Black Myth: Wukong shows an action-packed trailer

Emanuela (08. June 2024 12:30 )
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Black Myth: Wukong shows an action-packed trailer at Summer Game Fest 2024 with pre-orders available now

Stunning and immersive action RPG based on Chinese mythology showcases latest insight as developer Game Science prepares for global launch on PC and consoles

HANGZHOU, China — June 7, 2024 — Game Science, a Chinese global game developer and publisher, is excited to unveil an all-new trailer for the highly anticipated action-RPG Black Myth: Wukong at Summer Game Fest (SGF) 2024. Excited fans can pre-order the title on PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store starting today before its global launch on August 20, 2024. Fans can find full details on editions and pre-orders on the official Black Myth: Wukong website.

The new Black Myth: Wukong CG trailer shows the game's development progress, offering a glimpse into the Monkey King's legendary journey and the daunting challenges that lie ahead. In addition, the developer will host demos behind closed doors at the SGF Play Days private event from June 8-10. All of this is intended to give the audience a deeper insight into the mysterious and rich world of the game and show how players will experience a unique adventure through the eyes of a powerful Chinese hero.

Black Myth: Wukong offers rich storytelling with stunning visuals as well as a unique approach to an action RPG formula. Players explore a fascinating realm filled with the wonders and discoveries of ancient Chinese mythology, breathtaking landscapes, and an eclectic cast of memorable characters based on the acclaimed novel "Journey to the West." In addition to the elaborate and visually stunning melee combat system with a staff, the Monkey King can use spells, transformations and magic vessels as powerful tools in his arsenal against stubborn enemies. Combine different spells, abilities, weapons, and equipment to find the best strategy for each fighting style.

Black Myth: Wukong Editions

Black Myth: Wukong will be released worldwide on August 20, 2024 on PC and PlayStation®5. The Standard and Deluxe editions will be available in digital form in North America for an MSRP of $59.99 and $69.99 respectively on PlayStation®5 and PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store). The physical Black Myth: Wukong Deluxe Edition and Collector's Edition are now available for pre-order for PC for an MSRP of $169 and $399, respectively. Please note that the release date for the physical editions is still pending. Release dates for the Xbox Series X|S version will be communicated later. Prices for other regions can be found in the information of the respective regional sales platforms. This game has not yet been rated by ESRB and is marked RP (Rate Pending).

Fans who want to learn more about the game can follow him on X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, and Steam, or visit the official Black Myth: Wukong website.

About Game Science:

Game Science is a global, independent game developer and publisher based in Hangzhou, China, specializing in creating ambitious AAA titles. Following the release of 100 Heroes in 2015 and Art of War: Red Tides in 2017, Game Science is focused on creating an unforgettable action-RPG experience based on Chinese mythology, with its flagship title Black Myth: Wukong. Black Myth: Wukong is scheduled for release in summer 2024 and uses Unreal Engine 5, a detailed art style, and intense gameplay mechanics to bring unique characters and immersive combat action to life for a next-level gaming experience.

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