Command and Conquer Generals - Zero Hour

Command and Conquer Generals - Zero Hour

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Command & Conquer:Generals Zero Hour Generals Challenge Walkthrough
by Brian Au,ver 0.5 from 17/11/2003

Table of Contents
2-Guide buildup history
3-C&C:GZH History and Sides' Briefing
4-New Generals and Briefing
5-Generals' Comparsion
6-Generals Challenge-Briefing
7-Generals Challenge-Walkthrough
8-More stuffs on C&C:G/ZH
10-Letters from readers

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OK,I'll talk something about me.My name is Brian Au Man Hon,a 15-year-old
boy(or teenager?),living in Hong Kong.Why I wrote this Walkthrough?I played
this for some times,and I wanted to tell others about my tactics.Also,I wanted
to gain some good fame for Hong Kong.Yes,I am a HK cilivian.So,I hope that you
will like it,under the threat of SARS' Returning;-)

As I am a HK cilivian,so my grammar won't be as good as others in UK or US,or
other westerns.Please let me say sorry for it.

I play this game at Easy level.If you have any additional data for other
levels,or you have any comments about this Guide are welcome.If you have
any,please mail to,you can find me frequently at
RuneScape(My username is BrianGeneral).

And now,when I can use Internet at home,I sometimes will run MechWarrior4:
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BUT,don't send any mail or messages about taking CD keys,talking about crimes
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NOTE:Those comments I write below is my own opinion ONLY.
2-Guide buildup history
17/11/2003:Start writing this under a EXTREMELY BUSY time,like playing C&C:GZH,
Homeworld 2,and also typing my own stories;)(ver 0.333......)

23/11/2003:Finished Generals' Briefing.Just done 1/4.......I promise I'll
continue with it.(ver 0.5)

3-C&C:GZH History and Sides' Briefing

Command & Conquer:Generals Zero Hour is the newest Expansion of Command &
Conquer:Generals,the newest series of Command & Conquer series.In this
Expansion,There are still 3 armies stand by for you to command:USA,China and
GLA(Global Liberation Army).Like the normal Real-Time Strategy Games,they got
their own advantages and weaknesses.You can see them below: we know,Computer Games,especially C&C series,is so
"Greater-Americanism" and something like that,and there's no exception here.In
the game,US relies on their SUPERIOR Air Forces,no kidding.You can imagine that
what will happen when the present USAF asernal appears in the game,like F/A-22
Raptor,RAH-66 Comanache,F-117 Nighthawk,etc.
Also,their technology is the best among the 3 rivalries,one simple example
is,they can use radar automatically when the Command Center is built.Laser
Defences against Missiles are also appears in the US Armoury,how hi-tech!
However,their ground forces is their weakness,especially facing China.

China:Our Homeland......China is strong enough to balance the power of US,both
in real world and in the game!Wohohoho......China in the game,like that in real
world,has the most advanced tanks,especially that MONSTEROUS Overlord!Using
it,you will feel that it's really "One guy guards and no one can pass"!
Also,if you know History well,you should know that China likes to use "Human
Wave" attack,so,also referring to the large population of China,they can train
two soldiers in the price of one;if using General Abilities,they can get
Veterancy as well!
Unfortunately,even with the help of Russia(Mig of China is Russian
Mig-1.42),Chinese Air Force is pretty weak when facing US.

GLA:From the name,you may not know what is it;but if I say "Terrtorists" or "Al
Queda",can you know this?Well,GLA is those Terrtorists.They can use Toxic
Weapons well,like that Toxin Tractor.Kill any infantries in buildings instantly!
GLA also uses Demolition Weapons as well.Can you remember the Demolition Truck
in Red Alert 2?It's back,and more powerful.You can arm it with both High
Explosive Bomb and Bio Bomb on it!Nasty!
Stealth Technology is also one of the benefits of GLA.Using the new General
Abilities,you can hide some of your troops from enemy!That Bomb Truck can also
disguise as ANY vehicles,so you can drive it into enemy
GLA got best troops in the game as well.Example:Angry Mob.Armed with Petrol
Bomb and AK-47,they can toast ANYTHING on the map!As well as Jarman Kell,he can
kill drivers on enemy vehicles instantly,and you can use it as yours!
But,their Armoured Beasts are not so powerful,especially their Scopion Tank.You
have to notice this.Also,they have NO Air Forces!Not even a helicopter!Too bad.

4-New Generals and Briefing
Here's the main point of this Guide.
In this Expansion,all 3 sides has included 3 new Generals.They have their own
advantages and limitations,as well.
To brief them,I will list all their benefits and limitations,and decide that
advantage/limitation how much influence on their armies.Let's start!

4.1:China Generals.

4.1.1:General "Anvil" Shin Fai
Early in his Career,he found that China,unlike others,had teeming hordes of
people willing to fight and die.So,he puts his eyes on the Red Guards.He can
mobilize up to four infantry divisions in less that one day.He ruled a number
of unique infantry units in order to enforce the will of China.
This guy REALLY uses the advantage of China------huge population.Is his army
really powerful?

1-All infantry start at Veteran Level.
Advantage to the army:6/10
The simple idea is:their Tank Hunters get higher firing rate and damage to kill
tanks.Killing their infantry will be more difficult!

2-Nationalism upgrade avalidable at start.
Advantage to the army:8/10
This will be more important to the army,especially the lacks of good Armour
Beasts at first.Higher firing rate,killing more faster!

3-Horde Bonus increased.
Advantage to the army:6/10
I actually don't know what will be the influence of this,but it may be have
good benefits......

4-Battlemaster,Overlord and Gattling tanks are unavailable.
Affect on the army:10/10
NO Overlord!?NO Battlemaster!?NO Gattling Tanks as well?!How can we fight
without these boys!How much Nuke Cannons,Dragon Tanks and Inferno Cannons can

5-Fortified Bunkers replaces normal Bunker,and Land Mines are already placed.
Advantage to the army:8.5/10
Hold 5 more men!BEST defense structure indeed.5 More Tank Hunters,your tanks
can go to die!

6-Assault Troop Transport replaces normal Troop Crawler.
Advantage to the army:8.5/10
May be it will be the best replacements for Battlemasters,Gattlings and
Overlords.Men inside the Transport can fire inside the Transport.And it can
heal infantry around!Good assault weapon.

7-MIni-Gunner replaces normal Red Guard.
Advantage to the army:7.5/10
Probably the best infantry of the game except heroes.Though we can only train
one at a time,it's more powerful:higher firing rate,higher firepower,and they
can shoot planes!They only can't destroy tanks in a few shot!Burn them up ASAP!

8-Mini-Gunner Paradrop available as General Ability.
Advantage to the army:7/10
Same as the Paradrop of USA,but drop more powerful men instead.The Transport
Plane may be destroyed,remember.

9-Aircrafts are more expensive.
Affect on the army:6/10
Not much affection to Chinese armies,but they may be the support units of your
weak ground pounders.

