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Subquests Guide
Complete Guide to SpellForce Subquests

Version 1.06
by gaoneng
May 07, 2004

Written for the english version of pc game title
SpellForce - the Order of Dawn v1.11

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How to Use This Guide
Symbols, Terminology and Notes


*see below*


*see below*


Riddle of the Menhir
Beastman Manes
Bandit Leader


Stone of Eternal Fire
Demon Blood


Broks, Jons and Sunders
Leftover Items






How to Use This Guide

The subquests are grouped according to where they get activated. NPCs critical
to any subquests are listed together with their locations right after each Map
heading. Many quests can only be activated mid to late game so don't worry too
much if you cannot speak to some NPCs yet. You will know a subquest is up when
you see ! or ? on their heads. If you still cannot speak to them when the sign
is on then YES IT'S A BUG. It happens often enough to make you want to throw
your comp out of the window, hopefully it gets better with future patches.

So anyways there are two possibilities why you are looking at this guide. One,
you are stuck. For that go to the section where you first got the quest, find
the quest in question and follow the steps. Two, you are missing some quests
and want to find out what you missed. For that check the list below to see
what you are missing, go the the respective sections to see the quests in
details, and follow the steps. Some quests are dependent on other quests and
if you do one the wrong way you lose the chance to do the other altogether.
Fortunately most quest rewards are not too important, or precioussssssssssss,
just make sure you complete Amra and Lea, Shadow World, the Soulstones,
Earthblade, and the mosaic quest.

To get a quest, you must fulfil the activator requirement. Usually that is by
speaking with the activator. Some subquests are activated by finding certain
objects or monuments. These are all specified in the guide.

To find specific content, the Find function under the Edit menu in your
internet browser or notepad is your best friend.

If you think your problem could be a common one, it is. Please refer to the FAQ
section before asking for help anywhere.

Symbols, Terminology and Notes

Directions are indicated by [N S E W NS NW SE SW], N = North and so on.

WNW ENE If you impose this diagram on the minimap in your game
W central E screen, you will pretty much know what I am talking
WSW ESE about when I specify locations.

Monsters are usually listed as [XXX lv# xyz - @] XXX being name of monster,
lv# monster level, xyz location, @ quest artefacts on monster. Monster levels
are not very important, except in cases where the "bosses" are of levels much
higher than the general difficulty level of the map, such as Udwin in From the
Deep. When that happens, you should continue with your main quests and return
to complete these subquests when you are higher level.

NPCs are usually listed as [XXX in xyz] XXX being name of NPC, xyz location.
Used when the NPC required to continue the quest is on a different map. If xyz
is missing, the NPC is on the same map. You will find it useful if you
familiarise yourself with the names of NPCs and maps.


As of v1.11, there are 41 subquests in SpellForce - the Order of Dawn. In this
guide, they are grouped according to where they first get activated.


Magical Artefacts
Dwarf Services
The Tooth Crusher's Pliers
Black Yew Tree
Shadow World
The Sick Hermit
Amra and Lea


Small Fish
The Ghost of the Mine
From the Deep
Klingzog's Leggins


The Last of the Archers
The Free Traders
The Dream Snatcher
The Wound Tincture


Head Hunt
The Hostages


The Purple Banner


The Old Man and the Music
Master of the Spiders
Delicate Fabric




The Bigger They Are
Predator's Fur
White Shadow
Dragon Armor


A Poison Dwarf
Big Trouble







Gwen's Medicine



The Cataract








Adhira - in town, W
Castigir - in town, S
Flink McWinter - in town, S *after triggering Trickster subquest*
Gabar - in town, bindstone
Goran - in town, E
Hinrik - in town, SE
Orthanc - in town, E
Sandor - in town, W
Seno - in town, E
Sento - in town, middle traders area
Sick Hermit - central, beaten path off village entrance
Tanara - in town, NW
Tombard - central, in village
Valdis - in town, NE *after triggering the Wound Tincture subquest*
Zarim - in town, slightly S of bindstone

Magical Artefacts

[activator] Gabar
[ steps ] Gabar asks you to find several artefacts
The first three artefacts are at
~ Cutpurse SE of human monument - Tanard's Eyeglasses
~ Ghost of the Scribe lv10 Liannon - Glowing Quill
*see subquests From the Deep and the Ghost of the Mine*
~ Gukar lv14 S of orc camp Leafshade - Invocation Chalk
After collecting all three artefacts, Gabar will ask you to mend
Tanard's Robe
Show the Robe to Tanara. She needs the Rockspider Silk to mend it
Kill Rockweaver SSW Northern Windwalls - Rockspider Silk
Bring the Rockspider Silk to Tanara
Return the mended Tanard's Robe to Gabar
[ rewards ] Experience

Dwarf Services

[activator] Hinrik in Greyfell or Cronvig in Southern Windwalls
[ steps ] Talk to the drunken dwarf Hinrik. He needs some Dwarven Brandy
Talk to Cronvig in Southern Windwalls. He needs his Eyeglasses.
Kill Wartskin in SSW Liannon - Small Rusty Key
Open the chest in NE Liannon near Shan Muir's old house - Tools of
a Dentist, Eyeglasses of a Dwarf, Liannon Brandy
Bring the Eyeglasses to Cronvig in Southern Windwalls and get
Dwarven Brandy from him
Bring the Brandy to Hinrik and get a Bronze Statuette from him
Bring the Bronze Statuette to Cronvig in Southern Windwalls
[ rewards ] 5 Gold and Experience
[ notes ] There are two possible triggers for this quest. It does not matter
who you talk to first.
Try some weird maneuvers like offering Liannon Brandy to Hinrik or
Eyeglasses of a Dwarf to Gabar for some amusing dialogues.

