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Postal 2 - Share the Pain

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For PC
Version 1.0
By Chris Zawada
User: antseezee
Created: 11/22/06
Last Update: 11/23/06
Copyright 2006 Chris Zawada

Author's Note
Violent action games are pretty popular now. Violent, rascist, prejudiced games
are very rare right now. Violent, rascist, prejudiced games that let you pee on
people are unique. Well guess what? Postal 2: Share the Pain is one of those
one-of-a-kind games. This primarily-based first-person shooter allows you to
roam a town as a normal man named the Postal Dude. However, the infrequent
hamperings of society (such as waiting in lines, listening to people complain,
and so forth) often can force you to do violent and rash decisions. You can
peacefully cash in your paycheck from work, or rob the bank in a furious rage.
Postal 2 allows you to do violent, somewhat sick and twisted items that would
only be available in a highly-critical game. This game was not only cancelled
for release in Europe due to the overwhelming amount of mature incites, but was
also banned from several countries including New Zealand. Will you unzip your
pants and expose your piece to the citizens of Paradise, or die trying?

If you have any contributions, feedback, or strategies you'd like to have
added to the guide, contact me via e-mail or on GameFAQs. I'll be more than
content to add your segment of information, and will also provide credit. If
you have any questions you'd like added to the Common Questions section, ask.
I simply don't have the time to sit around thinking of questions. Provide me
with what you want to know!

=11/23/06= v1.0
Finished the FAQ. The game was very short single-player wise, and multiplayer
games were empty for the most part (with the patch). Still, one of the most
unique games I have ever played.

=11/22/06= v1.0
Started the FAQ. From what I hear, the game is fairly short, and the
multiplayer is lackluster, so I'd expect to complete the guide sometime before
the end of Thanksgiving break.

- Table of Contents -
1) Introduction
2) Game Basics
> Controls
> Gameplay
3) Walkthrough
> Monday
> Tuesday
> Wednesday
> Thursday
> Friday
> Game Completion Ranks
4) Weapons & Items
> Descriptions
5) Multiplayer
> Game Modes
> Maps
6) Codes
7) Paradise
> Locations
8) Common Questions
9) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines
10) Proper Credits


- 1) Introduction -
When the original Postal came out back in 1997, the game was almost considered
a comical action game. You played the role of a postal worker who was enraged
with society around him, and decides to go on a killing spree. At the time, the
game was somewhat innovative, violent, and humorous. Gamers around the world
sought it as a mix-up of relief. Now, several years later, after numerous
delays, Postal 2 has been released. The game basically portrays you in the role
of a badass who makes satirical comments about society in general. Everyone is
in a piss-poor mood, and the Postal Dude (the main character's name) decides to
take his anguish out on them. Postal 2: Share the Pain is only different in the
fact that it introduces multiplayer, adds a few weapons, and a few new areas to
single-player gameplay.

The actual gameplay of Postal 2: Share the Pain is based off of a first-person
shooter. Everything is based in a 3D engine, much like a Grand Theft Auto
title, however, you cannot drive vehicles. So about 1/3 of the fun factor goes
right out the door there. You live in the town of Paradise which has a
population of over 4,000 people. The developers, Running with Scissors, tried
to present the game in a fashion where comedy, extreme violence, and sick acts
can all occur. Your main character can unzip his pants to expose himself, at
which point he can pee until he runs out of "whiz" ammo. You can get arrested,
you can kill anyone you wish, and most of your objectives can be accomplished
peacefully or violently. In the end, the game presents an open-ended feeling,
although most of the game's presentation is certainly not polished. You'll
often walk through cars, and certain glitches may occur in scripted gameplay.
In the end though, Postal 2 is a unique game with its overwhelming amount of
comical satire, and the manner as to which you can perform actions in the game


##### GAME INFO #####
Player(s): 1-16 (online play)
Developer: Running with Scissors
Released: 2003
Rarity: uncommon
Special Features: online play
ESRB: Mature
Cover Art on box:
- Shows the Postal Dude with an AK-47 and blood in the background

> Windows 98 or better
> Pentium III / 700Mhz or better
> 128MB RAM +
> CD-ROM drive
> 1500MB+ free HD space
> 32MB Video Card


- 2) Game Basics -
Postal 2's controls are actually well setup for a first person shooter. One
hand controls your movement and interactions in the game, while the mouse
assists in aiming, looking around, or targetting objects.

W - Moves forward
S - Moves backward
A - Strafes left
D - Strafes right
E - Holster weapon/item
C - Crouches
K - Commit suicide
G - Yell "Get down!" (some expletives may be said)
Mouse - Rotates view
Mousewheel - Switches weapons
1 through 0 - Picks different weapons (if you have them)
Right Mouse Click - Secondary fire
Left Mouse Click - Primary fire
Shift - Walks
Space - Jumps
R - Unzip/Zip Pants
Q - Kicks, melee attack
Z or ; - Drops weapon
Enter - Use item, hand something over
X - Drop item
F - Shows map
T - Use health item (quick access)
[ or ] - Cycle through selectable items in inventory
F9 - Take screenshot
Tab - Type text
~ - Bring up console
B - multiplayer chat
V - team multiplayer chat
F1 - Bring up scoreboard

- The controls for Postal 2: StP are pretty much like any normal shooter out
there. Holstering weapons is necessary when you are outside or near people as
this adds fear, or causes you commit a crime. Always conceal weapons unless you
want to try and get arrested or need to for an objective. Unzipping or zipping
your pants causes your piece to be exposed. You can scare people with this.
Left click while it is out to whiz all over the place. Walking lowers the
amount of sound you make when moving. Crouching improves your firing accuracy,
and can be used for taking cover. If you get arrested, you'll often have to
drop your weapon. Do so by pressing ; or z. Everything else is self-

A great way to sum up the gameplay elements of Postal 2: Share the Pain is
simple - GTA minus cars. This game resembles many mechanics of the Grand Theft
Auto series except it is played from a first person view, and you cannot drive
automobiles. Putting those elements aside, the boundaries on freedom are
limitless. You can kill anyone, anywhere, and in many cases it helps your
objectives get completed. The open endedness of the gameplay is what makes
Postal 2 an interesting replay type of game. This section will briefly
summarize gameplay mechanics.

If you get into enough trouble, a badge will appear in the lower right
portion of the screen with a red bar filling up a small area of it. If you
retreat from the police, draw a weapon, or fire/kill any of them, the meter
will fill up more. This means you're more wanted. The meter can only
decrease by hiding somewhere so it gradually goes down. You must not be seen
in order for the meter to go down.

In order to be sent to jail, you have to drop your weapon. Press ; to do so.
You must also stand still so you can get cuffed. If cuffed, you'll be placed
in a lone cell on the third floor. To escape, pull out the matches from your
inventory, and toss one at the water sprinkler just outside your cell on the
ceiling. This will cause your cell door to open. From here, you can make
your escape.

Any building that offers a commercial service can be robbed as long as there
is a register. To do so, kill or scare away the cashier, then walk up to the
cash drawer to take the money. If people perform an action (withdraw money
from a bank), you can then rob that NPC of the money he/she just withdrew.
Some robberies trigger alarms for instant police action, or will cause your
wanted meter to rise accordingly.

One of the more prominent actions in the game is unzipping your pants and
using your ding-a-ling as a weapon. When you urinate on someone, it can stun
them temporarily or cause them to puke (if you aim near the mouth). Puking
is a great way to keep someone preoccupied from engaging you. Note that
police officers will not arrest you if you keep your pants unzipped - so zip

If you are shot at by natural enemies (protestors, rioters, etc...), you can
let law enforcement handle the problem. Simply run away to the nearest
officer/SWAT/soldier, and they will retaliate fire to kill the person. Note
that if you open fire on someone as counter-fire, you may receive a wanted
meter because you are firing a weapon in public.

Since cars cannot be driven in Postal 2, make the most of it by blowing them
up. Believe it or not, most vehicles can be destroyed by as little as 3
bullets. Watch out though. When cars explode, they generally fly in the air,
and ignite other cars to explode. This can really cause a messy scene and
raise your wanted meter especially if you were the one who caused the major

If you want to buy something from a store, or perform an action at a store,
select cash from your inventory and press ENTER to give it to a clerk. Note
that they will only say the price of the item audibly, so listen before you
are so anxious to waste away $300 on a Kevlar Vest.


