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Hitman 2

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[VERSION 1.00]: Guide completed.
[VERSION 1.01]: Added a credit I missed.

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IO INTERACTIVE/EIDOS: For creating and publishing this game.

OTHER GUIDES AT GAMEFAQS: Got me out of hairy situations, especially on the first
mission(I was a newbie to this game after all).

ICE FLAMETHROWER III: For his explicit copyright notice.

ME: For writing this guide.


Hitman 2 is by far the best stealth/action game I've ever played, surpassing
even Metal Gear Solid 2(at least Hitman doesn't have 30+ min. cutscenes!).
It puts you in the role of Mr 47, a retired hitman who must dig back his
past after his good friend Padre Vittorio is kidnapped. In Hitman 2, we must
move stealthily and kill our targets without anybody noticing. It's an excellent
game that requires thinking and planning, and well worth the buy.

With this FAQ I mean to take you through the game's missions. I will provide
you with the strategies I've used to complete my game. I'd like to point out
that I'm southamerican, therefore my english may not be the best, although
I'm sure you'll be able to read through this FAQ with little to no effort.




D-PAD - Lean
- Select command

LEFT STICK - Move forward/backward, strafe

RIGHT STICK - Look/turn around

X - Accept/Select

O - Drop weapon

S - Bring up weapons menu
- Holster/Unholster select weapon

T - Bring up expanded weapons menu

L1 - Crouch(sneak). The sneak button.

R1 - Use equipped weapon/gadget

R2 - Run

L2 - No use

SELECT - Bring up map/briefing menu

START - Pause the game

L3 - Access first person view(FPV)

R3 - No use


Hitman 2 is an stealth/action game. In pretty much all of the game's missions,
we'll be in charge of murdering someone. Like the Silent Assassin you're, you
cannot just rush towards your target and put a bullet through his head. Normally,
they're guarded by hordes of bodyguards and friend who'll make your life
impossible. Therefore, we must use multiple strategies to silently kill our
target and make sure anybody knows what we did. There are multiple ways to do
so: using special and sleek gadgets, disguises or silently dispatching some of
the enemies.

If you're discovered, every guard around will normally know about it and get
on your tail. Unlike in Metal Gear Solid, running away and hiding normally
doesn't work. Alerting your enemies will cause everybody to keep themselves
alert and restlessly look for you until they find your rotten guts(FF7, I know).
Disguises work well to keep guards off you, but they pretty much know
everybody in the world, so if you get too near a guard with any disguise,
they'll see right through it.


The game provides us with an extremely handy map. To access it, press the
select button and then select "View Map". The map'll show you all of the
enemies, citizens and target locations, as well as other things such as
manholes, staircases, pickup points and other things. While on the map,
guards still move(there is no pause while on the map). You can press the
O button on the map in order to see its legend. Study the map everytime
you can, for it is probably you must useful gadget.


This game is divided in chapters of sorts. Normally a chapter is a set of
missions that take place in one city. Before each chapter, you'll be able
to pick weapons available on your shed and take them. However, you won't
be able to pick weapons from your shed throughout the chapter(although
you can still pick enemy's). You'll know a new chapter is about to start
once you return to your shed after a mission. When you continue the game,
you'll start a new chapter.


When you finish a mission, whatever weapons you brought will you will be
put inside your shed. Then, you can pick them at the start of a new chapter
or to goof around the Gontranno sanctuary. Like I said, the only way to
keep a weapon is to have it with you(not necessarily equipped) at the end
of a mission(NOT chapter). Then, they'll appear on your shed's wall, waiting
for you to pick them.


There are various kinds of weapons: pistols, melee(sword, axe etc), pocket, rifles.
You can carry various types of pistols and pockets. However, you can only pick a
melee weapon at a time. Same goes with rifles. And you can't have a melee weapon
with you along with a rifle. If you want to know what kind of weapon is x weapon,
check the weapons section at the bottom of the FAQ.


Each person in each level have his/her clothes. Indeed. Some of these clothes
will take them to places they would otherwise be unable to access. Some of them
identify them as local guards or citizen. Either way, you'll have to steal
plenty of these clothes throughout your Hitmanical adventure. After you've
mercilessly killed a citizen or a soldier, you will be able to pick his
clothes(not "her", because Mr 47 is not some kind of fruity assassin). Mr
47 will take some seconds to undress himself and pick the poor's bastard

Certain disguises are better than others, of course. Citizen disguises are
normally good as long as you stay clear from guard. Enemy's disguises are
probably the most un-reliable. You're easily discovered with them, since
the missions' guards all seem to know each other very well. There are other
kind of disguises: doctor, patient, system admin., homeless bum(not really)
that are either extremely useful or pathetically unuseful.

Keep in mind that when in disguise, there are certain things you cannot do:
you cannot holster a weapon unless you're guard, you cannot run in front of
anybody and you cannot get too near anybody. Doing any of these will get
you caught before you can scream help. There are certain disguises that give
you many liberties(running, getting near people) but you should NEVER holster
your weapon unless you're disguised as a guard.


Each time you approach certain places and things, the action menu will appear
on the top right corner of the screen. In this menu you'll be able to do
an action, depending on the situation. To select the action you want to perform,
press AND HOLD X, and use the d-pad to pick your option. When you do, let
go X. This action menu appears when you're near doors, pickable items, bodies
and weapons.


Once you press the Square button, you'll access a small weapons menu. It will
open on the top right corner of the screen. Like with the action menu, press
and hold x and use the d-pad to pick your weapon. Then let X go. This menu
can be really cumbersome during gunfights and such. For that, there is an expanded
menu, accessed via the Triangle button. It'll pause the game and you can pick
your weapon with no hassle.


You can drop weapons by pressing the O button. Select the weapon you want to
throw from the weapon's menu, and then push down O. This will make the currently
equipped gun to fall down. What's the purpose of this you ask? You'll use it
mainly with melee weapons and rifles. Because you can only carry one of each(and
you cannot carry a melee weapon and rifle at the same time), you'll sometimes
need to drop x weapon to pick y weapon, if they're melee/rifle.


The best way to silently get past people is by hitting the Sneak Button, L1.
When you do, Mr 47 crouches. You'll move rather slowly in this position, but
you won't make any kind of noise. You can get past looking elsewhere this
way. In order to strangle/knife/drug an enemy, you'll need to sneak a little
near him(not really, but it's much easier this way). However, once you're
very near your enemy, even if you're sneaking, they'll immediately notice
you're there and start shooting. Use the Sneak Button wisely.


There are three weapons in the game(fiber wire, knife and anasthesic) which
can be used to silently dispatch an enemy(or sleep). To use these silent
kills, you must approach an enemy from behind. When near enough, press the
R1 button to use the weapon like you normally would. If you're near enough,
you'll perform this silent kill. If done with the correct approach, you
can kill your enemy without even alerting him. While in hell, he'll still
ask himself what happened.


Mr 47 walks when you steer him using the left analog stick. However, if you
push down the R2 button, he'll run like the wind. Running makes noise
and alerts guards if you're on disguise, but you should do it on hairy


The Suspicion meter is the bar with the ! on the top-left corner on the screen.
It'll start flashing when you do something strange and alert people. At first,
it'll flash in black, meaning that you got the guard/citizen attention. In
that case, you could either walk past the guard or get away. When the meter
flashes red, but only partially, you've really caught the guard's attention.
They'll either follow you, make you stop etc IF YOU'RE ON DISGUISE. In case
you're on your black suit, they will immediately start shooting and the
suspicion meter will be fully red. You've been discovered.


On the map, there are certain places with (!) signs. These are called points
of interest. Normally, these points signal places you should/must visit in
order to accomplish the mission. You'll find disguises, weapons, ammo and
various things in rooms/areas with points of interest. You should do your
best to visit all of the mission-you're-in points of interests. Most of the
time they house very useful items, although sometimes they're totally useless.
Sometimes, point of interest mark a whole building.


On the map, there'll be a red "Hitman symbol"(the one that appears on the game's
case, behind the words HITMAN 2) where your equipment is(in certain missions).
In some missions, you MUST pick the equipment, otherwise you won't be able to
complete it. Although not always it'll be counted as an objective, equipment-
collecting is a must in most missions, since they contain very vital gadgets.
Rarely, we'll find missions when we don't need to pick our equipment.