The Tooth Crusher's Pliers

[activator] Seno
[ steps ] Seno tells you of his missing Pliers
Kill Wartskin in SW Liannon - Small Rusty Key
Open the chest in NE Liannon near Shan Muir's old house - Tools of
a Dentist, Eyeglasses of a Dwarf, Liannon Brandy
Return the Tools to Seno
[ rewards ] Mist Chrystal and Experience

Black Yew Tree

[activator] Zarim
[ steps ] *available after Rohen's death*
Talk to Zarim about his crossbow. He needs some good Black Yew Wood
to complete crafting his crossbow
Kill Ghost of the Scout in Liannon - Broken Blackyewbow
*see subquest From the Deep*
Give the Blackyewbow to Zarim
[ rewards ] Experience


[activator] Sandor
[ steps ] *available after Rohen's death*
Talk to Sandor. He will tell you of the mysterious gravestones
Find the three gravestones
~ N central, where Cutpurse is/was, SE of human monument
~ SSW, southern most, beside a cave with a treasure chest
~ SW, by the bridge beside one of the colossi
Investigate them and defeat the skeletons
Return to Sandor to tell him of your adventures
Ask Goran about the meaning of the words you heard
Return to Sandor with those meanings
Investigate the cave S of human monument in the middle of map
*Sandor must be near you*
Kill Shin Tar Guar lv23 - Book of Shin Tar Guar, Sapphire
*you might need a small army of marksmen and clerics*
Show the Book to Goran.
Show the Book to Darius in Liannon
[ rewards ] Experience and Silversnake
[ notes ] The gravestones are really small, third person perspective is
recommended on this quest, it allows for better view of ground
level objects. Sandor might get killed if you are not careful, but
it is alright as the quest can pretty much continue without him.

Shadow World

[activator] Castigir
[ steps ] *available after Rohen's death*
Talk to Castigir. He tells of the the shadowy creatures
Kill the Shadow in Northern Windwalls undead camp NNE of mountain
bindstone - Ring of the Shadow
Bring the Ring to Castigir.
Bring the Ring to Rigour in Farlorn's Hope. He will enchant it so
you can see even more shadows
Kill the Shadows lv10 in SSW Northern Windwalls - Shadow Manifest
Bring the Shadow Manifest to Rigour in Farlorn's Hope. From the
book, Rigour learns of a mysterious crystal governing the shadows
Look for the Shadow Crystal in NE Howling Mounds inner fortress
*hidden in a part of NW-SE-aligned wall near the portal to Whisper*
/ \<--,
/ \ | *outline of Howling Mounds inner fortress*
| | |
\ / t____ *the crystal is here*

Show the Crystal to Rigour in Farlorn's Hope
Show the Crystal to Castigir
Talk to Castigir again at a later time
[ rewards ] Experience and Shadowpulse Armor
[ notes ] The quest ends when you bring the Crystal to Castigir, so be sure
to remember to claim the Shadowpulse Armor from Castigir a day
later, or simply go to some other map and return. The Shadowpulse
Armor is among the very best armors in the game, together with
Amra's Chestplate and Amra's Greaves, do not miss them.

The Sick Hermit

[activator] Sick Hermit
[ steps ] *available after Rohen's death*
Talk to the Sick Hermit. He is sick.
Talk to Shan Muir in Liannon and ask for help. You will be given
two options
[1] Ask for Pain-easing Potion
Give the Pain-easing Potion to Sick Hermit. He will the you
that the Potion alone is not enough to relief him
Kill the Evil Dryad lv15 by the lake near Dryad Lake bindstone
in Eloni - Lock of the Hermit
*it is accompanied by Evil Nymphet lv10, for an easy time move
the leftover elf troops from previous main quest to that area
before fighting them*
Return the Lock to the Sick Hermit to free him of his curse
[2] Ask for Zirfar Potion. Shan Muir will refuse and tell you to
get one from Illirias instead
Talk to Illirias in the Shiel. He will give the Potion to you
only if you retrieve his lost Purse for him.
Look for and kill Marauder anywhere in the Shiel - Purse
Return the Purse to Illirias in the Shiel
Give the Zirfar Potion to Sick Hermit. He will go mad after
taking the Potion
Kill the Sick Hermit
[ rewards ] Similar Experience either way
[ notes ] This is one of few quests with multiple paths. Option [1] gives a
happily-ever-after ending while option [2] gets you insults. No
difference other than that.

Amra and Lea

[activator] Orthanc
[ steps ] *available after Rohen's death*
Talk to Orthanc about armor. He tells you of this great armor he
Talk to Sunder in Liannon for more information
Talk to Shan Muir in Liannon for even more information
Kill Sento's Thugs slightly NE of Liannon town - Sento's Letter
Confront Sento in Greyfell with the Letter. He will request to
meet you in Wildland Pass
Talk to Sento in Wildland Pass near Village Skye bindstone, kill
his Thugs and talk to him again. You will learn of Lea's grave.
*cheap trick: summon 10+ windarchers before talking to Sento*
Look for Lea's Avengers lv19 in NE Whisper, kill them and
investigate the gravestone at the edge of the cliff. The Ghost of
Lea will appear
*the Avengers cast Area Pain and Shockwave, do not meddle with them
unless you and your troops are at very high levels. You can try to
drain them of their mana by sending in a few workers to sacrifice,
and then move in with your combat units to kill them all.*
Kill Ghost of Lea lv15 - Lea's Letter for Shan, Lea's Trinket for
Bring the Letter and Trinket to Shan Muir in Liannon
Talk to Tyrgar in Liannon for more information
Talk to Craig in S Frostmarsh or SE Southern Godmark *late game*
Look for Amra's Avengers lv10 in central Howling Mounds near N
dwarf monument, kill them all, investigate the grave and kill the
new batch of Avengers and the End of All Hope lv30 that appears
*the Avengers come in swarms, it is a good idea to built up an army
of some elite and lots of defenders before fighting them. If you
have Area Pain, Extinct and/or Aura of Light, this is where they
can come into good use. The End of All Hope is really what its
name suggests, get ready for a good fight*
Kill Ghost of Amra lv16
[ rewards ] Amra's Chestplate, Amra's Greaves and Experience
[ notes ] This is the longest subquest in the game, spanning the latter half
of the entire game. The reward is well worth the effort, and even
if you are not a melee player, one of your heroes will be able to
wear them.


