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Lego The Incredibles

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Here's how to get the following trophies: 

It's Showtime!: Unlock all trophies.
I'm a Billionaire!: Earn 1,000,000,000 Studs.
Key to the City: Achieve 100%.
A Close Second: Finish a race with Dash achieving silver.
Kitted Up: Collect all Minikits in the game.
Luck Favors the Prepared: Collect all Red Bricks.
Superhero of the Year: Clean up all districts.
That Was Totally Wicked!: Achieve a 75 hit combo.
The Best of the Best: Achieve True Super in all levels.
The Supers Have Returned!: Complete 50 ambient crimes in the city.
Truly Incredible!: Complete all Family Builds.
A Natural Advantage: Collect a Red Brick.
A-MAZE-ing: Survive Bomb Voyage's maze during "The Golden Years" without taking damage.
Better Than the BBQ!: Complete your first Family Build.
Bold! Dramatic! Heroic!: Create a custom character.
Cleaned, Well-Lubricated and Wound Tight: Throw five enemies into the gears during "Undermined".
Doing Our Part!: Complete an ambient crime in the city.
Everyone is Special: Defeat an enemy with a non-super character.
Freeze!: Freeze a police officer with Frozone.
I'm You, But Stronger!: Pair Buddy Pine with Syndrome.
It's Learning...: Trigger all traps during "Nomanisan Island".
Kit Car: Collect all Minikits in a level.
Making Parr: Chase down Screenslaver in "Elastigirl On The Case" within 3 minutes and 15 seconds.
Making the World a Better Place: Clean up a district.
Plane Crazy: Don't get hit by any plane parts during "Above Parr".
Raccoon Them Up: Score 'Incredible' in all raccoon encounters during "Revelations".
Senior Citizens Arrest: Defeat a district boss with a Senior Citizen.
Someone's Always in Trouble: Release a district boss from prison.
Stay Right On My Tail, it's Gonna Get Hot!: Complete "Vigilant Vigilantes" in 9 minutes.
That's One Way to Unpack: Destroy all the moving boxes during "House Parr-ty".
The Best: Achieve True Super in any level.
Untouchable: Complete "Return to Nomanisan Island" without being hit by a goo cannon.
Wheelie Good Time!: Perform a wheelie for 10 seconds during "Hover Train Hijinx".
Where Are They Now?: Complete "Omnidroid Rampage".
Where's My Super Suit?!: Complete "The Final Showdown" with Lucius Best (Workout).
Your Own Kind of Incredible: Extinguish the fires during "Screenslaver Showdown" without the Family Build.

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