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Enter an Ancient World of
Bravery, Mysticism, and Romance...


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\ Suikoden Game Script / FAQ Info
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/ Created: August 31, 2001 \ Words: 14055
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\ Verion 1.2 / Lines: 3311
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/ By Tsogtsaihan Baatar \
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Table of Contents
I. Introduction
- About the Author
II. Disclaimer
III. Versions and Updates
IV. Game Script
1. The Golden Age
2. The Mt. Seifu Bandits
3. The Soul Eater Rune
4. Liberation Army
5. Birth of Toran Castle

Hi! I hope you enjoy the guide. It is still in-progress but
will soon be finished. I will do a Suikoden Walkthrough FAQ
soon, so be sure to drop by.

About the Author

Name: Tsogtsaihan Baatar
Nationality: Mongolian
Age: 15
Aim name: Tsogtoo777

The copyright to the game Suikoden and all its characters and
terms belong to Konami. However, this written down version of
the script belongs to me. It may not be copied in any way,
whether on paper or electronically without my permission. If
you want permission to put it on your site: email me at and give me a good reason why you want to
use my work. In addition, you must give me the exact URL
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The script may not be altered in any way. If it is, you will
be forced to remove it from your site. If you see the script
on a page not listed, please notify me. I would really
appreciate it so I could catch those thieves.

If you use this script for any purposes other than your
entertainment, you must notify me and give credit. This
includes using direct quotes.

"Copyright 2001 Tsogtsaihan Baatar"


Version 1.0: August 27, 2001
-The first version of the FAQ.
-Made the layout.
-Borrowed the Disclaimer from Sheamon (thanks to Sheamon)
-Also the script covers from Golden Age to Mt. Seifu Bandits.

Version 1.1: August 28, 2001
-Made some minor changes to the layout.
-The script covers from Mt. Seifu Bandits to Birth of Toran

Version 1.2: August 29, 2001
-Fixed a LOT of things. Continued the script to Kouan. Nothing
new. I just wanted to update this because the last update had
some problems.




[The game starts at the upper floor of Gregminster's Palace]

Teo: What's the matter, Hero? Are you nervous? Don't worry,
the audience will be finished quickly. Just be the way you
always are. The Emperor is stern, but there's nothing to be
afraid of.

A lady: Master Teo, Master Hero, The Emperor will receive you
now. Please come this way.

< Teo McDohl, General of the Imperial Army and his son Hero
McDohl, Here for an audience with the Emperor >

Barbarosa: Welcome, Teo. How are things?

Teo: Much as they were when we fought together in the War of
Succession, Your Highness.

Barbarosa: Impressive words. Do you not agree, Windy?

Windy: Indeed, they are the words of a great general.

Barbarosa: Teo, I am sure you are aware of the troubling
activity in the north. Would you be willing to travel there to
protect the border?

Minister: Our disputes with the United City-States of Jowstone
are complicated, but with General McDohl in charge, we can
rest assured.

Barbarosa: My beloved sword Prakk has brought me luck on
countless occasions. I would like you to have it. Take it with

[Teo takes the sword]

Teo: Thank you, your Highness. I, Teo, swear not to disappoint

Barbarosa: You have my blessings. Good luck, Teo.

Barbarosa: So you're Teo's boy Hero. Quite an impressive
little countenance. Listen, Hero. Would you be willing to give
the Empire a helping hand while your father is protecting the
northern border?


1. Hero: I don't wanna.

Barbarosa: Ha, ha! Like father, like son. Listen, Hero.
Someday, you will follow the path of your own choosing. But
for now, you have a great deal to learn from me. Plenty of
time for freedom later.


2. Hero: Yes, Your Highness.

Barbarosa: You already resemble your father. I shall look
forward to seeing you grow into manhood.


Teo: Thank you for your kind words, Your Highness.

Minister: Commander Kraze of the Imperial Guard will be Master
Hero's superior.

Windy: What an attractive young man you are. Good luck to you,

Teo: We had better be going, Your Highness.

Barbarosa: I'm relying on you, Teo. And Hero, I hope your
efforts will surpass your father's.

[Teo and Hero leaves the audience]

Teo: Let's go.

[After going down the stairs]

Teo: This is Kraze's room. You'll be reporting to him starting
tomorrow. Go and introduce yourself.

[Hero goes into Kraze's room]

Kraze: Heh. So you're Teo's boy. What's your name? Hero? I
couldn't care less if you're the son of a great general.
You'll get no special treatment here, understand? Now go on
home. Work begins tomorrow. Report here first thing in the

[Hero leaves the room]

Teo: Did you introduce yourself? I must admit I'm quite
surprised that you've been assigned to such a weakling, but...
Well, let's get going. Gremio must be worried sick.

[At General Teo's home, Gremio comes in rushing]

Gremio: Welcome home, Young Master. H-h-how did it go? Was
everything OK? Were you nervous in front of the Emperor? I was
soooo worried. But I guess everything went fine.

Teo: You shouldn't worry so much, Gremio.

Gremio: Oh! Master Teo... I didn't notice you at all.

Teo: Didn't notice me? Good grief. The only one you seemed to
care about is Hero.

Gremio: Sorry, Master Teo. By the way, Young Master, Ted is
here to congratulate you. Oh my god! The stew! The stew!

[Gremio rushes to his stew while Teo goes off to General
Sonya's house]
[Hero goes upstairs to his room when Ted comes out]

Ted: I heard the news, Hero! You met the Emperor, didn't you?
Tell me all about it. Please. Let's go up to your room, OK?
Tell me all about the Emperor, right now!

[In Hero's room]

Ted: Please let me join your entourage. I owe so much to
Master Teo, who adopted me when I was an orphan, and I want to
return the favor. OK?


1. Hero: Gee, I dunno.

Ted: Please, I want to work for the Imperial Guard too. Oh

Hero: Gee, I dunno

Ted: Oh, come on. I thought we were friends.

Hero: Gee, I dunno

Ted: Hey, stop giving me a hard time. You're really going to
let me join you, right? I know what's on your mind.


2. Hero: Of course.

Ted: Great! I knew you were a good friend! Now for more
important matters. What kind of man was the Emperor? And tell
me about Windy, the Court Magician. Was she beautiful? Come
on, tell me everything.


[After a long conversation]

Ted: I see. I am sure I would like to see Windy in person. Hey
Hero... I really don't know how to tell you this,
but...ummm... Say Hero there's something I want to tell you.
Can you keep a secret? Can you promise not to tell anyone what
I'm about to tell you?

Gremio: Young Master! Ted! Supper is ready!

Ted: Hey, it's time to eat. Let's go, Hero. We can talk some
other time.

[Hero and Ted take a seat]

Teo: Are the glasses filled? Attention, everybody. Tomorrow
morning. I must travel north. Hero will be responsible for the
household in my absence. I'd like you all to give him full

Teo: Gremio.

Gremio: Y-y-yes...sir.

Teo: You've taken care of Hero since he was a baby. Thanks to
your efforts. He's grown into a fine youth. I'm grateful to

Gremio: But Sir, I, this is my job, an-and besides, serving
Young Master is a pleasure for me too...

Teo: I'm glad to hear it. I hope you continue to watch over
him. Cleo, Pahn, I'm counting on you two as well to help and

Cleo: Yes, Master Teo.

Pahn: Of course, Sir. Leave it to us.

Teo: And Ted, I hope you'll always be a good friend to Hero.

Ted: I'd do so even if you said otherwise, Sir. Right, Hero?

Teo: Enough talk. Let's eat before the food gets cold. Let's
raise our glasses.

[Teo raises a glass]

Teo: To my son. To the Empire.

[In the morning, while Hero is sleeping, Teo and Gremio comes
into Hero's room]

Teo: It looks like I won't be seeing your face for a while,

Gremio: Shall I wake him up?

Teo: No, let him sleep. It's not as if we'll never meet again.
... Gremio, take good care of him, won't you?

Gremio: I will, Master Teo.

[Later that morning Gremio comes in to Hero's room and Hero

Gremio: Oh, did I wake you up? Good morning. Listen, Young
Master. Master Teo departed while you were sleeping. You're
such a late sleeper... Today you start working as a member of
the Imperial forces. We must prepare to visit Commander Kraze.

[Gremio joins and the two heads down stairs to meet up with
Pahn and Cleo]

Pahn: the next time we have a day off... Hey, here he
comes. You're late, Young Master. It's your first day on the
job. I'm so excited! Whether it's battling bandits in Mt.
Seifu or monsters on Lake Toran, Pahn here's your man.

Cleo: Calm down, will you? All you ever think about is
fighting. Our job is to protect the Young Master.

Pahn: I know, I know. Now let's be on our way to the palace.

[Pahn and Cleo joins. Hero goes to the door to leave]

Ted: Hey, wait for me, Hero. How can you leave me behind? You
know you'll be lonely without me, right, Hero?

[Ted joins]

[They leave the building and walks over to Kraze's room]

Kraze: Heh. So it's Teo's boy? You're late! You can't be
pampered all your life, you know. Now for your first
assignment. Listen carefully, because I'll only tell you once.
Northeast of Gregminster lies the Magician's Island. Leknaat
the Seer lives there. She has been commissioned to look into
the stars. Go there and bring me her results. Are you
listening? Tell me where the Magician's Island is.


1. Hero: Northeast of Gregminster.

Kraze: Heh. At least you can understand what I'm saying.


2. Hero: Northwest of Gregminster.

Kraze: Do you have wax in your ears? The Magician's Island is
northeast of here. Pay attention.


3. Hero: Somewhere on this earth.

Kraze: Don't think you can treat me like a fool just because
you're the son of a great general. Keep acting up and you'll
be sorry.


Kraze: Heh. Here are the rest of your instructions. There is
no boat to Magician's Island, but I've arranged for a Dragon
Knight from the Knights of the Dragon's Den to take you there.
You'll find him in front of the barn. The dragon will
transport you to the island. By the way, Leknaat the Seer is
the youngest sister of Court Magician Windy, so you'd better
behave yourself.