[activator] Orthanc
[ steps ] *available after Rohen's death*
Talk to Orthanc about weapon. He will make you a good one if you
collect the five Soulstones
Kill the five monsters to get their Soulstones
~ Angstling in NE Northern Windwalls - Soulstone of Angstling
~ Bonelurker in SW Northern Windwalls - Soulstone of Bonelurker
~ Nightblade in middle Greydusk Vale - Soulstone of Nightblade
~ Crypt Stalker in N Howling Mounds - Soulstone of Crypt Stalker
~ Unforgiven in Howling Mounds old fortress - Soulstone of the
Unforgiven, Tears of a Soulless Being
Return the Soulstones to Orthanc
[ rewards ] Soulblade, Soulaxe or Soulstaff
Rune Warrior Karia lv14 from killing Unforgiven


[activator] Adhira
[ steps ] *available after Godwall*
Talk to Adhira. She needs some exotic spices to make a special brew
Find the three ingredients
~ Demon Blood *see appendix*
~ Fyrmir lv20 N Farlorn's Hope - Dragon Blood
~ Zalaga lv20 S Nightwhisper Dale - Spider Blood
Give the ingredients to Adhira. She will need a special vessel to
contain the potion
Talk to Skarvig in Southern Windwalls and ask for a Vessel
Find Adamantinum in chests scattered all over Stoneblade Mountain
Give the Adamantinum to Skarvig in Southern Windwalls to exchange
for the Vessel
Bring the Vessel to Adhira
Bring the Hero Potion to Tombard. He will go mad after this
Kill Tombard
[ rewards ] Experience and Blade of Light
[ notes ] This is one very weird quest, you go through all the trouble to
kill the protagonist in the end. Having said that, the Blade of
Light is a great weapon for melee players, go for it.


Brok - SE entrance of town
Celen - hero monument
Darius - in town
Ortah - NW of town
Tyrgar - slightly N of Ortah
Shan Muir - in town
Sunder - in town

Small Fish

[activator] Tyrgar
[ steps ] Tyrgar complains about Fishrobber
Kill Fishrobber lv2 at the opposite bank - Bag of Fish
Bring the Bag of Fish to Tyrgar
Bring the Bag of Fish to Sunder
[ rewards ] Experience

The Ghost of the Mine

[activator] Brok
[ steps ] Brok warns of ghost at the mine
Terror of the Deep lv5 will appear at the mine slightly NE of Brok
Kill it - Old Sword, Ring of the Warrior
Bring the Old Sword to Brok
[ rewards ] Experience

From the Deep

[activator] Brok
[ steps ] *you must first complete the Ghost of the Mine subquest*
Ask Brok about the Ring of the Warrior
Ask Ortah about the Ring of the Warrior
Ghost of the Scribe lv10 will appear at the mine
Kill it - Udwin's Rune Book, Glowing Quill, Ring of the Scribe
Ask Ortah about the Ring and the Rune Book
Ask Darius about the Book
Ghost of the Scout lv15 will appear at the mine
Kill it - Ring of the Scout, Broken Blackyewbow
Ask Ortah about the Ring
Ghost of Udwin lv20 will appear at the mine
Talk to it and then kill it
[ rewards ] Experience
Several items from Ortah and Darius
Udwin's Ring

Klingzog's Leggins

[activator] Finding Klingzog's Leggins
[ steps ] *you must do the Shiel's main quest the proper way to gain access
to this quest, i.e. curing Tynar with help from Shan Muir*
Kill Klingzog in N - Klingzog's Leggins
Bring the Leggins to Tanara in Greyfell
[ rewards ] Magic Pants and Experience


Ashawe - in settlement
Istur Ash - SW
Jenquai - S before the white stone gate
Lycander - in settlement
Shadira - S
Sidahan - first at starting point, then elf settlement
Swerdis - in settlement

The Last of the Archers

[activator] Sidahan at beginning of map
[ steps ] Talk to Sidahan at beginning of map
Make sure you kill and destroy everything
Talk to the rangers and tell them it's safe to go home
*they are at a valley E of N human monument, N and NE*
Talk to them again when they reach the elf settlement
[ rewards ] Experience
Damaged Warrior Helmet
[ notes ] The group of Rangers in the NE may wander off to attack the nearby
goblins and get themselves killed. If that happens, tough luck, you
will not be able to complete this quest unless you reload from a
previous saved game.

The Free Traders

[activator] Jenquai
[ steps ] Talk to Jenquai
Ask Lycander about the gate and get the White Stone Key
Open the gate and kill the ogres
Destroy the camp to release Shadira
Talk to Shadira
[ rewards ] Experience
[ notes ] The ogres and the beastmen are hostile to each other, and the weak
beastmen actually have a chance to destroy the ogre camp. If that
happens, tough luck, you will not be able to complete this quest or
the Stardust quest unless you reload from a previous saved game.
Also, note that while the quest is mark as completed after you
rescue Shadira, you can claim more reward from Jenquai. Talk to
Jenquai and choose from 1 of 3 rings as a reward. The rings are
Ring of the Seven Winds, Simple Ring of Sorcery and Wyrm Eye.


