Race Your Friends Now With Astral Tracks Out In Early Access

Emanuela (16. November 2023 16:19 )
Race Your Friends Now With Astral Tracks Out In Early AccessNews  |  DLH.NET The Gaming People

Race Your Friends Now With Astral Tracks Out In Early Access

Full PC and console release to follow for parkour-like procedural racer featuring fun challenges and eccentric costumes

Heidelberg, Germany - November 16th, 2023 - LAB132's competitive speedrunning 3D platformer, Astral Tracks, is available on Steam in Early Access now,  putting a host of dynamic movement possibilities at your disposal, from Spider-Man-like swinging, to Titanfall-esque wallrunning. Use these abilities to complete Astral Tracks' levels as quickly as possible and defeat your friends. 

Unleash your competitive streak as you run, jump, dash, swing, slide and wallrun your way through procedurally generated tracks constructed from hand-made chunks. Master your skills to shave seconds off your times and play against friends, family or enemies, competing for the top-spot on the leaderboards! Or embrace Astral Tracks' meditative side and find yourself entering a relaxing flow-state as you glide through the tracks.


Your progress through the game will be rewarded with unlockable costumes and accessories that can be purchased with in-game currency (there are no microtransactions), including diving fins, plungers, balloon animals, silly hats, baked goods and tutus, adding an outlandish splash of fun to the game's interdimensional sci-fi aesthetics. Time-limited challenges are part of the roadmap for additions planned for the game. Not only will they be fun in and of themselves, they will also serve to ratchet up the level of competition by bringing players together to compete on the same cyber-sci-fi tracks. 

Astral Tracks was originally planned for a full release today on PC, but LAB132 made the decision to delay in favour of an Early Access release to allow them the time they need to improve Astral Tracks and reach the high standards they intend to meet on release. This Early Access period will also give players the chance to provide vital feedback to positively improve Astral Tracks before release. A release date for the full PC, PlayStation and Xbox version will be announced at a later date.  

"We apologise to those of you who were looking forward to playing the full version of Astral Tracks today," said LAB132 co-founder Laura Körting. "However, if we had released today, it would not have been the game we wanted. This decision was driven by wanting to create the best possible experience for players and although the development is really far, some things require more iteration and community feedback. This Early Access release will allow you to have fun playing the game now, while also giving us time to add more content and deliver the best possible version of Astral Tracks".


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About LAB132
LAB132 is an independent developer and publisher of high quality interactive media content. Founded in 2017 and based in Heidelberg, Germany, the team has a long history in the production of digital entertainment software. LAB132 is part of a new generation of producers and service providers for modern entertainment with a deep understanding of media, technology and quality.

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