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CHROME: A Walkthrough
By:Arockna (Aruna Dayananda)

This guide will not reveal the story but certain incidents will be
unavoidable in writing the guide.

Tips on how to fight enemies will not be given at every encounter but are
given in the How to Play section. The same goes for what weapons to use
generally. The game is meant to be played differently by everyone according
to their tastes so you can figure that out.

Please e-mail me about any errors you find in the walkthrough.

This guide is hosted with my permission on the following websites:

1.01 - 21/2/04 - Changes to Shybkov, Shuttle, Code Key, Nicole's Crash
and Nicole Parker.

1.00 - 24/12/03 - Added Level Final. Walkthrough completed

0.90 - 22/12/03 - Added Level Laboratory. Changes to level Nanovirus

0.85 - 16/12/03 - Added Level Nanovirus. Biggest level in game. Changed
version numbers.

0.8 - 11/12/03 - Added Levels Nicole's Crash and Nicole Parker

0.75 - 9/12/03 - Added Level Code Key. Minor Updates to How to Play

0.7 - 5/12/03 - Updated Level Shuttle.

0.65 - 2/12/03 - Level Brown's Daughter Added. Minor Updates to How to
Play section. Level Hannibal Rewritten.

0.6 - 1/12/03 - First four levels added and final versions made. Level
Shuttle and Nanovirus updated. Added How to Play Section.

1.Basic Tips On How To Play
2.The Walkthrough
4.Legal Stuff

Basic Tips on How To Play
- The weapon you choose is up to you and it is up to you to decide which
weapon is better where.

- Use your map for navigation. In the walkthrough things are mentioned by
grid reference. For those of you who may not know thats X co-ordinate first
and then y co-ordinate.

- Always carry your binoculars in your equipment as they are essential to
scope out targets. Some missions don't equip it by default so do so yourself.

- Carry lots of medkits and when taking damage take one as it regenerates
over time. So when in a really tough fire fight take two or more at once and
your health will keep regenerating for a while. However it won't protect you
from huge amounts of damage that drain your life though.

- When shooting targets from afar lay prone as your accuracy is best in this

- Always hide behind cover and lean out to check enemy troop positions. Duck
in and out behind cover and fire bursts to kill people. You can also shoot
one enemy and then duck back in to reload.

- Fire your rifles in bursts as otherwise your accuracy goes off from recoil.

- Use your implants and combine then using the F1-F4 bind keys to use them
quickly at the same time. Note that this fills your neural overload meter
much more quickly.

- Check corpses for ammo and health packs always. Always look for cupboards
and crates on the floor for goodies.

- When being sniped look at the direction on the indicator indicating that
you are getting shot. It points to a direction. Also listen out for the sound
and move from cover to cover and work out where the sniper is by when you get

- Don't just open fire on your enemies whenever you see them if they haven't
seen you. Move in good and close to a position you like and then open fire.
Aim for the head as well before opening fire.

-Always take the higher ground and stay prone when firing at unaware
opponents as your aim is improved and you are a smaller target.

- When going up or down in a lift use your heat vision to see where people
are in advance to actually entering a room. Do this for normal rooms as
well when your radar bleeps indicating men are inside.

The Levels
5.Brown's Daughter
8.Code Key
9.Nicole's Crash
10.Nicole Parker

The Walkthrough


This level starts as a training mission and is fairly easy. After the initial
cutscene you will start in a jungle area and the training sequence begins.
Follow the instructions which are to pick up the equipment from the crate
right at your feet and then tinker with the other options.

The beginning part of this mission involves following Pointer across the map.
You cannot stray away from him or else the mission will fail so there is no
problem of where to go. After following him for a bit in the jungle you will
run in to two soldiers. Dispatch them and collect ammo/medkits from their
inventories. Pointer won't leave until you move closer to him.

You'll go further in to the jungle and you will approach the brigde. There
will be some soldiers on the other side. Kill them. Again collect weapons and
stuff (won't mention this again). Pointer will then lead you to an
installation upon which a cutscene will start and you will begin to get
sniped. Quickly dash to the wall of the complex and stay right at it. When
you are facing the complex wall the sniper is on your left in a tower. Walk
to the edge of the complex wall without showing yourself. Then proceed to
dash behind the nearest piece of cover(which is a tree in this case). Work
your way towards him through the cover- the best path is towards the left of
the sniper tower where there are rocks to hide behind. Shoot the sniper from
behind the closest rock to the tower. Then head towards the tower. Once you
get there Pointer will tell you to cover him from the tower. Pick up the dead
guy's sniper rifle and remember where you drop your gun because it will be
better for the later parts of the level.

Once up in the tower and equipped with the rifle use your binoculars to scope
out the targets. Once you find them you can the easily snipe them. A cutscene
will follow after Pointer enters the complex.Snipe the two new guards. After
this another cutscene will follow and a buggy and some infantry men will
escort it to your position. First snipe the infantry men on foot. The buggy
will draw close to your tower and then stop. Snipe them at this point as it
is much easier. Snipe the guy manning the gun turret first and then the

Another cutscene will follow. Afterwards you fill find yourself getting shot.
If you are facing the complex from the tower then turn to look behind you
(180 degree turn) and kill the guy who is behind you.

Now get down from the tower and if you like pick up your regular gun as the
sniper rifle won't be much use in the indoor sections.

Upon entering the complex you will be presented with a lift. Take it up to
the second floor. Exit the lift on the 2nd floor. You will come to a room
with some crates and a soldier behind it. Kill him and be prepared for more
soldiers in the next room.

In the next room there is a guy behind the barricade and a guy can come out
from the door on the left. The door on the left has nothing of value inside
except the dead guys poessions (oh and a packet of crisps-no idea what you
can do with em-possibly eat for health). This room has 3 soldiers in it. Now
head for the other door which takes you to an elevator. This corridor also
has another soldier in it.

Take the elevator down and kill the two guys standing right at the door.
After that take the lift on the right side of the room down. Upon getting
there you'll have to turn and head back up(no story given remember).
Unfortunately there will be some bad guys waiting for you upstairs. Dispatch
them from downstairs -grenade possibly and then head up. Or at least kill
some of them before heading up.

A new room (restricted area will have opened up. More guys lurk inside.After
they are dead hack the computer and the door downstairs will have opened up.
Go back down again and got through the newly opened door. You'll get to a
point with two doors;one on your left and the other on your right. None of
them will open; go to all of them and then try and leave. A cutscene will
follow and Carrie will open the door for you.

Go through the door and shoot the baddies. Two guys- one on the left and one
on the right. Three more behind the boxes.In the corridor there is one more
guy and then a lift. Take the lift up and you will have two doors. Both are
called Storage. The one of the left has a bad guy and a box. The one on the
right has three bad guys and is the way to go.

Head to the next room.There are two guys upstairs and two downstairs. Try
crawling to avoid being shot and to try to get a good shot at the guys
downstairs. When Carrie trys to open the next door another guy will come from
the door you just came from.

After killing him Carrie will have opened the next door; follow her through.
This leads to another elevator. Take it up to the roof.

Once on the roof hide behind the boxes on the left and kill the 3 bad guys
near the gun turret. Then turn around and walk backwards (don't fall off) and
shoot the guy who is on top of the building from which you just came from.
Then get on the turret and start shooting that ship. Make sure you have
health to use just incase. After the plane gets destroyed take the next
elevator and go down. A cutscene will follow.

Once outside you'll have to follow Carrie on the speeder. Make sure you don't
lose her as otherwise it will be mission failed. Watch out for the tanks and
helicopter. Just incase you do lose her- she goes out the gate and to the
right. The level will end shortly afterward.


This level is set in a tropical jungle. Your objectives are to find the two
missing containers. General tips should be to use your binoculars at regular
intervals to check for targets.

The first set of crates are on the coast to your left from the start. Head in
that direction and you will come upon them. You should use the trees on the
right side of the coast to sneak up and kill the guys guarding the containers
There will be more guys in the forest as well. Collect the Nano Chip from the
container-you have to open it up.