[activator] Shadira
[ steps ] *you must first complete the Free Traders subquest*
Ask Shadira for reasons on choosing the dangerous route
Kill Fafna lv8 in the N - Stone of Eternal Fire, Ariafrost
Show Shadira the Ariafrost
[ rewards ] Depending on how you answer
1 2 silver and Experience
2 1 4 silver and Experience
2 2 1 6 silver and Experience
2 2 2 2 Star Ring or Ring of Thieves

The Dream Snatcher

[activator] Istur Ash
[ steps ] Talk to Istur Ash
Kill Sharknar in the W
Kill Dream Snatcher lv6 - Humming Obsidian
Show Istur Ash the Humming Obsidian
[ rewards ] Experience

The Wound Tincture

[activator] Swerdis
[ steps ] Talk to Swerdis. She is hurt and needs some medicine from Valdis
Ask Valdis in Greyfell for the Wound Tincture. She will tell you
that she is still waiting for her stock from Flann Gondersen
Look for Flann Gondersen in Wildland Pass, give him a Malachite,
ask for the box sequence and the Grey Key
Open the box in the Shiel Dryad Cove. The box sequence is right-
Return the Shipment for Valdis to Valdis in Greyfell
Give the Wound Tincture to Swerdis
[ rewards ] Ice Staff and Experience
[ notes ] Malachite is a common monster-drop, but the first occurence is on
Brannigan in Wildland Pass. The box is hidden at the edge of the
cliff behind the altar where you summoned the Dryads.


Einar - first at first bindstone, then around you, finally before last gate
Sinwen - N

Head Hunt

[activator] Finding a Head
[ steps ] Find any of the Twonks' Heads
Show Einar the Head, he will tell you about the five Twonks
*you would already have killed one to get a Head*
*most likely Brandel*
Kill the Twonks
~ Brandel Twonk lv8 middle - Brandel Twonk's Head
~ Darmor Twonk lv8 N - Darmor Twonk's Head
~ Sirgil Twonk lv8 orc camp - Sirgil Twonk's Head
~ Elijah Twonk lv8 orc camp - Elijah Twonk's Head, Silvermoon
~ Ragnar Twonk lv8 S of orc camp - Celine Dion's Head, Starfire
Show the Heads to Einar
[ rewards ] 8 silver
Rune Priest Marticus lv6 from killing Darmor
[ notes ] The Twonks wander a lot, the locations are approximate.

The Hostages

[activator] Sinwen
[ steps ] Talk to Sinwen about the hostages
The hostages are further S of Ragnar Twonk
Kill the guards
Tell Sinwen the good news
[ rewards ] 1 Mist Crystal and Experience for each survivor
Survivors' alliance
Experience for completing the quest


[activator] Sinwen
[ steps ] Talk to Sinwen about her practices
For Nightglow
~ Tronk lv9 W - Dark Quartz
~ Elijah Twonk - Silvermoon *see also Head Hunt subquest*
~ Ragnar Twonk - Starfire *see also Head Hunt subquest*
For Spellmask
~ Stone of Eternal Fire *see appendix*
~ Scythecrawler lv9 NE - Blood of the Crawler
~ Umuruk lv8 orc camp - Troll Skull
Show Sinwen the artefacts
[ rewards ] Nightglow and Spellmask
Rune Mentalist Iolan lv8 from killing Scythecrawler
Rune Warlock Tonya lv7 from killing Umuruk


Illirias - in fortress
Tynar - first in camp, then in fortress

The Purple Banner

[activator] Tynar
[ steps ] *you must do the Shiel's main quest the proper way to gain access
to this quest, i.e. curing Tynar with help from Shan Muir*
Talk to Tynar. He will tell you how he got wounded
Kill Korn in N - Goldweaver's Chain
Return the Chain to Tynar
Kill Halgard in Wildland Pass - Crimson Banner, Sign of the Fist
Return the Banner to Tynar
[ rewards ] Experience
Two Firedances from Korn
Ornate Battle Staff
Obsidian Mask of the Mages
[ notes ] Halgard is hiding among Brannigan's orcs in the last orc camp. He
is nothing to worry about, your troops will probably kill him and
you don't even realize it. So make sure you check the field for
his corpse to loot after the battle.


Calina Twiddle - in village
Flann Gondersen - in village
Markwart Storme - in village
Sento - lakeside near village bindstone *event in Amra and Lea subquest*
Spider Master - S of village, on a side path after Elf monument

The Old Man and the Music

[activator] Spider Master
[ steps ] Talk to Spider Master about resisting the orcs
When time is appropriate, tell him to release his spiders. He will
mention his missing flute
Kill Warg lv6 before orc camp - Flute of the Spider King
Return the Flute to Spider Master
[ rewards ] Red Mask and Experience
[ notes ] See also Master of the Spiders

Master of the Spiders

[activator] Markwart
[ steps ] Listen to Markwart's story
Talk to Spider Master about the girl
Choose to kill him - Silk of the Spider Master, Torn Child Dress
Return the Dress to Markwart
[ rewards ] 2 Opal, 10 Silver and Experience
[ notes ] If you choose to not to kill him, this quest ends, disappears from
your quest log, and you get no reward.
If you choose to kill him before you trigger and complete the Old
Man and the Music quest, you miss the chance to do that quest.
If you speak to Markwart before Spider Master, just avoid talking
about the girl issue until you finish the Music quest.