[The party steps outside]

Pahn: Gee, I was looking forward to your first job, and it
turns out to be an errand. As if we were kids. I was hoping
for something really exciting...

Cleo: Take it easy, Pahn. Besides, the astrological results
are very important for the Empire. It's not such a bad

Gremio: You're right. And this job won't be so dangerous...
Oh, I don't mean to imply you're not reliable, Master Hero,

Ted: Hey, Hero. We get to ride a dragon, and meet a real
Dragon Knight! Dragon Knights are really cool. Come on, let's
get going!

[Hero goes to the barn and finds the Dragon Knight]

Futch: Are you the Imperial Guard? I'm Futch, apprentice
Dragon Knight, this is my dragon Black. Hey Black, introduce

[The dragon stretches his wings and makes a loud noise]

Futch: Isn't he cute? So you'll be going to Magician's Island.
Black will take you there in no time.

Ted: You're a Dragon Knight? You're just a punk.

Futch: What did you say? You're a punk yourself!

Ted: I'm a punk? I happen to be 300-years...

[Gremio grabs Ted]

Gremio: All right, that's enough. Let's be on our way.

Ted: Let go of me, Gremio! He called me a punk!

Cleo: Oh boy, this is going to be-some trip.

Pahn: Take it easy, Futch. Let's get going.

Futch: OK, OK. Everyone climb aboard the basket on black's

[The party climbs aboard]

Futch: Are you ready? Hold on tight, or you'll fall off. Not
that I'd mind if one of you did fall off.

Ted: Hey!

Cleo: Watch it. Quit fighting in the basket.

Futch: OK Black. Let's go!

[The dragon drops them at the shore]

Futch: Here we are. Speed make you dizzy? Well, my job ends
here. I'll wait here until you're done. Be careful.

[The party sets north. After going north, the party encounters
with someone]

Luc: How unusual to have visitors on this island. I must
prepare an appropriate welcome. Wind Rune...

[The man summons a creature. After defeating the creature]

Luc: Wow, you guys are really something, beating my magic like
that I'm impressed, Imperial Guards.

[Pahn steps forward]

Pahn: Hey! Have you got something against us, or what?

Luc: Take it easy. I know who you guys are. You've come to see
Lady Leknaat, right? I just wanted to test you. I guess you're
the real thing. Come this way, honored guests.

[Luc brings the party to Leknaat's mansion and the party
climbs up the LONG stairs and finally reaches the top]

Leknaat: I was expecting you, messengers from the Empire. Oh
my, what a cute messenger we have this year.

Ted: She says you're cute, Hero. How do you feel about that?

Leknaat: I'm sorry. You're a soldier of the Empire. I
shouldn't call you "cute". I have prepared the Astral
Conclusions. Follow me.

Gremio: Young Master, we must go to Lady Leknaat's.

[Hero follows Lady Leknaat]

Leknaat: Imperial messenger, here are the Astral Conclusions.
Please take them.

[Hero steps up to take the Astral Conclusions]

Leknaat: !!! What's your name? I see. Hero--such a friendly
name. I am an astrological magician. My job is to see the
future in the stars. But the future is not unchangeable. All I
can see is the overall flow of things. Hero, you are bearing a
huge burden in the flow of destiny. You will have to make
painful choices, and experience a great deal of pain and
sorrow. And I know not what the outcome is. But always
remember that your destiny is in your own hands. Never forget
that. You must decide what is right. Do you understand? Here
are the Astral Conclusions. My job is now done. But we will
meet again. Not that I see our reunion in the stars... It's
just my wish.

[Hero takes the Astral Conclusions and goes back to meet with
the party]

Ted: You're back at last. You sure took your time. What were
you up to in there, eh?

Pahn: If we don't hurry, Futch will get impatient and leave us
behind. Let's get going.

Cleo: Don't be so rude to Lady Leknaat. Are you hungry or

Pahn: Shut up.

[Leknaat comes out]

Leknaat: You must be all bored. I'll have Luc take you to the
shore. Luc?

[Luc appears from nowhere]

Luc: I'm here, Lady Leknaat.

Leknaat: Take Hero and his companions to the shore. And none
of your tricks now, do you hear?

Luc: Of course not, Ma'am. I would never trick anyone.

Cleo: If you'll excuse us, Lady Leknaat, we'll be on our way.

[Leknaat walks over to Cleo]

Leknaat: You...

Cleo: Yes?

Leknaat: Your job is to protect Hero. Take this. It should
come in handy sometime.

[Cleo receives the Fire Crystal]

Leknaat: Hero...Remember what I told you.

Luc: Ready, everyone? Then close your eyes. Wind Rune, show
your power.

[Luc warps everybody. Meanwhile at the shore]

Futch: Boy are they late, Hey Black, think we should leave?
The Imperial Guard should be able to fend for themselves.

[Hero, Gremio, Pahn and Cleo appears at the shore]

Pahn: What the?? Whoa, What's going on here? We're back here
already. I've never seen such magic.

Gremio: You are a worthy apprentice to Lady Leknaat.

Cleo: That's all fine, but...where's Ted?

[Ted appears in the air and falls down hard]

Ted: Ouch! Watch it, you punk!

Futch: Better watch your mouth!

Gremio: Enough is enough. I'm sick of all this fighting.

Futch: It's about time. Hurry up and hop on, or we'll leave
you behind.

[Everybody aboards]

Gremio: W-we're all aboard.

Pahn: Darn, it's crowded in here.

Futch OK Black, let's fly back to the Imperial Capital.

[After a short flight on the dragon's back, they reach the
Imperial Capital safely]

Futch: That's the end of my job. You all have to deliver the
Astral Conclusions to the commander. While I'm in the capital,
I might as well take a look around. How would you like to go
to the theater, Black?




[Hero brings the Astral Conclusions to Kraze's room]

Kraze: Finally back, eh? I've been sick of waiting for you.
Hurry and give me the Astral Conclusions.

[Hero gives the Astral Conclusions to Kraze]

Kraze: I guess you've done your job. You're apparently not
totally useless. So get ready for your next assignment. What's
the matter? Why don't you look happier? It's an honor to be
able to work for the Empire.

[A man beside Kraze]

Kanaan: Commander Kraze is right.

Pahn: Ho hum.

Kraze: Listen carefully. East of Gregminster, you'll find a
town called Rockland.

Kanaan: Understand? Rockland, east of Gregminster.

Kraze: For some reason, this town has failed to pay its taxes.

Kanaan: For some reason, they won't pay.

Kraze: So you will go to Rockland.

Kanaan: That's right, you'll go to Rockland.

Kraze: And tell them that their tax payment is overdue.

Kanaan: Tell them they're overdue.

Kraze: Shut up! Stop yapping while I'm talking.

Kanaan: That's right. All of you stop yapping.

Kraze: Idiot! Kanaan! I'm telling you to shut up!

Kanaan: Who, me?

Kraze: Forget it. Anyway, ask the military commander of
Rockland about the tax situation. His name is Grady. And
you'll take Kanaan with you on this mission.

Kanaan: Heh heh. Listen, all of you. I'm your superior in the
Imperial Guard. Disobeying me means disobeying the Empire.
Keep that in mind.

Cleo: What a creep.

Kraze: That's all I have to say. Now get on your way to

[After leaving Gregminster the party sets out while Kanaan
follows the party. They all come to Rockland and goes in to
Grady's mansion]

Man: Hey, who are you fellows? This is Master Grady's mansion.
You're not allowed in here. What do you want?

Kanaan: What did you say?! I'm Kanaan assistant to Imperial
Guard Commander Kraze! Tell Grady to get out here!

Man: What! Y-yes sir, right away. Please wait a moment.

[The man walks over to Grady's room]

Grady: What is it? Those villagers come to complain again? Get
them out of here.

Man: No sir. They're the Imperial Guard.

Grady: Whatever they are, I'm busy! Hurry up and...What?
Imperial Guard! Did you say Imperial Guard? Why didn't you
tell me sooner, you fool!

[Grady rushes out to see the party]

Grady: Welcome, welcome, members of the Imperial Guard. What
brings you to this poor country town? Please come in.

[They all step into Grady's room. Kanaan takes a look at
Grady's room]

Kanaan: Humph. Looks like you're doing very well here.

Grady: Oh no, not at all, sir.

Kanaan: Forget it. You know why we're here, don't you?

Grady: Indeed, sir. About the taxes, right? We've been
troubled about that too. You see, some bandits settled on
nearby Mt. Seifu, and have been pillaging the local villages.
That's why we've been unable to collect taxes and deliver them
to you. But I'm glad there's nothing to be worried about now.

Kanaan: What do you mean by that?

Grady: I speak, of course, of your arrival. The arrival of the
courageous National Guard. Getting rid of country bandits
should be an easy task for you. You're not afraid of them, I'm

Kanaan: Ho ho! Of course not. Hmmm, bandits, eh? Ummm...well.
We should be okay. Well crush them like flies. Ho ho ho!

Cleo: That's ridiculous. Our mission is to...

Pahn: Ha ha! I can't wait. I've been waiting for a good fight.

Ted: Me too. Let's teach the bandits a lesson. Right, Hero?


1. Hero: Of course

Gremio: Young Master, we mustn't.

Cleo: Boys will be boys.


2. Hero: We should return home first.

Kanaan: What? I'm the leader of this party, and I say we go
fight. Just shut up and follow me, you cowards.


Kanaan: Fine, let's get going. Don't fall back now.

Gremio: I'm glad of your decision, but do you know where Mt.
Seifu is?

Kanaan: Sh-shut up. I was just about to ask you.

Grady: Mt. Seifu is east of Rockland.

Kanaan: Fine, Now let's go!

