How League of Legends has taken eSport to a new level

Gaming is an ancient way of life that has entertained most individuals. Gaming has evolved drastically with time due to technology. As a result, the world has seen the development of a new form of gaming known as esports. Unlike the traditional means, this form of gaming uses technological devices such as mobile phones and consoles for gaming. Below we are going to have a look at an example of esports known as League of Legends. Furthermore, we are going to discuss how the famous game has taken esports to a new level.

League of Legends

League of Legends is a 2009 game that has been in play for over a decade. Just like most games League of Legends is not only a single-player game but also a coop game. To illustrate League of legends is a game with an inbuilt story mode that allows players to have fun on their own.

In addition to this, the coop section of the game enables players to play with their friends. Here one who plays online can join forces with their friends online. In the game, players get to control a character known as a summoner. The character is gifted with abilities that advance as you move up the game's hierarchy.

Facts About League of Legends


  1. Ever since its release the game has had an active fan-base.
  2. The character Zilean in the game shares a name with the design director of League of Legends
  3. League of legends is referenced from an Italian knight who lived in the 14th century.
  4. League of Legends is among the most popular games played in North America.
  5. Lastly, the game has also received positive critiques.

How League of Legends has taken eSports to a new level


League of Legends Vs. Numbers

Esports is dependent on a high number of active players. As a result, League of legends is focused on a consistent active audience rather than a significant growth of player base. To enhance this League of legends releases weekly content that is competitive, thus making players active.

As a result, at least 70 million active users play league of legends monthly. That is the game has more than 70 million monthly players who play the game in real-time. However, the stats are not often constant but also mostly dependent on the month of the year.

League of Legends Vs. The Fans and The World At Large

League of legends has received multiple touches over the years, thus making it more fine-tuned. However, unknown to many players is the fact that most of these touches are mostly suggestions made by fans. Furthermore, the game is mostly inspired by real-word events such as sports.

For instance, the League of legends championship uses a league structure similar to soccer. Also, league of legends player and team stories are derived from the Olympic while the seating arrangement is inspired by both hockey and basketball. Last but not least, league of legends has a weekly broadcast with strict rules, just like any other sports.

Lastly, the game is mostly built on a blueprint similar to most traditional sports. As a result, league of legends has managed to combine the elements of traditional sports with esports. In addition, they have managed to come up with a better version of sports that not only suitable but also appreciated worldwide.

League of Legends Vs. The Players

Unlike other games, league of legends has gone an extra notch to ensure that players can earn salaries with the game. Furthermore, teams in the game also have the ability to make money through various sponsors. As a result, players of the game can focus on both prize tools and a means of making cash. League of legends has partnered with various sponsors such as American Express and Coca-Cola, among others. Also, worth mention is the fact that league of legends has a prize pool award of $2.25 million.

League of Legends Vs. Marketing

League of legends has increased the exposure of esports to big wig brands. Unlike in the olden days, the company is well marketable and often approached by different brands and sponsors who are willing to work with them. This is opposed to the olden days when the company would approach other brands to make proposals trying to educate them about esports. Ultimately it would be wise to conclude that league of legends has brought more exposure to exports unlike before.

League of Legends Vs. Sports Betting

Betting is known to add an exciting experience to spectators, especially during live matches. Betting gives individuals to make money easily via predictions. Traditional trends have often limited betting to traditional sports. However, this is not the case since League of Legends has helped enhance the development of esports betting.

So, if you are a fun of league of legends and can gamble, then you are in luck. Nowadays, there has been the development of sites like oddspedia. On this page, one can find some of the best odds for league of legends. Just like any other sports, league of legends betting sites allows characters to bet their money on the side that’s likely to win.

What Makes League of Legends Popular?

  1. League of legends is prone to regular updates that not only make the game play swift and easy but also fun and entertaining to play. In addition, the various updates have seen the addition of both new champions challenges and an improvement to the game’s graphics.
  2. League of legends supports multiplayer play. As a result, players can compete amongst themselves rather than an AI aided computer. Because of this league of legends is not only fun to play but also offers difficult challenges from opponents.
  3. The rise of esports popularity has aided the development of league of legends. For any market to thrive, then there should be a competitive market. The esports industry offers a network that is not only competitive but also popular. As a result, this has offered league of legends a lucratively market for the sport to thrive.
  4. League of Legends is free to play. Humans are often attracted to free coupons, merchandise, and even games. Most games are known to come with a free test version after which one is required to purchase the game. However, this is not the game since unlike other games, league of legends is a free game that offers players everything without a fee. However, players are allowed to make donations to the game at their own will.


As seen above, League of legends has set up various strategies to ensure its survival as an esports. Also, a continuum of these strategies and adapting to the future will ensure that the game survives for a decade or more into the future.


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