Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

31.01.2019 06:10:11
Here are all the Amiibo unlockables!

Scan the following Amiibos in order to unlock the listed spirit. Go get yo' spirits!
  • Able Sisters Spirit: Sable Amiibo
  • Alm and Celica (Young) Spirit: Alm Amiibo
  • Alm and Celica (Young) Spirit: Celica Amiibo
  • Blathers Spirit: Blathers Amiibo
  • Blue/Red/Yellow/Winged/Rock Pikmin Spirits: Pikmin Amiibo
  • Bokoblin Spirit: Bokoblin Amiibo
  • Boo Spirit: Boo Amiibo
  • Celeste Spirit: Celeste Amiibo
  • Chibi-Robo Spirit: Chibi-Robo Amiibo
  • Cyrus and Reese Spirit: Reese Amiibo
  • Cyrus and Reese Spirit: Cyrus Amiibo
  • Daruk Spirit: Daruk Amiibo
  • Detective Pikachu Spirit: Detective Pikachu Amiibo
  • Digby Spirit: Digby Amiibo
  • DJ K.K.Spirit: K.K. Slider Amiibo
  • Goomba Spirit: Goomba Amiibo
  • Guardian Spirit: Guardian Amiibo
  • Kapp'n Spirit: Kapp'n Amiibo
  • Kicks Spirit: Kicks Amiibo
  • Koopa Troopa Spirit: Koopa Troopa Amiibo
  • Lottie Spirit: Lottie Amiibo
  • Metroid Spirit: Metroid Amiibo
  • Mipha Spirit: Mipha Amiibo
  • Octoling Boy Amiibo: Octoling Boy & Octoling Girl Spirit
  • Octoling Girl Amiibo: Octoling Boy & Octoling Girl Spirit
  • Octoling Squid Amiibo: Octoling Squid Spirit
  • Off The Hook Spirit: Marina Amiibo
  • Off The Hook Spirit: Pearl Amiibo
  • Qbby Spirit: Qbby Amiibo
  • Resetti Spirit: Resetti Amiibo
  • Revali Spirit: Revali Amiibo
  • Rover Amiibo: Rover Spirit
  • Shovel Knight Spirit: Shovel Knight Amiibo
  • Squid Sisters Spirit: Marie Amiibo
  • Squid Sisters Spirit: Callie Amiibo
  • Tiki Spirit: Tiki Amiibo
  • Timmy and Tommy's Shop: Timmy & Tommy Amiibo
  • Toad Spirit: Toad Amiibo
  • Tom Nook Spirit: Tom Nook Amiibo
  • Urbosa Spirit: Urbosa Amiibo
  • Waddle Dee Spirit: Waddle Dee Amiibo
  • Waluigi Spirit: Waluigi Amiibo
  • Wolf Link Spirit: Wolf Link Amiibo
  • Yarn Poochy Spirit: Yarn Poochy Amiibo
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