We can access first person view by pressing down the Left Analog Stick(L3).
When we access FPV, it's like we were playing TimeSplitters or Red Faction:
we can see our weapon but not our body. While on first person view, we get
better chances of hitting our target due to improved aiming and because
Mr 47's bald head doesn't obscures our view. It's greatly used when taking
out enemies from afar.


There are sniper rifles in the game of course. However, at first, the how-to-zoom
stuff is not so obvious. Oh no, it isn't. I tell you, I spend some quality time
before fully learning the Sniper's basics. When you equip an sniper rifle,
press R1 to access the zoom-able crosshair. Press R1 to fire your rifle, or press
UP on the d-pad to zoom it in. You can move while sniping.


Certain doors have locks to pick. To pick the lock, select "pick lock" on the
action menu. Mr 47 will then start doing some stuff to the lock until he
picks it. This will get everybody's attention, so therefore try to pick locks
when nobody's looking. Some locks take a helluva lot of time, while some other
get picked really fast.


After each mission, you'll be given a rating based on how well you did. To sum
your rating up, the game takes into account stealth(alerts, close calls etc) and
aggression(enemies killed, shots fired etc) and then will throw a rating. If
you were very stealthy, you can ratings such as Silent Assassin, Professional,
Expert, Executonier(not sure if this is a good rating, but I get it with little
aggression and good stealth), Ninja Extraordinaire(if you killed but nobody
found out) etc If you were very aggressive, you'll get ratings such as Hired Gun,
Mass Murderer and Psycopath. Ratings don't contribute anything to Gameplay
(ok, well, they do, if you get some high-quality(Silent Assassin) ratings
on certain missions).



*Stay Silent

Do not use nosiy guns unless you're sure nobody'll find out. Making noise
will normally alert everybody including your target. Try to stay as noise-less
as you can in all of the game's mission.


*Stay Stealthy

Once again, try not to cause a fuss as you play. Stay stealthy. Use disguises,
hide bodies and hide behind corners and in dark places to prevent detection.
Make sure nobody knows you're around. It's the best way to proceed.


*Cover your tracks(can you say "Hitman's Demo?)

Once you kill a soldier or a civilian, be sure to hide his/her bodies, somewhere
you know they won't be found lately. Sometimes you won't be able to hide them
because they'll eventually be found, but do your best.


*Study the map

The map's your best gadget. You'll have to use it in order to know where people
is, where your target hangs out etc. Always try to find a quite, guard-less
room and sit there, studying your map. Learn the guard's, citizen's and target's
patterns before moving on.


*Use Silenced Weapons

Whenever you find yourself in the need to kill somebody, use a silenced pistol.
Guards are normally near other guards and targets are normally patrolled by
bodyguards and such. Using silenced weapons greatly increase your chances of


*Stealth Kill

The best way to deal with guards is to use stealth kills, i.e. use the knife
or fiber wire. If performed correctily, you can do an stealth kill without
alerting the guard(this happens sometimes). This way, you won't hurt your
rating and anybody will find out(unless you leave the body lying around).


*Use Disguises

Whenever possible, use your disguise to prevent detection. Try to find spare
disguises lying around(check your map) or kill somebody for it. Always try
to use a disguise.


*Do not run while on disguise

If you run while on a disguise in front of people, they'll immediately find
out who you are and open fire(I ask myself: Would I shoot to death somebody
who ran in front of me!?) or alert other people or do something drastic most
of the time.


*Stay clear

With or without disguise, stay clear from people. As far as you can. If you
get near somebody, they will, most of the time, alert everybody around. You're
pretty popular, you see.


*Kill from a distance

Sometimes you'll be given the chance to kill your target from far away. Make
sure you make good use of this! Killing from far away will alert people, most
likely, but you'll be far, far away, therefore nobody will know it was you.
Just be sure it's a good distance.



Always sneak when in hairy situations(too many enemies). You can sneak past
enemies looking elsewhere easily. Make good use of it.



I've noticed that while on the map, things go faster. So, while picking a
lock or while waiting somethig to happen, access the map and wait. Things
will go much faster, I tell you.


*Have fun

There are more tips, but most of them are easily guessed. So, have fun!




You'll start at your Garden Shed. Go through the door to head outside and follow
the priest until he enters a confession room. Once he does, go through the
door to the left of the confession room. You'll be in front of a staircase:
ignore it and go through the door next to it. Look for a piece of cloth here:
it's the confession room. Go through the cloth, and a cutscene takes place.
After it, you'll have to get outside this area and pick up the package the
terrorists left. Another cutscene ensues. After it, return to your shed. Time
to remember already forgotten things...


*Kill the Don
*Take his key
*Free Vittorio

You must enter the mansion that's a little off your limits. You start at a peak,
look to the left and go down. After a bit, you'll see a postman getting in.
Immediately equip your Fiber Wire and run behind the postman. Wire him to death.
Now, drag his body behind the gates and pick up his uniform and flowers. Now,
before you try to head to the entrance, you must get rid of your weapons.

To do so, head to the east of the peak you start in until you find a truck.
Go a little beyond it to find in the floor a "drop-off/pick-up" point. Drop-off
ALL of your weapons(you won't need 'em anyway) but be sure anybody sees you! If
you're seen, you'll must likely trigger the alarm. So do it carefully.

Head back to where you killed the postman and go north, to the entrance. You'll
find two guards standing by the entrance. Approach the entrance _walking_ and
when the guards tells you to stop, stop. He'll do a frisk search on you. If
you left all your weapons at the drop-off point, you'll have no problems getting

Head towards the big mansion and go through the main door. Once you do, approach
the maid that'll greet you. But not too much! If you approach her too much, the
guard nearby will start shooting. The maid will pick the flowers and leave through
a door, along with the guard.

Now, you should see two small alcoves to the left and right of the door the maid
went through. Get into the leftmost alcove and hide there. After a while, the
guard will come in once again. Immediately equip your fiber wire and kill him as
fast as you can. Hide his body inside the alcove you were in, pick his uniform
and weapon and go through the door the maid went through a while ago.

Head into the kitchen. Ignore the cook(this guy is dangerous; if he feels you,
he runs away like a fat chicken) and go upstairs. You must move fast inside this
room, because a guard passes by from time to time. Pick up the ammo on the table
and head into the balcony. Look to the left. You should see that there is a thin
ledge there. Although it looks impossible to use, as long as you crouch, you
won't fall.

Follow the ledge to a rooftop. Crouch and use the wooden plank to reach the Don's
balcony. This balcony has two doors: the one right in front of the wooden plank,
and the other one to the other side. Crouch and head to the door that's to the
other side. Wait the Don to enter his room(check your map) and open the door.
Take aim(go for the head) and shoot him down. However, take note of this: once
the Don arrives at his room, he comes in with a guard, who'll leave after a few
minutes. Wait until this guy leaves so your shot doesn't alert him. As long
as this guy is not near, you can kill the Don with a 9mm pistol. Also, sometimes
the guard will search the whole balcony. In that case, you're fried. If he
keeps doing this, use the wooden plank to get into the adjacent rooftop and
wait for the guard to leave. Or, use the Fiber Wire to kill the Don noiseless.
My choice --if the guard keeps searching the whole balcony and finding me-- is
to use the fiber wire(after a little, they'll find the dead Don. No worries:
by then, you should be out of his room).

Pick up the key from his body and head back to the ledge. Halfway through it,
look down. You should see a flight of stairs going down, to a basement. Jump
off the ledge and use the stairs to head into the basement. Check the room
here. After you do, your next objective will be to escape. There are various
ways to do so. You could head back inside the house, pick up the postman's
uniform and bail out. Or blast your way through. It's your choice.


*Kill the General

Right after you start, head to the right, into the locker room. Approach the
lockers and look for one that's got a lock to pick. Wait til anybody's looking,
and pick the lock. Inside, you'll find this mission's main weapon: The Sniper
Rifle. It can't be hidden, therefore we must be careful with innocents. Pick
up the sniper, the nightvision, the pistol and ammo.

After you've done so, look at your map. Wait til anybody's near the lockers
and head west. You'll find the train tracks. Jump into them and proceed
through the tracks until you find a small ladder going up. Go up carefully(
be sure nobody's around) and go up the stairs to the left. You'll see you
can go south and north. Proceed south.

Go up the nonworking escalator. After it, look to the left. You'll see a short
flight of stairs leading to a room with a guard. A guard from outside comes
into this room from time to time. To prevent detection, wait the outside guard
to come in, check, and leave. Afterwards, go down the stairs and crouch. Kill
the guard there, hide his body behind the lockers and take his clothes(BUT NOT HIS WEAPON).

