The Evil Within 2

08.02.2018 01:24:24

To gain the following achievements, players must complete the following actions.


Rookie: Completed the game on Casual difficulty or higher.
Survivor: Completed the game on Survival difficulty or higher.
Against All Odds: Completed the game on Nightmare difficulty or higher.
Backup Ain't Coming: Completed the "Rogue Signal" side mission.
Sykes Out: Completed the "The Last Step" side mission.
Finally Free: Experienced every traumatic encounter and made peace with your inner demons.
You Got Red in You: Used your first Red Gel.
Stick it in My Veins: Completely upgraded all abilities.
Making Things a Little Easier: Used your first High-Grade Weapon Parts.
Now You're Playing with Power: Upgraded a weapon to Level 3.
A Little Extra Kick to it: Upgraded one of your Warden Crossbow bolts to max level.
They Never Even Stood A Chance: Completely upgraded all weapons.
DIY: Crafted something for the first time.
Handyman: Crafted every type of item at least once.
Echoes Within STEM: Observed all Residual Memories.
Doing Some Detecting: Collected 20 files.
Diligent Reader: Collected all files.
Half the Stash: Opened 16 lockers.
Locksmith: Opened all lockers.
Bootable Offense: Stomped and killed 15 fallen enemies.
Chatting With Kidman: Talked to Kidman about all of the photographic slides.
Clearing a Path: Killed 60 enemies.
All in the Family: Collected all of the Mysterious Objects.
Caffeine Addict: Used every Coffee Maker at least once.
Powerhouse: Acquired all standard weapons.
Death From Above: Killed 2 or more enemies at once using a hanging lamp. (Ch. 9)
No More Playing With Fire: Stopped a true believer from playing with his favorite toy. (Ch. 11)
Melancholy Memories: Reminisced about every moment from your past. (Ch. 12)
I'll Take You Down Myself: Brought your own equipment to the barbecue this time. (Ch. 14)
Shock Therapy: Stunned an enemy standing in water using a Shock Bolt.
Thinning Them Out: Killed 30 enemies.
Smoke Assassin: Killed 3 enemies using upgraded Smoke Bolts.
Good to See You Again: Acquired the Warden Crossbow.
Wait For It...: Killed an enemy using an Ambush.
Kick, Shoot, Burn: Killed 2 or more enemies at once using oil on the ground.
Sometimes Fighting Isn't the Answer: Avoided unnecessary bloodshed outside City Hall. (Ch. 5)
I Am The Night: Killed 10 enemies using Sneak Kills.

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