[The party goes to the nearby mountain. After walking for
several hours, the party encounters a huge Queen Ant blocking
their way. After an impossible fight with the Queen Ant the
party backs away]

Pahn: Damn, she's powerful! We'll never beat her!

Cleo: At this rate we'll get wiped out.

Kanaan: Fools! What are you saying! You must protect me.

Gremio: Young Master, let's run. I'll protect you.

Cleo: I don't know if we can make it.

Kanaan: Do something!

Ted: Hero, everybody, stand back. I have an idea.


1. Hero: OK, Ted.

Ted: Let me handle this. Did I ever let you down?


2. Hero: Don't be reckless, Ted

Ted: Don't worry, Hero. Let me handle this. But... Thanks for
being considerate, Hero.


[Ted walks up and challenges the Queen Ant, casting a weird
Black Dome magic on the Queen Ant. The Black Dome sucks the
Queen Ant and disappears]

Kanaan: What the hell??

Gremio: Ted! How did you do that?

Ted: Sorry, but I can't explain right now. Hero, I'll tell you
when we get home. But don't ask now. Anyway, let's get rid of
the bandits and go back to Gregminster.

Kanaan: Hmmm, this must be what Commander Kraze was talking

[The party goes deeper into the mountain and comes out on top.
The party goes up a little and sees a two bandit]

Varkas: Well well, we have visitors. How unusual. What do you

[Kanaan proudly steps forward]

Kanaan: Listen up, you bandits. I Kanaan, Assistant Commander
of the Imperial Guard of the Golden Emperor Barbarosa, have
come here to teach you a lesson. Turn yourselves in, you tax

Varkas: Did you hear that? He says we're the tax thieves.
Listen here, you petty clerk. I'm Varkas the Whirlwind Axe.
Sydonia, you introduce yourself too.

Sydonia: Heh, why bother?

Varkas: Affable fellow. Anyway, that there is Marksman
Sydonia. You Imperial tax robbers better get out of here
before you get hurt.

Pahn: I'm the renowned Imperial hero...

Cleo: Shut up! Don't you join in their games.

Kanaan: Listen, bandits. If you don't give yourselves up,
you'll be sorry.

Varkas: You wanna fight? Fellas, go get'em!

[4 bandit comes out. Kanaan steps back]

Kanaan: Whoaaaaaa! These guys are serious! W-what are you
doing? Hurry up and fight! Fight!

[The party easily defeats the bandits]

Varkas: You guys are hopeless. I'll take you guys on myself.
Sydonia, give me a hand.

Sydonia: Heh.

[The party fights the two. Cleo uses the Fire Crystal that
Leknaat gave and the others finishes the two off]

Pahn: Give up? Ha ha!

Gremio: Phew! Are you all right, Young Master?

Kanaan: Heh heh heh. That's what you get for defying me.

Cleo: You didn't do a thing.

Varkas: Damn. How can I be defeated by Imperial dogs.

Kanaan: Capture the bandits.

[The party captures the bandits]

Kanaan: OK, our work is done! Let's get the hell out of here!

[The party goes down to leave]

Pahn: Phew. That idiot sure moves fast on the way down.

Kanaan: Hurry it up, you all. We're off to a hero's welcome in
Rockland. Ha ha!

[The party comes in to Rockland and enters Grady's mansion]

Man: Welcome back, Master Kanaan. What happened with the
bandits? What, you captured them? I'll get Master Grady right
away. Please wait a moment.

[The man goes in to Grady's room. Grady comes out]

Grady: You're back so soon. I'm very impressed, Imperial
Guardsmen. You didn't waste any time capturing the tax

Varkas: What do you mean, tax thieves? You're the tax thieves!

Grady: We'll place them in this dungeon here.

[The man takes the two away]

Grady: Master Kanaan.

Kanaan: What?

Grady: Please take this small gift from the villagers.

Kanaan: Well thank you very much.

[Kanaan takes the 10,000 bits and restores it in a safe place]

Kanaan: This is dangerous, so I'll hold on to it.

[The 10,000 bits gets stolen]

Kanaan: Thanks to my efforts, the bandits have been captured.
Let's get back to Gregminster. I want to report my success to
Commander Kraze right away.




[The party comes to Gregminster]

Kanaan: This is as far as you have to come. I will report to
Commander Kraze. You can all go to home and rest. I'm such a
nice guy.

Pahn: Yeah, so nice it makes me cry. He's planning to take all
the credit for himself.

Cleo: Let it go, Pahn. It wasn't such a big accomplishment
anyway. I'm exhausted. I want to go home and rest.

Gremio: Young Master, we've been away from home for a long
time. I'll fix something special to eat.

Ted: Great. Gremio, your cooking's terrific.

Kanaan: Ted, you come with me.

Ted: What's this about?

Kanaan: Oh, nothing much. It'll be over soon. Come along now.

Ted: Ok then. Hero, go on home. I'll see you later. Besides, I
have something to tell you.

Kanaan: Let's go, Ted.

[Kanaan leaves with Ted. The party goes home]

Pahn: Finally, home sweet home.

Gremio: Young Master, I'll prepare some food right away]

[They all has a nice dinner]

Pahn: Phew! I'm stuffed. Sure beats the dried meat we've been
eating. Finally some food fit for humans.

Cleo: What are you talking about? You'd eat anything to fill
your stomach.

Pahn: You've got a point there. Ha, ha, ha, ha!

[Gremio comes in]

Gremio: Young Master, I've made some tea.

[Hero goes downstairs and sees Ted lying in the floor with a

Ted: Uhhhhhh...

[Gremio comes down]

Gremio: Young Master, what in the... Cleo! Pahn! Give us a

[Cleo and Pahn comes down to see what's happening]

Pahn: Ted! What happened?

Cleo: All this blood. And this wound, it's not natural. Magic?

Gremio: What are you doing? Bring him in immediately. Young
Master, give us a hand.


1. Hero: Help

Gremio: Ready? Put your hand on my shoulder and...heave ho...

[Gremio and Hero takes Ted to Cleo's bed]


2. Hero: Don't help

Gremio: Young Master! Don't just stand there!

Cleo: Take it easy on him. Look what's happened to his best
friend. He's in shock. Can you blame him? I'll help. Young
Master, let me through.

[Gremio and Cleo takes Ted to bed]


Cleo: What happened? Was he attacked by thugs on his way back
from the palace? But then, why would he have a magic wound?

Pahn: He's coming around.

Ted: Uhhh... ohhh... where am I? Where are they? The Imperial
Guard, aren't they here yet? Help me Hero.

Gremio: Relax. Everything's fine. Tell us what happened after
you calm down.

Ted: Gremio, I...

[A flashback scene]

Ted: Hurry up, will you. I'm starving.

Kanaan: Keep quiet and wait. Commander Kraze is seeing Lady
Windy now.

[Kraze comes out]

Kraze: All right, Ted. Follow me.

Ted: OK, OK.

[Ted follows Kraze into the room]

Windy: It's been a while, hasn't it little man. You haven't
changed a bit in 300 years. I'm envious.

[Ted backs. Kraze and Kanaan blocks the exit]

Ted: You! You're that witch!

Windy: Well now, you remember me, do you? That pleases me. Of
course you've never left my mind for a moment. Now give me
that rune you have in your right hand.

Ted: No way! I'd rather...

[Ted backs away]

Windy: What are you doing??

[Ted raises his right hand]

Ted: It's the Cursed Rune, the "Soul Eater." Its power...

[Windy steps forward]

Windy: Don't be a fool. If you use that here, you'll destroy
yourself too.

[Ted uses the Soul Eater rune. Back to the Hero's house]

Ted: Hero, please...

Pahn: Hey Ted.

Gremio: He's passed out again.

Pahn: What is going on here? It seems the Imperial Guard was
after him. But how can that happen...

[Gremio steps forward]

Gremio: What are you accusing Ted of? He's a good boy!

Pahn: I don't know, Cleo. Maybe we'd better contact the
Imperial Guard.

[Gremio backs Pahn off]

Gremio: Why? Your best friend would never do anything to harm
the Empire! Why should we call the Guard?

Pahn: But we can't be sure. We can't cause problems while
Master Teo is away.

Cleo: Well then, we'll wait until Ted wakes up.

[Hero talks with Pahn]

Pahn: Young Master... Ted's fever isn't getting any better.
I'm going to go wake up the shopkeeper and buy some medicine.

[Pahn leaves the house to get some medicine]

Gremio: It won't stop raining.

Cleo: It's a nasty rain. Gives me the shivers.

Ted: Uhhhhh...

Cleo: He's waking up...

Ted: N.............. I'm be a bother.

Gremio: Forget it. What did you mean by "Soul Eater"?

Ted: Hero, please... Will you do something for me?


1. Hero: No.

Ted: Please, Hero. A big favor...


Hero: No.

Ted: All right. I'm always asking you for "big favors", but
this is the last one. Please...


Hero: No.

Ted: Please, Hero. I'm in pain. Don't tease me...


2. Hero: What is it, Ted?

Ted: Hero, take off my right glove...

[Hero takes the glove]

Gremio: What's this?

Cleo: Not one of the 27 True Runes?

Ted: Yes, it is. This one is called the "Soul Eater"... the
Cursed Rune... The source of all this trouble, and the reason
the Court Magician - Windy - is after me...

Gremio: Why? Why Lady Windy? Why would she do such a thing?

Ted: I don't know why, but that witch wants this rune. I've
been wandering the world for 300 years, trying to escape from
her. I never thought she'd find me here. My mistake was using
the rune's power at Mt. Seifu.

Cleo: Is this what you used to blow away the Queen Ant?

Ted: Hero........, with this wound, I'll never escape from
that witch. I hate to bring friendship into this. And knowing
it will bring unhappiness. But.... But....., you're the only
one! Please! Please protect this rune! This Cursed Rune must
never fall into the hands of Windy. You're the only one I can
entrust this to. Please, take it.... Please take this rune.


