10 Day Countdown - Over Horizon x Steel Empire 18th July 2024

Emanuela (09. July 2024 11:41 )
10 Day Countdown - Over Horizon x Steel Empire 18th July 2024News  |  DLH.NET The Gaming People

Retro Game Alert! Over Horizon x Steel Empire Release Date Confirmed!

Grab this Japanese-exclusive gem on Nintendo Switch & PlayStation 4 on July 18


Berlin, Germany - 08, July 2024 - Hold on to your seats, because it's time to go full steampunk! On July 18th, ININ and Mebius will bring you the original retro game Over Horizon along with two versions of Steel Empire digitally for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 for just €14,99! Pre-orders for Nintendo Switch begin now with 10% off until release!

Over Horizon, formerly PAL territories exclusive and Japanese-only title, was developed by HOT-B and Steel Empire's co-director. This classic shoot 'em up could easily be seen as a spiritual successor to Steel Empire. Known for its impressive graphics, unique weapon system, and creative level design, Over Horizon became a standout title on the NES in 1991.

But that's not all: In this exclusive bundle, relive the magic of the original Steel Empire in its purest form! Known as Empire of Steel in Europe and Koutetsu Teikoku (鋼鉄帝国) in Japan, The Steel Empire is a 1992 shoot-'em-up for the Sega Mega Drive and 2004 for Game Boy Advance developed by HOT-B, recognized for its distinctive diesel-punk aesthetic, combining elements of steampunk and late-19th-century industrial design, setting it apart from other shoot 'em-up games.


Ready to add some steampunk goodness to your impressive retrogaming archive? Then head to our partner store, Strictly Limited Games, and pre-order the Steel Empire Chronicles, available both as Limited and Collector's Edition.

The Motorhead Empire has conquered and enslaved virtually the entire planet... Save the Republic of Silverhead...

You are the only hope!


About ININ

ININ, a subsidiary of United Games Entertainment GmbH, is a rising publishing label for high-quality retro, arcade, and indie games. With a passion for feel-good games, ININ brings classic titles back to life and creates future gaming gems. Known for titles like "Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World," "Cotton Reboot," and "CrossCode," ININ is the Western publishing partner for iconic TAITO series such as "Bubble Bobble" and the legendary "Space Invaders." In collaboration with partner label Strictly Limited Games, ININ offers limited and collector's editions to die-hard gamers. As ININ continues to impact the gaming world, stay tuned for frequent announcements of new (or old but returning) games. Visit www.iningames.com for more information.  


About Strictly Limited Games

Strictly Limited Games is a German publisher based near Stuttgart, specialized in releasing a curated selection of digital download-only games in exclusive collectible physical editions for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Switch. The company was founded in 2017 by Dennis Mendel, a former scholar for game studies and advisor at Fraunhofer Institute, and Benedict Braitsch. Both passionate collectors with a combined collection of over 7.000 digital and physical games for all console generations, their intention is to form an opposite pole to the current trend of digital-only releases. All collectors' editions are available exclusively at Strictly Limited Games online store www.strictlylimitedgames.com.

About Mebius

Mebius. is a game developer and publisher based in Tokyo, Japan mostly engaged in the development of shooting games, like "Steel Empire" for Nintendo 3Ds and Steam and the acclaimed Rolling Gunner. They endeavor to develop games from the perspective of the players and are also known for publishing Indie gems like "Gnosia" and "Unholy Heights" for home consoles. For more information, visit www.d-mebius.com

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