10-Attack Outpost replaces normal Listening Outpost.
Advantage to the army:6/10
Carries 10 Infantry.I've seen no use on it except detecting stealth units

11-Assault Helix replaces normal Helix.
Advantage to the army:9/10
Come on!8-men bunker already installed?Use it to shoot the prideful
Overlords!The bad thing is,we can't use Gattling Cannons or Speaker Tower

12-Super Hacker replaces normal Hacker.
Advantage to the army:8/10
Start at Veteran Level and get money faster at Supply Centers?Hmmm......I will
get tons of money!

13-Super Lotus replaces normal Black Lotus.
Advantage to the army:valuable,but normal 6.5 for myself
Start as Veteran,steals more money,steals money faster,hack vehicles
slower,still no use for me.I never use her.

Total marks for modifications of Shin Fai:65/130,that means
50/100.Reasonable,but pretty weak against others.

4.1.2:General Tsing Shi Tao
He was know as an impatient man who will get what he wants regardless of the
costs of himself or others(selfish......).His usage of Nuclear power has
brought lots of problems,but starts to get advantages.More stable isotopes and
Tactical Nukes make his men needn't to go to frontline first,and makes his men
more loyal and ready to fight.
Using nuclear power to fight against others.Will it cause any serious problems?

1-All tanks starts with Uranium Shells and Nuclear Tanks upgrade.
Advantage to the army:10/10
Unbeliviably strong!All tanks go faster,and more deadly than others even at the
middle of the fight!Now,with this,even Battlemasters can fight Overlords!And
Overlords,reasonably,become much stronger!

2-The Nuke Cannon is available from the start of the battle.
Advantage to the army:9/10
Nuke Cannon is one of the best base defense deapons,except its thin skin and
slow movement.With Neutron Shells,all tanks and men can go to hell!

3-The Advanced Nuclear Reactor replaces the standard one.
Advantage to the army:8/10
Without this,your base will die soon.8 more power units can afford 8

4-Nuke Bomber replaces normal Carpet Bombing.
Advantage to the army:7/10
Can you think one of the reason it's hard to use,though it drops powerful Nuke
Bombs?That is,that B-52 can be shot down.

5-Isotope Stability Upgrade is available at Propaganda Center.
Advantage to the army:6.5/10
When Battlemasters and Overlords are destroyed,this can prevent that
radioactivity harming your units.Not too useful,as Overlords are so tough.

6-Infantry and Aircraft are more expensive.
Affect on the army:6/10
Using Helix and Migs to drop Nukes can really helps.When they are more
expensive,your power will be lessened.

7-Helix gets a Nuke Bomb instead of a Napalm Bomb.
Advantage to the army:7.5/10
Not much useful,but quite powerful.Tanks,farewell.

8-Nuclear Missile Silos are less expensive to build.
Advantage to the army:9.5/10
Will anyone choose not to use Nuclear Missiles even you can only build 1?I can
use 1 Missile to promote myself from 1 Star General to 5 Stars!1 Missiles ONLY!

9-Migs can arm Tactical Nukes.
Advantage to the army:8/10
Its radioactivity will be left there,but those transporters probably get hit
before attack.Still have its usage......

Total marks for modifications of Tsing Shi Tao:59.5/90,that means
66.1/100.Probably the most powerful General in China,or even in the WHOLE
geme.I like Nuclear Overlords with Nuke Cannons plus lots of Missile Silo

4.1.3:General Ta Hun Kwai
General Ta believes that the real power of Chinese Military relies on its
tanks(true),so he used all his lift to the improvements of the tanks and
researching tactics in order to use them as effective as possible.Considered a
part of old guard,he is one of the most successful General in the Chinese Army.
All his most striking and dangerous forces are tanks.Can he help us much?

1-All tanks start at Veteran Level.
Advantage to the army:10/10
Hey,even Dragon Tanks and Gattling Tanks ALL start at Veteran Level!You gotta
surrender.You want them bite the dust?You can only use General Abilities and
Superweapons!(Of course kidding......)

2-Tanks are cheaper to build.
Advantage to the army:9/10
Somebody may want to use Air force instead,but it's so striking!Building the
same-sized force,but you can saving up money to build an additional Helix!Right?

3-Infantry and Aircraft are more expensive.
Affect on the army:7/10
In modern warfare,you'll die without Air support,especially your forces are ALL
tanks!If enemy uses TONS of Anti-tank weapons,you may kiss them goodbye.

4-Nuke Cannons and Inferno Cannons are unavailable.
Affect on the army:8/10
You may ask:why affects on General Tao about Aircraft is fewer to General
Ta?Different to General Tao is,you will get NO artilleries to build!So without
Air as Long- or Short-Range support,you can go to hell.Understand?Also,you
CANNOT get enemy vehicles by Nuke Cannons now.

5-Emperor Tank replaces the normal Overlord.
Advantage to the army:9.5/10
Can you think something better than an Overlord that gets both Speaker Tower
AND Gattling Cannon at the same time?It's a pity that it can't mount Bunker on
it.(From Lo Kai Yan Alasdair, has written some
EXCELLENT guides about C&C:G/ZH!)If upgraded with Uranium Shells and Nuclear
Tanks,it will be NEARLY INVINCIBLE!It ONLY lacks Long-Range Missiles.

6-Tank Drop is available as a General Ability.
Advantage to the army:7/10
Same idea as Nuke Carpet Bombing,but if you can receive some more Battlemasters
at ANYWHERE of the map,you can call your opponents to surrender!

7-Autoloader Upgrade available at Propaganda Center.
Advantage to the army:6.5/10
This upgrade can let Battlemasters to fire more rapidly.Not much use,except you
choose to use lots of Battlemasters instead of Emperors.

8-Battlemaster Training available as General Ability.
Advantage to the army:7/10
Though I don't use Battlemasters,but I like to use Tank Drop.If they all appear
as ELITE Level,what will you think?Really needn't to use a bull chopper to kill
a chicken!No need to use Emperor!Wohohoho......

Total marks for modifications of Ta Hun Kwai:34/80,that means 42.5/100.He is an
excellent General in real use(no kidding),but the loss of Nuke Cannons deducted
lots of marks from me.

4.2:US Generals.

4.2.1:General Malcolm "Ace" Granger
He was trained in the US Airforce.In the Iraq War(which one?),he knocked out 4
SAM sites in one afternoon(So strong......).He always believes in the airpower
as the ultimate on the battlefield and has made his force in that image.
He has the MOST powerful air forces in the game.Can air rules ground?

1-All Aircraft receive Laser Point Defense Systems.
Advantage to the army:9/10
Upgrade of Countermeasures.Protect them from most rockets or missiles,like
Averagers!How strong.

2-All Aircraft are cheaper.
Advantage to the army:8.5/10
Using Granger,few people will use ground forces,right?You can just build more

3-All vehicles are more expensive.
Affect on the army:5/10
Not much affect to Granger,as his Air Units rule all the things!You just need
to build Tomahawks or Averagers,or even needn't to build them.