1. Hero: No.

Ted: You're the only one... I can depend on.


Hero: No.

Ted: Please.... Please don't let my 300 years of suffering be
for nothing.


Hero: No.

Ted: Hero.... You're the only friend I have... Please... take
this rune.


2. Hero: I'll take it, Ted. Don't worry.

Ted: Thank you, Hero. This rune... may bring you suffering. If
it does, blame me. But you must never...., never let it fall
into Windy's hands. Give me your right hand. Hero.

[Hero kneels and takes the Soul Eater. A light comes unto

Ted: And now.... I... can... Relax.

[Noises comes from outside]

Gremio: Y-yes?

Cleo: Out front. Follow me, Gremio.

Gremio: Yes, Cleo.

[The party goes to the front and sees Kraze, Pahn, Kanaan and
some Imperial Guards.]

Kraze: So, Young Master McDohl is here too. Give us Ted. We
know he's here. Loyal Pahn here told us.

[Cleo steps forward]

Cleo: Pahn! You!

[Gremio steps forward]

Gremio: Why, Pahn? How can you do this?

[Pahn turns away]

Pahn: I can't allow any trouble to happen while Master Teo's
away. I can't lose his trust in me. Please understand.

Kraze: Drag Ted out of there.

[The Imperial Guards steps forward]

Cleo: I won't allow it, Kraze. No one, even a Commander of the
Imperial Guard can enter Master Teo's house without just

Gremio: That's right! I swear on my hatchet I won't let you

[Ted comes out]

Ted: W-wait.

Kraze: So you're giving up, huh?

[Ted whispers]

Ted: Hero..., they think... I still have the "Soul Eater".
I'll be the bait...while you escape.

Gremio: Then what about you, Ted.


1. Hero: No.

Ted: Don't worry about me. I'll get away too...


Hero: No.

Ted: I trust you. So you must trust me too...


Hero: No.

Ted: Don't disappoint me. I know that you... You can
understand how I feel.


2. Hero: All right.

Gremio: Young Master! With that wound, Ted will never get

Cleo: Quiet, Gremio. Young Master knows it too. But he must
keep his promise to Ted by leaving right away. Right, Young

Ted: H-hurry!

Gremio: I understand. Young Master, let's escape through the
back of the kitchen.

[The party escapes through the back of the kitchen]

Ted: Thank you. Hero.... In 300 years, you were my only... My
only true friend.

[The party heads for the inn]

Marie: Oh my.

[Marie the inn owner comes near to see the Hero]

Marie: Why, aren't you the young Master McDohl? What in
the...come on in.

[Later that morning at the roof top room]

Marie: What's going on here? Imperial soldiers running around,
while you come scurrying in soaking wet. What the... Oh well,
forget it. You probably can't tell me about it. Don't worry.
You're welcome to hide out here. I'll put it on your tab.

Gremio: Thank you so much.

Gremio: Young Master, try not to wander about.

[Hero goes downstairs and walks up to the door. An Imperial
Guard and a Imperial Soldier comes in. The Imperial Soldier
bumps into Hero]

Imperial Soldier: Whoa...ouch! Watch where you're going, you
little runt. I get called to duty on a holiday, sent out to
search for someone all night, finally find a moment to catch
some rest...and you come along!


1. Hero: Shut up, you fool.

[The Imperial Soldiers jumps in surprise]

Imperial Soldier: What kind of language is that? We're
Imperial soldiers, your protector! Hey wait the minute. You
look familiar...


2. Hero: (We'd better try not to be inconspicuous.)

Imperial Soldier: Halt, you little runt. Who do you think you
are, bumping into me and not apologizing. What kind of
upbringing did you have? Hey, wait a minute. You look


[Hero backs when Gremio and Cleo comes rushing out]

Gremio: Y-y-young Master, are you all right?

[Cleo steps forward]

Cleo: Hey, you! Who do you think you are!

Imperial Soldier: Who are you? And what's this "Young Master"

[The Imperial Guard steps forward]

Imperial Guard: You! Show me his face. You look like that
fugitive, the McDohl kid.

[Gremio steps forward]

Gremio: What did you say?

Cleo: Any more of a fuss, and we're in big trouble.

Gremio: Young Master, get away while we hold them off.

Cleo: Guess we have no choice. Here we go.

[Gremio and Cleo steps forward to fight when Viktor comes in
and stops them]

Viktor: That's enough, young fella. You too, Imperial big
shots. Use your heads. Would fugitive from the law still be
hanging around here? They couldn't be that stupid.

Imperial Soldier: I-I suppose you're right. We just wanted to
be sure..

Viktor: Stop it, your scaring them. Leave it to me to kick
them out.

Imperial Guard: Hey, wait a minute...

[Viktor takes the three out of the inn]

Imperial Soldier: Don't worry. There's no reason why we should
be loyal to the Empire.

Marie: Hey! It's that guy!

[The party rushes out to a safe place]

Gremio: Thank you very much.

Viktor: No big deal. I was just wondering how to pay for my
meals, and...

Gremio: You mean...

Cleo: You did that just to bilk the...

Viktor: Come, come, let it go, eh? Well then, thanks for
helping us out.

[Viktor goes away. The party goes back to Viktor]

Viktor: What's the matter? You look troubled. Heh heh, I know
who you are. That rebel McDohl kid, right?

Gremio: We are not rebels!

Viktor: I couldn't care less either way. Incidentally, how do
you plan to escape this place? I have an idea, if you care to
listen. I am used to this kind of thins. Interested?


1. Hero: I'm not sure I can trust you.

Gremio: I agree, Young Master. I can't trust him either.

Viktor: Oh, come on.

Hero: I'm not sure I can trust you.

Cleo: We can't trust him, yet we have no alternative.

Viktor: Exactly. You're a smart one, young lady.

Hero: I'm not sure I can trust you.

Viktor: Well, OK then. Do as you like.


2. Hero: All right. Help us out.

Viktor: Leave it to me. But I have one condition.

Gremio: Here we go.

Viktor: It's no big deal. If you succeed in escaping, I'd like
you to meet someone. A small request, right? So it's a deal.
Let's hurry. First we must go to the palace gates. Don't
worry, I won't hand you over to the Imperials.

[The party heads for the exit]

Viktor: Well then, I'll go talk to them. Just relax and wait

[Viktor goes and talks to the Imperial Soldier who is blocking
the exit. Viktor comes back]

Viktor: Everything's OK. Make sure you hide your faces.

[The Imperial Soldier makes a way]

Imperial Soldier: sure is hot around here. Think I'll get in
the shade...

[The party exits]

Gremio: Phew! We did it. I thought my heart would burst.

Cleo: How did you do that?

Viktor: No big deal. I just gave him a little gift. Imperial
soldiers act tough, but money's their weakness. That's the
state of things in the Imperial Capital. Corruption is
everywhere. Everything's about to come apart at the seams.

Cleo: That's too bad.

Gremio: Say, how did you bribe him? You just told us you had
no money.

Viktor: Why should I use my own money to help out you get

Gremio: What do you mean? Hey, my wallet! When did you...?

[Viktor gives the wallet back]

Viktor: Here you go. I suggest you keep a better eye on it.
And now for our little promise. You haven't forgotten, have
you, little fella?

Gremio: It's Master Hero!

Viktor: Ok, so it's Master Hero. I'd like you to meet someone
in Lenankamp. Agreed?


1. Hero: It's a promise.

Viktor: Fine. Now let's get out of here. Lenankamp is due
south of here.


2. Hero: I've never heard of Lenankamp.

Viktor: Ignorant of the real world, eh, Master? It's a quick
trip south. Let's get going.


[The party heads south to Lenankamp]

Viktor: Here we are in Lenankamp, Hero. Not much of a place,
but they do make fine tea here. ha ha ha ha ha! Well then,
it's about time I got to work. Let me go make some
arrangements. I may be late, so take a look around.

[Viktor goes off]

Gremio: Who is this fellow that Viktor wants us to meet? You
know, I can't quite trust that man.

Cleo: I have no idea. So, what shall we do now? I'd love to
take a shower...

[The party goes to the inn to rest]

The Inn Owner: So you are a friend of Viktor's. Well then, I
will prepare the best rooms we have.

[At the room]

Gremio: I guess what's-his-name, Viktor...never returned.

Cleo: But we didn't make any other plans. Let's wait a bit
longer, and if he still doesn't show up, we'll head north.
Perhaps Master Teo can help us.

Gremio:................Cleo. Why...did Pahn...

Cleo: Don't... Gremio...

[Noises comes out at the front]

Gremio: What's going on? At such a late hour.

[Imperial soldiers comes in]

Imperial Soldier: We've heard that some fugitives are staying
here. We'll look around.

The Inn Owner: But sir, our guests are sleeping.

Imperial Soldier: Shut up! Do you plan to harbor Rebels?

Gremio: Young Master, they're coming for us! Viktor! He must
have ratted on us! I knew we shouldn't have trusted him!

Cleo: This doesn't look good. They'll find us for sure.

Gremio: Wh-what should we do, Young Master?


1. Hero: Let's fight.

Gremio: Y-yes, Young Master. I, Gremio, will protect you with
my life...

Cleo: Oh, stop it, Gremio. He was kidding. There's too many of
them. Calm down.


2. Hero: I'm scared. Let's run.

Gremio: G-good idea. From this window...

[Gremio tries to open the window]

Gremio: Here we go...huh? It's jammed. Won'

Cleo: Hurry. They're coming nearer.


Gremio: We're in big trouble now.

Cleo: Gremio, maybe we can get Young Master out before...

[A sound comes from the clock]

< This way! Hurry! >

Gremio: Who was that?

[Hero goes near the clock. The clock moves showing a secret
stair and a woman]

Odessa: What are you waiting for? Hurry! Do you want to get

Gremio: Wh-who are you?

Cleo: Whoever it is, thank god!

