Playing Poker in Red Dead Redemption 2 – Complete Guide

Red Dead Redemption games are famous for their in-game poker, a type of in-game. Ever since the first game came out, players can find poker games in different towns and camps as one of the multiple side missions the games offer.

Texas Holdem is the poker type, and each place you visit will have a host of different NPC’s (computer controlled players) with different playing styles and level of skill. In RDR2, the more you advance throughout the map, the tougher they get. While basic poker skills help, especially at the early and middle stages, you will have to apply advanced poker tactics to beat other players… or just follow our tips to defeat them. The key is to figure out what type of player they are (defensive, aggressive, bluffer etc.), but first, the basics.

Where to play poker in Red Dead Redemption 2?

You can find the poker games at your own camp or in the towns of Valentine, Tumbleweed, Blackwater, and Flatneck Station.

Basics of Poker Rules

You are dealt 2 cards face down. The goal is to make a winning hand using the cards dealt on the table, known as the community cards. After each card is flipped, a betting round happens. Players can check, raise or pull-out. If your hand is the strongest when all 5 community cards are dealt, you win the pot; or if you are the only player left on a betting hand, you win as well.

If you are new to Holdem or want to know more than just the basics, read this quick poker rules guide from 888. They also has some interesting basic strategy guides that are easy to follow and do not require much practice to master. Definitely read those to earn more at these RDR2 poker games or which to participate in the online multiplayer poker games.

Now, some players have claimed that following basic poker rules and strategy works to a certain point. You can bluff and play moderately with some success at first, and then you will meet some NPC’s that will call your bluffs and play smarter; we are talking about John, Lenny and Pearson. Your camp buddies. These are part of certain cheats and hacks on RD2 that you can use to level up faster.

Here are some specific tips to beat them.

How to beat John

John is a bluffer, which means he pretends to have a strong hand when he really does not. He will play in almost every hand and make big bets. The best tip to beat John is to go all-in when you are dealt a strong pair of cards, but take care the other players are not active. Just be aggressive with John when facing him 1 on 1, try to get the other players out of the game by making small raises at first to gauge what they have. Since they are more moderate than John, they will withdraw if they have nothing.

How to beat Pearson

Pearson plays it safe; he doesn’t risk anything and will withdraw when you make a raise. If he doesn’t, it means he has a strong pair of cards or fished something at the Turn. This is the hardest player to win against.

If he checks, he has a good hand. Re-raise if you also have a good hand, or call is you are not confident enough; but the best decision is to stand down.

If he makes a raise, it means he has a strong hand and you should consider stepping out.

Pearson is hard to beat because he steps down with bad cards and only plays with strong cards. You can only beat him if your cards are higher. If you raise too much with a very strong hand, he will fold; so small raises against this guy.

How to beat Lenny

Lenny is more of in the middle. He will play moderately depending on his hand but never bluffs, never. Whenever he makes a large bet, it means he has a very strong hand. So be wary of him.

Make raises if you wish to have him quit a hand; he will always fold unless he stacks a strong hand. If he checks, then he has something strong; he won´t always raise, so be wary.

How to win at poker in Red Dead Redemption 2

Using the previous info, the best tactic is to make small raises whenever you have a decent hand and above. Lenny and Pearson will quit if they do not have strong hands. That leaves John and you can go all-in against him if your hand is strong, or just check and call if the hand is strong but you fear he might actually have something stronger. Just remember, he is the bluffer and your milking cow for cash to spend in the game.  

Playing at Valentines

Valentines is the easy town. You can play aggressively here with hard raises and all-ins. Your pockets will grow here.

Playing at St Denis and Flatneck Station

St Denis and Flatneck Station are tougher to win at. The NPC’s here will not consider your bluffs and play according to the strength in their hands. Be more moderate in this place and use small raises more often to gauge what the others have.

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