You should see a door next to the lockers, to the west of the stairs. Go through
it, and pick the lock of the door inside. You'll be at the sewers. Now, check
your map. You should see a manhole symbol to the far right corner of the map
and another one a little to the left. Head to the leftmost manhole symbol, and
you'll find a ladder. Go up it.

Check your map once again: you'll notice that there is a building here with a (!)
symbol on it. Head towards it and go through its front door. Go up the stairs
inside, make a left, go to the bottom of the hallway and go upstairs again.
Make a left, go through the door there(lock pick) and then go through the door with the green
patch on it. You'll find yet another door with a green patch: go through it,
around the staircase and through another green-patched door. Turn left and go
through the door. Go through another door here. You'll find a room with an unblocked
window. Place yourself in front of it, and take aim with your sniper rifle(press
R1 to trigger the crosshair, UP on the d-pad to zoom in).

Our target is a bald guy, non-smoker and right handed. Look carefully for somebody
who's not smoking and who'll pick his glass of wine with his right hand. The baldness
doesn't help since they have hats. Once you've detected him, fire and kill him.
Once you do, the guard in this building(there is one) will come to your room.
Bolt your way out. If you feel he's following you, just keep running. After a little
he'll stop following you and you'll be safe.

To finish this mission, you must head back to the train station. Easy enough:
just don't run in front of anybody, and carefully head back to the sewers and
to the train station. Head to the lone train there, waiting for you. Mission complete.


*Kill the 2nd general
*Kill his companion

In front of the pier there is a bunch of crates and a guard. Wait for the guard
to leave and head to the crates. Behind one of them you'll find your equipment.
There are some car bombs in here, but you won't need them for my way to accomplish
this mission. Instead, pick up the Sniper Rifle, ammo for it, and the Silenced
9mm Pistol.

In front of the pickup point there is a manhole. Use it to go down. Below, check
your map. Just to the north you'll see three manhole symbols, and to the far left,
two more manhole symbols. To the south there are more. Our target are the manholes
to the far north-left. Head towards there and use the first one(from right to the left)
to go up.

You'll appear right in front of the radio tower. Head towards it and kill the guard
patrolling it with your Silenced Pistol. Hide his body and take his clothes.
Pick the lock of the door that's on the fence covering the tower. Once you do,
go up the tower, and save. Look to the east with your fully zoomed sniper rifle.

You'll see both targets: one that's wearing his traditional general clothes, and
another one who's wearing a red coat. If you kill the general first, the red-coated
target will get away from you, as you won't be able to target him. If you kill
the general first, the red-coated one will run to the left, to his car, where you
can easily get him. So, kill the general first and then wait for the red-coated
to get near his car and dispatch him. Also, there'll be a time when both of
them are aligned(the general is right in front of the red-coated, giving his back
to you). In that case, you can kill BOTH of them in ONE shot! Sweet!

Now you must head back to the pier you started in. That's quite easy. Get into
the sewers and use the manhole that takes you right in front of the pier.
Get into your boat. Mission complete.

NOTE: If you want to use the car bombs, carefully plant them on both cars that
are around the park the targets are meeting in. I'm not sure when you should
blow them up using the remote, as I've always used the Sniper strategy.


*Obtain your equipment
*Kill the 3rd General

You start on the sewers: check your map and you'll see a big red arrow. Head
towards it and go up the stairs. Once you do, crouch behind the green crates
in front of the manhole and wait a soldier to approach. Wire him down and
hide his body on the warehouse next to the manhole. Take his clothes, and his

Your next objective is to retrieve your equipment. There is a group of crates
here marked as FCK, and behind them is your equipment. You can get there easily
as long as you stay away from guards. Keep in mind that the area whre your
equipment is is patrolled by a guard(the one on the raised area). Just wait
til he's not looking to pick up EVERY PIECE of your equipment.

Now, to proceed with this mission, you must get into the truck. Two guards
patrol it, but they don't move, so quickly get into the truck and be sure
they don't see you. Once you get into the truck, _crouch_, or else the
guards will start chasing the truck.

After it stops, get out of it. You should notice that in front of the truck
there is an alley. A guard will check the truck and then head into the alley.
Carefully follow him(keep your distance) until he goes through a door. Next
to this door is a crate: put yourself behind the crate and wait the guard
to come out. Afterwards, go through the door.

You hopefully have your uniform by now. If not, there is a spare one lying
upstairs. There is also a guard here. Ignore him and call for the elevator.
Head to the 1st Basement. Be sure, however, that you have your uniform.

Once you arrive, head east, through the hallway. You'll notice that it is
guarded. Most of the basement's hallways are like this. Take note, however,
that they've got small alcoves to the left and right. Because you cannot
get too near a soldier, these alcoves are your friends. Each time you
need to cross a hallway and it's guarded, hide in the alcove and evade
the guard. Take note of this, too: If the guard patrols the right side of
the hallway, hide on an alcove to the left, and if he patrols the left side,
on an alcove to the right.

First off, we must head to the control room. If you check your map, you'll
notice that it has two entrances: one that's at the top, which is guarded,
and one at the bottom, guardless, although a guard sometimes patrols it.
Go through the bottom door.

Inside the control room, check your map. You'll quickly notice you can get
into the server room quite easily via a door here. If you do, however, you'll
alert everybody and that ain't good. To proceed stealthily, go through the
hallway at the north. At the end of it, you'll find a door. Go through it
and run down the hallway until you find a door leading into the server room(
from behind, of course, where nobody'll see you). Go through it.

Inside, you'll see a big panel with a green light on it. Shoot down the green
light with your Silenced Pistol.

Now, check your map. You'll see, at the south, a room called Sewer Station
where there is a "Bomb" sign. That's where you've got to put the bomb. Next to
it, there is a room with a (!) sign. Head towards this room first. Inside,
you'll find another uniform(general). It's practically the same thing as the normal
uniform, except for the hat. Don't get fooled, you'll need this.

Now, you should notice that there is a guard that sometimes gets into the sewer
station room, and leaves. Hide yourself into the sewer station room, and wait
for him to come. Have your Silenced Pistol equipped. Once he arrives, shoot
him down quickly so he doesn't alert anybody. Put his body by the wall, and
drop the bomb. Head into the room where you got your general uniform, and use
the remote to activate the bomb. Everybody runs in. Wait them to leave.

Once they leave, head outside and towards the elevator. In front of it there
is a guard sitting on a chair, who won't let you pass if you don't have
the correct uniform. You have it, but it's better to kill him(you'll soon
see why). You may notice that the guard is looking directly to a fence: another
guard sometimes wanders around this fence. What you need to do is to kill
the guard on the chair once the fence guy leaves. Quickly hide his body
before the fence guy arrives again, and use the elevator to go into the
second basement.

Check your map. Head towards the interrogation room. Its door is locked,
and you must get inside to kill the general. There are two ways to do so:
you could drop the pager in front of the locked door, and then use the
phone(press R1) to make it sound. The general comes out, picks it, and head
backs inside, without locking the door. Use this chance to get inside
and blast his brains out with your silenced pistol BEFORE he kills your friend.
If he kills him, it's game over.

Or, you could head into the observation room, next to the interrogation room.
Inside, you'll be able to see the general through the glass. Take aim and
use your silenced pistol to kill him in (hopefully) two hits (if you go for
the head). Problem is that to get into the observation room you'll have to
pick a lock. It takes some quality time to pick this one, and a guard who
patrols the hallway may find you, thus screwing your mission. Anyway, once
the general's dead, you and your friend must escape. Head to the sewer
station, where you put the bomb, and go through the hole in the wall.
Bolt your way to the exit point to accomplish this mission.


*Kill the 4th General
*Secure the suitcase

Go up the stairs next to the pier, and you'll find a waiter looking at the
sea. Poor idiot. Take him out with your silenced pistol, and take off his
clothes. If you want, hide his body. Also, pick his door key. Check your
map. You'll see a pickup point in front of the embassy. Pick up the poison

Now, we must head to the embassy building. You'll notice that it's got two
front entrances: on in the center, and one to the right. I usually take
the rightmost one, as it puts you a few meters away from the basement,
where we must go now. So, use it, and run forwards until you see a door
next to a garage door, hidden in the snow. Go through it.

Go into the small room next to the black car and wait til the coast
is clear. Once it is, run to the kitchen. STOP! As you approach the kitchen,
a big group of guards will appear out of a room. Wait until they leave and
enter the kitchen. Inside, you MUST pick the bottle of wine.

