Wired Productions Announces Octoberfest

Wolferatus (01. October 2021 16:26 )
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Wired Productions Announces Octoberfest including Demos, Sales and a New Trailer for Martha Is Dead

Global video games publisher Wired Productions announces Octoberfest, jam packed with live streams, demos for two highly anticipated games and the biggest sale ever across its titles on Steam.

[Click here for Octoberfest landing page]

For the first time since its announcement at Wired Direct, players will finally be able to drop coin in  Arcade Paradise, the 90’s-fuelled retro arcade adventure, thanks to the first playable demo as part of Steam Next Fest. Players will start their first day of work at King Wash laundry and trade rags for riches as they play, profit and purchase their way to the ultimate Arcade!

In addition, the first playable demo of Martha Is Dead will be available today too, covering four different excerpts of the psychological thriller. News around the casting of Udo Kier dropped yesterday as part of a cryptic new trailer, featuring a morse code which sent players to https://www.townonfire.com/ as part of a new campaign with puzzles to solve

oth demos for Arcade Paradise and Martha is Dead will be available today from 6pm and be available until Thursday 7th October. Octoberfest sees savings of up to 90% across the entire Wired catalogue including hits such as The Falconeer, GRIP: Combat Racing and Deliver Us The Moon.

Download the demo and Wishlist Arcade Paradise on Steam

Download the demo and Wishlist Martha Is Dead on Steam

Click here for Wired Productions Octoberfest for demos and sale

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