Delicate Fabric

[activator] Calina
[ steps ] *you must have Silk of the Spider Master*
*see Master of the Spiders subquest*
Talk to Calina about the Silk
Talk to Tanara in Greyfell about the Silk
Find the Dark and Light Silks
~ Kirsh NE Southern Windwalls - Dark Silk
~ Phantom Spider lv22 SW Whisper - Light Silk
~ Phantom Spider lv22 mid W Mulandir - Light Silk
Return to Tanara in Greyfell with the Silks
[activator] Miria in Southern Windwalls
[ steps ] Kill Kirsh in NE Southern Windwalls - Dark Silk
Show the Dark Silk to Miria in Southern Windwalls
Show the Dark Silk to Tanara in Greyfell
Find the Light Silks
~ Phantom Spider lv22 SW Whisper - Light Silk
~ Phantom Spider lv22 mid W Mulandir - Light Silk
Return to Tanara in Greyfell with the Silks
[ rewards ] Everwhite Silk Robe and Experience
[ notes ] There are two possible triggers for this quest. If you did not kill
the Spider Master in Wildland Pass, you can still activate this
quest by finding the Dark Silk and talking to Miria.
The Everwhite Silk Robe is the second best robe in the game for a
mage. The best robe Robe of the Archmage's occurrence is totally
random, so this quest is the best alternative.


Craig - S *late game after Phoenix Stone main quest*


Bron - in village farm
Cronvig - in town, near Skeld
Lorderic - in town, near bindstone
Miria - in village farm
Skarvig - in town, near bindstone
Tanar - NW
Tinara's Cub - SW
Urak - in town, quarry area


[activator] Skarvig
[ steps ] Talk to Skarvig about weapons. He can make a good weapon for you if
you find him an Earthblade
Talk to Servant of the Deep in Stoneblade Mountain for one
Give three hundred units of the resource Iron to the Servant of the
Deep in Stoneblade Mountain. Talk to him again when you are ready
Kill the five groups of Golems that appear all over Stoneblade
*you have to kill five groups of Stone Golems in Stoneblade
Mountain to break the curse, they are located along the main path
leading to N at the E, along the N path and somewhere mid NW. Pay
attention to the cutscene to find out the locations*
Claim Earthblade from Servant of the Deep in Stoneblade Mountain
Show the Earthblade to Skarvig. You will need a handle to complete
the blade
Ask for help from Urak. He will offer you two choices
[1] Choose to exchange for a rune hero
[2] Choose to continue with forging Earthblade
Find the required ingredients
~ Unforgiven in Howling Mounds - Tears of a Soulless Being
~ two Stone of Eternal Fire *see appendix*
~ chests scattered all over Stoneblade Mountain - Adamantinum
~ Demon Blood *see appendix*
Pass all the ingredients to Urak
Talk to Urak again at a later time
[ rewards ] Depending on which path you choose, [1] gives you either Rune
Mentalist Silas lv13 or Rune Warlock Ralthska lv13 , [2] nets
you Earthblade and Experience
[ notes ] This is one of few quests with multiple paths. [1] is not
recommended as you will get higher level heroes later on.

The Bigger They Are

[activator] Lorderic
[ steps ] Ask Lorderic for some dark brew so you can kill the giant Horgr
Find the five ingredients, they are all in Southern Windwalls
~ chest SW of farm Clawrippers spawn point - Bitefern
~ chest NE where Kirsh is - Weavergreen
~ chest S of Coldmark hero monument - Silverwind
~ chest at ruin bindstone - Shadowstalk
~ Kirsh NE - Dark Poison, Dark Silk
Pass the ingredients to Lorderic to get the Green Sleep potion
Get a piece of meat from Bron
Investigate sleeping Horgr lv16 SW AT NIGHT and wait for morning
Kill it - Key to Stoneblade Mountain
[ rewards ] Experience
Access to optional map Stoneblade Mountain

Predator's Fur

[activator] Finding Predator's Fur
[ steps ] Kill Predator SE of village farm - Predator's Fur
Bring the Fur to Miria
Give her three Beastman Manes
[ rewards ] Fur Jacket and Experience
[ notes ] Beastman Manes are common monster drop. You can find them on
Beastmen in S Eloni and Clawrippers in Southern Windwalls and
Stoneblade Mountain.

White Shadow

[activator] Tinara's Cub
[ steps ] Talk to Tinara's Cub. It looks hungry
Get a piece of meat from Bron
Give the meat to Tinara's Cub
Follow the Cub to the NW
Talk to Tanar and ask him to join you
[ rewards ] Experience
Rune Archer Jawhel lv11
Tanar's alliance

Dragon Armor

[activator] Finding Young Drakeling Scales
[ steps ] Kill Zyrafyr lv14 E - Young Drakeling Scales, Stone of Eternal Fire
Show the scales to Orthanc in Greyfell. He will make you an armor
out of them if you find more scales
Kill Fyrmir lv20 N Farlorn's Hope - Dragon Scales, Dragon Blood,
Stone of Eternal Fire
Return the Scales to Orthanc in Greyfell
[ rewards ] Dragonscale Armor, Dragonscale Greaves and Experience


*Stoneblade Mountain is an entirely optional map, but everything here is part
of one subquest or another. You must kill Horgr in Southern Windwalls either
through The Bigger They Are subquest or by brute force to gain access.*

Kraga - NE mountaintop
Braga - middle of map by a lake N of hero monument
Servant of the Deep - SW, E of chasm bindstone
Tworsnik - N of dwarf monument

A Poison Dwarf

[activator] Tworsnik
[ steps ] Ask for a shield from Tworsnik. He will part with it only if you
find some mushrooms for him
Ask him for help when you have everything but Stomach Cramping
*all the mushrooms can be found as monster drops on minotaurs in
the map, except for Red Woodling, which is on a special minotaur
corpse in the first minotaur camp in the W*
Tworsnik will give you a Key
Open the chest two screens N of Tworsnik - Stomach Cramping
Kill the minotaur Gromm that appears
Pass all the ingredients to Tworsnik
[ rewards ] Tworsnik's Shield and Experience

