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Koudelka Walkthrough

My name : Gobi. My e-mail is below
Contact : junc_mas@ignmail.com
Date : 18 Oct. 2001
Version : 1.0

Special thanks to the fellas who posted anything and everything (except
gameshark codes, which I didn't use) whether there in Gamefaqs, or from IGN
or any other places which related to this game, but I'm very sure, I didn't
rip anyone's work. They give guidance, but I walked the path.

Oh ya, I made this walkthrough as humors as possible because I believe it
is easier to remember small details if you have something nice to remember
them by. If some of my humor upsets anyone, SORRY.

Legal Stuff :

1. This is walkthrough is my hard work, not copying or reproducing in anyway.
You can print it, use it or give it to a friend (as long as you not making
any money in return).
2. This walkthrough is 70% - 80% perfect. But now and then, I may miss a few
things. Explore on you own, tell me anything interesting you may have found
(I won't be making a new walkthrough in the future, but sharing is good).
3. I never took on the Demon Gargoyle, so sorry no info. there.
4. I made most of this discoveries on my own (trial and error) but I did get
help from IGN's walkthrough, so my thanks is for them.

Battle Tips.
Important You read it before You start the game. Why? This is what I found
out after about 30 hours of suffering through the Monastery.

The whole battle ground (where you face your opponent) is like a chess board.
There is about 8 moving space, where ever you character stands on a spot,
that spot and all behind him/her is your. You can move backward or sideways.
You can move forward, but cannot be on the same line as you opponent is
standing (you will face him/her/it/whatever face-to-face but not sideways.
To progress forward, you must force you opponent back (possible, but not
always easy!). Once a monster pass over a KOed character (which you fall to
revive in time), you will not be able to revive him/her in till the opponent
is pushed away (pass the spot where you fallen character is).

Basically you have to push you opponent back and make him pin-down on top
(you will always start at the bottom). The smaller the space available for
the opponent to move, less chances for any of the opponent to make any movement
and in some cases, you can force you opponent to lose a turn or two. Whichever
character you choose your fighter must have high Vit (HP) or he/she is toast
(you get my drift?).

Always put you magic caster as far way as possible, give him/her long range
weapon like a gun/rifle/shotgun and she/he could attack physically and
magically from any points of the board. If he/she got silenced, use Panacea
to cure. You can prevent your magic caster from getting any ailments by
putting reflect spell on him/her (later in CD3). But sometimes its better
to leave him/her silenced (especially if you get hit every turn with Silence -
its can get to be annoying and you are wasting time and MP).

Its better to have 1 brute with Strength, 1 magic caster and 1 with both
attributes. I use Edward as my brute, Koudelka as my magic caster and James
with both attribute. In this game, you must balance it both or you toast (you
get my drift). Always upgrade you characters' STR as well (even those magic
casters) since you cannot rely on magic alone or brute force alone.

Keep all the Roman Nuts and Elixirs you found for the final fight, you need
about 20 Elixirs (more the better, don't worry, I know where we can find some)
and about 20 Roman Nuts (you will find some at places and in random battles)
and if you planning to take on the Demon at the Church (you will know when
you see it, hehehehe) then double or triple the above amounts. Elixir and
the Nuts (the Romans...it's a joke, get it?) heals about 9999 hp and full mp
so that should be the ONLY items you should use when facing Elaine.

While fighting other bosses, use Heal magic so it will level up (at level
2, you can heal 2 character at same time). Elixir you can use straight away
at a battle (like potion) but the Nuts is a bit different. You can only use
the Roman Nuts in 2 conditions - when outside the battle (before fighting,
like using Tent on FF games, except you don't need to be at a save point)
and when you character is KOed, it will revive and heal both HP and MP.

Do not keep a lot of items like Bread, Cheese and all after CD2 (assume you
character's magic is strong enough and fast enough to heal in battle) or it
will take space which we could use for something else. You will need to keep
Listel and High Listel as much as possible. Outside the battle, use Bread,
Cheese etc (so they won't be wasted) and in the battle, use Heal so it will
level up also. Important : Heal levels up when used in a battle or outside,
so easiest way to level up a non- magic caster like Edward is by using him
to heal outside the battle now and then.

Do not change weapons much. Unlike other games, you will notice that the
weapon will break half through the game. This shows that the max. level you
character develop for that weapon had reached its peak and it will not level
up any more. If you find another weapon with same attribute, you will find
that you can really beat the crap of you enemies without even knowing why.
The weapon levels up as you use it. More it levels up, more damage you can
do. Pipe = Hammer = Mace (will find it at CD 1 and 2, try to keep it as long
as possible). If you get time, try to give Edward and Koudelka a sword and
let them break it (in a battle or two) why? Because there is 2 swords that
can really kick Elaine's butt from here to high heaven - LifeDrinker and
Sacnoth (this one you have to fight the Demon to get it).

Secret to leveling up Edwards - leave him bare-handed (especially after
getting James). Why? Because his hands could do some major damage (ranging
up to 400 hp per hit, doing 3 hits combo) and when equiped with a knife, the
same effect will be there. It will help to level up using swords also later
(simple trick, it works for me though). Make sure you have a weapon on his
hand when facing a boss.

Save at save-temp points, you will see a S symbol when you enter a room, press
Square and you can save anywhere at anytime. Important, if you wanna live
through this mess.