4-Stealth Fighter can be built from the start of the bettle.
Advantage to the army:6/10
Stealth Fighter are not much more useful than Comanches,or Aurora,or even the
Raptor.Except it's stealthy,it's totally useless.

5-Crusaders and Paladins are unavailable.
Affect on the army:7.5/10
No Main Attack Forces on the ground,your planes,especially fighting against
Gattling Cannons or Quad Cannons,will be sitting ducks.It's too sad to hear
that there's not even a Main Battle Tank to use,despite it may be much weaker.

6-King Raptors replace normal Raptors.
Advantage to the army:9/10
KIng Raptors carry more powerful missiles,and it can carry 6 of these!1 King
Raptor's attack can destroy 1 Overlord!Nasty unit.Use it to guard air will be
very safe.

7-Combat Chinooks replace normal Chinooks.
Advantage to the army:7.5/10
Chinooks are mainly collect resources.If they can self-guarding by 1 Pathfinder
and the rest are Missile Defenders,your Supply Chain will be much safer.

8-Comanches can be upgraded to stealth unit.
Advantage to the army:7.5/10
Do you think enemies are that foolish?They can detect your stealth Comanche and
toast them.In addition,Comanche's defense are not so strong,and they're no
match against Helix,or other Air-to-Air Combat Aircrafts.

9-Spectre Gunship requires fewer General ranks and divided into 3 levels.
Advantage to the army:5.5/10
They can only work against stationary units.If enemy spotted it they will try
to spread away the Tanks or other things,then those Spectres are stuck.

10-Granger's Carpet Bomb can be deployed from Strategy Center.
Advantage to the army:7/10
Same as General Tao's Nuke Carpet Bomb,that plane will probably get
shot.However,without Crusaders and Paladins,this will be your ground support.

Total marks for modifications of Malcolm "Ace" Granger:47.5/100.In real
uses,he's not much better than General Ta.

4.2.2:General Alexis Alexander
She served as the US military logistics staffer after the Second Korean
War(will it come?).Thanks to herability to acquire virtually anything in short
order,she excelled in her duties.Her ability protecting her recources are
unmatched.She believes that she will only use an overwhelming force to attack
when she thinks counterattack is impossible.
Basing on her superweapons,will she be a great leader?

1-Particle Cannons cost lesser to build.
Advantage to the army:8.5/10
Same idea as General Tao,but as Particle Cannons are much weaker than Nuclear
Missiles,it's hard to get more influence on using this hell.

2-All Vehicles and Comanches cost more.
Affect on the army:7.5/10
If only vehicles cost more are reasonable,but if also Comanches?I can't think
any reasons for me to use her.

3-Crusaders and Paladins are unavailable.
Affect on the army:8/10
Even Granger got no Crusaders or Paladins,he also gets cheaper Comanches.But
how about Alexander?Not even cheaper,but more expensive!Nearly no power towards
ground units.

4-EMP Partiots replace normal Patriots.
Advantage to the army:9/10
Pretty useless against Granger's Planes,but still have its usage.Nearly all
Aircrafts won't able to rush into the base!They will also temporaily shut down
buildings and vehicles!How tough.

5-Aurora Alpha replaces normal Auroras.
Advantage to the army:6/10
Strong,but expensive.Its Fuel Air Bomb are tough,but the cost is 1 plane for 1
target.Does it worth it?

6-Advanced Control Rods replace normal Control Rods in Cold Fusion Reactor.
Advantage to the army:9/10
Without this to support your tons of EMP Patriots,you'll die.Gives more power
at the same price!It's worth it.

7-Spectre Gunship divides into 3 levels.
Advantage to the army:5.5/10
Same as Granger.Nuff said.

Total marks for modifications of Alexis Alexander:22.5/70,that means
32.2/100.I've seen no reason for me to use this General.I'll use Granger or
Townes instead.

4.2.3:General "Pinpoint" Townes
He's a visionary and has be an advocate for Laser Weaponary throughout his
career.He was given a teaching post in 2008,but he found that it's so bored so
he returned into active service 3 years later.He has continued to advance the
cause of cheap,powerful Laser Weaponary for both offense and defense,and
improve them whenever they possible.
His Lasers are quite powerful.Want to judge him for usage?

1-Averagers are cheaper.
Advantage to the army:6/10
Averagers can only stop missiles,rockets and Aircrafts,and that's it.It can't
even harm any ground units without drones!Useless for offense,but does well in

2-Tomahawks are unavailable.
Affect on the army:8.5/10
Tomahawk is the only Long-Range Unit of US.Without this,how can your other
units breakthrough enemy defenses even they are strong?

3-Laser Tanks replace Crusaders and Paladins.
Advantage to the army:8.5/10
Laser Tanks are much stronger than Crusaders,but not so good as
Paladins.Also,it eats power.If your base low on power all Laser Tanks are
sitting ducks.Though,they are good units.

4-Laser Defense Turrets replaces normal Patriots.
Advantage to the army:9/10
They are very tough.NO Aircraft can escape from this!When fighting ground
units,they are tough too.But,they use LOTS of Power.

Total marks for modifications of "Pinpoint" Townes:15/40,that means
37.5/100.Excellent at defense,but lacks striking force.Anyway,he's got only
little adjustments from normal US forces.

4.3:GLA Generals.

4.3.1:Dr. Thrax
Little is known about him.It is reported that he was an immunologist in
Jordan,but disappeared in a PLO-run ghetto in Cairo.Since that time,hehas
worked on perfecting his chemical and biological weapons,hooking up with GLA
partly for ideological reasons(hate Israeli?)and partly because of GLA lack of
compunction in using his creations.He never sleeps in the same bed two nights
in a row and undergoes frequent plastic surgery change his appearance.
His toxins are very deadly.Can he posion everyone to death?

1-All Tanks start with Toxin Shells.
Advantage to the army:10/10
After those Tanks armed with Toxin Shells,all nearby infantry can easily become
salamander man!And it won't affect them to attacking other Vehicles,even
poisoning enemy Vehicles!The best upgrade of GLA,probably.

2-All Toxins start as Anthrax Beta.
Advantage to the army:10/10
More deadly for Toxin Tractors and Tanks!You have to pray for yourself if
you're not US!Even you're US,beware of Tanks' crash!

3-Some Missiles contain Toxins.
Advantage to the army:7/10
I think it's just for Stinger Sites and RPG Troopers only,but that's
enough.Even Stingers can now handle Infantry very well now.

4-All camoflage capabilities are unavailable except Jarmen Kell.
Affect on the army:3/10
Forget GPS Scrambler.It's no much use.Bomb Trucks can still disguise into other
Vehicles,so even without Camoflage,you can handle enemy well.

5-Toxin Networks replaces normal Tunnel Networks.
Advantage to the army:4/10
Not much uses.The two RPG Trooper can be taken out easily,and the Short-Ranged
Toxin Cannon can't harm Tanks much.

6-Toxin Rebels replace normal Rebels.
Advantage to the army:6.5/10
They are much stronger against Infantry and Vehicles,but generates little
damage to buildings.4 Rebels can toast 1 Rocket Buggy!

