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Hitman 2 - Silent Assassin

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Lösung für die Demoversion
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
Full Walkthrough Version 1.01
By Rojan
E-mail: Samrjk@yahoo.com
Alt E-mail: Rojansheepy@yahoo.com


This FAQ is copyrighted and shouldn't be used for your own laziness (I.E
posting it on your site saying you made it) or profit. This was made for
personal use such as helping with the game. Do not post this on your site
without my permission. You can download the walkthrough to your computer. You
can give it away but do not charge cash for it.

-=-FAQ History
First Version

Small update

-=-Table of Content
1. Story
2. Characters
3. Combat strategies and tips
4. Items and weapons
4a. Handguns
4b. Rifles
4c. Melee weapons
4d. Items
5. Walkthrough
5a. Mission 1
6. End Mission Rating
7. Bugs
8. Extra things to do
9. Cheats
10. Copyright stuff

-=-1. Story
You are a hit man coming out of retirement. You are searching for your father
and mentor, Father Viatro and you want him back. You are the best and people
expect that of you.

-=-2. Characters
Code 47
Your main silent bad ass hit man character that you play.

Dianna from Agency
She is your contact within the agency.

Father Vittaro
Your father and mentor

-=-3. Combat Strategies and tips

1. Use doorways as choke points so that if guards want to kill you, you know at
least that they have to come and get you one at a time. The uses of melee
weapons near choke points help lengthen your life as well.

2. Each weapon can be used as a melee weapon. You can swing your firearms if
you are close enough to the enemy. This is a slow process but better than

3. Use stealth as much as possible, hence the title, Silent Assassin. It may
be slower going but it's better than a game over logo.

4. Reload, reload and make sure to reload after gun battles. There is nothing
more aggravating than to hear "Click, Click."

5. Do not run while in disguise. Guards will yell at you and lets face it,
which wouldn't question a bald guy in a group of mafia men who all have hair.

6. Push q to holster weapons and items.

7. Look through keyholes. It can save you the embarrassment of dying from
walking into a room full of guards.

8. Use the first person mode if you need to aim.

9. The third person camera is good to look around with and can look almost
above any door.

10. Shoot lamps to create stealthier approaches. Even though you cannot break
them with melee weapons for some reason.

-=-4. Items and Weapons


4a. Handguns

All handguns can be holstered within your person. You can only carry up to 3
different types of handguns at one time. Dual guns such as hard ballers are
considered one gun in your inventory.

Berretta 92f
15 Rounds
Bullet Power: light
Description: The most popular military handgun. It is light and effective. It
can hold a generous clip and can be slipped into your jacket. This baby also
comes in SD or silenced. This handgun is the standard gun that all other
handguns are judged.

Desert Eagle
7 Rounds
Bullet Power: Powerful
Description: This is one of the most well known handguns in the world. This
weapon can take down a person with two shots to the chest. A very noisy weapon
and shouldn't be needed unless you like going into a mission with guns blazing.

Hard ballers (Dual)
7 Rounds - Note in reality, the guns are akimbo guns so you actually have 14
rounds but you fire both guns at the same time.
Bullet Power: Medium
Description: Speed and power are the two qualities you will love in this
akimbo weapon. Cleaning rooms shouldn't be a problem with these babies. And
best of all you can holster them so no one has to know about them. IO really
made these better than the original.

Colt Python (Snub nose)
6 Rounds
Bullet Power: Powerful
Description: To quote Clint Eastwood. "Did I fire 6 shots or 5 shots? Now I
have a question for you, do you feel lucky, punk?" Not only is it a powerful
gun, but also you can spew out the bullets at a rapid pace. Of course it has a
slower reload time but you easily took everyone out with it.

4b. Rifles and shotguns

Blaser 93
3 Rounds
Bullet Power: Powerful
Description: This weapon is dreamy. It is one of the status symbols of being
a hit man. With each zoom, the shaking increments of the sight moves so you
have to wait for that perfect shot. Never reload or use it in a close range

Shotgun (Double barrel)
2 Rounds
Bullet Power: Powerful
Description: This is my boom stick. This has almost no kick back to it. You
can rapid fire off two shots and one hit will take down a man in the chest.
Use this with a choke point and no one will come through alive.

