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Here are all the trophies in Vampyr, including the secret trophies:

Time is on my side (Platinum): Earn all trophies.
That's better (Bronze): Upgrade a weapon with a module.
Work in progress (Bronze): Upgrade a weapon.
Keep your distance (Silver): Find all ranged weapons.
Lore keeper (Silver): Gather all collectibles.
Solid metal gear (Silver): Upgrade a weapon to level 5.
The tools of the profession (Silver): Find all melee weapons.
Unlife is strange (Silver): Save this poor plant with water.
Anarchy in the UK (Silver): Turn a district to hostile status.
Hippocratic oath (Silver): Heal 10 citizens.
Weapons of choice (Silver): Find all off-hand weapons.
Pest control (Bronze): Eat 10 rats.

Secret trophies:
Bloody roots (Gold): Find the recollection of Paulus Aurelianus.
Hail Mary (Gold): Defeat Mary.
London's burning (Gold): Turn all districts to hostile status.
Not even once (Gold): Finish the game without killing any citizens.
Death on stage (Silver): Defeat Doris.
Defeat the beast (Silver): Defeat Fergal.
Unnatural Disaster (Gold): Defeat The Disaster.
A taste for blood (Silver): Complete the game.
Bury the hatchet (Silver): Defeat McCullum.
Interview with the vampire (Silver): Take care of Dorothy's fate.
At dawn we row (Bronze): Take a ride with Doctor Swansea.
Merciful release (Silver): Let Clay live during your first meeting with him.
Prepare to die (Silver): Take care of Aloysius's fate.
Sacrificial lamb (Silver): Take care of Sean's fate.
The Dying Swansea (Silver): Take care of Swansea's fate.
From here to eternity (Bronze): Go to the Shelter and rest....
Just take a bite (Bronze): Embrace Clay during your first meeting with him.
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