Now with the containers behind you and you facing the lake you should head to
the right as thats the direction of where the second container is at. Keep
heading in this direction so that the lake is on your left and keep going on
through the jungle. When you get to the end of the trees and back on the
coast,the container will be to your left and will be some distance away. It
is guarded by some more troops. Again repeat the process of what you did for
the first container.

You mission objective will now change and you will have to destroy the
Emitter as well. From the second container follow the coast line until you
get to the docks (marked on map as 2A). Note: stay in the trees to for
fighting enemies as otherwise you will be spotted too easily. At the docks
there are lots of bad guys. Scope them out using the binoculars and kill them
There are explosives in here which you must use on the Emitter. The
explosive's are near the bunch of crates nearest to the sea and the big
mountain. They are inside a gray case. Pick them up- mission objectives
have their own inventory slots so no worries.

Now when facing the box with explosives a mountain will be in front of you.
You will want to ascend this mountain but to the left. If you face the
mountain after getting the explosives and the crate is directly behind you a
sniper post will be directly in front of you if you could climb the hill.
Make a note of that so that you can work your way towards him to kill him.
When you get to the first point that you can climb up look to you left with
the mountain on your right. You will see a sniper tower. It is much easier to
take that sniper out and get his rifle and snipe all the other snipers. Do
that if you wish.

When you do climb up go to the left and wander down the path ;there is a
small valley of sorts which you should head towards. Beware though as there
is a sniper on top of the valley. You should ascend the mountain he is on and
take him out. Crouch or go prone if you get shot too much and stand up near
the top and shoot him.

March on through the valley and turn left at the junction. Head on up the
path and ignore the building on the right as its got a laser fence on it and
you can't get through. Kill the guards in the area though. Head to the
building that is in front of you which is the landing field where you have to
hitch a ride on the shuttle to get to the Emitter area-behind the laser

The landing field is full of bad guys. They only come when you get near the
place. Dispatch them and then head in to the complex. There are more guys
inside and they have cover. After killing them with the door behind you being
the exit- the door on your right has two bad guys inside. You don't have to
go in there though. The door dead ahead has two bad guys and two crates with
supplies inside and another door which leads to a pointless generator room.
You don't need to go thre either. In the same room there is another door with
nothing inside it except for a DF player.

The door on the far left leads to the generator room again which leads to the
elevator which is where you have to go. The door on your immiediate left from
the entrance also leads to the elevator and is where you have to go.

The elevator room has bad guys inside it. The lift has 4 possible floors to
go to. You only need to go to level two and three. The roof floor also has an
area with a bad guy on it. Go to the third floor first and kill the guys and
hack the console. Then go to the 2nd floor and head out to the shuttle and
get inside.

A cutscene will follow and you will now enter the Emitter area. Step out the
shuttle and kill all the guards around. Walk towards what the nose of the
shuttle is pointing at which is a little structure.Enter the structure and go
down the lift to level 2. Kill the guy outside the lift and head to sector E.
Kill all the guys upstairs and downstairs. Climb the ladder to the second
floor railing and then hack the computer by matching the symbols. Later on in
the game you will have to match 3 symbols instead of two. The laser field
should now be deactivated.

From this area(down the ladder) there is another door labeled sector F. Go in
here and open the door to the Emitter Area by hacking the computer inside the
room.Now backtrack to the lift you came in and press the down button again
and you will enter the emitter area.

Dispatch all the guards in the area and then proceed to the structure in the
middle over the lava. You will find a console on the structure. Crouch at it
and there is a place to place a bomb. Climb down to the lower levels and
place bombs at the different consoles. There are two consoles on levels below
the level you are on. The lower level is reached via a ladder on the center
of the structure and the middle level via a ladder on the outskirts of the
structure. After having placed the explosives head back to the lift and take
it back to the surface(press up button).

You should now be on the surface. There is now a sequence of where you have
to hurry(The Island blows up if you take your time). Head out through the
narrow pass in the area past the now deactivated laser fence. There is a
bridge and across it a buggy. Kill the guys next to it and hop in. Now head
to the docks(marked as 4 on the map) where you will have to kill more guys
and hop in to the speeder near the cost at the docks(its at the end of the
docs near the big structure). The mission ends there with a cutscene.

From the start of this level look on your map and you will see a complex on
it but its unmarked. Head towards the complex and you will encounter some
animals on the way possibly. Eventually you will start to get sniped. The
sniper tower is near the ridge(near the base-look on map) but not down the
valley. You will encounter one other guy as well. Once you kill the sniper
ascend his tower and get his Sniper Rifle. Now look towards the base and
start sniping anyone you can see. Use your binoculars to scope more targets
in the distance and see closer ones more easily.

Once you have sniped everybody go to the edge of the cliff and look down.
There is a guy directly below you. Kill him and then head to the left where
you can eventually climb down.

Once in the open plain head to the building closest to the cliff wall. Carrie
will tell you that thats the place to go. You will encounter some guys. Kill
the two guys in the room in the center behind the glass. Kill them and head
to the door on the left side-the non restricted one. Take the lift down and
kill the guys in the generator room. Hack the console and then head back up.
Head to the door marked restricted area. Take the lift up and kill the guy in
the room. Head to the smaller room inside this room and kill the guy there.
Take the lift down and if you didn't before kill the two guys in the room.

Hack the console-3 symbols this time and download the data. You can't do
anything else with the console despite the options. Head back to the surface
-a cutscene will follow with some guys coming out. When exiting the
restricted area head out the left door.

Just stick to the left most side of the land-next to the lake and head toward
the complex. Stay as far away from the walker as you can and head for the
building. There will be a point where you can't avoid getting fired at. At
this point turn on the dermal armour and the speed and dash to the 3rd door
of the complex-closest to the walker.

When you enter the door (1st door from the right) will close behind you and
you will have to go through the building killing people in various places.
Once you get to the end of this you will meet Dexon in an area labelled
Sector F.

To fight Dexon hide behind a crate and duck. Stand up and fire quick bursts
when he shows himself and then duck before he can shoot you. Throwing
grenades also works only when he is standing still ofcourse. Once he is dead
a cutscene will follow and then some guys from behind you. Kill them. Before
leaving the area head to the back of the room where you fought Dexon and
where he stood for most of the time. There is a case there and inside it a
Dragoon. Take this and on your way out check all the corpses as one guy has a
Dragoon and Ammo for it. Take the ammo and then head outside. First if the
Walker is bothering you destroy it with the Dragoon. Then use your pistol to
shoot Dexon a bit with your pistol and he will try to flee.

Pull out your Dragoon and let the shuttle have it. It will blow up after a
couple of shots. Make sure you don't fire when its too faraway or moving to
fast or turning a lot as you are likely to miss. Aim carefully before firing.
Once the shuttle crashes the missions ends.


This level is set in a jungle as well. You start in a valley of sorts and
have only one direction to proceed in. Head towards the landing field and
use your binoculars to scope out the targets and eliminate them. There
is some wildlife in this level as well, but they can mostly be ignored if
you keep your distance. They may attack in which case dispose of them. You
will keep bumping in to patrol of 2-3 men over and over again.

Now when you get near the landing field you can go in to the landing
field but you don't have to. There are supplies inside it for you to get and
loads of troops. Anyway at this point look on your map and and you will see
a green area in the south east of the map. That's where you want to go. Just
keep going in the opposite direction of the landing field on the road and you
will find the place you have to go. It is a valley again with more troopers
on it. At the end you will find a fence with a hole in it. Go through the
fence and you are now inside the complex area.

With the hole in the fence behind you head to the left. You will come across
a building with a laser field around it. Nb.there is also an empty sniper
tower so don't worry about it. Kill the bad guys around the area.Now you will
be required to disable the generator for the field. This complex is all the
way across the map and is marked. Head there.There will be buildings one on
your right and two on your left if you go in the center.Keep going straight
through this area-though going in the forest on the left is advisable. You
will encounter several enemies and a sniper (he is near the Generator
building) as well as a guy on a mounted gun. Once you have eliminated
everyone you will notice a road cut off by a bridge fence at the north of the
map. When facing this a gun turret should be to your right and the generator
building is next to the gun turret.

