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Jingle Cats

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This FAQ is copyright Phoenix 2001. Please do not reprint or
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you wish to use this FAQ in any way, please email Phoenix at
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Jingle Cats
Playstation FAQ
version 1.0
~*by Phoenix and his friend Konekonekochan*~

one ~ what's jingle cats all about?
two ~ meet the jingle cats!
three ~ meowing the menus
four ~ game controls and how to use them
five ~ advice and strategies from the jingle cats
six ~ songs and stages
seven ~ extra stuff! =^.^=
eight ~ credits and thanks

~ one ~ what's jingle cats all about?

A few years ago, an album was put out of holiday carols sung by
cats. It was a smash hit, and a craze for a while. The group
was called Jingle Cats, and this is their Playstation game
debut. They're a group of eight cats who sing many popular
songs and even do their own music videos.

In the game Jingle Cats, you live with the cats and your task is
to help them get along. This may seem like an easy task, but it
gets progressively more complex. In the game, your goal is to
get two specific cats to get along and become friends...and
while that's very easy in the first stage, where there are only
two cats, more cats get introduced as you progress, making it
more and more difficult to get those together!

Fun, addictive, adorably cute, and surprisingly complex, Jingle
Cats is a fantastic game for any cat lover to play.

~ two ~ meet the jingle cats!

The Jingle Cats are a group of eight, but sometimes a mysterious
stranger, a black cat, shows up to watch them. Who is he, and
what is his real motive?

Binky ~ an all-around nice guy, he looks a lot like a classic
Siamese in many ways, with golden fur and brown ears and is very
gentle and agreeable.

Petunia ~ a bit of a princess, she's also kind of spoiled but
very cute. She is white with pink spots, one of which goes over
her left ear and eye.

Cheese Puff ~ A pretty easygoing cat, he has a longer face than
Binky and a deeper gold fur, with brown ears. He's the 'cool'
one of the bunch.

Graymer ~ a diva if there ever was one! She has beautiful white
fur and black ears, as well as almond-shaped eyes and a lovely
smile, and she knows she's sexy.

Clara ~ a cute little pink-all-over cat who loves to sing. She
also likes to play, and she always tries to keep clean and pretty.

Max ~ an orange cat with a big brown nose and brown ears, he
is like everyone's big brother.

Cueball ~ sometimes a little picky, Cueball is still very sweet
and kind. The top of her head is pink, while the bottom is white,
and her pink is darker than Clara's.

Twizzler ~ a very wiry yellow cat with burgundy markings, he is
a bit of a jock.

Sprocket ~ a bad boy who hangs around sometimes but hasn't yet
approached the others...maybe he thinks he's too cool for them?
He is black and often doesn't keep up his personal hygiene very

~ three ~ meowing the menus

The game controls of Jingle Cats are pretty intuitive and easy to
figure out. Once you use them for a stage or two, you should
have no problem with the subsequent stages. After you finish the
game, you should be able to go back easily and tackle any stage.

First, the game controls themselves are very simple. On a
regular controller, they are as follows:

Directional buttons ~ move cursor/select menu item
~use this to move around in the game or select an item from the

START button ~ pauses the game
~pause the game with this button~

SELECT button ~ displays the option screen automatically
~this automatically displays the option screen while in the game,
without having to go into the menu and select it~

O button ~ grab or pat/executes selected menu item
~grab or pat a cat using this button, or perform a menu item of
your choosing~

X button ~ cancels selected menu item
~cancel your choice with this button~

/\ (triangle) button ~ moves cursor faster while this is held down
~it enables the cursor to move more quickly while you hold down
this button~

[] (square) button ~ displays the status screen automatically
~this automatically displays the status screen while in the game,
without having to go into the menu and select it~

L1/R1 buttons ~ scroll screen
~use these buttons to scroll to the left or to the right through
the Jingle Cats house~

L2/R2 buttons ~ select command button
~use these buttons to automatically access the menu while you are
in the game~

You can also access the menu by simply moving the cursor to the top
of the screen, where the love parameter is.

The game opens up to a screen with three options. In order from
the left, these options are:

New Game Continue Options

If you select New Game, a new game will start, and you'll get the
introduction about the Jingle Cats house and what you are supposed
to do in the game.

