Duck Tales

Duck Tales

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Copyright 2001, Clasher. Any plagiarism or other infractions will be promptly
dealt with.

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Scrooge Mcduck, the richest duck in the world, is going on an Indiana Jones
hunt for the five
most valuable treasures in the world. This is one of the best NES games, as
there's three different
endings & the graphics are nothing to sneeze at. No violence either. The normal
stages aren't all
that hard to get through on the easy level, but they all have hidden treasures.
Some of this is hard
to get, so that'll be the main focus for this FAQ.

The most important move in the game is the pogo jump, a simple move that
enables you to bash
enemies on the head with your cane & bust open treasure chests. Some of the
treasures in the
game include diamonds (worth various treasure amounts, purple is best), 1-UP
dolls, snacks to
restore health & invincibility coins. You can find goodies in treasure chests
or lying around. Oh
yeah, there's another thing you with your cane. By pushing into something &
pressing the pogo
button you'll use it like a golf swing. Anything foolish enough to get in the
object's way will be
destroyed. Also the FAQ is laid out in "levels", or heights of a stage. You can
play the stages in
any order, a Mega Man allusion.


A. Level 2

1. You start on the far left. To get that high treasure chest down, use your
golf swing to hit it with
the nearby rock.
2. By bouncing off the gorillas you can reach the high ledge with some goodies.
3. Note the venus duck-traps. It's a silly name, but not a silly enemy. You
can't kill these guys (&
you'll have a game over in the process) unless you get a magic coin, so jump
over them.
4. The seemingly worthless area of vines in fact hides a secret. Climb up to
the top of the fourth
vine & you'll go through the ceiling to a hidden area with two pink diamonds.
5. The killer bees are annoying, but if you are careful with your pogo jumps
the last laugh is
6. At the end, before climbing the vine leading higher up you can get another
white diamond by
hitting the rock with your handy-dandy golf swing.

B. Level 1

1. This treacherous underground area has several hidden treasures.
2. Climb down the vine near the start of the stage. You'll see a barrel.
3. Use your golf swing & hit the barrel against the statue to the left. Then
use it as a stepping
stone, pogoing off it & then bouncing onto the statue.
4. Then, by walking left on the ceiling you can find two secret rooms with some
diamonds &
5. The seemingly impassible bed of spikes in the middle of this area hides a
secret. Jump under
the spiders (hint: jump after they come down) & use your pogo jump to cross the
spikes. You
won't get hurt!
6. In the middle is an island with a cake & a 1-UP.

C. Level 3

1. As you climb the vine, there's a treasure chest with a pink diamond to your
right, but it's hard
to get. Jump off your vine to the other one & then to the chest. (And try to
avoid getting hit by
the killer bees).
2. There are several pits here. Just like Disney's Rescue Rangers, instead of
falling back to the
bottom level you'll lose a life.
3. For crossing the pits, use pogo jumps. An exception is the large pit, which
you can only cross
by jumping onto the pole at the bottom of Launchpad's plane. (Try facing to the
right before you
jump, as it'll help you avoid the killer bees).
4. The crumbling bridge will give you a problem, as you'll fall if you try to
cross directly, unlike
most games. Instead you must pogo jump, hitting it twice, & then bouncing over
to the ledge on
the left. This takes practice.
5. Use your golf swing to get through the stone blocks.

D. Level 4

1. Again, let your cane do the talking & bash your way through those blocks &
get the pink
2. Note Launchpad. If you want to get the most treasure, you'll have to take
his offer to go back
to Duckburg & play the stage over again, thus doubling your treasure take.
3. Once again, you can reach a bonus room by going left along the ceiling near
4. To the right is a spiked corridor. Use your pogo jump, but hurry to avoid
the boulder chasing

E. Shortcut

1. Shortly after this you will see a vine in the ceiling that is easily missed.
There are two ways to
reach it. One is to bounce off the treasure chests. Another is to bounce off
the native guys.
2. After reaching the vine, climb it & go down the other vine.
3. You'll be teleported to the boss room, avoiding time & danger.

F. The Incan King

1. The first treasure guardian is really easy to kill. He'll jump around the
room, causing tremors.
2. Unlike Super Mario Brothers 3, the tremors don't immobilize you. They merely
disrupt your
pogo jumping.
3. After he lands, hit him on the head. Soon he will be dead & you'll get the
first treasure.

No, I'm not mapping out the ENTIRE haunted house, because you don't need to
explore most of
it! Instead, I'll give you directions to reach the end.

A. Level 1

1. A nephew tells you Huey has been kidnaped. Soon after this you'll find a
chain going up.
Climb it.
2. The path to the right is long & arduous & many ghosts block your path. If
you make it out
alive, you'll find some treasures.