Enter the generator building and Carrie will warn you of radiation. Go to
Sector A to collect stuff and then open the door to the restricted area. Go
to the catwalk and hack the computer and then hurry out. Head back the way
you came. More bad guys will meet you on your way back to the building that
previously had the laser fence on it.

When you get there you will see two towers. One with a buggy next to it and
one without one. Go in to the one without a buggy next to it and take the
lift up to level 4 (next floor up-the uppermost floor is pointless so ignore
it as its the roof with only a man on it).Kill the guys here and keep going
through the rooms. You will get to a catwalk. There is an elevator. Take it
one floor down;kill the guards and hack the computer to disable security.
Retrace your steps back outside and head to the tower with the buggy parked
outside it.

There are gun turrets on the tower above the door to enter but they are
disabled if you hacked the computer in the previous tower. Take the lift up
to level 2. Kill the guard. Head to Sector A and take the lift down. Kill the
guys in the room and head out the door. You will see a door in front and a
door on the right. Take the door on the right and a cutscene will follow.

You now have to retrace your steps back to the exit. You'll get in to the
buggy outside by the tower. Before doing the next part make sure you have
plenty of health in your inventory. Also remember to save at this point.

When in the buggy all I can say generally is remember to use the right mouse
button(alternate fire) to zoom in when shooting with the buggy and try and
shoot infantry down as quickly as possible. Ignore the tanks as you cannot
destroy them easily. Shoot all the infantry men you see. At one point a
shuttle will attack you. What you must do here is to shoot out the gun
turrets on the bottom of the shuttle to disable them. Next shoot the
infantry men. Always try and shoot the infantry men first except in this
case. Follow this rule all the time except for the walkers as well. I shot
the first one and ignored the second one to shoot more infantry. I recommend
doing this also as otherwise too many infantry men will kill you very fast.

Its most likely you will do this part more than once on normal difficulty.
I would recommend that if you are on the second go then remember the
positions of the infantry men and shoot them from as far as possible. This
way you keep on top of them. The level ends after the shooting bit is over.

5.Brown's Daughter

From the beginning head straight and you will encounter some guys on your
left next to a fallen speeder. Take them out and stick to this left side wall
to proceed to your objective which is the armoury. Proceed straight along the
canyon and avoid the walkers.

You will come to a fork in the path. Ignore the left side as it only contains
an animal and carry on straight and still stick to the left wall. The path
will fork again eventually. Stick to the left side and eventually you will
come to the shallow crossing. Cross the river.

After crossing still stick to the left wall and proceed. Note that there is
one guy standing near some boxes. You will need to remember this later when
you backtrack this way. Sticking to the left you'll encounter many more
guards and eventually the armoury will turn up on your right. Head there and
dispatch the enemies you encounter. Note the speeder outside the armoury.

Enter the armoury and head in to the second room. As you enter you will see
some barrels and a plate removed from teh wall. Behind this plate and to the
left of these barrels on the wall is where you have to place the explosive.
Place the explosive and run back tot the speeder and backtrack the way you

Head all the way back to the place where you saw that guy standing next to
the boxes. Note its before the shallow crossing so if you cross the river you
know to turn back. So from the guy behind the boxes and just before the
shallow crossing head left. This is the direction to head and keep going this
way. Eventually you will see a turn off to the right-see your map and you
should be very close to the mission objective. Head in this direction.

When approaching the building the hill on the south west most corner has a
sniper on it. Take note as he will shoot you later on-check your map to see
which hill I am talking about. If that doesn't help; when standing with your
back to the building the guy is on the hill closest to the right side of the

Kill the guys surrounding the building and then head inside to meet Lisa
Brown. Then follow her out to the truck and the mission will end.

This level is all about combat and the objective it to wipe out the Hannibals
From the start you will be at a barricade with many other gunners on the
line.There is a box on the right side of the line;open it up and collect the
ammo and medkits . Then get ready and keep firing at the waves of enemies
troops that keep advancing. There are 3 waves in the main section.

After the 3 waves a colonies will say thats all of them At this point quickly
run to the left side of the base(west side). Mount the laser cannon and start
shooting the infantry that comes in the first wave. In the second wave some
Walkers will escort the infanty. Shoot the walkers first and then the

Now head to the oppossite wing which is directly behind you. From here shoot
the infantry that comes and don't bother with the tank. A buggy will come for
you. Get in the buggy and shoot the infantry men on the way. Get off the
buggy when asked to and head down the cliff at the place where they drop you
off. Shoot the infantry men behind the tank and then quickly dash in and
plant the bomb on the back. Remember to press the set timer button and run
like hell back to the base. Strafe to the right of the tank to avoid being
shot. Jump back over the barricade and watch the fireworks. Now mop up the
rest of the infantry men in that section.

A shuttle will come to pick you up. Remember to collect health off the dead
guys before getting in the shuttle. When in the shuttle don't bother shooting
the people down there as its a waste of precious ammo. When the shuttle lands
go to the edge of the door-don't walk off completely and then throw
everything you have over and then go back in to the shuttle and throw more
stuff out from the boxes. Finally walk out with the Dragoon and Ammo. Now
you must save as much Dragoon Ammo as possible. So 3 hits a piece for the 3
walkers and the final boss should be easy. Keep a save here if you find it
to difficult afterwards and want to improve your performance on the walkers.
First equip the Dragoon and shoot the Walkers. Then discard the Dragoon and
use the Matson(Standard Rifle) to shoot the infantry men. After you have
killed them all (some guys lurk near the barricade so get them as well-hint
use Matson on them from a distance so that the next part is easier) a
custscene will follow with the boss coming out.

As soon as this happens run all the way back to where the shuttle landed and
pick up your Dragoon. Now keep your distance from the Mech and fire the
Dragoon. After 5 shots (on medium) the walker will break down. Now the boss
takes cover behind stuff. With the remaining ammo you have on the Dragoon
fire at the ground near him so that you don't show yourself and you hurt him
bad. When Dragoon Ammo runs out use all the grenades you chucked out of the
shuttle. If he is still alive use everything else you have-guns. After his
death the level ends.

Save often on this mission on different slots just in case the alarm goes
off. Also collect a cloaking device off one of the guys you kill. Try and
have two as you will need them later on. Try and collect more if you can.

Your objective on this mission is to disable 3 SAM sites and to obtain a
pilot suit and steal a shuttle. From the start look at your map and head to
SAM site 1a along the cliff edge visible on your map. You will encounter a
blip on your radar very soon. Kill this man and then carry on along the cliff
face to Sam site 1a.

You will encounter another blip later on. Ignore this and carry on. Further
on you will encounter yet another man near a big rock. Here you can either
hide from him and carry on or kill him and carry on. The choice is yours.

You will encounter another man as you draw near to the SAM site. He is in
your way so kill him and carry on. At the SAM site you will find two
patrolling guards. Kill them and another two guards will come along; kill
them also.

You will find the SAM site locked. Carrie will mention a pipe. Look on your
map. Remember the cliff edge you just followed?- well cross over to the
opposite cliff edge and you will see a pipe. If not follow this cliff edge
south (towards SAM) and you will see the pipe. Shoot out the damaged grill on
its opening.

Enter the pipe and follow it in. You will see a grate in front of you and
there should be a turn off to your right. Take the turn off to the right and
drop down.

You are now inside the SAM site. Kill the guy in here and climb the ladder.
Go through the door labeled exit and take the lift up. Head in to door
labeled Sector A and kill the two guys inside. The guy in the suit has a
keycard on him. Take it and then shoot the controller in the middle of the
room till it blows up. Carrie will confirm that you have destroyed it.
Now exit this room and take the other lift outside to the surface.

Head to the next SAM site. You can see if from the first SAM site. You need
to cross the huge gorge by going around. Once outside look on your map.
Follow the cliff edge that you followed to the pipe, all the way to the next
SAM site- 1b. You will follow it north and around the bend to the next site.

