Pesterquest is a visual novel Game that features 14 volumes of beautifully illustrated and hilarious stories that revolve around the character you control, who was magically teleported into the Homestuck universe bringing nothing except the hoodie he's wearing (no pants!).

The stories always come with certain key moments where you'll get to choose one of two choices, and with it, you'll end up with a different branch of the storyand ending. Each volume is very short. Even if you explored every ending by using the fast forward button to skip over all the dialogues you've previously read, it should take you around 30 minutes per volume. If you are a big fan of Homestuck, get this visual novel, else you better may skip it, since its very hard to get the game if you don´t know or like Homestuck.

Another good thing of the Game is, he music is very great and fits, definitely a must-buy for fans of the Homestuck/HIVESWAP franchise/series, if you love to read a lot oft text. All in all you will need at least 14-20h to complete the game.


A must-buy for fans of the Homestuck/HIVESWAP franchise/series. You can explore a lot of things, if you ever read the comics you will love the game. The music is great and every volume is short, so that you don´ßt need to play hours to finish one. You can replay the game to get all endings if you enjoyed it.

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