B. Level 2

1. To your left is Huey, guarded by a Beagle Boy. Simply use your cane & give
him a dose of the
Flying Barrel. Then talk to Huey.
2. Although he says the house has an illusionary wall, there's actually two.
3. Then go right through a mummy-infested area. To tackle them, either pogo
jump them or use
your golf swing to send their ball & chain into their thick skull.
4. After getting through this area, don't climb the chain just yet. Instead go
right & into the wall.
It's an illusion, of course.
5. You'll find a treasure chest containing a Zelda-type item, a life container.
Grab it & you'll
have four life containers instead of three. Now climb the chain.

C. Level 3

1. Don't destroy the block to the left just yet! Instead use your cane & send
it up toward the chest.
It'll break open, & inside is a 1-UP doll!
2. Go right, through another illusionary wall. There are three mirrors here.
3. These mirrors will warp you to another part of the house. However they
cannot be used both
ways, & some lead to very hard sections of the stage. The third mirror you see
is the correct one
to go into.

D. Level 5

1. Just go left through some strewn blocks.
2. The ghosts cannot be killed. Just duck & you hopefully won't get hurt.
3. Soon you will enter the boss room.

E. Magica Despell

1. This witch is one of your toughest enemies. She'll fly around the room for a
while, then land at
what always seems to be the worst time.
2. If you're in a good position, jump & hit her. Then land behind her to avoid
her lightning spells.
3. You can also sometimes hit her when she flies low.
4. Simply be patient & wait until you get a good shot. Keep attacking her &
avoid her spells until
the butt kicking babe goes bye-bye.

!@#$%^&*(AFRICAN MINES)*&^%$#@!

A. The Skeleton Key

1. Soon after you enter you'll find a locked door. You'll be teleported to
2. Simply enter the first mirror you find. This mirror didn't work before, but
now it takes you to
the room with the key.
3. Take the key & enter the other mirror. You'll be teleported to Duckburg.
4. Go back to the African Mines. This time, you'll be able to enter.

B. Level 6

1. The bats are invincible until they land, & very annoying indeed. If you can,
send a rock their
2. To reach that high treasure chest, continue on & some treasure chests appear
behind you. Use
them as stepping stones. Bust the chest & take the pink diamond.
3. When you reach the chain, either go down it, or continue left & you'll soon
find another pink

C. Level 5

1. First, go left through an illusion wall. You'll find a secret room with a
big chest. Inside is a 1-
UP doll!
2. Go right & you'll soon find Mrs. Beakley, who'll toss an endless supply of
ice cream at you.
Power up your health.

D. Shortcut

1. You'll see a large death pit to the right. Jump forward with your cane
extended. Trust me,
you'll be OK, as a duck creature jumps out of the pit, which you can bounce
off. Bounce off four
more such creatures to reach the other side. This takes practice but is well
worth it.
2. Jump over another, smaller pit & bust open the big chest. Inside is the
famous million dollar
ring, a must if you want to get 10 million dollars & get the best ending.
3. Go down the chain nearby. Then simply go left & in no time at all, you'll be
at the boss room.

E. The King of the Terra-Fermies

1. This character is a nasty opponent indeed. He'll attack by turning into a
scythe blade & rolling
at you.
2. Stand on the middle step & as he rolls, jump & land on the spot where he
was. Then,
depending on which way he rolled, jump to the opposite side.
3. Hit him, then dodge the roll again. Repeat this process to defeat that scum!


A. Level 4

1. The top level is above ground. Go right, collecting any treasures that
2. The bouncing mountain goats are annoying in that you must jump & hit them at
the right time,
or you'll jump into them instead of above them. It helps if you jump from a
high step.
3. If you try to pogo jump in the snow, you'll get stuck. So, release your pogo
before you land.
4. When you reach a chain, go down it. You'll fall down several levels.
5. You can either hold right, hold left or drop straight down. Your choice
depends on the route
you want to take.

B. Choices

1. The path to the right is the path to Launchpad. However, if you want to
reach him, there's
another way.
2. On the top level, skip the chain & continue. Soon you'll find a false floor
that drops you into a
secret treasure room. Drop down again & you'll be near Launchpad.
3. If you hold left, you'll land on an ice slick that leads toward the end.
Take this path if you want
to get done quickly.
4. If you want to risk life & limb to get another life container, go straight

C. Level 1

1. When you land here you'll want to go left. Use your pogo jump to bounce over
the ice pillars.
2. The huge spiders are back from Amazonia. Use the same tactics to get by.
3. Soon you'll find a nephew who asks you to help rescue Bubba Duck. Continue
4. To get past the icicles that fall is quite simple, as all you must do is
wait for one to fall, then
5. When you finally reach Bubba, use your golf swing to knock the barrel
against the wall. Then
bounce on it, then hit the ice block with Bubba on the head.
6. Bubba will be freed & open a chamber where the second, & last, life
container is.
7. Now you must go as far right as you can go, then climb the chain & you'll be
at Launchpad.