- 3) Walkthrough -
One of the unique aspects is that you don't have to follow anything the game
says. You may do, or simply ignore objectives that are set before you. If you
do decide to follow an objective, there are alternatives to your actions. You
can accomplish tasks peacefully just like any other citizen in Paradise, or
choose the violent alternative. Generally this means shooting people, beating
them with shovels, angering others, and being a general menace to society. This
section will describe the manner in which to complete the game based on your

-=> Starting a New Game <=-
When you start a new game, you have a choice of difficulties:
+ Liebermode
+ Too Easy
+ Very Easy
+ Easy (Easy)
+ Remedial
+ Average (Medium)
+ Aggressive
+ Hard
+ Very Hard
+ Manic
+ Hestonworld (Hard)
+ Insane-o
+ They Hate Me (Impossible)

- The only difference between difficulties is the damage, accuracy, and life
taken away of your other NPCs in the gaming world. I played this game on

*A brief video shows an overview of the town of Paradise with a population
of 4312 people. We see a hobo dancing by some liquor bottles, a cop beating
down an innocent man, Then, we zoom in on a trailer house with a man and
his wife arguing. The man's AC is broke, and he gets ticked off. His wife
tells him to go get some stuff. His car doesn't start. This is not the
start to a good day.*

OBJECTIVES: >> Pick up Paycheck
>> Cash Paycheck
>> Get Milk

DESCRIPTION: "Monday is the recovery day of the work week. You're back to
work, chugging away at tasks that bore your mindset. This
Monday will be different though, a lot different."

- Go into the small brown shack in front of you and grab the shovel & health
pipe. Go grab the newspaper nearby as well. Exit your yard and start moving up
the street. Press F to bring up your map and head for the red circle marked by
RWS. You work at a video game developer called Running with Scissors,
ironically, they are also the developers of Postal 2. Cut a left up at the
tunnel after moving up the walkway a bit. Then, cut a right and go through
another level transition. Branch a left up the road past the mall towards RWS's
headquarters. You will notice a group of protesters outside wearing orange
shirts. Apparently they are parents against violence in video games - I think I
know where this is going. Head inside RWS, and look right behind the reception
desk for a rifle. This will be helpful. Go down the hallway along the left and
look for a door with the nameplate "Vince Deal" on it. Go inside. Vince says
you're fired. Who cares? Grab the paycheck on the desk.

*Suddenly, the rioters from outside decide to charge in on RWS and kill
them all. What a bunch of hypocrites!*

- Pull out the rifle you had before and start shooting anyone with an orange
shirt on. Your former RWS workers will pull out rifles as well and defend
themselves. You'll have to kill about 10-12 orange people in total. Use the
room for cover, pop out, lay a few shots, and repeat. Use the pistol for long-
distance shots as it is more accurate than the rifle with recoil. After they're
dead, snatch up any ammo you need to survive. Leave RWS and head south towards
the grocery store to buy milk. The Postal Dude will mark down the RWS
Protestors as enemies, so they will always shoot on sight when they see you.
Just what we need. Head into the Indian Grocery store to get some milk. You'll
find it in the back near the refridgerators. You now have a choice:

(a) Pay for milk, cost $5
(b) Leave store without paying

- If you pay for the milk, simply wait at the back of the line, and give the
cashier the money by pressing ENTER (you will have to cycle your inventory for
it if is not out). You'll then get the milk legally. If you leave the store
without paying, this is where it gets interesting. As you leave the store, the
Indian cashier will notice you and pull out a rifle. Use the nearby aisles as
cover and do one-shot strafes on him with your pistol. Shoot him once, seek
cover by strafing, and repeat. Do this until he dies. Grab his rifle, then go
by the cash drawer and you'll grab a hefty sum of money. Now, leave the store.
You should be able to do it quickly and quietly without the police noticing.
Start heading for the bank to the south. You will run into 2 ambushing
Protestors. You can either fire back at them, or, try to lure them to a police
officer. The officer will fire back and try to kill them. If you let this
happen, then you most likely won't get a wanted rating for firing your weapon
in public.

- When you reach the bank, you'll notice a long line to the cashier. There's
only one cashier because EVERY other cashier has those goofy "please use next
cashier" signs up. You now have a choice:

(a) Wait in line and give paycheck to cashier for $
(b) Rob the bank for a real "paycheck"

- After you cash your paycheck, 3 armed robbers will storm the bank and set off
the alarm. Here's a neat little trick. An alarm will get sounded off and police
will start to storm the bank to counter the robbery. Hop the cashier counter
and run down the back hallway. Make sure you don't have a weapon pulled out.
The police will be busy engaging the crooks out front in the lobby. Run to the
back, and cut a left at the lone door. Inside you'll find the safe wide open.
Grab the stashes of cash on the drawers, then grab the money bag in the center
of the vault. You've robbed the bank and no one knows about it! Quickly leave
the room, but go down the left and up the stairs. Go into the room on the right
and kick the window in by pressing Q. Hold down C and jump to fit through the
opening. You'll notice the robbers are down. This is great. You robbed the bank
and you have no wanted level. Leave the bank as if nothing happened and go to a
transition point so the Postal Dude goes home.

*You and your wife have a little argument. He explains how he got laif off
from work.*

OBJECTIVES: >> Confess Sins
>> Get Signatures
>> Return Book
>> Get Gary's Autograph

DESCRIPTION: "Tuesday is starting to up the workload. We need to do more
things, but as usual, at a casual pace."

- First, let's return the book. You'll notice that you have a petition in your
hand that needs 8 signatures from people. In order to get signatures, you have
to be persistent. Walk up to a random person, and left click to ask them. When
they say no, do it again. Hopefully, they'll sign it. If they don't, and you
threaten them a third time, they may run away scared. If you ask anyone who is
wearing a RWS shirt, they will sign it on the first asking. Also, hardcore or
rockers will generally sign the petition on their second try. Don't ask the
same person again for a signature. Go west towards the library, but ask people
along the way so you have 8 signatures total to complete that objective.

- You may notice a band playing outside your home marching along the street.
They'll actually get blown up by a jihadist so don't stand too close. Enter the
library after all the petitions are tighty and neat. The library looks like a
giant palace in a sense. You'll find the book return office along the left side
of the library on the first floor, in double doors beneath the second floor
stairs. Head inside and you'll notice a big line. Screw that! Go up to the drop
box and press X to drop the book into the drop slot. Once it is in, something
terrible will happen.

*Remember the group of book burning rioters in the main lobby? Well, their
leader decides to start burning books in anguish of their actions. Two of
them enter inside, one with a gasoline can, and the other with a rifle. The
library catches on fire.*

- Exit the double doors and shoot the immediate rioter with your rifle. Cut a
right and go through the single door. Head up the stairs. You're going to run
into 3-4 rioters on this second level. If you run out of rifle ammo, switch to
the shotgun and charge at them. Aim for headshots so you get instant kills.
Make sure to pick up their pistol ammo as you'll need it. Head a tad further
down this second floor, and grab the kevlar on the ground. If you need health,
use the doggy bags that the rioters drop to heal yourself. Be careful, when you
enter the Porn room, a jihadist will be armed in there. Take him out. Go back
out to the dead policeman's body and crouch jump on the railing. Hop down to
ground level, then exit out the main lobby.

- You can add someone new to your hate list (the book protestors). Head north
towards the mall. Looks like Gary Coleman is in town (Yay!). Enter the mall via
the lower floor, go up the stairs, then jut a left into the presentation room
that is now unblocked. You're now inside the Paradise Mall. Aside from Gary
Coleman's main presentation, there are tons of side stores. The Liquidation
store on the second floor sells kevlar armor for $300. Pretty expensive. If you
check the second dressing room in this store, you'll find a stash of money
inside. Continue down the long hallway on the second floor of the mall. A store
named Turdines sells Radar detectors. Watch out for protestors in the mall.
Remember that mall security will take care of them, and you don't have to
retaliate. Head downstairs.

- There's a SWAT store downstairs that sells guns. You'll find some donuts in a
backroom you can eat to heal yourself. Continue exploring the first floor.
There is a food court to the left that sells healing food items for cheap
prices. There are plenty of other stores to discover in your own time. Get to
the first floor, and look at the "You are Here" signs until you get near the
main lobby (yellow section) where Gary Coleman is. You have two choices:

(a) Wait in line and get an autograph
(b) Kill someone who just had their book autographed, and take it

- If you wait in line and get the autograph, the Police will surround the mall
area and put an arrest warrant out on Gary Coleman. Do not try to help him or
kill him as you'll pull up an arrest warrant for doing so. His bodyguards will
chase you along with the police. It's pretty funny though to watch Coleman pull
out a rifle and hand grenades saying he won't go back to the joint. After he
dies (along with all the other chaos), pick up the ammo and exit the mall. Head
west towards the Church to confess your sins.

