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Version 1.0 – 25th December 1999 (Finally wrote this FAQ)

Okay, this is the beginning of this FAQ and strategy guide, for just
the Residential zone (2nd level). Of course, this FAQ is copyright to
me, Salil Benegal, , but you can put it on
your web pages if you want. Gavin Ripley – has
written another FAQ with strategies for the first area – the Downtown
zone. To complete the following missions, I suggest that you type in
NAVARONE and LIVELONG for all weapons and invincibility, unless you are
in a car in which case you can be killed/ blown up.

There the three gangs –
a) The Rednecks – their boss is Billy Bob Bean, and their personal
Redneck vehicles are the Pickup Trucks with painted flags on the back.
b) The Zaibatsu – Same gang from Part 1, only with a different boss;
Red Valdez. Their personal vehicles are the black Z-types with Z's on
the backs.
c) The Scientists – Their boss is Dr. LaBrat, and they drive around in
yellow and white SRS meteors.

The garages have five entrances:
Bomb Bay Mix: Straps a bomb on your car. Press Circle to set it off,
and then get out of the car.
Max Paint: Repairs car damage, can change colors and gets the cops off
Gold Mines: Press Circle after driving through here to drop a mine. DO
Smith's and Weston's: Places machine guns on your car, so you can shoot
while in the car.
Hell Oil: Allows you to drop oil patches, great when cops are chasing
you, to change their direction.

My favorite way of earning money is by driving cars into bomb shops,
getting cops on my tail, and set the bomb for as they enter the car, or
just using Molotav cocktails, grenades and rocket launchers to blow up
vehicles. This leads to the SWAT team attacking when your wanted level
reaches four, and the Special Agents (FBI) interfering when the wanted
level becomes five. When you reach the maximum wanted level, six, that
is when the boys are separated from the men – the army interfere with
their Land Roamers (armed and unarmed), unarmed Pacifiers and Rear-end-
kicking tanks. Just for information, the Land Roamers require one blast
with Molotav cocktails or rocket launchers to be destroyed, the
Pacifiers require two rocket launcher blasts or two Molotav cocktails
to be destroyed, and tanks can take four rocket launcher shots or
Molotav cocktails. Tip: For good explosions, and to save ammo, drive
two pacifiers, or tanks or land roamers very close together, and fire
at them, to get both of them exploding together. Also, soldiers make
entrances; they truly are tough – use up most of your machine gun ammo
and armor. I prefer just burning them with a flame-thrower. To kick
more butt, steal one of the tanks and just drive around pressing
Circle. For those who prefer earning their money by doing jobs, here
are the strategies for the jobs.

? 'Cop Killa' – Earned by killing as many cops as you can. Easiest to
earn during the first level.
? 'Medical Emergency' – Earned by blowing up a huge amount of Medicars
and killing as many paramedics as possible.
? 'Accuracy Bonus' – Earned for shooting the SWAT team very accurately –
I get it with a Silenced Uzi, or with the Shotgun.
? 'Genocide' – I earned this on the first level, when from the start, I
had begun killing cops and paramedics just for fun. After getting the
required score, I still continued, until I got roughly $ 1,900,000. I
don't know the criteria for getting this, so if you know, please e-mail

I am rating the difficulty of each mission on a scale from 0 – 5 (0 is
the easiest, 5 is the hardest) on my personal experience for these