You will encounter no enemies when heading north but one animal at the
beginning of the bend. As you take the bend you will encounter one man. Kill
him. Now head south along the cliff edge to the next SAM site. You will
encounter another blip-ignore this and carry on.

Further south you will encounter two more blips. Ignore these as well and
carry on. Eventually you will come to the next SAM site. As you approach its
building head to the right of it and crouch. You'll catch two guys off their
guards with their backs to you. One bullet each in their heads. Then press
the button on the door of the SAM installation building and enter. Take the
lift down.

When you exit the lift shoot quickly at the two in the hall between rooms.
Then quickly enter the door on your right to dispatch two more guys before
they signal for reinforcements. Shoot the controller out again and head to
the hall and take the other lift down one floor. Kill the two guys in here
and then retrace your steps back to the surface.

Take the buggy and head towards the base in the big open area. You will
encounter a two man patrol. Kill them. At the end of this 'road' you will
come to a fork. Take the left side and kill the guy next to the rock.

You will then come to an open field. Head to the right corner and kill 3 guys
in the forest. Then head to the left end and kill 3 guys next to the buggy.
Then head towards the base and kill one more guy in the open. Now if you
stick to the trees on the right you will find 3 more guys in the forest. I
believe you can avoid these guys though. Simply stay away if you want to
avoid them.

As you draw near the base 2 more patrolling guards will turn up. Kill them
and then head inside the building. Kill the guard and hack the console. Now
pick up the cloaking device off the guy you just killed and then head
outside.Don't go in the view of the gate though as its open and people will
see you. Turn on your cloaking device and head to the left side of the base
near the crates. Follow the line of crates to a little building. Enter it and
switch off your cloaking device; then kill the guy inside but before hacking
the console go back outside and a guy will run towards the building you are
in. Kill him before he calls for reinforcements. Now hack the console and
head towards the new area with the cloak on. Head around the back of the
building to get to the new area.

Enter the COMM building area and go in to the little building in front of the
COMM building and kill the two guards inside. Now head to the left side of
the massive building-The COMM building and enter. Kill the two guys on the
ground floor and the two guys behind the glass on the floor above. If the two
behind the glass are not present you will have to kill them later as they
ring the alarm. If they don't seem to be present when you enter wait after
killing the two guys downstairs to make sure that they aren't alerted. Then
head up in the lift. Kill the guy on the next floor (use heat vision as you
take the lift up to see where he is). On the next lift take it down to kill
those earlier mentioned guys. Take the lift to the top floor now. Kill the
bad guys and hack the two consoles in the two rooms. One opens the gate and
the other disables the communications by setting it in a maintenance run.
Once this has been done the alarm stops ringing and there is no need for
stealth anymore. So drop all used up cloak devices you may be carrying.
Make sure you keep your fully charged ones.

Exit back outside and backtrack the way you came but instead of going out the
gate you came in by go in to the newly opened gate on the left side when you
are facing the gate you initially came through.

Go in the new area and kill the guards. There isn't a guy in the tower.
Enter the bigger building opposite 1c on your map. Its the building closest
to the gate you entered from and kill the guards and hack the console. Exit
back outside and then go to the elevator (1C) opposite the building you just
came out of. Go down the lift and kill everyone and destroy the SAM
controller by shooting it. If you are having alarm trouble then repeat the
steps from the second SAM site- i.e. go down to the bottom level in the other
lift and kill the guys and return to the surface.

Now head towards the main building with the logo on it (3 on map). You will
pass two hangars on your right. The first has a walker in it and some bad
guys. Kill the bad guys and take the walker and kill everyone in the second
building. Kill the guy on the balcony in the building in front of you as
well. I recommend going on foot after this to avoid stealth problems.

Head inside that building and kill everyone inside. Head to the generator
room and kill the bad guys in there first to avoid stealth problems and then
go to the other door with the lift. Try and shoot people on the level above
before going up and then head up. Use your heat vision to see where they are
on the floor above.

The first floor has the pilot suit. You can take it and head out to the
balcony to take the shuttle. You can also take the lift one level up but
there is no point and there are only bad guys to kill. The level ends once
you get to the shuttle. You should save at the beginning of the next
mission as all the cloaks you accumulate in this one get stored for the
next one.

8.Code Key

Make sure that you have equipped silent weapons from the beginning as
otherwise you cannot play this level. From the beginning of the level collect
your gear in the box- if you are carrying any from the previous level then
drop any non silenced weapons and pick the silenced weapons in the case. Also
keep any extra cloaking devices you may have from the previous level.

Then move to the opposite end of the platform you are on avoiding any people.
On the other end you will see a lift. Press the button and take it down.

Once down you will see two doors. One is marked Sector A and the other Sector
B. Go in to Sector A and two guards will head your way. Go hide in sector B.
There are two doors for Sector B so you can hide in there and watch the
guards through the door with heat vision. Once they are past you and are at
the left side of the room head to sector A and make sure you at least walk.

Go down the corridor in Sector A and you will come upon a scientist. Kill him
before he can ring the alarm and remember to put your weapon away by pressing
0 (zero). Hack the console in this room to open the door to the restricted
area. Now head back out to Sector B.

As you are in the corridor that leads out of Sector A a guard will come your
way. Head back to Sector A and wait for him to walk in the doors and then
kill him. Use your heat vision to watch him through the door.

Now head to the room with the elevator in it and sneak up behind his partner
and kill him with two quick shots to the head. Once you've done that head to
sector B. There is a cabinet in this room and there are binoculars which you
will need to make the level easier. Take them if you don't already have them.
Take the lift down.

At the bottom you will encounter two guards though their positions keep
shifting. You should kill both of them. Then there is a door labeled Sector
C. Before going through it use your heat vision and you will see a guy right
next to the door but on the other side of the wall. Kill him quickly and
silently. Again make sure you put your weapon away quickly. Now proceed in to
Sector C and turn your cloak on as you enter.

When you go in to Sector C straight ahead you will see the door to the
restricted area open. Head for this and remember to crouch walk to avoid
being detected as enemies can hear your footfall as well.

Once through Sector C you will be on a gangway. Wait for till no one is near
by you and then head left off the gangway and proceed along that way.
Remember to hide behind boxes should you bump in to too many people to dodge
around and to use your cloaking device when avoiding one guy. Make sure to
crouch again. Keep your distance from everyone.

Eventually you will see some large double doors on your right side. Quickly
go inside here. Proceed to the other large double doors on the other end and
enter the room.

As soon you are enter turn right and head towards the room marked as storage.
In this room ignore the door on the left marked storage and go for the second
door on the left marked Generators. Go inside and hack the console at the
end. The elevator opens itself. You can run in this storage area as the
scientists are too absorbed with their work to notice you.

Head back out of this storage area and you will have to head right around the
crates in the middle of the room. Again repeat your stealth methods and go to
the lift. Take the lift up to the next floor. Exit the lift and you will be
on a catwalk above the ground.

As you come out of the lift you will see a guy at a computer with his back
turned towards you. Sneak up to him and kill him-use the machine gun as he's
got a helmet on and one bullet is not enough. Holster your weapon and head
left-away from sector D. Here you will find a scientist and a guard. Crouch
and kill the guard (as others see you through the glass window) and then kill
the scientist. Now stay crouched and hack the console. The alarm will now

Change guns if you wish as stealth is no longer necessary. Also drop any
cloaking devices you may have and get medpacks/ammo instead. Head to sector
D. Kill the guys on the catwalk -4 in total. Then kill the guys on the floor
below. After doing this head for the restricted area lift as the other places
have nothing of interest.

Take the lift up and you will come to a room with guys in it. Kill the guys
and then proceed to the next room. You will see a strange blue energy beam.
Kill all the guys in here. The room storage has some items and some bad guys.
When done head through the door marked Sector F.

You will be in a large hallway with some guys at the far end and one gun in a
machine gun turret. Duck behind some boxes and repeat the switching between
duck and stand shooting.

