Call Of Duty: WWII Review

The Basics 

The Call of Duty series has taken players from the past, present and future to places all around the world. We've fought through war torn cities in a harsh Russian winter to fighting in modern engagements in Middle East. The series has also gone into the future with various campaigns taking place in futuristic locals, alternate histories and even the depths of space. Activision has turned the tide once again, as they have released their latest in the long line of shooters calling it Call of Duty WW II. But is this the game that can turn the series around, or is it going to be just as bad as the last one was?

Story and Flow 

In the Call of Duty campaign mode you play as Red Daniels, a man straight out of Texas looking to join the fight against the German war machine. Before you even start playing the game, you feel as if you are bonding with these characters. You talk about trivial things as you sit on a ship heading towards Normandy beach. This might sound a bit trite as the game starts off with the D-Day invasion, but I can tell you this is done just as well if not better than its previous incarnations. You feel as if you are in the thick of battle as bullets go whizzing past your head as you sprint from cover to cover. And speaking of cover, the mechanic of taking cover so your health can regenerate is gone. If you lose health the only way you are going to be able to recover it is through health packs that are spread out throughout each level. I find this to be a better approach, as you can use these health packs when you need to instead of just using them when you pick them up.

There are also heroic actions that can be located and performed throughout the levels and completing these gives a boost to your squad-mates abilities. This could mean anything from giving you more ammo to giving you a health pack when you need it most. I really do not want to give away a lot of the campaign but I can tell you there are going to be moments when you feel for these characters and you hope that they make it. I love how they gave this campaign a sort of a cinematic feel to it and it was as if you were taking part in your favorite world war two movie.

Graphics and Sound

Call of Duty games have always been synonymous with great graphics and this is no exception. The single player as well as multiplayer have such outstanding visuals from the various uniforms your enemies and squadmates have to the detail of the weapons. There are even custom skins you can equip in multiplayer and they look as great as they do in the game than on the menus. The sound is also amazing and this is a game best experienced with a good set of headphones. Surround sound is used as you can hear the bullets whizzing past your head.



If you love the Call of Duty games including multiplayer then you need to check this out. With great graphics, a solid singleplayer campaign and fun multiplayer this is one game that you will need to check out.

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