7-Thrax's Toxins can be upgraded to Anthrax Gamma at Palace.
Advantage to the army:10/10
Much stronger than Anthrax Beta at the same cost:1000!I think no one will
choose not to upgrade this.Infantry,Vehicles and Buildings can go to hell!

8-Vehicles are more expensive.
Affect on the army:8/10
Thrax relies much on Tanks.If they become more expensive,how can we attack
enemy swiftly?

9-Toxin Terrtorists replace normal Terrtorists.
Advantage to the army:7/10
Just like Terrtorists,but much stronger against Vehicles and Infantry.

Total marks for modifications of Dr. Thrax:43.5/90,that means 48.3/100.Quite
strong,only a bit weaker than General Tao and General Ta.Recommended to use him.

4.3.2:General Rodall "Demo" Juhziz
He earned his reputation by engineering devastating Terrtorist attacks.While it
made hime "the wantest man" in most cilivized countries,his bold attacks had
madehimself a hero among GLA,doawing more man to his cause.
A guy who insanes about explosives.Can one man bomb away a city?

1-Bomb Trucks are cheaper.
Advantage to the army:9/10
Bomb Trucks are most powerful unit in GLA.Cheaper for it?Then make more and
disguise as other Vehicles and......BOOM!

2-Terrtoists do more damage.
Advantage to the army:7.5/10
Though Terrtorists are weak,you can create a hell using them!I swear that if
Terrtorist are much stronger,then will toast 1 Battlemaster for 1 man(untested)!

3-Booby Trap is available at the beginning of battle.
Advantage to the army:5.5/10
Booby Traps,actually,not so strong as expected,and can be cleared away by
Dozers or Workers.Not much use to me.

4-Combat Cycles has a Terrtorist already sat on it.
Advantage to the army:9.5/10
Combat Cycles are GREATEST UNIT in GLA(no kidding),as they can be driven by any
GLA Infantry(except Mobs)and can pass most Landforms easily!Drive some of them
beyond enemy base and ride in,"What the hell those Terrtorist Cycles boomed my
Command Center!"

5-Toxin Upgrades are unavailable.
Affect on the army:8.5/10
No Toxins,for attacking US base may be good.However,they will lose more deadly
Toxins to clear enemy units in buildings.

6-Stealth units and upgrades are unavailable except Jarmen Kell.
Affect on the army:3/10
Same as Thrax.You can still use your Bomb Trucks.

7-Jarmen Kell has Demo Charges.
Advantage to the army:7.5/10
Jarmen got Demo Charges?Then he can just clear one enemy base by himself!Nasty.

8-Advanced Demo Traps replace the normal Demo Trap.
Advantage to the army:Valuable,but 8 for me
Though pretty weak,using $200 to destroy tons of light vehicles are VERY
worths!This thing can just destroy TONS of Humvees and some others.

9-Suicide Upgrade is available at Palace.
Advantage to the army:Valuable,but 6.5 for me
This "Suicide" attack is quite strong.1 Rebel's Suicide can just 1/3 or more
damage to a Cold Fusion Reactor!Using Rebel Ambush Level 3 to boom enemy
Command Center!

10-All other Vehicles not mensioned are more expensive.
Affect on the army:7/10
More cost on other vehicles,you may only wanted to use Bomb Trucks only.

Total marks for modifications of Rodall "Demo" Juhziz:42/100.Quite powerful in
real usage(especially Suicide Rebels and Terrtorist Cycles),and just like
Thrax,he just got minor changes from normal GLA.No much affect on using him.

4.3.3:Prince Kassad
He is known who leads a double life.On one hand,he is known throughout the
world as a playboy(can't see......);on the other hand,he is a leading figure in
the Terrtorist underground.For a three-year period since 2013,Kassad is
involved in every Terrtorist attack in the Mediterranean.Despite those
rumours,no one ever connected Kassad to anything.He thrives on stealth and
takes care never to be caught in anything that isn't above board.
The only GLA General which can use stealth technology.Will he be spotted?

1-All structures can be upgraded with Camo-netting and it's available at the
start of battle.
Advantage to the army:7.5/10
You can keep your structures stealthy for a period of time,but it won't last
long when enemy attacks your base.

2-Workers are camoflaged when the Supply Stash they working for is Camo-netted.
Advantage to the army:7/10
No much use.Enemy can still spot them and kill them,especially when they use

3-Rebels come with camoflage upgrade at the start.
Advantage to the army:8.5/10
Keeping hidden,attack enemy base at rear,and capture enemy buildings.Always
keep stealthy.Use them to capture enemy's important structures.

4-All base defenses are built with Camo-netting.
Advantage to the army:7.5/10
Just like upgraded structures.Nuff said.

5-Hijackers are available at the start.
Advantage to the army:9.5/10
Hijackers are the most powerful unit in GLA.Capture ANY enemy Vehicles!Stop
Emperor Rushes by them.

6-GPS Scrambler requires fewer General Points and recharges more quickly.
Advantage to the army:8.5/10
They can hide your uncloaked units being cloaked!So strong.

7-Scropion Tanks,Marauder Tanks and Scud Launchers are unavailable.
Affect on the army:12/10
Why I give -12 points out of -10?Because these three are the main-battle units
in GLA.Without them,even without Scopions,you can't just fight any enemy well.

Total marks for modifications of Prince Kassad:36.5/60,that means
60.83/100.Seems to have high marks,but using him without Scopions and Marauders
are just like suicide.

5-Generals' Comparsion
5.1:Chinese Generals' Comparsion

5.1.1:Air Force.
All 3 Generals just got the same planes.
Fai's Helix had already installed 8-men Bunker!8 Tank Hunters!Go to hell.
Ta's Plane reamins the same as normal Chinese forces,nothing special.
Tao's Migs can be armed with Nukes and his Helix can be armed with nuke bombs.
So,Tao's planes are more powerful than other two.

Air Force:
Fai:1 point;Tao:2 points;Ta:0 point.

Tao and Ta got the same Infantrys.
Fai got the BEST Infantry among the Chinese Generals.He got Minigunners(very
effective against Infantrys and Aircrafts),Super Hackers and Super Lotus(No use
for me except Hackers).And they ALL comes out with Veteran Level,including
those Tank Hunters!Totally strong in mens.

Fai:1 point;Tao:0 point;Ta:0 point.

5.1.3:Ground Forces:Now I should spilt into some more parts. Vehicles.
Tao and Ta got normal Vehicles as the same as normal Chinese forces.
Fai has Assault Troop Transports(All 8 men can fire inside it and can heal
nearby Infantry)and Attack Outposts(Carry 8 men and can fire inside).So great.

Armoured Vehicles:
Fai:1 points;Tao:0 point;Ta:0 point. Battle Tanks.
Fai got ONLY Gattling Tanks and Dragons Tanks,and that's all of them.
Tao got Nuclear-powered Overlords and Battlemasters.
Ta AUTOMATICALLY had all Tanks with Veteran Level when producing.He can also
upgrade all Battlemasters at Elite Level.He can also produce Emperor Tanks,much
stronger Overlord.

