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The game has been played and loved by many already, leaving behind reviews and praise for the game's well crafted level design and usage of audio

Made by indie solo developer Alessandro Guzzo, The Alien Cube released on October 14th to critical acclaim -- reviewers, streamers and youtubers have praised the game for its solid level design, awe-inspiring graphics and nerve-wrecking story and gameplay. Ask us for a review key to dive into the Lovecraftian horror story everyone is talking about!


"In addition to the level design, the wonderful music, excellent audio scape and balanced mixing make the unsettling environments truly scary. The alien cube creates a tense atmosphere that repeatedly pushed me to the edge of my seat" -- The Escapist

"The feeling of anxiety and fear is also fuelled by the fact that the puzzles can only be solved by exploration. The idea of not being able to find out what danger lurks behind a certain door, or being afraid of a roar or any other sound heard from the walls puts us on alert." -- Alessandro Adinolfi, Tom's Hardware (7/10)

"The Alien Cube manages to thread the needle of keeping tension and mystery high through a mix of carefully scattered story and surreal environments, while still providing the satisfaction of gazing into the eyes of cosmic dread. " -- Screenrant

" The story in Alien Cube is PHENOMENAL. THE ALIEN CUBE is one of the best horror games of the year! In fact, this indie game- made by ONE PERSON!- 'gets' horror better than even the classic AAA horror franchises! It's really quite impressive!" -- David Jaffe

"THIS GAME WILL BLOW YOUR MIND! The Alien Cube is better than a movie. Its the most dark and atmospheric game Ive ever played." -- The Outer Middle Show

"Stunning solo-developed game demonstrates the power of CRYENGINE" -- Crytek
"(...) my favorite horror game developer of all time; Alessandro Guzzo!! He's the only one who knows how to do it right!! IMHO" -- Shirley Curry

Pedro Peña, Cosas de Chicas Gamers" --Don't be surprised if you spend a lot of time, when the game allows it, delighting yourself with every detail and view of the landscape, with every play of light and shadows, because it's normal to be enraptured by such a spectacular work."

Veronica Lorenzini, Tech Princess" -- Alessandro Guzzo has been brilliant and really made a remarkable title that brings honour to the horror genre. It is a well-balanced and well-crafted game, which offers the audience a horror product without losing sight of the storytelling element."

José Antonio Calvo, 33 Bits (7/10)" -- The experience makes me feel happy, and brings to my mind the uncountable hours I have spent reading tales and stories from the author of Providence."

Tactical Potato" -- One of the most visually stunning indie games I've played, the sound design is on point and the scares had me on the edge of my seat"

IGP" -- Well... this is quite beautiful. Absolutely stunning, and with great music to accompany it- I feel safe now!"

The Alien Cube is a "spiritual successor" to The Land of Pain, in which you play as the protagonist's nephew. In this cosmic horror first-person adventure, you take on the role of Arthur, a solitary man whose life is about to change dramatically after a disturbing finding following the mysterious disappearance of your uncle. You will be thrown into a spiral of terrifying discoveries and embark on a journey that will haunt your soul and change your life forever, challenging you to confront a terrible truth that will threaten your sanity and your very existence.

About the Game

In the Alien Cube, you play as Arthur, a lonely man whose life is about to change drastically when strange events start to occur after finding out about the disappearance of your uncle, Edgar. The world you live in is intertwined with a terrible secret, dark and occult reality in which your uncle seemed to have played an important role. Tormented by nightmarish visions, you will need to embark on a journey to seek out the truth and survive the darkness that is haunting you.

Key features

  • Survive hostile weather conditions as you wander through snowy forests, forgotten dungeons and different otherworldly locations
  • Explore horrifying places and interact with objects that you find along your journey to solve puzzles and seek out clues to unravel the mystery set before you
  • Immerse yourself completely in a powerfully visual world of unnamed horrors thanks to the CryEngine 5 powered graphics with photogrammetric technology
  • Intensify the Lovecraftian experience with high-quality ambient sounds and an immersive atmospheric soundtrack extracted from the abyss of your worst fears
  • Delve into the truth of unspeakable secrets and horrors behind your uncles' past- the protagonist of the game "The Land of Pain"- and find out the connection between these two games. 

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