D. Level 2

1. From Launchpad, go left. Jump across the tiny icy ledges, but be careful of
the spider.
2. Now you'll be at the place where you fell before. Jump to the left &
continue left.
3. Another spider is waiting for you. Jump under him & cross a large ice slick.
Be careful of the
skaters, though, as they can shoot ice blocks at you.
4. When you reach the chain, either go right up it, or continue left for some
minor goodies.
5. To avoid the falling blue boulder climb up & jump onto the cul-de-sac on the
E. Level 3

1. You're outside again. First, use your cane & knock the nearby barrel left.
Then use it as a
stepping stone to jump on top of the ceiling.
2. Go left on the ceiling. Your way is blocked? Use the golf swing three times
to clear it. Then
grab a pink diamond.
3. From the chain, go right. jump onto the platform that starts moving right
when you touch it.
4. You can't stay on the platform because some ice blocks block your way. Jump
onto them, &
make your way right on them. A cake will appear, too.
5. Go right, through a hole in the snow wall to enter the boss room.

F. The Abominable Snowman

1. He is really quite easy. First he'll jump twice, first toward the center &
then towards the left.
Hit him when he lands between jumps.
2. He'll now cause some snowballs to fall from the ceiling. Dodge them & hit
him again until the
bugger bites it.

!@#$%^&*(THE MOON)*&^%$#@!

A. Level 1

1. You'll come back here later, but there's nothing you can do right now.
2. This stage has many jellyfish aliens & spacemen. Be careful.
3. Don't bother smashing the blocks. Instead simply climb the chain into the

B. Level 2

1. This level, like the entire UFO, is infested with aliens.
2. On the far left & far right sides of this place are spikes. Pogo across them
& take the goodies
on the sides.
3. Climb down the chain at the far left & you'll leave the UFO & get two ice
creams for your
4. The first thing you should do is climb straight up here after getting the

C. Level 3 left

1. Some hidden diamonds are to the right, but go left.
2. Those small corridors are a problem. Get through as best you can.
3. Instead of climb the chain, kill the aliens & knock the barrel against the
left wall.
4. Once again, use it to climb onto the ceiling & go left for more goodies.
Then climb the chain.

D. Level 4 left

1. Launchpad is to the right.
2. To the left, behind some rocks, is a treasure chest. Inside is the UFO key.
3. Backtrack to where you entered the UFO.

E. Level 2 revisited

1. Simply go left & climb the chain there.

F. Level 3 right

1. Some hidden goodies are to the left.
2. Go right & knock the barrel right. Then use your cane to break the blocks.
3. Get the goodies in this secret room.
4. Climb the chain further to the very top.

G. Level 5

1. Use an alien as a stepping stone to reach that chest. Inside is a pink
2. Go to the right to a large pit. Bounce off two aliens, then pogo off the
spikes to reach a big
3. Inside is the gold plate, another hidden treasure worth a million dollars.
Take it & go back
4. Go down the chain.

H. Level 4 right

1. Hidden treasures are everywhere.
2. Go left. Use your key to open the door.
3. Kill the aliens & take the remote control.
4. Backtrack to ground level.

I. Level 1 revisited

1. Jump off the chain & go right. Soon you'll find a large pit.
2. Jump over it with the help of the moving platform.
3. Jump over two more pits & you'll come to a wall.
4. Using your remote control, call Gizmo Duck & he'll destroy the wall. Go down
the chain.

J. Level 0

1. Don't destroy the blocks, just don't get hit by the enemies.
2. Go left & in no time, you'll be at the boss room.

K. Lunarat

1. This hemorrhoid is one of the hardest bosses in the game. He'll run along
the floor as well as
jump onto the ledges.
2. Stand on a ledge & try to hit him when he stops in the center.
3. If you have plenty of life, you can out-last him.

!@#$%^&*(THE END?)*&^%$#@!

A. The theft

1. No, it's not the end! Not by a long shot!
2. Know those enemies, the big burly guys in red shirts who steal some
treasure? Like on level 0
on the moon?
3. They are called Beagle Boys, & their boss, & your rival, is Flintheart
4. The treasure hunter steals the five most valuable treasures in the world &
goes to Transylvania.
You'll automatically follow him.
5. There's nothing to do here, so just go straight to the boss room.

B. Dracula Duck

1. He'll appear, release a bat, & teleport somewhere else.
2. If you can, bounce off the bat & hit him.
3. As with most apparition bosses, you can only hurt him when he's fully

C. The race

1. After killing Drac, Flintheart will appear, in the talons of the ghost of
Magica Despell.
2. If you screw this up, you'll have a G-A-M-E-O-V-E-R. So don't screw this
3. It really isn't all that hard. After Dracula goes back into the graveyard,
stand in the center of
the screen.
4. When a rope appears above you, climb it like nobody's business.
5. At the top is a chest containing the treasures. Climb to the top of the
rope, & jump down &
grab it. If you grab it before Flintheart does, you've beaten the game. Good
job Scrooge Mcduck!


The only credit I should give is to Nintendo Power, as that's the only source I
have. Also I got
game maps from a Nintendo game atlas.

I hope you enjoyed Disney's Duck Tales. Good luck, & happy treasure hunting!
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