Big Trouble

[activator] Kraga
[ steps ] Talk to Kraga
Talk to Braga
Talk to Kraga and offer to stand guard
Some trolls will appear to rob the treasure after Kraga leaves,
kill them
You will have two choices
[1] Plunder!
Move into the cave and Kraga will turn hostile
Kill him and loot everything
[2] Guard!
Wait for Kraga to kill Braga
Talk to Kraga when he returns
[ rewards ] Depending on which route you choose, [1] nets you some mid-high
level gear, [2] gets you Ring of the Acolyte, Experience and good
[ notes ] This is one of few quests with multiple paths. You can actually do
both! Here's how: first choose to guard, wait for Kraga to return
and claim reward. The quest closes here, but you can still move in
into the cave, which make Kraga hostile. Kill and loot. You get the
Gemstone ring, one of best rings in game, Kraga just got back from
Braga and very bad Karma for being a backstabbing backsliding pig.
Your choice.
*I suspect there is a third path, for once the questlog screwed up
when I killed Kraga and got the message "return the Gemstone to
Kraga", which suggests the possibility of retrieving Gemstone for
Kraga, but I cannot figure out how to go about doing that.*


Flink McWinter - in fortress
Jon Greywind - in fortress
Morton - in fortress
Thurgon - in fortress


[activator] Flink
[ steps ] Talk to Flink
Investigate Cassius's body in NW Howling Mounts
Pass the Fragment to Flink in Greyfell
Kill Fayt lv20 in Leafshade - Fragment from Fayt
*you might need an army depending on your level and specialty, Fayt
is accompanied by lots of Mercenaries lv16 and Apostates lv17. The
Apostate cast Shockwave and can make quick work of your troops if
you are too low level. Avoid confronting them with magic units*
Return the Fragment to Flink in Greyfell
[ rewards ] Malachy or Ring of Thieves
[ notes ] The reward ring you get is random. Malachy is among the best rings
in the game, consider reloading if you get anything else.


[activator] Morton
[ steps ] Morton suspects treachery
Talk to Thurgon to get Letter for Tanara
Find Map of Secret Passages in chest at the NE undead cave
Show the Map to Morton
Show the Letter to Morton. You will recognize the handwriting on
both documents
Confront Thurgon with your evidence *Morton must be near you*
Kill him
[ rewards ] Steelclad Armor and Experience
[ notes ] If you deliver the Letter to Tanara before showing it to Morton the
quest becomes unsolveable since you no longer have any clue. You
can still deliver the Letter to Tanara in Greyfell after this quest
for 2 gold and some experience.



[activator] Investigating the Sleeping Figure
[ steps ] Investigate the Sleeping Figure in N near the iron mines
Kill Graverobber in NW near one of the five commanders lair -
Glowing Octagon
Insert the Octagon into the Sleeping Figure
Talk to the Sleeping Figure
[ rewards ] Experience
Sleeping Figure's alliance


Gord Dunnahan - NE, one of Briar camps on Godwall
Sunder Dundrew - E, one of the villages on Godwall

Gwen's Medicine

[activator] Sunder
[ steps ] Talk to Sunder after liberating his village
Find chest in Briar camp SE - Gwen's Medicine
Give the Medicine to Sunder
[ rewards ] Experience


[activator] Gord Dunnahan
[ steps ] *you must have Wolfsign*
Ask Gord about the emblems
Give all your Wolfsigns to Halicos in Farlorn's Hope
[ rewards ] 20 Silver and Experience for each Wolfsign
[ notes ] This quest is currently bugged. It cannot be completed. You can
remove it from the quest list by killing Halicos in Farlorn's Hope
with orcish troops. There is not much reason to do that, except to
get a Coin from Halicos's body, which could possibly be part of a
subquest that is currently disabled or not yet implemented.
Wolfsigns are common item drops on Briar Wolves.


Brok *aka Bork* - NW
Halicos - E Red Legion camp
Jon Farlorn - central trade post
Rigour - central trade post
Thom Laire - E Red Legion camp


[activator] Rigour
[ steps ] Talk to Rigour
Kill Thar NW Mulandir - Thar's Head
Show the Head to Rigour
[ rewards ] 50 Gold and Experience

The Cataract

[activator] Thom
[ steps ] Talk to Thom. He needs help curing cataracts
Ask for help from Seno the dentist in Greyfell
Return to Thom with the Needle. He will reward you with a strange
Stone Tablet
Show the Tablet to Goran in Greyfell. He will decipher it for you
for a fee
Give a Sapphire to Goran in Greyfell
[ rewards ] Greater Healing lv12 spell scroll and Experience
[ notes ] The only fixed Sapphire drop in the game is from Shin Tar Guar
*see Echoes subquest*. The Sapphire sells for lots of cash, so
if you are not a white mage you might not want to exchange it
for a useless reward.


[activator] Brok
[ steps ] Brok grumbles and needs some tools
Talk to Jon Farlorn and see if he can help
Find the ingredients
~ Faurung NW - Vulcan Glass Phial
~ three Stone of Eternal Fire *see appendix*
~ Demon Blood *see appendix*
~ pay 1 Gold to Jon for the Sulphur Binder
Talk to Jon to process the raw materials
Talk to Brok, twice
Follow Brok to the W
[ rewards ] Experience
Access to portal connecting Greyfell and Farlorn's Hope


Craig - SW *after Sartarius's death*


Riddle of the Menhir

There is a stone pillar that looks like a bindstone at the N of Stoneblade
Mountain. Investigate it and enter the sequence eye-blood-hand-hand-blood-eye,
you will fight Erin and get a Star Shape Amulet, which you use to open a
treasure chest a few screens W of the pillar. The clues to solving the riddle
are etched on the gravestones scattered around the pillar.