When you get the message "...something is not right here...", its means there
is a boss fight dead-ahead (maybe I shouldn't have used the D word). Make
sure you ready before stepping forward, usually on a alter or something. You
see, the guy who used to own the Monastery was trying to do something nasty
but since it is a Holy ground, he couldn't perform it properly so he use a
lot of blood and all, on Holy grounds before he could do it. The monsters
(Bosses) appear in this spots and it is you duty to clean up the mess.

Battle Formation

How to move? Depends on you battle formation. You can set you own formation
to which you want to start the battle with Formation option (can be accessed
at the Menu). Why is the formation is important? Simple, it will make you
look stable and it will help you to unstablize you opponent. I will explain.

V formation - 2 brutes in front (usually Edward and James) and 1 magic caster
at the back. The brutes will quickly push the opponent back, shorten the
length of the space which the opponent to move. Very useful against 2 or more
opponents and opponents which uses magic a lot (usually weak against brute

Upside-down V formation - 1 brute in front, 2 magic caster at the back. Same
as above except the brute in front is a decoy (he's screwed!). For me, its
usually Edward, since I always put his VIT and STR as high as possible. This
formation suitable for opponents which uses physical strength a lot (usually
weak against magic attacks). Useful against 1 opponent, disadvantage against
more than 1 (2 opponents beating the crap of Edward is not a pretty sight!).

U formation - same as V formation (2 brutes, 1 magic caster) but you magic
caster will move along with you (usually 2 or 3 spots away from you). This
is suitable against bosses which uses physical attacks a lot but not to
vurneable to magic. Advantage - can quickly step in and revive fallen comrades
when they KOed.

Single Horizontal Line formation - pushes a single enemy to be bombarded with
physical attacks. This to finish an enemy who is fast moving and not weak
against magic. Advantage - finish someone off very fast. Disadvantage, open
to all form of attacks. Only suitable against a single enemy which can attack
a single character per turn.

Upside-Down L Formation - Very useful formation, to push you opponent back
and make sure that you are not been pushed back. Useful against very strong
bosses which like to push you back (you will meet a few along the away, plus
some minor irritations using the same pushing tactics). There will be 2 brute
in front, on the same line and one magic caster behind any one of the brute.
Have to remember, the opponent cannot step on the same spot you are standing,
so you only need to back up 1 brute. As long as you magic caster right behind
you, you brute (in front of the caster) will not be thrown backward. Make
sure heal all time. The magic caster's role at this formation changes from
attacker to healer.

This are the formations which I use which playing the game, it works, as long
as you know you advantage and disadvantages. Know you character's strength
and weakness is very helpful here as well.

Spend the 1st and 2nd CD grabbing some important items (by fighting of course) :

Fight Bugs (large Cockroach - trust me, you won't miss it) - High Listel,
Pistol Rounds, Dried Food. You can only keep 99 of all items, so don't be
scrooge. Pistol Rounds are universal type, so one type can fit all.

Fight Tables/Chairs (you watch Poltergeist?) - Potion, Whiskey (revive KOed

Jumping Clowns with 2 knives (he's the only one around here who is hyperactive,
can't miss him either) - Knife (good weapon to begin with and good for close
combatant like Edward).

Blue Blob with small shinning eyes (can be found at the Old Couple's Room -
CD2) - Rags (useful as protection, try to get different elemental rags so
you can get more protection from magic). I use this to the end because I
couldn't get anything else useful. Useful if you want to upgrade the magic

Headless Torse (a woman body without upper body parts, don't tell me you can
miss this one also) - Ring (another useful items, increases you attributes
especially at the beginning of the game).

Flying Heads (with wings) - High Potion, Antidote (for poison I guess, never
used it). Later, you will encounter them at the graveyourd (usually in a group
of 3) and they will give Elixir upon defeat.

Small Balloon-like (with legs) creature, usually like to run away to one end
and shot flare shot at you. Can be found at the Underground Tunnels. Give
Brooch (useful to increase attributes).

Meatballs (you never gonna eat another after meeting one of this again) with
2 eyes and 2 antennas which used as hands. Always with Viewers (it looks like
one of the bosses you will meet at CD1) - Dried food, Roman Nuts. Try to get
as much as possible.

Fight Black Cats (CD2) to get some Evil Eyes (about 4 - 5) then give it to
Edwards to level up. Make sure you keep 1 (enough) to use it against Elaine.

Try to get as many Roman Nuts, High Listel and Elixir before you go to CD4.
When you alone at the Graveyard (CD3) do not engage any of the flying heads
(highlight Move then press Square to escape), because they can cause you to
be Paralysis and they will knock you character's HP slowly and force you to
watch helplessly. Irritating sight - trust me.

Another thing, try to extend some of the battles as long as possible (I will
tell you which you shouldn't) because the longer you fight, the faster you
level up. This game, weapons and characters level up faster during battle
rather than randomly, so extend battles (especially the bosses) and built
more attributes. I personally had level up twice in one go once (I believe
it was during the boss at Patrick's Quarters (CD3).

CD1 - Walkthrough.

You will see an FMV about Koudelka coming over to the Monastery (what's with
the horse or is it a donkey? It's legs looks crooked and its like about to
drop down dead any minute now) and how she end up meeting Edward.