- After exiting the mall, go down into the dried up creekbed right of the
bridge. Check one of the side pathways that leads to a deadend. You'll find
around $200 and a health pipe. Go back south of the mall, and go past the land
bridge that heads north of the mall on the map. Walk through this beat up
neighborhood until you see a house tall above on a hill. Go behind the house to
pass through a loading point. Watch for 2 book protestors to ambush you down
this hobo pathway. Shoot them both. Continue onward. Go left past the
trainyard, and the access to the church is behind the orange & gray transport
crates. Enter the church and go left. Head down the left portion of the church
until you see a red door designating the confession area. Move on in. This is
the main presentation area. Go to the rear, through the double doors, then look
at the wooden sign to your right pointing to the Confessional - head towards
it. You'll end up discovering a HUGE line for the confessional. Well, let's
wait anyway.

*Once inside the confession room, the father blesses you but recommends
you leave a fee inside the alms box at the entrance to the church.
Whatever! Suddenly, some Arabians storm the parking lot. One of them jihads
a group of priests. The fellow Christian priests grab their guns and start
to counterfight the Jihadists! Let's get the heck out of here.*

- Go downstairs and watch for immediate Jihadists. Make use of your shotgun
against their holy war, and grab the medkits on the table if you need them. I
recommend smoking a health pipe here to increase your health to 125 or so. Some
of your fellow RWS members and priests will help combat the jihadists as you
escape. Once you reach past the declining stairwell, and make it past the
stairs with the barricaded tables, you'll reach a small room with three
isolatory pillars. Watch out as about 8-10 jihadists will barge through the
brown door ahead. Some of them will be armed with molotov cocktails. SHOOT
THESE guys on first sight. If they toss one cocktail, it will keep most of
them, their friends, and civilians, but will also block the path with fire
(which means you'll be forced to take fire damage). Shoot them, then grab the
Poor Box with money inside on the table. Now, head out the front door. Watch
for an immediate jihadist straight ahead with molotov cocktails. Pull out your
pistol and snipe him off. Snipe off the other rifle-armed jihadist, and watch
for immediate jihadists to your left and right flank. Exit the courtyard,
finish off the remaining enemies outside the compound, then look in the opened
storage crate to the left. Grab the medkits to replenish your life. Exit the
area to go home.

*You go home and your wife is wondering if you have the autograph. You do.
She says she wants to sell it on eBay. You mention about how autographs are
worth a lot more money if the person dies. Hehe, so much for Gary Coleman.*

OBJECTIVES: >> Piss on Dad
>> Vote
>> Get Xmas Tree
>> Get Laundry

DESCRIPTION: "Wednesday is the middle day of the work week. The week is
winding down, and you might feel somewhat upbeat. The Postal
Dude never feels upbeat. He feels like kicking ass."

- This will be an interesting day today. Our young man wants to pay his father
a visit, not for the benefit of society though. He also wants to vote, and get
a Christmas tree. Start off by going south for the tree. You will have to go
slightly west then south as the direct road is closed until Thursday. You'll
run into a few of your hated enemies along the way. Shoot them down when the
police aren't looking. Once you reach the Christmas Tree area, start looking
through the emporium. The Postal Dude will reject certain trees because they're
crappy or just plain suck. In the far rear of the compound, you will find the
perfect tree. A highlighter will glow on it as if the tree came from heaven.
Walk up and take it.

*Suddenly, a bunch of rednecks claim you're stealing their tree. They
are going to kill you for doing that. I don't think so, baby!*

- This next part is pretty simple. You'll have about 12-15 rednecks in the tree
area scattered around. Start off by using the Pistol to pierce a few rounds at
the shotgun toting rednecks. Switch to your own rifle or shotgun as you prefer,
and put a cat on it to concentrate the rounds. Battle your way out and use the
bushes/rocks as cover. If you need health, grab food off of the people's picnic
blankets and consume the health items. Exit the christmas tree area and head
back north to where your house was. You'll run into more ambushing rednecks. I
found that using Molotov Cocktails works very well as they usually swarm in
groups. Hopefully their scrambling will spread the raging fire killing even
more rednecks. As you race back to your home, don't forget about the protestors
that will engage you.

- If you have a wanted meter, hide in a back alley away from the police. The
voting booth area is inside the Chinese restaurant. Follow the signs and walk
up to the voting area. You'll have to fill out a ballet. It doesn't matter how
you fill it out - it's put in there for comical reasons (the form has no clear
winner, and he messes up when filling in the holes).

- After voting, head back to the church. It'll be a long walk, so keep on
going, and move behind the church. Before going there, look south of the church
along the perimeter wall. You'll find some treats and a Sniper Rifle. Enter the
church courtyard, but go through the door that doesn't lead into the church.
You will run into about 8-10 jihadists. Watch for a few molotov cocktails.
Counterfire, and even if the police target you, shoot them as well. Go about
and turn a left. Watch for a few Rednecks in this graveyard area. Nail them
down with a shotgun, and start to heal yourself. Go through the small land
bridge, and then cut a left up toward your father's grave. Press R to pull out
your whizzer and start peeing on the gravestone and the grave itself.

*Suddenly, 2 rednecks will sneak up behind you and whack you with a shovel.
The Postal Dude goes unconscious. He wakes up in a small wooden box, and
apparently the rednecks have been "taking turns" on him. Sounds reminiscent
of Pulp Fiction.*

- Hop out of the wooden bed and immediately grab the shovel. The 2 rednecks are
freaking out because you now have the weapon after they raped you once. You may
also notice you're wearing "leather" of some kind - EWW! Start whacking the
guys and kicking them. Decapitate them both, then replenish your health and
leave through the door.

*The Postal Dude realized he is wearing a buttcheeks-leather outfit. These
rednecks were some pretty sick folk. He says he needs to change and get
some laundry.*

- Right after the cutscene, some rednecks will storm you from the left
stairwell. Start whacking away and press Q to kick as well to do damage. Grab
the pistol & shotgun and start wielding it against these sick freaks. Check one
of the side rooms for a molotov cocktail & some ammo. Continue upstairs, and
you'll be in an underground pipe lair. Crouch under the side pipe, and continue
forth. You'll eventually end up in a large chemical production room. There will
be about 5-6 rednecks here. Pick off the long-range ones using the pistol, then
swap to the shotty for close range kills. Gather up the ammo, go up to the
second floor, then drop down the cargo loader box. You'll have to navigate over
a few narrow planks and hot across a few steam pits. Crouch under the pipes
that obtrude your path to freedom. When you reach the dead end, you'll find a
health pipe. Now, it's time to get onto those pipes that were blocking your
path. Hop on the low pipe, and use it to reach the medium-height pipes. Make
your way backwards, and you'll notice a platform that was above you the entire
time. Hop onto it, and go through this pathway that leads up some small steps.

- You'll now be in a larger production facility. Take out the unaward redneck,
then snipe off the remaining 3 near the production floor. You'll find some of
your old weapons stashed on the brown drawers beneath the steps. Go up the
steps. Hop onto the conveyor belt. You'll have to avoid two vertical stompers,
crouch under a steam roller, and then navigate side-wise around the rotating
acid vat. Hop to the next corridor. Continue forward, and you'll see some mill
dropping from the vat. Grab the pistols in the corner, drop down, and gun down
the rednecks below. Now would be a good time to toss a molotov cocktail to
ignite them. This will take care of the 6 other rednecks to the left. Move

- Move up the conveyor belt, and watch for a redneck to your rear left. There
are 3 more rednecks around the corner. Gun them down, and grab your money stash
on the brown drawer. You will also find a sniper rifle near the corpse of the
rednecks. Whip it out, and let's use that for the next part. Snipe headshotting
the rednecks down this long hall. There are some explosive barrels on the right
you nail to get a majority of the kills. Otherwise, rifle the remaining tangos
down. Move forth, then jam a left, and move up the right vat of acid. Watch out
for 2 rednecks directly above you. Use the pistol to snipe them off. Their
corpses will fall into the acid vat (hoorah!). Then, jam a left into the small
adjunct tunnel. You will come up to another storage room with about 6 rednecks.
Watch for the grenade tosser, and two accurate shots to the left. Drop down
ground level, go up the railing, cut a left, and go above the No Parking area.
You have escaped! Rednecks are now on your hate list as well.

- Now you have to make your way back to the laundromat so we can get rid of
this hideous bondage uniform. Continue south and make your way east towards the
laundromat. Try to get some healing items along the way. When you reach the
laundromat, go inside, move to the counter, and pay the man for a jacket and
some clothes. That's much better. Exit and go south to your home.