After you've picked it, use any of the staircases in front of the kitchen
to go up. On your way, poison the bottle of wine. First, equip the bottle
and then the poison to do so. Once you arrive at the first floor, head
to the ball room. Wait for the general to arrive(the one with his usual
general dress) and hand over the bottle of wine. He'll leave and die after
a while.

Now, carefully go upstairs(you're not allowed to be there, be sure you're
not seen UPSTAIRS. If somebody sees you going up, it's no biggie) and
check your map. Wait the agent(red icon) and the ambassador(white icon)
to approach the safe room(marked as (!)) Once you see them doing so,
get into the room next to the safe room. Wait them to arrive at the safe
room, storm in and blast their brains out.

Pick up the code from the ambassador's body and open the safe. Secure
the briefcase. Now, me must head back to the pier. Problem is that,
with the briefcase on our hands, guards will start shooting us unless
you're wearing your black suit(I'm speechless about this one) or a guest's
suit. Otherwise, you'll have to blast your way out. It's easy to get out
out guns blazing, so no worries.


*Kill Hayamoto Jr
*Place Transmitter on his corpse.

You start in front of a stone. Behind it there are two guards. They, however,
won't bother you, so run to the right until you find another stone. Wait
the guard patrolling the area to get away and run into the garage.

Now, I hope you have the Silenced Pistol. Notice how there is a car inside
the garage? Approach it and honk its horn. Immediately hide behind it, and
wait a guard to come in. Blast him quickly to prevent any alerts. Do not
bother with his clothes.

Go through the door the guy came through. You'll notice that there is a paper
door, and behind it a guard. For now, ignore the guard, and go through
the cloth to the right. In the next room, proceed to the next cloth door
and go through it. You'll appear in front of another paper door. The guard
you saw before patrols the area, but you can't kill him as there are a couple
of guards a few meters away.

So, wait the patrolling guard to leave, go through the paper door and through
the door next to it. Afterwards, head north two rooms and into a hallway. Check
your map. You should be in front of a (!) room. Enter it and take the chief's
suit. After you've gotten it, wait til the coast is clear of guards(be sure
you're not seen by the geisha: she can see through your disguise) and head
into the kitchen, east of the room with the suit.

Inside, check your map and you'll see a (!) in a room at the east. Get into
this room, and examine the fish. Head back to the kitchen, and place the
poisoned fish on the sushi plate(it's yellow) along with the transmitter.
Immediately hide in the room with the chief's suit, and wait the geisha to
deliver the plate. It'll take a few minutes before Hayamoto dies.

Now, to escape. Wait til the hallway is clear and run all the way back to
the garage, using the same route you used to come here. Inside the garage,
wait for the guard around it to get away and run towards the exit point.
You'll find two more guards. If you're wearing your chief's uniform, walk
past them(don't get too near, though). It shouldn't be too hard.


*Get the hell out of here

Right after you start, hide behind the trees and head to the left. You'll
see a wall to the north. Run like the wind towards it and, hopefully,
snipers won't hit(if they do, you're out, most likely). Once you reach the
wall, head to the left and look around the corner. You'll see a guard there.
It's a good idea to kill him. In fact, we need to. I prefer to use the fiber
wire. Hide his body somewhere(around here nobody'll find him) and take his

Around the area he was patrolling there was a truck, and behind it, a crossbow
along with some bolts. It's HIGHLY recommended to pick it up along with the
bolts, since we won't be using any other weapon on this mission.

Once you've picked your equipment, check your map. You'll see a manhole symbol
just south of the pickup point. Run towards there and go down. Below, check
your map. Wait til the guard patrolling the hallway enters a room next to the
room you're in, and head out. Runs towards the tunnel, and hide behind a pillar.

We could use the trucks here, but it is not recommended. Why? When you're on them,
guards will try to stop it. Because we'll need to get out of the truck before the
tunnel ends, this is not good, since we'll have a bunch of guards trying to
bite our ass. So, it's better to do on foot.

Proceed east. Our destination is the room with the manhole symbol that's just
before the eastern exit(the one with a bunch of guards around it). On our
way, we'll find three big groups of guard, and one lone guard. The first
group goes east and west, back and forth. They're three soldiers who normally
walk all together. To dodge them, wait til they're heading west(since we're
going east) and hide behind a pillar until they're far away. I've noticed,
however, that there are times when they take a lot of time before heading
back west. In that case, follow them silently until they do.

The second group is a checkpoint. What's a checkpoint, you ask? Well, it's
a group of guards who stand still in a certain place until a truck passes
by. Then, they check it up, and let it go. If you try to run past them just
like that, you'll get a bunch of guards on your ass. The best way to RUN
past them is to wait them to check for a truck, and take that time to run
along the rightmost side of the road. If one of them tells you to stop, walk.
When he starts checking your ID, run like hell!

If you alert them, ignore my walkthrough and run to the manhole I told you.
Seriously, if you alert a group of guards this big, it's better to run into
the manhole, alerting guards as you go, but at least you won't risk your life,
lose the mission.

The third group is a little bit more complicated. It's two guards, and a lone
guard who sometimes joins them. One of the guards will keep heading west,
while the other east, and they'll meet sometime. What you should do is to
wait the guard who's coming west(towards you) to start heading back east.
Follow him, and wait him to turn back west. Hide behind a pillar and wait
til he goes away. For the one who goes east, hide behind a pillar and wait
til he meets with the other guard. Then, run away! The "lone" soldier should
pose you no trouble.

The manhole room is right before a checkpoint, and although they seem to be
near, they're far away. Anyway, you can enter it via the normal door, or
via the garage door. I recommend the normal door since there is a guard who
patrols the garage's door hallway(the garage door is opened. It's a big,
square hole on the wall if you don't understand me). The normal door leads
to a small room next to the hallway. Above this small room is the manhole

The garage hallway has a truck. Make good use of this! The guard patrols
around the truck, so, put yourself behind the truck, and wait the guard
to come towards you. When he does, you'll have enough time to go around the
truck, enter the manhole room, and head outside.

Check your map and look for the exit, that's just to the east. You don't
need any directions here, seriously. Just run there and be careful not to
bump into the guards around here(there are only two, they don't move and
if you bump into them you're an idiot).


*Get to the castle UNDETECTED
*Disarm the alarms

First off, I hope you've the crossbow. Head to the far right and go up the
ledge. Proceed east until you find a guard patrolling by. Take him out
from afar with your crossbow, and take his clothes. Proceed east, along
the rightmost side of the area until you've got to go down the ledge.
Before doing so, take out your crossbow and look to the northeast. There
are two guards here. One of them patrols the dirt road and another one
patrols the snowy area behind the dirt road. Look for a good sniping
spot and take them both, and continue east.

Check your map until you see another guard walking by the dirt road. Get
away from the road, and take him out before he finds the other two
guard's corpse. Proceed east(along the rightmost part of the area, far
from the dirt road) and check your map until you're near a soldier, who's
too far from the dirt road. Kill him from afar and head east. I'd like
to point out that there may appear another guard on the dirt road, and if
he does, he'll find the dead bodies most likely. It's recommendable to
check the map once in a while to look for him, and kill him.

Our objective now is to de-activate the alarm grids. If you've been following
me and keeping along the right side of the area, you'll find the alarm
grid in no time. For further help, it is one the easternmost side of the
outside castle(check your map if you want to) guarded by a soldier. Snipe
him down from afar, and enter the grid's "room"(it is fenced). Check the
green light on its back, and you'll stop it.

Our next objective(grid) is inside the castle. The best way to get there is,
surprisingly, the main door(the one next to sniper's tower). Once you do,
you'll see a staircase going up(and a guard passing by if you're unlucky).
Next to the staircase there are two doors. Go through the rightmost one,
up the stairs and through the door. If a Yoyimbo(ninja with sword) sees you,
have him follow outside and kill him with your Crossbow(it's hard and you may
end up dead) or your Silenced Pistol(if you have it). If you only have
the crossbow, you may have run away from the Yoyimbo or reload a save file,
because he's tough to beat with those arrows.

Anyway, in this area, you'll find your second alarm grid. De-activate it.
Diana then tells you the third alarm grid is hidden on the map, and that'll
you have to find it for yourself. Put yourself in front of the alarm grid
we just got rid of, and head north. You'll see a staircase. Use it and go
through the door. You'll find a hallway with a lot of doors. Ignore the
doors and follow the path to the last alarm grid. De-activate it.