You start with a battle, and Edward's gun. 3 shots with the gun and the
Werewolf is dead (I find it weird why I never encounter another werewolf in
the game other than this, there was a full moon throughout the night). You
get Flare Spell. Help Edward (he is blocking the only door around, you got
no other choice do you?). Edward will think that his number is up and Koudelka
is his angel, come to take him away (either he trying to make a move on her
or he is delirious, my money on delirious).

Anyway, you get Edward, keep the gun and let Edward have some weapons (if
any) otherwise bare-handed. Leave through the door where he was sitting.
There is a potion on the ground, grab it and go through the only door which
can be open. Later in CD2, you can come back to this spot through the locked

There is some Pistol Rounds on the ledge, grab it, then climb the ladder up
to the room above (looks like someone's attic to me). Take the Monastery's
Map (which I don't understand to the end either), Bread and fight a few bugs
here to level up and to get some random items ( presume you know why...you did
read the top part first right?). When you ready, go back down and through
the other door.

There is a stairways leading downward and another straightforward. But check
the painting first and you will find Dirk. Go down the stairs and enter the
1st room you see (there is 2). You will meet with the Old Couple - the Olgen
(or something). They will give Koudelka and Edward some food (Koudelka will
refuse any) and Edward will receive some bullets. After that, leave (the room
will be locked when you try to enter again). Go to the next room and as you
enter, you will get into another conversation between Koudelka and Edwards
(will will know why Koudelka didn't eat any of the food).

After that is finished, explore the room to get - Knife (on the table) and
Cheese. There is 2 door, one near the right and another to the left (cabinet
next to the first place). Go through the left one and search the grounds to
get some Panacea herbs (it's a glow in the dark plant, can miss it once the
camera changes twice). This is not important, so its your choice.

Go through the other door and you will come to a Boiler Room (better find
a save-temp point if you have not save for a while), take - Listel, Hammer,
Steel Pipe. Go through the adjacent door and you will get a message
"...something is not right here...". You will see a man lying on the floor, but
you cannot revive him in till you faced the boss. Get well equipped (make
sure Edwards have the Steel Pipe) and Koudelka have the SA Gun before
proceeding forward.
There is not much to do here. This boss is easy if you are Lv 3 and above.
Have Edward whacking it with the Steel Pipe, and Koudelka blasting away with
Flare, and the boss is fried in no time. You get Icon's Necklace and Geyser
Spell (Water Element).

Go back to the fainted man and check on him. You will will get in conversation
with James and soon he will join you (you have no choice). Level him up which
way you like, but I suggest, balance him in both Physical and Magical. How?
Send him to fight now and then and increase his STR, VIT, AGL. Save at the
save point.

Leave Edwards bare-handed from this moments to the point where you will meet
another boss (make sure you don't use the Steel Pipe too much or it will break)
to built up his combos (with STR 50, he could do around 400 hp damage for
each hit). Give James something (up to you, maybe the Dirk or a knife or
something). Head back the way you come, pass the Old Couple's Room (locked
with Red Key), up the stairs and through the other door which you didn't enter
yet. Grab the Listel on the floor, and through the door. There is Pistol Round
on the ground, take it as well.

Warning : most likely, you will meet an enemy here which is a real pain in
the psychic's butt! A man with what seems to be 3 heads (at least its looks
like heads to me), carrying a pistol, hangs upside down and seems to have
grunch against Koudelka (what did she ever did to him?). He will start
blasting at her (doing high damage). He is weak against geyser spell and
physical attacks, but I suggest run away if you encounter him. Unless you
have confident you can whack him before he whacks you.

Go through the door at the end and you will be at a Save-Temp and as you move
forward, you will get into conversation between the three on Religion (James),
Poetry (Edward) and Poverty (Koudelka) as they seems to crawling through the
floor and bullets seems to flying above their heads! You want me to explain
that? Forgot it.

Make sure you have you best weapons available (Edward - Steel Pipe), save
at Save-Temp and go through the door at the end of that long dark hallway.
As you try to open the door, monsters will attack...another boss fight (I call
this creatures Viewers because their shapes and the eyes).

Upside-down V formation seems to be effective here, because one Viewer will
always be in front, one at left-top corner blasting everyone with magic and
another seems to be a support character (healing MP now and then - monsters
with intelligence). Geyser Spell seems to be effective, so blast away with
it (have Koudelka blast the left-top one with Geyser while James support
Edward). The fight shouldn't be that long. I got Tabar, Rapier and J Ring.
Learnt Tornado Spell (what a way to learn huh?). Give the J Ring if you get
it to anyone which it can contribute attributes. This battle is good to be
prolonged because you can easily level up fast here.

Go through the door and you will be at the Dungeon (Save-Temp). Go forward
and you will see another FMV where you will meet a little Gal, beautiful and
light as a feather (it's a joke).

Warning : There are Rats here (big rats, ugly rats, rats with huge claws which
can do nasty damage to you). I suggest you skip town if you see one of them
(ever watch GNAW : Food of the Gods?). Those Rats seems to be weak against
Flare so you choice if you wanna take on some. Just remember - they move fast,
they hit harder, and they darm ugly.

Go through the light-green door (can't miss it, its different color than the
rest of the wall), take the Listel on the floor and check the bodies lying
there. Go through the other door in front and you will see a conversation
where Koudelka will try to communicate with the dead spirits by letting them
possess her body. I actually felt the chill when I hear those voices (mostly
speaking about how they been tortured to dead).