*Your wife checks in on you about the Christmas Tree and voting. The
Postal Dude just wants a nice beer.*

OBJECTIVES: >> Get Napalm
>> Get Krotchy
>> Get Steaks
>> Pay Ticket

DESCRIPTION: "Thursday is the super duper day. Friday's almost up, and
we only got one more day to go. Our Postal Dude seems in a
joyful mood to torch the grass if you ask me."

- I found that starting north and going south works best. That way, you'll move
in a loop and hit all points. Head north to the mall first. You may notice a
change in the streets now. In addition to police officers, military personnel
and SWAT guys will roam certain areas. As usual, they are better equipped and
have more armor. Be forewarned, the SWAT guys are very tough. Their body armor
tends to make them very resilient to enemy fire, so try to aim for the head.
Military personnel are a tad easier to take down, but they are equipped with
rifles - so be weary. Enter the mall area just like you did for Gary Coleman's
book signing.

- Go right, down the stairs, then head towards the upper portion of the mall.
Refer to your map. Stay on the first floor and you'll find the store called
"CopZ 'n tha Hood." The mascot won't say anything. Go on in and you'll find out
that the Krotchy doll is sold out. Enter the back room for employees only. Two
security guards will try to shoot you. Nail them down. If you checked in the
toy store, there was also a set of throwing scissors. They're pretty fun to
use. Turn right and get the Kevlar Vest by hopping on the table, then go left
where the 2 employees came from. Continue down this walkway, and you'll
eventually find a small employee office. Watch out for the mobster with the
shotgun to round the corner. Now would be a good time to use your Fish Finder
radar to spot civilians or enemies without actually seeing them. Look to your
right at the storage area with the crates. Watch for a grenade-toting woman
behind one of the crates. Nail her, then grab the Krotchy doll! Suddenly, the
police are on your tail. You're wanted!

- Grab some ammo clips and ready your health bar. Start to make the ascent back
to the store front. You'll have to deal with anywhere from 15-20 police
officers. Most of them are equipped with shotguns or pistols, so aim for
headshots with the shotgun, and pick off those behind crates with your pistol.
Make use of the medkits, ammo, and powerups you left behind on the way down to
replenish your status. When you exit through the employee door, the mascot will
be ready to fight you.

- Krotchy is invincible to bullet attacks. The sniper rifle, shotgun, rifle,
and pistol do nothing against him. However, Krotchy gets hurt from melee
attacks or incendiary (molotov, grenades). I found it best just to use the
police baton or shovel and beat the crud out of him. When he first has his
bazooka, pull out your pistol or shotgun, and shoot the rockets that are
launched from it. These will cause them to explode. Do this 3 times, and then
he'll equip his shotgun. This is where you run up and melee him. Strafe around
him and make to tap Q to get some boot kicks in while you're whacking him.
Repeat this until he dies. You'll now have his Bazooka. Exit the store, and
find an exit out of the mall. Your wanted level should lower fairly quick. You
now want to head south towards the Factory.

- Go in through the front gate and head up the walkway. There will be a
counter. You have a choice:

(a) Pay $300 for napalm
(b) Not pay and get napalm manually

- I paid since I wanted to get rid of my excess $600. Go down the stairs and
follow the "Will Call" signs. They will lead you through a series of walkways
and areas. You'll reach an area with the napalm on the counter. However, it's
not that easy.

*Somewhere in the factory, a scientist gets sick and throws up on a console.
It starts causing massive explosions throughout the plant.*

- Now that you have your napalm, exit, and watch the scientist get blown off
the railing. Rather than going left to exit, go right, hop past the coal boxes,
and go into the vent that has the lid exploded off. Go straight in the vent,
ignore the right passage, and go straight. You will find a tiny room with first
aid. Go back out, but take that alternate passage. You'll end in a tight brick
room with lots of rusted pipes and a yellow haze below. Here's a tip: Don't

- Navigate your way around the pipe complex by crouching under certain pipes,
looking for side inlets, and dropping down at certain areas. You will notice
the one pipe breaks apart and napalm starts spewing out. Jump diagonally right,
then go back upward so you're elevated fairly high. Make your way to the new
hallway. You'll reach a room with a giant napalm vat high above the Postal
Dude. The sealing cap will fall to ground level. Here comes the tricky part:

- Run through the room to the opposite side of the room where you can see a
hallway in the left corner. The giant vat will fall and start to roll behind
you. QUICKLY make it to the hallway and move on in. If you don't, the hallway
will be blocked permanently, and you'll have to revert to a previous save. In
the oven room, duck the first firing flame, and go down the next hall. The next
room has napalm filling the entire floor. Hop onto the floating pipes and
debris to reach the other side. Don't get scared when the one pipe to your left
rear explodes. Continue onward, and a scientist will urge you to run with him.
Follow him until he stops at the broken walkway. He'll try to get you to follow
him, but he'll fall into the whirlpool below. He's right, that's the way out!
Jump into the whirlpool, and you should end up outside the factory, sput out as
sewage. Swim to shore, and voila, objective 2 complete.

- Head slightly southeast towards the Police Station. Remember not to engage
rioters as the army/SWAT will deal with them quickly. Enter the police station.
Go up to the counter:

(a) Cost of the ticket is $300, and must be deposited on 3rd floor
(b) Cost of the ticker is free, but you must shoot your way to the drop box

- Let's assume option B. Start off by walking through the door right of the
cashier counter, and blast him away. Snatch the cash in the cashier drawer,
then the alarm will sound off. I used a Napalm rocket to blast away all the
cops who entered the lobby. Either Napalm, a Molotov, or rockets work well.
Grab the ammo, then head through the Evidence room. Grab anything and
everything here. Continue onward. Watch for SWAT guys near the interrogation
room. Make use of the foods on the tables for easy health. Continue through
these side rooms until you see an area called File Room. Pick up the copy of
your Traffic Citation. Head to the second floor. Again, repeat the same
techniques of flushing out officers with your rifle. Use the Fish Finder to
help bring up tangos on your radar. Make your way to the third floor.

- On the third floor, you'll find a few interesting things including money in
the commissioner's officer, lots of donuts, and a locker room. Not to mention,
there will be plenty of deputies and SWAT guys. Deal with them, then grab
everything in the locker room (highlighted lockers have items in them). Also,
change your uniform to that of a cop from the one locker. Your wanted level
will immediately drop. Head to the end of the hallway, and drop your ticket
citation into the drop box by pressing X. That objective is now complete.
Follow the Exit doors to leave the station. Before leaving, enter the armory
(You can now because you are wearing policeman's uniform). Grab everything to
become the Commando dude of Postal 2. Head towards the steaks location. Enter
the steakhouse.

*There's no one up front to service the Postal Dude on his need for food.
He decides to enter the back room and grab a few steaks for himself.*

- Blast through the employee only door.

*We see a giant meat grinder except cows aren't being grounded up. It's
people! These sick butchers; you have to put an end to this*

- The 3 armed butchers will only have pistols. Quickly retaliate with a couple
shotgun blasts or rifle fire. Enter the door on your left to be greeted by
about 8 butchers. Use the shotgun and repeated headshots for easy 1 shell
kills. Then, go through the yellow hall. You can find some medkits on these
pillars if you need them. Continue forward engaging butchers until you see a
small wooden stairwell. Look underneath it for rifle ammo and a kevlar vest.
Let's lock 'n load. Go up the stairs. Three more butchers greet you in the
crate room, and you'll finally reach the freezer area. Up ahead will be more
butchers barricaded behind tables and desks. You may want to use the hunting
rifle to snipe off the butchers down the far corridor. In the freezer area,
about 4-5 more butchers will be hiding amongst the meat hanging. Finish them
off, go to the dead end, and grab the steaks. Also, pick up the ammo and SIC
Body Armor (2x as strong as normal kevlar).

- The police have stormed the building. Let's get the hell out of here. It's
basically the same way out, except you'll have 20-25 officers/SWAT to deal
with. If you are close to officers, use the shotgun and headshots for quick
disposal. If far away, go full auto mode with the rifle. If really far away, go
for headshots with the hunting rifle. Make your way to the exit to go home.
Butchers are now your enemy.

*You show your wife the napalm. It burns up the carpet, but she's alright.
She also mentions to you about how much Krotchy dolls are selling for on
the internet. You get a good laugh out of that one.*

OBJECTIVES: >> Get Alternator
>> Pick Up Package
>> Uncle Dave's Birthday
>> Go to Clinic

DESCRIPTION: "Friday is the time for celebration. It's the end of the work
week and the partial end of Postal 2."

