now open the door to the
west, and go down the stairs when the guard is going the other way. He'll be
back soon, so move quickly. Take the painting leaning up against the corner
of the room, and unlock the chest to take the necklace (28% loot). You may
have to hide in the corner if you hear footsteps. When you've taken
everything, go on down the stairs, and through the hall.

There is a maid here circling the room. Take care to avoid her while you take
the urn from the table, and candlesticks from the fireplace, and the easy-to-
miss goblet from the couch facing the fireplace (38% loot). The next room has
two guards patrolling it, so be careful and stick to the walls. The first
thing to get is the painting to the left of the door you came through (42%
loot). Now you are going to want to cross the room to get into the library.
In this room there is a guard sitting at the table, and you can take the
painting next to him. Be careful crossing the room, however, because there is
another guard in the next room that can see you through the glass doors (47%
loot). Now go through those glass doors when the coast is clear, and make it
over to the table. Take the lucky coin on the table, the first piece of
special loot, and then make it back to the room that has the two guards
patrolling it. Enter the zone boundary there (47% loot).


It sounds like the storm has begun. The lightening flashes can light you up
too, so be careful. Listen to the woman make the poor maid cry, and cross the
room. Take the telescope, the second piece of special loot, from the display
table (57% loot). Now go to the south end of the room, and when it is safe,
run up to the left side of the staircase and open the grate. Crawl all
the way through and take a right. In the corner of this crawlspace is a gold
nugget (60% loot). Now go back the way you came and take a right into the
captain's study. This room is empty of people. Take the coins on the desk,
and open the chest for the ring and potion (64% loot). Pick the lock on the
single door near the fireplace and open it. The key you got earlier should
open it for you. The redheaded maid walks around this room, and there is a
guard at the table. Stealing the loot on the table and on the fireplace can
be tricky, so you may need to create a distraction. When you have it all (69%
loot), go to the door along the north wall.

The door leads to the kitchen, and it is very well lit. When the cook is out
of sight, enter the room, and jump up on the pantry to your left, and take the
goblet up there (71% loot). When the cook enters the room, he goes to check
on the oven. Quietly get down from the pantry while his back is turned, and
go west. It's easier to hide in here, so open the door, and check to make
sure the guard is walking away before entering the hall. At the end of the
hall is a set of glass doors that lead to the gallery. Slip past the guard in
the hall, and enter the gallery. There is a stationary guard here facing the
chest you want to open. Unfortunately, because the room is so small,
distracting him away from the chest might now work, as you need time to open
the lock. You may need to knock
him out to get to it. If you do knock him out, make sure you hide the body,
or the hallway guard will see it. Open the chest and take the goblet (73%

Now head back to the grand staircase and, taking care to avoid the guard who
patrols it and the guard who overlooks it from the balcony, take the urn
sitting on the table on the first landing (76% loot). Ascend the east
side of the staircase. Now follow the hall down and take a left into another
guest bedroom. Pick the lock on the chest on the bed before the couple finish
their conversation in the next room, and take the ring inside (77% loot).
When the man in the next room has turned away, go through the library and head
upstairs to the tower. The poor widow is up here, and she doesn't seem to
have taken the news of her husband's death very well. If you like, you can
find a bottle of wine downstairs and listen to more of her sad story. On the
practical side though, she has her room key on the table, and she gives you
information on a viktrola in her bedroom that you should play, so let's head
there now.

Go back to the top of the grand staircase. Hug the wall on at the top of the
east stairs, in the corner. Wait for the staircase guard, and the balcony
guard to be out of the way before you enter the large walkway circling the
main room where you stole the telescope. Again, careful of the lightening
flashes, and make your way across the room, taking the painting hanging on the
wall on the west end of the room (82% loot). There is another guard here that
paces back and forth, stopping at each extreme for a short while. When he
enters the room you are in, creep around behind him, and head to the double
doors. The key will open it, so enter and make sure you close the door behind
you. Activate the viktrola near the fireplace, and take the necklace in the
chest by the bed (85% loot). Go through the door to the east into the
bathroom, and take the silver mirror, the final piece of special loot, from
the dressing table (88% loot). Now we have to find the secret room the
captain talks about on the viktrola. Sneak your way back down the main
stairs, and go back through the grate into the captain's study. The button is
underneath the desk with the journal on it.

A secret door has opened in the gallery room where we knocked out the guard.
The door will close soon, so make a mad dash (go through the grate) to the
gallery. It doesn't matter if the guards notice you, because they can't follow
you are going. There is bookcase in the gallery that has moved to the side,
so run into the opening, and take the elevator down.

The captain's secret office has the Compendium on the desk. Behind the desk
is a chest with all the money the captain saved for his wife (100% loot). If
you are playing on expert, you have to take the money here to finish the
mission. Some people have complained about how heartless this is, but hey,
you're a thief!

Exit through the door to the south, which conveniently leads into the cave
where you started the mission. Take the elevator down to the rowboat, and
leave this sad house behind for good.


6/3/04 - Version 0.6 Halfway through the walkthrough. Game information


I want to thank the following people or organizations for making this guide

Looking Glass Studios
Ion Storm for being the best thief fan site out there
The Coca-Cola Company

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