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Devil May Cry 5

29.03.2019 21:30:14
Here's how to get every death-dealing implement for Dante in Devil May Cry 5

Complete these tasks to unlock the following weapons for Dante:
  • Cavaliere: Beat the Mission 11 boss.
  • Devil Sword: Beat the Mission 12 boss.
  • Double Kalina Ann: Unlocked at the beginning of Mission 18, provided you got the Kalina launcher in Mission 11.
  • Dr. Faust: Unlocked at the start of Mission 13.
  • King Cerberus: Defeat the Mission 16 boss.
  • Kalina Ann: Destroy the blood clot, which will cause part of the structure to drop a level in Mission 11. You'll see a brief cutscene where you'll notice another blood clot. Jump over and destroy it, then head back up and through the lowered section in the middle. Go through the lowered section and drop down, then enter the fallen section, where you'll see an entrance to a room that contains the Kalina Ann launcher. 
  • Kalina Ann II: Unlocked at the beginning of Mission 18.
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