1.) Green phones - Low respect – Bottom phone –
Difficulty – 1 – easy.
This is a simple mission, all you need to do is get into the Redneck's
Mobile RV park. Steal Montana's armed pickup truck, but beware of the
Rednecks tossing around Molotav cocktails. Drive around to the Science
Cloning Center (it is best if you have their respect), park it near the
big building, and press Circle to blow up the truck and the building.
Don't forget to get outta the pickup.
2.) Green phones – Low respect – Top phone –
Difficulty – 4 – kinda tough.
Kill some civilians near the Auto garage, take a cop car, and quickly
get the cops off your butt. Drive in the cop car and block the yellow
van. Shoot the scientist as he speaks to you, and take off in the van.
Drive it to Red Valdez's garage in The Village. Then for a fire engine,
steal that, and bring it in front of the garage. A Z-man gets in the
fire engine and attaches the flame-thrower. Now you've gotta head to
Mobile RV, and burn 10 Rednecks. (Best to have their respect, as
otherwise, they'll immediately blow up the fire engine, getting you a
'Mission Failed'.)
3.) Yellow phones– Medium respect – phone on the right –
Difficulty – 4 and a half – very tough.
Go along with the Z-men to the Scientist zone. There will be a large
wooden ramp, drive up the ramp and make your way into the Scientist
Research Center. Find, if you can, the areas where the generators are
located. There are ramps leading up to the generators. Blow the two
generators up with Molotav cocktails, or Rocket launchers. Mission
complete. 4.) Yellow phones – Medium respect – phone on the left –
Difficulty – 2 – simple
No detailed explanations required, for the first three vehicles, just
steal them, and bring them to the garage in the Village. The find a
truck cab, hitch it to the trailer, and bring it to the crane. The cop
car will be freed, get in it, and take it to the garage. Mission
5.) Yellow phones – Medium respect – part 2 of either phone –
Difficulty – 1 – simple with the provided codes, 5 – devastatingly hard
without codes
Fun mission with NAVARONE and LIVELONG codes. Blow up the cops, then
kill the SWAT team, keeping their van intact. Good chance to practice
your shooting, try to get an 'Accuracy Bonus'. Take it to the familiar
garage in the Village. Then wreak more havoc, and take a Special Agent
Car to the garage. Mission complete.
6.) Red phones – Maximum respect – first visit to phone
Both the phone missions are rated 1 – simple with the codes, and 5 –
devastatingly hard without codes.
Steal some vehicle, and drive with the Z-men to the mall near Wormley.
Then just kill 20 scientists without vehicles, easy if you are
invincible. Beware of their flame-throwers. Tip: Hid on an upper ledge.
When scientists move around below you, drop Molotav cocktails or
grenades upon them.
7.) Part 2 of the Red phone – Maximum respect –
Here's another interesting mission; drive down to the video store near
Redneck territory. Climb up the staircases, over the pipes, and shoot
all the cops who go after you. At the high fork with a left turn,
CONTINUE STRAIGHT. This path leads to the generator, which you can
easily blow up to set the alarm off. Best weapons for this are the
Molotav cocktails and the Rocket launcher. Backtrack to the fork, and
take the left turn, which leads to the ground. Get into the truck cab,
and drive around for 60 seconds without being arrested. You can also
get out of the truck cab, without any warning messages. After the
minute, you get a 'Mission Complete'. All Zaibatsu missions done.

Scientist missions –
1.) Green phone – low respect – phone on the right –
Difficulty – 2 – quite easy.
Take Dr. LaBrat's red limousine, and head to the Redneck zone to pick
up two of the Redneck groups. Make sure you have their respect, as
other Rednecks won't attack you. Then head to Zaibatsu quarters, and
pick up the two groups of Z-men. Drive back to the Scientist Research
Center, park the limousine in the designated spot, get out of the
limousine, and let the Scientists blow it up.
2.) Green phone – low respect – phone on the left –
Difficulty – 0 – do it with one hand tied behind your back.
Steal a taxi, then all you have to do is drive to the Zaibatsu members,
pick all four of them up, and bring them to the South Docks to drown
them. Even if the Zaibatsu hate you, the men you pick up will not
attack. Mission Complete after drowning.
3.) Yellow phones – medium respect – top phone –
Difficulty – 1 – simple with codes, 3 – pretty tough without
Dr. LaBrat wants you to make the Zaibatsu population in the Village
decrease. All you have to do is take a car and drive on the pavements
of the Village, or with the codes LIVELONG and NAVARONE, just keep
firing around with machine guns, Uzi's or tazers. Also, keep stealing
Z-type cars, and immediately drive over the Zaibatsu who was driving
it. After killing 17 Zaibatsu members, your mission is complete.
4.) Yellow phone – medium respect – phone on the bottom –
Difficulty – 4 and a half – tough
Drive to the Redneck zone, and speak to Dirk. Take any one of the cars
(I suggest the Furore GT) and drive after the Loonies. It will be hard
because the cars catch fire very easily. After killing the lunatics, if
you are still in one piece, head back to Dirk, and take his pickup
truck. Drive towards Grandpa, and blast the horn – R2. After he gets
in, a line of Rednecks in various cars follow you. Try to avoid them.
If you get stuck in a traffic jam, or smash into a wall, you'll
probably end up with a Mission Failed as the Rednecks will toss Molotav
cocktails at your truck, blowing up Grandpa. Try to drop off the truck
without any problems, and your mission will be completed.
5.) Yellow phones – medium respect – part 2.
Difficulty – 3 – not too tricky, not too easy
Drunken Rednecks are attacking two energy generators, your aim is to
defend them in two minutes. All you need to do is to kill the Rednecks.
If you can defend both generators, you get $ 50,000, but is one is
blown up, $ 30,000 is the reward.
6.) Red phone – maximum respect –
Difficulty – 2 – fairly easy
The first part is hard, when you have to drive the remote control taxi
for five circuits. The jump over the water is the most difficult, when
it is easy to drop the taxi in the water. After five circuits, the taxi
explodes. Then you get control of another taxi, in which you have to
pick up a traitor. Then destroy the taxi by either driving it into
water, or driving into a bomb shop and letting it explode, or just
driving it carelessly until it blows up. Do this to two more traitors
with two more taxis and the mission is complete.
7.) Red phone – maximum respect – part 2.
Difficulty – 4 – pretty tricky to find areas.
Go with the SRS clones over the bridge to the Village, and head north.
Take a left turn, to reach the power plant. Then move across the
bridges (I apologize for not including coordinates), and when you reach
the generators, drop Molotav cocktails into them and run. After blowing
up all four generators, go back on the road, and backtrack. You will
find, near the bottom of the screen, another gate. Enter, and go across
the long, winding bridge to reach the generator. Blow that up, and head
back to the gate. When you reach the gate, you'll get a Mission

