What makes Arcade Games so popular that they even get remakes nowadays?

For reasons of nostalgia, those who have been playing computer games for many years may ask themselves whether there are remakes of old Arcade Games on all consoles. This refers to video games that existed in the USA from the seventies onwards and in Germany, for example, from the early eighties of the last century. Above all, however, they were not only played diligently by many children and young people. Nowadays there are variants of some of the most popular games at that time, which can be played on consoles and partly in casinos on the Internet.

The important question: What are arcade games?

Arcade Games is a name for games that have been produced on special machines since 1971. The first such game was called Computer Space. Many more followed, of which Pong and Pacman as well as Donkey Kong are probably the best known names. In the beginning, these games could be played at specially designed machines, which for example were located in so-called game libraries or amusement arcades as well as partly in the vestibules of supermarkets, pubs and so on. For a little money (rarely for free) it was about achieving the highest possible number of points. The time when not every household had a computer was long gone, of course. In terms of games, there was a rapid development. However, the term is still current.

Arcade Games as Remakes

A remake is a reissue. There is such a thing in all areas: Film, theatre, also literature and music (where one speaks of a cover version). Of course, computer games are also ideal for remakes, especially the arcade games. In short, new versions have been released. The machines like in old times still exist, but much less. Instead, the then popular games are now played on the various consoles, via so-called emulators on a normal computer or as special versions in some of the casinos on the Internet.

On the various consoles for years popular games play

At this point it is not about advertising for the different consoles, which are played in many households gladly by children, young people and partly by adults. Different manufacturers produce these devices, which are usually connected to a television set. There are also variants that look like a smartphone. Even on real smartphones there are many games available that existed in old times. There are many ways to play a game. In short, new editions of these games are by no means unusual, although we live in a time when everything has to be new and better.

Play Arcade Games Online

When it comes to playing games for money, a visit to an online casino is possible. The extensive programs also include games from ancient times. The recommendation for an overview is https://www.top10-casinosites.net/ where the ten most popular arcade games that can still be played today are presented. A game for fun is also possible. The reason why both variants are listed here is the manufacturer of most of the arcade games available today. The name that should be mentioned here is Playtech.

The specialist Playtech

Playtech is a partner of many online casinos, which explains why on many websites of such casinos slots based on old arcade games also belong to the program. It is a company that operates from the Isle of Man. The company was founded in 1999 and develops software for casinos, poker, bingo, sports betting, scratch cards and so on. When it comes to slots, they are both modern and classic and based on the games mentioned.

Conclusion to the topic Arcade Games in the today's time

It is a good thing that the games described in this article are still very popular. It doesn't always have to be new and modern. What used to be good can still be good today. Who has played such games in former times, is pleased about the fact that this is still possible at consoles, over an emulator or also in a casino in the Internet. And if you are generally enthusiastic about video games as a young person, it is questionably interesting to see how everything started years ago. It is important that such games are fun. And that they are without any doubt.

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