To finish this mission, head through the door next to the grid and make
a left. Go through the opening and turn right. Go up the staircase, turn
left and through the opening. Mission accomplished.


*Pick up the Missile Guidance System
*Kill Hayamoto

NOTE: My strategy involves making of this mission a bloodbath. Ok, not
exactly =P We'll kill a lot of enemies, yes, but we'll evade some others.
I put this note because, hey, the game's "Silent Assassin", not Mass Murderer,
therefore you may not like this strategy. But I guarantee you'll finish
this mission effortlessly following my advice. Your choice.

Right after you start, head left and through the wooden door on the right
most wall. Go up the stairs and go through the door to the left. A guard
wanders around this room. Dispose of him and pick up his weapon and clothes.
After you do, walk around here to make noise and lure two more guards into
the room. Once they do, kill them both with your newly found assault rifle(silenced).
Take note of this room(the "noisy room") and go down the stairs to the
west(be sure you pick up the dead guy's guns for ammo).

Right in front of the staircase there is a door, and next to the staircase(to
the right) there is another door. Go through the door next to the staircase
and proceed down the hallway. Go through the door and pick up the keycard
next to it. Head back all the way to the noisy room and deactivate the laser
fence(you needed the keycard you just got). You'll see two flight of staircases:
one going up, one going down. Proceed down for now.

Go through the door and head to the other side of the room, where you'll find
another door. Go through it and down the staircase. Deactivate the laser
fence. Welcome to the museum! At the opposite side of the room there is a lone
guard. You can accomplish this part of this mission without killing him,
although I highly suggest you to kill him to prevent further trouble. Here
in the museum is the missile guidance system, which we need. It's on the
rightmost side of the room. You can hide behind one of the room's pillar
if you don't want to kill the guard. Anyway, pick up the guidance system
and head back to the noisy room. This time around, go upstairs.

Head forwards from the staircase and turn right. Proceed down the hallway
until you see you can turn right again. Stop. If you check your map, you'll
see a guard standing near where you area. If you check the area with your
own eyes, you'll see a staircase going up, as well as a Yoyimbo standing
by it. Once again, I suggest killing him, but you could also get past him
stealthily. How? I dunno. Really, I always kill him, and be sure you do
it fast or else a soldier from above may come down. Go upstairs.

You'll see you can go through a paper door, or go up immediately upstairs.
First off, go immediately upstairs. You'll find a paper door. Go through
it, kill the geisha and take his special keycard. Head back down, and go
through the paper door to the far right of the staircase. Proceed north
all the way. You'll find a huge group of soldiers. Kill them all. Truthfully,
kill them all. Afterwards, go upstairs, through the door, and then upstairs

De-activate the laser fence and go upstairs. Hayamoto! Don't let him do a
thing and fill him with lead. His Yoyimbos will jump down when you do.
Fill them with lead too. If you're bullet-less, run! There are a lot of
Yoyimbos here, all deadly and powerful. Hayamoto also resists quite a lot.
After you've killed them, head back to the beginning of the level. The
best way to do so is the next: climb through Hayamot's window, and follow
the ledges all the way down. After a bit, you'll appear right in front
of the exit point. You know what to do.

There you go. Mission accomplished. With a Psycopath ranking ^_^(really).


*Destroy the surveillance system
*Kill Charlie

After you start, head out of your cabin and run to the right. Check your
map. You'll see that there is a guard inside the locker room(the one
with your equipment) who sometimes leaves it. Wait him to leave the
room with your equipment, quickly enter it, pick all of it(holster
your gun) and head back to the lobby as fast as you can.

Our next destination is the laundry. You'll see that inside the laundry
there is a (!) sign, marking a chute. Next to the laundry there is an
empty storage room. This area(the storage room and the laundry) is patrolled
by two guards. One of them will stay inside the laundry, looking at the
chute, while the other leaves. What you need to do is to wait a guard to
get far away from the laundry, and the other one start looking at the chute.
When he does, head towards the laundry's door and hide behind the plant
next to it. Wait the guard inside the laundry to come out, run into the
laundry and drop the smoke bomb. Run back outside as fast as you can.

The bomb'll go off in a bit, therefore we need to move fast. Start off
by running to the firemen room. Wait all of them to run out, head inside
and snag an axe along with an uniform. Head back outside and go through
the metal detectors and down the fire staircase. In the basement, check
your map and take note of the room with the (!) sign and the (EXIT) sign.
Run there(move fast or else the effect of the fire bomb will wear off)
and take out your silenced pistol. Destroy the radio-like thing and go
through the door.

Equip your axe on your way down until you reach a door with a lock.
Pick it and run into Charlie's basement. The idea here is not to touch
the pizza on the floor as it'll alert Charlie. That way, you can sneak
up on him and slam your axe into his head. Once you do, head back to the
room with the EXIT sign and head into the elevator. Mission accomplished.


*Hack the main server

First off, check your map. You'll notice that on the outside hallways,
there are two patrolling guard. One to the north, below the server
room, and one south. The one south is our main concern. Around the
inside hallways, there is also a guard. Keep inside the room you
start in, and wait this guard to go into the outside hallways. When
he does, the other guard that was around should have left.

Wait til the coast is clear and head outside through the south door.
After you do, immediately run west towards two double doors. Go through
any of the both. You'll arrive at a cubicles room. Inside here there
is probably a worker. This guy sometimes leaves to the system admin's
room, and then comes back. What I do is to kill him before he even thinks
about visiting the system admin. If he escapes me... it's better to wait.
If you kill him along with the admin, you'll alert the whole building
for some damn reason.

A word of advice: a lot of programmers visit the system admin, so if
you leave his body there he'll be found. I've never gotten around this,
sadly, but I guess that if you drag his body to an empty room, you
should have no problem. I think I just time things wrong, but each
time I try to drag him, somebody pays a visit and finds me. If you
can time your moves correctly, you'll be able to drag him without
being spotted, I guess.

Head into the hallway beyond the cubicles room. Take note of the big
windows here and run towards the system admin's room. Be sure there
is nobody with him(this is important) and kill the admin. Pick up his

Head back to the outside hallways, and run towards the server room.
Check your map on your way. If you see a guard patrolling the server
room, hide(behind one of the pillar-like structure) and wait until
the coast is clear. An alternate way to get into the server room is
to head into the northmost cubicle room using the hallway that leads
to the system admin's room and from there head into the server room.

Remember the big windows near the system admin's room? Head back there
and shoot them down. Jump into the skybridge. It's easy to kill the
two guards here, but easier to dodge. Notice all of those tall things(
don't know their name). Crouch behind them whenever you can, and get
past the guards. It's quite easy. If you can't, then kill them both.


*Kill Charlie's twin
*Steal valuables.

You start on of the building's ledge. Crouch down and proceed through
the ledge. Head to the right, past a big window and into a balcony.
Once you jump into the balcony, check your map. You'll see that
there are two guards who patrol nearby. One of them patrols the area
around the elevator while the other looks around the eastern side
of the living room.

Wait until one of the guard is patrolling the hallway's elevator(the
exit point) and that the other one is about to leave. Immediately
go through the balcony's eastern door, pick up the nightvision and
head back to the balcony. You must do this really fast.

Head back to the building's ledge and move on until you find another
balcony. Get into it and check your map. You'll see a room with a
(!) on it, along with a civilian inside. The hallway next to it is
also patrolled sometimes by a guard. You'll also notice that there is
a (!) sign on the living room.

Wait til the civilian leaves and get into the room. Here is a moveable
painting, but ignore it for now. Instead, head through the door
to the left into the elevator's hallway. You'll see a door in front
of you(it's the empty room left of the room with a (!) sign -- the one
where the civilian was). Get into this room and blast the fuses out.

Head back to the room with painting, move it and take the money. Put
the painting back to its place and head into the balcony. Bolt into
the living room and pick up the statue((!) sign) and head back to the
balcony. Jump into one of the ledges, crouch and wait. The civilian
will get into the balcony after a while but you're hopefully well-hidden.
She'll then check the painting. I'm nto 100% sure, but I think that if
you don't put the painting back to its place, she'll alert herself.

After a while the lights will come back in. When they do, wait the civilian
to leave and use the same route to get into the fuses room. Blast them
again and immeditely run to Charlie's run. When you do, crouch, equip
the nightvision and youe silenced pistol. Stay as near as you can to the
door and take GOOD aim, and put a bullet on Charlie's skull. If you're
far away from the jacuzzy, the girls won't get alerted. I've noticed,
however, that after reloading my save file a lot, they will get alerted.
So, try to accomplish this on your first try(not sure if this is a big).