Fiber wire
Description: Ah, piano wire. This is godly of a weapon. Its silent, leaves
no blood and the only thing wrong are that IO took out the twang sound when you
ready it. Love this weapon and it will serve you well. Also during searches,
it isn't considered a weapon and can go through metal detectors.

Knife (Kitchen variety)
Description: Oh my goodness. IO changed this for the better. It has a faster
attack than the golf club and when used from behind you can slit some throats.
Another thing is that in melee combat, it has a powerful attack and can take
down guys in a few attacks. The only thing bad is that it is very messy.

Golf Club (Driver)
Description: Swing and knock some teeth out.

Knock out drops
Description: Its pretty much a rag soaked with alcohol to knock out people.
Its effects wear out pretty fast. Hold down the fire button until they stop
squirming so that they are knocked out longer.

4d. Items

Description: It's a spoon that is made of wood.

Magnum ammo: For magnums and desert eagles.

Pistol ammo: For berretta 92s.

Shotgun ammo: For shotguns.

Sniper ammo: For sniper rifles.

Description: They are pretty and not a whole lot useful.

Description: They are your standard variety other than it can double as a golf
ball distance finder on the green.

Locks pick
Description: Open any lock except when noted.

Description: Food or at least crates you can hide your guns in.

Car Keys
Description: They are on one of the top guards. This can easily get you out
and have a new ride.

Basement Key
Description: The key to where they are hiding Father Viatro.

-=-5. Walkthrough

5a. Mission 1:

Mafia guards

Mafia Boss's Brother
Desert Eagle
Car keys

Personal Mafia boss Guard

Mafia Boss Son
Desert Eagle

Mafia Boss
Colt Python
Basement Keys

Mail Man


Female Chef
Kitchen Knife

Delivery Boy

Weapon Locations:
Sniper Rifle: Garage
Shotgun: On the front door guard and Mafia boss bodyguard.
Knife: It is on the chef and in the kitchen.
Desert Eagles: They are on the son, the Don's brother, and also in the back
room office.
Pistol ammo: In the mafia boss's room
Magnum ammo: In the backrooms
Shotgun ammo: In the backrooms
Sniper ammo: In the backrooms, and in the Don's second floor office

Guard Locations:
1. He is patrolling the outside.
2-3. They are protecting the front gate.
4-5. They are in the front of the house. One of them has a lovely shotgun.
6-7. They are protecting the back entrance near the delivery boy's van.
8. He is in the side entrance. It is the one who takes a pee early in the
9. He patrols the back near the pound.
10-11. They are on the sides of the Don's room in the back.
12-13. They are near the kitchen.
14. He is with the maid in the front entrance of the mansion (front).

There are two main ways to enter the mansion. First there is the mailman and
the second is the delivery boy. However, there is a third path as well. The
number of guards doesn't changes with the difficulty.

1a. Entering as the mailman
The mailman can be seen wearing a blue uniform and carrying flowers. He will
be walking into view from your left. He will stop near the bushes to take a
pee. Sneak up behind him and piano wire him. Drag him behind the brick wall
and swap clothes with him. Make sure to pick up the flowers and go to one of
the crates of groceries. Plant your firearms into the crate so you can get
your guns into the place. If they frisk you, make sure you do not have any
guns on you. Enter through the front gate and enter the mansion. Give the
flowers to the maid and you are in.

1b. The delivery boy
You will have to take out the delivery boy the second time he comes around. A
guard will pop out with the first groceries and you wont be able to get him.
This is a little better solution because at least you have your weapons with
you even though you really wont need them. Just walkthrough the gate the same
way the computer does it and you are in. Make sure though, the guns are in the
crate you are carrying.