- Start off by heading north to the Compound where Uncle Dave is. The Compound
can be reached as if heading for the trainyard, except go right. As you're
heading towards the compound, your character will say he has to take a piss.
Hurry and go to the Clinic (it's south of the Compound). When you piss, you'll
start losing health. Probably an infection of some sort. Enter the clinic. Go
to the front desk with the nurse. Speak to her a bit, and she'll ask you to
pull down your pants. Do it, and she says it's Ghonarea. Thank god! Follow down
the hallway for the Vend-a-Cure. The signs will lead you to it. It's a door in
the middle on the second floor.

*The machine will ask you to step up and piss into the small hole. Do it.
Do it.*

- Piss into the cup (you have to get a little closer and aim from top to
bottom). After enough is filled up, it will flip and spew out a medicine. Pick
up the medicine, then consume it in your inventory to solve the problem. First
objective down. Head north to the compound. You'll find the connecting tunnel
next to a gasoline shop. Move ahead, and you'll notice lots of police cars
around here. Move a bit up the path, then cut a left near the brush & silver

*We see a short clip where Uncle Dave is trying to survive. Apparently, it's
like a recreation of the cult burning back in the early 90s. The ATF wants
the situation doused in flames, and the hippy cult is acting like armed
hippies. Save the day!*

- Continue up this side path. You'll notice an ATF sniper at the top of this
hill. Silence her with a couple head shots, then pull out your Hunting Rifle.
You now have a direct clear flanking shot on about 8-15 ATF agents. Start
sniping them one by one with zoomed headshots. If you run out of ammo, resort
to the rifle on foot, but deal with the major threats (bazookas, grenades,
etc...). Flank along the left, and continue sniping the agents. Once the
perimeter is clear, pick up some of the remaining ammo. To get into Dave's
compound, you have to flank the back side, and look for a small corner where
the roof is almost touching ground level. Hop onto this small segment, then
navigate the roof past the burning tank, past the tower, and crouch into the
small exposed opening. Drop down to ground level. When you move into the next
few rooms, anyone wearing white suits are enemies. The one guy with the RWS
shirt is a friend. Nail down the cult members, and continue onward.

- You'll find a small chapel area with several suited people. Nail them before
they can toss their molotovs to make your day very messy. Continue onward in
the basement area. Take out the cult members in the auditorium and burning
room, then go up the stairs. You'll find some items in the room. Look for Uncle
Dave who is wearing a rainbow bluish hippy shirt. Shoot him and any remaining
survivors. Now, ATF will storm the compound. Your objective is complete, but
you must escape alive.

- As uaual, 25 or so ATF agents will greet you inside the building. Use the
rifle to blast your way out, and ensure to pick up the fallen clips. If you
need a little more firepower, use the rocket launcher to take out groups. Exit
via the ceiling window where you first entered. Go down the main road now.
Watch for side flanking officers stationed on canyon cliffs. Either snipe them
off, rocket them off, or take them out. Move ahead a bit further, and more
riflemen will engage you. Repeat the same techniques, and smoke health pipes to
get your health in the 125 level. The last ATF agent left is the fat midget
boss. Finish him off with a sniper shot before he can fire his rocket. Exit
this area. Your wanted level will be high, so hide a bit before moving to the
next objective.

- Now head south to the Junkyard so we can get the dang alternator to fix the
car. Go on in, and talk to the fat guy in the green suit. You have a choice:

(a) Pay $500 for the alternator
(b) Ignore Chico, steal the alternator

- I chose option A because I had spare cash. Either way, Chico will try to kill
you if you do it manually. If you pay him, he will lead you back to the
alternator. Grab it out of the green car hood. However, suddenly, a bunch of
raving dogs (~8) will charge you. Jump on the purple smashed car behind this
wrecked junkyard car, and now the dogs can't eat you. Poor Chico will get eaten
alive though. Rifle down the remaining boxers, and exit this area. You can get
out by taking the right junkyard path. It will lead you to a brown cylinder.
Going right takes you to an area with some dog biscuits. Going left leads out
of the compound. There's a crusher you'll have to get by to make it out. Just
wait for it to rise. Drop the dog biscuits by pressing X to distract the dogs
(if you pick them up).

- Let's go east to the Parcel Center for the package. Pick up some health items
from the 7-11 just before the transition area. I must warn you that there a ton
of your "listed" enemies in this area. There are few law wnforcement officers
as well. Navigate the middle alleyways, and go inside houses to find powerups
or to avoid enemy fire. There is a rocket launching rioter at the end of the
road as well. Enter the parcel center prepared with at least one healing item
(pipe or several food items).

- After entering the post office, head left and go to the counter. The postage
due on your package is $100. If you have the money pay it, otherwise, you'll
have to go out back and gun away (with army guys in the compound). Your
objective will be complete.

*The postal worker goes to get your package, but there was a ticking bomb
inside. The postal worker gets killed. The clerk blames you and aims her
gun at you. An alarm sounds off and the place is sealed down.*

- First and foremost, lay down support fire to take out the clerk. Some
reinforcements will arrive from the rear door. Take them out as well. Go back
through the side door to get access to the back. You'll have to navigate a
series of small back rooms and hallways. There will be a total of anywhere from
15-20 postal workers, mainly armed with pistols or rifles. You'll also find a
small adjunct room near the TV with some SIC body armor and grenades. Take
them, then continue forward in the dimly lit hall towards the exit. Two white
double doors will swing open. Start firing away at the postal workers. Now
would be a good time to use Napalm rockets, molotovs, or rockets in general.
Flush out the enemies and head through the green lit package room.

- Now would be an awesome time to use grenades, napalm, or whatever you desire.
In this next large parcel room, ATF agents will blast through the roof. Your
best and only option is to do rifle charging. Charge everyone with full auto
rifle fire while picking up their clips from the corpses. You'll find a
Diseased Mad Cow head in the center that can be tossed to cause people to puke.
Make your way around this room, and pick up medkits to replenish your life.
Finally, breach through the two white doors. Up ahead will be some safety
deposit boxes with parcel workers on both sides. Gun them down, and watch for
the female grenade tosser & female rocket launcher at the two hallway ends.
Blast through the exit doors to freedom.

- So you thought it was all over huh? Not quite. There is chaos and pandemonium
everywhere. EVERYONE has a gun. While the people firing are distracted, jut a
right, and start to head home. Jog through the neighborhood, and shoot any of
the static guards. Stationary guards generally don't move too fast. Continue
moving north towards home. You're going to run into a majority of army, SWAT,
police, and civilians armed to the tooth. Fire at anyone who dares look at you,
whether you are wanted or not. Keep running until you reach your home. You
might as well light everything up because your game is about to end.

*When you get home, your wife complains again about forgetting her ice
cream. You shoot her. So much for that woman.*

*The credits scroll for the game. It then compiles a total score based
on your statistics. My rank was Office Drone over the Edge.*


\////// _______________
\ | / \ THE
\(_ x| / Bloooeeahhh!!! | END
\ __) _/__________________/
__/ _\ ,. .
/ / .%:. * .
| | | . ;>, $ '
| | | .=3D.~@ . &
UUUU---| :?. ;. .^# . ^
| | < * ' . , *
\ | . " . ^
Iain P. Grier

>> NOTE: When you restart the game, a new "Enhanced Mode" is now available
in the main menu. Enhanced mode has a few default changes compared
to normal gameplay, it let's you use cheats, and certain weapons
have altered effects. For example, you piss napalm rather than
normal excrement. The entire game mode is identical with no changed
quests, however, these changes in gameplay let you replay the game
and get a much higher score than you would have gotten in the first

I would like to thank:


- for compiling this list of the end-game ranks. When you complete the game,
your stats will be shown in several intricate categories. These ranks are
decided based upon your stats.

"Thank you for playing, JESUS."
How to: 0 people & animals killed.

"Gun-shy Murderer"
How to: < 5 people killed

"Underachieving Thug"
How to: < 50 people killed

"Wanna-be Gangsta"
How to: < 100 people killed

"Soccer Mom"
How to: < 300 people killed

"Office Drone Pushed over the Edge"
How to: < 600 people killed

"Prozac-Powered Gun Nut"
How to: < 800 people killed

"Serial Killer on Steroids"
How to: < 1000 people killed

"Society-Shunning, Grade-A Psycho"
How to: < 1500 people killed

"Ex-Military Killing Machine"
How to: < 2000 people killed

"Hitler would be proud"
How to: < 4000 people killed

"Congratulations, SATAN."
How to: > 4000 people killed

"Cop Killer"
How to: 3/4 people killed were cops

"PETA-Hating, Animal Murderer"
How to: Animals killed > People killed

"Teen Sniper"
How to: > 1/2 kills were done by Hunting rifle

How to: > 1/2 kills from burning

"Water Sports Enthusiast"
How to: # gallons pissed > # kills

"Cat Rapist"
How to: > 40 cats used on shotgun

"Congratulations! We didn't think this was even possible!"
How to: Complete game on Hestonmode


- 4) Weapons & Items -
The necessity to survive is often met by little to no resistance. In this game,
it's met by a whole lot of resistance. This section will briefly go over the
weapons & items available in the game. I'd like to give credit to:


for a reference list of the official names of the weapons, and a reference list
of the items.