Now we compare Tao's Nuclear Tanks and Ta's Elite Battlemasters and Veteran
Tao got all Battlemasters and Overlords with Nuclear Tanks and Uranium Shells
upgrade already,so their power attacking Infantry and moving speed increase.
Ta's Elite Battlemasters can heal themselves,and they have Autoloader
Upgrade,which can make them fires more faster.
Veteran Emperors got Propaganda Towers already installed,and they can
additionally mount a Gattling Cannon.These two can be upgraded with Uranium
Shells and Nuclear Tanks,later.
So Ta got all properties of Tao's Tanks,but Tao lacks Autoloader and Emperor.
In conclusion,Ta's Main Battle Tanks are more powerful than Tao's.

Main Battle Tanks:
Fai:0 point;Tao:1 point;Ta:2 points.
Ta got no Cannons to use.
Both Fai and Tao got Cannons,but Fai need to use 1 General Point to Build Nuke
Cannons,and Tao needn't.

Fai:1 point;Tao:2 points;Ta:0 point.

5.1.4:Special General Abilities.
Fai can drop Minigunners.
Tao has Nuke Carpet Bomb instead of normal Carpet Bomb,and they needn't to use
a General Point to build Nuke Cannons.
Ta can upgrade all his Battlemasters into Elite Level,and he can drop
All 3 kind of planes can be shot down.In spite of this,
1)Fai's Minigunner Drop is nearly useless.
2)Tao's Nuke Carpet Bomb and Nuke Cannon available at start are for attacking
enemy bases.
3)Ta's Tank Drop can be lethal,especially when they have all Upgrades upgraded.

Now,consider Tao versus Ta.
Ta can drop Battlemasters anywhere at first,but Tao's early Nuke Cannons can
easily clear them!If Tao got Neutron Shells,Ta can just "give" some
Battlemasters to Tao!
How about Ta uses Frenzy?They still can't kill Overlords easily,which armed
with Uranium Shells.Also,Tao got Nuke Helix and Migs,can just rip you apart.
So,if Ta's Battlemasters aren't in a large number,drop them into Tao's base is
In conclusion,Tao's General Abilities are much stronger.

Special General Abilities:
Fai:0 point;Tao:2 points;Ta:1 point.

5.1.4:Defense Structures.
Tao and Ta got the same Defense Structures.
Fai got Extra-Large Bunker with Landmines placed.

Defense Structures:
Fai:1 point;Tao:0 point;Ta:0 point.

5.1.5:Chinese Overall.
Fai:5 points;Tao:7 points;Ta:3 points.
Winner:General Tao.Ta has been deducted many marks for the loss of Nuke
Cannon.Fai only use strong Infantry and that's useless.

5.2:US Generals' Comparison

5.2.1:Air Force.
Granger got King Raptor,Combat Chinook and can already build Stealth Fighter at
the start of battle.In addition,he can upgrade all Comanches into stealth
mode.Also,they all got Laser Point Defense,working like Paladin's one.And,all
planes are cheaper.
Alexander got Alpha Aurora,a stronger version of normal Aurora.
Townes got the normal plane,only.

Air Force:
Granger:2 points;Alexander:1 point;Townes:0 point.

All 3 Generals got the same Infantry.Nothing more or less.

Granger:0 point;Alexander:0 point;Townes:0 point.

5.2.3:Ground Forces.I'll spilt it into some more parts. Vehicles.
All 3 Generals got the same Armoured Vehicles and much more expensive.

Armoured Vehicles:
Granger:0 point;Alexander:0 point;Townes:0 point. Battle Tanks.
Granger and Alexander cannot build any tanks except Microwave Tanks.
Townes can build Laser Tanks,which substitutes Crusaders and Paladins.

Main Battle Tanks:
Granger:0 point;Alexander:0 point;Townes:1 point. I should say,Long-Range Units)
Granger and Alexander can still build Tomahawks,but Townes can't.

Granger:1 point;Alexander:1 point;Townes:0 point.

5.2.4:Special General Abilities.
Granger needn't to use one point to build Stealth Fighter.Also,his Spectre
Gunship ability requires fewer General ranks to obtain and are split into 3
Alexander's Spectre Gunship also split into 3 level.
Townes gets nothing new.

Simply,Granger's General Abilities are better than other 2.

Special General Abilities:
Granger:2 points;Alexander:1 point;Townes:0 point.

To be continued......
6-Generals Challenge-Briefing
Generals Challenge is a new single player mode in C&C:GZH.In this mode,you may
choose one General from the 9 Generals,and fighting other Generals by
commandering your General's force.After beating all other Generals,you'll face
the ultimate General,"Tigress" Leiang Leong.
In each game,you'll face only 1 enemy General,which is chosen randomly.The
objective for each mission is simple:Destroy all enemy buildings by all
means.There are no any limitations in the game;however,your enemy may send
forces to attack your base.So,it's a real battle.
Note:You needn't to deal with Shin Fai and Rodall "Demo" Juhziz in Generals

Before my Walkthrough,I'll raise some abbreviations,simplify my work.
RG-Red Guard
TH-Tank Hunter
SH-Super Hacker(Fai)
BL-Black Lotus
SL-Super Lotus(Fai)
CD-Chinese Dozer
TC-Troop Crawler
ATT-Assault Troop Transport(Fai)
LO-Listening Outpost
AO-Attack Outpost(Fai)
DT-Dragon Tank
GT-Gattling Tank
BT-Battlemaster Tank
OT-Overlord Tank
ET-Emperor Tank(Ta)
Su-Supply Truck
IC-Inferno Cannon
NC-Nuke Cannon
GC-Gattling Cannon
BB-Battle Bunker
FB-Fortified Bunker(Fai)
NR-Nuclear Reactor
ANR-Advanced Nuclear Reactor(Tao)
CComm-Chinese Command Center
CBar-Chinese Barracks
CSC-Chinese Supply Center
CWF-Chinese War Factory
PC-Propaganda Center
IntC-Internet Center
NM-Nuclear MIssile
PT-Propaganda Tower
LM-Land Mine
Neu-Neutron Mine

MD-Missile Defender
CB-Colonel Burton
CT-Crusader Tank
PalT-Paladin Tank
TML-Tomahawk Missile Launcher
LT-Laser Tank(Townes)
SD-Sentry Drone
GD-Gun Drone
HD-Hellfire Drone
KR-King Raptor(Granger)
SF-Stealth Fighter
AB-Aurora Bomber
AAB-Alpha Aurora Bomber(Alexander)
CCk-Combat Chinook(Granger)
PMS-Patriot Missile System
PMS(emp)-EMP Patriot Missile System(Alexander)
LPD-Laser Point Defense(Townes)
SC-Straengy Center
AComm-American Command Center
ABar-American Barracks
ASC-American Supply Center
SDZ-Supply Drop Zone
AWF-American War Factory
ParC-Particle Cannon
CFR-Cold Fusion Reactor
FB-Fire Base

TRe-Toxin Rebel
RPG-RPG Trooper
JK-Jarmen Kell
AM-Angry Mob
RV-Radar Van
QC-Quad Cannon
Sco-Scopion Tank
MT-Marauder Tank
Scud-Scud Launcher
RB-Rocket Buggy
CC-Combat Cycle
TT-Toxin Tractor
Bomb-Bomb Truck
GComm-GLA Command Center
AD-Arms Dealer
GBar-GLA Barracks
GSS-GLA Supply Stash
BM-Black Market
SS-Scud Storm
Sting-Stinger Site
TN-Tunnel Network
ToN-Toxin Network(Thrax)
Demo-Demo Trap

If I missed something,please give me an E-mail.
7-Generals Challenge-Walkthrough
Coming------for a period of time.
8-More stuffs on C&C:G/ZH
As soon as Possible.

