Tools Up!


All iN! Games is a Polish company that has already released some games, they have set themselves the goal of supporting unique games and bringing them among the players. The Knights of Unity is a young development team that is also based in Poland, Tools Up! Is their first standalone game they've developed.


We are a renovation team and specialize in renovating apartments with blueprints. As a trusted company, we naturally clean up the apartment and eliminate the chaos we find or cause ourselves.


Tools Up! is a casual game in which we travel as a craftsman or renovation team and take care of apartments in which we put on new wallpaper, lay carpets and tiles.

At the beginning, we choose our character. The whole game can be played with mouse and keyboard or controller. And then we go into the game, we are in a high-rise with several floors, in which we have to renovate all the apartments, the further we get the harder it gets. So, at the beginning we just have to lay the floor and paint the wall. Gradually, new objects are added, in which we then have to renovate the floor, paint it or tapestry the walls. Garbage and paint sticks need to be cleaned, otherwise you can slip very quickly and waste your time, even if it looks really funny.

Per level we have a certain time to do all the rooms including cleaning up afterwards. In the end, we have to get three stars for each apartment, if you complete a level with only two stars, it is the best to do it again directly, otherwise you will search later every floor for the two star rooms, because you will need all stars to do all floors.

The game has about 30 levels and a playing time of about 5 hours upwards.


For a certain number of stars, we unlock new characters, none of the characters have pros or cons, they just look different.

Co-op mode:

The game supports offline co-op with up to four friends. If you want to use the Valve integrated "Remote Play Together", I have to advise against it, because it does not work with this game at the moment. This is also not a bug by the developer, but by Valve itself. The game officially only supports local co-op with split screen. So, if you ever should use „Remote Play Together“ and are getting problems playing it Online with friends, you know why.



It's fun, it looks funny and it´s addictive. It never was so interesting and amusing to renovate. The time limit is actually always feasible, even if you might not get all three stars at the first attempt, which is the most annoying thing, because you really have to get three stars to get further later.

There is no tutorial that explains you how to play, you can see overlays because of the controls, but that's it. The blueprint is not explained, you are thrown a little blind into the game, but you also learn it very quickly in a very funny way.

The levels are doable on their own and are fun, with friends or family, of course, much more, because you can work together or manipulate each other. Funny when you play with your grandma and you see her slip with a silly animation.

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