Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III Trophy List

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Trophies For Dark Souls III

Trophy List

Ancient Wyvern- Defeat Ancient Wyvern

Archdragon Peak- Reach Archdragon Peak

Champion Gundyr- Defeat Champion Gundyr

Covenant | Aldritch Faithful- Discover Aldritch Faithful covenant

Covenant | Blade of the Darkmoon- Discover Blade of the Darkmoon covenant

Covenant | Blue Sentinels- Discover Blue Sentinels covenant

Covenant | Mound-makers- Discover Mound-makers covenant

Covenant | Rosaria's Fingers- Discover Rosaria's Fingers covenant

Covenant | Warrior of Sunlight- Discover Warrior of Sunlight covenant

Covenant | Watchdogs of Farron- Discover Watchdogs of Farron covenant

Covenant | Way of Blue- Discover Way of Blue covenant

Crystal Sage- Defeat Crystal Sage

Curse-rotted Greatwood- Defeat the Curse-rotted Greatwood

Dancer of the Boreal Valley- Defeat Dancer of the Boreal Valley

Deacons of the Deep- Defeat the Deacons of the Deep

Dragonslayer Armour- Defeat Dragonslayer Armour

Embrace the Flame- Become a Host of Embers for the first time

Enkindle- Light a bonfire flame for the first time

High Lord Wolnir- Defeat High Lord Wolnir

Iudex Gundyr- Defeat Iudex Gundyr

Lord of Cinder | Aldritch, Devourer of Gods- Defeat Aldritch, Devourer of Gods, Lord of Cinder

Lord of Cinder | Lothric, Younger Prince- Defeat Lothric, Younger Prince, Lord of Cinder

Lord of Cinder | Yhorm the Giant- Defeat Yhorm the Giant, Lord of Cinder

Lords of Cinder | Abyss Watchers- Defeat the Abyss Watchers, Lords of Cinder

Master of Expression- Learn all gestures

Master of Infusion- Perform all forms of infusion

Master of Miracles- Acquire all miracles

Master of Pyromancies- Acquire all pyromancies

Master of Rings- Acquire all rings

Master of Sorceries- Acquire all sorceries

Oceiros, the Consumed King- Defeat Oceiros, the Consumed King

Old Demon King- Defeat Old Demon King

Pontiff Sulyvahn- Defeat Pontiff Sulyvahn

Supreme Weapon Reinforcement- Reinforce any weapon to the highest level

The Dark Soul- Acquire all trophies

The End of Fire- Reach "The End of Fire" ending

The Nameless King- Defeat Nameless King

The Usurpation of Fire- Reach "The Usurpation of Fire" ending

To Link the First Flame- Reach "To Link the First Flame" ending

Ultimate Bonfire- Reinforce a bonfire to the highest level

Ultimate Estus- Reinforce the Estus Flask to the highest level

Untended Graves- Reach the Untended Graves

Vordt of the Boreal Valley- Defeat Vordt of the Boreal Valley

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Trophies For Dark Souls III

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