After that done, you must get ready for a boss fight, save at Save-Temp
(outside), make sure Edward has the Steel Pipe (it should last if you didn't
use it much) or Hammer (its Hammer time....sorry, it's a joke), give James
something or just leave him as a Caster. Open the drawer on the right side
of the door and a Mummified Bride will attack (I heard of leaving someone
high and dry but this is ridiculous).

Tips : Mummified Bride (why does it reminds me of Julia Roberts??) seems to
be weak against Water Weapons, so make sure you spray some Geyser on it as
well. Again, V formation is useful here. Have Edward unload his Pipe on her
head, if it breaks, changed it to Hammer and hammer away. I must say, this
will be a long and hard fight (compare to other boss before) simply because
she likes to Silence the Casters and attack Physically (which cause Poisons
status). When done, you will get Ring and learnt Megalith Spell (Earth Magic).

Check the drawer again and you will find Rope Ladder. Take it, use Save-Temp
to save then go back to where Edward almost fall when chasing the Gal. Use
the Rope Ladder to go down.

You will end up in a hall with a door. Go to the end of the hall, check the
body to find Pistol Rounds and Dried Food (check twice). Go through the door
and you will be in a chapel and with a message "...something is not right here...".
Go forward and take the Red Glass Part from the floor then step onto the altar
to fight the boss.

Tips : Where have I seen this 3 ghost before? They look very familiar? Get
Edward up close and personal with his twin. This 3 ghost work just like the
Viewers - Dark James will run to one corner and whack everyone with magic,
Dark Edward will use physical attack (the good news is, he is not packing
at weapons) and Dark Koudelka will be using magic (most of them time) and
supporting her fellow Dark Ones. Whack Dark Edward first then Koudelka. Keep
one Magic Caster to whack Dark James (I choose James to whack his twin with
magic), use Geyser spell and you will finish in no time. I get Icon's Earring,
High Potion, Panacea and Learnt Revive Spell. You can prolong this battle
after dispatching Dark Edward.

You will get into conversation (more like a religious debate), then save you
game at the alter. Go through the door and another FMV where Edward will be
end up sleeping with the dead...another joke. Change CD.

CD2 Walkthrough

You start CD 2 staring at blank wall (like all convicts) behind bars. Check
the lower-left for Pistol Rounds and Antidote. Check the pile of bodies in
till you get the message "You see a pile of ...". Check the bars for conversation
(if none came, check the dead bodies again). The Gal which floats away will
return, this time, straight down (must have worked at NASA in her pervious
lifetime). I didn't know ghost has shadows till now.

You will get in conversation with the Gal, who will introduce herself as
Charlotte (she "lives" nearby, her room is on the other side of the bars)
and James kindda piss her off by reminding her of her mom. She will call one
of her friends (yes, also dead) and leave so all of you can get
acquainted...(nice going Jim).

Tips : The Boss looks like an French Musketeer (you guys did watch the 3
Muskateers, rite?), armed with a rapier and move slow. Finish him as fast
as possible, why? Because he will do damage in most irritating way possible -
he will blast you hard-worked APs away! Why is that so damaging? First, AP
are hard to learn (should know that by now) so seeing some bugger blowing
it away kindda piss you up, doesn't? And secondly, everytime you lose some
AP, certain attributes goes down, for example, if the Boss blast you STR AP
away, you will notice you strength reducing. You probably lose a whole lot
of AP before he is through with you. Hit him with everything you got and you
will get Rifle and a way out. V or U formation should be in order.

Go through the door and you will reach what seems to be a torture room. Take
Knuckles and Mace. Keep the Mace, dumb the Knuckles (my advice). Leave Edward
bare-handed again and continue up the stairs and you will be at Dungeon -
Save-Temp. Save here and proceed. There is two dead bodies of children here,
holding a Green Key. You cannot take the Key since nothing you have seems
to work on them (I guess they protected by God), so leave them be. There are
simpler way to put them to sleep later.

Go forward and through the door. You will be at the Underground Tunnels. Take
Whiskey here among the bones and level up here, if you have not done for a
while (tough boss ahead). Get some Brooch (read what I wrote before I started
this walkthrough) and when ready enter the other door (make sure you saved).

To the right, you can see a large Acid tank (wonder what they used it for)
but you cannot take it any yet, but remember this place so you could come
back later (CD3). Go toward left, take Riffle Rounds from the floor and
proceed forward then turn left. You will end up at a alter (don't go through
any doors). Equip Edwards with Hammer (if still got one, or Mace) and enter
the alter to fight the boss.

Tip : This Boss is a real pain on everyone's butt. It will be a long fight
(even longer than that of the Mummified Bride). Hit it with everything you
got, a U formation seems to be in order here because you really don't wanna
any of you character to go KO. Keep hitting him and soon, he is dead and you
can proceed forward (not sure what you get, but you won't be learning
anything - I didn't). Save on the alter and go through the door at the end
of the original tunnel.

You will come to a tunnel and at end of that tunnel, you will find a storage
room and another conversation will start - about James admiring some treasure
and all. You have a choice - you can take the Bowgun (slanting side ways near
the treasure boxes) and some Arrows. Frankly I didn't take because you would
not be getting much Arrows anyway and its seems to be waste to me. There is
2 doors, one on right and one on left. The left one is locked so enter the
other one.

