Casino Games Featured in Video Games

Casino games have been having a steady relationship with pop culture. The establishments where the games are played in have been featured in movies and have inspired artists and groups to make songs about them. But it doesn’t stop there. Movies and TV shows have also influenced developers to make slot games and these video slots are featured in every online casino. Besides, books, movies, and music another medium arose in pop culture – games. They’re a new way of telling a story or just having a damn good time. Video games are immensely popular but the popularity of casino games has managed to influence some classic game titles.

Namely, some game developers have decided to feature some casino games or make their card games based on them. Naturally, these types of games aren’t used to take the player’s money but are used to make in-game purchases. In that regard, here’s a list of games that have been inspired by casinos in their way:

Pazzak – Knights of the Old Republic I and II

When the first KOTOR came out it made a name for itself into the gaming world. This classic Star Wars game is still played by millions of people today and serves as an example of how a good story should be told. You, the player, are in charge of it and the decisions you make directly influence the game. This concept is featured in almost any RPG game but back in 2003, it was revolutionary. One popular card game featured in the game is Pazaak, a game that was inspired by blackjack. Pazaak cards either added or decreased value to your score when playing against a dealer. The money you won could be used to buy better equipment.

Poker in Red Dead Redemption

Westerns are a thing of the past right? Wrong. Red Dead Redemption and its sequel prove that a Western setting still attracts attention. Card games were popular in the Wild West which is why they’re featured in these games. You can visit many towns and play poker at various establishments. If you’ve got the knack for it you can even cheat on your opponent and walk away with more money. If this doesn’t work then you’d be challenged to a fight to the death and you’ll have to kill your opponent to prove your point.

Gwent – the Witcher 3

Although it’s made up of only five games, the Witcher franchise will forever be remembered in gaming history for matching a stunning story with excellent gameplay. When you’re not slaying monsters, gathering herbs or rescuing damsels you’ll likely enjoy a good game of Gwent. The card game was so popular that it even got made into a separate game. This card game doesn’t resemble any casino game in particular but the value of a card some card games have. That’s why come cards are stronger than others and the strongest ones are hard to find. You can play against an opponent to get this kind of card. The whole idea is to build a strong deck and withstand as many rivals as you can.

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