Talk to Jon in Greydusk Vale and get the First Piece of Mosaic. Go to Whisper
and investigate the altar guarded by Guardian of the Mosaic in the N. Kill the
Keeper that appears to get the Second Piece. Insert the Second Piece into the
altar and kill the next Keeper that appears. Keep doing this until you complete
the Mosaic. The monsters you encounter in this quest are between lv16 and lv22
so be careful. The location of the Keepers will be reveal in the mini map, keep
your eyes open. You should complete Whisper's main quest before doing this
quest to avoid confusion. The Keepers are all located on the central-E line.

You get experience and many random lv12 spells from this quest, this may not
matter much to melee players, but if you are playing a mage, you can use the
quicksave/quickload trick before looting any of the corpses to reroll the magic
type drop. *quicksave - F7, quickload - F9*


*you must first complete the Tooth Crusher's Pliers subquest*
Kill Obak lv8 orc camp Leafshade - Orc Tooth
Sell it to Seno in Greyfell for cash and experience

Beastman Manes

Ashawe in Eloni pays you 1 silver for each Beastman Manes you bring her. You
also gain some experience. You find them on Beastmen in S Eloni and Clawrippers
in Southern Windwalls and Stoneblade Mountain.

This is similar to the Wolfsign subquest. You can sell the Manes to regular
vendors for more cash, but you get no experience in return.

Bandit Leader

Kill Bandit Leader lv4 SW Liannon - Wanted Poster for Celen, Old Dwarven Axe
for Sunder
You know what to do. You get some cash, mediocre gear and experience


Stone of Eternal Fire

The Stone of Eternal Fire is required for several quests, namely


There are just enough of them to complete all those quests. The locations are

Fafna N Eloni
Fire Skeleton N Leafshade
Zyrafyr E Southern Windwalls
Fyrmir N Farlorn's Hope
Faurung NW Farlorn's Hope
Chest in W The Rift *chest is locked with Glowing Red Key obtainable from
Ulather lv29 E The Rift*

Demon Blood

The Demon Blood is required for several quests, namely


There are just enough of them to complete all those quests. The locations are

Arz'ach NW Mulandir - Demon Blood, Demon Blood, Rune Archer Shalir lv16
Ulather lv29 E The Rift - Demon Blood, Rune Warlock Antius lv18, Orc Worker
Rune lv12, Glowing Red Key


Broks, Jons and Sunders

There are two Broks, two Jons and two Sunders in this game. One Brok is the
human guard in Liannon, the other is the dwarf miner in Farlorn's Hope. One Jon
is Greywind in Greydusk Vale and the other is Farlorn in Farlorn's Hope. One
Sunder is the blacksmith in Liannon, the other is a villager in Godwall. Their
paths do not cross, so do not get confused and talk to the wrong Brok, Jon or

Leftover Items

These unique items were probably intended for subquests that never got
implemented. You can sell them for cash for now.

Broken Dwarven items
Liannon Brandy *try offering it to Hinrik*
Wildling Fur
Sign of a Fist
Pledge of the Gods *cannot be sold*
Shoulderplates of the Princeps

All gems can be sold, just keep one Sapphire for the Cataract subquest and one
Malachite for the Wound Tincture subquest.

All mushrooms can be sold, just keep one of each for A Poison Dwarf subquest.

All Beastman Manes can be sold, just keep three for Predator's Fur subquest.
*see also Beastman Manes under UNLISTED SUBQUESTS*

Everything else can be sold.


Here are some subquest related bugs. I am not going to talk about the rest. :P

Inabilty to start or close quest. That happens sometimes when you try to talk
to an NPC and find yourself unable to. When that happens, try loading a
previous saved game and play again. Changing the perspective works sometimes
too. These do not solve the problem every time, but they may work.

Item recognition. If you find a quest item before you get the quest, the game
might not register your possession of it. This does not happen often, but it
can happen. Another reason why frequent saving is important.

Dupe. You can actually make this bug work in your favor. Some quests sometimes
do not close even after you claim your reward. This enables you to get the
reward again! Quests with this bug include the Soulstones, Klingzog's Leggings
and Predator's Fur. These do not happen everytime, so yeah...

Dupe2. Some quest items remain even though they are not suppose too. This is
not known to cause any major problem except player anxiety.

Inconsistencies. This is not really a bug, but many items, NPCs and locations
have different names. The questbook may ask for one thing but the actual item
might have a different name. So do not get confused or overly worried.


These questions are being asked everyday despite being answered too many times.
Read them before asking, or should I say, read them and stop asking!

[ Where is this/this/this? ]
Many bindstones/changes/bug fixes/stuff are added in the 1.10 patch. Please
update and patch your game. It is unlikely that your saved games will get
corrupted after patching, but remember to make backups just in case. The
saved games are probably located in your My Documents folder, look for them

[ I cannot patch/CD-Key not working!? ]
Some earlier release used hard-to-read fonts for the CD-Key. Visit the
official site for more info on this. Make sure you do not mix up the O's,
0's and 8's, and I's, 1's and l's. And also make sure your copy of
SpellForce is a legal one.

[ Where can I find the Stone of Eternal Fire? I'm missing one!!! ]
See Stone of Eternal Fire under section APPENDIX.

[ How do I open the clicking dryad chest in the Shiel? ]
It's part of the Wound Tincture subquest, be patient, you can't open it yet.

[ How do I open that star chest in Stoneblade Mountain? ]
See Riddle of the Menhir under section UNLISTED SUBQUESTS.

[ Where is Tombard? ]
I wish I could draw ASCII maps, but there are too many details to include.
He is in the village in Greyfell. Where's the village? It's in the central
area where you helped the villagers kill the orcs in the very first
scenario, between the Greyfell town area and the human monument. Remember?