You in a room with a plaster on the wall to the right, one staircase leading
upward. Climb the staircase, get the High Listel from the table and check
the marking next to the door. Go through the door. Take - Lion Statue, Teddy
Bear with Letter inside and Stone Tablet. To read the letter, go to the Menu
and you will see the option Read next to Configure option. Go through the
other door and you will get the message "...something is not right here...".

Before you go and fight, there is certain things you must do first. Make sure
none of you characters using Fire Rags, because the Boss like to use Fire
and Fire Rags like Fire Magnet (you will be a toast in no time!). if you wanna
send Edward in as a scapegoat, put some Earth rags/armour otherwise you will
be scraping him off the walls. Use Air weapons - Tornado magic should be
helpful here.

Tip : follow the above and you will get Evil Horn for you effort. Save at
the Alter (Water Front). V formation since its only one and you will need
2 magic casters to nail it with Tornado.

Go down back to where you saw the plaster on the wall and you will see that
the water flowing from the Water Front had dissolved the plaster. Take the
Goat Statue from there. Go back to the Water Front, and continue onwards and
you will see an FMV where someone will lower a chandelier for you to see better
(can see bright light at the end of the tunnel yet?).

Go through the debris and you will find St Daniel's Arm, take it (I heard
the Saints will give a hand when you in trouble, but this is a bit too much,
don't you think?). Go up the stairs for a boss fight - the fellow who wanna
show you the light and now its you turn to turn the favor (can you see the
light at the end of the tunnel? If not, don't worry, Edward will show that
part later).

Tip : There is 2 no-combatant obstacle in the way so you must get rid of it
first. U formation, get Edward and James forward and beat the crap of the
obstacles. Koudelka must be near by to heal and hit the obstacle with Flare
spell. Do not try to use magic on the boss because it will miss most of the
time (all spells) even after the obstacles had been removed. When the line
is clear to attack, form a Single Horizontal Line formation and sweep the
boss to one end, keep hit him with physical attacks (take turns and don't
hog) and he will be dead in no time. You can prolong this battle if you want,
but becareful.

After the battle, you will get Brown Glass Part, Red Key and maybe some Listel.
Talk to the downed man and a conversation will begin. The man will explain
what he saw and Edward will demonstrate quick justice, much to dislike of
James and Koudelka. Check the man again to get DA Pistol and some Pistol Rounds.
Discard you SA Pistol and use this (I gave it to James because he is a magic
caster also) and Koudelka at this point onward was using the Rifle I found.

Ok, by know you maybe wandering about all those Dark Weapons you collected
(Dark Knife, Dark Dirk and all). What it does is actually steal (or rather
hurt) the enemy's MP. Just like HP depletes when attack with normal weapon,
MP will deplete is attacked with Dark Weapon. This is useful if you have 2
brutes and 1 Caster. The brute will do damage physically - one depleting HP
while the other will deplete MP.

Another type is Vital Weapons. I suggest have Edward equipped with it
(especially Vital Swords/Rapiers) so he could level up the weapon for later
usage. There is a weapon later in end of CD 3 called LifeDrinker which when
used, will absorb enemy's HP and give to you character. This sword will be
the only weapon which will do any damage on Elaine (2nd form and 3rd form).

Go down the stairs and up on the boxes, to open the passage way to the place
where you started at CD1. Go back to the Old Couple's room and use the Red
Key you found on the door. You will discard it. Enter and take the Dragon's
Statue and Rifle Rounds. Go through the small door and check the painting
to get a vision. After that, get Valna's Doll. Leave and return back to the
Storage place where you fought the thief.

Go to the Storage room (where you get the Crossbow) and open the other door.
Get the Music Box, some Roman Nuts and check the symbols on the box (rightside
of the wall). I presume you wrote down all of it right? Start with the Triangle
and ends with IV (that's the first line) and the other four is the second
line. Go back to the place where the Thief is lying, go to the door next to
him and you will be at the puzzle room.

Take the Shotgun Shells then use the symbols you collected and walk on the
symbols to solve the puzzle, (start on the triangle end at IV, and if you
done properly, Koudelka will remember the second half, and you have to
continue some more). When you done properly, the done is opened.

You are now at the Library (Save-Temp), save and proceed to the room straight
ahead. Take the Ochre Glass Part. There is a Save Box here but you cannot
open it yet. Leave and go down the stairs. Take the Rifle Rounds near the
clock and go through the door. Koudelka will have another vision and you will
see Elaine for the first time and the room above the clock which you just
past by. Use the Stone Tablet on one of the printing press and it will print
the complete Monastery Map (and I still don't know how to use it) and opens
a new "doorway" for you, enter and collect the Disk and the Arrows. You cannot
progress any further till you beat the boss next door.

Go through the other door and you will see another door in front of you with
cravings. Place all the statues you have collected - Lion, Dragon and the
Goat. Make sure you save first, then enter this door. You will get message
"...something is not right here...". Enter the altar on far right to commence
a boss fight.

Tips : nothing much, just use V formation, and use physical and magical
attacks on it till its dead.

You will get Icon's Crown after the battle. Save at the altar and then check
the roots growing next to the library to get into conversation. James seems
to be looking for something. Go back to the cracked wall and you should be
able to access the other door. Go through it and you will be at Triangular
Hallways (Save-Temp). Go forward. You will be in a Church. Take the Relief
Piece in front of you, and go through the door on you left. Put all the pieces
of the Stained Glasses you have found (should be short of 1) and return back
to the large clock you see in the vision with Elaine.