After Charlie's out, the girls will stand up. WALK out of the room and
you'll get them off your six, hopefully. By this time, the technician
who'll fix the fuses should be arriving. If he has arrived, jump into
the elevator and get out. If he hasn't arrived, you may want to wait
by the hallway til he arrives, wait him to leave and get into the elevator.
If you have somebody trying to bite your ass, simply wait him to arrive
and jump into the elevator. He'll alert EVERYBODY this way, but it's
no biggie since you're already outside.


*Kill the Liutenant
*Take the coordinates
*Kill the general
*Take the key

NOTE: Bring the Silenced Pistol to this mission.

Immediately run to the northwest after you start until you find a house
patrolled by two guards. Go behind the house, and pick the lock of the
door there. Hit the Sneak Button and open the door. Carefully enter the
house and go up part of the stairs next to the door. Hit L3 to access
First Person Mode, and look up. If you see the liutenant and he doesn't
see you(you're in sneak mode, remember), take out your silenced pistol
and shoot him in the head.

Sneak your way into his room, but try to be as fast as you can, because
when the Liutenant hits the floor, two guards enter the house. Pick
up the coordinates from the Liutenant's body.

The guards that just entered are right next to the stairs you need to go
down, but they're not looking into the stairs, and they're not looking
into the door you came through. It's that not enough? Hit the sneak button
and sneak your way down the stairs and go through the door. If done
properly, you'll be outside the house and nobody will know.

Head towards the bazaar. Before you do, check the bazaar's map. Notice
how there are a lot of alcoves on it. There are a bunch on the bazaar's
top side, and on the bottom side. Bolt your way towards the empty
room to the east, on the bottom side, and hide behind the crates.

After a while, the general will arrive into this room, and give his back
at you. Hit the Sneak Button, and move until you've got a clean shot at
him. When you do, shoot him in the head with the silenced pistol, sneak
towards him, and drag his body behind the crates. If you sneaked the
whole time, his bodyguard won't even notice.

Take the keys and walk past his bodyguard(with your gun holstered).
Go out the bazaar through the eastern door and proceed towards the wooden
door at the end of the level. There you go, my Silent Assassin(yep, this
strategy will get you a rating of Silent Assassin).


*Get your equipment
*Kill the Kahn

Run towards the agency pickup. It is enclosed between a row of houses.
Before you decide to take the agency pickup, I recommend to steal a
disguise. Study the map, and you'll notice that some soldiers wander
around the row of houses that enclose the pickup point. One of them
will wander alone for a time, far from his partner. Sneak up behind
him and knife him. Quickly drag his body to where the pickup is,
take his clothes as well as your equipment(an enhanced sniper rifle,

Across the pickup there is a house with a flight of stairs of it.
Head there, and crouch below the stairs. Wait. Once it says that the
motorcade has passed through the gates, get off the stairs, and while
you crouch, access the sniper's view and look towards the gate in
front of you. After a while, you'll see an UN jeep pass by. Shoot
the jeep, holster and immediately run east. Go around the houses to
to the left.

Identify the building across the area you're. It has a staircase,
but there is a guard patrolling nearby. Wait til he's far away,
run towards he staircase, go up it and across the wooden plank
until you have a clean shot at the limo. The Kahn is the one with
white hair. You know what to do.

After you killed the Kahn, drop down and head south. As you approach
the mosque, veer left(there are guards around) and head south along
the wall until you see a hole on it that'll take you to freedom.


*Get into the base
*Kill Yussef
*Get the cargo and secure it

I hope you have the sniper rifle you got last mission. Look to the left,
and you'll see a wall far away. Wait for a guard to pass by, and snipe
him. Quickly take his clothes and gun, and go around the big wall. You'll
find a door with a lock to pick. This area is patrolled by a guard. He'll
sometimes go behind the door and stay there for a while. Use this gold
minutes to pick the lock and go down the stairs.

Below, save, and proceed east. There are a set of small alcoves throughout
the hallway which you'll have to use if you want to evade the guards who
patrol it. At the end of the hallway, turn left and proceed forwards using
the same strategy until you find a civilian on the floor with a guard
by him(if there is two, wait one to leave). Kill him, and the civilian will
reveal Yussef's location. He'll run up the stairs. Grab the dead guard's
body and take it up the stairs too, but only halfway.

Before we move onwards, a word of advice(a really good one). There were
two guards who were torturing the civlian you just fred. If one of them
arrives at the torture area and doesn't find the civilian, he'll sound
the alarms. So, after the civilian leaves, wait at the torture room until
an unarmed guard arrives. Shoot him down and drag him to where you left
his companion.

To painlessly complete the mission, it's needed to turn off the generator.
It is the (!) just below where the torture victim was(at the end of a hallway).
Do noy mistake it with the (!) sign directly west of where the torture
victim was. The generator is guarded by a soldier. I highly recommend to
kill him with your silenced pistol(his body won't be found). Then, toggle
the generator. You'll have enough time to get to the target's room.

Inside, check your map(it's a little dark so it may be hard to see) to
know where he is. If you want a clean kill, sneak up to him and knife
him. Otherwise, stick with the silenced pistol(it'll be hard to see,
but not impossible). After you kill him, lights will most likely
come again. Sometimes the alarm sounds when this happens, sometimes
it doesn't. Reload a save game if it screws you up.

Our next objective is to find the cargo. Notice the (!) sign west of
the torture room? That's our next destination. It's quite easy to
get there. Just before this room there'll be two guards. One across
the elevator(that's what the (!) signals) and one inbetween a set
of crates to the right. Both can be dodged as long as you walk. Just
in front of the elevator there is one guard. This one's hard to dodge.
I guess he'll leave sometime, but I'm not sure. I've found that if
you get into the elevator room, crouch behind the crates to the right
and kill this guard with the silenced pistol, he won't alert anybody.
In fact, you can hide his body just fine and then use the elevator to
go up. The game'll say "guards have found dead soldier", but no one
will bother you.

Above, open the door and kill everybody around the helipad(it's the
only wait to prevent the game from shouting at you "helipad not secure!")
Once you do, the mission will end.


*Find both contacts
*Kill the two assassins
*Take a photo of their corpse

This mission is somewhat complicated, and it's practically impossible
to provide a solid strategy, but I'll do my best. At the start, check
your map and you'll notice an agency pickup point south. Head there
and enter the shop. A cutscene takes place. You can pickup a shotgun
here, but that's not recommended.

Afterwards, check your map again and you'll see that there is another
pickup point to the west. Head there. Once you arrive, two objectives
will be added: you must kill the two assassins and take a photo of
their corpse.

This is the complicated part: one of the assasins never moves out of
his place, therefore he's easy, but the other one, he's constantly
moving around a crowded place. To complicate things more, there is a
third assassin who you don't have to kill, but he's pretty annoying
if he starts following you.

The three assassins are easy to identify. The one you don't have to
kill uses a purple-is turban. If he ever detects you, he'll follow
you, but if you get far away, he'll then ignore you. If you want him
to follow you, get near him and wait him to take out his gun. He'll
then follow you to hell. Lure him into an empty corner or a shop,
and take care of him.

The second assassin wanders around the market area, and he uses a
blue cap. Quite easy to identify. Once again, wait for him to take
out his gun and have him follow you. Try not to take him to his
buddy's corpse. Once you kill the blue capped assassin, you must
take a photo of him. The purple-ish turbanned assassin could go
photo-less, but you need to take a photo of the blue capped assassin.

The third assassin is also in the market area, but he's on a building.
He's shown in the map as an enemy, although it's hard to identify(
he never moves that may help). While on the market, look up to the
windows until you see an sniper. Head towards the shops below him and
you'll find an staircase going up. Hit the sneak button, and take out
your knife. Approach him and knife him out. Take a photo of him.

Take the photos to the guy who was asking for them(the second agency
pickup point) and you'll be able to escape. The exit point is a little
to the northwest. Head there running and you're all set.


*Find Hiding place key
*Kill the doctor
*Hide her body

Skip the intro cutscene, since guards do move while it plays. If you skip
it early, you'll notice that there is a guard moving towards where you are.
Move forwards a bit, towards the crates, and sneak next to them. Have your
silenced pistol ready and wait the guard to pass in front of the crates.
Shoot him in the head. Take him out in one hit. If you don't take him out
in one hit, you'll lose your Silent Assassin rating.