Once they are dead ignore the door labeled Sector F as its locked. Instead
go in to the door marked storage. Kill the guy in here and then go in to the
adjoining room also marked storage. There will be two guys in here. Kill
them and then exit this room to come to the other side of the previously
locked door. One guy lurks in here as well.

Now head through the door marked Sector F. You will be in a large room with
lots of guys inside. Kill the guys and raid the cabinets before proceeding to
the door marked generators. Two more guys may come out of here while you are
in the large room. Inside the door marked generators is a long corridor. Kill
the guys inside and proceed to the other end.

Outside you will find a catwalk. There will be a guy to your right on the
catwalk and also two snipers up and above to your left. Also two regular
soldiers to your left and below the catwalk you are on. Kill them all. Start
with the guy on the catwalk and then the snipers and finally the two guys
below. Follow the catwalk to the left and you will come to another room full
of bad guys. Kill them all and then hack the computer to disable the gravity
outside on the catwalk area.

Race back outside stand against the railing. Then press jump and forward to
go over and land on the place where those two soldiers below were firing at
you from. Make sure you don't bump in to the pillar as you will bounce off it
to your death. Also don't run and jump off this platform as you will most
likely die.

Once you land down there hack the computer on the reverse side of the pillar.
After having done so face the doors (computer console behind you) and head
left along the catwalk. You will see a support beam leading to a pipe. Jump
on to the support beam and follow it to the pipe. Jump on to the pipe from
the support beam and then shoot out the grill on the pipe. You will fall down
in to the pipe.

You will see at the end of the pipe a support beam going across an open area.
Stay prone on this beam and go across to avoid being spotted. Use your speed
implant to make the going faster.

You will come to a pipe. To jump in to it stay crouched and jump as otherwise
the guards get alerted. Once in the pipe follow it all the way down ignoring
the grills on your left. When you do pass by these grills go prone across
them as people can spot you. You will pass two grills and then a turn off to
the left. Ignore these, but the final and third grill is the one you have to
shoot out and go through-the pipe should end after this turnoff so you know
which grill you must go through. It is also the only broken grill.

Shoot the grill and go prone once again on the support beam. Crawl all the
way to the building and then crawl off on to the building. While crawling
look left and not the door next to the left most jeep. You will have to head
there soon. If you stay crouched before jumping you won't take any damage.
Shoot out the grill and the soldier and scientist down in the room. Take
the lift down to the ground floor.

As soon as you come out of the lift you will see a wall slightly away. Stick
to this wall and follow it right continuously. You will encounter troops along
the way. You might as well kill these troops now as eventually you will have

You will eventually come to the door you saw before. It is actually an
elevator. Take it up. You will come to a room with a man inside and a
computer terminal. Kill the man and go prone. Crawl to the console and hack
it to open the gate. Head back down and kill everyone downstairs if you
haven't done so already.

Head to the newly opened area which is on your left when you leave the
elevator. Go down the newly opened area. You will encounter more guys in this
area. Keep going and you will come to a room on your left. Go and kill the
guys in here. Now go to the computer terminal and hack it to collect the code
key to the database. Save at this point and stock up on health as well as
ammo. I recommend at this point to pick up a ASR Nitron as it will be handy
for the upcoming boss. In this same room are four grills. Shoot out any one
and then drop down.

You will drop on to some boxes. Get down to the balcony and from there jump
to the ground via the other boxes. Look at the two ends of the area you are
in. One has a door. Go in the opposite direction of this door right to the
end. You will come to a pipe in the wall with boxes stacked next to it. Climb
the boxes and jump in to the pipe.

As soon as you enter the pipe turn to the right and go down that side of the
pipe. Soon you will turn again to the right and then to the left, then to the
right and straight on till you come to an exit to the left. Before you climb
out of the pipe make a note at the boxes in the area. Note the boxes closest
to you and on the right. They are almost directly under the pipe you are in.
As soon as you land on the ground hide behind here as a boss fight starts.
Hide behind the boxes with two stacked together instead of the single ones on
the floor.

To kill her hide on the right side of these boxes with your gun around the
corner. She flies left to right in a repetitive pattern. Wait for her to come
buy and shoot quickly and then duck back in before she fires off the majority
of her firepower. This should minimize the damage you take and still damage
her. Keep using medkits to keep your health up and take about 3 in advance as
they keep regenerating over time. Also try and aim for the head or above the
torso at least.

Even her health disappears you still need to shoot her a bit before the fight
actually ends. Once she flies off hack the console. It requires 3 symbols to
be matched. The laser field will be deactivated. Head to the shuttle and get
inside. The mission ends when you do so.

9.Nicole's Crash
This is easily the shortest level in the game as it features only combat and
nothing else.

From the start head in the direction you start facing. This is south on the
map. Keep following this path-there is no way to deviate off this path.
Eventually you will cross a stream of water. After this keep carrying on the

Eventually you will see two troopers on your right across the river. They
will be standing next to two speeders. To get to that side proceed on the
path that you are on and you will see another shallow crossing. Before you
can cross this they will see you. At this point kill them from afar while
staying prone. Take the speeder.

Wait till the bad guys finish their conversation and wait a bit more.
Carrie will eventually mark the location on the map (which is random).
Then heads towards this place and watch out for enemy troops.

You may or may not encounter troops depending on what direction you take
(also dependent on the crash site location).If your radar bleeps I would
recommend evasion as its difficult to fight in with all the dense foliage
in the area. Also one trooper has a Dragoon. Try and go around them. When
you get to the shuttle you will have to fight some troops all near the
shuttle. I leave how to fight them up to you as they are all normal
infantry soldiers. After killing these soldiers the level ends.

10.Nicole Parker
This is a great mission for vehicles as you get to drive the buggy for quite
a large distance as well as get a walker later on.

From the start of the level head in the direction you are faced in (north on
map). Eventually you will bump in to two guys. Kill them. A bit further up
the road you will bump in to a third guy. Kill him also and then proceed down
the road. Eventually you will see a gate in front of you and have some radar
blips on your right. Ignore the gate for now and turn right.

Straight away in the new area head right to kill 2 guys and then head to the
left back to the crate to take cover from the sniper in the area. You can do
this first as well. There is one guy near the crates also. Once you have
killed him and the 2 on the other side, find a place where the shuttle
shields you from sniper fire and crawl underneath. As you crawl look on the
other side-to the right of the sniper and you will see a guy. Kill him now if
he is in range. Then as you come out from under the shuttle shoot the sniper.

Once you have rummaged through the bodies head to the sniper tower and
collect the Dragoon with ammo inside it. Then head to the little building to
the right of the sniper tower. Hack the console to open the gate and return
to the earlier gate that you ignored. Go through and get in the buggy. Save
now as you might have to reload shortly.

Drive the buggy down the road. Eventually you will come to a bend with two
guys on it. Kill them using the buggy but get down before taking the corner.
Go around the corner and use the dragoon on the two guys away from you. Its
dangerous as one guy has a dragoon as well. Once they're dead get back in to
the buggy and carry on the road. Again you will meet two more guys on the

Finally you will come to a bridge. Kill the guy near the truck and then fire
a rocket in to the sniper tower to take care of the sniper. Then drive the
buggy in to the the wall so that the truck is on your left side. When I say
drive in to I mean stop so that its right at the wall not crash in to it.
Then aim you cannon past the truck and you will see two guys behind boxes.
Shoot them from here with cannon of the buggy. Use your binoculars if you
can't see them.

You'll have to leave the buggy behind at this point. Crawl under the truck
and as you get up on the other side there will be a guy behind some crates on
the left. Kill him also. Proceed on foot down the road.

You'll encounter a guy in path on a cliff. Kill him. Further down is another
path with another guy on it. If he sees you kill him now. Collect the Xatron
off the first guy you just killed- you will have to drop the dragoon
temporarily. Proceed a bit further down to see a buggy with two guys near it.
Use the Xatron on them and then collect your Dragoon again.

Get in to the buggy (starts as 75% health) and proceed down the road. You'll
encounter two guys and a walker. Reverse to stay out of the walkers range
and kill the two infantry men first. Then destroy the walker.