If you choose the Continue option, you will be taken to a menu
screen where the game will look through your memory card and
determine if you have any saved games you may continue. If you
wish to continue, select one and then select 'Okay'...the option on
the left (that it defaults to) is 'Cancel', so make sure you choose
the right one!

If you go into the Options screen, you will have a list of things to
do. In order, the options listed here are:

Volume ~ adjust the sound volume
Background Music (BGM) ~ adjust the volume of the background music
Sound Effects (SE) ~ adjust the volume of the sound effects
Music Box ~ play any of the songs from the stages that you've already
cleared, complete with music videos!
Return to the Title ~ return to the main title

During the game you may also access an options screen. The ones
listed there are:

Save ~ saves the current game
Load ~ loads a saved game *be careful to save the game you're playing
before you load a new one*

Ima Made no Kiroku ~ records of friendship between cats up to now

Title ni Modoru ~ returns you to the title screen
~be careful to save your game before doing this, or else you will lose

Game ni Modoru ~ returns you to the game

During the game you may also access a Status screen. The fields shown
to you are as follows:

Trust ~ this shows how much the cats trust you, and if it is low you
can always pet them or do something that makes them happy like bathing
or feeding them

Feeling ~ cats are fickle, so this goes up when they're happy but also
goes down quickly when something happens to make them unhappy

Hunger ~ this shows how hungry they are, so be sure to monitor it
carefully, or else they will think only about food if they aren't fed

Cleanliness ~ this shows how clean the cats' bodies are, so if the
gauge is low, you should bathe them; also, if the room is messy, the
gauge will go down, so keep the room tidy!

You can use the arrows to go back and forth between cats, and the other
option at the bottom is 'Game ni Modoru' or 'Return to the Game'.

~ four ~ game controls and how to use them

In the game you will be using the menu to choose between certain
options. In order, from the left side of the menu, the options are:

Love Parameter Display ~ this toggles the love parameter either to show
or to hide

Patting Hand ~ use this hand to pet your cats

Grabbing Hand ~ use this hand to pick up your cats and place them
elsewhere, but be careful because they don't like being picked up too

Rubber Hammer ~ you can use this to bonk your cats, but I have never used
it and don't recommend it...they will be very mad at you and will ignore
you until you make them happy again

Foxtail ~ use this to play with your cats

Play ~ choose from several toys: a beach ball, a ball of yarn, ahiruchan
('ducky'), wind-up mouse, and a sports car that runs by itself

Food ~ choose from several meals: the bowl that is filled is the full
food, which can be used to feed all your cats, but only twice a day (this
is all you should need); the others are snacks, which can feed one cat and
can be used only once a day, except the special food, which looks like the
full meal with an 's' on it, and it will make all the cats full, but it
only appears once every three days

Cleaning ~ this option looks like a dustpan, and you can use it to clean
up the room, like the cat litter, broken bottles, turned-over vases, toys
pulled off of shelves, and things like that

Love Attack ~ the main cat will declare love and friendship to his partner,
but be careful because you have to choose the right moment; this looks like
a shining heart with an 'a' inside

Status ~ this option looks like a cat's face, and with it you can check the
status of all your cats

Options ~ this looks like a house, and using it accesses the in-game option

~ five ~ advice and strategies from the jingle cats

To do well at this game, you have to cater to the somewhat fickle tastes of
all the cats, but not to worry! I have spent a lot of time with them and
compiled these pointers.

~First of all and most importantly, learn to use the status window when in
the game. This will tell you what you need to be careful of when dealing
with the cats. You can look at their picture, which will indicate how they
feel. If they look mad, then see what you can do to improve that. If they
are very happy, they will show it by looking at you pleasantly and meowing.
You can use this to plan when you will bathe certain cats or when you will
feed them, and you can also use this to see when you need to pet or play
with cats to make them happy.

~You can hold down the O button to hold a toy or food and take it to where
you want to put it down. You put it down by releasing the O button. This
way you can make sure to put down a toy or food in the best place.

~Cats love to take a bath, and you can see how clean they're getting by how
much suds they make. If they are very dirty, there will be a lot of suds
at first. When there are no more suds, make sure to take the kitty out
quickly, or else he will get mad.

~Don't overfeed cats. Twice a day is usually enough for them, but sometimes
one of the cats might get hungry, so use a snack for them. Make sure to
always keep track of the cats' hunger. They will often gather at the
refrigerator to tell you that they are hungry.