After you kill him, take him up the steep dirt road, but only halfway. Take
his clothes and gun, and proceed forwards along the beach until you reach
an helipad. If you went along the beach, you'll quickly notice that there is
a hole on one of the helipad's walls, which takes you to the sewers.

Once in the sewers, check your map and take note of the manhole symbol.
Head there. Once you arrive there, you'll see ladder going up, as well as
a few alcoves on the walls. One of these alcoves will take you to another
ladder: use it to go up. You'll appear on the temple's courtyard, next to
a set of crates.

Check your map: you'll notice that there are three (!) signs, as well as
an agency pickup point. One of these (!) signs is right next to the room
with the agency pickup. Head there(the (!) room) and you'll find a civilian
suit. Problem is that there is a civilian inside this room, and sometimes
he doesn't leave the area. If that's the case, head towards the (!) further
north(on the map it's one of the rooms on the leftmost side) where you'll
find another spare custome. There is a civilian who sometimes enters this
room. Wait him to leave and dress up.

Once you're dressed as a civilian, it's time to get your pickup. Remember
the room withe the (!) sign which was next to the agency pickup point?.
Head there, and check your map. You'll notice that the hallway south of
this room is patrolled by a guard. He goes back and forth between the
storage room(where you pickup is) and the bathroom. Wait him to enter the
bathroom, run to the storage room, pick up the key on the wall and run backk
to the courtyard. If done fast, the guard won't even know you were there.

The civ suit will get you around the courtyard painlessly, but in order to
visit the good doctor, we need another suit. Once again, take a look at
your map. You'll see that there is a (!) to the northeast(it's one of the rooms
on the rightmost side), next to the doctor's lobby(the big room with two

Inside you'll find a spare doctor's suit. Before dressing up, wait. A
civilian may pass around, and if he sees you dressing up, you're wasted.
Once he passes, dress up. You're pretty much done.

Head to the doctor's lobby and go up one of the staircase(try to move
constantly and don't stop near the guards). Above, head into the doctor's
office. As you arrive, she'll say something. Ignore her, get behind her
and knife her. She won't even care. Immediately drag her body towards the
hiding place(it's the room with a red circle on the map).

If you've been moving fast, you won't find any trouble on getting her to
the hiding place. After you've hidden her, you must head back to the
beginning of the game. How? Use the sewers, of course! It's easy and
you won't cause any alerts. With this strategy, you'll get a silent
assassin rating.


*Kill the Cult Leader

After you start, go around the stone and upstairs(flatten against the
rightmost wall to prevent the guard on the ferry to catch you). Halfway
through the staircase, a guard will become visible. If you don't kill
him fast he'll spot you. Put a bullet through his head.

Drag him down the western staircase(not the one you used), but only
halfway. Afterward, take his clothes but forget his weapons. There
are certain somebodies who we'll meet soon who don't like guns.

Entering the temple is easy enough. Go around the big pond, and enter
it. As long as you avoid getting too near anybody, you should have
no trouble. When inside, you'll see nurses going there and here. If
you get too near them, they'll get suspicious. If there is a guard
around, the nurses will force the guard to follow you.

Wait a bunch of nurses to pass by and go up the rightmost flight
of stairs. The leftmost one is frequented by nurses. Once you
reach the second floor, head to the left. You may want to check
your map: our objective is to reach the room with the pickup

Right before the room with the pickup is an nurse's office. She
spends quality time working on her PC, but sometimes she'll go off
into the balcony and take a rest. When she does, pick the lock of
the door leading into the room with your pickup. Inside, take the
door key and nightvision. Head into the following room(the one with
a (!) sign on the map) and take the doctor's disguise.

You're pretty much set. Guards won't even bother you with the doctor's
disguise, although nurses are still edgy. We must now head to the
elevator, on the north part of the map. Call for it, and head into
the basement.

Once you arrive, _walk_ to the left. There are a lot of guards around
this area. Wait til you get past them. You'll know you're safe once
the suspisicion stops flashing. When it does, check your map.

Take note of all of the (!) signs, and the rooms with circles around
them. The encircled room aren't of our concern right now. There are
three rooms with (!) signs. Two of them contain Scalpels(useless) while
the other one hides the generator, vital to the completion of this

So, in which one we'll find the generator?. On the room to the bottom
of this area. You'll have to pick a lock, so be careful. When inside,
save, equip your nightvision and make lights go off.

Now, check your map again. You see, those encircled rooms are surgery
rooms. Our target is inside one of them; the top-left one to be exact.
If you run there full-speed, you'll find your target laying on his
bed, alone, waiting for you to shoot him. Do so. If you find his
bodyguards along with him, you either alerted people in the darkness,
or moved slowly.

Keep in mind that the other surgery rooms house doctors and nurses.
They WILL see you in the darkness, no questions asked. If they see you,
our target will "call" for his bodyguards.

Check your map. You'll see that on both ends of the map there are circular
rooms with staircase symbols on them. These circular rooms are actually
spiral staircases which you'll have to take. Use them to get into the first
floor. From there, run towards the beginning of the level(outside, walk,
because there's plenty of light there, as you may know). As you approach
the end of the level you'll find 47's "friend". He'll run away after firing
at you, don't worry.


*Kill "him"

NOTE: You can pick up the Sniper Rifle at the locker, but it is bullet-less.
Its bullets are outside, on the streets. ATTENTION! For this bullets are blanks.
I.E., they don't kill anything! It was a trap! That's why I'll tell you not to
pick the sniper rifle.

Right after you start, go up the staircase in front of you(your pickup won't
be of any use, trust me) make a left and follow the hallway to an escalator.
Go up it and follow the path until you're outside. Make a right and cross the
street. Proceed forwards until you find a building. Turn west and go past
the street block and the truck. You'll be right in front of the Pushkin building.

TAKE COVER! Study your street map. We must get into the building via the
front door. There is a sniper on the building, that's the problem. Bolt your
way towards the front door, hugging against its walls. You'll be probably shot,
but only once. Once you reach the building's front door, hit the sneak button
and go through it.

Go up the stairs and turn left. Go up the staircase, open the door and....! Is
this some kind of joke!? Our "target" is nothing but a piece of wood! He's not
our real target you see. Go through the door to the right and run through the
hallway towards a door. Hit the sneak button and open the door. There he is.
Our sniper. Mr 17. Your clone.

He'll be most likely looking through the window. Sneak towards him, and ready
your Fiber Wire. Strangle him. A cutscene takes place. After it, take his
clothes(they'll add glasses to your suit), his sniper rifle and run out of the
building. Bolt your way towards the nearest sewer's entrance(from the entrance,
go down the street, make a left and look for the manhole).

The sewers now have guards, but it's no problem. The tunnel that leads back to
the train station(bottom right on the map) is guarded by two soldiers. They're
conveniently away from the tunnel though, so as long as you run like the wind
you'll make it to the train station no problem. From there, run towards your
train and you're safe.


*Kill EVERY guard in the level
*Kill Sergei

This mission is basically a ruthless bloodbath, so come prepared. From
the start, run to the right. There are two guards by the door. One of
them patrols the door and stops by a pillar, while the other goes a little
far away. Wait one to go far away, and the other to make a short stop
by the pillar. Sneak past him and go through the door.

Stroll past the guard you'll bump into(he normally doesn't even discover
me) and go down the stairs. Bolt your way and get inside your weapons
shed(where all your weapons are, not the one with the laptop). Inside,
pick all the revolvers and pistols you can(except the ballers) and any
sniper rifle, along with bullets for all of them.

Keep yourself in the shed, and aim with your sniper rifle through the
window. Take out the sniper guy. If you caused a fuss, three guards
will come into your shed. Kill them! Remember, your goal is to kill
everybody on this level.

Get out of your shed and head back to the beginning and kill both
guards. Head back to your shed and proceed to the ruins. There's a guard
inside the ruins. You can see him from far away: put a bullet through
his head. Afterwards, go through the door next to your shed and follow
the path. Kill the guard and pick the lock of the door at the end of
the hallway. Take the church key.

Go behind the shed and you'll find a secret door with vines all over
it. Go through it and and go up both staircases. You'll find two
doors. Ignore the rightmost one, and open the leftmost. Ready your
gun and FIRE! Kill the two guards here(a third will probably appear
from behind) and then, go up the wooden staircase. You'll find two
more doors.