Use the Relief Piece on the clock and a door with open up for you. Enter the
door, the Music Box you carried will sound by itself and you must solve the
puzzle by stepping onto the 4 spots on the floor. Leave and reenter to play
the Music Box if you want to hear again. Just keep running all over the place
(like I did) till you get the right one. Step right, left, top and bottom
(according IGN walkthrough I read).

The door should open up and you will discard the Music Box. As you enter the
door which unlocked for you, you will have another FMV which introduce you
to a dried up prum named Roger Bacon (the name kinda suits him, doesn't
it...Bacon). James also finally reveals his attentions for coming to this place
(after Roger does his version of a heartattacked victim). Take the Green Glass
Part (on the floor) and head for the Church where you placed the other Glass
Parts. But first, make sure you stop by the Office (where the Safe you couldn't
open earlier is) and take Solphia's Letters (for Charlotte, she can be real
bitchy if she didn't get those letters on time).

At the Church, as soon as you put the last piece, a door nearby will unlock,
so leave and save you game at Save Temp (at the hall or inside the room where
you put the Parts) and enter the door which just opened.

Check the bright-blue portion at you leftside (you characters' left) to see
a FMV (looks like someone gave Steroids to some plants) and then head to the
rightside (should be straight forward) to see another FMV. By the way,
All-Saints Day is also known as Halloween (what basically happens that day
is All the Saints will take a holiday). To escape, just place the arrow at
Move, then press Escape to escape (duh!). At least we know 3 people who will
not forget this Halloween for a long time. That's the Demon.

You should be at Inner Grounds (save-temp), go forward and CD2 will come to
an end.

Walkthrough CD3

You will start at Inner Ground, Church Door Side (save temp, better save).
Before we go any further, there is a few things which should be reminded.
Koudelka is alone, which means if she KOed, its game over, so always save
and if have to, escape some battles. Never ever take on a creature here which
look like flying white colored heads with white wings where there should be
ears. Why not? Simply because, they will use Paralyze on you and you may end
up watching Koudelka getting a beating from flying heads (not a pretty sight
when you cannot do anything to help). Do not fight any Rats, unless you have
a Shotgun and have been leveling up with Rifle like what Idid.

Go toward right and you will find 2 statues, attach Icon Items you been
collecting since the beginning of the game, then head back and toward right.
You should find a statue of 2 naked ladies and attach some more Icon Items.
Doesn't it feels odd that there are statues of naked ladies in a Monastery?
Return back to where you started and head forward.

You will see a Waterfall with a door but you cannot go through yet (this area
kinda reminds me of Resident Evil 1, there is one area at the Garden which
cannot be entered because water is running down (guess water there is like
acid). Go down the stairs (right-side of the waterfall) and you can save at
the Water Fountain if you want, go toward the left and you will see another
statue of a Mother holding a Child (I really liked this one) and attach the
Icon Items to it.

When you return back to the Water Fountain, you will notice that the water
have been drained off (and you cannot save).Check the Fountain again
(very-very important) to get the Pendant (which Koudelka dropped when she
was climbing the roof in the beginning of the game). Equip it (you will notice
you attributes increase greatly, especially Magic) and make sure you have
it on Koudelka all the time. Do not throw it away, do not equip it to another
character (it's a gal's item anyway). Go over the stairs and save at Save

You will notice that the water from the Water Falls is gone also, so now you
can enter through the door. The room inside looks like a Torture Room with
a Guillotine near by. Take Pistol Rounds and go through the door behind the
Guillotine and Koudelka will have a vision and a terrible headache. No big
deal, Koudelka just take a nice nap, and you will see Betsy (Caretaker's wife)
demonstrate why you shouldn't bite more than you can chew. Check on Betsy
again to take her Rifle RD (she should have enough by now) and Blue Key (check

Go down the stairs (which you were heading behind the Guillotine) and down
to another room which is no better than top section (who is the Interior
Decorate around here? Dracula?). Go over the table and take Bottle of Blood
from some weird thing on the wall (Koudelka really have a strong stomach,
doesn't she) and Rifle Rounds nearby. Try the door and soon you will meet
up with Edward and James.

The conversation was a bit soft (I tuned down the TV because I was playing
at 2.00 o'clock in the morning). Anyway, try the other door and you will get
it opened. Remember, you have to meet up with Edward and James at the Library.
Go through that door.

You will be at Underground Library (save temp). Go forward and as soon as
you enter the door in front of you, you will get a message "...something is
not right...". This Boss you must face alone, and I think is is a Earth Monster.

Useful tip is to equip any Earth Rags/Armour so you will minimize the damage
by it. I used Earth Rags, Water Rings and Pendant, and been leveling up with
the Rifle so the damage with it was nearly 300+ hp damage while the creature
was doing 50 - 60 HP damage only. If you wanna use magic, use Tornado or Water
based (never Megalith) but I find it easier to physical force rather than
magic. When the monster grouch down and seem to be looking for something,
move away from it or it will drop large rocks on you (Rifle could hit from
anywhere). This could be a easy battle, just watch you HP and you Rifle Bullets
(MP if using magic). You will get Shotgun RD for the trouble (discard Rifle
RD and you will be surprise the damage you can do with Shotgun, assuming you
level up a bit with Rifle a bit) and save at the Altar.