[The party goes down the stairs]

Odessa: So you're the "new friends" that Viktor told me about.
Everyone's waiting. Follow me.

[The three follows her into a room with 4 people]

Viktor: Sorry Hero, you must have had a tough time. But it was
exciting, wasn't it?

Gremio: What's going on here?

Viktor: I didn't think I'd give myself away so soon. Oh well,
now that you've met Odessa...

Cleo: Odessa? The name rings a bell...

Gremio: You don't mean...the Rebel Army...

Odessa: Rebel Army? We prefer to call ourselves the Liberation
Army. But who cares about names. Let me introduce myself. I'm
Odessa Silverberg, leader of the Liberation Army. How do you

Flik: Viktor. Are these the people you wanted us to meet?

Viktor: That's right. Prepare yourselves for a surprise. This
here is the son of General Teo McDohl. And a fugitive to boot.
Don't you think he'll be a great asset to the Liberation Army?

Gremio: You've got to be kidding! Why should Young Master join
the Rebels? Right, Young Master?


1. Hero: Who says I'll join?

Flik: So he says.

Viktor: Well, perhaps... umm...we can convince him, right? He
has nowhere to go, anyway.


2. Hero: Maybe I should join the Liberation Army.

Viktor: So he says. He's interested.

Flik: No way. Recently many of our hideouts have been
discovered. There must be a spy among us. With all the
problems we already have, we can't afford to recruit complete


Odessa: I guess you've all been fooled by Viktor as well.
Whenever he takes a liking to someone, he just drags them in.
But they do appear to be hunted by the Imperials, and the
town's still full of soldiers... You may stay until things
blow over. Whatever decision you make afterwards is up to

Gremio: Y-you've got to be kidding, Young Master. Join the
Rebels? No way.

Cleo: Rebels...Liberation Army... well why not? Maybe we
should become true Rebels. On the other hand, what will Master
Teo think?

[The party heads for the exit. On their way the party finds a
wounded bandit lying]

Gremio: Ah-are you all right?

Bandit: I=I must tell...Lady Odessa.

Cleo: Let's take him inside.

[The party takes the bandit inside]

Bandit: Where are we?

Odessa: Don't worry. This is the Liberation Army hideout. Have
you a message for me?

Bandit: You must be Odessa. Thank goodness. I'm one of the Mt.
Seifu bandits. But we only attack those rotten Imperials.
Anyway, the other day, the Imperial Guard came over and
captured our bosses... Varkas and Sydonia.

Gremio: Varkas and Sydonia? Could they be...

Cleo: Shhh....Be quiet.

Bandit: Lady Odessa, please. Help Varkas and Sydonia. That
rotten Grady of Rockland has strung them up to starve to

Cleo: Outrageous! Execution without trial! Even by Imperial
Law, that's illegal.

Odessa: How awful...

Flik: But Odessa... Imperial surveillance has been intense
lately. We have to keep a low profile.

Odessa: I'm aware that we're understaffed. But the bandits
have asked for our help. We can't let them down.


1. Hero: This has nothing to do with us.

Cleo: Young Master. Varkas and Sydonia are those bandits we

Hero: This has nothing to do with us.

Gremio: Young Master, don't you care?

Hero: This has nothing to do with us.

Cleo: Young Master, you must be willing to admit to your


2. Hero: It's our fault.

Odessa: What do you mean, it's your fault?

Gremio: We...


[After a explaining everything]

Viktor: I see. Well, even if you didn't know what you were
doing, you still have to claim responsibility, right, Hero?
You must rescue Varkas and Sydonia. I'll help you too.

Cleo: I agree. I don't plan to betray the Empire, but Grady is

Gremio: You're right. Undoing Grady's wrongs would be good for
the Empire... Besides, if Young Master gives the orders, I
will follow.

Bandit: Thank you. Varkas and Sydonia are strung up at the
home of Rockland's military commander. If you don't hurry,
they'll dry up. Please help them.

Odessa: Hero, I beg of you too. Viktor, you go too.

Viktor: Leave it to Viktor. Let's get going, Hero. Rockland,
here we come!

[Viktor joins. At Rockland, the party heads for Grady's
mansion and finds an Imperial Soldier blocking the door]

Imperial Soldier: Who are you? You've no business here. Get
out, or you'll be strung up like those bandits there. Ha ha ha

[A screen shows Varkas and Sydonia strung up. The party goes
away to discuss]

Gremio: Security's pretty tight. It'll be tough sneaking in.

Viktor: Leave it to me. I'm used to things like this.

[Viktor goes off. After several minutes, a man comes shouting]

Man: Help! Help! The Grady mansion is on fire! Fire! Fire!

Imperial Soldier: What?!

[The two goes off to stop the fire. Viktor comes back]

Gremio: Viktor! What have you done? You didn't...?

Viktor: Heh, heh. I didn't do anything. It must be the dry

Gremio: My goodness! Young Master, don't you dare take after
someone like this!

[The party enters the mansion and defeats the Imperial
Soldiers that were around the area. The party defeats yet
another Imperial Soldiers that were blocking the way. After
sneaking around for a while the party comes across a 5
Imperial Soldiers. After defeating the soldiers, the party
finally comes out to where the bandits are]

Varkas: Uhhh, what's going on?... I can't see... My god! It's
you Imperials! Why are you here? Have you come to laugh at me?

Gremio: Of course not. If we'd known what sort of fellow Grady
was, we never would have helped him.

Cleo: A few things happened, and now we're wanted by the
Imperials, just like you. We'll help you out.

[The party sets Varkas free]

Varkas: Thanks. Get my buddy too, will you?

[Sydonia frees himself]

Sydonia: Ha. Not necessary.

Varkas: Sydonia! Why you... If you've got tricks like that,
why didn't you escape sooner?

Sydonia: Ha. Can't very well escape alone.

Varkas: Sydonia? You...

Viktor: Hey, let's get out of here.

[The party retraces their way back and comes across to Grady]

Grady: dare to turn against the Emperor, free the
bandits, and even...even set my house on fire! You'll be

[Varkas steps forward]

Varkas: So you want a fight? Don't think you're the only one
with a grudge. Why I'll cut out your eyeballs...

[Grady backs]

Grady: What? Oh, well...

[Sydonia steps forward]

Sydonia: Ha. I'd rather tear him to pieces.

[Grady backs again]

Grady: Um, please...Well, you see... You'll regret this! I'll
tell Master Kraze about this. You'll get yours!

[Grady runs away]

Gremio: Cleo, do you think the Empire will take us back?

Cleo: I don't know.

Gremio: Y-young Master.

Viktor: Ha ha ha! Don't worry. There's all kinds of ways to
make a living.

[The party exits the house]

Varkas: I guess we owe the Liberation Army our lives. Tell
Lady Odessa that if she ever needs help, Varkas and Sydonia
will be there in a flash. Well, we're off! Perhaps we'll meet

[Varkas and Sydonia leaves]

Viktor: It sure is great to be done! Let's go back to
Lenankamp. Hero, why don't you spend a bit more time with the
Liberation Army? Come on!

Cleo: Young Master, when we return to Lenankamp, let's decide
what to do. At this rate...




[The party goes back to Lenankamp and enters the hideout]

Odessa: Hero! You're back! Thank god! Our problems are solved.

Gremio: What do you mean?...

Flik: Odessa! You're not planning to...

Odessa: Yes, I am.

Viktor: What? What? What's going on?

Odessa: Hero, take a look at this.

[Odessa gives something to Hero]

[Gremio comes to have look]

Gremio: What is it? Show me.

[Viktor comes near Hero to have a look]

Viktor: What's this?

Odessa: Plans for a fire spear.

Cleo: Fire spear?

Odessa: Right. The Liberation Army may be tiny now, but
someday we'll be big enough to meet the Imperials head-on.
When that day arrives, the fire spear will come in handy.

Sanchez: We spent good money for this at the Dwarf Mines.

Odessa: Hero, this blueprint must reach our secret factory,
but we can't leave this hideout unattended. I'd like you to
take on this assignment.

[Gremio jumps in surprise]

Gremio: Enough! Don't you understand that we're members of the
Imperial Army? How can you expect us to betray them? Let's go,
Young Master. No need to stay here any longer!

[Gremio drags the Hero]

Odessa: Wait!

[Odessa steps forward]

Odessa: Do you have any idea what the Empire is really doing?
Do you know what the people want? Or will you pretend to
ignore all that? Gremio, you saw with your own eyes, heard
with your own ears. Are you willing to ignore the truth
despite all you see and hear? What about you, Hero? Do you
still want to return to the Empire? And continue to be
McDohl's little boy?


1. Hero: Since I'm a member of the Imperial Army...

Odessa: Fine, I understand. I don't want to force my beliefs
upon you. But, if you should change your mind, please come

[Hero comes]

Odessa: Hero! I knew you'd return, will you help us?


1a. Hero: I mean...

Odessa: I see. You haven't decided. That's all right. I'm
willing to wait.


1b. Hero: I guess...

Odessa: Thank you.


2. Hero: My father goes his way, I go mine.

Gremio: Wait just a moment, Young Master. Talk like that and
you'll never rejoin the Imperials. Don't you care? Come on
Cleo, talk to him.

Cleo: I go where Young Master goes. My job is to protect him.
Those are the orders I received from Master Teo.

Gremio: .........


Odessa: Hero, let me explain. This is a blueprint for a fire
spear. It has to be delivered to the Liberation Army's secret

Sanchez: Northwest of Lenankamp, across the river, lies Mt.
Tigerwolf. Over the mountain is a village called Sarady.
Someone from the factory will meet you there.

Flik: Odessa, I just don't get it. Why do you insist on this
guy? He may be an Imperial spy. Yet you want to give him the
blueprint for something that could change the destiny of the
Liberation Army?

Odessa: Don't worry. I'm going too.

[Flik steps forward]

Flik: What? If you're going, I'm going too.

