Cat Games - Reviewed e.g. "Stray" on PS5

Making More Feline Friends


Cats have been the staple for most Internet memes for as long as we can remember. From back in the days of Vine, now migrating over to TikTok, it is not a surprise that cats have also made their way over to video games. They even have their own tag on Steam and various other gaming platforms.


Have you ever wondered what life is like as a cat? Many ‘pawsome’ video games are available in the market right now that allow your fantasy to become a reality! From games similar to the sims to adventure games, the feline world is taking over video games. With so much to choose from, there is an online cat game out there to suit everyone! 


Games You Should Play


1.       Stray

One of the most anticipated cat-related video games of 2022 was Stray. It is a third-person adventure game set in a cyberpunk neon dystopia. The player assumes the role of a stray cat, and you get to explore the city and experience the world through the cat’s eyes. You will navigate missions and explore underground environments, solving various puzzles while you go.


The aim of the game is to finish your quest and be reunited with your family. You’ll have your trusty side-kick, a small flying drone that goes by the name of B-12, to help you. This game is available to play on PS5, PS4, and PC.




2.       Cat Quest

This is another feline-friendly game available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and your PC. In this game, you will explore the world of Felingard. As you travel along an open map of Cat Quest, you will look for clues to find your kidnapped sister and defeat the evil villain Drakoth.

Cat Quest allows you to customize your adventure, letting you choose between what outfits to wear and what weapons your character carries in terms of chain mail and swords. All types of armor, spells, and weapons can be mixed and matched to make your purrfect combo!



3.       Cattails

Available on your PC or Nintendo Switch, Cattails is an adorable game in which the players can play as wild cats. You must join one of the three colonies available. Together, you can explore the surrounding caves, hunt for food, and fight off trespassers. Another fun and exciting twist; your cat also has the chance to marry a cat and even raise your family of kittens! Think of ‘The Sims’ – but the cat version. You also have the opportunity to start your own cat colony. It is a peaceful game, supporting relationships and the meaning of being a cat family.



4.       A Street Cat’s Tale                    

This is another game available for cat lovers to play on Nintendo Switch. The story follows a kitten’s mother going missing, and the player must ensure the kitten survives and is reunited with its family. Although the animation looks cute, do not let this fool you. This world is full of potential threats and challenges along the way; it is an emotional rollercoaster! You must avoid humans, cars, and other obstacles to keep the kitten alive. The kitten has both health and hunger needs, meaning you will have to act fast and put your faith in humanity to supply food for it. This game also has a few possible endings, so make sure to follow the right path to avoid any kind of cruel reality.


5.       Copycat

Available on Steam, this game allows you to see the world through a cat’s eyes. This isn’t like any of the other games on this list and can typically be seen as an indie game that follows the life of Dawn, a cynical shelter cat. Dawn does not want to get readopted, destined to a lonely life on the streets. All of this changes for Dawn when she finally meets her new human life companion – Olive.


You will play the game as Dawn and truly experience what life is like as a cat. Hunting birds, climbing around roofs, sneaking around the streets – all until you discover what the true meaning of home actually looks like. Available on Steam, it was a highly anticipated game for 2022 that did not disappoint cat fans.

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