Keep going down the road. When a shuttle passes by quickly reverse away from
it. Once its gone proceed down the road and you will see a bridge. Shoot the
guys who have barricaded themselves-use binoculars to see them. Proceed
forward again and you will see that the shuttle has landed. Use the dragoon
on it to blow it up. Get in the buggy and go down the bridge. You may find
one more guy behind a box that you didn't spot before. Kill him now and
proceed down the road.

Eventually you will see another buggy coming your way. Jump out and go prone
under your buggy. Slowly advance upon them and take the guy out on the left
first. Do this by strafing from under the buggy and quickly killing him. He
takes a second to aim the gun on you. Then kill the driver. You might be
getting sniped at this point. If so take the new buggy and carry on.

You'll come to a sniper tower in front of you. Kill the sniper and the two
guys behind the crates next to the sniper tower. I recommend taking this guys
sniper rifle now as it will be handier than the dragoon later on. Carry on
down the road and you will come to a fork. Take the right turn-you may see
two guys on your left in the distance. Kill them now or on the way back.

As you head down this road on the right you will see a sniper tower in front
as well as a walker. Reverse out of the walkers range and kill the sniper.
Then destroy the walker. Ignore the building and head to the sniper tower.
You will see another sniper tower to the left. Snipe him with the sniper
rifle if you took it earlier. Otherwise fire a dragoon shot. He can cause
problems later. I highly recommend taking it now as its very useful for the
rest of the level and the guide will assume that you did.

Then enter the building on the right and hack the console to open the gate.
Back track down the road and kill two guys on the right-if you didn't before.
Turn right now at the fork you will come to a gate. 3 Guys will run out of
it. Kill them. One guy has a Bjorn HD revolver with 36 shots. I recommend
taking this and getting rid of your normal pistol. Take the new buggy parked
nearby the gate and head through the gate.

Follow the road straight and where it turns get down and look in to the base.
You should be able to snipe a few guys from here. Then drop down from here
in to the base. You should be able to if you slide on the wall. Otherwise
carry on down the road. Dropping down from here is better as you don't walk
in through the front.

Now head towards 1. on the map. When facing the door there will be a guy to
your right faraway-snipe him. Hack the door lock and enter the building.
Take the lift down. When it stops don't exit but turn on your heat vision and
look up to see 3 guys waiting for you. Now that you know that they are there
take them out. You can snipe them from the ground floor as they poke their
heads out.

Then follow the left wall (when elevator is behind you). Remember to check
for enemies with your binoculars as there are more guys. Eventually you will
come to a locked door. When facing this door turn 180 degrees and you will
find a ladder. Climb this or alternatively head past the ladder to find the
lift and take that up.

If you climbed the ladder head to the lift and follow directions from there.
Once you exit the lift head right and then turn right to get to the balcony
rail. Follow this to the left and you will come to the next lift. Take it up
to the third floor.

Exit the lift and head right and you will see a door labeled Sector A. Go
inside and open the restricted door via the computer. Now backtrack to the
restricted door on the first floor-remember to stock up on ammo for your
sniper rifle and health.

When you enter the restricted area a cutscene will follow. Collect the
supplies inside the cabinet in this room if you want. Definitely collect
the health pack and then head back out.

A boss fight with Dexon will start. As soon as you are in control run away
from him. Then head to the lift and take it up. Now Dexon has 3 places where
he stands to fight. When you exit this lift there is one place directly on
the right and two on the left. The one on the right is near the lift. One
of the ones on the left is near the restricted area door and the other one
on the left is near a pillar towards the way you entered this large room.

You must find out where he is-you'll normally get shot. Then slowly move a
bit so that you can see a bit of him only and he can't see you. Take your
sniper rifle and open fire on him. Try and aim as close to his head as you
can get. After a few shots he will blind you and swap to one of his other
locations. Repeat the same pattern of sniping him and he will die finally.

Here is an alternative strategy by Jens:
he boss-battle with Dexton can be done several ways, I prefer to use the
Nitron and staying at the ground level, drop to the ground and shoot in
short bursts, he should only be able to get one or two shots off before
having to relocate, then gob a medpack and starts searching for him, once
found again stay prone and move into a position where you can just see him
and give him some lead.

Once he dies head to Nicole Parker. She will tell you to get the database off
Dexon. Look for Dexon's corpse and collect the database off him. The mission
ends there.

You will start with no binoculars (unless you changed the loadout) in grid
1,2 on the map. For now head towards 1 (landing field) on the map. You start
on a linear path with no deviations. You will encounter one animal- kill it
if you wish. Pretty soon you will start to get sniped.

You won't be able to see this sniper but he will be able to see you. Use the
trees as cover and proceed south to grid 3,3. This is where the sniper is. He
is in the left side of the grid near the middle. When you get there you won't
be able to take the sniper out first, or if you do manage to kill him quickly
two more guys on foot will be present. Kill them also.

While here you will still get sniped from yet another sniper. Facing and
sticking to the lift as if you are going to use the lift keeps you safe from
this second sniper. You must however take this sniper out as well. To do so
proceed south to grid 4,3. The sniper is near the center of this grid. While
killing this guy yet another sniper will start shooting you. Instead of
sticking around run back to the first sniper tower (3,3). The reason for this
is that its impossible to approach the 3rd sniper from that position. You
will get him later on in the level.

From the 1st sniper tower start to head to 1 on the map (Landing Field). You
will be out of the range of the 3rd sniper. As you approach stick to the
north as possible as it keeps you out of the range of the 3rd sniper. You
will see some yellow crates. Hide there. At this point you may or may not get
spotted by the guards. Either way use the crates as cover to duck in and out
to kill all the guards. Head to the landing field and use the crates as

Now the entrance to the landing field is on the north side of the building.
Turn on your speed implant and dash to the door- just stick to the north wall
of the building and you will find it. You need to run like hell as the 3rd
sniper shoots you. As soon as you enter the landing field strafe left behind
some cylinders as the room is full of bad guys.

Kill the enemies and then head to sector B. Sector A- the door at the end
of the building has nothing in it. Inside Sector B will be 3 guys. Kill them.

Next take the lift up. You'll be taken to Level 2. Going through the doors
here is pointless as it leads to a balcony with one guy on it. Kill the guy
if you want. You must take the lift to the 3rd floor. There are two guys up
there so throw some grenades. Use heat vision to see where they are. Take the
lift up. A 3rd guy will be outside the door which leads to the balcony. Kill
him also as he may enter at any point. Do not go outside to the balcony
as you will start to get sniped again. Inside the room with the lift on the
third floor will be a guy in a suit. He has a keycard on him. Take it off him
and the head back downstairs to the first floor exit.

Exit the building and head to grid 3,5 and use the speed implant. Hide behind
the structure at grid 3,5 to take a breather from the sniper and to let your
neural health meter go back to normal.

Look south from here and you will see a hill. Head to this hill and stick to
the bottom part of it (near the trees) so that the sniper can't get you and
head to 1b.

Pretty soon you will start to get sniped but this time its the 4th sniper. He
is in grid 4,4 near the right centre of the grid. Eliminate him and take his
sniper rifle. you will still be getting sniped after you kill him. This will
be the that pesky third sniper. To kill him look towards the south west in to
the base and you should see his tower. Snipe him from here. That's all the
snipers in the level dead now.

Keep the sniper rifle with you and head to 5,4 to find the wall of the base.
Stay up on the hills and snipe anyone you see in the base and in the general
area. After doing this head to the restricted building in grid 5,3. You'll
have to use they keycard on the lock. Enter and kill the 3 guards inside.
Use the computer console to open the gate.

When you exit this building you'll find a guy waiting for you outside. Kill
him and also another guy on the left. After doing this head to the gate (5,4)
of the base near the restricted building you just exited.

As you enter the base head to the building on your right. Kill the guys
inside and then head southwards to the next building and kill the guys in
there as well. Pretty soon a shuttle will come your way -you will hear it.
If you have the sniper rifle then do the following. As soon as you do run
back out to the main entrance of the base and then face southwards (inside
the base). You'll find some heavily armoured guys have come. Snipe them from
afar. If you don't have the snipe rifle then use normal methods.