Ignore the right door and go through the left door. Immediately
kill both guards there, waiting for you. Hit the sneak button and
proceed through the balcony to a door. Go through it. Then, sneak
halfway down the stairs and kill the guard at the bottom. Head
back up and go through the northmost door. Kill the guard there(BTW,
I'll call this the western balcony)

A little beyond this area there is a sniper. This guy's a real threat, I
tell you. Go up the steps, turn left and shoot. If you do this real
fast, he won't even know what shot him. Crouch down and proceed down
the balcony. As you do, look east, towards the other balcony. You'll
be able to see two guards as you move towards the door: take them both.
And then, go through the door.

Head through the spinning hallway until you reach a door. Pick its lock
and go into the balcony(eastern balcony). Equip your sniper rifle, de-crouch and shoot
the guard south. Crouch again, turn west, and kill the guard there. There
is a third guard directly below the balcony, but we cant' do anything.

Head back to the western balcony and right after you open the door,
de-crouch. You should see a guard there. Take him out with your sniper
and crouch once again. Proceed through the balcony, looking down below,
until you see another guard. He's on the south end of the area, behind
some pillars. Take him out.

Run towards the south end of the balcony and look down. You should see
two more guards to the far east, both partially hidden behind a pillar.
Take them out. First objective complete. Now, head back to the eastern
balcony and shoot the hear picture on the confessional. Once Sergei
comes out, QUICKLY KILL HIM. If you don't, he'll come towards where you
are and he's got a quick-killing shotgun. Three or four shots are enough
to take out Sergei(or one headshot). Sit back and enjoy the ending!


There are various kinds of weapons(these names were made-up by myself):

POCKET: Knives and small weapons.
PISTOLS: Handguns and revolvers.
RIFLES: Sniper rifles and machine guns. This includes shotguns.
MELEE: Swords and clubs.



The knife is an extremely useful weapon. Although you can kil somebody
with two stabs, doing so will get you detected most of the time. The best
way to use the knife is along with the sneak button: sneak up behind someone,
hit the R1 button and you'll slit his throat, thus killing him immediately.
The knife's a great weapon to use on targets and enemies alike.

A variation of the knife, I believe, which I've never used. You can stab
people with it and it'll take them down really fast, just like the normal
knife. You can also use it to get behind someone and slit his throat. It's
pretty much a knife with a different look.

A green bottle with sleep-inducing liquid on it. You can only use it by
sneaking up behind people. When you do, press R1. By quickly tapping the
R1 button, you'll only use one bottle, which is worth around two seconds
of sleep. In order to properly use the anasthesic, press and hold the R1
button to use up to five bottles, which are worth around five minutes of

Again, to use it, you'll need to sneak up behind somebody. By pressing and
holding the R1 button you'll prepare the wire, although this is not
necessary. Anyway, once you're behind someone, press and hold the R1 button.
Mr 47 will put the wire around his neck and start strangling him. The
strangling animation is quite long, so try not to use it when there's a lot
of people who could see you.



The 9MM is one of the first weapons you'll get: it's got a small clip size,
meaning you'll have to reload a lot. Plus, it's really noisy, although it's
fast and powerful. It's basically a weapon you'll use when there are gunfights,
because it'll get you discovered otherwise. The Silenced variation is much
more useful, and my preferred weapon when it comes to killing somebody. The
SD 9MM Gun is gotten quite early and painlessly, meaning you'll use it for
the missions to come.

A very noisy and somewhat slow weapon, with an small clip size. It uses
Magnum ammo, therefore you can expect good piercing power. It's a very
useless weapon because of the noise it makes and it's slowness/ammo shortage.
Use it only when you've got nothing else.

It also uses Magnum ammo, and it's also extremely noisy. However, the deagle
is an excellent weapon to use in the correct situations. It's much more faster
than the revolver and it's got a bigger clip size, and it shares the revolver's
power and piercing capabilities. A very good weapon, overall.

Not my preferred weapon, since you can't carry rifles along with it. You see,
the ballers are a set of twin handguns that Mr 47 carry in all of his
propaganda. Although they're two weapons, I find them to be unuseful. They're
actually quite slow, and its clip size is very small. Not to mention that I
seem to have a hard time aiming with them. You may like them for their overall
coolness and all. The Silenced version, on the other hand, it's just as good
as the SD 9MM Gun, slightly improved.

A very small revolver. It's pretty much a normal 9MM Gun, with a smaller clip
size and limited power.

.22 SD
This is a weapon I somewhat like. It's fast, had a good clip size, it's
powerful and does not get picked by metal detectors(sweet for "Basement
Killing"). Although a SD 9MM gun is much better by leaps and bounds, this
is a good weapon for when you don't have the 9MM.



A russian rifle we've been seeing for a long time on action games. It's
your basic assault rifle: nosiy as hell, very powerful and fast, good
clip size and very innacurate. It also takes some quality time to reload.
The AK cannot be "hidden" inside your suit, so that means everybody can
see and will get alerted unless you're in some kind of disguise. Good to
use along with the St. Petersburg soldier's uniform.

A very big and not-so-fast weapon. However, its devastating power and
huge clip make up for it. It's an excellent weapon to use on the right
situations, but otherwise useless, because it won't help you with
disguises most of the time.

A very fast weapon with average power and a good clip size. It's very
hard to get, and not exactly worth it(I'd take the SMG-SD over it any day).

A surprisingly good assault rifle. It can be hidden inside your suit very
well, meaning you can carry it painlessly around and use it then you
need to. It's fast, accurate and it's got your average clip size. A good
weapon, but then again, it'll get you caugh if used during the incorrect

See the previous weapon, although this one cannot be hidden inside your
clothes and it's silenced. It'd have been a sweet ass weapon if you could
hide it, but you can't, therefore it should be equipped whenever someone's
not looking. Extremely good to take out masses silently.

Your basic sniper rifle. It's very slow, and it's got a small clip. Doesn't
matter, becuase it guarantees one hit(or two hit kills), grants superb
accuracy and can be used from afar. Should not be used against normal
enemies(unless in certain missions) and very good to take out certain

A variation of the previous sniper(it is in my eyes anyway). It's good
a MUCH clearer scope, but it's still as good as the previous one.

The most powerful sniper rifle in the game, but not exactly the best.
It's good a nice scope, it's very powerful, it has a very nice clip
size and fire rate. You should use it only if you've got nothing better
to pick(most of the time this is THE sniper rifle to use, unless you've
gotten the W2000 Custom Rifle).

Suck-ass! It's invaluable on the "At the Gates" mission though. From there,
it becomes useless. It's got a SMALL clip size(one bolt only) and the bolts
are really weak. I've tried to use them on the "Hidden Valley" Ninjas, and
it would take more than a HEADSHOT to take them down. Slow, weak and short
on bullets. Not my kind of weapon.

See crossbow, although this one has decent power and a nice scope, too! It
has a one-bullet-only clip size, and it's rather slow on reloading. It's
quite powerful though.

An excellent weapon, I tell you! It's got a silencer, a very large clip,
a decent fire rate and good power. Add a nice scope and we've got a deal!
You can get it early on, but not without a few shots up your ass, so you're
better off waiting to "Redemption at Gontranno".

Your average shotgun that makes movie heroes look badass once they reload
it after every shot and still take out every mofo in the room. Yes, in
the game it also delivers one hit kills at close range(plus it can hit
multiple enemies), but you have to reload it after every shot. Not to
mention it rarely hits if your target is far away.

An improved version of the shotgun, with larger clip. It still can kick arse
like no one business.

You can hide this thing off inside your clothes. Other than that, I see it
as another SP12.



You'll use it once and once only most likely(Basement Killing). 47 swings
it stupidly and slowly. It's got decent power, though. If used alongside
a firemen disguise, you'll fool a lot of people.

An improved version of the axe, power-wise, but otherwise the same thing.

Slow like molasses and really weak. Bah.


Thanks for reading my guide my friend! It's been such a joy to take you through
this game! I hope you keep reading my work. Until next time!


My full name is Josè Felipe Vargas, and I'm known as GheddonLN. I've been writing
for over a year here at GameFAQs.com. I've got 16 guides under my sleeve. Anyway,
I enjoy RPG games quite a lot, specially Final Fantasies, Tales of... and Star
Ocean, although I also like other RPGs(Xenogears, Kingdom Hearts, etc). I love
action games, specially the one's that let you destroy and kill ruthlessly.
Don't look at me like that, you like them too. I'm a 14 years old southamerican,
born at Colombia and I will haunt you in your dreams. Ciao!


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