Redneck missions –
1.) Green phone – low respect – bottom phone –
Difficulty – 0 – do it with one hand tied behind your back
Take Montana's pickup truck, and park it near Fat Boy Jim's trailer
hut. Press Circle to blow it up. Then take another truck, drive it to
the Zaibatsu barrier, and blow that up. Mission Complete. The same
thing as the Zaibatsu's mission which makes you blow up the Scientists'
clone test center.
2.) Green phone – low respect – top phone –
Difficulty – 2 and a half – fairly tricky
As Billy Bob Bean is pissed with the Zaibatsu and Scientists for always
targeting him, he wants you to first steal a Zaibatsu Z-type. Drive
down to the Scientists' area, and drive over 20 Scientists. Then take a
Meteor and drive down to the Village or to Cayman. Kill 20 Zaibatsu to
complete the mission and have the Scientists fighting with the
3.) Yellow phone – medium respect – top phone –
Difficulty – 2 – fairly easy
Steal the Benson, which is to be taken to the cops, take it to
Montana's Bomb Shop to get it rigged. Then drive it to the crane in the
Redneck zone and park it. After that, go find a truck cab, and hitch to
the Redneck trailer. Next, park the trailer next to the crane so that
the rigged Benson is put on top of the trailer. Drive it down to the
cop crane, where the Benson will be lifted off. The police chief gets
in the Benson, and is blown up. Mission complete.
4.) Yellow phone – medium respect – bottom phone
Difficulty – 1 – simple
Drive with the Rednecks down to the big car park and start killing. DO
NOT BLOW UP THE LIMOUSINE. Steal a car and drive it to a bomb shop.
Drive it back, park it next to the limousine and press Circle to blow
the car up. Mission complete.
5.) Yellow phones – medium respect – part 2 of either phone
Difficulty – 2 – fairly easy
Billy Bob wants a tank for Montana's birthday. Head into the Army Base,
and kill all attacking soldiers. Find the tank and take it out. When
you exit the base inside the tank, DRIVE FAST. The Army goes after you.
Just drive into the Redneck area, and park it in the garage in the
Disgracelands. Mission complete.
6.) Red phone – maximum respect – part 1.
Difficulty – 1 – simple
This is the easiest mission requiring maximum respect. Just go to the
SRS Scientist zone, and blow up five Meteors. Then head to the Village,
and blow up five Z-types. Mission complete.
7.) Red phone – maximum respect – part 2
Difficulty – 5 – Killer
This is the worst mission I've seen in GTA 2. Drive down to the parked
Benson, and enter it. Immediately, police cars surround you, and the
message GOING DOWN appears on the screen. You are then put in jail,
stripped of all weapons, and dressed in the prisoners' clothing. Meet
an inmate, who gives you a key. Follow the arrow, and enter the
building to dress up in a cop uniform, and get a Uzi. Fire one shot
with the Uzi, to start a riot. Kill eight inmates. Then head left and
go up the ramp on the right. Go next to both generators, to blow them
up, and to open the gate. After this, take a Special Agent car, and
drive over the bridge. Head after that, to the Disgracelands, where you
enter by driving over the ramp. Change in the bunk, and the mission is
complete. This mission stinks because you don't get any weapons back –
annoying if you used the NAVARONE code.

Okay, these are the missions, and their strategies. Use these to earn
money, and pass the level. Just for information, in case you haven't
noticed, finishing a mission (failing or succeeding) clears your wanted
level. Anyway, this is the end of this strategy FAQ.

Credits, and Big thanks to:

GameFAQ's – for posting my FAQ.
Rockstar Games – for creating this fabulous game
Gavin Ripley – for writing the FAQ that inspired me to write this.

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