Darksiders III

Darksiders III

02.12.2018 00:21:11

Here's how to get all the trophies in Gunfire Game's new epic.

Complete the following tasks to receive these trophies:
25 to Life (Bronze): Spend 25 Attribute Points.
BFA (Platinum): Unlock Everything.
Beast Mode (Bronze): Defeat 666 Enemies While in Havoc Form (Mark of the Beaaaaast).
Balance in all things (Silver): Upgrade 5 Enhancements to "Balanced".
Big Spender (Silver): Spend 50 Attribute Points.
Can you Restore the Balance? (Bronze): Upgrade an Enhancement to Balanced.
Cleanup Crew (Bronze): Pick up 500 Item Drops.
Devil's in the Details (Bronze): Kill 666 Enemies.
Demon Keeper (Silver): Collect 50 Demonic Artifacts.
Death Incarnate (Gold): Complete the Game on Apocalyptic (good luck).
Enhance! (Bronze): Upgrade an Enhancement.
First of many... (Bronze): Spend an Attribute Point.
Holy Keeper (Silver): Collect 50 Angelic Artifacts.
Maximum Capacity (Silver): Upgrade Nephilim's Respite Capacity 4 Times.
Maximum Vigor (Silver): Upgrade Nephilim's Respite Healing Amount 4 Times.
Path of the Horseman (Silver): Complete the Game on NORMAL.
Protector of Humanity (Silver): Complete the Game on Any Difficulty Setting.
Soul Reaper (Silver): Collect 1,000,000 Souls.
Take it to the Limit (Silver): Upgrade Any Weapon to Max level.
Increased Capacity (Bronze): Upgrade Nephilim's Respite Capacity.
Increased Vigor (Bronze): Upgrade Nephilim's Respite Healing Amount.
Just the Start (Bronze): Upgrade Any Weapon.
Soul Harvester (Bronze): Collect 100,000 Souls.

you want to purchase the game? find it here https://www.dlhstore.com/en/projects/6109/darksiders-iii.html
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