Odessa: Flik, if you come along, who's going to protect this
place? It's about time you began acting like a leader.

Viktor: Don't worry, Flik. I'll protect Odessa, if you promise
to protect this hideout.

Odessa: It's settled. To Mt. Tigerwolf, then.

[Odessa joins. The party finally reaches Mt. Tigerwolf]

Viktor: The sun's beginning to set. Do you think we can cross
the mountain before dark?

Cleo: I don't want to spend the night out in the open.

Odessa: In any case, we have to go up. Let's go.

[After walking for several hours, the party finds an inn]

Ledon: Welcome, travelers. Coming up at such a late hour?
You've really got guts. But you'd better stop here and
continue tomorrow. It's dangerous around here, what with all
the bandits and all. Why don't you spend the night here?

Odessa: Sorry. We're in a hurry.

Viktor: Great idea. My feet are killing me.

Gremio: For once I'm in agreement with you. I'm not sure I can
go on.


1. Hero: Me too.

Viktor: That's it then. Say, old man, do you have any tea?

Ledon: Of course, sir. Come this way.

Cleo: Oh well. Odessa, I guess we have no choice but to spend
the night here.

Odessa: To tell you the truth, my feet are killing me too.


2. Hero: We'd better go on.

Viktor: You must be kidding. I've lost control of my feet.

[Viktor walks towards the inn]

Gremio: Me too.

[Gremio walks towards the inn]

Cleo: Oh well. Odessa, are your feet moving of their own
accord too?

Odessa: To tell the truth, mine want to rest too.

[Cleo and Odessa walks toward the inn]

Viktor: I'm going in, Hero.


[The party goes in to rest and takes a seat at the table]

Ledon: Excuse me. Why don't you have some of this before
supper. It's special tea from Mt. Tigerwolf.

Viktor: Let's give it a taste.

[Everybody drinks the tea except Hero]

Gremio: Ugh. It's pretty bitter.

Cleo: Very bitter.

Ledon: Here's some for you too.


1. Hero: Not if it's bitter.

Ledon: Come on, just a taste.

Hero: Not if it's bitter.

Ledon: It's not that bad. Besides, it's good for you.

Hero: Not if it's bitter.

Ledon: Please, Have some.


2. Hero: Just a taste, then

Ledon: Here you go. But be careful, it's very hot.

[Hero tastes the tea]

Odessa: Hmmm. Smells kind of funny, doesn't it?

Viktor: Say, old man, what's this tea called?

Ledon: It's a special Mt. Tigerwolf brew called "Robber's

Gremio: That's a weird naaaamm ffgghhhrrr...

Cleo: My god! This is...

Viktor: Hey you! What have you gggvvvnnn uusmmgghh...

Cleo: Damn! Such an old trickkggghhhh...

Gremio: Ynnnggggghhh MMsshhttrrr...

[Everybody is seen sleeping in the floor]

Ledon: Heh heh heh. Everyone's asleep. Thanks to the drugged
tea of Mt. Tigerwolf.

[Ledon searches everyone]

Ledon: Wow! For a bunch of stragglers these guys are loaded.
Looks like we'll be living the food life for a while.

[A man enters]

Kessler: Hey Ledon! How've you been? Doing well for yourself I

Ledon: Why it's Boss Kessler. Welcome, welcome. As you see, I
just pulled a job...

[Kessler comes near to see Odessa]

Kessler: And a fine-looking woman in the bunch, too. Wait the
minute, this here is... Ledon! What have you done, you fool!

Ledon: W-what do you mean??

Kessler: Do you know who this is?

Ledon: Just some stupid traveler, I should think.

Kessler: Idiot! Even an ignoramus like you must have heard of
Lady Odessa of the Liberation Army.

Ledon: Why of course, Boss. Even kids know who Lady Odessa
is... You don't mean that this here is??

Kessler: Yes I do. Hurry up and prepare an antidote.

[Ledon prepares an antidote]

Ledon: Uh, let me see, a rabbit's tail, rose leaves, a handful
of sugar...

Kessler: Ledon, if anything happens to Lady Odessa, you can
say goodbye to your head!

[Ledon panics]

Ledon: Yikes! Rose's tail, sugar leaf, handful of rabbits...

[Ledon makes an antidote and finally cures everyone]

Kessler: Forgive me, Lady Odessa. Without knowing it, I nearly
committed my life's gravest error. If you like, I'll make
Ledon here pay with his...

Ledon: Please sir! Spare my head.

Odessa: Don't be ridiculous. I'll have to be more careful from
now on. Maybe I do trust people too much, like Flik says.

Ledon: I have no way of apologizing, but please stay here for
the night. I'll do what I can by way of hospitality.

Viktor: But no more poison, you hear?

[In the morning, Hero wakes up and talks with Kessler and

Ledon: I'm going to give up serving poisoned tea. I've learned
my lesson.

Kessler: Are you a member of the Liberation Army too? I see,
so you're not. Lady Odessa is a true heroine. She's serious
about overthrowing the Empire. There are many who express
discontent, but only she means to do something about it. I
hate the Empire too, but I'm just a bandit. Lady Odessa is our
hope for freedom.

[Everybody wakes up except Odessa]

Gremio: Good morning, Young Master.

Viktor: You're up early, Hero.

Cleo: .........

Viktor: Hey Gremio, why is Cleo in such a bad mood?

Gremio: Don't bother her, Viktor. Cleo is always in a bad mood
when she wakes up.

[Odessa comes out]

Odessa: I see everyone's here. Today we reach Sarady.

Ledon: Leaving already? I'll unlock the door.

[Ledon unlocks the door. The party goes their way and after
going for several hours, the party finally comes out of the
mountain and enters Sarady]

Odessa: We're supposed to meet a messenger from the secret
factory at an inn in this town. Where could it be?

Gremio: It's a small town. We'll find it soon.

[The party finds the inn]

Odessa: This must be the inn. Let's rent some rooms and wait
for the messenger.

[The party rents a room and rests. At night, Hero goes outside
to the balcony to have a breath and sees Odessa]

Odessa: Hero, can't you sleep? Me neither. But the night
breeze makes me feel better. Can I tell you something?


1. Hero: What is it?

Odessa: Kessler of Mt. Tigerwolf, Flik, Humphrey, Sanchez-they
all expect so much of me. But sometimes I feel like running
away. I'm not sure I'm worthy of their hopes. What do you plan
to do? Will you return to the Empire?


1a. Hero: Of course.

Odessa: I see. Do the next time we meet, we'll be enemies.
Hero, just as I follow my destiny, so must you follow yours.
But when you return to the Empire, remember this: You must see
with your own eyes, think for yourself, and follow your heart.


1b. Hero: I don't understand.

Odessa: Use your head. You have the ability to judge right
from wrong. Your father is a Great General of the Empire.
Perhaps you'll be able to return to a peaceful life. But
remember that you can't turn away from what you see and what
you feel. Because if you do, that's a sin...


2. Hero: I'm not interested.

Odessa: I see... Let me ask you this, then. Do you still want
to return to the Empire?


2a. Hero: Of course.

Odessa: Of course you do. Your father is Teo McDohl, Hero of
the Empire. My father, Leon Silverberg, also fought for the
Emperor in the War of Succession seven years ago. I, like you,
was brought up in the aristocracy, pretending to be blind to
the injustices and discontents that permeates the Empire. But
one day, I realized that I'm not just Silverberg's daughter,
but an independent woman named Odessa. I hope that you, too,
will someday be called Hero McDohl, rather than "Teo's son".
Remember that you are you.


2b. Hero: I don't understand.

Odessa: Then why do you think Gremio and Cleo follow you
wherever you go?


2b.1. Hero: Because they have orders from my father.

Odessa: That's not true Hero. They follow you because they
love you. They aren't putting themselves in grave danger
because of orders. Cleo and Gremio want to protect you because
you have something within yourself that makes them feel that
way. Always remember that.


2b.2. Hero: I wonder why.

Odessa: That's not true Hero. They follow you because they
love you. They aren't putting themselves in grave danger
because of orders. Cleo and Gremio want to protect you because
you have something within yourself that makes them feel that
way. Always remember that.


Odessa: You're strange. I feel compassion when I'm with you. I
suppose Viktor brought you to us because he felt that special
quality in you. There are many on the Liberation Army.
Humphrey, Sanchez, Mose...and Flik....but nobody has eyes like
yours. Eyes that draw people to you. Many people... If I
should ever...

[Something comes near]

Odessa: Who is it?!

[A ninja comes]

Kage: My name is Kage. I have been sent by Sir Mose, chief of
the secret factory.

Odessa: Mose certainly keeps unusual company. How is he? I
received a letter from him mentioning that a pigeon of his was
sick. I find it hard to imagine Mose taking care of a sick

Kage: Very strange, lady. Sir Mose does not keep any pigeons.

Odessa: I'm sorry. I was just testing you.

Kage: I never betray a contract.

Odessa: This is the blueprint for the Fire Spear. Please
deliver this. The future of the Liberation Movement depends on

Kage: Understood. I will go now.

[Kage takes the blueprint and leaves]

Odessa: It's getting late. Hero, we'd better rest.

[Odessa goes to her bed and so does Hero. The next morning]

Viktor: What do you mean, our job is done?

Odessa: We finished our business last night, didn't we, Hero?

Cleo: Come to think of it, Young Master's bed was empty in the
middle of the night.

Gremio: Y-y-young M-m-mast-ter, what were you up to? Something
you can't tell me?

Odessa: Come, let's get going, Hero.

Gremio: Y-y-young M-m-master!

Cleo: Let's go, Gremio.

[The party heads out back to Lenankamp. The party finally
reaches Lenankamp and enters the inn. The party sees the
innkeeper, horribly wounded]

Odessa: What happened? Are you all right?

Inn Owner: The Imperials... They suddenly... I'm sorry...Lady

Odessa: My god!

[Odessa goes ahead]

Viktor: Hey, Odessa.