After they are dead head southwards to where the guys came from. As you do
kill the people in the two hangars on your left. Going around and sniping
them also works well.

After killing everybody head to the building on the right edge of grid 5,3.
Its the small and long building. Go inside and take the lift down. Kill the
two guys in the corridor and more guys in the next large room. When entering
head stick to the left side of the room and kill the guys. There is a gun
turret on a door on the right that shoots you.

Ignore the restricted area door for now and head to the door opposite the door
you entered from. its labeled Sector Sector D. Go inside and kill the guys.
Then hack the console that is at the back of the room on the back of the
large structure in the middle of the room. It requires 3 symbols to hack.
Disable security systems in the building.

Head out Sector D and go to the door on your right with the disabled turret
now on it. The door is labeled Sector F. Kill the two guys in the corridor
and follow the corridor up.

You'll come to another room with 3 guys. Kill them and then hack the
computer. Again its 3 symbols. Open the door to the restricted area and head
back to the large room. Now head to the restricted area door opposite the
sector F door you just came out of. Take the lift up.

You will now find yourself on the surface on the other side of the previous
gate that was closed-where you entered the current building. You'll find 1a
on your left. Head southwards in this new area and kill 2 guards. Now head to
the other building closer to 1b instead of going to 1a.

Enter this small building and kill the 3 guys and then hack the computer to
disable the cannons on building 1a. Also open the gate to the earlier part
of the base (its a regular option on the computer that doesn't require
hacking). Now head to building 1a.

Enter and kill the guys on the catwalk and kill the guys in the room below.
Head to the right side of the room and take the lift up. One the this next
floor will be three guys. Kill them. The guy with the suit has a keycard.

Head back down and head to the restricted door you see opposite as you exit
the lift. Its labeled Section B and you have to press the button next to it
to open it. You'll be in a large room. Kill the guys in this room and then
plant the explosive on the crate two guys were guarding. Its separate from
the rest of the crates and has a special label on it. Its also in the south
end of the room.

Once you do retrace you steps back out to the surface. Now head to the
previous area you were in-with the walker and the buggy. When you get there
you'll see a walker near the entrance to the base. Get in the walker and
destroy the enemy walker. Head to the building it was near by and kill the
guys outside and inside it. If you don't know which building I am talking
about its the restricted one in grid 5,4.

Use the console inside the building to open the gate to the second warehouse.
Exit the building and head east in grid 5,4 to get to the newly opened gate
and warehouse. You'll encounter two guys on the way. Head in to the

Inside you will find a catwalk with 3 guys on it. Kill them and then also
the guys on the level below. Then head down the catwalk and take either lift
down to the ground floor. As you head to the lift you'll most likely bump in
to two more guys.

Once on the ground floor head towards the two large doors in the south of the
room. SAVE before entering. Kill the guys behind the next set of doors. Be
careful as two guys have dragoons; hence the save. Once you get to the end of
this room you'll get to another set of doors. Open them and kill the two guys
at the end of the room. I recommend now picking up the dragoon off the 2nd
Dragoon carrier. Head to the end of the second long corridor to get to the
final room of the level. Kill everyone inside and then head to the lift.
The level ends shortly after a cutscene and dialog.

From the start of this level head southwards towards objective 1 on the map.
Use the nearby trees as cover to kill all the troops in the area. After
having done this collect a Nitron gun and ammo off the corpses. Also stock
up on health. After having done this carry on to 1.

You'll start to go up a hill before getting to the SAM site. Once you get to
the top of the hill you'll see several guards in the area. Take them all out
and then head to the SAM site entrance. Also collect the magnum off one of
the corpses as well as ammo. Ditch your normal pistol. Hack the lock on the
door and go inside. Kill the 3 guys inside. Now instead of hacking the
console inside SHOOT it to destroy it.

This done head back to the exit but don't exit the final door. Wait for the
dialogue to finish and you'll hear a buggy pull up. Kill the two guys who
came with the buggy and then hop in to the buggy.

Now begin to head to 2 on the map. As you do so you will notice a sniper
tower inside the base to the left. You'll also notice if you go a bit closer
a sniper tower on the right. Head to this sniper tower which is in grid 2,2
on the map. Use the buggy's cannon to kill him and also the two guys who are
at the base of the tower and patrol around the area.

Now climb the tower and pick up his sniper rifle. Face southwards towards the
base and snipe the other sniper in his tower. Also look around in the base
for targets to snipe. Once you've done that climb back down and hop in to the

Now head to grid 4,3. Backtrack the way you came to get there. Inside the
clump of trees near the base's gate at grid 4,3 is a sniper. Kill him first.
Then proceed to snipe everyone else in the vicinity of the base. Once
everyone in sight is dead head in through the gate to the base with your
buggy. Kill anyone you see and proceed to no.2 inside the base. Kill the two
guys that come out of the building 2.

At this point you should swap back to Nitron gun as you are about to go
indoors. Head inside building no.2 and kill the guys in the main room. There
are two choices now. You can go to Sector A and kill a bunch of guys and
collect supplies. There is no point doing this as you can simply take the
lift up in the main room to head towards the end of the level.

Take the lift up. Kill one guy immediately outside the door. Now go prone.
You will see two windows in this room. From outside people will be throwing
grenades at you. You've got to kill them from up here. What I recommend doing
is to go prone to the west end of the room and use the window to shoot the
guys downstairs.

Once they are dead go to the first window and jump out of it to the boxes.
The first window is the one opposite the elevator. Stock up on the health
you lost as the corpses have plenty of health. There is only one way to go
in this room and that's to the elevator.

Take it up and kill one guy. Then head to Sector E for a little scene.
You cannot hack the door during this scene. Wait for it to end and then hack
the door lock. Proceed in to the next room. A cutscene will follow.

After the cutscene take the lift down. Head out to the snow and turn right.
Duck behind the boxes and then kill the guys whom the shuttle drops down.
The level ends after that.


From the start of this level head to the building on your left and get in to
the mech. Shoot all the troops in the area (listen to the radar bleeps) and
head in to the canyons. You will encounter two mechs. Walk backwards and
shoot or approach from an angle so you see only one mech at a time and
destroy them. Remember to swap your pistol for a magnum from any on the
corpses you encounter in the level.

As you go around the bend watch the cliff walls as there are troopers with
guns at certain points on both walls. Just as you reach the end some troops
and mechs will approach. Destroy them also. As you take the bend again after
fighting watch the left wall as there is a guy with a rocket launcher who can
kill you easily. Also on your right is a guy on a high mound. Kill him also.

Head towards the bridge and it will get blown up. Go as far down the brigde
as you can and shoot anyone you see in the area. Then head in the direction
described. When facing the bridge you must head to the right along the gorge
and you will find a cliff wall. You will have to backtrack in order to head
in that direction. The mech will have to remain behind unfortunately. As you
get down on foot turn on your speed booster and run like hell as you will get
sniped. Head to the closest mound and hide behind it. There are two guys-kill

There are now two snipers when you are behind this mound. One guy is directly
in front of you but covered by the mound you are on. Hide behind the nearby
support beam and shoot him. Now stick to the left wall and follow it along
to the objective. Eventually you'll get a radar bleep on the wall. This is
the second sniper who is now unable to shoot you as you are directly below
him. Shoot him now or throw a grenade. Carry on towards the complex.

Head on towards the complex and you will have to fight some guys who have
barricaded themselves. Upon killing them check all their bodies-one guy has a
keycard. If you can't see the bodies or can't find the one with the keycard
turn on the heatvision and look for the bodies. At this point also collect
the sniper rifle off one of the corpses and collect ammo. This will make the
level significantly easier. Make sure you have the magnum as well as it only
takes one shot to kill a man on medium difficulty and is better than the
sniper rifle at close encounters.

With the keycard enter the complex. You will come to a series of rooms full
of bad guys. Kill the guys in the first room and you'll come to a second
small room which is devoid of enemies and has a door labeled Sector C. This
is your last chance to backtrack and collect the sniper rifle and magnum.
Save at this point as well.