NAME: Shovel
>> The shovel is the most powerful melee weapon in the game. It's
the only melee weapon that causes full decapitations. This comes
at the cost of a somewhat slower speed when swinging the shovel.
Still, it's very useful, very funny, and has a quicker stab attack
by right-clicking.

NAME: Baton
>> The baton is the melee weapon for police officers and its
usefulness comes in the fact that it is small and quick to attack.
As a melee weapon, it hardly packs a punch, and it's best to both
melee kick and melee swing when using this item.

NAME: Stun Gun
POWER: ***
>> The stun gun is a rare but useful weapon in that it doesn't
necessarily kill people (unless you decide to hold down the taze
to kill someone). Initially, it can harm and stun people by a
quick jolt of electricity. If you hold it down, you eventually fry
the person and give them a nice smoked death.

NAME: Pistol
RANGE: ****
>> The pistol, as default as it sounds, is a great weapon to use
even later in the game. This weapon has extreme accuracy when
crouched, and since it is so common, has practically limitless
ammo. Very useful on long-range targets, and becomes less useful
the closer an opponent is. Still a premiere weapon for getting
precise headshots.

NAME: Shotgun
POWER: ***
>> The shotgun suffers from spread-itis. It is the only weapon in
the game that can incinerate the head of an opponent with one
direct shotgun blast, regardless of the armor status of the
target. However, you must be extremely close for this to happen,
and the shotgun suffers in taking down targets quickly and
efficiently. You will take a lot of hits if you only wield a
shotgun, and it must be pump-reloaded.

NAME: Rifle
POWER: ***
RANGE: ***
>> The rifle is another situational weapon. It wreaks havoc when
you are being overrun in that you can fire in bursts manually, or
decide to go full-auto. The weapon is somewhat uncommon, and
you'll expend ammo like a rich kid at a penny candy store.
Nonetheless, it is very useful later on in the game when the
abundance of rifles is common. Great for getting automatic fire
headshots. It suffers in range though, and has natural deviation
on long-range shots. There is no way to switch it to semi-auto

NAME: Gas Can
POWER: ***
>> A quirky inconsistent weapon that is fun to use in certain
situations, and frustrating in others. What you do is hold down
the left click to spill gasoline (on the ground, on a target,
anywhere). Then, you must right-click to toss a match in the
gasoline spilt area. This will cause fire to arise. The fire can
spread onto yourself though.

NAME: Grenade
POWER: *****
RANGE: ****
>> Grenades in Postal 2 wreak quite a bit of havoc. You have to hold
down the primary fire button to charge up your throw. They explode
after a set distance of time (~5 seconds) or will explode if they
come within contact of a living body. You can also drop them
directly on the ground by right-clicking. This is useful for
setting up ambushes in doorways.

NAME: Molotov Cocktail
POWER: ****
RANGE: *****
>> The molotov cocktail is a wine bottle ignited with a white rag
causing a napalm-like fire to arise. It is tossed like a normal
grenade, however, when it impacts the ground, it causes fire to
spread. The fire can spread to yourself causing massive damage.
Molotovs are best used in tight corridors or on groups of people.
Be prepared to fire bullets at the people who get caught on fire
and try to run at you.

NAME: Scissors
RANGE: ***
>> Scissors are an odd weapon. They can be thrown like throwing
knives, or used in a secondary attack where they will continually
bounce around a room. However, damage is minimal, and they're
quite rare, so using them in a gun-toting battle is a rarity.
Still, they are representative of the game developers.

NAME: Hunting Rifle
POWER: *****
RANGE: *****
>> The Hunting Rifle is another rare weapon that one shot kills
enemies ONLY when zoomed in. The gun is worthless when not zoomed
in. There is also a switching delay when going from zoomed to un-
zoomed, or vice versa. The scope is somewhat sluggish as well.
This brings down the overall rating a bit, but it pierces armor
and delivers beautiful headshots.

NAME: Diseased Cow Head
POWER: ***
>> This is a rare weapon that consists of an old rotten cow head.
When tossed, it explodes causing an orange poison to float amongst
the air. If people stand in it long enough, they will get sick and
puke up their own blood causing them to die. You can also drop one
on the ground and shoot it from a distance for a larger radius.
Hard to use in a combat-intensive situation, but fun to observe on
the streets of Paradise.

NAME: Bazooka
POWER: *****
RANGE: *****
OVERALL: *****
>> The bazooka is pretty much the dominant weapon in the game. It
fires a lone rocket that causes a massive explosion (identical to
grenades), except it can be targetted. The rocket is fired based
off of how much fuel is used. If less fuel is used, the rocket
will travel a shorter distance. If charged fully, the rocket will
track its target with a heat-sonar detector. Great for chasing
down innocent screaming civilians. If fired in secondary mode, the
rocket fires in a straight pattern.

NAME: Napalm Launcher
POWER: ****
RANGE: ***
>> A very rare weapon that can have devastating effects. This
launches a napalm-spewing rocket that bursts into napalm
everywhere. This is like a molotov cocktail x 2. Note that if you
secondary fire this weapon, it causes the rocket to bounce a few
times before imploding, leaving a huge radius of fire everywhere.
This weapon can kill yourself so do not fire close to yourself.

NAME: Kevlar Vest
>> This is armor designed to block bullets. It has the equivalency of
100 armor points. Very useful in any combat situation, but you'll
only find it in occasional spurts.

NAME: SIC Body Armor
OVERALL: *****
>> This is armor designed to be twice as good as Kevlar. Holds up to
200 armor points, but is VERY rare and you'll only find this once
an occasion. If you do get it, prepare for an intense battle as
that's why it's usually placed there.

NAME: Donut
>> This is a healing item. Heals about 5 health, however, it can be
used to bribe or distract cops. Simply drop one on the ground, and
any pursuing cops will cease to pursue. Try pissing on one for a
good laugh.

NAME: Pizza
>> This is a healing item. Gives about 10 health points. Somewhat
uncommon, but a useful food item.

NAME: Treat Bag
>> Another healing item that yields anywhere from 5-10 healing
points. Somewhat common and very tasty.

NAME: Health Pipe
>> This is a healing item that instantly shoots your health up
to 125. After a few minutes though, you will lose a % of your
health due to the addicting effects. The loss of health gets worse
and worse if you continue to smoke more and more of these crack
pipes. These are pretty common throughout the game, and pretty
much necessary to replenish health in most situations.

OVERALL: *****
>> This is the only way to view the map of Paradise, so you know
where the hell you're going. A practical necessity as everything
is marked on it.

NAME: Newspaper
>> Pointless headlines that tell you what's going on. If you actually
read some of the headlines, they pertain to special events
happening at some of the buildings in town.

NAME: Dog Treats
>> When you drop a dog treat, the dog will follow you and attack
anyone who tries to fight you. Only useful in a handful amount of

NAME: Catnip
>> Attracts cats to your location. Cats can be equipped to the nose
of your shotgun to increase damage and accuracy. If you consume
this product, everything will be in slow motion except your own

NAME: Fish Finder
OVERALL: *****
>> The only way to activate in-game radar of any sort. Gradually
decreases the item amount the longer it is turned on. Shows
surrounding enemies (red), civilians (white), or fleeing people

NAME: Largemouth Bass Plug-In
OVERALL: *****
>> This is discovered in one of the second-floor trainyard offices.
This item marks police officers on the Fish Finder radar with
unique icons. Very neat item.


- 5) Multiplayer -
One of the new features of Postal 2: Share the Pain is multiplayer.
Unfortunately, multiplayer for this game is not too popular, so strategies will
be limited. I will try my best to explain the game modes, maps, and any
possible tips to success.

A new patch called 1409 was released for Postal 2: StP. You can download it

- This patch adds a multiplayer map, and optimizes the game even further.
Patch is approximately 16MB.

- If you are interested in downloading MODS or new MAPS for Postal 2: StP,
please visit:

- There are a few user-created maps/mods out there thanks to the in-game
editor. The in-game editor allows you to easily construct maps in a 3D-based
environment, and it comes with Postal 2: StP. You can find it under the
START Menu, for the game listing.

/Game Modes/
Thankfully, Share the Pain adds 2 new game modes to multiplayer, one of which
happens to be somewhat intriguing (if you like snatching women). This section
will describe the game mode types and their objectives.

