Iconic Retro brand sequel releases - Cyber Citizen Shockman 2: A New Menace

Emanuela (18. September 2023 16:20 )
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A New Menace

Arnold & Sonya - The World Needs You Once More!


  • Price: $5.99 €5.99
  • Release Date:  September 22 2023
  • Platforms:  Xbox Series One|S|X, PlayStation 4|5 & Nintendo Switch

Monday 18th September, 2023: Indie publisher Ratalaika Games and Shinyuden are again excited to announce the forthcoming release of Cyber Citizen Shockman 2: A New Menace, which continues the iconic IP previously released on PC Engine in Japan but never before released in the West. The sequel launching on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One,  Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch on September 22nd is a superb retro arcade action feast starring two characters that captures the excitement and appeal that made it a true genre favourite.

The Backdrop Story - Sequel

The story takes place approximately two years after the events in the first game, in which the protagonists were turned into Shubibinman by the Doc in order to save the world from an evil alien empire. Arnold and Sonya went back to their normal lives, but one day they discover that the Doc has been kidnapped, and that a new enemy known as the Raio Empire, space invaders trying to conquer the world. Arnold and Sonya must now rescue the Doc and stop the Raio Empire, as well as confronting two new mysterious Shubibinman known as Jeeta and Mue who are trying to destroy them.

Cyber Citizen Shockman 2  presents an exciting and straightforward blast-em, explosive action arena as you fight through nine stages full of shooting action in which you will have to fight all types of dangerous aliens, as well as 12 boss fights.

"Some stages are played like a classic 2D action game (like the Mega Man series), while others are played like a classic 2D side-scrolling shooting game (like the R-Type series)."

It's Different, But Sort of the Same

Shockman 2 plays differently from the previous entry in the series. Swordplay has been eliminated and is replaced by a ranged weapon (similar to Mega Man's Mega Buster). The world map and upgrades have also been removed from the game, focusing more on the action (less Wonder Boy, more Mega Man). The overall tone of the adventure (art, etc.) is also a bit more serious.

Features & Facts:

  • New game modes 
  • Art gallery
  • Co-op local mode 
  • Music was composed by Koji Hayama (Mega Man ZX Advent)
  • Producer was Toshiro Tsuchida, who would later work as a director/producer for the Arc the Lad and Front Mission series.
  • Many of the game's bosses in Cyber Citizen Shockman 2 were the winning results of a contest held for fans in Japan at the time. 

The Sequel with added gameplay & excitement!

About Ratalaika Games

Ratalaika Games S.L. is a video game company focused on publishing & porting great games to the console market.

About Shinyuden

LLC Shinyuden is a Japanese video game publisher focused on classic Japanese video games and indie titles, as well as a localization agency for major companies.

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