Go through the left door, take the Roman Nuts from the floor. Use the Blood
you found earlier and use it on a statue. Go inside and you will find a creature
(look like someone's head) which will give you tips on various topics (leave
and reenter the room to hear it). After you have enough, continue forward,
and you will be at a door. Go through and run across the bridge (take the
Pistol Rounds first). You will be at the Graveyourd.

The path on the left (up the stone paths) will lead you to the Library but
it is locked (and now, Koudelka cannot step over the small fence which seem
to be only her knee high because that will be improper), so move forward.
Turn left and go into another area with graves, particular interest should
be a grave at the top area (seems to be in a small cave). This is Charlotte's
Grave, so pray for the brat here (it should be helpful if she doesn't bug
us anymore, right?). Leave and continue forward.

You will see a large stone cross, another grave but this one belongs to St
Daniel Scotus (whose hand is been carried around by James at this very moment).
Take the Vagna's Doll near by and pray for the dead Saint. Roger will appear
and say some word about the Saint (it not necessary have to be good ones,
right?). Roger (I like this guy) will leave the gate open for Koudelka to
pass through and when she ask why is he helping her, he simply replies that
the noise that James and Edward are making was enough to wake up the dead
(the dead is him) and ask her to simply go and get them to shut up so he got
get back being dead. One thing I can't figure is how does Roger get pass all
this monsters. I guess they don't like prunes!

Return back to the spot you started (save if you want) and up the stone stairs.
Take Roman Nuts near the metal gate and go through it. This grounds should
be familiar to you, make you way toward the Library and you will rejoin with
Edward and James. There will be another conversation and James will finally
reveals himself. Now everyone is together, if you wanna to take one the Demon,
you can do so (it will be very tough battle, but you can draw Sacnoth if you
manage to defeat the Demon).

Head back to where you found Vagna and Vigna (long way, might as well level
up along the way by prolonging battles with opponents) and give them their
dolls back, that should put them to rest for eternality (peaceful solution,
I like it). Take the Green Key they were holding and use it on the door beside
them (by right, you should have 2 Green Keys). Discard this one and enter.

You will be at the Dungeon (the same one where you end up at beginning of
CD2, only this time, you not behind bars). Take Potion then go up the
staircase . There is another Potion there, take it before entering the light
blue compartment. You should be at Charlotte's Cell (save temp, save before
moving). Get ready to fight a real hard battle. As you run around the room,
you will irritate the tables and chairs.

Tips : This table and chairs are a really pain in the BUTT! They seems to
be vulnerable to Geyser Spells though. V-formation or U-formation is in order,
with 2 brutes attacking two targets while a Magic Caster do his/her things
from far. Keep the brutes' HP above 1/4 at all time, simply because the
opponents can take double-teaming sometimes.

Depends on whether you fight the Table and Chairs or not, the items you will
get is different. It is possible that you don't need to fight them, instead,
just confront Charlotte (I did that once, forgot how I did though.), however,
if you don't have Solphia's Letters, then you will not only confront the Table
and Chairs in the battle, but also Charlotte. Once Charlotte disappears
(literally) take Flare Brooch (only if you fight the Table/Chairs) or some
other Brooch if you don't.

Take the Whiskey and Roman Nuts and leave through the door and you will be
at Dungeon, 1st Floor (save-temp). Go forward and you will see a huge pile
of bodies in front of you. Climb to the top of the pile (just imagine you
self climbing stairs of the Mall) and take Listel and Pistol Rounds. Proceed
toward the door in front and unlock it with you Blue Key. You will be Patrick's
Quarters, 1st Floor (save temp).

Take the Shotgun Shells (its red) in front of you and go through the door
on the left side of the large staircase (straight from where you take the
Shells). Check the Gramophone and use Disk you found earlier and you will
get the Researcher's Notes (plus some nice tune which will soften the
environment a bit). Read the Notes to see what the hell Patrick did here to
make this Monastery in such a mess (hope got strong stomach for it).

There is another door near by and as soon as you enter, you will get the message
"...Something is not right here...". Step onto the altar to start the battle with
another boss (before you could meet Elaine).

Tips : It is not recommended that you sent a lone Brute in, so U-formation
is in order. This boss doesn't seems to vulnerable to a single magic, so try
combination of magic, and attack physically (2 Brutes, 1 Caster). You will
get Automatic Pistol (discard you other pistols and use this) and learn
Reflect Spell (this is useful to cast onto you Brute, but it won't last long

Save you game and check the large potrait hanging nearby (just run around
till you get into a conversation). Koudelka will try to call the spirit of
Elaine and James will really be voicing it out. I felt sad for the old fellow
though. Leave and back to the staircase.

Choose the right-side of the staircase this time, and up the large pathway.
Throw back the bolt on the door on you left, but you no need to go through
it just yet. Come toward another door (toward the camera) and adjust some
statues to open the door to the Secret Library. Enter and you will have a
conversation with Roger Bacon. Ps - Edward had it coming.

After talking to Roger, leave and go through the unbolted door, and you should
be at 2nd floor. Go forward and enter the room in front of you. Check the
book cabinet and you will find a word "HESTIA" (don't worry, Koudelka knows
what that means). Take the Shotgun Shells before entering the other door in
front of you. You should be in a study room (kinda messy). Take the Empty
Bottle from the cabinet, Patrick's Memo, Roman Nuts and Rifle Rounds. Check
the fireplace and a secret passage away will be open for you.