~Never hit your cats. No matter what they do, if you hit them, it will just
make things more difficult for you. They will be unhappy, and so they will
ignore you for a while and their trust for you and feelings will go down.
If they break something, just clean it up and go on with things.

ake everyone happy. Try to do your best to please all the cats, so that
one of them doesn't intervene when you're trying to make the two main cats
be friends. Also, try to concentrate on the two if you can. The foxtail
is a great way to lead a playful cat to the other cat, and the two can play
together and like each other more.

~If you get two or more cats to play together long enough, special time will
start. When this happens, place a toy from the Play menu down among them,
and they will play together. In special time, their love parameters will
go up much faster than normal, so take advantage of this time to get them
to play as much as possible.

~Before you do love attack, make sure all the cats' status fields are all
very high. Otherwise, another cat may intervene, or one of the main cats
may not go through with it. Most importantly, don't ignore the trust
field, because if they don't trust you, they won't do the love attack.
Sometimes you may lose love parameter points if you mess up, but not

~A great time to get two cats to play is when the other one, two, or three
are busy, whether they're asleep, in the bath, or otherwise occupied. It
usually leads to special time if you get them to play long enough, but
make sure you don't forget about the others, especially if they're in the
bath! That could lead to unhappy kitties!

~Another way to distract other cats is to pet them until they fall asleep
purring. This also makes them trust you more and makes them happier, so
their feeling goes up too. They usually sleep long enough for you to get
the other two cats together to play!

~If you can, try to get special time as quickly as possible, so that you
can get the love parameter up and won't have to worry about it if it goes
down a little bit during the game. If you get it high at the very start,
you may be able to do love attack very early!

~The love parameter will increase until it is flashing, and if both are
high enough, it will often say 'chance' in the middle over the heart,
which means 'this is your chance!'...so make sure all the scores are
okay, and then take it and love attack!

~ six ~ songs and stages

Here is a list of all the songs in the game and which stages they follow.
Also included is commentary on the levels.

*two cats only*
1 - Smoke on the Water
~this is the tutorial level, so there are only two cats, and the game
guides you through it~

*one extra cat*
2 - Stranger
~this is the first real level, and another cat is added to the equation,
so this will let you get used to the concept of taking care of another
cat...you might want to play this one twice though, to get really used
to the idea~

*two extra cats*
3 - Kira Kira Hoshi (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)
4 - Like a Virgin
5 - Christmas Eve
~these stages add two other cats, so you will have to be careful to care
for all of them, and also to make sure your main two get together...it
starts you out slowly, so you should be okay~

*three extra cats*
6 - Sayonara Augustine
7 - Diamondhead
8 - Utsukushiki Aoki Donau (Swan Lake)
~these stages include three other cats, so it is very complex, and you
should be comfortable with the game's menus and system before starting
level six...make sure you keep an eye on all of the cats, and consult
the status menu often~

9 - Born to be Wild
~this is the last stage and the most complex, because Sprocket is one of
the main cats, and he is a mischievous cat who doesn't keep himself very
clean...you will have to try very hard to win his trust and to get him
into special time, and once you have the love parameter and his trust
(and all the other status scores) up high enough, you can give him a
bath before using love attack; this is a messy house by default, so you
have to be careful to keep all the cats clean~

~ seven ~ extra stuff! =^.^=

Nothing yet...if you have anything to contribute, feel free!!! ^^

~ eight ~ credits and thanks

Thanks to everyone who reads this FAQ and plays Jingle Cats, because it
is such a wonderful, fantastic game.

To reach the Jingle Cats crew, send email to jinglecats@sme.co.jp. They
used to have a website for the game, but it has since been removed, most
likely because the game was released three years ago. ^^

I'd like to thank Sony for putting out such a wonderful game. Jingle
Cats is copyright them, and no infringement or endorsement is intended
nor should it be inferred by the usage of their product or any names or
paraphernalia pertaining to Jingle Cats.

Thanks to any site that's hosting this FAQ.

Thanks for reading this far. If you have any additions, questions, or
comments, please write me at hushicho@neo-tokyo.org with the subject
'Jingle Cats FAQ'. I'll respond as soon as I can and, if you have another
tip or addition for the FAQ, you'll be credited in the next version of the

Love! =^.^=

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