29/11/2003:Well,if without noticed by's moderator,I won't know
that somebody feels that this FAQ.I know that playing any game in the easiest
level seems to be naive,but I have some personal reasons for me to play it at
Easy first.
Complaining others can make people improve,but too much won't do it.
10-Letters from readers
This part is based on you!Yes,if you send any mail to me,either
suggestions,comments,praises:) or complains :( are all welcome.Your letter will
post here.Nothing more nor less.

At first,here're three letters from Alasdair Lo .Thanks
a lot!
Actually,I had read his guide and started to communicate with each other via
e-mail.For those details,you can refer to his Side Comparison Guide for Command
& Conquer:Generals Zero Hour in guide is really nice:D
I'll post my letter and his letter separately:
Mine's first letter:
Alasdair Lo:

Greetings.I also come from HK(so I support you view,"Chinese aren't
idiots").Your FAQ are very nice,and I would have some opinion to you,from mine.

Firstly about Superweapons.In damage,they can cause same terror,but
remember,GLA NEED NOT TO USE ANY POWER.If you have enough money and space,you
can build lots of Scud Storm,just cost $5000*no. of SS,when US and China need
to build more power plants to support their Particle Cannon and Nuclear Silo.At
a view of damage by 1 on 1,they are nearly the same;but when your enemy still
building some more power plants for superweapons,you can already got 2 Scud
Storm,or even 3 or more.So,I think threat of scud Storm is much more than other

Secondly,China got Emperor Tank instead of Overlord if you're using General Ta
of China.It's more powerful than Overlord,because it got Speaker Tower
already,and you can upgrade it with also the Gattling Cannon.Such a havoc!

Then,it's about Microwave Tank and ECM Tank.Their power are the same------can
stop buildings and stop/hurt Vehicles,but Microwave is more stronger because it
can addack Infantries,while ECM cannot.

Also,it's about Mines.Demo Traps and Land/Neutron Mines can stop both men and
vehicles well,but remember:Demo Traps are EXTREMELY VULNABLE to any attack.Like
Overlord,if it has Gattling Cannon,it can detect and toast it.Land/Neutron
Mines can regenerate and do a high damage to ANYTHING except those flying
birds,and you need to boom that building to get rid of it.So,Land/Neutron Mines
are more tougher.

That's all for now.If I have some more opinions,I may send you another
mail;)Hope these informations are useful to you for your FAQ.

Your Truthly,
Brian Au
Second one:
Alasdair Lo:

It's nice to hear form you last time.

Bunkers seemed like to be as same quality as Tunnel Networks,but from my
opinion it isn't.Tunnel Networks are far much better.Firstly,Bunkers got no
self defences,and Tunnels got some,even it's rather weak.Next,Bunkers can only
deposit infantry inside,when Tunnels can hold anything and transport them to
anywhere as you like.Lastly,as you said,Tunnels can heal units inside but
Bunkers can't.In addition,with Bunker Busters,US Stealth Fighters can harm
infantry inside the Bunkers but Tunnels won't(I think).So,I think Tunnels are
much stronger than Bunkers.

Why the MOAB will be called as Mother Of All Bombs?Because it suited all the
words of the beginning;)This 21500 pound satellite-guided bomb is the most
powerful bomb in US asernal,and the whole world.In English,its full name is
Massive Ordnance Air Burst.

For my General Abilities usage,I have some of my usage opinions(plain sides
GLA:Marauder(1pt),Scud Launcher(1pt),Rebel Ambush lvl 3(3pt),Sneak
Attack(1pt),Cash Bounty lvl 1(1pt)and sometimes may use Anthrax Bomb(1pt);
US:Paladin(1pt),Pathfinder(1pt),Para drop lvl 3(3pt),Fuel Air Bomb(1pt),Spectre
Gunship(1pt) and sometimes may add toA-10 Strike.
China:Nuke Cannon(1pt),Artillery Training(1pt),Artillery Barrage lvl
3(3pt),Carpet Bomb(1pt),Cluster Mines(1pt)and EMP Bomb(1pt).Frenzy hav no much

For Infiniate Cash,I'd prefer Black Market instead of Internet Center full of
Hackers.Though Internet Center is more tough and gets more money,you can only
build 1.In opposite,you can build as much Black Market as you like.

Finally,I am writing a Guide about General Challenge and version 1.0 will be
completed soon and posted at you read my work,can you give
me some comment about it?

I may write to you soon.Take Care.

Your Truthly,
Brian Au
My third letter:
Alasdair Lo:

I am surprised that my new guide was being criticised by others,and I am so
grateful that you helped me expalining my situation to others.I want to thank
you first.

And,I saw you said that my Giude has come problems and will send mail to me
soon.Can I ask you:what are the problems and what are your suggestions towards
them?I hope i can hear from you soon.Thank you so much.

Your Truthly,
Brian Au
His first reply:
Dear Brian,

Yes, nice to hear from someone from the same city.

Yes, to be precise, for 1 superweapon to be functional, USA has to spend $1300
+ $5000 = $6300 to keep it online, China has to spend $1000 + $5000 = $6000.
While GLA only has to build the building, and that is it.

Of course, I have made an assumption in the comparison of these 3 things, it is
that, 1 and only 1 superweapon is built per player. This is because, I think
that all superweapons take the sport out of the game. Yes, and I did not give
any score for any item in that section, to play safe and prevent anyone from
flaming me, as this IS a controversial topic.

What could be better than an Overlord that can have both a speaker tower AND a
Gattling Cannon at the same time? It¡¦s just a pity that you cannot install a
bunker onto them, otherwise, you can cause even more havoc. What does Ta Hwun
Kwai mean? ¥L«Ü§Ö?

As for Microwave and ECM Tanks, I gave them a tie because they are effective
against DIFFERENT THINGS. So, you cannot determine which thing is more
important than another. Another thing, the Microwave Tanks fry only infantry.
When they come close to the field, they slowly lose HP and eventually do the
dying swan! Yes, and they can ding those infantry inside buildings to death as

No comment about those 2 traps, I must say, however, Neutron Mines ARE very
effective against those annoying Col. Burton and Saboteurs and any other
stealth units that climb over mountains to your base.
It would be nice to hear from you again.

