Felony 11-79

Felony 11-79

13.05.2008 16:52:35
Felony 11-79

Unlock all Cars:
On the main menu screen (the one that says "start, options, etc") do the
following using controller 2:
Hold triangle (you must hold it the whole time) Then hold and release the
following: R1 + R2 + L2 (all at the same time) Then R2 Then L2 Then R1 You
should hear a noise..You've done it.

Hidden Cars:
Finishing the Down Town stage within the allotted time will get you 2 new cars,
the LAN and NSR. Upon clearing the Sea Side course within 270 seconds you will
receive the GT5 and BUS. Completing the Paris stage will earn you the DTK and
LIM. To get the PCS car, clear Down Town within 4 minutes, To get the GT1 car,
clear Sea Side within 4 minutes, To get the VPR car, do 1 million dollars damage
on Down Town, To get the 360 car, do 2.5 million dollars damage in Paris. To get
the F1 car, finish Down Town without any destruction at all To get the PLC car,
finish Sea Side without any destruction at all And to get the Tank, finish Paris
without any destruction at all.

Faster Cars:
To get all cars faster at the sreen that say start timetrial setting and options
on the second controler hold triangle L2 R2 and R1. Then let go of L2 R2 and R1
while still holding triangle and press quickly R2 then L2 then R1. If entered
correctly it should make a boom sound.

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