Farm fresh new features make SunnySide even sunnier

Emanuela (09. July 2024 11:40 )
Farm fresh new features make SunnySide even sunnierNews  |  DLH.NET The Gaming People

Farm fresh new features make SunnySide even sunnier!

You’re in for a Shack with this one


Manchester, United Kingdom – July 8, 2024 | After the successful launch of their charming farming game SunnySide, developer RainyGames is now debuting its first big quality of life update! Whether dungeon dwellers, dating champions or farming aficionados, there’s something for everyone in this new update!

Despite the delight of the great outdoors, camping is not everyone’s cup of tea.  Players will now receive a quaint little Shack to start their interior design journey a little earlier. Philip, the friendly retired architect, is more than happy to help players land on their feet and will gift them the blueprints for the Starter House, alongside the plans for the lovely teahouse that once drew everyone to the farm.  

And this update is not just for the avid architects. Players who enjoy strolling through town should keep an eye out for the newest offers on seeds and farm goods as Sunnyside vendors now have better opening hours - unlike Marnie in Stardew Valley. 

Avid adventurers and explorers also don’t have to worry about losing their progress anymore. Should they happen to fall asleep in the caves, their progress will now be saved accurately, so they can return to venture deeper into the mysterious underbelly of Sunnyside – if they dare.

So hop on a bus and make your way to the idyllic Japanese countryside and create the perfect farm in this modern take on the classic farming and life sim. Inspired by the Persona games, SunnySide is the perfect summer game for fans of Animal Crossing and Boyfriend Dungeon who are looking for a new adventure!

For more information, check out the latest news on Merge Games’ website, or follow them on Twitter/X. Players looking to keep up to date with the latest from RainyGames, can check out their Twitter/X, Instagram, TikTok or join like-minded campers on the Discord server, where there’s endless discussion about decorations, dating and decorum in the Japanese town of SunnySide

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