Gremio: Let's go after them, Young Master!

[The party goes to the secret hideout. The party finds out
that the Imperials have captured the area. After defeating
nearby Imperial soldiers the party hears a woman's scream]

Odessa: Ohhhh!

Cleo: What was that?

Gremio: Let's hurry.

[The party rushes in for Odessa's aid and defeats the
remaining Imperial soldiers. The party sees Odessa lying]

Viktor: Are you all right, Odessa?

Odessa: can come out now.

[A boy comes out]

Odessa: Quickly! You must run...

Boy: O-OK.

[The boy runs away]

Odessa: Ahhh!

Gremio: Lady Odessa! You're bleeding!

Viktor: Odessa! What have you done? Without you, the
Liberation Army...

Odessa: I' sorry, Viktor. It appears... I've chosen to
be a woman...rather than commander of...the Liberation Army. I
couldn't let that child die. I'm a a leader...

Cleo: Don't talk, Odessa. You'll reopen your wound!

Odessa: Hero, will you..come here?

[Hero comes near to Odessa]

Odessa: I have...two requests. First, give this a
fellow called the village of Seika...

Viktor: Stop it, Odessa. I don't want to hear any final

Odessa: Viktor...thank you, but...I know the end is near.
Hero, take it...

[Hero takes the earring]

Odessa: M-my other request... Please throw my body...into the
stream there...

Gremio: What? But why? I can't do such a horrible thing.

Odessa: Please...Hero.


1. Hero: I can't.

Viktor: He's right, Odessa. Why do you ask such a thing?

Odessa: If the Liberation forces find out I'm dead...the
Movement will lose faith and die... That is why you must keep
my death a secret. The tiny...newborn...must be


Hero: I can't.

Odessa: Look, Hero...this is blood. My blood... You are not
aware of it, but a lot more blood is being shed by the the hands of the Imperial Government... You must
put an end to it. Even if I die... If my hopes remain alive...
I can be proud of my life. My blood...


Hero: I can't.

Viktor: All right, Odessa. I'll do it.

Odessa: Thank you... Viktor, You're crying for me... If
you...ever see Flik again, tell him that his kindness always
saw me through hard times... appears the end is
near. Hero, I hope that you will be able to see the Free World
that I was....never able to...

[Odessa dies]

Viktor: Goodbye.... Odessa.

[Viktor puts Odessa's body into the streams]


2. Hero: As you wish.

Viktor: Hero! How can you...

Odessa: Thank you, Hero. You understand me, don't you?
Viktor... if the Liberation forces find out I'm dead... the
Movement will lose faith and die. That is why you must keep my
death a secret. Our tiny, newborn hope...must be kept alive...
If you...ever see Flik again, tell him that his kindness
always saw me through hard times... appears the end
is near... Hero, I hope that you will be able to see the Free
World that I was....never able to...

[Odessa dies]

Viktor: Goodbye....Odessa.

[Hero puts Odessa's body into the streams]


Gremio: I suppose we should go to Seika.

Cleo: Yes. And find this fellow Mathiu. But to get to Seika,
we have to pass through the Fortress of Kwaba.

Viktor: The Fortress of Kwaba...that's going to be though. But
we'll give it a try.




[The four reaches the Fortress]

Cleo: The Fortress of Kwaba. Its Commander is Lord Ain Gide,
an old friend of Master Teo's. He doesn't know us, but he
certainly knows your face.

Gremio: Can we get away with it? Let's test our luck.

Viktor: No problem, don't worry. Meanwhile, let's decide on
some fake names. We'll be in trouble if they ask us who we

Gremio: I'll be Roi.

Cleo: I'll be Maria.

Viktor: You don't look like a Maria.

Cleo: What did you say?

Viktor: Hmmm, I guess I'll be... Schtolteheim Reinbach III.
How's that sound?

Cleo: .........

Gremio: ......... Young Master, how about you?


1. Hero: Masamune.

Cleo: .........

Gremio: .........

Viktor: Ok, let's go Roi, Maria, Masamune!


2. Hero: Piisuke.

Cleo: .........

Gremio: .........

Viktor: Ok, let's go Roi, Maria, Piisuke!


3. Hero: Schtolteheim Reinbach IV.

Cleo: .........

Gremio: .........

Viktor: Ok, let's go Roi, Maria, Schtolteheim Reinbach IV.


[The party enters the fortress]

Imperial Soldier: Hey you! You there!

[Hero turns away]

Schtolteheim Reinbach III: Me, sir? I'm just a poor jujube
vendor, with hungry kids waiting at home...

Imperial Soldier: Not you! The little runt. You look like that
fugitive, Hero McDohl...

[A well-dressed man comes out]

Ain Gide: What's the matter?

Imperial Soldier: Sir. I thought this young fellow here looked
like Hero McDohl, the fugitive.

Ain Gide: Hero? You there. Show your face.

Cleo: Uh oh, if Lord Ain sees me...

[Gremio pushes Hero back]

Gremio: You! I've just about had it with you! Always causing
trouble! And completely useless too! Now they think you're a
fugitive. You're a pain in the neck even when you're doing
nothing! Sir, if you find this boy suspicious, I'd be glad to
lop off his head, right here and now.

Imperial Soldier: W-wait a minute...

Gremio: Don't worry, sir. I can't be thought of as harboring a
fugitive. You, prepare to die!

[The Imperial soldier steps forward to stop Gremio]

Imperial Soldier: No, stop, stop!

Ain Gide: Hmmm. Think about it, Rosh. McDohl's son wouldn't be
dressed like a beggar. You all, you may pass.

Rosh the Imperial Soldier: But sir, I think...

Ain Gide: Don't worry about it, Rosh. Let them go.

[The party goes in]

Ain Gide: Hey, sonny. Take good care of your father.

[The party safely comes out]

Gremio: Forgive me, Young Master. Even though we were in
danger, I went too far. I'm ready for any kind of punishment.
You can even cut off my head...

Viktor: Hey, hey, Gremio. It's no big deal. Safe passage is
all that matters. Hero has a big heart.


1. Hero: Unforgivable!

Cleo: Young Master, you know Gremio spoke like that to save


Hero: Unforgivable!

Viktor: That's enough, Hero. A joke's a joke.


Hero: Unforgivable!

Gremio: You're right. I didn't think you'd forgive me. I'll
kill myself...

Viktor: Whoa! Wait a minute! Hero I understand your
humiliation, but do me a favor and forgive Gremio.


2. Hero: I understand, Gremio.

Gremio: Y-young Master...


[The party reaches Seika and seeks a the man named Mathiu.
Viktor asks a man about Mathiu]

Viktor: Hey! Do you know where Mathiu lives?

Mathiu: Just up those stairs.

[The party comes to Mathiu's house and asks a kid where Mathiu

Kid: Master Mathiu? He's out for a walk.

[The party comes out and talks with the man]

Viktor: You! Trying to fool us? You're Mathiu!

Mathiu: Yes, I'm Mathiu. What can I do for you?

[Gremio steps forward]

Gremio: We're here to honor Odessa's last request. She asked
us to deliver this earring to you...

Mathiu: Last request?........ I-I see. So she's dead.... She
was a fine young woman, but she got mixed up in that...

[Viktor steps up]

Viktor: That what? I don't like your tone of voice. What's
wrong with what Odessa was doing?

Mathiu: She was a fool. I knew it would come to this. I can't
accept this earring. Please leave.

[Mathiu goes back to his home. The party follows him to his

Mathiu: I'll have nothing to do with Odessa. Please leave.

[The party leaves the house]

Viktor: Who is this guy? He makes me sick.

Cleo: Me too. But why did Odessa ask us to see him?

[Some Imperial soldiers interrupts the party]

Imperial Soldier: Hey! Get out of the way!

[The party makes a way for the Imperial soldiers. The Imperial
soldiers goes to Mathiu's house]

Gremio: Those Imperial Soldiers went toward Mathiu's house.

Cleo: I wonder what's going on.

[The party also goes toward Mathiu's house to see what's

Mathiu: What are you doing? What do you plan to do with that

[An Imperial soldier gets a hold of one kid]

Imperial Soldier: Mathiu Silverberg. You are hereby ordered to
return to duty in the Imperial Army. There's no reason why a
fine doctor like you should be wasting your talent in this
pathetic village. Why, you're a hero of the Battle of Kalekka.

Mathiu: I refuse! I've had it with war. Nowadays I'm nothing
but a poor recluse.

[The Imperial soldier steps forward]

Imperial Soldier: We have been ordered by Lord Kasim Hazil to
bring you with us force, if necessary.

Mathiu: I have no intention of returning to Imperial Service.

Imperial Soldier: Really? If you choose to be stubborn,
there's no telling what will happen to this child. Say, maybe
we'll send him to the Banaar Mines. Pretty hard labor there.
Who knows if the kid will survive...

Kid: No! No! Help me, doc! Help me!

[Mathiu comes near to where the kid is being held]

Mathiu: Let-let him go. Right now.

[The party sees them from far]

Gremio: Looks like trouble. What should we do, Young Master?


1. Hero: Help them, of course.

Viktor: Great. Let's do it.

Cleo: Oh my, trouble again. It's not easy serving you, Young

Gremio: Come on, Cleo. I know you're about to enjoy yourself.
Young Master, let's go.


2. Hero: Wait. Let's see what's happening.

[The party continues to see what's happening]

Imperial Soldier: I don't know about that. Maybe if you agree
to come with us, I'll let the kid go. How about it?

Kid: Shut up

[The kid frees himself and goes behind Mathiu]

Imperial Soldier: How dare you! Capture them all!

Viktor: Uh oh. Let's go, Hero.


[The party goes in]

Viktor: Wait a minute. We're taking over this fight.

Imperial Soldier: Who are you?


1. Hero: Survivors of the Rebel Army.

Imperial Soldier: Whoever they are, capture them.


