Lone Soldier

Lone Soldier

13.05.2008 16:52:35
Lone Soldier Playing Guide authored by The Raver.

General tips
Try to kill normal enemy soldiers when they are in the open. They will become
more aggressive if trapped.
Save bazookas for bosses and bigger enemies.
Extra health power ups can be left behind whilst you deal with a tricky
situation ahead, then simply return for them when the coast is clear. Do not get
too far ahead.
Learn to use the sight and rotate keys for accurate aiming and killing.
The flame-thrower is better for close up attacks, but only use very short bursts
at a time to conserve your fuel.
Attack all pillboxes from the side.
The bazooka is better for long distance attacks. Avoid firing it at point blank
range. It can be extremely damaging for your person.
Shooting trees can cause a fire witch kills any enemies using them as cover.
Use barrels as weapons, shoot them and they will kill any nearby enemies when
they explode.
When trying to kill bazooka-armed foes, time the missiles and dodge them,
enabling you a change to counter attack between each one.

The Jungle
General tips for surviving in the jungle
Tribal statues always get brighter before they fire. Attack them from a
distance to avoid their deadly wrath.
When attacking the natives, particularly the chiefs, always keep moving and
they will never be able to hit you
The watch towers can be quite helpful. Try to lead the enemies into the path
of the grenades.
Level 1
As the game starts, you are ambushed by soldiers cunningly concealed behind
trees. Study their positions and the, whilst keeping you distance, pick them off
one by one. When you come to the steep hill with the gun tower situated at the
bottom, grab the rocket launcher from behind one of the trees and destroy the
tower from a distance. The rest of the level should be plain sailing thanks to
your trusty rocket launcher.
Level 2
You start this level on the river bank. Use your grenades to destroy the river
boats. You will have to time it so that you throw the grenade into the water and
then allow a few seconds for the boat to sail over it. As you walk towards the
bridge, there will be a rocket launcher geezer firing off endless reams of
rockets in your direction. Get close and then counter attack after dodging each
missile. Once safely over the footbridge, you will come to an enemy encampment.
First, shoot the soldier next to the water tank, and then turn to take out the
pillbox. Now stand a safe distance away from the watch tower and then wait as
the enemy soldiers start walking towards you. With any luck the grenades lobbed
from the tower by their mates should take them all out efficiently. Now, simply
blast the tower. Around the next bend will be a boat loaded with enemy troops
and several foot soldiers, all of which can be easily disposed.
Level 3
Things are heating up. First there is an ambush by concealed troops, then you
have got a watch tower to contend with. Once you crossed over the bridge, take
out the boat full of troops and then do untold amounts of damage to the enemy
encampment just around the corner. There will be a rocket launcher bloke, if you
get into trouble whilst tackling him, seek refuge behind the pillbox and then
attack blast him at regular intervals. Once the camp has been destroyed, dash
over the bridge and kill the remaining few soldiers to complete this level.
Level 4
As we near the end of the jungle territory, the natives are restless. As a
result of your extremely loud gunfire disturbing their strange gods, they have
decided to come out and fight in their droves. This level starts in a familiar
fashion with foot soldiers ambushing you from all angles. When you reach the
natives, keep on the move to avoid spears and poisonous darts, you will find
them extremely hard to kill because they are constantly on the move. When you
meet the natives, each and every statue from then on will possess demonic
qualities, and thus try to steal your worthless soul. A couple of rockets or a
succession of shots will exorcise them effectively. For extra kicks, why not
torch a few native huts, it's great fun and hey, it serves them right for
becoming involved.
Jungle Boss
The final jungle level starts out as any other, until you notice some mystic
native dude scooped inside a cave. When you stumble into view, he will wave his
mighty staff around and an army of native zombies will shoot up through the
ground. Pick them off as they arrive and brace yourself for the grand finale. A
bit peeved that all his henchman have been vaporized, the mystic witch doctor
will then transform himself into a huge werewolf. Then, he will proceed to
either get working with his club or fry you to dead with his stagnant breath. If
you have any rockets left, he can be easily picked off from a distance.
Otherwise, get very close, preferably behind his legs, then simply blast away
with your guns. He will not be able to touch you at such proximity, leaving you
safe to kill the hairy oaf.