1c. As a guard
IF you look forward from you starting point you should see a side door. Go to
the right side of the door arch and wait. You should see a guard coming out to
take a pee. Sneak up behind him and piano wire him. Drag him through that
door and you should see a small garage back door. Drag him through that door
and drop him. Take his clothes and the berretta.

1c Alternative.

"I know another way to kill the guard that walks out through the door in the
archway to pee. It doesn't really help but it's kind of fun to do. Here's what
you do. Go to the door and open it, stand there long enough for him to notice
you then run and stand next the archway and face the wall. If you did it
correctly then the guard will just stand there and eventually walk away,
thinking that you're another guard or something. Now you can sneak up behind
him and kill him. This makes it a little bit easier because the guard will walk
out faster giving you enough time to get the sniper rifle if you're usually to
slow to make it." By Cd Rifle

2. Taking out the Don
2a. Sniper Rifle
There is a sniper rifle in the garage. It has three shots and can easily
take out the don. First go back out to the hills where you start. On the
farthest balcony, the Don should be practicing his golf swing unless you are
too slow. Take careful aim and shoot. As long as you do not give yourself
away, you should be able to not raise alarms about the Don being dead. The
only problem is that it's very hard to get to his body and get the key to the

2b. Piano wire or a weapon of choice
Sneak to the back of the mansion as soon as possible. There is a ladder on
the left hand side. Climb up the ladder and sneak to the second door (The door
to the right). Open the door and piano wire him. You should leave him there.
By the time the maid finds him, you should be long gone. Take the key and go
to the basement.

3. The basement
The basement is very easy to find. You can get there by the kitchen or
outside. The father is not there and Dianna will tell you that the Father is
being dragged by two Russian looking characters and is not there.

4. Getting out.
4a. Cars
If you killed the Don's brother, you will have an easier time getting out.
He has the car keys on him and you should go to the garage. Leave with style
as you crash through those puny gates.

4b. By foot
Sneak outside and run towards the gate that the mailman first appears and you
are done.

-=-6. End Mission Rating
The stealthier you are the better the rating you get. This is affected by use
of firearms, how many times you triggered an alarm, harmed and or killed any
innocent people, and how many people you killed overall. The best rating is
the "stealth assassin" rating while the highest is the "mass murder." Try to
go for the "stealth assassin," rating because the developers say that in the
full game you will get more access to the cooler weapons and items.

-=-7. Bugs

1. If you pistol whip with your firearm and try to fire as you walk back, the
gun might become jammed.

2. If a body is in a weird place, you might not be able to drag them.

3. AI is abetting picky when it comes to certain things. They might be able to
spot you far away and yet if you sneak they will run by you.

4. If you knock out someone out and drag him or her under water they will not

5. If you knock someone out with your fists, you cannot drag them.

6. You can run up a ladder with the golf club readied with both hands.

-=-8. Extra things to do
1. Use the sniper rifle to clean out the place.
2. Try shooting the fish in the back of the pond.
3. Don't kill anyone except the Don.
4. Go crazy and use only firearms.
5. Use the knife only.
6. Shoot out every lamp.
7. Dangle a body over the side of the roof and see if anybody notices.
8. Use the shotgun excessively.
9. Be a street fighter and use your fists.

-=-9. Cheats
Go into the hit man 2.ini and type in "enableconsole." In the game press the
"~" key and the console will pop up. In that console menu, type IP_Debug 1 and
the codes should be activated. You should only cheat after you beat the level.
What's cool about the cheats is that you can play with the weapons and items
that aren't in the demo level.

God 1=God mode
Giveall=Gives all weapons and items
Invisible 1=Makes you invisible
Infammo=Infinite ammo, shoot away

-=-10. Credits
Developed by IO Interactive A/S
Published by Eidos Interactive Limited.
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is a Trade Mark of Eidos Interactive Limited
Eidos, Eidos Interactive and the Eidos logo are trademarks of the Eidos Group
of companies.
All Rights Reserved.

-=-11. Thanks to
CD rifle, for her info.

-=-12. Bastards

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