)0)> DEATHMATCH <(0(
This game mode is pretty simple. Have the best score at the end of the round
with the most kills, and you win. Can be played against humans or with bots
or both.

Same as above except there are teams. Total team score is assumed by adding
total kills and total deaths. There are only teams, red or blue. Team names
can be switched.

)0)> SNATCH <(0(
This is a team-based objective game mode. Each team has a postal babe which
they must protect. The other team must snatch the postal babe of the other
team, and bring them back to their bedroom to score a point. One who
"scores" the most wins, hehe. Team names can be switched.
>>NOTE: In snatch mode, you must have your babe at your own base, in
conjunction with theirs to cap a score.

)0)> GRAB <(0(
This is a deathmatch-based mode where the goal is to collect the most
bags. 10 bags are dispersed randomly on the level. First player to collect
the most bags once all 10 bags are collected wins. You get 25% stronger with
each collected bag, so it helps motivate to collect them.

There are 3 maps which are only compatible with Snatch mode. The rest are
compatible with Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, or Grab mode.

**> Asylum <**
Size: 4-10 Players
Rating: ***
>: The Asylum is a darker styled map with hospital style floors and
lots of old decayed rooms. The depth of level thrives off of a large
semi-circular room stacked with crates and four adjoining halls.
You'll find most of the power weapons set off from the main combat
zone, but it does provide a somewhat flankable battle.

**> Boneyard <**
Size: 4-8 Players
Rating: ****
>: This is one of the better maps as there is a large yellow haze that
covers most of the background along with side flanks, or a neutral
route down the valley. The map goes in a giant oval but has many
ambush points and long ranges for potential snipers or good shots.

**> Cemetery <**
Size: 2-3 Players
Rating: **
>: This map is sort of one-sided. Features a small cemetery with lots
of gravestones and a center wooden bridge. However, most of the action
is pretty linear. Just typical action where you constantly bunnyhop or
seek cover behind a railing. In terms of locating the weapons, good
luck. Map is too repetitive. There is a giant rocket launcher in the
center of the map on the wooden bridge.

**> Ice Hole <**
Size: 6-10 Players
Rating: ***
>: One of the few hill-based maps - the entire town is built on a couple
snowy hills. You'll find the key advantage when you reach the roof
areas and have access to a sniper rifle. Map works best with near
maximum # of players.

**> Intifada <** ^SNATCH ONLY^
Size: 6-10 Players
Rating: ***
>: A castle-based map with mirrored images on both sides. You'll find
that the castle area has about 3 stories to it, with side flanking
doors on both side. There is an underground cove that runs underneath
both bases, and bedrooms stocked with tons of weapons & health. The
bed chambers are right in the main church area.

**> Meat World <**
Size: 5-8 Players
Rating: *
>: One of the more disappointing maps in my opinion. Very squarish, only
two levels, and most of the rooms battles are way too linear. Grenade
and molotov cocktail spamming is a major problem from the second

**> Monsoon <**
Size: 4-10 Players
Rating: *****
>: One of my favorite maps. Features an underground sewer with rain
effects, and several buildings scattered around a few streets. The
ornamental design makes it so that you can't rape with thrown
projectiles, and getting the desirable weapons are put in balanced

**> Napalm <**
Size: 3-6 Players
Rating: *****
>: Truly an awesome map. It takes place inside a partially destroyed
napalm factory where there is a giant pit in the middle that leads to
your death. If you drop down but land on the low pipe, you can get a
rocket launcher. There are a few side brick tunnels, along with lava
environment areas here and there. You can even reach the roof. Great
map that works for all player amounts.

**> Piquant <**
Size: 5-8 Players
Rating: ***
>: This map reminds me a lot of Ice Hole, except it's in a heated
environment. You'll see a lot of similarities between the two. Go to
the roof for the rocket launcher, along with any other weaponry that's
needed. Avoid worthless flat street battles.

**> Ponderous <** ^SNATCH ONLY^
Size: 8-14 Players
Rating: ***
>: It's basically a mirror image of two isolated compounds separated by
some canyonous terrain and a few wooden bridges. You can flank under
the bridge and up to the side of the house, or with a frontal assault.
The bed is located on the house balcony.

**> Shantytown <**
Size: 5-10 Players
Rating: ****
>: Another interesting design that can provide some intense battles. This
ie one of the few WIDE OPEN maps you'll find in Postal 2, and it can
provide lots of sniping fun. Check the top of the train carts on the
broken bridge for molotov cocktails and projectiles.

**> Splinter Foundry <** ^SNATCH ONLY^
Size: 8-16 Players
Rating: ****
>: One of the largest maps you'll find out there. This map is setup in
the night between two large complexes out in the forest/canyons. Both
complexes have multiple angled roofs, and narrow planks lead from
location to location. Most of the solid weaponry is up above, however,
most of the great flanking routes are down below where they are
concealed from enemy fire. It's a matter of balancing principles.

**> Sporting Wood <**
Size: 6-12 Players
Rating: ***
>: Another wide open map based off of some canyons and forest scenery.
The bridges in the middle and flipped over bus have some rocket
launchers that will be very useful in ridding of the masses.
Unfortunately, the map isn't that great in terms of map design, and
can get boring pretty quickly.

**> Trainyard <**
Size: 6-10 Players
Rating: ***
>: Granted a nice interesting design, but it feels a bit too stacked
on one side of the map. One side feels way too open-based with a
sniper rifle, and the other side has too many closed doors with
shotguns. Pretty much a camping war, but decently fun if everyone
meets in the middle.


- 6) Codes -
One of the best traits of Postal 2: Share the Pain is that the developer's
condone the use of cheats to expand the gameplay elements. There are some
pretty fun and whacky things you can accomplish by doing so. There are 2 ways
to unlock cheats:

(a) Complete the single-player game, and a cheat menu will be unlocked.
Note that the cheats are somewhat limited, but you only have to activate
them by highlighting them and pressing ENTER.

(b) Typing them in manually via the console.

I'd like to give credit to for providing this list of cheats:

> Press ~ to open the console. Type the codes in as they are displayed.

+ packnheat (All destructive weapons)
+ swimwithfishes (All radar related items)
+ iamsolame (All weapons, max ammo, invincibility)
+ blockmyass (Body armor)
+ ChangeDude() (Change player to opposite morality)
+ dokkincats (Disable cat shooting guns)
+ walk (Disable flight and ghost modes)
+ slomo 1 (Disable slow motion mode)
+ iamtheone (Extra catnip)
+ lotsapussy (Extra cats)
+ boyandhisdog (Extra dog treats)
+ piggytreats (Extra donuts)
+ jones (Extra health pipes)
+ jewsforjesus (Extra money)
+ osama (Fanatic NPC bystander pawns)
+ healthful (Full health + 4 Medkits)
+ whatchutalkinbou (Gary Coleman NPC bystander pawns)
+ smackdatass (Gimp suit)
+ alamode (God mode)
+ rockincats (Guns that use cat silencers shoot cats)
+ Goto() (Map select)
+ iamthelaw (Police uniform)
+ SetAllErrandsComplete() (All errands complete)
+ WarpToDay() (Set the day)
+ slomo (Slow motion mode)
+ playersonly (Pause everything)
+ likeabirdy (Toggle flight mode)
+ fly (Toggle flight mode)
+ ifeelfree (Toggle ghost mode)

- 7) Paradise -
This section of the guide is dedicated to speaking about the town of Paradise.
Playing through the main quest of the game is only a small portion of what can
potentially happen during the gameplay. I will go through and discuss each of
the locations on the Paradise map, and if there are any interesting things you
can do or find there. The Secrets section will reveal any possible glitches or
hidden areas.

Only a handful of locations in the town of Paradise actually have any relation
to quests. There are numerous things you can do on your own to explore the town
to cause chaos.

&&* HOME *&&
Your home is a small trailer in a rough neighborhood. You cannot enter the
building nor destroy it, but you always go home to it at the end of the day.
Your whiny wife lives in it.

&&* FIRE HOLE *&&
There's a gay dancer's club north of your home called the Fire Hole. You can
find a bunch of gay men inside dancing to music. If you go upstairs, you'll
find a gay bondage room. Pretty funny, but nothing of value in this

This building is also slightly north of your house. It's necessary during
one of your weekdays to get a change of clothes here, and you can normally
purchase clothes here once you've completed that mission. Other than that,
there's nothing of interest here.

&&* ARCADE *&&
Grossman's Arcade is a tad further up north. It can be robbed by hopping the
counter. There is also an ATM machine that can be destroyed for some cash.

