Reduce Lag from OSRS Mobile with These Tips

Lag is the #1 enemy of any player since moments when the game freezes can spell life or certain death for your character. It's all the same whether you're playing an online game or not. There are many causes of lag. There's the quality of the internet connection, a disparity between your GPU/CPU and the game, and other external reasons. We'll go through a few ways to reduce that lag when playing OSRS Mobile to a minimum so you can skill, level, or farm OSRS gold without interruptions.

Turning Off Wifi/Data and On Again

Sometimes the simplest answer is the best. This action fixes slow connections, effectively reducing lag. It might not remove lag completely, but it can keep it from happening frequently. If you're using data, move to somewhere with better a signal. When you get the chance to use WiFi, prioritize using that instead of data. WiFi signals are more stable and consistent than mobile data.

Changing Worlds

Server connections are influenced by distance. If you pick a world for a country far from where you are, lag will naturally occur more often. Even at lightning speeds, information traveling a long distance will take longer than those from a shorter distance. Move to a world closer to your region. Having fewer people in the world also helps, since the burden on the server is less. That's fewer people to animate on your screen which helps as well!

Clear Cache and Storage

You accumulate data from everywhere. When too much data has been built up, your device will have difficulty reaching for what it needs, causing lag. You see this sometimes even when you're not playing. Phones or tablets that start to lag even in the home screen usually needs a cache clear up.

Clearing up your storage will also help. Free space facilitates the easy retrieval of data on your device. When your phone can quickly access what it needs, lag is negligible. Clean up your photos or delete the files you don't need anymore.

Stop Apps Running in the Background

If you don't regularly close apps on the task manager, they still run on the background. That stresses out your device's processor, which could make apps running on the foreground run slower. Close apps using the task manager. There are also some settings on your phone/tablet that restrict background apps. Make use of those and dedicate your device to running OSRS mobile.

So these are the ways to reduce lag while playing Old School Runescape (OSRS mobile). Results may vary depending on your device, OS, and OS version. Higher-end devices will have less difficulty running the app, and lag will occur rarely—if ever. Those nearer the other end of the spectrum will need all the help they can get. Be aware that some models or versions might not be able to play the game.

With these tips, you can continue enjoying your journey through Gielinor. Have fun exploring, questing, skilling, and farming! Be safe as you travel, both in and out of the game.


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