2. Hero: Just some good guys passing by.

Imperial Soldier: Whoever they are, capture them.


[The party easily takes them out]

Mathiu: Oh my god. All this front of a children.

[Everyone goes inside the house]

Mathiu: I know who you are. Hero, son of General Teo McDohl.
How do I know? I still keep in touch with a few friends in the
Imperial Army.

Gremio: Those Imperial soldiers, they called you Mathiu

Mathiu: That's right. Odessa, Odessa Silverberg was my sister.

Cleo: Then why did you say such terrible things about her?

Mathiu: I decided that I would never again be involved in war,
in killing. But not Odessa. She chose to fight for her
beliefs. How did Odessa describe me?

Cleo: Just as a man in Seika named Mathiu...

[Mathiu turns]

Mathiu: I see. I guess she never forgave me. Odessa told me
that a powerful man who doesn't use his power is a coward.
Yes, I am a coward. I would rather be called a coward than
have to bear seeing that awful sight again. Even if it meant
being rejected by my own sister.

Gremio: Awful sight?

[Mathiu turns to see the party]

Mathiu: Watching people die from my own actions. Friend and
enemy alike... But today..... I have realized something. Even
if I close my eyes, the world will not disappear. From now on,
I will strive for what Odessa was striving for.

Gremio: You'll accept this earring, then?

Mathiu: Earring?... You should keep this.


1. Hero: Why?

Mathiu: Look at it closely. There's a map inscribed in it that
shows the location of the Liberation Army's hideout. Whoever
holds this earring is destined to lead the Freedom Fighters.
Mathiu: I am a talented military surgeon, but hardly the type
to lead the Liberation Army. But You Hero, however, are a born
leader. I'm sure Odessa realized that. That's why she wanted
me to meet you. Please accept this earring, and live out your
destiny as leader of the Freedom Fighters.


2. Hero: But Odessa...

Mathiu: I believe she wanted you to have it. I am a talented
military surgeon, but hardly the type to lead the Liberation
Army. But You Hero, however, are a born leader. I'm sure
Odessa realized that. That's why she wanted me to meet you.
Please accept this earring, and live out your destiny as
leader of the Freedom Fighters.


1. Hero: I can't do it.

Mathiu: I see. It's a difficult decision, for sure. Take some
time to think it over, and come back with your answer.


2. Hero: I'll do it.

Mathiu: Thank you, Hero. From this moment on, you are the
leader of the Liberation Army. Henceforth I shall call you
Master Hero.

Viktor: Gremio, Cleo, what will you do? You won't be able to
return to the Empire.

Gremio: Wherever you go, I go, Young Master. Master Teo will
forgive me. I'm sure.

Cleo: Me too. I've just about had it with the corrupt Empire.

Mathiu: Master Hero. As your military surgeon, may I offer my
first piece if advice. To revive the Liberation Army, we must
recruit volunteers. People who are dissatisfied with the
Empire. And to do so, we need a headquarters.

Viktor: You're right. Too bad the hideout at Lenankamp burned

Mathiu: I'm thinking of something much bigger. A place that
can withstand an attack by the Imperial Army. There's an
abandoned castle in the middle of Lake Toran that I believe
would be perfect for our purposes. Why don't we make for Kaku,
a town on the shores of the lake?

Gremio: Aren't you coming with us, Mathiu?

Mathiu: I must prepare for the move. And I'll have to give the
children a year's worth of homework.

[Party leaves. After reaching Kaku, the party heads to the
dock to find a boat]

Man: Gimme a break, will ya? The only one with enough guts to
go there is "Reckless Tai Ho."

[The party heads for the bar to find the man named Tai Ho]

Camille: Tai Ho? Oh, that guy. You! I've got you now, you bum!

[The woman pushed Gremio back]

Gremio: Wh-what is it? What have I d-done?

Camille: What have you done? Ha! I've got you now! "I'll
collect from your grave" is the debt collector's motto, and
you'll never outrun Camille the She-Devil!

Viktor: What's all that about? Is she Gremio's friend?

Cleo: Well...I have no idea.

Camille: Come on, gimme that money you owe me, right now! In
cash! I've been looking for you for two months!

[The woman pushes Gremio more]

Cleo: Gremio, are you in debt?

Gremio: Goodness, of course not.

[Gremio jumps in surprise]

Camille: Trying to lie your way out of this situation, eh? But
I've got proof. Take a look at this!

[The woman hands something to Gremio. Gremio takes a look]

Gremio: Hmmm...let me see. Oh, this is the bill for the
banquet with Master Teo. I also owe something at the inn.
What! You want me to pay this right now?

Camiller: That's right. Immediately! All of it!

Viktor: Let me see, Gremio.

[Gremio shows the bill. Viktor jumps]

Viktor: !!!!!!!!! L-listen, we're in a spot of trouble at the
moment, and we're short of cash. By the way, young lady, you
seem to be acquainted with Tai Ho.

Camille: I know him.

Viktor: Can you tell us where he is?

Camille: Sure, after you pay up. After all, this is business.

Viktor: How about this, then. We have no money at the moment.
But once we find Tai Ho, we might have a way of getting some.
As soon as we get some money, we'll pay you back.

Camille: Hmmm... Hey! You're trying to trick me!

Gremio: Oh no, not at all.

Camille: Damn these penniless bums. All right, so be it, then.
But I'm sticking with you until you pay up.

[Camille joins]

Viktor: So, where can we find Tai Ho?

Camille: He's usually downstairs. Ask the shop keeper.

Cleo: We sure have recruited an odd one.

[The party asks the shop keeper if Tai Ho is downstairs]

Shop Keeper: What is it? Are you friends of Tai Ho? He's

[They party heads downstairs]

Tai Ho: What? A boat to Toran Castle? You must be nuts! That
place is full of monsters. I'll be placing my life on the line
to take you there. Tell you what. Since I'll be risking my
life on this trip, you're going to have to make a
correspondingly risky bet. You're going to have to bet all the
money you have. Are you up to it?


2. Hero: I don't think so.

Tai Ho: You're smart. Go home to mommy.


1. Hero: Yes

Tai Ho: Here we go, then. Too late for regrets!

[Hero wins Tai Ho in the dice game]

Tai Ho: Well, you're lucky today. I tend to go along with
lucky folk. Hey, Yam Koo, let's go prepare the boat.

Yam Koo: Sure, sure. Here we go again with Big Brother's

[Yam Koo leaves]

Tai Ho: Hey, you guys. We'll be waiting at the docks.

[Tai Ho goes to prepare the boat. The party follows them]

Tai Ho: We're ready to sail.

[The party hops on the boat and sails. The party reaches a
foggy place]

Cleo: This is truly a haunted house.

Camille: Are you sure there's a treasure here?

Gremio: I don't know. Viktor said there was.

[Tai Ho and Yam Koo comes to see the foggy castle]

Tai Ho: Wow, what a place. Must be full of monsters. I'll get

Yam Koo: You're going too? Please be careful.

Tai Ho: Of course. I wouldn't miss this for anything.

[Tai Ho joins the party. The party heads into the castle.
After wondering around the strange foggy castle, the party
comes across a Zombie Dragon]

Viktor: Looks like this one's the boss.

[After a long battle the party defeats the Zombie Dragon]

Camille: That's what you get for acting big even after you're

Gremio: Look, the fog...

[The fog disappears]

Cleo: Looks like this one was creating the fog.

Viktor: There, now the castle's ours. How about giving it a

Tai Ho: Good idea. How about the Dragon Castle?

Camille: How about White Castle?

Gremio: We should definitely call it Hero Castle.

Cleo: What name do you like, Young Master?

Hero: Toran Castle.

Gremio: Toran Castle? Very nice. Let's go with that name.

Viktor: Very slick, Gremio.

[Mathiu comes]

Mathiu: Congratulations, Commander Hero. Let's designate this
day the New Liberation Army's Founding Day.

Viktor: Great idea! Let's have a banquet tonight!

Camille: Hey, what about my money?

Tai Ho: Don't be a bore, young lady. We'll think about that

[Leknaat appears]

Leknaat: It's been a long time, Hero. You have finally chosen
your own path. I have brought you some gifts. One of them is
this. Please accept it.

[Leknaat gives something to Hero]

Leknaat: This is the Stone Tablet of Promise. Your true power
comes from colleagues with whom you share your ideals. So go
and find fellow soldiers-in-arms. The names of your new
friends will be carved into the Tablet. The other gift is...

[Luc appears]

Luc: Been a while, eh? Remember me? I'm Luc, Lady Leknaat's
number one apprentice.

Leknaat: His power should be of use to the Liberation Army.
Hero, history has only just begun to move. Keep your spirits
high. Let us meet again someday.

[Leknaat disappears]

Luc: And so, I'll be joining you. Hope you don't mind.

[Gremio whispers to Cleo]

Gremio: I'm Absolutely sure that Lady Leknaat just got rid of
a troublesome burden.

Cleo: ...Yeah...I guess so.

Mathiu: Commander Hero, the "vessel is now in our possession.
Now it is time to find some recruits. In other words, recruit
fellow comrades-in-arms. A fellow by the name of Lepant lives
in the town of Kouan. Let's recruit him. He's be sure to be

[In the morning]

Gremio: Good morning, Young Master. Did you sleep well? It's
not much of a place but home is where the heart is. When
you're already, let's go to Master Mathiu's place. We must
consult him regarding this fellow Lepant.

[Hero and Gremio consults Mathiu in his room]

Mathiu: Good morning, Commander Hero. Did you get a good
night's sleep? Let's get right down to business. Lepant is in
the township of Kouan. He is a man who honors friendship. If
you tell him that you come with my introduction, he's sure to
join up with you.

[Viktor and Cleo shows up]

Viktor: Hey Hero, you're taking me along, of course. Right?

Cleo: Master Hero, I'll come along too.

]Party leaves the castle and comes to Kouan]

[Update soon]
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