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22.05.2019 00:30:38
How To Activate Cheats In Rage 2

Oddly, using cheats in Rage 2 hinges on finding a damned wasteland wizard named Mangoo. The problem is that this bedouin likes to roam, so finding him can be a little bit of a challenge.

He's generally on the fringes, around the edges of the map, but we've also found him in the "inbetween areas" of the map. Luckily, he has some signature balloons floating off his shop, you can see him from a little bit of a distance. If you are having issues finding him, we've spotted him west of the Great Crack Ark, to the southeast of the Broken Tract, and near the Lost Prospects Bandits Den, located in the corner of the wilds. 

If you are still not able to locate him, get in a flying vehicle and make your search that much easier. Once you find him, you can buy cheats, then select cheats in the menu to activate them.
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nice game

How To Activate Cheats In Rage 2
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