Godly Corp Review

PC/ Work Sim

The Basics

From the minds of TR8 Torus Studios comes this bizarre cosmic corporate simulation, where you put on your tie, grab your coffee and clock in at Godly Corp. You are employee #1862318, a presumably squid-like creature who interns for Godly Corp. You are to follow given instructions and perform various tasks that range from making sure Antarctica has enough heat to watering plants in the middle of a robot invasion; in short, Godly Corp is a POV game that has you performing various tasks while on the clock, and you're scored at the end of every shift, from how bad you did at your "job" to how many loose items are still on your desk at the end of the day.

Story & Flow

In terms of story (if there really is one under all of this insanity), it hardly matters in the grand scheme of things. You're a living tentacle who works for Cthulhu in an office cubicle; surprisingly, there's only so much you can say about that. The "story" is a story of the events happening to you and around you, and telling it would be a little bit like someone asking you to tell them "The story of your day at the office." There just isn't really a "story" to be built from the series of tasks you took care of an accomplished all day long.

The game has 3 different modes of difficulty, and with both of your hands occupied taking care of different tasks while simultaneously keeping an eye out for new threats, things can very quickly get hectic and out of control. It's impressive how much can be happening all at once, and the game hangs in there quite well, although I did have a few clipping errors where my tentacle got stuck on part of the desk or bound up on an item. It didn't happen that often, but for a game where you are going for the highest score possible, it did impact my score a few times, so it's worth mentioning. 

Almost all of your missions can be broken down into 2 steps. Use WASD to rotate the planetoid on the left, and use your mouse to perform some other action or series of actions on specific parts of said planetoid. In short, you repeat that process and deal with any interruptions until your shift is over, then you check your score. It's a lot of fun to be trying to, say, play a violin, when a robot starts opening fire at your desk, causing you to summon and get your suckers on a laser-pistol, desperately opening fire while your phone begins its shrill ringing. It's stressful in a good way, and the game is great at consuming your attention as things start happening in rapid succession.  

Graphics & Sound

Godly Corp is colorful, showing you the desk of the intern as well as everything you could need for the missions they give you. The set pieces are colorful and distinct, the interactive objects are funny to mess around with, and the music is energetic. The sound effects are spectacular, and they change depending on the situation. It's a hilarious shift from calm nature sounds to someone calling in a containment breach over the radio. 

My only real gripe would be that the music can sometimes be a bit repetitive. I feel that given how broad your missions can be, that a different tune every now and then would have been nice, but overall, the tunes are pleasant.


This game reminds me a lot of rage games like Surgeon Simulator and I am Bread, only not quite as malicious. It's very tongue in cheek, with amusing and creative jobs for you to do. It's amazing how much a single tentacle can accomplish, and for that I give this game credit. It wasn't just the same thing over and over again.

All that being said, I can see this game being far more entertaining on VR. This is a meme game, where people play it for the laughs or master it for speed runs. While Godly Corp may not be your thing, but it absolutely succeeds at what it's trying to do.

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