The Canyon
General tips for conquering the canyon
Mortal men can be easily defeated if you get close quickly.
The gas grenade soldier fires deadly poison gas, run past the grenades before
they explode.
The dogs are hard to kill, the best way we found of making them scarper is to
stand still and shoot at them as they chew away at your balls.
Level 1
Out of the jungle and out into the open as you wreak havoc through a picturesque
canyon. Start the level as you mean to go on by pepping the foot soldiers with
bullets. As you walk over the hill, grab the bazooka and reduce the watch tower
to rubble. The next hazard is a tank that can easily destroyed provided you have
save a couple of rockets, otherwise get close and avoid the gun turret. As you
go through the tunnel, prepare yourself for two soldiers that drop down from the
other side on a rope. Another tank will attempt to get you as you emerge from
the tunnel so be more than ready to rock. Just around the next bend, you will
come to a log resting across a ravine. Kill the rocket man and then wait on the
log. In the distance you should see two oil drums with soldiers coming up behind
them. Simply fire off two rockets at the barrels and let the explosions take
care of 'em. Up around the next hill is an enemy encampment complete with tank
and watch tower. Obviously the tank takes priority in the killing stakes, so get
to work. Take the right side and then pick off the rocket man and the dangerous
mortar launcher as you emerge the other side.
Level 2
When you begin the level, pick off the two foot soldiers that come towards you
and grab the flame-thrower behind them. Now use your new weapon to attack the
mortar operator. As you progress through the level, you will come to a big
ravine with paths stretching off both sides, take the left route and then grab
the invincibility crate as it falls from the sky. This gives you the added
strength to overcome the tank easily. Now grab the bazooka lying around at the
entrance to the next section. As you go around the bend, beware of the cunningly
disguised minefield. Kill the lone foot soldier and then use your bazooka to
take out the opposing rocket man on the rope bridge. Walk up to his peppered
corpse and wait. In the distance at the other end of the bridge, more soldiers
should come into view. You have got the rockets, so do your stuff. As you walk
to the end of the bridge, look skyward for the huge helicopter flying overhead.
It will perform a fancy turn and then fire a couple of deadly missiles in your
direction. Evasive action is vital, in other words, leg it!. Now simply dash to
the end of the level taking out the remaining soldiers. Just before the exit,
you will come across two grenade-lobbing scum bags on the railway, take them out
with a grenade or your Uzi, either way they are a pushover.
Level 3
This level is the ideal opportunity for a mass killing spree. There is nothing
mush to overcome other than legions of foot soldiers so the key is to go slowly
and pick each one off as they appear in the distance. Once you have bagged the
first lot, grab the idle M-60 rifle and get shooting. At the top of the next
hill is a rocket launcher. Use your heavy arsenal to take out the onslaught of
enemy troops as they attack in full force over the next series of hills.
Eventually you will come to another enemy encampment. Hit the tents first,
followed by the truck, for the maximum effect and hopefully you will bag a few
baddies in the explosions. The last hazard is a tank. It can easily be destroyed
by using the same techniques as before. Get close and avoid his sights.
Canyon Boss
Before you can exit the canyon, there are several last obstacles that must be
overcome. Firstly, take out the foot soldiers that hassle you at the start,
followed by the devious rocket men. You should see an enemy encampment in the
distance by now. Blast everything in sight and then turn your attentions to the
pillboxes. The last hazard on this level is the vile scum that emerges from the
hovering helicopter. Take out the first two rocket launcher men as you would
normally. Then, when the big mean dude drops down, hide behind the pillboxes and
observe his routine. You will find that the safest way to hit him is when he is
mouthing off at you. Simply fire short controlled bursts whenever he is giving
it some lip, and before you know it the stupid sod will collapse and die a
horribly grizzly death.

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