Lo Kai Yan Alasdair
His second reply:
Dear Brian Au,

Nice to hear from you again.

For you information, the Bunker Busters works both on Tunnel Networks and
Bunkers. Any smart player would instantly evacuate the untis inside when a
stealth fighter comes, then there will be an earthquake, but no one will be
hurt. Of course, you can use this to clear garrisoned buildings as well, after
all, it works better than the flashbang.

Nuke Cannons loaded with Neutron Shells are also perfect for the tasks
mentioned above. Not even the Hackers inside an Internet Centre can withstand
the shell.

You can also build Hackers as many as you like, but they become hot targets for
Rebel Ambushes, so you should have them scattered round your base.

If your GameFAQs board name is not Feeresh, then you should hurry up with your
guide, as he is also planning to write one.

Good luck with writing your guide.

Yours faithfully,
Lo Kai Yan Alasdair
His third reply:
Dear Brian Au,

OK, I have just read your guide once, and I would simply give a few
suggestions, that you can consider. Note that there is no need to change any of
your scores, as they are your OWN views.

Chinese Infantry General:

3-Horde Bonus increased.
Advantage to the army:6/10
I actually don't know what will be the influence of this,but it may be have
good benefits......

You should be more specific. You should say that the Patriotism Upgrade is
available at the Propaganda Centre and that it further boosts the Hoard Bonus.

12-Super Hacker replaces normal Hacker.
Advantage to the army:8/10
Start at Veteran Level and get money faster at Supply Centers? Hmmm......I will
get tons of money!

Hackers hack inside the internet Center. You should also mention their ability
to disable vehicles.

Chinese Nuke General:
No need to change anything.

Chinese Tank General:
No need to change anything.

USA Airforce General:

7-Combat Chinooks replace normal Chinooks.
Advantage to the army:7.5/10
Chinooks are mainly collect resources.If they can self-guarding by 1 Pathfinder
and the rest are Missile Defenders,your Supply Chain will be much safer.

Note that Combat Chinooks cannot collect supplies with people inside.

5-Aurora Alpha replaces normal Auroras.
Advantage to the army:6/10
Strong,but expensive.Its Fuel Air Bomb are tough,but the cost is 1 plane for 1
target.Does it worth it?

Consider elaborating. That is, talk about its ¡§double explosion¡¨ upon impact.
After all, that¡¦s the only good thing about Alexis.

USA Laser General:

No need to change anything.

GLA Toxin General:

1-All Tanks start with Toxin Shells.
Advantage to the army:10/10
After those Tanks armed with Toxin Shells,all nearby infantry can easily become
salamander man!And it won't affect them to attacking other Vehicles,even
poisoning enemy Vehicles!The best upgrade of GLA,probably.

Don't call those dead people salamander men. Think of something more original.

GLA Demolitions General:

No need to change anything.

7-Scropion Tanks, Marauder Tanks and Scud Launchers are unavailable.
Affect on the army:12/10
Why I give -12 points out of -10?Because these three are the main-battle units
in GLA.Without them,even without Scopions,you can't just fight any enemy well.

Consider providing an alternate method of attack for Prince Kassad.

That's all I got to offer, hope this helps.

Lo Kai Yan Alasdair
Thanks you a lot Alasdair:Without your letters I can hardly write this guide!It
will be happy to hear from you soon.Once again,thank you a lot!

Here's three letters from Amir Yaghoubi .Thanks!

First one:
Hi dude
I have a question : me and my brother are playing ZH everyday , my side is
usually China and his is GLA or USA , we play 50000$ from start game and
unlimited superweapon , I always lose , because he uses hit and run scud
lunchers on my overlords and quickly return them to tunnel and he use step by
step tunnels I mean one behind other and so , so I cant use mig , also nutron
shell is useless , because nuke cannon is very slow moving vechile and he uses
bomb trucks.He also builds lots of scud storms and palaces full of rpg trooper
, What I can I do to defeat him ? I want to smack him down , he always talk
shit about his victories, help me please !
Second one:
Thanks 4 ur previous help , but It didnt really work out , 'cause he uses Demo
general , his scud is very strong , its kills anything nearby its missile he
always have at least 6 scud launcher by holding ctrl he shoots he shoots back
and infront of my tanks leaving nothing but iron scraps,
Due to nature of GLA Im always lagging behind him , and other thing is battle
bus full of rocket soldier , even by use of ecm tank , it does what it should
do and kills at least one of my apocalypses (overlord ! )
How can rush with Tao , because the china side is too slow for rush , destroy
his multiple scudstorms ?Its very complicated situation , I dont wanna use USA
because i want 2 prove to him I can win with china .
And about my last message , go ahead , no problem 4 that
Third one:
There are some other problems , I dont know how to face it : its only about
Demo geneal , due to less counter time his super weapon his always ahead of me
in super weapon ( its really powerful much powerful than nuke ) he destroys at
least half of nuke silo by scud storming and then by using suicide ability that
is given to rebels he ambushes and destroys , the other one and the worst is he
is using this abilty to destroy my overlord when Im attacking to him ,
destroying every tank , suddenly they appear and denotate
I dont know how to prevent that
Bye 4 now
Well,some people may have the some problem.Though I answered him privately,I
will post my 3 replies here.

First reply:
On these,I'll prefer an attack force.For Tao,4-8 Overlords,1-2 Nuke Cannons
plus tons of Gattling Tanks or Dragon Tanks.If you played last stage of China
in C&C:Generals,you'll understand this force:Overlords as main strike
force,Nuke Cannon as support,and Gattlings or Dragons can use their speed to
toast those Scud Launchers.Also,you can use them to crash Rocket Buggies
without great losses.Also,you may use Nuke Mig to blow up those Tunnel Networks.

For General Kwai,I'll prefer you to use 4-8 Emperors,plus some Gattlings or
Dragons.Same as above,but Emperors can withstand more damage,so your bro' may
not destroy your Tanks.

Also,I'll prefer you,if you're using USA,save up money for Paladins and
Averagers.For normal US force,you will really need some Averager,or at least 1
Paladin.They can just destory those Scuds before they hit the ground.More
efficient than China's method.
Second reply:
Well,if your bro' use Demo Scuds(I know its power),I suggest you using Helixes
full of Tank Hunters to kill them out first,then let ground forces go.If your
bro's Tunnel Networks aren't well protected by Anti-Air units,use them,coz
Helixes can withstand quite a ton of damage.Kill those Quads by Napalm Bombs
first,then go for Stingers.Remember to have at least 1 Helix got Speaker Tower
to heal.Or,use Migs.They are efficient too;)

For those Battle Buses,I'll suggest you using Nuke Cannons with Neutron Shells
to kill them.If you can't,use 1 Overlord as lure,then use Helixes bombing
them.If not,fastly move your Dragon Tanks Armada forward to burn them.Battle
Buses' Armour aren't too thick(I think).