Proceed down the secret passage way, take Panacea from the side and step onto
the Scale. Set the countermeasures to 25, and the door should be open for
you. Return back to the Secret Library and talk to Roger who will tell you
how to destroy the Tree and release Elaine's Soul. At the same time you might
as well return back to the Acid Tank to get some acid.

(I will persume you have the Acid in the Bottle already) Go back and through
the new door. Pick Tinderbox from the dead guy (left side, doesn't he kinda
reminds you of Arnold in Terminator 2?), with Shotgun 6 and Shotgun Shells,
at least he was packing some heavy artillery (throw away you Shotgun RD and
use this).

Go forward and across the wooden plank, through the door in front and you
will be in Vestry, 1st Floor (save temp). Do the Doll Puzzle where all the
dolls must face inward, each other (...er...ain't they a bit big to being playing
with dolls?). Pick up the Roman Nuts and Pistol Rounds, go through the new
door and climb up the altar. It is a bit hard, and you really need to push
you self against the alter before you can climb onto it (I almost miss it
the 1st time I play this game). Light the altar with the Tinderbox and take
the LifeDrinker from its place (I hope you level Edward (or whoever you Brute
is with Vitality weapons), because LifeDrinker and Sacnoth probably will be
the only thing which will make sure Elaine doesn't make a short work of you).

Take the Shotgun Shells (if not done so yet) and go through the door (which
ever you haven't been through, should be one on the left) and you will be
at another Vestry, 1st Floor (save temp). Go straight forward and you will
get another message "...something is not right here...". Another boss fight.

Tips : This Boss will be very hard unless you have LifeDrinker, because that
is the only weapon (besides Sacnoth) which can make any impact on to it, plus,
any counterattacks from the Boss will be "Missed" which means, the Boss get
pinned down no matter what it does. Don't see the Boss move much, like it
was attach itself to the wall, so scrap it off the wall with Sacnoth (if you
got it) and LifeDrinker. You can try any magic but make sure those without
the protection of LifeDrinker (which is vulnerable to the Boss's attacks)
are healed. Might as well let Edward do most of the work while the rest heals
up. You will get a Crossbow for the effect.

Go out and turn left to get into a conversation and CD3 will finish.

Walkthrough CD4

Return back to Patrick's Study Room and James with start mixing Nitroglycerin
(I hope he knows what he is doing) while Edward and Koudelka will get drunk
(no, they don't do anything stupid yet). You will get into a long conversation
where both Edward and Koudelka will tell each other about their past (which
explains why Koudelka is so cold toward the others).

After the conversation is over, James should have finished his work (he didn't
blow anything yet), head back toward to the Chapel where you had door problem
earlier. Edward will demonstrate how to open a door (never ask him to open
yours). Enter and another FMV will begin, showing you the Tree of Life (the
game designer of this game should pick another name of it).

Go up the stairs and do the Organ puzzle - Secret, Pain, People, Light and
the Organ will play (I think it pissed off the tree...I thought plants like
music). Go down and you will notice an underground place. But before you go
down, now is the last chance to stock up on Elixir and Roman Nuts because
in few minutes, James will start a fire and that will be end of the Monastery.
If you well prepared, go down the underground place and you will see another
FMV, which will show you what happened to Patrick (I don't feel pity for him,
though). Step forward and check the Chauldon. Throw Danny's Arm in and watch
another FMV (can you smell what the Rock is cooking???).

Go up the stairs and you will fight some Roots (which ends up more like a
Boss fights) and you will get 3 idols for attributes. Keep going upward to
4th floor and you will end up at Church, 4th Floor (save temp, probably the
last on the game). At this area, you can fight a black cat for Pendant (which
you supposed to get at the Water Fountain in CD3). Get ready for the final

As you near the large flower bud, it will start to shake and you will see
an FMV. If you do not have the Pendant, than its Game Over.

My status here was :

Koudelka - Lv 41
Edward - Lv 40
James - Lv 39

Elaine (quite sexy, but why she running around like someone broke her back,
I not sure) has 3 forms :

1st Form (still human) - vulnerable to Flare spells and Evil Horn.
2nd Form (human, her back didn't improve) - vulnerable to Geyser/Megalith
spell and
LifeDrinker/Sacnoth. U Formation.
3rd Form - after the FMV - the Spider Form (looks like a spider to me) -
vulnerable to Megalith spell, LifeDrinker/Sacnoth. U formation again.

Tip : Use only Elixir and Roman Nuts at all times (Heal spell is helpful if
you managed to level it up to Lv 3). If any of you characters are KO, quickly
use Roman Nuts to bring him/her back. Never, ever underestimate Elaine
(mistake I made).

You will get Game Over if you are defeated by Elaine in her 1st and 2nd form
but not in her 3rd Form. If you are defeated by her 3rd form, you will get
a FMV where James will step forward, declaring how much he loves Elaine (I
think I going to be sick) and then call in an air strike from some higher
authorities (you will have to see it to believe, but it was nice). INTI College
Subang Jayou suggest fight twice, once defeat Elaine and second time, lost
to the 3rd form. Not sure the ending, because INTI College Subang Jayou only
met Elaine once (I played twice, but the 1st I played, my memory card crashed
when I was somewhere in the portion where James mixing up the bom). Well,
good luck/

The End

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