When you go through a cutscene will commence. After it ends duck behind the
boxes and shoot everybody with your magnum. Collect health off the corpses.
Health is more important than grenades at this point so ditch them for
health. When you go through the room a cutscene will follow.

As soon as it ends duck to the crates on the left for cover. Now duck in and
out and shoot him with the sniper rifle. He'll flee eventually. Follow him.

In the next room show your face and retreat out the door as Pointer throws
a grenade at you before fleeing. Follow him after the grenade blows up.

You'll go down a corridor with two guys. Kill them and then you'll come to a
large room full of bad guys. Snipe all of them and then head to the door
labeled Sector C.

Sector C is yet another large room full of bad guys. Kill them. Then climb
the ladder to the catwalk and hack the console. The bad guys keep coming from
the doors it seems. What you must do is not kill both of them. Kill the guy
on the faraway door labeled Sector A and don't kill the guy who comes out
the door you just came from. Hack the console and then kill the guy. Head to
the restricted area door and as you do the final two guys from the the two
doors should make an appearance. Dispose of them. Head to the restricted

You'll meet Pointer. Hide behind the crates and peek out and shoot him.
Retreat quickly behind the boxes as otherwise he will kill you quickly.
Repeat this and he will leave the room. Go around the room and follow him.

You will come to a final room with Pointer. His pattern is to walk left and
right and hide behind the pillars and walk out to shoot you. Repeat the
earlier method with the sniper rifle and he'll go down. If you didn't get the
sniper rifle like I told you to then do the following. Use your scope and
shoot him in bursts and retreat as otherwise you will get shot at loads. He
will die eventually and a cutscene will follow. The level ends there.

There are 3 versions of this final level and the choice is yours on which one
you want to undertake. Remember to save often and on different slots!

Final A. Join Zetrox
From that start of the level climb the ladder on the building. From up there
shoot down all the walkers and any infantry men. Then climb back down and
restock on your ammo.

Stay at the barricade and after a while two shuttles will come to the base.
One will head very close to the barricade you are at. shoot this one down.
Then jump over the barricade and head to the right and shoot the other
one down. If you fail to do this simply fire the dragoon at the the soldiers.
I would recommend reloading if you find it difficult to shoot the infantry.

After this resupply ammo for the dragoon and then head north. The Zetrox
women will also tell you to do this. Head north and then use the Dragoon on
the tanks. Its most likely that the second one will deposit its troops in the
base before you can destroy it. Simply open fire on them with the dragoon.

Head back to the barricades to see two more shuttles arriving. Resupply and
shoot both of them down before they deposit any men. if you fail to do so
simply shoot them with the dragoon but again I recommend reloading instead
if you find the infantry difficult.

Resupply again and a walker will come to the base from the north. Head north
and destroy the walker. Keep your distance and let the Zetrox walker fight
with it while you blast the enemy walker. One that one is destroyed quickly
head to grid 3,2 and resupply your dragoon and return to the place where
the walker came from.

Two more walkers will be on the way. Shoot them down from a distance as they
will cut you down in 2 seconds otherwise. Just keep shooting them and walking
backwards to stay out of their range. Once those two walkers are destroyed
the level ends there.

Final B. Join Coretech
From the start of this level keep heading south. Eventually you'll get two
radar blips. This will be two guys trying to confront you and they come in a
buggy. Kill them. Loot their stuff and then get in the buggy. A shuttle will
come. Shoot it down. Sometimes it doesn't go down. If it doesn't then in the
later parts you have to get hammered and run past it. I recommend reloading
till shooting it down works if you have this problem.

After the Shuttle is destroyed take the buggy and head in to the base. Kill
everyone you see. The gun turrets are troublesome so I recommend avoiding
them by going along the west wall of the base. Kill people as you head along
to 1. you will come to the end of the base finally. Turn left and reenter
the base from this back entrance. Proceed slowly. Before you come to the open
stop and get off the buggy. There is a gun turret to your right. Shoot all
the other troops first. Then crawl to near the gun turret and shoot the guy
before he sees you.

Then head to 1 and repeat the same as there is another gun turret. Before
leaving observe the guy standing on the building at grid 4,2. Its between
grids on the map. Try and shoot this guy so that he falls off the building on
to the ground. If you do this the level becomes a lot easier as this guy has
a dragoon. Don't take it yet if you do manage to knock him off. You'll need
to come back for this later. There isn't that much ammo to spare in it.

Stock up on health and ammo and head in to 1. Kill all the guys in the first
room you encounter and head right. You'll encounter 2 more guys. 1 guy is on
a ramp. You'll eventually come to a lift. If you knocked the guy with the
dragoon off I recommend dropping your normal gun now and backtracking to get
the dragoon.

If you do backtrack be prepared for more colonists to appear in the area.
Kill them off and then take the dragoon. Make sure you keep your pistol as
well as you will need to fight off 3 more normal soldiers. Head back to the
lift inside building 1. and then take it up.

A cutscene starts and is followed by a boss fight. Stick to the nearby crates
and shoot all the regular guys with the pistol. I recommend saving at this
point. Once they are dead shoot John Brown with the Dragoon. He'll die
pretty quick. Keep using health to keep your health up.

If you didn't manage to knock the guy with the dragoon off the building then
you need to hide behind the large red crate on the right side of the room.
From here keep ducking in and out and shooting him. Make sure you have plenty
of ammo before confronting him and also plenty of health as it can be quite
difficult to kill him.

Once he dies the the game ends.

Final C. Help the Colonists
You'll start the level with a dragoon and have the colonists behind
barricades. You'll have a wave of troops advancing. Mount the cannon that's
there and use it against the enemy. Destroy the tanks first and then the
infantry. Note that there is a tank to your left that kills all the colonists
if you don't take it out soon. Once the tanks and infantry men are no more
get off the gun and head to the next barricade which when facing the
barricade is to your right. Its also to the south. This is where you should
remain for the rest of the level.

In the southern most barricade shoot off any troops left over. After a while
some buggies will come from the south. I suggest waiting for them to arrive
and blow them away with the dragoon as soon as they come in.

Now quickly rush to the southern most barricade and wait. Soon enough a
chopper will arrive. Shoot it down with the Dragoon ASAP. Then turn around
and look high up. A chopper will be depositing snipers on that faraway and
high up building. Drop the Dragoon and pick up the sniper rifle. Snipe the
snipers as fast as you can. They take a load of shots before they go down.

After they are dead quickly pick up the dragoon and ammo and then shoot the
shuttles that fly by. One passes directly over the southern most barricade.
This you should definitely shoot down before it lands or otherwise reload.
Try and shoot the second one at the place where the buggies came from. If
your fast enough you can destroy both with the troops inside them. If you
don't destroy the second one you'll have to fight them on foot. Use the
Dragoon on them.

Once their dead you'll have to head in to the main complex. Stock up on
health from the corpses and take your dragoon with ammo as well as your
magnum. Use only the magnum inside the complex on normal infantry. Also
ditch any unnecessary sniper ammo.

When you head inside the complex shoot everyone from inside the entrance
part. Then head right and follow the ramp up. You'll encounter several guys.
Kill them all and use the Dragoon on the guy on the gun turret. Follow the
linear path and you'll get to a lift. Take it up and in the next room kill
3 men and then hack the console on the nanovirus barrels.

After this the Zetrox women comes in from the lift. Hide behind the big
pillar at the opposite end from the lift. Shoot anyone near her with the
dragoon and you'll do loads of damage. Remember to take health before getting
shot as your health will regenerate faster that way. Pretty soon she will die
and then the game ends.

Thanks to Jenz for his valuable information regarding quite a lot of the
Thanks to Jenz(again), Alexander aka GruBBy, perrin, and Halcyon for the
information regarding the shuttle on Shybkov.
Thanks to Techland for creating Chrome.
Thanks to everyone else who I forgot - like the dude who gave me the new
place to host the online walkthrough.
EDIT: Darn host closed the place down!!!

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