For Tao rushes,I think you may not need to build tons of attacking
force.Instead,use your General Abilities:Cashz Hack.Try to upgrade them to
level 3 ASAP,then use them when they're ready.You can also get additional funds
for building nasty Nukes for that.4500 instead of 5000 a piece;)

The reason I suggest you using China because their Laser weaponary can clear
out HUGE missiles(like Scuds)within 1 Laser shot.But not for Scud Storm of cox;)
Third one:
For Demo Rebel Ambushes,there's nearly no preventations,because you can't
predict where will they appear,and what target they're going to bomb.But
there's still some methods:If you got tons of money and power,try to surround
your Nuke Silo with Neutron Mines(kill infantry instantly when step on it) and
Gattling Cannons(keep laying Neutron Mines).This may help,but it's not for sure.

To prevent your Overlords being destroyed,I can only suggest you to Build some
Gattling Helix for air cover or,transport your Overlords by your Helixs.This
may help.Man,Suicide Bombers can't bomb air units;)
Once again,thanks for your letter!

Here's another one from Kenneth Loo .Thanks!
Hey~ i found ur guide on game faqs and it sounds right but i was wondering
becuase i am challenging the generals and i am using the "Laser dude" and i
beat Air, Thrax, Tank, Nuclear, Alexander and Kassad.......i assume i was going
to get the infantry dude but i got this Female general called GENERAL LEANG and
she china side...i mean she is just scary she controlls all the technology from i was wondering how did you beat her?? mail me back

Thanks for your letter!Though I replied him,I'll post my reply here.I know some
people may long for it because I need this too at now;)
At first,Build tons of Laser Turret beside the bridge and the cliff at north
because she will use tons of planes and tanks to strike at you.After you got
at least 1 Particle Cannon,Start to build about 8-10 Laser Tanks,2-3
Averagers and some Comaches.If possible,Get 1 Mobile Sentry Drone and a
Humvee full of Pathfinders,as well as some Rangers and Dozers.

Start to move your force across the bridge,after you beat some enemies you
will see some filled bunker,use Flash Bang to clear them.Use Dozer starting
to build structures at the eastern flatland,and use Rangers to capture tech
buildings nearby.

Move your force north and when you see the first shown bunker guarded by
some infantry,destroy it and it'll reset Superweapons' timer.move north,and
when you see a building looks like a research center,start to aware.About
2-4 Overlords will come to welcome you.Concerntrate all firepower on 1
Overlord and tanke out the other.Use Ranger to capture the reinforcement pad
and wait until the Superweapons' timers is near zero,capture the building
and reset the timer.

Mover your force westard(you probably need some rest),after seeing the last
bunker,leave it away,and let Averagers mover accross the bridge first to
destroy those Helix.Move your force onward and again,kill 4-6 Overlords
there.After you dig out a road to her base,regroup your force and strike
HARD!After you cleared all buildings inside,you win!

Sidenote:In Generals Challenge,you won't face Fai or Juhziz.
Thanks for your letter again!

And there's another one from Asteris Karassimos .Thanks!
Hi. Hope you are well in your health. Found your e-mail address from the FAQ
you published about the expansion Zero Hour. Straight to the point: Have you
managed to go through any of the challenges? I'm using the Air Force General
Grange and I cannot find any way to survive the initial onslaught by General
Alexander (3rd challenge). Right from the start she sends a trio of Apaches
and, even if I manage to survive the initial fight (by quickly building
barracks and Missile defenders) there's an A-10 strike soon thereafter to
finish me off. Any suggestions?
Also,from Nitin .Thanks!
Hi! I'm Nitin from Mauritius. I've read your walkthrough on Command & Conquer
Generals Zero Hour on the net and I need your help. I'm playing General Malcolm
"Ace" Granger's 3rd mission against General Alexis Alexander on hard level. The
problem is that as soon as the game starts, before I even build a single
defence, Alexis sends 2 commanches and a wave of A10 on my base! And as if this
was not enough, his particle cannon is charging up, leaving me only 4mins
before the blast. Can u help plz?
Thanks for your letter!Because they both asked the same question,I'll post one
of my reply here.
As soon as you can build Patriot,build tons of them along the coast FIRST and
ignore other structure first(but of course,build some more power plant if
necessary).Then,start to build War Factory and make some Microwave Tank if you
can,then go to the place where the Particle Cannon is(try to make enemy EMP
Patriot malfuncional first) and freeze it,so you may gain some time.
After that,start building Airfield and make TONS of King Raptors,or,build tons
of Particle Cannons.Then,just use fighter flood to waste her base!
Once again,thanks for your letters!

And also,a letter from Connor Hobby .Thanks!
Mr. Hon,

Thank you for making such a great guide for Command and Conquer: Generals
Zero Hour. It's really helped me decide which generals are best to use. I did
find one mistake, though. While you said that stealth fighters are not good for
much, it occured to me that you were not using them as they were intended. I
agree that it really sucks against buildings, infantry, and tanks (although
with bunker busters, they do fly quite nicely...), but against base defenses,
they rule. It takes only two to dispatch a Gattling Cannon. And while playing
as Ace Granger, you have a clear path through which your King Raptors can run
rampant. I was just saying. I've always been an U.S. advocate, but that's
rapidly changing (China all the way!).

Thanks again,
Connor Hobby
I can't bear the name "Mr Hon" should be "Mr Au";P And,I'm not
old enough to bear the name "Mister"......Anyway,thanks for your letter!

For that part,beacuse I seldom use Stealth Fighters,so it may have biased.

Thanks for your letter again!

If you send any mail to me,either suggestions,comments,praises:) or complains
:( are all welcome.If you have it,please send to
I posted this FAQ at at now,so first thanks are for them.

In addition,thanks for Westwood Studios of EA Games,which had made this great
game.Moreover,Prima's Manual are also helpful along my writing.

Also,I have to thanks Alasdair Lo( his supports
by words,I think I can't write this FAQ,or no potentials to write it.

Then,I have to thank a few(?)of things:My computer,the game C&C:G and
C&C:GZH(of course),my hard disk,my music soundtracks (From the band group
Beyond,Roman Tam,Dandel on Love,The Power of Love,Soundtracks of Band of
Borthers,Top Gun,Speed,etc.),RuneScape,and others that I can't list all out.

In addition,I have to thank for my mother,sister(as they don't spot that I
write this FAQ)and my uncles and aunts.Also,I have to thank you!Yes,the readers
of this FAQ!There's some readers I want to thank for,because without your
letters,this FAQ won't become perfect:Amir Yaghoubi,Kenneth Loo,Asteris
Karassimos,Nitin,Connor Hobby,etc.

To ask authorization for copying this FAQ,or you have any comments about this
Walkthrough,please mail to,you can find me frequently
at RuneScape(My username is BrianGeneral).BUT,don't send any mail or messages
about taking CD keys,talking about crimes or about all other illegal
things.(But military is welcome.Haha)

Data Source:Prima's Official Strategy Guide on C&C:GZH (Part 6:General

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.Unauthorized reproduction of this
document as same as it is or in part is forbidden.

Copyright (c) Brian Au,2003.

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