[ What is the Glowing Octagon for? ]
See Homunculus subquest.

[ How do I kill Fayt/Bloodash/Fyrmir etc? ]
This is a subquest guide and I'm quite reluctant in giving advice on how to
kill things, primarily because the game is flexible and there are different
methods to kill the same things depending on your character type and level.
The one method that applies to all is "numbers". If you have 80 units all
targetted on one single monster, it's unlikely that you will ever lose. And
always get more shooters/spellcasters than hand-to-hand fighters, that way,
all of your troops get to attack.

[ How do I get to Farlorn's Hope/Godmark/Nightwhispe Dale etc? ]
You will be there when the main storyline allows you to. Be patient. The
list of map locations in the COMPLETE SUBQUESTS LISTING section is in
chronological order of the game progress. That should give you a good idea.

[ Where is the Rift/HELPPLZ bug the gate to the Rift won't open!? ]
The entrance to the Rift is at E Mulandir. There are two gates on the E
side. One at the NE behind the guardians, the other [the entrance to Rift]
is at the E. Make sure you are at the right gate.

[ Where do I go after the Rift/Farlorn's Hope? ]
Get the Phoenix Stone from the guardian in N Mulandir. Follow the storyline.
Go to Greyfell, then Frost Marsh.

[ Where is Frost Marsh/Frostmarks/Frost Marshes? ]
Really, pay attention to the game, it's an RPG. Frost Marsh is where Rohen
got killed. Your first time there is after Wildland Pass. You should have
activated the bindstone. If not, go there via the portal in Wildland Pass.

[ Fyrmir did not drop the Phial/Stone of Eternal Fire!? BUG BUG BUG!!! ]
There are two dragons in Farlorn's Hope. One in the N, one in the NW. Did
you kill the right one?

[ Where is the Twonk/Shadow/Spider etc? ]
First, read the guide. Second, you may already have killed it, but did not
loot the body. It's a pain trying to search for a body on a huge map.
Fortunately there is one feature that will help locate loots easily. If you
leave and return to a map, you will notice small lit up spots in the mini
map. Those are indicators of corpses you forgot to loot.

I'd answer more, but I think I covered everything related to the subquests in
the guide already.


Thanks to JoWood and Phenomic for producing and publishing this amazing game.

Thanks to the forum community at the Spellforce Companion Forum
[http://www.planetspellforce.com/forum/] for providing some guidance when I was
still a newbie. I post there using a different pseudonym so don't ask. :P

Thanks to Faraz Huda for some information on Delicate Fabric subquest.

Thanks to Michael Sarich for some tips on formatting. I may not have change
much to suit your liking, but hey, there's gotta be some "me" in this guide.
Thank you for the encouragement too.

Thanks to my parents. *insert cheesy cliche stuff here* No but on a more
serious note, a lot a lot of things happened as of late, I don't really know
what to say, they sure didn't contribute anything to this guide, but they did
in so many other ways. Thank you for your patience.


Version 1.06
May 07, 2004
~ added crucial but missing 1-line info to Stones of Eternal Fire
*ACK! This IS the last update.*

Version 1.05
May 06, 2004
~ added Adrenaline Vault and SpellForce Companion to hosting list
~ slight reformatting for clarity
~ added more notes to the Free Traders subquest
~ added notes and quest rewards to the Last of the Rangers subquest
~ added notes to Dwarf Services subquest
~ added second path to the Delicate Fabric subquest
*was off this project for a while. Recently finished the quest section for
SpellForce Companion. Full walkthrough coming real soon. This should be the
final update to this guide. There are a couple more trivial details I could
have include, but I will leave those to the full walkthrough instead. :) *

Version 1.04
March 22, 2004
~ added Cheats-Corner to hosting list
~ added Valdis's location in Greyfell
~ added notes to the Free Traders subquest
~ altered bits of minor details here and there

Version 1.03
March 18,2004
~ added Neoseeker to hosting list
~ added crucial but missing 1-line info to Earthblade subquest
~ altered bits of minor details here and there
*I realized it's really hard to describe places without using maps. I'm
currently working on the full walkthrough with diagrammatic representations
of the maps. I could have just photoshop the color jpegs and add locations
and stuff onto them and have GameFAQs host them, but unfortunately the
images from JoWood are copyrighted and are not to be altered or edited. I've
worked up till Northern Windwalls so far, and it's still in a primitive
unformatted state. I'll submit it when I think it's ready, so keep your eyes

Version 1.02
March 12, 2004
~ altered some info on the legal stuff
*didn't expect other sites to pick up my guide so soon, and was too late in
pulling the guide from GameFAQs waiting list before it got posted. So here
goes, third time to submit this guide this week, don't hate me.*
~ added some more really minor details
~ added ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS section *of all things to overlook...*
~ added FAQ section
~ slight changes in formatting to promote legibility

Version 1.01
March 11, 2004
~ added bits of minor details here and there
~ corrected some previously overlooked spelling and grammatical errors
~ corrected one glaring mistake on location
*I don't know what's wrong with me but sometimes I type E when I meant to say
W and N when I meant to say S. If you are unable to find a certain object
try looking for it at the opposite end and mail me about it if I am indeed
~ added VERSION HISTORY section

Version 1.0
March 09, 2004
~ guide completed and uploaded to GameFAQs *YAY!*


Fan mails, hate mails, praises, critiques, suggestions, corrections, error
reports, typo reports, improvements, expansions, missing info, extra info and
general queries can be directed to


Put [spellforce] in your email title so I know I am not looking at spam.

Peace. And have fun.

Copyright 2004 Leong Yiam Tat aka gaoneng

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