Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human

14.06.2018 01:45:29

Here are instructions on how to get a few of the endings we liked the best in Detroit: Become Human:

Dirty Bomb:

To roll with the nuclear option ending (dirty bomb ending), you have to have Markus take the detonator from North. Then, at the end of the game, facilitate the peaceful demonstration, and when the police come to take him out, be like "Naw..." and push the button on the detonator. Androids 1, Detroit 0.

Canadian Border:

This one is a little tougher. To achieve this ending, you'll need to keep Luther, Alice and Kara alive, which is easier said than done, with Luther having a few different places where if you don't act fast you can lose him. Here are a couple of the main places where he can die and how to avoid them:

  • In the Midnight Train chapter, when the police arrive, speak with Luthor and tell him to go upstairs.
  • During the Crossroads chapter, when Luthor gets shot in the foot while escaping from Jericho, choose "Help Luthor" (obviously), and get him to the adjacent room, where he will tell you he's fine and will catch up with you later.
  • In the same chapter (Crossroads) after escaping the tunnels, when Alice and Kara are fleeing the soldiers, choose "Play dead" and "Don't move" to not get killed or captured.

Everyone Dies (you're a terrible person)

Getting the worst ending is not all that hard, you just need to ensure that you lose every character as fast as you can. Here's where each character can go, in order, but be warned, this will significantly decrease your playthrough time:

  • Kara and Alice - Chapter: On The Run
  • Markus - Chapter: Freedom March
  • Hank - Chapter: Night Of The Soul (him and Connor must be hostile)
  • Connor - Chapter: Battle For Detroit
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