The Chinese restaurant has a diseased cow's head in the kitchen in one of
the pots. If you go upstairs, and enter the last room, you'll find a bazooka
against the wall. Useful to get neat weapons early on.

This is a convenience store run by an Indian dude. You have to get milk here
for one of your first tasks. There's a back room that stores a bunch of
jihad women. You can find money, body armor, ammo, and tons of crap in the
upstairs area of this complex.

Next to Ganesh's place is the Book Repository. You can find some kevlar and
rifle ammo in the second floor room, and a few medkits.

&&* LIBRARY *&&
Located in the same area where Ganesh's is, the library is a necessary
building to complete one of your tasks. You'll find a few powerups here and
there, but it generally has a large intricate design with spaced out
sections for books.

This is where you get sent if arrested. If in the cell, toss a match at the
water sprinkler to cause the doors to open. The third floor has the locker
room where you can find the Police Uniform. The second floor has an armory
where you must wear the police uniform in order to access it. The first
floor has an evidence room, and there are tons of cops everywhere.
Fortunately, you can find plenty of food, ammo, and money. Great place to

&&* BANK *&&
Located in the middle of the map. The bank can be robbed, but an alarm will
sound off. There are several police officers in back as well. There's a safe
in the back that can be robbed with over $300.

&&* RWS *&&
This is the headquarters of the gaming developer you so much despise (and
love). They have several armed employees and weapons/ammo if you need it.

&&* CLINIC *&&
This health station can sell health pipes or let you use the Vend machine to
piss produce a health pipe. There are a few healing items scattered
throughout the complex.

&&* HOTEL *&&
There is a hotel nearby the police station that has a few private rooms
with people inside. If you raid the rooms, you'll find hookers and clients
together, plus lots of money and guns in the closets.

This is a post office. A necessary building for your last quest in the game.
There are lots of armed workers in the back, so be prepared to fight. You
will find tons of weapons and powerups in the back rooms.

&&* FOREST *&&
This is where you go to get your Christmas Tree for one of the quests. Not
much here, although there are a bit of picnics and food scattered around.
Great for getting healing items.

&&* MEAT WORLD *&&
This is near the post office. This is another place you go to during a
required mission. Pretty large backspace to it. Lots of ammo in the back

This is a food production facility, however, you can cause the elephants to
go rampant and kill everyone by shooting them. You'll find a few ammo clips
here, lots of rednecks, and health items scattered by the grills.

&&* ASYLUM *&&
Pretty much a useless building that has medkits and ammo scattered about.
The doctors are pretty crazy and will shoot on sight, so either avoid them
or kill them. You can free some of the crazy patients.

This is located next to the Asylum. Just has a few medkits inside, nothing
else. Plays no part in the storyline.

&&* JUNKYARD *&&
You have to go here to get a part for your car later on. Not much here
except items stashed in and around the junkyard. Chico is the fat green
suited guy.

&&* FACTORY *&&
A quest-based building that stores/produces napalm. Since napalm is the
rarest weapon in the game, this is an interesting place to visit. Fairly
large and complex, but eventually blows up during the main quest.

There is a giant red-brick abandoned factory right next to the napalm
factory. If you go inside the second-floor door, you'll find a bunch of
hobos living inside with stun guns and melee items. You can kill them for
money, items, or health. Lots of cats live here too. If you go through the
loading zone door, you'll end up near an abandoned mining company. There is
SiC Body armor up on a pipe entrance, some health pipes, and a few crack
people living here.

&&* CHURCH *&&
This is a necessary building for the main quest. You can confess, steal the
poor box, but will later face many jihadists here and allied priests. Lots
of healing items and weapons stashed around.

&&* CEMETERY *&&
Pretty much filled with gravestones. Not much else here, but another quest-
necessity area to complete the main quest.

This is an interesting place. You will notice that there are cops guarding
both entrances, and also a ton of cops on the inside. Sprint past them and
make your way to the second floor. Check one of the inner rooms for a
scissor-throwing woman. Kill her, and then jump on the shelf behind her to
grab the Largemouth Bass Plug-In. This is a unique item, and it distinctly
shows police whenever your radar is on. You will find napalm launchers at
the entrance to this location as well.

&&* COMPOUND *&&
This is where your Uncle Dave lives. This is a quest-necessity building as
you must do something in order to save the place. There is tons of ammo,
health, and pipes in this place.

&&* MALL *&&
The mall is a quest-necessity building where several actions take place. You
will find stores that can be robbed, or where items can be bought. There are
also under construction areas that have hobos with ammo, pipes, or health.
There are employee back rooms with lots of places to explore.

&&* GHETTO *&&
There is a ghetto neighborhood to the far north just before the trainyard.
There are lots of crack pipes inside the houses, guns, and ammo to be sought


- 8) Common Questions -

)) Gameplay ((

<< What would you rate Postal 2: Share the Pain? >>

- I'd rate this game a [7/10]. The original Postal 2 was a partial flop mainly
because it only had single-player, and single-player was very short. Postal 2:
StP adds multiplayer with two new game modes, and according to Gamespot is what
Postal 2 should have been. The game itself has decently great graphics.
Everything is in 3D, with clean-cut animations. The town itself is somewhat
sectioned off, especially with loading times interfering between each section,
however, the design is quite up to par with most FPSs. The game's true value
arises from the massive amount of prejudice and uncensorship that occurs in the
game. You can pee on people, brutally beat others down, decapitate people, and
do all of this while not affecting your objectives. As a matter of fact, it may
assist in completing an objective. While you cannot drive vehicles, and the
multiplayer is non-existant because hardly anyone plays, this is still a decent
game that every MATURE gamer out there should try. There is a reason this game
was banned in several countries, and it certainly isn't because of the blood
spewing out of targets.

<< Are there any other versions of Postal 2? >>

- Yes, there are 3. The first one is Postal 2 which is the original game.
Postal 2: Share the Pain is the game this guide is about, which adds
multiplayer and optimizes the single-player game. Finally, Postal 2: Apocalypse
Weekend is the expansion pack which adds over 20 new areas to your map, and
alters gameplay drastically with undead creatures and a new single-player
storyline. There is also multiplayer additions.

<< What's the current patch? >>

- The game initially comes with version 1407. You need patch 1409 which adds a
new area to the game, and also tweaks some problems with the multiplayer. Not
to mention, 1409 is the only way to play multiplayer.

<< How do I get Postal 2: StP? >>

- Visit and you can order it from an online store. You can
also grab it off eBay, or at your local PC gaming store (dependent on your
location, due to the maturity of the game).

<< Are there ways of censoring the extreme violence? >>

- Yes and no. In the options menu, you can alter blood amounts and items of
that sort, however, I found nothing to change the audio sounds, which often
contain the f-word. It doesn't bother me, but it may bother people around you
while you play the game - if you give a crap, hehe.

<< Is there a sequel planned for this game? >>

- Yes. Postal 3 is planned to be released for the XBOX 360 & PC. It supposedly
will have a better graphics engine compared to the Unreal engine used in Postal
2. It is not known if the game will be censored or not the on the 360.


- 9) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines -
This FAQ/Strategy Guide/Walkthrough is my own published work, and copyrighted
by Christopher Zawada. Whatever you do, DO NOT edit this FAQ in any way. DO
NOT steal anything from this FAQ. If you want to use some information in your
own guide, simply ask me. If you want to place this guide on your website,
either link to the GameFAQs game page, or download the file and place it on
your own web server. Basically, you can post this on your website as long as
it's in ORIGINAL form, and not linking directly to GameFAQs. Aside from that,
all proper credit is due when necessary. Also, don't even think about selling
FAQs. Trying to prosper off of other people's work will get you in big time
trouble (coming from an eBay seller myself).

Any site out there has permission to host my FAQs (following the above terms),
however, these are a list of current sites that host my FAQs officially:



- 10) Proper Credit -
I'd like to thank the following people for their help in making this FAQ

)) CJayC (( for constantly updating GameFAQs, and dedicating his entire life
to it. Takes a lot of effort to keep a site going this long.

)) (( for letting me use an excellent ASCII generator, which
composed this typical-style art. Excellent.

)) Running with Scissors (( for developing a somewhat crazy, moronic, but fun
game. Nice to see developers taking a risk, even if it means receiving

)) (( for providing an avid resource for any of the Postal
games in the series.

)) (( for providing the cheat codes that can be entered in
manually for desired effects.

)) CuBiC (( for compiling the end-game ranks list. I thought it was very
interesting, thanks.

"Some people make sacrifices to make other people happy." - Chris Zawada
"Freeeeeeddooommmmmmmmm!" - William Wallace (Braveheart)

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